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last update: Sat Sep 27 21:09:09 2014

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  • 428. danny (on Sat Sep 27 21:09:09 2014)
    About time I get a break!

  • 427. dominic (on Fri Sep 26 23:18:06 2014)
    I would move anything for the right price except FOR BISHOP AND STEEN. Who wants the season on a good note, listening to offers! A++

  • 426. alexandre (on Fri Sep 26 21:38:47 2014)
    keeping Price 33$, Granlund 2$ and Keith 17$ I'll be out of internet reach for the next few days, but am willing to listen to offers of cash for some of my dudes.

  • 425. bao (on Fri Sep 26 17:03:07 2014)
    BLT is keeping Mason 10$, Weber 26$ and Goligoski 11$ The rest of my team is for sale...

  • 424. raymond (on Fri Sep 26 16:43:16 2014)
    Sekera and D.Boyle are for sale

  • 423. raymond (on Fri Sep 26 16:39:15 2014)
    @Danny: not sure anybody pays even half that much for E.Kane ; )

  • 422. yannick (on Fri Sep 26 13:42:07 2014)
    @danny: anderson is $2. @all: if a player has a * besides his salary, it means he can be kept at $2.

  • 421. danny (on Fri Sep 26 13:09:52 2014)
    Should be keeping: 1. Simmons 11$, Carter12$, Nugent-Hopkins10$,Dubinsky10$,Pietrangelo22$,F.Anderson10$(farm)TOTAL:74$ Anybody want Evander Kane 17$keeper ?

  • 420. yannick (on Thu Sep 25 10:45:19 2014)
    re-post of the keeper rules changes: ----------------------------------- Ok keeper changes has been finalized: 1) We are linking the # of keepers to the # of GMs. The ratio is 2/3, so 2 keepers for every 3 GMs 2) Top 3 can only keeper (2, 3 and 5 keepers respectively) with a max budget of $55 3) Everyone outside the top 3 can keep 6 keepers with a max budget of $80 4) Everybody can keep an extra keeper if that player is a farmer and fits within the budget 5) There is still a max of 2 goalies that can be kept per team

  • 419. yannick (on Thu Sep 25 10:39:42 2014)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ---------------------- Deadline to submit keepers and make trades is Wednesday October 1st at 9pm (21h).

  • 418. yannick (on Wed Sep 24 11:35:09 2014)
    bad news is cancelled, I was able to restore all the lost comments using google cache. man, google is amazing!

  • 417. yannick (on Tue Sep 23 17:57:45 2014)
    hi guys good news, the ranking and stats are back to normal to how the season ended. in retrieving the backup, I overwrote all the latest comments.... really sorry about that...

  • 416. dominic (on Thu Sep 18 19:25:49 2014)

  • 415. marc (on Sun Sep 7 23:11:37 2014)
    Hello gentlemen, hope you all had a good summer! Hockey is in about a month and hope you all ready for the draft. I was wondering when and where we were holding it this year and do we need any extra gms? @johnny_cool_13

  • 414. alexandre (on Tue May 27 10:05:52 2014)
    Kings are just too powerful...

  • 413. alexandre (on Wed Apr 30 13:03:53 2014)

  • 412. alexandre (on Wed Apr 30 13:03:35 2014)
    hey Yannick, yes I remember that, would definitely make the farm more interesting to me! Still trying to come up with other suggestions on my end...

  • 411. yannick (on Mon Apr 21 10:33:19 2014)
    @all: concerning the wacky ranking, I forgot to turn off the stats, so when the playoffs started, a bunch a players restarted at 1 games played which screwed up the whole thing. I will put back rankings and managers file as they were on the last day when I have time. Sorry for that. @alexandre: you seem to like a proposition I made earlier in the season (when we were talking about reduncing number of keepers) which was the following: "One thing we could do, is for each year a farm player is kept at $2, he gets an extra year. for example, I kept nugent-hopkins at $2, so when I called him up he would be getting an extra year 2-10-11-12. If you keep a farmer for 2 years at $2, then he gets 2 extra years, so 2-10-11-12-13. So loyalty to a farmer pays back. but a player that is put on the farm, but is called up a month later does not get extra years because there was no dedication from his manager." is that something that could be interesting?

  • 410. raymond (on Thu Apr 17 11:56:19 2014)
    @All: I also like to promote more trades. The reason behind wanting more FAs is that this year, there were so many players that could have been hired. Maybe that's because of the # of GMs... I also don't want to flood the league with FAs. My original idea was something like 5 extra FAs for $10, 1 time only, to be used after the all-star break. It just sucks when you have no FAs left and want to improve your team. Trading is great but let's be honest, some are more open to trading than others.

  • 409. raymond (on Thu Apr 17 11:51:52 2014)
    Final ranking has come out and I'm 2nd! Woohoo! What a come back ; )

  • 408. alexandre (on Wed Apr 16 17:44:44 2014)
    I concurr with what Bao said about less FAs prompting more trades. I dunno that we really need that much more. Seems kinda crappy that people that wanna spend more money can keep buying some. Yannick's idea seems interesting though to give some with certain achievements. Also, well if we're now talking about rules changes, does anyone want to talk about changing the CG category to something we can have more control over, like hits for example? Also I still feel we should tweak the functioning of the farm team a bit too, but I'll try to come up with something we haven't already said, but if anyone has any ideas...

  • 407. bao (on Wed Apr 16 13:29:00 2014)
    @ALL: In my other league... there was not enough free agents and that prompted more trading. I am always favorable to more trades... especially when I am on the winning side of them ;)

  • 406. yannick (on Wed Apr 16 13:16:37 2014)
    @ray: for free agents, I am not sure about paying more money to get free agents. We have to be careful to not have too many so that they dont have trade value anymore, but not too few so that we can properly manage our teams. Maybe when reaching special achievements, a manager would get an extra free agent (like winning 2 weeks in a row, etc).

  • 405. raymond (on Wed Apr 16 11:37:31 2014)
    @Marc: If you have someone, we definitely have room. I also have someone who looks promising. Is there any interest in getting more free agents next year?

  • 404. yannick (on Tue Apr 15 17:24:32 2014)
    FINAL MONEY EARNING ------------------- Total amount with entry fees: $900 Total amount for $20 weekly winners: $260 Total amount for top 3: $640 1st position gets 62.5% of 640: $400 2nd position gets 25% of 640: $160 3rd position gets 12.5% of 640: $80 So Final Results are: 1- Alexandre: $470 (400+70) 2- Bao: $210 (160+50) 3- Marc: $100 (80+20) 4- Yannick: $40 5- Danny: $20 Dominic: $20 Alex D.: $20 Raymond: $20 9- Phuc: $0

  • 403. yannick (on Tue Apr 15 15:57:37 2014)
    @marc: I'll calculate final money and post it soon. There used to be money for the division champions in the past, but we decided to stop that when we introduced weekly winners. The constitution is a bit outdated (sorry for that...)

  • 402. marc (on Tue Apr 15 12:29:05 2014)
    @Yan : when will we know the prize payout for 1st,2nd,3rd place? and also, division winners, do they get anything ? I think I read in the rules that each division winner wins a certain %. I could be wrong

  • 401. yannick (on Tue Apr 15 10:18:22 2014)
    only change in Sunday's scoresheets was that MacArthur got an assist removed (-1 for ray) and Turris got an assist added (+1 for dominic). No impact on final ranking.

  • 400. alexandre (on Tue Apr 15 09:17:44 2014)
    Thanks guys and congrats to Bao and Marc for emerging in their spots after a very tight race! @Ray: I actually really wanted to overtake you in wins, but I think Miller decided he just wanted to suck to end the season... I'll start working over my bro to see if we can reel him in for next season:)

  • 399. yannick (on Mon Apr 14 20:20:03 2014)
    congratulations to Alexandre for his 1st UFHL Championship! Arguably the most dominating title to date. We have to go back to my 1998 championship, in which I finished first in 8 of 12 categories. But even then I didn't finish top 2 of every category. That's just insane! (...that's so cool to have such a great history in our UFHL, quoting a 1998 championship makes me feel like an analyst on tv for a major league sport!) A strong push of Bao in the final 2 weeks to grab 2nd (you're lucky Malkin, Kane and Fowler got injured ;) ) And also congrats to Marc for finishing 3rd, if the trend continues, you should win next year. @dominic: I'm really glad you liked the pool and that you are excited to come back next year. You're a great addition to the pool (I can't believe I gave you bishop and pavelski...) to all: I hope you all enjoyed the season and that you will be back next season. If for some reason you cannot be back next season for reasons beyond your control, the sooner we know the better it is. I will post final money results a little bit later and also I will also look at which records were broken. Final Ranking will be the one posted tomorrow in case there were changes in the score sheets of Sunday.

  • 398. yannick (on Mon Apr 14 20:06:00 2014)
    $20 WEEKLY WINNER FINAL RESULTS ------------------------------- congratulation to Alexandre (way to put an exclamation point on your season) tied with myself (small consolation) for finish 1st in the final $20 of the season. final results for the 2014 season alexandre: 70 bao: 50 yannick: 40 danny: 20 marc: 20 dominic: 20 alex_d: 20 raymond: 20

  • 397. dominic (on Mon Apr 14 16:36:02 2014)
    @All : It was an honor meeting you guys and joining this great pool. Feels good to be part of something that people actually take seriously. Looking forward to next Year. @alex : Good job man , you killed this year. @marc: You had Crosby and could it close it down, haha #noob.

  • 396. marc (on Mon Apr 14 15:57:15 2014)
    @Ray : if my name is still good when in comes to referring people. I might have someone who would be interested in joining.

  • 395. raymond (on Mon Apr 14 15:49:41 2014)
    Thank you all for your participation and effort this year! It's early but let's try to get some more GMs next year. We don't need to get firm commitments, let's try to find those who might be interested. Another Rochette next year? Also if there are any rule propositions, this is the time. I'd like to see something that could allow for more free agents. You may recall that I proposed extra free agents for x amount of $. The extra money would go towards paying for lunch at the draft, a winner's trophy or the last place tiara.

  • 394. raymond (on Mon Apr 14 15:42:42 2014)
    @Marc: I'll request a recount for the weekly ranking lol. Congratulations on your 1st top 3 finish! I believe that's one more than Danny ; ) @Alex R: Congrats on dominant performance this year! Finishing 1st or 2nd in every category is quite impressive! I'm just glad I denied you first in wins lol @Bao: Congrats on a great 2 year average! 1st and 2nd back to back is a hard feat! I can't believe the garbage duo of Mason and Bryz worked out. Makes Pavelec and Ramo look mighty attractive next year lol So you'll draft F.Nielsen before D.Sedin right?

  • 393. marc (on Mon Apr 14 10:08:59 2014)
    Congrats to Alex on winning it all! Great season bud! Congrats Bao on that nice comeback to finish 2nd place. I thought I had it on lock down haha. And thank you Ray for staying away like I had requested. @all : it was a fun and entertaining season yet again. See you all at the draft!

  • 392. bao (on Mon Apr 14 09:55:45 2014)
    @Ray: Will you request a re-count ;)

  • 391. alex_d (on Sun Apr 13 14:24:37 2014)
    @all: Great season guys. Congrats to Alexandre on a dominating performance. Best of luck next year. @yan: Please send my massive winnings LOL to when you have time. I appreciate everything. thx a lot.

  • 390. marc (on Sat Apr 12 21:56:04 2014)
    @Yan : out of curiosity, do each division winners in our league win $ ?

  • 389. dominic (on Fri Apr 11 16:01:44 2014)
    @yan I am happy to see that u realized that loll epic trade . I made a bad one also .. Clarkson and Vrabata for Shattenkirk and Turris haha lol @Mark

  • 388. yannick (on Fri Apr 11 13:31:51 2014)
    ...I meant congratulations to Bao

  • 387. yannick (on Fri Apr 11 13:31:25 2014)
    $20 WEEKLY WINNER ----------------- congratulation for another weekly win! reminder that nhl stops in regular season activities on sunday. therefore the last $20 and final standings will be announced on monday. the teams are now frozen until september. results so far for the 2014 season alexandre: 60 bao: 50 yannick: 30 danny: 20 marc: 20 dominic: 20 alex_d: 20 raymond: 20

  • 386. marc (on Wed Apr 9 16:01:55 2014)
    @Ray : GO AWAY!!!!!!! lol

  • 385. yannick (on Wed Apr 9 15:29:54 2014)
    the loss of Kane and Malkin is really hurting me now... I don't think I'll finish in the top 3. ...and letang is coming back to play tonight... geez what a bad trade that was... This is my worst year in terms of trade. Pavelski and bishop for parise has to be the absolute worst trade of the year!

  • 384. marc (on Tue Apr 8 11:33:48 2014)
    @Raymond : and just like the last 2 years, I will come crashing down in the last 2 weeks of the season and finish just outside of the top 3 lol

  • 383. raymond (on Mon Apr 7 22:40:52 2014)
    Huge week by BLT to secure a top 3 spot. He even managed to knock Alex R down a couple of steps!

  • 382. alexandre (on Sun Apr 6 13:47:11 2014)
    Well Phuc at least you haven't yet officially broken the record of the worst performance as a manager in UFHL history! Last year my name was entered in the annals for posterity. You'd have to finish with less than 28pts to beat that record!

  • 381. phuc (on Sun Apr 6 12:32:43 2014)
    Alex, apparently I'll be crowning my fantasy hockey career by being the ultimate loser in the ultimate league... 'slightly damaged' would be an understatement.

  • 380. niraj (on Thu Apr 3 16:21:49 2014)
    Congrats to Alex on the UFHL win. Well done! The UFHL continues to entertain me from a distance...race for 2nd and 3rd looks awesome. Best of luck to Danny next year...he's like the Ray Bourque of the UFHL...

  • 379. alexandre (on Thu Apr 3 02:38:57 2014)
    I am sad that Ovi is the leader of the Minusness, but it relieves me to see that Phuc's soul was slightly damaged with this week's results.

  • 378. yannick (on Wed Apr 2 16:21:16 2014)
    $20 WEEKLY WINNER ----------------- It's bao and I's turn to pass a manager (phuc) for 1st position on the very last night of a week. congratulations to Bao and Yannick for their tie and second win of the season. Two in a row in bao's case. I think 2nd and 3rd will be decided on the last week-end of the season... results so far for the 2014 season alexandre: 60 bao: 30 yannick: 30 danny: 20 marc: 20 dominic: 20 alex_d: 20 raymond: 20

  • 377. bao (on Wed Apr 2 16:12:54 2014)
    Phuc, you'll be the ultimate loser in the ultimate league...

  • 376. phuc (on Wed Apr 2 16:02:52 2014)
    NOOOOOOOOO, I thought I'd at least get 1 weekly win... damn you bao and yan!

  • 375. raymond (on Mon Mar 31 13:05:52 2014)
    @Yan: If it makes you feel better, Duchene is injured so you have more of a chance! @Bao: Every time I check the rankings, I expect you to pass me... @All: Did you see who leads the league in the minus category? Wow

  • 374. yannick (on Mon Mar 31 11:57:38 2014)
    @bao: no worries my friend, Filpulla and Hudler are carrying the team!!!

  • 373. bao (on Mon Mar 31 11:54:10 2014)
    @Yannick: Without Malkin and Kane, Do you really expect to make it...

  • 372. yannick (on Mon Mar 31 11:36:43 2014)
    the battle for 2nd and 3rd is actually quite exciting... we swap positions every day!

  • 371. bao (on Thu Mar 27 20:10:05 2014)
    Danny: tu accroches tes patins ???

  • 370. yannick (on Wed Mar 26 15:36:14 2014)
    $20 WEEKLY WINNER ----------------- alexandre almost did it again to pass bao for 1st on the weekly with a crazy night last night, but bao resisted and won his first week. Congratulations Bao! results so far for the 2014 season alexandre: 60 danny: 20 yannick: 20 marc: 20 dominic: 20 alex_d: 20 raymond: 20 bao: 20

  • 369. yannick (on Wed Mar 26 15:34:20 2014)
    alexandre has 110 points out of 117 available points... That is insane... What a domination!

  • 368. bao (on Wed Mar 26 14:44:19 2014)
    @Phuc: You are now the only one with no weekly wins...even Danny has one. How does that feel like?

  • 367. dominic (on Tue Mar 25 17:36:40 2014)
    @Yan : that's sucks , 3 stars down @this moment #Badtiming

  • 366. yannick (on Tue Mar 25 15:11:04 2014)
    malkin out 2-to-3 weeks... who's next? rask? geez...

  • 365. yannick (on Tue Mar 25 10:32:25 2014)
    After the ufhl trade deadline, here is the situation for the salary mass of each team. Bao is the richest manager, while alexandre has kept almost the same budget as the draft for his dominating performance. Raymond is fighting for 2nd with a below draft budget... 1- bao total: $391 2- yannick total: $301 3- marc total: $293 4- alexandre total: $267 5- raymond total: $233 6- danny total: $207 7- phuc total: $180 8- alex_d total: $166 9- dominic total: $107

  • 364. yannick (on Thu Mar 20 09:26:12 2014)
    well, I think it's over for me... Kane and Fowler are out for weeks...

  • 363. yannick (on Wed Mar 19 14:15:56 2014)
    ah geez... alexandre did it again... he beat me on the last night... alex c'mon, can you leave some for the rest of us? congratulations anyway.. ;) $20 WEEKLY WINNER ----------------- Congratulations to alexandre for his third $20 of the season man, what a domination! results so far for the 2014 season alexandre: 60 danny: 20 yannick: 20 marc: 20 dominic: 20 alex_d: 20 raymond: 20

  • 362. raymond (on Wed Mar 19 14:12:27 2014)
    Guess Marc was right about Brodeur lol Yan/Danny: Is this the most dominating season ever in UFHL history. Alex R is 1st or 2nd in every category!

  • 361. yannick (on Wed Mar 19 10:11:48 2014)
    $20 WEEKLY WINNER (for last week... sorry) ----------------- Congratulations to raymond for his first $20 of the season won last week, I forgot to post it! (sorry ray...) I'll announce the winner of this week when the results come out this afternoon. results so far for the 2014 season alexandre: 40 danny: 20 yannick: 20 marc: 20 dominic: 20 alex_d: 20 raymond: 20

  • 360. marc (on Sat Mar 15 19:26:33 2014)
    @all : we talking about the same brodeur's who's 75 years old and has a shitty GAA and SV %? and who's playing backup minutes? damn... should've been my keeper for next year..

  • 359. bao (on Thu Mar 13 16:19:55 2014)
    @Ray: Yeah...Brodeur was a nice last-minute gift.

  • 358. raymond (on Thu Mar 13 02:02:09 2014)
    @Alex R: Considering how much you're going to win this year, I think you can spare $20 ; ) @Bao: You upset that Yan got the gift of Brodeur? This is going to be an interesting race!

  • 357. bao (on Wed Mar 12 21:58:23 2014)
    Race for second will be tight ... Good luck to all except Marc.;)

  • 356. marc (on Wed Mar 12 18:42:17 2014)
    @Yan : pleasure doing business with you

  • 355. yannick (on Wed Mar 12 18:41:30 2014)
    @marc: I took your offer!

  • 354. marc (on Wed Mar 12 18:40:07 2014)
    @all : Brodeur for FA? If interested, just enter it

  • 353. bao (on Wed Mar 12 17:51:50 2014)
    Can't wait to see what Yannick will pull to get a second starting goalie....

  • 352. alexandre (on Wed Mar 12 17:30:17 2014)
    damn you Ray, 1 pt difference!

  • 351. raymond (on Tue Mar 11 14:01:59 2014)
    REMINDER Trade deadline is tomorrow March 12 at 7pm. Please check and respond to e-mails, texts, or calls.

  • 350. marc (on Sat Mar 8 20:18:17 2014)
    @all : Hemsky can be had for a decent D

  • 349. marc (on Thu Mar 6 14:10:57 2014)
    @all:Looking to pull one final big trade. There has to be someone willing to dance with moi? Lool

  • 348. yannick (on Thu Mar 6 13:37:55 2014)
    just a little reminder, when a player is the farm and has a * beside his salary, it means he is a $2 player. If the player doesn't have a *, then regular contract applies.

  • 347. yannick (on Wed Mar 5 15:01:52 2014)
    $20 WEEKLY WINNER ----------------- Congratulations to alex d for his first $20 of the season! results so far for the 2014 season danny: 20 yannick: 20 marc: 20 alexandre: 40 dominic: 20 alex_d: 20

  • 346. bao (on Wed Mar 5 14:35:23 2014)
    I'm happy to see HugePuck win a week... All he needed to do was to drop Tavares ;)

  • 345. raymond (on Wed Mar 5 01:53:49 2014)
    Vancouver needs to fire their GM, the traded away Luongo and Schneider and got very little in return. On top of that he hires Torts, prob one of the most overrated coaches ever. Let's see what he does with Kesler.

  • 344. raymond (on Wed Mar 5 01:51:02 2014)
    Let's muddy up the waters a bit, who wants Zetterberg for next year? Contact me!

  • 343. marc (on Tue Mar 4 18:13:16 2014)
    Some of my top guns available

  • 342. bao (on Mon Mar 3 12:27:38 2014)
    Steve Mason is available...

  • 341. yannick (on Mon Mar 3 11:32:40 2014)
    Also, I am looking at improving my team as I am making a run for second place. So take a look at my keepers and make offers.

  • 340. yannick (on Mon Mar 3 11:31:43 2014)
    **** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT **** --------------------------------- The UFHL trade deadline this year will be Wednesday March 12th at 7pm. The NHL trade deadline is this wednesday march 5th, and following our tradition to make the UFHL trade deadline one week after the nhl one but one month before the end of the season, March 12th is the perfect date.

  • 339. marc (on Sat Mar 1 19:26:52 2014)
    @Ray: 2 FAs ? :)

  • 338. raymond (on Sat Mar 1 01:50:15 2014)
    @Bao: How dare you forget that I was first from Day 3-12 of the season! @Halak: Buf only has 1 more game this week, don't get destroyed like you did in the Olympics! @All: Who wants Halak?

  • 337. raymond (on Sat Mar 1 01:46:24 2014)
    @Alex D: Drop a healthy player lol

  • 336. bao (on Fri Feb 28 22:06:26 2014)
    You win Alex !!!! waving white flag !!!! Even if you let Ray manage your team from now still wouldn't lose... @Yannick: Did any team ever lead ALL season ? Rotten Tomatoes were pretty close to a perfect season...

  • 335. alexandre (on Fri Feb 28 21:45:42 2014)
    Miller: Finally esti!

  • 334. alex_d (on Fri Feb 28 11:29:56 2014)
    @all: Need a FA just dropped Tavares if anyone wants to stash him on IR and maybe keep next year!! The race is on

  • 333. danny (on Thu Feb 27 18:33:19 2014)
    OK I understand....Just wondering cause i might of grab him in a small trade if i knew!

  • 332. yannick (on Thu Feb 27 13:38:45 2014)
    $20 WEEKLY WINNER ----------------- Congratulations to dominic for his first ever $20! results so far for the 2014 season danny: 20 yannick: 20 marc: 20 alexandre: 40 dominic: 20

  • 331. dominic (on Thu Feb 27 13:13:32 2014)
    @yan don't forget the +20, trying to at least break even loll.

  • 330. alex_d (on Wed Feb 26 16:26:41 2014)
    @Danny: Ray is correct. I had zero offers except maybe a FA so I knew if I dropped him I would get my FA and could pick up a dman I needed -23 was the reason. I wasn't going to start him anyways.

  • 329. raymond (on Wed Feb 26 15:57:43 2014)
    @Danny: Based on comment 302, he's been shopping Spezza for a while with no takers so he fired him. Spezza's -23 might have something to do with that.

  • 328. danny (on Wed Feb 26 14:47:03 2014)
    Since the last controversy, I was wondering why nobody is questioning to Spezza drop by Alex D. Am i the only one who doesn't think this is logical? Ray...You think it's acceptable ?

  • 327. yannick (on Mon Feb 24 11:32:43 2014)
    the nhl activities starts again tomorow with one game. don't forget to do your lineup for wednesday 7pm.

  • 326. bao (on Wed Feb 19 11:27:08 2014)
    Ovechkin is now depressed from Sochi and will suck at UFHL !!! All part of my master plan ;) Suck it Rotten Tomatoes !!!

  • 325. yannick (on Mon Feb 17 18:34:45 2014)
    @dominic: no. as stated in comment 319, the week that started on February 5th ends on February 25th. The new week starts on wednesday February 26th. there is only one game on February 25th, so your chances are good...

  • 324. dominic (on Sun Feb 16 20:14:37 2014)
    @yannick My weekly win.counts right??

  • 323. yannick (on Wed Feb 12 11:51:53 2014)
    @alex_d: you can go ahead

  • 322. alex_d (on Wed Feb 12 11:48:54 2014)
    @ Ray: when do I get to use my FA now that you picked up Spezza

  • 321. alex_d (on Tue Feb 11 11:04:00 2014)
    @all: Spezza, Doan and Monahan were just dropped if any wants. I could use the FA

  • 320. dominic (on Sun Feb 9 15:15:09 2014)
    Still 4 weekly wins to go lool

  • 319. yannick (on Wed Feb 5 16:54:00 2014)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ====================== Because of the olympics, the week of activity will be from February 5th (today) until Tuesday February 25th. The next week of activity will start Wednesday February 26th. This means that if you hire a player after tonight 7pm, you will have to activate him for the week of February 25th. ANNONCE IMPORTANTE ================== La semaine d'activite qui debute ce soir est du 5 fevrier au mardi 25 fevrier, ceci du aux olympiques. la semaine suivante debutera le mercredi 26 fevrier. Ce qui veut dire que si vous engager un jouer apres 7pm ce soir, vous devez l'activer pour la semaine du 26 fevrier.

  • 318. marc (on Wed Feb 5 16:46:44 2014)
    @all : i know this is last minute, but everyone available on my team. No lowball offers, since im not a sucker. Im looking for a solid keeper goalie minimum. Reach me by SMS @ 514-882-8979

  • 317. alexandre (on Wed Feb 5 16:45:32 2014)
    @yannick: c'est bon pour le update thx:)

  • 316. yannick (on Wed Feb 5 16:35:22 2014)
    $20 WEEKLY WINNER ----------------- Congratulations to alexandre for its second consecutive weekly win! alex_d almost won, but... alexandre did it again... results so far for the 2014 season danny: 20 yannick: 20 marc: 20 alexandre: 40

  • 315. yannick (on Wed Feb 5 16:32:36 2014)
    @alexandre: your lineup has been last updated at 14h52, is that ok?

  • 314. raymond (on Wed Feb 5 15:33:30 2014)
    @Alex D: On Wednesdays, the ranking update is around 2pm. On other days, it's like 8am. Damn Tomatoes...

  • 313. alex_d (on Wed Feb 5 15:23:10 2014)
    @ yan: Why were the rankings updated when I looked at 11 and now they are changed @all: Toews, Tavares, Kessel, Kadri, Franzen and Van Riemsdyk are available. Im looking for defence help.

  • 312. alexandre (on Wed Feb 5 14:57:46 2014)
    @Yannick: I refuse to buy cheap ass Molson on the rare occasions I go to see a game. Now it's even more expensive?! wow. p.s. I just did my lineup twice, but it doesn't seem to have been recorded in "this week's actions".

  • 311. alexandre (on Wed Feb 5 14:55:31 2014)

  • 310. alex_d (on Wed Feb 5 10:59:13 2014)
    @all: holy shit I actually won something! Hell has officially frozen over.

  • 309. yannick (on Tue Feb 4 23:46:01 2014)
    I went to the habs game tonight at the bell centre. The highlight of the night: the timbits (5 years old) game between the 1st and the 2nd period ... that and the girl in the section beside mine who seem to get prettier after every beer I took... by the way, a can of beer is now $11 at the bell centre, a hot dog is $4.50... ...and the game, jesus, that is what I call a soporific game... I should get a refund!

  • 308. alex_d (on Tue Feb 4 10:55:02 2014)
    @ all: Monahan is also available as a $2 keeper if anyone is interested. Looking for a dman in return to use for the rest of the year

  • 307. phuc (on Mon Feb 3 18:23:54 2014)
    @all: I've been entertaining offers for Stamkos, you're welcome to join in the fun!

  • 306. alex_d (on Sun Feb 2 15:57:04 2014)
    @Ray: Thanks now that all makes sense. So whats the deal with with Tavares.... he can get you 2nd place. @ all: Toews is also available for 2 keepers who total $33 or less. Kessel is available for 1 good keeper.

  • 305. raymond (on Sun Feb 2 13:44:15 2014)
    @Alex D: You get 6 keepers and 1 extra if he he's farm and fits in your $80 budget so max 7 keepers. In your 7 keepers, you could have all 3 of your farmers if you choose to (max 1 goalie). Anyone that stays in your farm all year gets kept at $2, no matter how much you paid. Had I been smart and put Fasth in my farm, I would have been able to keep him for $2 even though I drafted him at $10.

  • 304. alex_d (on Sun Feb 2 11:20:25 2014)
    @all: Tavares is available. who wants 2nd place .......Want some good keepers for next year.

  • 303. alex_d (on Sun Feb 2 11:10:48 2014)
    @ all: Im trying to understand my keepers. I get 6 keepers and 1 extra if hes farm and fits my $80 budget. Or do I get as many farms as I have that fit in my $80 budget. So I could have 9 players if 3 $2 farm players are kept Also I paid $6 for Mackinnon but hes been in farm all year....he still gets kept at $2 correct. Please let me know as this could alter who gets traded or who gets added to my starting lineup for the rest of the season. Since the 2-4 place teams seem to be shitting the bed I guess anyone can get hot and still make top 3. Congrats to Alex R on winning the pool this year. Im calling it.....Snowballs chance in Hell that he blows this lead.

  • 302. alex_d (on Sun Feb 2 10:55:21 2014)
    @all: Nobody is interested.....Franzen and or Spezza for FA. Or grossman for PIMS and BS. I need some FA hit me up

  • 301. raymond (on Fri Jan 31 14:09:02 2014)
    @Alex R: when we spoke I wasn't ready to rebuild yet, thus allowing Bao the chance to create a 3way (something he apparently knows a lot about) ; )

  • 300. marc (on Fri Jan 31 14:06:33 2014)
    @Alexandre: time for you to make a move for Crosby or someone on my team now Alexandre ;)... let's make an interracial trade now hahaha

  • 299. alexandre (on Fri Jan 31 14:01:19 2014)
    hockey and asian porn finally together

  • 298. bao (on Fri Jan 31 10:51:11 2014)
    @Ray and Alex: It's all about timing... The middle guy in a threesome is always the winner... That sounds very dirty ;)

  • 297. alexandre (on Fri Jan 31 10:21:41 2014)
    @Ray: I would have easily given you those two players for those three guys, but you said the price for PK was too high! Too bad for me that I didn't ask again more recently :(

  • 296. raymond (on Fri Jan 31 02:10:27 2014)
    I feel like Alex R, Bao and i just made a long awaited 3-way trade: Bao sends Ovi to Alex R. Alex R sends me Duchene and OEL. And I send Neal, PK and Seguin to Bao. @Phuc: watch out, I'm coming down!

  • 295. alex_d (on Thu Jan 30 17:43:38 2014)
    @ all Spezza is available to highest bidder. I will take 2 FA minimum. Let me know.

  • 294. alex_d (on Thu Jan 30 17:36:37 2014)
    @bao haha yeah they made that expression just for my UFHL career. No matter what I do I cant win!!

  • 293. bao (on Thu Jan 30 09:25:48 2014)
    @Alex_d: I never heard of "FML" before... had to google it...

  • 292. yannick (on Wed Jan 29 21:58:37 2014)
    $20 WEEKLY WINNER ----------------- Congratulations to alexandre for its weekly win! I was first yesterday and you passed in front of me today... I shall have my revenge one day! results so far for the 2014 season danny: 20 yannick: 20 marc: 20 alexandre: 20

  • 291. alex_d (on Wed Jan 29 16:28:27 2014)
    @everyone: check that Smith did not start that game. figures

  • 290. alex_d (on Wed Jan 29 16:26:28 2014)
    @ray: I could but it would be 2 shitty dmen. @Marc,Bao,Ray: Ièm still willing to sell my fwds but the price is not going down. 2 good defenceman By good defenceman I mean better than gorges and orpik. players with 18 pts no blocked shots or pims are not better. @ everyone: How is possible that I get a shutout and almost everyone on my team gets at least a pt plus blocked shots and I was last in daily scoring.....Im starting to think these rankings are fixed lol

  • 289. raymond (on Wed Jan 29 16:07:55 2014)
    @Yan: 1FA each? You'd be lucky to get 1 FA for both! By the way, if anyone wants to get rid of 2 players for 1 FA, lemme know.

  • 288. yannick (on Wed Jan 29 14:55:10 2014)
    Del Zotto and Gonchar are available for one Free Agent each.

  • 287. marc (on Wed Jan 29 14:30:33 2014)
    I'm just trying to figure out who is willing to sell here? as of now, I only see Ray and Dom wanting to sell... Danny? Phuc? Bao? I'm in the market to lockdown 2nd place. Anybody? if you guys want to close out deals before tonight's deadline, please text me at 514-882-8979

  • 286. marc (on Tue Jan 28 10:43:21 2014)
    @Bao: I guess you should have taken a stab at him sir. @all : Crosby still available boys. No lowballing offers please :)

  • 285. bao (on Tue Jan 28 10:31:53 2014)
    @Marc: I would have paid more for Getzlaf then Crosby :) This year anyways

  • 284. dominic (on Tue Jan 28 02:24:35 2014)
    @all Feel like selling, looking for a TOP D , thorts st Louis on trade block.. including keeper for keeper trades.

  • 283. marc (on Tue Jan 28 01:55:16 2014)
    @all : Crosby is available

  • 282. danny (on Mon Jan 27 14:47:34 2014)
    I'll send you an offer right away Ray ;)

  • 281. raymond (on Mon Jan 27 11:16:05 2014)
    @Contenders: feel free to send me your offers

  • 280. yannick (on Wed Jan 22 16:31:25 2014)
    $20 WEEKLY WINNER ----------------- Congratulations to Marc for its weekly win! results so far for the 2014 season danny: 20 yannick: 20 marc: 20

  • 279. alex_d (on Wed Jan 22 15:37:06 2014)
    Alex D is ready to make tons of moves, but all you homos want to do is fuck him in the ass!! Its $20 for a weekly win right- that's what im after. Ièm willing to move anyone especially my farm but I want great def back or a stud goalie so that I can win weeks.

  • 278. marc (on Wed Jan 22 14:14:50 2014)
    Maybe with the new keeper rule, Alex D will make some moves :p

  • 277. alexandre (on Wed Jan 22 13:20:55 2014)
    If anyone else interested in Roussel for an FA gimme a heads up.

  • 276. alexandre (on Wed Jan 22 13:06:33 2014)
    for some reason yeah I didn't receive it

  • 275. alexandre (on Wed Jan 22 13:05:58 2014)
    c'est bon!

  • 274. marc (on Wed Jan 22 12:58:11 2014)
    @Alexandre: I had sent you an email, bud. That's odd... but regardless, I will pass my good friend

  • 273. alexandre (on Wed Jan 22 12:36:13 2014)
    @Marc: dude lemme know if you still want Roussel or not

  • 272. marc (on Tue Jan 21 10:48:02 2014)
    @RayRay... on the bubble 2nd place team sir.

  • 271. raymond (on Tue Jan 21 01:11:47 2014)
    @Marc: Why would you dismantle a 2nd place team?

  • 270. marc (on Mon Jan 20 18:40:06 2014)
    Thinking of dismantling my team too...

  • 269. alexandre (on Mon Jan 20 14:41:47 2014)
    ok thx!

  • 268. raymond (on Mon Jan 20 14:41:13 2014)
    @Alex: No, 2 goalies max. So either 2 goalies that have played 50+ games or 1 of those + 1 farmer.

  • 267. yannick (on Mon Jan 20 14:39:25 2014)
    @alex: no, we mean maximum 2 goalies including a maximum of 1 farm goalie. In no circumstances you can keep 3 goalies.

  • 266. alexandre (on Mon Jan 20 14:37:42 2014)
    sorry Ray and Yannick, but do you mean 2 goalies regular keepers plus a potential 3rd goalie if he's on the farm?

  • 265. alexandre (on Mon Jan 20 14:34:49 2014)
    @Marc: yep, you can enter the trade.

  • 264. raymond (on Mon Jan 20 14:34:03 2014)
    Thank you Yan, yes max of 2 goalie keepers but 1 farm goalie allowed.

  • 263. raymond (on Mon Jan 20 14:32:38 2014)
    I'm preparing to dismantle my team, feel free to send me offers

  • 262. yannick (on Mon Jan 20 14:31:22 2014)
    ...and a maximum of 1 farm goalie.

  • 261. raymond (on Mon Jan 20 14:29:43 2014)
    Ok keeper changes has been finalized. Marc, $55 is already an increase from the original $35 from Danny. If you want an even number, $50 would make more sense. But it's time to put something in place. So here are the keeper rules for this year (subject to change based on # of GMs): 1) We are linking the # of keepers to the # of GMs. The ratio is 2/3, so 2 keepers for every 3 GMs 2) Top 3 can only keeper (2, 3 and 5 keepers respectively) with a max budget of $55 3) Everyone outside the top 3 can keep 6 keepers with a max budget of $80 4) Everybody can keep an extra keeper if that player is a farmer and fits within the budget 5) There is still a max of 2 goalies that can be kept per team Happy rebuilding!

  • 260. marc (on Mon Jan 20 14:14:00 2014)
    @alex can I just enter it?

  • 259. alexandre (on Mon Jan 20 11:56:30 2014)
    I'm good with either Ray or Marc's suggestion. p.s. if anyone needs PIMS and wants Antoine Roussel, he's available for an FA

  • 258. marc (on Mon Jan 20 11:06:43 2014)
    I agree with the proposition. Only thing I would suggest, lets make it $60 just so its a round number :)

  • 257. yannick (on Mon Jan 20 10:59:40 2014)
    keeper rule change: let's finish this... I agree with Ray's latest compromise and let's go with it. (from comment 246) Top 3: $55 (max 2, 3, 5 keepers) Everyone else: $80 (max 6 keepers) Add 1 keeper for everybody if it's a farm guy.

  • 256. danny (on Sun Jan 19 22:29:10 2014)
    Ray...You'll regret saying that trading Dubnyk is good....Watch him shutout the league with Nashville. Obviously, Dub wasn't gonna settle the Oil's problems but Scrivens isn't an upgrade. Dmen needed 4 sure with a Yakupov trade ASAP.

  • 255. raymond (on Sun Jan 19 01:26:42 2014)
    @Bao: At least you made the right decision to dress Luongo over Lack! Wow my 1st SHG of the year...took long enough! When will Edm realize that they need d-men in addition to a real goalie? Trading Smid, one of their best defensive d-men, in order to get a washed up goalie is plain dumb. Good job getting rid of Dub and getting Scrivs but the problem still remains...

  • 254. bao (on Sat Jan 18 21:53:55 2014)
    I dress both Mason and Poulin to guarantee a win... They both get rocked and Emery comes in for the win...

  • 253. yannick (on Wed Jan 15 17:20:32 2014)
    $20 WEEKLY WINNER ----------------- The winner of this week is... MYSELF! Congratulations to me, it's been a while since I haven't win something! (Special mention to DANNY who finished 2nd after his win last week, do I smell a new contender?) results so far for the 2014 season danny: 20 yannick: 20

  • 252. marc (on Wed Jan 15 14:30:18 2014)
    Always looking to upgrade boys... you can reach me on my email at ; or by SMS ; 514-882-8979

  • 251. alexandre (on Sun Jan 12 14:22:24 2014)
    sweet, they finally fired Claude Noel, maybe they'll become awesome all of a sudden!

  • 250. danny (on Sat Jan 11 09:04:29 2014)
    Oh ya...I knew this season wasn't gonna be a total flop. I'll savor the surprise moment or highlight of my year But wait ....more to come

  • 249. yannick (on Wed Jan 8 17:50:14 2014)
    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The $20 weeks have started!!! -------------------- Because of the olympic break, the last 13 weeks of the season started January 1st... So Congratulations to our first $20 winner: DANNY!!!! results so far for the 2014 season danny: 20

  • 248. yannick (on Wed Jan 8 17:46:53 2014)

  • 247. alexandre (on Wed Jan 8 01:38:54 2014)
    Sounds good to me. (And sorry for pulling the discussion away from main issue we needed to resolve before all the keepers trades start flying)

  • 246. raymond (on Wed Jan 8 01:22:50 2014)
    Let's decide on the keeper rule changes before making changes to the farm. So far it looks the idea from comment #231 is a go, we just have to decide on the max # of keepers. So basically the idea is: Top 3: $55 (max 2, 3, 5 keepers) Everyone else: $80 (max 6 keepers) Add 1 keeper for everybody if it's a farm guy.

  • 245. bao (on Tue Jan 7 09:40:08 2014)
    @Alex: Momma jokes not allowed in UFHL. Check the rule book. @Ray: Why are we concerned about high profile keepers in the first place. I believe in free market. If someone thinks Ovechkin is worth 50$, let it be. The other players valuation will be adjusted accordingly. We do we need to play like Ben Bernanke and QE the market. Anyways it's fun to see someone pay too much for a player. (Cheechoo anyone?)

  • 244. alexandre (on Tue Jan 7 05:20:21 2014)
    p.s. Krug and Schwartz are sweet call ups no doubt!

  • 243. alexandre (on Tue Jan 7 05:02:23 2014)
    @Ray: Now I understand why we're in such disagreement! We have a pretty different conception of how to use the farm! Of course, you're the guy who came up with the concept, so I defer to your definition of its use. Now that I get how you mean it to be used it makes more sense why you want to keep it as is. But, here's a big argument for me not spending the 6$ on keeping 3 farm dudes and why I consider many players that have been kept in previous years "not worth it" with the current rules: This year's late rounds of draft day were crazier than the previous two in terms of good players still available, so it's not the best example, but even the 2 previous years I was amazed at who was left. Think about what 2-6$ extra bucks could buy when you add it to your leftover cash and now I know that this year I'm not using that on the farm unless I'm quite certain the guy will be good next year. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this way, I dunno. So with the current rules it still seems like a waste to use them for a little temporary boost, NHL farm steam style, then send them back down to the farm and lose the 2$ contract on a dice-roll player (I am indeed crying "boo who" like a little girl as I write this, but it's ok 'cause Bao's mom is massaging my shoulders). Final suggestions then I'll shut up: -"1 free call up" per guy who started the season on the farm, then you send him down after 4 weeks or lose the cheap contract. -Also, I think I remember Niraj in a situation that kinda sucked when he had Brett Connolly accidentally on his bench for 1 week, didn't dress him, but then couldn't get the farm contract because of that. Can we change that? There you go, one last try for this year, no more whining ;)

  • 242. raymond (on Tue Jan 7 02:47:44 2014)
    @Alex: I completely disagree with you regarding the farm team. The main purpose of the farm team is to keep track of prospects, not to increase the # of keepers. Ideally, you have a prospect on your farm, check out his stats from time to time, and one day say "Holy cow, this guy can help me right now!" You then call him up (saving a FA you would've spent) and you can even put him back in the farm once he cools down. Yes in this scenario you can't keep him for $ who, sniff, sniff. I'm glad to see that Marc called up S.Jones and that Dom called up J.Schwartz. Even Danny called up some of his guys. They're using the farm like NHL teams use their AHL clubs. I think that's how it should be. You get 1st dibs on a player that you may not have even noticed had he not been on your team. That's the advantage. Your team has no weaknesses so it's unlikely that you'll use the farm this way this year but I hope you will in the future. Btw Phuc: get Khudobin out of your farm! Also, everybody has at least 1 $2 keeper (worth keeping) from what I can see so far. So I do expect there to be quite a few $2 keepers unless the max is 6 keepers. The problem is that you keep just about anyone at $2, there's no real decision there. So my vote is 6 keepers for the non-top 3. However, I can live with 7 keepers max if the 7th guy is a farm guy.

  • 241. alexandre (on Mon Jan 6 17:23:44 2014)
    I've said before that there is presently almost no point in having farm players with the current rules. We need to modify them and what Yannick says about having some kind of exception for farm players makes sense until we can come up with a better solution long term. I agree with his compromise, but if everybody agrees to do 6 keepers only, fine, but farm should be in addition to that for everyone. I humbly suggest that the top 3 should have the possibility to have max 1 farm guy each. Doesn't mean that any of us will use our farm spots anyways. Like I said in a previous post, the chances of getting someone truly farm worthy is incredibly slim.

  • 240. yannick (on Mon Jan 6 14:28:07 2014)
    @ray: the 2/3 was before we put a maximum amount of dollars. With a maximum amount to spend on keepers, we already reached our goal to have pratically all the highest paid players back in the pool. So all the star players will be available on draft day. At $80 max, there will be nobody that will keep 8 players, at $10. We are talking here about a manager being able to keep 1 or 2 farm players, along with 6 real keepers. The 8 keepers max for me, is to allow some managers to keep farmers. There is no point in having a farm team if we don't have the possibility to keep them. I don't mind doing a compromise in which we say: maximum 6 keepers at $10 and up and a max of 3 farmers.

  • 239. raymond (on Mon Jan 6 00:07:03 2014)
    Just in case this wasn't obvious, the # of keepers is based on the # of GMs so since we're 9 this year, 9 x 2/3 = 6. As soon as we're 10, that changes to 7 and if we're 12, then we get to 8. My personal opinion is that 8 is too high, that's 90% of GMs this year.

  • 238. danny (on Sat Jan 4 10:14:54 2014)
    Yes agree but i would up to 8 keepers too for the others

  • 237. dominic (on Thu Jan 2 19:04:02 2014)
    Im good with rays idea! @All ; happy new year, wealth, sucess, health and good hockey trades!!

  • 236. alexandre (on Thu Jan 2 17:48:36 2014)
    I'm good with what Ray suggested, but also agree with Yannick that beyond the 1-2-3 we could have 8 keepers potentially. It's rare, I think, that you would have that many that are truly worth it anyways. If need be, I'm also good with what Marc said to make it 60$ for the 1-2-3 as well. Happy New Year bitches ;)

  • 235. marc (on Thu Jan 2 17:26:01 2014)
    @Bao ... I'll take that as a compliment on the d-low... Thank you sir :p hehe

  • 234. bao (on Thu Jan 2 14:01:50 2014)
    Happy new year to the ufhl ! I wish you guys success in all your hockey pools except this one ;) I'm fine with the commish's suggestions...Just don't get his Crawford trade !

  • 233. marc (on Thu Jan 2 02:59:53 2014)
    I think we should round it up to $60 ... $55 seems too eeehhh to me, but thats just my personal opinion

  • 232. yannick (on Wed Jan 1 23:11:25 2014)
    Happy new year to everyone! @ray: agree except max 8 keepers for everyone else.

  • 231. raymond (on Wed Jan 1 22:22:09 2014)
    Happy new year to all!!! Weird selections for team USA... Alright, it's time to finalize the changes to the keeper system. We all knew that agreeing on a $ amount would be difficult so I think we should just mix both ideas together. Link # of keepers to # of GMs and having $ amounts. So basically, it's: Top 3: $55 (max 2, 3, 5 keepers) Everyone else: $80 (max 6 keepers) Please post your comment with a yes/no Thanks.

  • 230. yannick (on Tue Dec 31 17:11:08 2013)
    I want to make a run at the top 3, so my keepers are available to trade to dramatically improve my team!

  • 229. alexandre (on Sun Dec 29 16:38:08 2013)
    the Alex R trading counter is open if anyone is interested.

  • 228. alexandre (on Wed Dec 25 15:40:43 2013)
    just dropped Mike Richards if someone wants!

  • 227. alexandre (on Sun Dec 22 00:20:30 2013)
    @Ray: I think Chris Stewart damaged part of my soul tonight. @Yan: I think Gaborik may have done worse to yours.

  • 226. dominic (on Sat Dec 21 03:24:16 2013)
    @Niraj: haha awesome resume bud!! Looking forward to trade next year with you! @All: Enjoy your hollidays guys!!! A+++

  • 225. marc (on Fri Dec 20 16:31:15 2013)
    Hahaha! My libido is doing just fine bud :p ... Happy holidays to you and your family Niraj!!

  • 224. niraj (on Fri Dec 20 14:45:21 2013)
    lol Danny. Happy holidays to you and your family as well!

  • 223. danny (on Fri Dec 20 11:51:05 2013)
    HoHoHo!Nice one. But you forgot. "It was 5 days before christmas And i wasn't feeling too well. All this sitting around With those baby sounds. It's driving me crazy I'll focus on Danny Maybe i should go see Not really, i'll leave it to mommy My role is to quit, itch And be a bitch." Merry Xmas Niraj to you and you family...(On a serious tone)

  • 222. alexandre (on Fri Dec 20 10:54:59 2013)
    whoops! @Niraj: :))) The UFHL is still alive beating in your trashily eloquent heart! Happy Holidays to you too:)

  • 221. alexandre (on Fri Dec 20 10:50:22 2013)

  • 220. niraj (on Fri Dec 20 10:44:50 2013)
    It was 5 days before Xmas, when all was well, Danny's still in the basement, It's where he'll always dwell, Dumais doesn't have, any clue either, But that's what you get when you smoke too much cedar. Ray still takes 2 hours to trade He likes to win little battles, Slowly day by day, Yannick continues to play the role of webmaster, But every year his team is a fucking disaster, Marc now resides in maple leaf nation, Fewer sexy girls there means more masturbation, Phuc or Fuck, I really don't know Probably has the most interesting life of all of us though, Bao won last year, can he repeat? It's not really likely that's a tough feat Alex is in the lead a full 22 points ahead, Will he close the deal or pull a JF instead? Dominic don't fret, it's your first year in the league, There will always be Danny, for you to easily beat. Happy holidays everyone!

  • 219. alexandre (on Tue Dec 17 17:59:24 2013)
    @Yan: I meant the max number of games being increased, but your idea is actually quite interesting in terms of rewarding loyalty to the farm player and getting a longer contract... Maybe a combo of the two ideas to make the farm more interesting to all?

  • 218. yannick (on Tue Dec 17 16:11:33 2013)
    @alexandre: just to make things clear, what you are suggesting is that when a farm player gets called up, that he gets more than two extra years? so, instead of 2-10-11, something like 2-10-11-12-13? or do you mean raising the maximum number of games from 165 to (for example) 200? One thing we could do, is for each year a farm player is kept at $2, he gets an extra year. for example, I kept nugent-hopkins at $2, so when I called him up he would be getting an extra year 2-10-11-12. If you keep a farmer for 2 years at $2, then he gets 2 extra years, so 2-10-11-12-13. So loyalty to a farmer pays back. but a player that is put on the farm, but is called up a month later does not get extra years because there was no dedication from his manager. what do you think? @alexandre and ray: I assumed that the amounts proposed by Ray are for this year are only because we plan to raise the number of managers. Next year with more managers, those numbers would be adjusted, right?

  • 217. alexandre (on Tue Dec 17 15:59:53 2013)
    Sorry for the long post, but I think this is important: @Ray: Ok now I really disagree and it's not because I'm first for now. 35$ for first I can accept because you can get to keep 3 "regular" guys. About the 2$ keepers... yes they do change things, but I think their status needs to be reworked. Awhile back I posted a comment about the farm and didn't get a single reply. Here it is part of post #126: "For the farm, it's already diff to find 3 people truly worth keeping for each GM, so I think it's better to reduce the reg keepers not the farm. p.s. Since we are talking about changes. I actually think the keeper period of time is too short. Most players simply take more time than we allow to make an impact." If you make it 20$ for first place, most likely that person will be keeping 2 10$ keepers. Honestly there really aren't that many guys who've played less than 165 games that are worth spending the cash on. Goalies is 60 games? That's not worth it either, they take way longer to be useful. Farm has been around for two years now and be honest, which one of the farm keepers that you guys have kept for 2$ have really delivered after they were called up? Kadri? Nuge? Seguin maybe? Any others? I can't think of any others. Way too few. The farm should have a greater impact or else why should we have it if it only pays off once in a blue moon? Most of us really won't have 1 (much less 3) surefire 2$ youngsters. Might as well keep the cash. If you want to reduce the money allowed then make the keeper period longer. If not, 35$ seems ok. Many young guns, MOST of them, especially D-Men, will not be ready to make a true impact before their 3rd-4th season, many D-Men will take longer (goalies even more)and by then unfortunately they will not be farm eligible. It could happen of course that in the top 3 they will have some worthy 2$ keepers, but the really valuable ones are so hard to come by that we should have some special rules when it comes to farm guys. Like: 1st: 35$ if you don't use the farm and 20$ if you do. 2nd: 30$/45$ 3rd: 40/55$ 4th and up: $90 Of course this just makes things more complicated... so any suggestions? Or we just extend the farm period or go with the distribution Yan gave. Or both ;)

  • 216. raymond (on Tue Dec 17 12:32:27 2013)
    Good point Yan! The amounts have to be reduced because of the $2 farmers. If not, we can have teams keeping 11 players (remember we started this conversation with the goal of reducing keepers). So if we tweak Yan's idea, it would like: 1st: $20 (1st is not supposed to have more than 3 keepers under current rules) 2nd: $30 (not supposed to have more than 5 keepers) 3rd: $40 (not supposed to have more than 7 keepers) All others: $60

  • 215. alex_d (on Tue Dec 17 10:01:31 2013)
    @yan great idea...goes to show that not all habs fans are idiots! LOL

  • 214. yannick (on Tue Dec 17 09:24:51 2013)
    keeper idea, I like it also, except for one thing: I don't want the last place (above 8th) to have more money to keep players because I want to avoid managers tanking their team on purpose to keep more players. In order to have a true ranking, every manager is supposed to put the best lineup he can every week. I don't like the idea of having a tainted ranking. If we go that route (above 8th position can keep for more money), then we need to add a rule in which if a manager does not put a starting lineup of 17 players who plays, then there is a $10 penality on the maximum amount he can keep. If we see a manager delibirately put on a shitty team to finish last, then that manager goes to one level down (from 85 to 55). Easiest thing would be for 4th position and up to have the same amount to keep. So something like that: 1st: $35 2nd: $45 3rd: $55 4th and up: $90

  • 213. danny (on Mon Dec 16 22:04:23 2013)
    Hey no problem guys! Since i'm running out of solutions for the Walkers, I'm glad i can help out elsewhere. Finally, the year doesn't seem like a total failure. @Yan: you week is a bloody disaster...Don't make me cry! Try over 15 years!

  • 212. yannick (on Sun Dec 15 17:05:43 2013)
    This week is a bloody disaster for my team...

  • 211. alexandre (on Sat Dec 14 21:29:02 2013)
    @Ray: Good thing you dressed Raymond this week!

  • 210. alexandre (on Sat Dec 14 17:11:32 2013)
    I have to say I kinda like Danny's idea too, maybe the amount of money could be tweaked slightly, but generally I think it sounds good.

  • 209. raymond (on Fri Dec 13 16:17:15 2013)
    @Danny: I like it! Wow did I really just say that? Have I ever agreed with Danny before? I'm going to get my water tested for chemicals...

  • 208. marc (on Fri Dec 13 14:10:49 2013)
    I like Danny's idea. It'll allow the bottom to build for the next year and stay competitive while having the top GMs try to build a new "franchise" from scratch. Like it very much!

  • 207. danny (on Fri Dec 13 11:46:29 2013)
    All these great ideas are just complicating things but what stands our in my mine is the quantity of money allowed. So here's my distribution if we want to bring down the amount of keepers. Top 3 get 35$ worth of keepers. 4 to 7 get 55$ worth 8 to 12....85$ worth

  • 206. raymond (on Wed Dec 11 23:39:13 2013)
    Thanks for all the ideas, keep 'em coming! @Bao: like the idea, I just don't see how we'll be able to agree on $ amounts quickly. Could a combo of # of keepers and budget work? @Dom: we do have a trade deadline, it's usually a week after the NHL deadline. In terms of positions, we do have a limit for # of goalies which is 2. The other positions, it's up to you. Unless someone says otherwise, I don't position specific keepers has been an issue. As for more $ at the draft, you'll see the difference when there are more GMs in the league @Alex R: If you finish 1st, you shouldn't cry about the # of keepers you have : ) @Alex D: Finally, someone who sees the benefit of having big players in the draft! I totally agree with you but not sure others feel the same way. And yes, teams outside of the top 3 will have more keepers. The reason we don't give more depending on your ranking is because we don't want guys to tank in order to get more keepers. So are we closer to a decision? Not really...which isn't a bad thing...alot of good talk. Danny, Marc, Yan, Phuc, what do you think?

  • 205. alex_d (on Wed Dec 11 18:04:59 2013)
    I still say the number of keepers you are allowed is based on rank. your 1st you get 1 9th you get 9. I like the idea of any player above a certain $ amount can not be kept....the number is up for discussion This keeps the draft exciting knowing all the stars will be available. All in all just make sure the worst teams have the best chance to improve the following season. This keeps the league close.( Although I kept ten....and I suck)

  • 204. alexandre (on Wed Dec 11 17:30:12 2013)
    Bao's idea of tying it to a quantity of money is interesting, but 15$ seems quite low to me.

  • 203. alexandre (on Wed Dec 11 17:28:35 2013)
    I feel that out of 29 players, no matter what the amount of managers there should be at least 3 keepers, so the old formula of 3 each for the top 3 seems fine to me. we could apply the 2/3 formula to the rest of the gang. Obviously I'm biased, but 2 keepers only out of 29 players sucks pretty hard if you finish first.

  • 202. dominic (on Wed Dec 11 16:46:53 2013)
    1- Adding a trade deadline would prevent people of doing stupid trades, near the playoffs; Reopen the trading option The season is over 2- Add maybe more money, since we signed the contract with rogers media lolll nah just add A little more funds so we could have a better draft! ( Higher Cap) 3- Limiting #of keepers would for example 1 goalie,1 defensmen, 1 forward and add another keeper in d or attack... 4- Concerning Communication ** Adding blackberry app and give away the pins of each player** it might be easier and faster than emails. Just shooting out ideas! goodluck guys

  • 201. yannick (on Wed Dec 11 16:23:23 2013)
    there was a problem with the overall ranking today. the ranking that was displayed between 2pm and 4pm was the only of last week. it has been updated properly now. bao, ray and I are tied for 3rd... marc, we are coming!

  • 200. bao (on Wed Dec 11 12:39:11 2013)
    @All: My pool of amazing defensemen is overwhelming... if you need a defense upgrade. I'm all ears.

  • 199. bao (on Wed Dec 11 12:37:57 2013)
    What I like about my idea is that the fantasy studs with high contracts have less chances of being kept... Which makes the draft more fun ! ... this will also make keepers with good contracts more attractive.

  • 198. bao (on Wed Dec 11 12:32:02 2013)
    @Ray : How about limiting the keepers to a certain budget ? i.e You finish 1st you have a budget of 15$ for your keepers. You finish last you got 150$ for your keepers.

  • 197. raymond (on Wed Dec 11 11:49:08 2013)
    @Alex D: The ideas for keeper changes are in comments #122-135. We're pretty much reviewing what was said unless someone comes up with something new. @All: Those votes and ideas are overwhelming! Slow down lol Seriously, we need your feedback. Yes, no, ok, sure, new ideas...pick one

  • 196. marc (on Wed Dec 11 00:13:03 2013)
    Someone help me, I got the itch again..

  • 195. alexandre (on Tue Dec 10 23:45:01 2013)
    dropped Schenn if someone wants him.

  • 194. alex_d (on Tue Dec 10 16:05:28 2013)
    How do you finish 2nd on the night and drop in the weekly rankings? This keeps happening to me! FML

  • 193. yannick (on Tue Dec 10 10:31:53 2013)
    will I finally win a week? my team always tank on tuesday... bao, if you're still fb friend with Letang, tell him I need points!!!

  • 192. yannick (on Sun Dec 8 23:30:55 2013)
    @dominic: c'est fait

  • 191. alex_d (on Sun Dec 8 22:50:12 2013)
    All that matters to me Ray is that you get less keepers for every ranking in the standings. Other than that lets just get all the alternative options up so we know what the options to vote on are. Thx

  • 190. dominic (on Sun Dec 8 21:07:49 2013)
    @yanick J'ai fait une erreur dans un echange peut tu retourner marleau et jokinen pour que je puisse faire mon deal.

  • 189. bao (on Sun Dec 8 14:31:51 2013)
    I have re-united Weber and Suter... My team will be amazing now right ?

  • 188. niraj (on Sat Dec 7 22:36:52 2013)
    @ray: Hey, I'm UFHL eyesight is failing me. @everyone: This was awesome:

  • 187. raymond (on Sat Dec 7 22:27:05 2013)
    Hey All, it's almost time for keeper season so it's important that we finalize the keeper changes. Alot of ideas were shared and the one that seemed to stand out was linking the # of keepers to the # of GMs. Let's focus on this change immediately, the other ideas we can continue to talk about. So the proposal is the following: -Link # of players to # of GMs -Ratio of 2/3 so this year max 6 keepers -Top 3 will have max 2, 3, 5 keepers (2/3 x 3, 5 and 7) Please vote on this. If you say no, please provide an alternative. Voting closes on Dec 15.

  • 186. raymond (on Fri Dec 6 00:33:01 2013)
    I think Niraj should reread the trade, he doesn't even know who got traded for whom! I knew I was generous when I made the deal with Yan but this is just ridiculous Every time I trade a D, he goes on fire: Yandle, Garrison , Faulk. Let's see if someone is smart enough to take Edler and Wideman

  • 185. niraj (on Thu Dec 5 17:58:01 2013)
    If Ray was honest, he'd tell you that he traded Eberle for Faulk...Pacioretty was just the wing man...

  • 184. yannick (on Thu Dec 5 10:23:36 2013)
    is ray my rival? I thought Faulk was mine?!?!? Justin, you have to make a choice, it's ray or me, you can't have both!

  • 183. niraj (on Thu Dec 5 10:19:25 2013)
    Raymond's affection for Justin Faulk is one of the greatest love stories in human history...

  • 182. danny (on Tue Dec 3 20:44:43 2013)
    Guys...My new email is Can you update please Yan.

  • 181. marc (on Mon Dec 2 15:54:41 2013)
    I have the itch to trade again. Anyone not named Raymond willing to dance with me? (We will probably dance once again Ray Ray haha) Its easier if you guys text me, but email will do as well. Heres my new number ; 647-458-1888

  • 180. raymond (on Sun Dec 1 21:41:50 2013)
    Has anyone been able to contact Danny? His e-mail doesn't seem to be working.

  • 179. yannick (on Fri Nov 29 13:53:37 2013)
    by the way, the habs' game is at 5pm today because of the holiday in the US.

  • 178. yannick (on Fri Nov 29 11:09:07 2013)
    ...if it worked for bao, let's try it! @ hockey gods make my team go on a tear and reach the top 3 in the ufhl ranking

  • 177. raymond (on Thu Nov 28 23:09:20 2013)
    @Bao: your prayers were answered! @Garrison: I hate you Alex R can do no wrong

  • 176. raymond (on Wed Nov 27 01:15:06 2013)
    @Bao: you should be praying to the Bears in the Forrest! @All: Marchand - fantasy beast for 3 seasons is slumping with flashes of breaking out now and then. He is available, make an offer, you might be surprised at what I'd accept. With the NHL and Rogers deal, does that mean that we have to hear more from N.Kypreos? He talks so much without saying much at all...

  • 175. bao (on Tue Nov 26 19:40:13 2013)
    @ hockey gods I'm dressing Bryzgalov this week... Punish me not !

  • 174. alexandre (on Sun Nov 24 18:36:40 2013)
    @Alex_D: Damn! You know how I give too much for trades:) You should have told me about Lehner. I would have given you more than that fo' sho'!

  • 173. alex_d (on Sun Nov 24 12:29:06 2013)
    I give up. No matter what i do my team just gets worse and worse

  • 172. raymond (on Sun Nov 24 03:57:07 2013)
    Hey All, I'm back. If anybody wants to make a deal, contact me.

  • 171. danny (on Sat Nov 23 15:55:24 2013)
    Leaving the underworld....finally! Next stop 3rd place!

  • 170. marc (on Wed Nov 20 16:39:38 2013)
    @Danny ... Look at your emails please

  • 169. bao (on Mon Nov 18 03:48:55 2013)
    @Alex_d : I would have given much more for Miller :-) That's a reference to what you say after every trade :-) Seriously im happy rotten tomatoes are weaker and ripe for the picking! @all im out of the country for the next three weeks so will be slow to reply

  • 168. raymond (on Sat Nov 16 12:19:01 2013)
    Hey All, I'll be out of the country for a week. If anybody wants to make a deal, you have until 3:30pm. Feel free to txt or call me.

  • 167. dominic (on Sat Nov 16 11:38:41 2013)

  • 166. yannick (on Fri Nov 15 20:06:33 2013)
    Really??? Gaborik out for 4 to 6 weeks... really? Why is every single forward i activate gets injured? Only hudler is able to still stand on his two skates... This is starting to look like a cursed season...

  • 165. alex_d (on Fri Nov 15 00:05:11 2013)
    @yan im desperate for offence lol @all miller and lehner available for some more offense Let me know if interested

  • 164. yannick (on Thu Nov 14 21:40:32 2013)
    @alex_d: you sure didn't waste time using your free agents!

  • 163. niraj (on Wed Nov 13 16:25:41 2013)
    Great pickup by Yannick...making all the right moves...

  • 162. phuc (on Wed Nov 13 12:11:30 2013)
    @Niraj, where are the power rankings?

  • 161. niraj (on Wed Nov 13 09:44:40 2013)
    Danny, I sent you an email...I really think you should hire him...

  • 160. danny (on Tue Nov 12 03:46:17 2013)
    Why do i always find a way to fricken make top goalies shit. Hiller is suddenly No.3 in Anaheim or what? The Dubnyk suprise never happened. Crazy year....again. Can i change my team name Yan?

  • 159. yannick (on Mon Nov 11 17:55:55 2013)
    I need to make space on my farm team for the incredible Frederik Andersen, so I am making the top talent prospect Filip Forsberg available for a FA or a useful player. He could be a great $2 player... Also, the underachievers Spurgeon and Ehrhoff (he blocks many shots) are available for one FA.

  • 158. phuc (on Mon Nov 11 17:22:57 2013)
    I can deal with Snow's imbecile decision to deal with Moulson... but f!#@$%$^% Julien's Boston Bruins - I gotta blame someone for Stamkos' injury: @!%%$^#$^&*! Phuc ME!

  • 157. alexandre (on Sat Nov 9 16:02:59 2013)
    Giroux!!! Freakin' finally!

  • 156. yannick (on Fri Nov 8 22:50:01 2013)
    @bao: un petit effort s'il-vous-plait, la premiere lettre du prenom et nom de famille doivent s'ecrire avec une lettre majuscule! Bryzgalov (avec un B majuscule!) pourrait etre le meilleur pickup de l'annee s'il a les chiffres qu'il avait avec phoenix, ou le pire s'il a les chiffres qu'il avait avec les flyers!

  • 155. alexandre (on Thu Nov 7 22:58:50 2013)
    Philly is sooooo shit right now, I can't stand it. Makes me cry to look at them play.

  • 154. alexandre (on Thu Nov 7 22:56:59 2013)
    Hey guys, am I the only one getting email alerts for "comments of the week" a day later?

  • 153. dominic (on Thu Nov 7 16:27:39 2013)
    Thornthon on trade block !! I need goalss !! Msg if interested, looking for a one on one trade and starting player!!

  • 152. dominic (on Thu Nov 7 16:11:56 2013)
    @alexd : mckinnon for Fa. Lolll

  • 151. alex_d (on Wed Nov 6 23:24:42 2013)
    @bao: haha wait til he gets traded ill get a sick deal. Hes a top 10 goalie on a decent team.

  • 150. bao (on Wed Nov 6 20:36:23 2013)
    @Alex_D : Miller is a bench player by definition right ? I'll be generous and offer 2 FA :)

  • 149. alex_d (on Wed Nov 6 20:12:41 2013)
    I need FA guys I have 1 for the season. Send me offers for bench players And i will take FA only.

  • 148. bao (on Wed Nov 6 19:29:24 2013)
    Very nice pickup Yannick... I just didn't have room for Hanzal...

  • 147. yannick (on Wed Nov 6 18:41:08 2013)
    Deadline is at 7h05...

  • 146. alex_d (on Wed Nov 6 17:37:42 2013)
    Miller(G) Bergeron Bickel Franzen Burrows Huberdeau Drouin Barkov($2) They are all available. Some of you should be desperate for Goaltending. I want a close to pt a game fwd for Miller We all know hes getting traded soon. @Marc: There are your PIMS guys and Im out of FA. Hit me up. @All: Make a package some of those guys are slumping and will turn it around. Also willing to move Mackinnon or Monahan but its gonna take a superstar player to get my $2 keepers Email me b4 730 deadline.

  • 145. marc (on Wed Nov 6 17:29:31 2013)
    Looking for PIM guys. Email me or text me @ 514-882-8979

  • 144. yannick (on Tue Nov 5 13:52:03 2013)
    for the record, I am also against. But thank you Ray for thinking outside the box.

  • 143. danny (on Tue Nov 5 13:15:46 2013)
    This is not a re-buy league. I'm against

  • 142. alexandre (on Tue Nov 5 12:30:55 2013)
    Zack Kassian, farm eligible, just fired if someone is interested.

  • 141. raymond (on Tue Nov 5 00:51:22 2013)
    Well that was quick lol Guess we'll put that in next year's rule propositions

  • 140. alexandre (on Mon Nov 4 23:42:28 2013)
    I have to say that I agree with Phuc so totally that I'm a bit disgusted.

  • 139. phuc (on Mon Nov 4 23:39:22 2013)
    @Ray, you gotta suggest that _before_ the season starts... Otherwise, I would've went all nutty in changing my team early too. So I'm against.

  • 138. raymond (on Mon Nov 4 23:33:45 2013)
    Would anyone be open to the option of buying additional FAs after the all-star / Olympic break? I'm thinking of a one time $10 for 5 additional FAs. This would help those who have many holes to fill early in the season. The extra money would pay for lunch at the draft next year or we could add it to the pot.

  • 137. marc (on Mon Nov 4 15:41:06 2013)
    I think i've got the itch to trade. Open to anything almost! Let me know boys

  • 136. dominic (on Mon Nov 4 15:00:32 2013)
    @ALL: Putting the limit for keepers is a great situation to open up the market and actually have a more interesting and bigger draft, which were we should bring up the money for each player maybe by 40-50$. Another thing , was putting a franchise tag for a player in your team of beginning of the season. You keep him, for the amount you paid, and if we want and the option with the salary upgrade. ( One franchise player allowed per manager ) . For the keepers, have 2 OFF , 1 DEF , 1 GOALIE as potential keepers. So limiting the keepers, adding a franchise tag for ONE PLAYER , and putting more dollars for every manager will for sure make it more fair for everyone and make the drafs fun and bigger!. The key is limiting .. It will open more doors for everyone! HAVE A GREAT DAY, KEEP US UPDATED!

  • 135. raymond (on Sun Nov 3 23:01:00 2013)
    Thanks to all who have commented on the keeper topic! @Dom: Yan brings up valid points, the keeper system is needed to keep GMs interested all year. It also provides a way for GMs to get a head start for next year. The league is definitely better with it than without. Next year, you'll have a few guys on your team before the draft and you'll see that it does make a difference. @All: Based on the feedback, it seems that linking the # of keepers to the # of GMs is the most popular option. Does it require more discussion or is everyone ok moving forward with it? If we do move forward, we'd have to decide on the ratio (ie. 2/3 of # of GMs) and we'll have to decide how it impacts the top 3. Right now, top 3 get 3, 5 and 7 keepers. Do we simply use the same formula and make it 2, 3 and 5? For me personally, I like the idea of no keepers over a certain $ amount. The exact $ figure can be discussed but wouldn't it be nice to have all the big players available at the draft? Although it only happened once I believe (somebody correct me if I'm wrong) but it would also prevent keepers trades that make no sense like last year's Parise deal). @Yan: thanks for the new feature!

  • 134. yannick (on Sun Nov 3 22:48:09 2013)
    also please note that Zdeno Chara is on the trading block. I just have too many Bruins in my team.

  • 133. yannick (on Sun Nov 3 22:43:15 2013)
    NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT: after entering a lineup, you can go on the "This Week's Actions" page and you will see your team numbers under your name. That way you can know if you have space to hire another player. If you see that you have more than 26 players, you know you have to fire players. Note that the numbers represent the last lineup you entered, it does not count hired players or trades before entering a lineup.

  • 132. phuc (on Sun Nov 3 15:12:34 2013)
    @Alex_R, watch your back!

  • 131. yannick (on Sat Nov 2 22:38:19 2013)
    @dominic: during the first 7 years of the league, we noticed that after January, the managers that were not in the hunt for the championship were not taking care of their team anymore and also making some questionnable trades because they didn't care anymore. So after the first lockout (2004), we introduced the keeper system and we also introduced later money for the weekly winner for the second half of the season. The goal of these two measures were to keep interest for all managers for the whole year. We want managers to put the best lineup every week until the end. As a side note, I think the quality of the managers before 2004 is nowhere near what we have now. We are all truly interested and more passionate about the league now than 10 years ago. One of the strongest aspect of this league is our ability to modify rules every year as we see fit because we have our own web site that I can modify to fit our needs. I think our ideal number of managers is 12 (not more). If we have always the same number of managers every year, the keeper system makes sense. So I like Ray's idea to have a number of keepers relative to the number of managers. I think we should decide on the number of keepers before the keeper trade season begins.

  • 130. danny (on Sat Nov 2 18:33:46 2013)
    Basically this keeper league is falling a part if we don't restructure the amount of keepers i agree. Who wanted this in the first place...Niraj most of all and he's gone with the wind. He's not even here anymore. Except for his ghostly, out of nowhere comments...Kinda spooky it happens at halloween too. Our format does alienate GMs that are looking for a league. I think we should give out 50% of the pot to last place this year too. I know...I know.. i'd be frickn' rich.

  • 129. dominic (on Sat Nov 2 02:23:00 2013)
    Just for fun... I suggest that every starting year everybody has a equal chance to get any player since i was new this year i feel i missed out on really good players. Just saying because the concept is crazy! And hopefully if everybody has the chance we could create a bigger league! Just shooting out suggestions from the rookie lol First time i join a pool like that .. Alex a1! Seems legit??

  • 128. marc (on Thu Oct 31 15:31:51 2013)
    #5 works perfectly fine with me. More players in the pool to be bid on, and now you have to really think of who you gots to keep.

  • 127. niraj (on Thu Oct 31 13:11:39 2013)
    Looks like Varmalov is doing everything he can to follow in the footsteps of his coach both on and OFF the ice.

  • 126. alexandre (on Thu Oct 31 13:11:33 2013)
    Ray, I think of your suggestions I prefer number 5 the best. Don't have another suggestion right now. I particularly don't like nums 2 and 4. If someone wants to blow most of his (or her... we should recruit a female GM, based on her being hotter than the sun, that way it will be more pleasant when I'm the fetal position after a trade) cash on very few players that is fine with me. For the farm, it's already diff to find 3 people truly worth keeping for each GM, so I think it's better to reduce the reg keepers not the farm. p.s. Since we are talking about changes. I actually think the keeper period of time is too short. Most players simply take more time than we allow to make an impact. p.p.s. I don't wanna take the focus away from what you put forward Ray, it's important and so let's find a solution, but again, since we are talking about changes; I really appreciate the BS category as an addition since last season and now I wonder if something can be done to perhaps replace the CG category. I should shut up 'cause it's been beneficial to me, but I do prefer something we can have more control over, like hits or SOG for example.

  • 125. raymond (on Thu Oct 31 01:21:29 2013)
    @Phuc: Not saying the keepers is the only reason but it has an effect. We have to make the league look as attractive as possible so that the time consideration takes a back seat. @Others: Your feedback is needed as well! @Phuc: In addition to Varly keeping pucks out of the net, he was also keeping people against their will! Plus he seems to have inherited some of that Roy anger!

  • 124. alexandre (on Wed Oct 30 22:27:34 2013)
    shit Phuc, your Giguère pick up just got a whole lot more interesting!

  • 123. phuc (on Wed Oct 30 16:33:27 2013)
    I'd like to see a combination of 3 and 5. Although I'm not too convinced that the number of keepers is a deterrent to attracting new GMs. Even if I missed out on the draft this year, I still think the league is fun regardless. Just finding new/reliable GMs that have the time to invest into UFHL is just not that easy in my opinion.

  • 122. raymond (on Wed Oct 30 01:53:13 2013)
    Sorry, last part should read "If we're 12, max 8 keepers"

  • 121. raymond (on Wed Oct 30 01:51:33 2013)
    Speaking of rules, there is something we have to address and prepare for. This year, we only have 9 GMs and we want to be ideally 12. What doesn't help is the current keeper situation. Alot of players are being kept and since alot of players went cheap at the draft this year, there'll be even more keepers next year. This makes it harder to attract new GMs. In addition, we also had alot of star players kept this year. Again, making it less attractive for new GMs. A new GM can probably live with some players being kept but they would at least want a chance of getting some star players. So something has to change, keeping the status quo is not an option. So let's throw all the ideas out there and see what makes sense. Here are some I came up with (not all are necessary good ideas) 1) Reduce # of keepers 2) Disallow any keeper over $30 3) A luxury tax after a certain # of keepers. For example, if you keep 5, there's a $5 tax for every additional player 4) Limit the # of farm team keepers 5) Link # of max keepers to # of GMs. I.e. 2/3%. So if we're 9, max 6 keepers. If we're 12, max 9 keepers.

  • 120. raymond (on Wed Oct 30 01:35:22 2013)
    Ok so for now, we leave the hiring rule the same. You have to either start him or put him in your farm if eligible.

  • 119. alex_d (on Tue Oct 29 21:22:23 2013)
    Bc i would have dropped guys too and lost a FA But that wasnt an option so i played them. I agree next year that should change.

  • 118. marc (on Tue Oct 29 21:07:51 2013)
    @alex_d ; you got the whole story twisted my friend. I never hired Poulin for my farm team. I hired him thinking Nabby got injured. In all honesty, it's fine. This is getting out of hand lol. I'll live with my consequences, but I just want a clear explanation as to how am I gaining an advantage on all the other GMs by hiring someone, using a FA on him and the firing him, without getting anything in return.

  • 117. alex_d (on Tue Oct 29 20:56:50 2013)
    Its too late. Weve all had to move guys to the farm and play Fa we picked up. If that flys im keeping drouin for $2 Next year and want those FA you give up. Thats a pre season change Not a mid season thing.

  • 116. marc (on Tue Oct 29 19:33:18 2013)
    Ok, so what is the verdict? Only 3 GMs out of 9 have voiced their opinion. I dont mind losing the extra FA if that's the case then.

  • 115. danny (on Tue Oct 29 14:25:18 2013)
    Wasn't that always the rule ? You have to start him for a week. Why bring this up only when it happens. The rule was made for this in the first place. Other point Marc: Can't you just hire him on your farm team? You will avoid having to start him. Hire straigh to farm Marc.

  • 114. phuc (on Mon Oct 28 21:07:19 2013)
    Bao brings up an interesting point/strategy... I think you should have to start your hire - that's why that rule was in place in the 1st place, ie. not stash free agents on your bench. Losing another FA (or 2) to fire (not start) him would make sense in my opinion. PS. With 2 goals tonight, maybe it was Moulson that made Tavares ;)

  • 113. marc (on Mon Oct 28 17:13:36 2013)
    I understand the rules, but I made a mistake, by thinking Nabokov got injured. I do not mind losing my 1 FA, just so I dont have to start Poulin all week. I would even want to lose 2 FAs if I had to.

  • 112. bao (on Mon Oct 28 16:22:26 2013)
    I think a GM should live with the consequences of their actions ( cough...cough...Hutton ) But it really comes down to if losing 1 FA is the right price to block other GMs from picking up someone for a week.

  • 111. raymond (on Mon Oct 28 16:10:53 2013)
    To All GMs: We're looking at modifying the current rule and allowing GMs to fire a player they hired the same week. The GM would still lose the FA used to hire the player. What do you feel are the positives and negatives of this? Please respond by Wed morning. Thanks.

  • 110. marc (on Mon Oct 28 11:21:01 2013)
    Quick question guys ; Since I hired Poulin, and I don't want to keep him anymore, can I just fire him and lose the FA?

  • 109. alexandre (on Sun Oct 27 21:34:07 2013)
    @Yannick: I know! When I look up the stats of my 2 TB D-Men, I always glance at Gudas and today I was like "Holy shit!"

  • 108. yannick (on Sun Oct 27 21:29:08 2013)
    Gudas is amazing! my goon is a defenseman, he had 22 PIM tonight, 3 bks and he even scored a power play goal!

  • 107. yannick (on Sun Oct 27 21:13:48 2013)
    @phuc: me neither... they will be both unrestricted free agents at the end of the season... but I like it! Vanek will play with tavares every night!

  • 106. phuc (on Sun Oct 27 20:34:03 2013)
    I don't understand this Vanek/Moulson trade...

  • 105. raymond (on Sun Oct 27 02:59:47 2013)
    H.Lindholm is available for somebody's farm team. He's supposed to be the future QB of Ana and is already +10 for the year. Wont cost much to acquire him.

  • 104. raymond (on Sun Oct 27 02:48:04 2013)
    Potentially....Bao, come get him!

  • 103. yannick (on Sat Oct 26 22:25:36 2013)
    @ray: ouch, I guess the carter hutton experiment is about to end with the trashing he's getting...

  • 102. bao (on Sat Oct 26 20:33:07 2013)
    @Danny you would have been even more on fire with Iginla ;)

  • 101. danny (on Sat Oct 26 11:21:43 2013)
    oH yA! I'm on fire.

  • 100. raymond (on Fri Oct 25 23:41:07 2013)
    @Danny: yes it counts as 2

  • 99. danny (on Fri Oct 25 22:13:24 2013)
    Does scoring a SH goal count as 2 clutch goals if it ends up the game winner? Trying to find offense here...Believe it or not Dubinsky did this tonight!

  • 98. raymond (on Thu Oct 24 23:21:57 2013)
    @Bao: I thought you hired him along with Benoit, surprised to see him available @Alex R / Danny: so who was the hammer and who was the nail lol

  • 97. alexandre (on Thu Oct 24 20:47:07 2013)
    I was punished by the hockey gods. They took the pass away from Lucic.

  • 96. alexandre (on Thu Oct 24 20:37:59 2013)
    every goal by Boston should be like their first one today! (sorry Danny...)

  • 95. bao (on Thu Oct 24 13:20:54 2013)
    @Ray: nice pickup... good luck with Nashville's offense

  • 94. yannick (on Thu Oct 24 13:19:24 2013)
    @phuc: you did good. I have no idea why he doesn't appear. it happened last year and I didn't remember about it.

  • 93. phuc (on Thu Oct 24 12:44:13 2013)
    Yannick, I couldn't find Giguere on the player list - so I added him manually.

  • 92. alexandre (on Thu Oct 24 00:24:39 2013)
    Phuc, don't insult my momma, because my lover Ondrej will come over and bitchslap you with his big hairy hands. @Danny:so far so good, I have to hope he keeps it up or else the deal will totally suck for me. Hodgson did score a PP goal for ya!

  • 91. danny (on Wed Oct 23 21:12:02 2013)
    Horrible....First period Iginla doesn't play on my team = 2 assists....New year Same crap! Congrats Alexandre

  • 90. phuc (on Wed Oct 23 18:52:55 2013)
    let me buck that trend of complaining when someone is getting Niraj-ed: That deal between the Combiners and Les Boys? WAY TOO EVEN! ( I actually don't have a clue. ) You guys should come to me to get an even BETTER deal than what Alex_R gives (except for his momma...) :P

  • 89. raymond (on Wed Oct 23 14:36:27 2013)
    I've got a bunch of injuries. If you have some cheap options, give me a shout.

  • 88. yannick (on Wed Oct 23 13:16:36 2013)
    I think alexandre is secretly in love with Pavelec... alexandre, watch out, he's a big guy, he might hurt you!

  • 87. marc (on Wed Oct 23 13:14:48 2013)
    @alex_d .... Your issue is D, not O. Come talk to uncle Markie for some deals if you wanna wheel and deal.

  • 86. bao (on Wed Oct 23 12:28:01 2013)
    I'm trying to get all the players with great hockey hair... Jagr, Benn, Kane, Karlsson...

  • 85. phuc (on Wed Oct 23 12:24:07 2013)
    but Winnipeg might win games, whereas Buffalo...?

  • 84. alexandre (on Wed Oct 23 12:20:05 2013)
    Alex, Sorry man, I'd do it again, I prefer Pav to Miller right now. I believe in Wpg's potential, especially now that there are rumours the coach may be on his way out. Not prepared to give you Benn for a good player on a crappy team who nobody knows when he will be traded. Maybe I'll cry next week when Miller is traded, but was willing to gamble for what I got. But as of right now, I agree that I def have the lower end of the trade on paper. I'm gambling my O can take the hit and the rest can pan out later. Now back to the fetal position!

  • 83. alex_d (on Wed Oct 23 11:57:51 2013)
    You all make me so angry . Wint trade benn for miller But for pavelec its ok. Price for miller too high Ill keep pavelec as my 3rd goalie! Let me trade him For a pile of shit. I smell conspiracy!

  • 82. dominic (on Mon Oct 21 00:18:55 2013)
    Shattenkirck on trade block!! Interested lett know!!

  • 81. raymond (on Sun Oct 20 04:24:55 2013)
    @Alex D: You could make the same offer for Kronwall today and the answer would still be no. When I said it wasn't close, I meant it. As for Girardi, I should've traded him to you at the draft! Oh well... @Alex R: Very surprised to see the Hiller deal. What's that expression: sometimes you're the hammer and sometimes you're the nail? Whatever it is, it's ok to come out of the fetal position lol @Marc: I gotta say that after Bros for Hossas, I'm disappointed in your new team name. I was hoping to see the same creativity and humour. Can u hire Pat Falloon and change your team name to the Fat Balloons? ; )

  • 80. danny (on Sat Oct 19 22:05:28 2013)
    See ...Iginla is already warming up since he knows he's not on my team anymore!

  • 79. alexandre (on Sat Oct 19 14:33:07 2013)
    Hey guys, I am willing to trade some O and some D or both for another starting goalie on a medium power team. (Alex D, not Miller unless he gets traded:) ) @Danny: Don't worry I'm not panicking:) I think it will help both of us. p.s. I cried myself to sleep in the fetal position because of that trade. You are obviously evil ;)

  • 78. danny (on Sat Oct 19 12:30:55 2013)
    Come on. People make me laugh when i see the classic " I would have given you a better deal" strategy to make Alexandre feel bad and panic. Watch Iginla pickup his game and Philly start playing Emery first like they should They have a soft schedule coming up too.

  • 77. alex_d (on Sat Oct 19 09:17:42 2013)
    haha, I know im asking lots but when he gets traded hes arguably a top 5 goalie in the league. I wont move him unless I get a top point a game forward. If anyone is interested Miller or Smith could be made available.

  • 76. alexandre (on Fri Oct 18 16:40:20 2013)
    @Alex: you're probably right, maybe I would have gotten something better for my players if I shopped around more, the trading fever got the better of me! I will run things by more people the next time around. But as for your comments about "Nirajing" (what an amazing new verb!) to be fair, what you were asking for Miller was arguably not a "good deal" and I felt like I was the one getting "Nirajed"... (now it sounds like a dirty word! So versatile!)

  • 75. marc (on Fri Oct 18 14:57:33 2013)
    @Yan ... Haha!! Cool logo pic, thank you sir!

  • 74. marc (on Fri Oct 18 14:46:19 2013)
    @alexd ... You need help on D. Hit me up

  • 73. alex_d (on Fri Oct 18 13:26:44 2013)
    Bet you wish you accepted that trade offer for was a good deal. Or the FA I offered for Girardi. Why does everyone ask for players and insist on as Ray would say ( Nirajing me) I offer good deals and nobody takes them.FRUSTRATING Alex: I would have given you a way better deal for Hodgson and Hiller. Before you make trades email me and see if I will give you a better deal.

  • 72. raymond (on Thu Oct 17 23:37:44 2013)
    Atention Attention Attention We've just added a new category: # of players carried off on a stretcher Seriously though, wtf???

  • 71. raymond (on Thu Oct 17 11:38:31 2013)
    Some intereting fires yesterday, what's up?

  • 70. alexandre (on Wed Oct 16 18:49:30 2013)
    Derek Roy just dropped if someone wants him!

  • 69. raymond (on Wed Oct 16 13:49:18 2013)
    Anybody want T.Barrie for their farm? 1FA.

  • 68. alex_d (on Mon Oct 14 20:33:11 2013)
    Taking offers for Drouin. $2 keeper for next year. Email me ir text

  • 67. alex_d (on Mon Oct 14 20:27:43 2013)
    Im not getting morgan rielly stats either

  • 66. yannick (on Sun Oct 13 22:34:37 2013)
    Actually, i just fixed it from the hotel room on my android tablet with the help of the amazing little app called connectbot The other names which had the wrong number of games were matthew carle and daniel briere. They're ok now.

  • 65. yannick (on Sun Oct 13 21:41:20 2013)
    @alex: steen n'est pas farm eligible. Dans la liste departies jouees, il est inscrit comme Alex Steen et ne trouve pas Alexander Steen. Ils sont vraiment fatiguant cette annee avec leur changement de noms! Je vais regler ca quand je vais revenir a montreal (demain)

  • 64. alexandre (on Sun Oct 13 14:49:59 2013)
    hey Yannick, Je viens de hire Steen, et ça dit qu'il a joué 0 games dans la NHL, je sais que tu avais dis qu'il y avait des probs à cause que des joueurs ont changé de nom. He is Alexander Steen now. Mais c'est weird, pcqu'il a joué cette année et en plus says he is farm elegible... I'm wondering if other players are in this situation.

  • 63. danny (on Sat Oct 12 22:58:42 2013)
    Want to trade for no goals Yan? Ice ice baby

  • 62. yannick (on Sat Oct 12 12:57:18 2013)
    geez, only 2 defense points in more than 10 days of hockey... can't wait for Letang to finally play!

  • 61. danny (on Wed Oct 9 16:27:56 2013)
    Damn...Sorry Yan. I was pretty sure nobody had'em

  • 60. yannick (on Wed Oct 9 08:36:45 2013)
    @danny: hertl was drafted by Raymond on draft day. He was removed from your team. please make a new lineup without hertl.

  • 59. dominic (on Tue Oct 8 23:07:18 2013)

  • 58. alexandre (on Tue Oct 8 17:12:59 2013)
    oh, didnt know about that last part at all, good to know...

  • 57. raymond (on Tue Oct 8 16:24:50 2013)
    @Alexandre: yes that is correct and you don't have to start any of the guys you picked up. Oh and thanks!

  • 56. alexandre (on Tue Oct 8 12:40:17 2013)
    @Yannick or Ray: Just to confirm, Since this week I picked up two of Dominic's fired guys, and one of yours Ray, he will get back two FAs and Ray you'll get one back after the next lineup update?

  • 55. alexandre (on Tue Oct 8 01:54:42 2013)
    this week is my garbage collection week:)

  • 54. yannick (on Mon Oct 7 10:23:33 2013)
    This is the list of players who are in a ufhl team, but haven't played this year so far. If you know one of them played, let me know, there is probable an error in the name syntax. Strome, Ryan Elliott, Brian Drouin, Jonathan Reilly, Morgan Lehner, Robin Gustavsson, Jonas Zibanejad, Mika Pirri, Brandon Etem, Emerson Harding, Josh Callahan, Ryan Horton, Nathan Allen, Jake Clarkson, David Gagner, Sam Tyutin, Fedor Raanta, Antti Nugent-hopkins, Ryan Forsberg, Filip Letang, Kris

  • 53. alexandre (on Sun Oct 6 22:30:25 2013)
    excellent, now I know why and yep, I did use the player search.

  • 52. yannick (on Sun Oct 6 22:26:37 2013)
    @alexandre: players who did not play so far this year are not on the list. Kassian is currently suspended, so that is why he was not in the list. Kassian was undrafted. What you did was exactly what you had to do. There is a "player search" feature so that you don't have to look at every team.

  • 51. alexandre (on Sun Oct 6 22:22:24 2013)
    just hired Zack Kassian, but I had to actually write his name cause he wasn't on the list. I checked first to see if he was on anyone else's team too. Did he not appear because nobody ever picked him up? I thought someone had him last year...

  • 50. yannick (on Sun Oct 6 20:56:14 2013)
    le probleme est que certain noms ont change: Briere: de Danny a Daniel Carle: de Matt a Matthew Barkov: de Alexander a Aleksander donc ca n'a pas reconnu les noms, apres le changement, ca va etre correct. c'est aussi la raison pourquoi Barkov s'est retrouver dans la liste de free agents. Dominic, je t'ai enlever barkov, donc tu dois faire un nouveau lineup

  • 49. alexandre (on Sun Oct 6 17:38:03 2013)
    But I do see the stats of those 3 guys you mentioned though...

  • 48. alexandre (on Sun Oct 6 17:34:24 2013)
    Langdeskcock eh? I like it, he sounds more powerful now ;)

  • 47. danny (on Sun Oct 6 17:30:04 2013)
    Giroux, Sharp and langdeskcock either Alex

  • 46. alexandre (on Sun Oct 6 12:00:57 2013)
    I think the same thing has happened with Brière for Danny

  • 45. alexandre (on Sun Oct 6 11:59:00 2013)
    hey Yannick, I was wondering why my stats for Matt Carle don't show up?

  • 44. alex_d (on Sun Oct 6 09:18:22 2013)
    Please drop mrzek i dont care if i lose a free agent

  • 43. alexandre (on Sun Oct 6 03:16:30 2013)
    Dominic: Barkov was already in Alex D's team...

  • 42. yannick (on Sun Oct 6 01:22:41 2013)
    team name changes so far for this year: Danny: The Walkers (the classic name "Hitmen" are dead, sniff sniff...) Marc: Les Boys (I guess we can thank Bao for drafting Hossa! ;) ) Dominic: Express

  • 41. yannick (on Sun Oct 6 01:18:50 2013)
    first ranking is out! normal daily working is now on! Alex d predicted a landslide victory for this year and is certainly starting strong in first place tied with current reigning champion Bao

  • 40. yannick (on Fri Oct 4 17:09:19 2013)
    in the category "useless information", here the salary mass of the current teams, but with last year's draft money paid for the players: -->alexandre total: $267 -->alex_d total: $228 -->bao total: $327 -->danny total: $227 -->dominic total: $230 -->marc total: $257 -->phuc total: $256 -->raymond total: $319 -->yannick total: $276

  • 39. yannick (on Fri Oct 4 15:05:14 2013)
    mike green: league leader in blocked shots... has hell frozen over?

  • 38. raymond (on Fri Oct 4 11:20:18 2013)
    @Alex D: You can also put him directly in your farm team without starting him. He cannot be active for 4 weeks.

  • 37. alex_d (on Fri Oct 4 10:04:00 2013)
    I forgot you have to start FA when you pick them up. Pls drop Mrzek back to FA please that was a mistake. Thank you

  • 36. raymond (on Fri Oct 4 00:54:10 2013)
    @Danny and Niraj: let him play a game before passing judgment!

  • 35. danny (on Thu Oct 3 22:58:23 2013)
    Wont be the same without you niraj. I agree i got screwed by Ray again. I just didnt reseach as much this year since i dont have as much time to give to the league but at Least i just didnt give up...right Niraj? What happened to your balls dude ;)

  • 34. marc (on Thu Oct 3 19:40:49 2013)
    @Niraj... Im interested in knowing Niraj's power rankings ... Curious to see your rankings

  • 33. niraj (on Thu Oct 3 17:23:37 2013)
    Although I have retired from the league, the UFHL continues to be a nice source of entertainment for me without the work! Danny, Ray Emery for $5 before the draft??? Ray, did you promise sexual favours in return? What's the scoop Danny? How about Patrick Roy last night...I was watching the game live. When he pushed the glass onto Boudreau, he wasn't expecting the glass to move and then had this look of "Oh shit, I went too far." I also think he was trying to find an excuse to infuse a season longing tone for passion for his team. Pretty cool to see him back in the NHL.

  • 32. yannick (on Thu Oct 3 14:19:48 2013)
    note that the first update will be done during the weekend, after that it will be done everyday as usual. I will also proceed with the name changes this weekend...

  • 31. yannick (on Tue Oct 1 16:57:52 2013)
    REMINDER: deadline tonight 7pm (with 5 minutes grace) to submit your lineup for the next 8 days.

  • 30. yannick (on Tue Oct 1 10:33:42 2013)
    The IR is now updated...

  • 29. yannick (on Mon Sep 30 17:06:55 2013)
    the deadline this week is this TUESDAY (tomorow) 7pm to submit legal lineups.

  • 28. raymond (on Mon Sep 30 16:46:23 2013)
    Hey Yan, when are the first lineups due?

  • 27. marc (on Mon Sep 30 11:20:16 2013)
    @Yan ... I will change my team name, just got to think of a cool name again, unles Bao trades me Hossa for 2 FAs haha :p

  • 26. bao (on Mon Sep 30 08:53:33 2013)
    I must say Alex_D you have a magnificent farm team... but your defense made me vomit just a little... :)

  • 25. yannick (on Sun Sep 29 16:13:56 2013)
    if any of you guys wants to change their team name and/or logo, just send it to me by email.

  • 24. yannick (on Sun Sep 29 16:06:20 2013)
    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: -------------------- web site is ready! you can now make your lineup, hire/fire, and make trades! the deadline this week is this TUESDAY 7pm, and the week of activity will last until october 8th.

  • 23. dominic (on Sun Sep 29 15:57:23 2013)

  • 22. yannick (on Sat Sep 28 19:41:31 2013)
    reminder that the draft is tomorow morning at ericsson...

  • 21. raymond (on Fri Sep 27 16:00:58 2013)
    Right now we are 9 GMs, let's try to get to 10. On my side, I've have so many that said yes and then bailed.

  • 20. yannick (on Fri Sep 27 14:14:06 2013)
    guys, if you have thing you want to discuss about the rules that we normally discuss before the draft starts, write them here first, so that we maybe we can get it over it before the draft! I assume everybody wants to keep the new category (blocked shots) and keep the floater position. If anyone of you has an objection, please state your opinion here so that we can make a final decision quickly.

  • 19. danny (on Thu Sep 26 20:27:22 2013)
    Guys i just submitted my list of keepers since i was working all week out of internet contact. Basically its the same as last week except for phaneuf being kept i Since i got him in a trade and emery to. I fired Gallagher.

  • 18. raymond (on Thu Sep 26 00:07:30 2013)
    For those who want to keep players from their farm team, please activate them when entering your starting lineup, if not they won't be kept.

  • 17. raymond (on Wed Sep 25 12:13:19 2013)
    @Alex D: There is a limit for everyone, it's just that some haven't submitted their list yet. Also, don't count the players listed in "farm." I think there's only Phuc and Alex R left that have to submit their keepers.

  • 16. alex_d (on Wed Sep 25 11:57:43 2013)
    Will listen to offers for huberdeau or Tavares if anyone is interested. Want A+ goalies tons of draft money or A+ pwfds. Let the bidding begin. email me or text me though bc I will not be checking the site. 438-877-6551 or

  • 15. alex_d (on Wed Sep 25 11:55:29 2013)
    How come some people have so many keepers? I thought 10 was the limit and it was less based on where you finished last year. 1st place was only allowed 3, 2nd place 4, etc. I also have to leave at 2pm so how do we fix it so I can get all my picks. I can't let you guys do my picks bc lets face it we will all cheat.

  • 14. yannick (on Mon Sep 23 23:19:33 2013)
    danny, est-ce que tu gardes Dumba et Krug?

  • 13. marc (on Mon Sep 23 17:29:16 2013)
    My guy is in 100% ... He's ready to be active and dedicated. I explained to him the basics and he likes the concept..

  • 12. yannick (on Mon Sep 23 17:10:32 2013)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: ---------------------- Deadline to submit keepers and trades is this Thursday September 26th at 5pm. We'll also need to know how many managers we will be. Ray and Marc apparently have some good prospects.

  • 11. alex_d (on Sat Sep 21 15:39:52 2013)

  • 10. bao (on Fri Sep 20 09:25:15 2013)
    First pre-draft trade entered !!!

  • 9. raymond (on Thu Sep 19 22:37:29 2013)
    I also have too many keepers: Emery, Stepan and Neal are available

  • 8. yannick (on Thu Sep 19 22:34:41 2013)
    ANNOUNCEMENT: you can submit your keepers by entering a lineup (activate the players you want to keep). you can also now enter your trades.

  • 7. marc (on Thu Sep 19 11:27:59 2013)
    Everyone is available on my team for the exception of ; St Louis Getzlaf Voracek Skinner Markov Franson Bernier MAYBE Gonchar

  • 6. yannick (on Thu Sep 19 10:46:20 2013)
    any success recruiting new managers?

  • 5. yannick (on Wed Sep 18 22:54:07 2013)
    your managers file are now up-to-date. the salaries are correct and the players that can't be kept have been removed. The way to submit your keepers will be like last year, which is to make a lineup with the players you want to keep.

  • 4. danny (on Wed Sep 18 18:46:33 2013)
    Here are my keepers: Pominville-12 Simmons-10-11 Gallagher-10-11 Martin-10-11 G.Nicklas Backstrom 11-12 G. Devan Dubnyk 10-11 : total of 63$

  • 3. bao (on Wed Sep 18 09:42:12 2013)
    Not sure when pre-draft trades can happen but I have a load of keepers I can sell for $$$. Here's your shopping list: Carter, Jeff Nash, Rick Datsyuk, Pavel Kane, Patrick Green, Mike Edler, Alexander Phaneuf, Dion Thomas, Tim Schneider, Cory Luongo, Roberto

  • 2. yannick (on Sun Sep 15 02:24:23 2013)
    (copy of the email I sent) Hi guys I hope you had a great summer and that you are ready for another great ufhl season! sorry to make this short and sweet, but I need an answer from all of you and answer the following two questions: 1) do you confirm your return to the best fantasy league in hockey history: the UFHL? 2) the nhl season starts October 1st, which makes the weekend of september 27-28-29 the best to hold the draft. what is your availability? a) friday evening b) saturday during the day c) saturday evening d) sunday during the day e) sunday eveing f) all of the above I included Rudy, Etienne and Yanick to the email, you guys are always welcome back! Niraj has announced he will not be back so we need extra managers, let me know if you know someone. Please respond quickly so that we can organize the draft. Sorry to send this email so late. Pre-draft trading season is opened! you can respond by email or on the ufhl site. oh yes, you also have to submit your keepers' list.... I'll post on the ufhl site the deadlines... Really sorry for being so late, I was superbusy. thanks Yannick

  • 1. phuc (on Fri Sep 13 15:29:16 2013)
    hellllllo. What's the plan for this year? PS. Bao's win should come with an asterisk - not a complete full season ;-)

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