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last update: Thu Sep 26 20:27:22 2013

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  • 531. danny (on Thu Sep 26 20:27:22 2013)
    Guys i just submitted my list of keepers since i was working all week out of internet contact. Basically its the same as last week except for phaneuf being kept i Since i got him in a trade and emery to. I fired Gallagher.

  • 530. raymond (on Thu Sep 26 00:07:30 2013)
    For those who want to keep players from their farm team, please activate them when entering your starting lineup, if not they won't be kept.

  • 529. raymond (on Wed Sep 25 12:13:19 2013)
    @Alex D: There is a limit for everyone, it's just that some haven't submitted their list yet. Also, don't count the players listed in "farm." I think there's only Phuc and Alex R left that have to submit their keepers.

  • 528. alex_d (on Wed Sep 25 11:57:43 2013)
    Will listen to offers for huberdeau or Tavares if anyone is interested. Want A+ goalies tons of draft money or A+ pwfds. Let the bidding begin. email me or text me though bc I will not be checking the site. 438-877-6551 or

  • 527. alex_d (on Wed Sep 25 11:55:29 2013)
    How come some people have so many keepers? I thought 10 was the limit and it was less based on where you finished last year. 1st place was only allowed 3, 2nd place 4, etc. I also have to leave at 2pm so how do we fix it so I can get all my picks. I can't let you guys do my picks bc lets face it we will all cheat.

  • 526. yannick (on Mon Sep 23 23:19:33 2013)
    danny, est-ce que tu gardes Dumba et Krug?

  • 525. marc (on Mon Sep 23 17:29:16 2013)
    My guy is in 100% ... He's ready to be active and dedicated. I explained to him the basics and he likes the concept..

  • 524. yannick (on Mon Sep 23 17:10:32 2013)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: ---------------------- Deadline to submit keepers and trades is this Thursday September 26th at 5pm. We'll also need to know how many managers we will be. Ray and Marc apparently have some good prospects.

  • 523. alex_d (on Sat Sep 21 15:39:52 2013)

  • 522. bao (on Fri Sep 20 09:25:15 2013)
    First pre-draft trade entered !!!

  • 521. raymond (on Thu Sep 19 22:37:29 2013)
    I also have too many keepers: Emery, Stepan and Neal are available

  • 520. yannick (on Thu Sep 19 22:34:41 2013)
    ANNOUNCEMENT: you can submit your keepers by entering a lineup (activate the players you want to keep). you can also now enter your trades.

  • 519. marc (on Thu Sep 19 11:27:59 2013)
    Everyone is available on my team for the exception of ; St Louis Getzlaf Voracek Skinner Markov Franson Bernier MAYBE Gonchar

  • 518. yannick (on Thu Sep 19 10:46:20 2013)
    any success recruiting new managers?

  • 517. yannick (on Wed Sep 18 22:54:07 2013)
    your managers file are now up-to-date. the salaries are correct and the players that can't be kept have been removed. The way to submit your keepers will be like last year, which is to make a lineup with the players you want to keep.

  • 516. danny (on Wed Sep 18 18:46:33 2013)
    Here are my keepers: Pominville-12 Simmons-10-11 Gallagher-10-11 Martin-10-11 G.Nicklas Backstrom 11-12 G. Devan Dubnyk 10-11 : total of 63$

  • 515. bao (on Wed Sep 18 09:42:12 2013)
    Not sure when pre-draft trades can happen but I have a load of keepers I can sell for $$$. Here's your shopping list: Carter, Jeff Nash, Rick Datsyuk, Pavel Kane, Patrick Green, Mike Edler, Alexander Phaneuf, Dion Thomas, Tim Schneider, Cory Luongo, Roberto

  • 514. yannick (on Sun Sep 15 02:24:23 2013)
    (copy of the email I sent) Hi guys I hope you had a great summer and that you are ready for another great ufhl season! sorry to make this short and sweet, but I need an answer from all of you and answer the following two questions: 1) do you confirm your return to the best fantasy league in hockey history: the UFHL? 2) the nhl season starts October 1st, which makes the weekend of september 27-28-29 the best to hold the draft. what is your availability? a) friday evening b) saturday during the day c) saturday evening d) sunday during the day e) sunday eveing f) all of the above I included Rudy, Etienne and Yanick to the email, you guys are always welcome back! Niraj has announced he will not be back so we need extra managers, let me know if you know someone. Please respond quickly so that we can organize the draft. Sorry to send this email so late. Pre-draft trading season is opened! you can respond by email or on the ufhl site. oh yes, you also have to submit your keepers' list.... I'll post on the ufhl site the deadlines... Really sorry for being so late, I was superbusy. thanks Yannick

  • 513. phuc (on Fri Sep 13 15:29:16 2013)
    hellllllo. What's the plan for this year? PS. Bao's win should come with an asterisk - not a complete full season ;-)

  • 512. niraj (on Tue May 7 22:12:59 2013)
    Cary Price sucks. I hate to say it, but the kid is the new Steve Mason. #fuck

  • 511. yannick (on Wed May 1 17:34:20 2013)
    Congratulations to Bao for your first championship! A well-deserved honor as you had the best team to finish the season (123 points out of a possible 130 is quite impressive). Congratulations also to Niraj for giving us a incredible battle for first ...up until Ovechkin went on an unreal tear while crosby got injured. And what an incredible push by Ray to finish 3rd, that was really impressive. I feel sorry for Marc, who did everything to improve his team, but finished 4th at the end. You're a great manager and you will be to watch-out for the championship next season. Thanks to our rookies, Alex D and Costa, you guys did well, and we all hope you will be back next year. All in all, a great season! Here is the final results for the weekly $10 wins: bao: $45 niraj: $30 raymond: $25 alexandre: $15 marc: $10 danny: $10 phuc: $5 I will post final money amount later. Final Ranking for 2013 season: 1-BLT (123) 2-Archangels (99) 3-Combiners (76) 4-Bros Before Hossas (74) 5-HUGEpuckHOG (67) 5-Highlanders (67) 7-Hitmen (65) 8-Rotten Tomatoes (59) 9-East Coast Warrior (54) 10-Phuc ME Puck U! (47)

  • 510. bao (on Tue Apr 30 09:32:25 2013)
    With all my winnings I can hire Niraj the best trade negotiator and Ray as my strategist... That way I can focus on my lucky drafting ;)

  • 509. niraj (on Mon Apr 29 10:07:58 2013)
    Congrats Bao for winning the title. You really made all the right moves and it is well deserved. Happy to have lost it 3 weeks ago to you :). Congrats to Ray for going from the basement to 3rd...impressive. Have a good summer guys!

  • 508. raymond (on Mon Apr 29 09:41:07 2013)
    Congrats Bao on winning your 1st Championship! It was a dominant season for you! Congrats to you Niraj for 2nd place! It was a great battle until Ovi woke up. Marc: you deserved better. You were engaged and aggressive all year. Bring that passion back and it should lead to better results.

  • 507. niraj (on Fri Apr 26 23:25:30 2013)
    Wow, Minnesota, Detroit and Columbus (sort of) all get to define their own fate with the last game of the season. Might tune in...rooting for Columbus and Minnesota just because those markets deserve it. Niraj.

  • 506. raymond (on Fri Apr 26 10:42:46 2013)
    For one day I can say Bouya!!!

  • 505. niraj (on Fri Apr 26 10:08:42 2013)
    Crazy battle for 3rd...

  • 504. yannick (on Wed Apr 24 13:21:27 2013)
    **** REMINDER *********** Teams will be frozen tonight at 19h35 until september. This is the last chance to hire a player.

  • 503. niraj (on Tue Apr 23 22:39:42 2013)
    How crazy is it that Crosby is still leading the league in points...

  • 502. yannick (on Mon Apr 22 18:22:50 2013)
    ****** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ******* This wednesday 7pm is the DEADLINE TO HIRE PLAYERS. The last week of the season starts on wednesday, so for a player to be part of the team, he needs to be hired prior to this wednesday at 7h05pm.

  • 501. niraj (on Fri Apr 19 09:09:08 2013)
    I'MMMMM FAAAAAALLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG Thank God the season ends soon...I might lose 2nd place otherwise.

  • 500. danny (on Fri Apr 19 02:17:53 2013)
    Price makes Rinne look like a Golden Keeper ;)

  • 499. niraj (on Wed Apr 17 19:10:11 2013)
    totally forgot to do my lineup...likely won't make a difference...

  • 498. raymond (on Wed Apr 17 10:09:50 2013)
    Will Niraj turn to Budaj tonight? Should Bao put an asterisk next to his CV because of the shortened season? Will I continue posting questions?

  • 497. marc (on Tue Apr 16 15:28:54 2013)
    @Niraj ... at least you got second place on lockdown, I gotta worry about three guys chasin' me haha

  • 496. bao (on Tue Apr 16 10:59:58 2013)
    @niraj: I can't wait to update my CV with this title :)

  • 495. niraj (on Tue Apr 16 09:47:57 2013)
    And that's all she wrote. Nice year Bao! Congrats on your first title...well deserved!

  • 494. niraj (on Tue Apr 16 00:59:31 2013)
    @marc & UFHL: Price is on the chopping block...stay tuned.

  • 493. marc (on Mon Apr 15 22:58:42 2013)
    @Niraj ... fire him, I'll gladly take him off your hands :p hehe

  • 492. niraj (on Mon Apr 15 22:33:54 2013)
    ty Price, you useless piece of excrement.

  • 491. bao (on Mon Apr 15 16:51:18 2013)
    Crosby's jaw protector makes me think of Lafontaine's return...

  • 490. niraj (on Thu Apr 11 22:29:38 2013)
    wow 3 SOs in a row for Elliot...impressive.

  • 489. niraj (on Thu Apr 11 21:55:57 2013)
    so fucking frustrating...both mtl and ottawa had their backups in. fuck.

  • 488. niraj (on Thu Apr 11 10:11:17 2013)
    @Alex, it's all good, hope he works out for you...I really didn't want to fire him...

  • 487. alexandre (on Wed Apr 10 21:12:07 2013)
    Pathetic! Been so distracted lately that I forgot to update my lineup! :( @Niraj: just saw your message. Would have been fine giving you an FA sorry, guess it's too late now. I got just one left, so what the hell... I'll pick him up.

  • 486. niraj (on Wed Apr 10 15:47:51 2013)
    Someone should pick up Jack Johnson...if they make the playoffs and he's amazing, could be a fair keeper for next year.

  • 485. niraj (on Wed Apr 10 12:09:19 2013)
    Bryzgalov needs to retire and host a show on TSN, or do stand-up at JFL. Love him, but so glad he's not our goalie.

  • 484. niraj (on Wed Apr 10 12:09:18 2013)
    Bryzgalov needs to retire and host a show on TSN, or do stand-up at JFL. Love him, but so glad he's not our goalie.

  • 483. niraj (on Wed Apr 10 11:28:44 2013)
    @ray: There was no 'F' option...

  • 482. raymond (on Wed Apr 10 09:54:34 2013)
    @Niraj: all of the above : )

  • 481. niraj (on Wed Apr 10 02:03:47 2013)
    UFHL poll: who should I fire? A) M.Lucic B) S.Hartnell C) J.Bouwmeester D) M.Brodeur E) P.Marleau

  • 480. raymond (on Wed Apr 10 00:48:56 2013)
    And if you hire him, you don't have to start him.

  • 479. raymond (on Tue Apr 9 22:46:34 2013)
    Surely a 16 pt D man can help someone. Wiercioch plays 1st PP too!

  • 478. alex_d (on Tue Apr 9 10:33:59 2013)
    I say keep the floater. Hands down most overpaid is Kipper! He's been one of the worst goalies in all of fantasy from a guy who has been an A or A+ goalie in fantasy for the last 10 years. very disappointing.

  • 477. alexandre (on Mon Apr 8 18:41:15 2013)
    I have to admit, I initially would have voted against the floater, but yeah, I've been converted. It would be cool to keep it. As for the overpaid player, Drew Doughty is the top candidate for me, I didn't have him in this hockey pool, but he certainly screwed me over in my other one.

  • 476. niraj (on Mon Apr 8 09:33:07 2013)
    @ray: candidates off the top of my head are: - Mike Richards - Scott Hartnell - Mike Green - Drew Doughty - Cam Ward - Kipr

  • 475. raymond (on Sun Apr 7 23:06:12 2013)
    And to think so many were writing him off. So far as to even suggest that the Caps should amnesty him. So Niraj, I liked your comment about the most overpaid UFHL player this year. Who are the candidates? Could it be someone who is complete garbage like Kipper? Or someone not producing much given his price like Gaborik? This might be my only chance to win some sort of award/recognition this year!

  • 474. niraj (on Sun Apr 7 22:07:01 2013)
    Scary to think what Ovie would do in a full season. 30ppgs?

  • 473. niraj (on Sat Apr 6 22:55:09 2013)
    @Ray: I like the floater. Brings a lot more mgmt into play. As for Bouwmeester, I don't think I said he was worth $6.5M, but from a hockey perspective, he's a dependable top 4 d-man. depending on the fa market the year he was signed at the age he was signe it's not inconceivable that he gets that money.

  • 472. danny (on Fri Apr 5 13:31:52 2013)
    @Ray: I like it. We can keep it.

  • 471. raymond (on Fri Apr 5 10:19:11 2013)
    Wow 2 double shutouts this year? That's crazy, usually you get one of those every couple of years. Congrats Yan! @Niraj: pls explain how Bouw is worth $6.5M per year... Btw, this might be a good time to get some feedback on the floater / utility player. How did you find it this year? Do you think it helps the ranking or leads to a bigger gap between teams? Would you like to see it return next year or go back to a set 9-6-2?

  • 470. yannick (on Fri Apr 5 00:46:58 2013)
    Woohoo double shutout for me! in september you guys will be lining up to get Bishop off me!

  • 469. niraj (on Thu Apr 4 20:49:48 2013)
    One of the many reasons I love Tortorella as a coach: "Gabby and I have a great relationship. It's a really good one, no matter what's gone on with him. He's a good man. And I'll miss him. I'll tell you right now – I'll miss him. He has grown as he's been with us. Quite honestly, when he first came here, I don't think he really had enough skin on him. He has skin on him. I respect him."

  • 468. raymond (on Thu Apr 4 09:58:35 2013)
    Stop the presses! Is Danny trying to finish top 3?

  • 467. raymond (on Thu Apr 4 09:57:03 2013)
    Danny looks like a psychic for hiring Brassard

  • 466. bao (on Thu Apr 4 08:39:10 2013)
    @Yannick: Hall and Nuge will be a force next year... deja-vu ?

  • 465. niraj (on Wed Apr 3 23:48:03 2013)
    @bao: Just a small deal, nothing major...

  • 464. bao (on Wed Apr 3 19:25:48 2013)
    why do I have a feeling Niraj will pull a last minute trade ?

  • 463. costa (on Wed Apr 3 18:31:35 2013)
    moving langeskog before 7:30pm make you offers before times up

  • 462. yannick (on Wed Apr 3 12:02:31 2013)
    **** REMINDER **** NHL trade deadline is today at 3pm UFHL trade deadline is today at 7h30pm sharp UFHL lineup deadline is today at 7h35pm sharp @alex_d and costa: the ufhl trade deadline is today, but you will still be able to hire and fire players and also make your lineup until the end of the season.

  • 461. yannick (on Wed Apr 3 11:59:55 2013)
    @alex_d and alexandre: the nhl changed Alex Steen's name to Alexander Steen. I made the change, but let me know if you notice any irregularities.

  • 460. yannick (on Wed Apr 3 00:56:23 2013)
    testing is over, you can now enter trades again!

  • 459. yannick (on Wed Apr 3 00:44:54 2013)
    it will not be possible to enter trades in the next 10 minutes for testing purposes. I will enter a dummy trade between raymond and I. I will enter a new comment when testing is over and trades can be entered again, it will be very short time.

  • 458. bao (on Tue Apr 2 21:55:59 2013)
    @Niraj: Still a lot of games and factors... Sidney's injury could not have happened at a worse time. I wonder if the Pens regret making those trades now.

  • 457. niraj (on Tue Apr 2 21:03:42 2013)
    looks like the championship is all yours bao...Crosby injury is pretty devastating along with no luck with clutch goals. G4U...well played.

  • 456. bao (on Tue Apr 2 19:26:55 2013)
    Kiprusoff is available... send me offers. I'm looking for the nail in the coffin for this year's championship :)

  • 455. alexandre (on Tue Apr 2 15:19:21 2013)
    hey guys, chances are that I'm gonna wait for trading to start up again after summer, but just out of curiosity, if anyone wants to make offers for Ekman-Larsson before tomorrow's deadline, I'm listening.

  • 454. niraj (on Tue Apr 2 14:16:47 2013)
    @ray: idk, a very late round 1st round pick for iggy seems really surprising when you can get 2 2nd round picks for an aging d-man. I feel they gave way more for Morrow than they did for Iggy. Bouwmeester is reasonably signed and I actually think that adds to a player's value, not detract from it. Jagr also seemed to go cheaply as did Roy. Really hope we land Pominville if he is indeed on the block...

  • 453. raymond (on Tue Apr 2 01:18:07 2013)
    @Niraj: Feaster is collecting 1st rounders. He couldn't get more for Iggy and getting someone to take on Bouwmeester's salary for this season and next means you get less in return. He probably could have chosen better prospects and not the 1st rounders but looks like they're going for a full rebuild. As for Regier, 2 2nd's for an aging D sounds pretty good.

  • 452. niraj (on Mon Apr 1 23:29:37 2013)
    Do Ray Shero and John Davidson have naked pictures of Jay Feaster getting his asshole eaten out by Darcy Regier? I can't believe this but I think Pierre Gauthier is a better GM. Don't think Feaster could make it in this league let alone the NHL...

  • 451. niraj (on Sun Mar 31 19:10:40 2013)
    @ray: Kadri even more so...pretty impressive considering how underdeveloped his game was last year

  • 450. raymond (on Sun Mar 31 01:32:00 2013)
    @Marc: Setting I don't know but selling, I'm sure there's 5 GMs or so ; ) @Costa: Congratulations on the rare Double Shutout! Enjoy it because it doesn't happen very often! @All: This Gallagher kid is pretty impressive

  • 449. marc (on Sat Mar 30 02:39:29 2013)
    @Ray ... people are still setting? :p

  • 448. raymond (on Sat Mar 30 00:18:57 2013)
    REMINDER: TRADE DEADLINE is this Wed at the special time of 7:30pm. Your trades have to be entered by 7:30pm sharp. After that time, the system will block you. Lineups, hires and fires can be done up to 7:35pm. This is done to prevent a situation where you make a deal and don't have enough time to enter a starting lineup. Guys, go ahead and send your final offers. Some deals take time to complete so make offers asap. Please also check your e-mail regularly for offers. If you're not interested in an offer, simply reply with a "not-interested" or "he's not available." This way, others will know where you stand and can move on to other potential deals.

  • 447. niraj (on Fri Mar 29 08:54:41 2013)
    @ray: montreal has a lot of good prospects I believe...besides I think Pittsburgh paid more for Morrow then they did for Iginla. @sedins: you better go on a tear from here on in.

  • 446. raymond (on Fri Mar 29 02:28:46 2013)
    You mean all I had to do to get the Sedin's to produce was to call them out in the Comments? ; ) Dont think Iggy would've been a good fit in Mtl. He's a declining player and I don't think Mtl has that many prospects to trade. Question now is who gets traded next?

  • 445. raymond (on Fri Mar 29 02:17:10 2013)

  • 444. niraj (on Thu Mar 28 03:39:53 2013)
    @bao: totally...going to be a good race. those sedin twins better do well after seguins 3 pt night... @league: "IGGGGGYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY". Seems like the pens got him cheap and Iggy dictated where he wanted to play. Montreal coud have definitely bid on him...

  • 443. bao (on Wed Mar 27 21:00:37 2013)
    @Niraj: From now on it's all about luck

  • 442. niraj (on Wed Mar 27 03:46:51 2013)
    @danny: Yup...the mixed feeling SO but no win. I'll take it though...gave Bao 1 less point ;). He'll be first when the new ranks come out though...

  • 441. danny (on Wed Mar 27 02:35:00 2013)
    I think he got the shutout

  • 440. alex_d (on Wed Mar 27 01:09:47 2013)
    Ray: I was not aware of the 1 goalie in the minors thing. Can you please just drop Desjardins back to FA?

  • 439. raymond (on Wed Mar 27 01:03:33 2013)
    Wow Bao would've had the double shutout tonight if Fleury didn't get injured, crazy! As for Semin, I agree that it's too much but we can say that for half the contracts out there. How does LA feel about Doughty's contract? Or some of the great Brain Burke's signings: Grabovski 5 yr $27.5, Komisarek 5 yr $22.5. It sucks but you have to overpay to keep your players. Anyway Carolina has made an effort to keep Eric Staal happy by bringing in his brother and by getting him a winger. So this signing was needed to keep him happy. And Yan is correct in saying that Carolina doesn't attract alot of big names.

  • 438. niraj (on Wed Mar 27 00:46:46 2013)
    What a battle between BLT and Archangels goaltending tonight...fuck, my goalies let in a combined 1 goal and I get no wins. G4U Bao...u had a sick night.

  • 437. yannick (on Tue Mar 26 16:23:58 2013)
    anyone interested in going to see the Pascal-Bute fight on May 25th? niraj and I are going... I have a pre-sale ending tonight. $93.50 a ticket.

  • 436. niraj (on Tue Mar 26 15:44:42 2013)
    @yannick/alexandre: Apparently Semin has been playing a very good 2-way game in Carolina cuz of Staal...regardless 7 million per season is insane...he's worth closer to 4.5M... Speaking of insane values, who's the most overpaid UFHL player of year so far? Aka the "Colby Armstrong award"? Taking a look, I wonder if we should have this conversation after the UFHL trade deadline as there are some finalists on teams that are currently selling :). Niraj

  • 435. raymond (on Tue Mar 26 12:54:02 2013)
    @Alex D: can only have 1 goalie in your farm team. So you'd have to start one of the goalies you hired plus have Fasth on the bench.

  • 434. alexandre (on Tue Mar 26 10:54:51 2013)
    @Yannick: Wow that is a crazy contract for that lazy-ass no heart player...

  • 433. yannick (on Tue Mar 26 10:48:14 2013)
    7 millions a year for 5 seasons for Semin?!?!?!? the canes are insane! he's supposed to be a goal scorer and has only 8 goals in 30 games... is it the same GM that gave a fat contract to kaberle to trade him 2 months later admitting it was a mistake? On the other hand, carolina is not a hot hockey destination, it's probably hard to attract free agents over there...

  • 432. yannick (on Tue Mar 26 10:30:36 2013)
    what a race for 1st place! you guys are swapping 1st place like swingers swapping STDs!

  • 431. yannick (on Mon Mar 25 15:05:49 2013)
    with the resurgence of Ovechkin, Nick Backstrom has been on fire with 7 points in the 5 games... he's available

  • 430. danny (on Mon Mar 25 13:56:11 2013)
    Kronwall and Rinne are still good trade bate for you top dogs?

  • 429. alex_d (on Mon Mar 25 10:46:52 2013)
    I'm selling. Quit trying to get my superstars that I'm keeping for junk it wont happen. Not Marc personally but everyone in the league. Keepers as follows: Toews,Kunitz,Tavares,Stewart,Bergeron,Kadri,Huberdeau,Kessel,Spezza,Ladd Fighting for last spot: Krejci,Franzen,Smith, Im only making a deal to gain a superstar keeper and will give up 2 or 3 of the guys on that list to get it.

  • 428. marc (on Mon Mar 25 01:21:31 2013)
    aside from Ray, who's selling?

  • 427. niraj (on Mon Mar 25 01:04:22 2013)
    @ray: lol. Reminds me of Don Cherry and his butchering of foreign last names.

  • 426. raymond (on Sun Mar 24 23:31:58 2013)
    Some of these RDS announcers are retarded. I tune in to the 3rd period of the Phi-Pit game and they're showing a save in the game. Announcer #1: Aret solide de Brobovsky Announcer #2: Bobrovsky n'a pas accorde de but jusqu'a present After a few moments, I'm sure they got a voice in their headset informing them who the goalie is in Phi.

  • 425. raymond (on Sat Mar 23 00:51:09 2013)
    Lol! Great video!

  • 424. yannick (on Fri Mar 22 10:24:11 2013)
    this is funny! Buffalo fire sale:

  • 423. danny (on Fri Mar 22 03:22:19 2013)
    Frinkin' Erat....Go to Hell with 3pts tonight and shit all last week while active in 4 games.

  • 422. raymond (on Fri Mar 22 01:30:30 2013)
    Aren't all the SHG scored tonight by nobodies?

  • 421. raymond (on Fri Mar 22 01:26:50 2013)
    @Niraj: We normally make the trade deadline the week after the NHL's deadline but with the lockout, the NHL trade deadline is later than usual. With Apr 3, we'll have 3.5 weeks before the season ends. It wouldn't make sense to only have 2.5 weeks (if we were to set it on Apr 10).

  • 420. niraj (on Thu Mar 21 21:19:52 2013)
    Damn would have been nice if Marty got the ppg/gwg

  • 419. niraj (on Thu Mar 21 21:01:01 2013)
    Hurricanes pick up Zach Boychuk off waivers again. That's got to be interesting...

  • 418. niraj (on Thu Mar 21 20:59:20 2013)
    with all the SHGs tonight, I can kiss the CG category good bye...that damn category may be my demise...

  • 417. bao (on Thu Mar 21 19:35:20 2013)
    Danny get Brodeur from Niraj. He just got a PP goal...

  • 416. niraj (on Thu Mar 21 16:03:38 2013)
    @yannick: Wow, NHL deadline and Trade deadline on the same day!!!! That's going to be insane!!!! Can I suggest an extension? I don't really care though.

  • 415. niraj (on Thu Mar 21 15:50:28 2013)
    Will be tough to win 3 weeks in a row with Bao's super stacked team. Rooting for Parise to go on a tear :).

  • 414. yannick (on Thu Mar 21 14:18:38 2013)
    I forgot for 2 weeks to announce the winner of the week. My deepest apologies to Niraj. So, a big congratulations to Niraj who won the last two weeks! $20 more for our ufhl stud! Niraj and I hold the record for most weeks won in a row, which is 3. so far the money goes as follows: niraj: $30 alexandre: $15 marc: $10 bao: $10 danny: $10 phuc: $5 raymond: $5

  • 413. yannick (on Thu Mar 21 12:02:25 2013)
    ***** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT: TRADE DEADLINE ******* The UFHL trade deadline will be Wednesday April 3rd at 7h35pm. Please note the time change from 7h05pm to 7h35pm. The reason is that the first game starts at 7h30pm on that day. It's actually very good since it will give us an additional 30 minutes to make last minute deals.

  • 412. alexandre (on Wed Mar 20 15:34:10 2013)
    @Ray: C'est bon thx!

  • 411. raymond (on Wed Mar 20 09:55:52 2013)
    @Alex: For Hodgson yes. He was part of the old farm rules which limited his contract to a total of 3 yrs. So last year, this year and next year. Schenn will benefit from the new rules. So if you keep him next year, you'll be able to keep him for an additional 2 yrs.

  • 410. danny (on Tue Mar 19 22:50:05 2013)
    I wish I could offer you a logical trade offer but it doesn't match with your need I hardly have keepers Alex...Who do you want...All my players are available too. Looking now for 2013_2014 season.

  • 409. alexandre (on Tue Mar 19 22:42:36 2013)
    @Yannick and Ray: Question about farm again. I kept Hodgson and Schenn over the summer according to the old farm rules for 5$. This year I activated Hodgson. I had understood that when you activate someone from the farm they immediately get two more seasons at 10 and 11 $ respectively. Is it correct that it says on my lineup that I only have Hodgson for one more year, i.e. for 10$ next year, then I lose him?

  • 408. yannick (on Tue Mar 19 19:45:07 2013)
    IR problem fixed go do your lineup again... sorry for this.

  • 407. yannick (on Tue Mar 19 19:41:12 2013)
    there is a problem with the IR. I will look at it later tonight. I will let you know when the problem is fixed

  • 406. alex_d (on Mon Mar 18 22:47:14 2013)
    Fasth Lecavalier Frattin and 2 minor def Murray and Rielly all available. Let's hear some offers. I've only heard from 3 guys this year and I'm rolling back prices like its F'n Walmart! Let me know

  • 405. niraj (on Mon Mar 18 16:10:26 2013)
    Awesome race for 3rd. I think Bao will take it though...

  • 404. marc (on Mon Mar 18 14:32:52 2013)
    no faith in the Hossas huh? maybe I should through and blow everything up :p lol

  • 403. yannick (on Mon Mar 18 13:34:58 2013)
    alex_d's team is on fire! his team is scoring a huge amount of goals... could possibly finish 3rd...

  • 402. alex_d (on Sat Mar 16 08:04:30 2013)
    Hamhuis and Oshie available for cheap! Fasth and Frattin may also be avail 4 the right price. Send me offers

  • 401. danny (on Fri Mar 15 04:34:51 2013)
    Wait a minute ...the last trade is illegal. Too much of an advantage to Yan!OMG!

  • 400. niraj (on Thu Mar 14 18:09:12 2013)
    @yan: if only we were in 2008...u would be winning...

  • 399. yannick (on Thu Mar 14 11:47:00 2013)
    @niraj: I have a suggestion: you give me seguin for tanguay, zajac, alfredsson, versteeg, stastny, hagelin, doan, gionta, willimas, pouliot, fowler, gilbert AND the man afraid of bears: bryzgalov! (and you can give all the players you have to fire to make space for this amazing collection of players!) and yes, you can enter the trade without confirming with me, you have my authorization!

  • 398. niraj (on Thu Mar 14 11:31:17 2013)
    @bao: any suggestions?

  • 397. bao (on Thu Mar 14 08:21:56 2013)
    @Niraj: I can't wait to see your next move...

  • 396. niraj (on Wed Mar 13 16:26:03 2013)
    Nice trade Bao...going to be a fun finish.

  • 395. bao (on Wed Mar 13 15:20:18 2013)
    @Marc: more trades coming...

  • 394. marc (on Wed Mar 13 14:56:15 2013)
    right when I was about to reply to you Bao! haha... I guess I snoozed and lost, but very good trade for both parties I must say!

  • 393. alexandre (on Wed Mar 13 14:50:47 2013)
    new trade, BAM!

  • 392. raymond (on Tue Mar 12 23:13:49 2013)
    @Bao: we did think of that situation. You don't get a FA back for hiring your fired player!

  • 391. bao (on Tue Mar 12 22:17:29 2013)
    @Niraj: Do you think Yannick tought of the case where you hire back a player you just dropped ? If he didn't you get your FA back ;)

  • 390. niraj (on Tue Mar 12 22:09:05 2013)
    Damn you Marc for trading me Bishop...I would have had a SO with Peters and I would have kept him for this week...damn you!

  • 389. niraj (on Tue Mar 12 21:49:48 2013)
    Justin Peters with a SO...

  • 388. marc (on Tue Mar 12 16:54:56 2013)
    well I am done pushing for third place. almost anyone is up for grabs on my roster, for the exception of a couple players.

  • 387. danny (on Tue Mar 12 16:04:40 2013)
    Nice indeed!

  • 386. niraj (on Tue Mar 12 15:43:27 2013)
    Monster deal by Alex. Nice...

  • 385. niraj (on Mon Mar 11 22:47:14 2013)
    @bao: got to get em while they are cheap!

  • 384. bao (on Mon Mar 11 20:40:20 2013)
    Niraj, the goalie merchant !!!

  • 383. marc (on Mon Mar 11 11:44:41 2013)
    great new feature! thanks Yannick

  • 382. yannick (on Mon Mar 11 10:35:21 2013)
    just to avoid any confusion, you are allowed to fire a "frozen" player. The freeze is for the ufhl status when you make a weekly lineup.

  • 381. niraj (on Mon Mar 11 09:25:16 2013)
    @yannick: Thanks for the feature update yannick!

  • 380. raymond (on Sun Mar 10 23:32:14 2013)
    @Danny: oh I haven't forgotten. I drafted Martin, fired him, hired him and fired him again. I start Martin and Voynov all year and things are quite different.

  • 379. alexandre (on Sun Mar 10 22:56:08 2013)
    @ Yannick: very useful update!

  • 378. yannick (on Sun Mar 10 18:36:39 2013)
    *** NEW FEATURE *** Starting now, when you make your lineup, if you see the "word" frozen beside a player status drop-down menu, it means it was a player hired directly to the farm team and that he is still in his 4 weeks frozen period. The only option for such a player is "farm". (this will avoid having to think if a player is still in his 4 weeks frozen period.)

  • 377. danny (on Sun Mar 10 18:07:11 2013)
    Don't forget Paul Martin Ray...He's been pretty good too!

  • 376. raymond (on Sun Mar 10 03:06:50 2013)
    @Niraj: don't make me jinx your goaltending! Can't believe I traded LA's #1 D for 2 FAs...

  • 375. niraj (on Sat Mar 9 10:56:27 2013)
    @yannick: Would be cool now if Chicago went on a 24 game win-less streak...

  • 374. raymond (on Sat Mar 9 01:08:19 2013)
    They were clearly shocked by the Getzlaf contract!

  • 373. yannick (on Fri Mar 8 22:37:17 2013)
    Looks like the end of the chicago streak... 5-1 colorado in the second period... looks like the loss of Sharp as an impact...

  • 372. raymond (on Fri Mar 8 11:08:11 2013)
    @Marc: Just thought Bishop was a guy you could have used but your logic makes sense.

  • 371. danny (on Fri Mar 8 10:58:04 2013)

  • 370. niraj (on Fri Mar 8 08:51:41 2013)
    How do I only have 10 clutch goals when my team scores 90 goals and yannick has 15 clutch goals with only 59 goals. urgh.

  • 369. niraj (on Thu Mar 7 21:51:42 2013)
    Well, looks like I ended up better off with Bishop then with Peters. Thank you Price for keep your glove up.

  • 368. bao (on Thu Mar 7 20:44:50 2013)
    well there goes my week ... thank you Fleury ! arrrrrg

  • 367. niraj (on Thu Mar 7 17:40:48 2013)
    I would like Montreal to win this game 1-0 please.

  • 366. marc (on Thu Mar 7 16:07:21 2013)
    @Raymond : well with Anderson set to come back and noone wanting Bishop, I thought I would trade him now while he has a bit of value. Was it that bad of a move? lol

  • 365. raymond (on Thu Mar 7 15:58:26 2013)
    @Marc: why u'd trade Bishop?

  • 364. raymond (on Thu Mar 7 15:54:56 2013)

  • 363. raymond (on Thu Mar 7 13:06:09 2013)
    @Niraj: I didn't have Emery all year.

  • 362. niraj (on Thu Mar 7 11:22:31 2013)
    @ray: How the hell do you only have 23 wins?? That's emery and crawford alone...

  • 361. niraj (on Thu Mar 7 11:21:52 2013)
    @danny: I understand where you are coming from, but you should know that i've had incredibly terrible luck with goalies in the past. Hoping that that change...last 3 games my goalies have let in: 7,5,5 goals. urgh. @bao: They will now surely lose the next game.

  • 360. bao (on Thu Mar 7 09:29:14 2013)
    I think Chicago will have a perfect season...

  • 359. danny (on Wed Mar 6 22:12:33 2013)
    Ok...Wait a minute Niraj...You are on top of the UFHL world and still complain about your over achievers in net. Give me a break. Do you realise that you are contending for 1st place with a guy like Ben Bishop in net and still think the guy should play like a Patrick Roy or Pekka Rinne. You are blessed like hell and you don't even realise your luck, so stop trying to make me cry. Peace out bro!

  • 358. niraj (on Wed Mar 6 21:18:53 2013)
    Can my goalies please stop letting in so many fucking goals.

  • 357. yannick (on Wed Mar 6 17:51:28 2013)
    congratulations to both Ray and Alexandre who share the weekly wins and a $5 prize each. so far the money goes as follows: alexandre: $15 niraj: $10 marc: $10 bao: $10 danny: $10 phuc: $5 raymond: $5

  • 356. yannick (on Wed Mar 6 15:18:53 2013)
    @alex_d and costa: just to clarify how the contracts are displayed in the managers' file, the first number is for the current year (the amount he was paid at the draft) and the second number is the amount that the player will cost at the next draft. So if a player has only one number, he cannot be kept for next year. example: Lucic, Milan BOS F act nhl 19 4 8 12 6 57 0 0 0 0 8 (11) ufhl 15 3 7 10 5 43 0 0 0 0 6 Milan Lucic cannot be kept next year because he has only one number. example 2: Seguin, Tyler BOS F act nhl 20 5 10 15 14 8 2 0 0 0 2 (10-11) ufhl 16 4 8 12 12 6 2 0 0 0 2 Tyler Seguin will cost $11 at the next draft and can therefore be kept. I realized that we are used to the way the contract is written, but first thought could be that the first number means how much he would cost next year, when it is the second number, if it exists, that a manager has to look for for keeper deals.

  • 355. niraj (on Wed Mar 6 11:01:02 2013)
    @yannick @ray: Fell asleep at 10 p.m. on the couch, woke up at 330, worked on my lineup for an hour and then went to work at 5 a.m. stupid league. I hate that I am addicted to you.

  • 354. raymond (on Wed Mar 6 10:36:46 2013)
    @Yan: it was 5 hrs of non-stop negotiations until he finally wore me down and I gave in to his demands. Just kidding lol. We spoke briefly on Mon and he had the green light to enter this deal any time. Although I have to say that Niraj working on his team at 4am shows alot of dedication Or that his daughter woke him up ; )

  • 353. yannick (on Wed Mar 6 07:41:09 2013)
    @niraj and ray: you guys traded at 4h28am? Don't tell me you negociated all night to do glencross for kassian!!! Although I wouldn't be surprised...

  • 352. yannick (on Tue Mar 5 10:48:58 2013)
    quick ranking of nightly wins: (in parentheses is the overall ranking position to give an idea of the difference) 1- bao: 9 (1) 2- niraj: 7 (2) 3- marc: 6 (4) 3- danny: 6 (5) 5- alexandre: 5 (3) 6- raymond: 4 (6) 6- alex_d: 4 (8) 6- phuc: 4 (9) 9- costa: 3 (10) 10-yannick: 1 (7) conclusion: I don't know if that is of any interest...

  • 351. yannick (on Tue Mar 5 09:51:10 2013)
    re comment 349: marc was also forced to fire a player.

  • 350. raymond (on Mon Mar 4 22:45:58 2013)
    The newest $10 Million Man is available! That's right, get Ryan O'Reilly today! He'll cost u less than a 1st and 3rd round draft pick and doesn't have to pass through waivers. On a serious note, he's manning the point on Col 1st PP unit.

  • 349. raymond (on Mon Mar 4 22:38:58 2013)
    *********************************Sanction Against Marc********************************* Marc had 27 players on his roster on Wednesday at 7:05pm. He gets the standard 1 FA penalty.

  • 348. marc (on Mon Mar 4 12:18:50 2013)
    @Danny : I don't think it's anything personal honestly. I emailed him and called him a lot of times with no answer. I think it's just his way of saying no thanks, or maybe he's super busy. He hasn't commented on the site in weeks, so maybe hes just busy with his other fantasy league. Who knows...

  • 347. niraj (on Mon Mar 4 11:07:05 2013)
    Hey guys, Mrazek is available for 1 f.a. Howard is a UFA at the end of the seaoson and Mrazek is one of the best non-NHL goalies out there. Just didn't make sense for my team with the acquisition of Brodeur.

  • 346. danny (on Sun Mar 3 15:50:15 2013)
    Costa, why didn't you make me a counter offer for the Stamkos trade with Niraj? Remember i offered Couture, Eberle and Backstrom....and you just said you had better offers. Next time, i advise you make a counter offer. Niraj's Salo, Kesler don't look too good.

  • 345. alex_d (on Sat Mar 2 20:57:31 2013)
    Never too early Yannick. "It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll" I'm willing to add lots of depth to your teams as well if your looking to give me what I consider Great keepers. I am willing to move: Oshie Stewart Backes Lecavalier Hamhuis and Fasth I would also listen to offers on Franzen Kessel Krejci and Bergeron. All my info is there, contact me! Snooze you lose boys Niraj works long hours for these deals! LOL

  • 344. yannick (on Sat Mar 2 14:36:47 2013)
    isn't it a bit early for keeper trades? we're not even half way through the season... we're all very close in each individual rankings, still time to gain lots of points. But I do admit it will get harder to reach the top teams as they fill up with superstars. On the other hand, it did happen a couple of times that Niraj built a team of superstars and still lost. So moral of the story: there is still hope and don't give up!

  • 343. marc (on Sat Mar 2 13:44:28 2013)
    Nothing personal, but maybe if the rookies answered their emails / SMSes, they wouldn't get trade raped and only deal with Niraj. I'm only talking for myself anyways. its frustrating when you reach out to the same GM 10times with no answer back. Like I said, It's very frustrating, but its nothing personal. Good trade on Niraj's end, nothing can be done about it. The rookies will live and learn with this and know a but better how the system works for next year, hopefully.

  • 342. alex_d (on Sat Mar 2 12:36:06 2013)
    I'm very aware ray of what they are. I have a strategy for next year bc let's face I got hosed with no prep time this year and wasted money in places that were not worth it. I will keep Spezza and Smith next year and had zero intention of keeping brodeur or chara. I also hate Jack Johnson and just wanted him off my team. Don't blame Niraj bc he was smart enough to go after my $40 overpaid d-man and my old $25 goalie. Not one owner offered me a trade where I received cheap keepers. The offers were actually pretty sad!

  • 341. niraj (on Sat Mar 2 10:22:35 2013)
    Says the guy who sold me Stefan Elliot as a keeper last year...

  • 340. raymond (on Sat Mar 2 09:31:40 2013)
    Guys, especially the rookies: Just because Niraj says a player is a keeper, it doesn't mean that they are actually keepers. You will see that Niraj's definition of a keeper is very very very different than the rest of the league. In addition to performance, you have to ask yourself "will this player go for x dollars?" Now you may not have the answer to this question since it's your 1st year. In that case, don't hesitate to ask a fellow GM if they think player x is worth $x. You don't have to reveal the details of the trade.

  • 339. niraj (on Fri Mar 1 18:24:30 2013)
    @yannick: Very shocked that Feaster is still the gm there. He ruined that team. Would have been awesome if they signed him and Columbus picked him up.

  • 338. yannick (on Fri Mar 1 15:12:40 2013)
    This is from Matthias Brunet's blog... Calgay is even more retarded than we thought...: Les Flames de Calgary auraient non seulement perdu des choix de première et troisièmes rondes, mais peut-être aussi Ryan O’Reilly lui-même si l’Avalanche du Colorado n’avait pas égalé l’offre, a appris Sportsnet aujourd’hui. Un règlement stipule en effet que le DG des Flames, Jay Feaster, aurait eu à soumettre O’Reilly au ballottage afin de lui permettre de jouer au sein de son club puisque le jeune homme a disputé deux matchs dans la KHL après la conclusion du lockout. Tout joueur autonome doit en effet passer au ballottage avant de jouer dans la LNH s’il a disputé des matchs en Europe pendant les activités de la Ligue nationale de hockey. Le règlement ne s’applique pas si un joueur autonome avec compensation revient avec son club d’origine, comme c’est le cas avec l’Avalanche. En vertu du règlement, Columbus, Washington, Buffalo, Floride et Long Island auraient eu, dans l’ordre, le choix de réclamer O’Reilly avant les Flames. Quelle histoire, qui ne me surprend cependant pas de la part de Jay Feaster…

  • 337. niraj (on Fri Mar 1 10:57:52 2013)
    @ray: Is that you on the stand in the charboneau commission!? @whoever has Kadri: He looked like Ovechkin in his rookie year last night. Didn't think this kid had the stuff #impressed.

  • 336. raymond (on Fri Mar 1 01:22:59 2013)
    Tks for the jinx Niraj...more corruption coming

  • 335. niraj (on Fri Mar 1 00:17:23 2013)
    @ray: 25 more mins and all 3 of your goalies let in zero goals tonight...that's pretty impressive...who knows, maybe Crawford would have let in a goal in the 3rd...

  • 334. raymond (on Thu Feb 28 22:45:23 2013)
    @Niraj: totally agree. Col should not have matched that disgusting contract. Col GM should get fired. Chi gets a shutout, I don't, yay...

  • 333. niraj (on Thu Feb 28 22:22:43 2013)
    @Ray: Colorado so should not have matched. Cgy is a high draft pick this year, and that contract is so bad, it's not even funny. Kind of suprised no one did that to Subban. Why not fuck another team with a shitty contract if you know they are going to match? I guess gms don't do that to each other cause if they do, everyone would fuck everyone?

  • 332. raymond (on Thu Feb 28 17:53:22 2013)
    Thank you Calgary for ending the O'Reilly saga. But wft are they doing? $1M prorated salary this year + full $2.5M signing bonus + $6.5M next year. That's ridiculous.

  • 331. niraj (on Thu Feb 28 14:24:05 2013)
    @ray: didn't see that 1st goal...hilarious...

  • 330. niraj (on Thu Feb 28 14:23:45 2013)
    @ray: You hate it. But you love it :).

  • 329. raymond (on Thu Feb 28 13:50:02 2013)
    Was anybody watching TSN when they were describing the 1st Anaheim goal? They said something like "Puck is dumped in, Rinne gets into a battle with the Honda sign and coughs the puck over" lol

  • 328. raymond (on Thu Feb 28 13:44:45 2013)
    @Niraj: and yet you won't accept my resignation

  • 327. niraj (on Thu Feb 28 11:52:08 2013)
    btw, have you all seen the movie "Goon"? IMO it is the greatest hockey movie of all time, especially if you play hockey. So many good scenes and lines...

  • 326. niraj (on Thu Feb 28 11:51:13 2013)
    @marc: You snooze you lose Habibi! @ray: Most biased commissioner of all time. @danny: Wasn't offended or upset. You were a great dean of discipline. I would have backed you for a second term! I don't know why Yannick fired you in the first cold.

  • 325. yannick (on Thu Feb 28 11:40:51 2013)
    @alex and marc: mystery is resolved! basically marc selected the player, but left the confirm page open for 15 minutes thinking he was "reserving" the player. meanwhile alexandre went in selected and confirmed before marc confirmed. The hire happens only when the confirmation is entered. so player goes to alexandre. I am sorry for implying one of you went and did a manual hire. I get kind of protective when there is a apparent bug. It was also 3am when I wrote the comment and didn't have all my head. Manager: alexandre ------------------ Hire Palmieri, Kyle -FA-@ANA,F Date: Wed Feb 27 22:53:45 2013 Manager: marc ------------- Hire Palmieri, Kyle -FA-@ANA,F Date: Wed Feb 27 23:00:05 2013

  • 324. alexandre (on Thu Feb 28 11:35:37 2013)
    I already made the mistake twice of hiring manually and was chastised severely by Yannick --which made me cry--so I always make sure to not to hire manually.

  • 323. raymond (on Thu Feb 28 11:28:20 2013)
    First controversy of the year! Strange considering that other events merited more attention

  • 322. danny (on Thu Feb 28 10:02:04 2013)
    @Niraj...Just playing with your mind. I know you wouldn't do that bud :-) You just have great timing as always. When i talk to my friends about great hockey managers i always refer to your awesome strategies. @everybody : TX for the unexpected win and record

  • 321. marc (on Thu Feb 28 09:06:11 2013)
    honestly, I scrolled down the list and saw him there already. I did not have to enter the hire manually.

  • 320. niraj (on Thu Feb 28 08:25:18 2013)
    @alex+marc: uh-oh palmierio...

  • 319. yannick (on Thu Feb 28 03:15:56 2013)
    it is an absolute impossibility that two managers hires the same player, unless one of the two manager entered the player manually in the fields at the end of the hire page. so one of the marc or alexandre will have to come clean and say if he hired Palmieri manually by entering the name manually at the end of the hire page.

  • 318. niraj (on Thu Feb 28 01:37:27 2013)
    @alex+marc: if you look at, you'll see that alex hired him 7 minutes before Marc. Looks like Alex got him.

  • 317. niraj (on Thu Feb 28 01:34:51 2013)
    @alex: If you called him up to your bench, then he is no longer farm eligible for the season.

  • 316. alexandre (on Thu Feb 28 01:11:05 2013)
    @ all: I re-read a message I kept about the farm rules, but I can't find the answer to this question: If I drop a farm eligible player who was on my bench but that I did not dress yet, can he be hired straight to farm by someone else? Or does that player become truly farm eligible only next season(if he meets the GPlayed condition of course)?

  • 315. marc (on Thu Feb 28 01:02:43 2013)
    picked him up after the second goal. I guess Yan has the record of it

  • 314. alexandre (on Thu Feb 28 00:53:14 2013)
    oops scratch that, was looking at the wrong time, not sure if I picked Dillon before of after.

  • 313. alexandre (on Thu Feb 28 00:48:53 2013)
    ah... I guess it must have been the 2nd goal for you too, since I picked Dillon before the 3rd goal.

  • 312. alexandre (on Thu Feb 28 00:47:09 2013)
    Wow Marc we pretty much pounced at the same time! Did you pick him after his 2nd or 3rd goal? I did after the 2nd. I guess Yannick can confirm, but after I saw my name in the pickup area and refreshed a couple of times while I was looking for a D I didn't see any change until I picked up Dillon about 10 mins later.

  • 311. marc (on Wed Feb 27 23:54:03 2013)
    at what time did Alex hire him or was it at the same time?

  • 310. niraj (on Wed Feb 27 23:49:56 2013)
    so did marc or alex get Palmieri?

  • 309. marc (on Wed Feb 27 19:50:45 2013)
    I think I just puked a but inside my mouth after watching the first couple of minutes of the Flyers game

  • 308. niraj (on Wed Feb 27 19:35:42 2013)
    @ray: interesting pickup. Hope he continues to produce 5 on 5. @yannick: Danny's record should stand. @danny: Wow, that's crazy...

  • 307. yannick (on Wed Feb 27 19:07:18 2013)
    @danny: you had 24 defense points this week... that's insane! You actually beat your own ufhl record for most defense points in a week! it was 23 points back in 2007-2008... You had 6 defense players active, so the record would in theory count (maybe, not sure with the new lineup rules)... congrats also for winning the week and the $10. so far the money goes as follows: phuc: $5 niraj: $10 marc: $10 alexandre: $10 bao: $10 danny: $10

  • 306. bao (on Wed Feb 27 19:06:53 2013)
    nice win-win trade from ray and marc

  • 305. marc (on Wed Feb 27 17:08:31 2013)
    or me :)

  • 304. niraj (on Wed Feb 27 17:06:47 2013)
    @Danny: Definitely had no idea that either was injured. Was on a conference call for work when the emails happened. @Bao: Thanks, I think. @all: I still have Hartnell, Seguin, Marleau, Elias, Parenteau, Del Zotto, Smith, C.Anderson and Tim Thomas that could be kept for next year. Before saying yes to Bao, make sure you check with me!

  • 303. bao (on Wed Feb 27 16:55:12 2013)
    I'm sure there was no foul play... Niraj has a history of being very honorable... Just look at the Spezza trade return policy :) @all: still early for keeper trades but send me your interest in my keepers... I don't want anyone to miss out on a bidding war :)

  • 302. danny (on Wed Feb 27 16:37:37 2013)
    MMMMMMM...What time was the deal done?

  • 301. niraj (on Wed Feb 27 16:22:15 2013)
    @Danny: Hey, let's not forget to give Bao some credit as well... @Bao: I guess you can thank me for deflecting some heat off of your deal! Enjoy the Parise bounce back and the Kane emergence. @Costa: Dude, that's pretty crappy luck. Had no clue either was injured. Feel badly about it for you. Total fluke...

  • 300. alexandre (on Wed Feb 27 16:01:21 2013)
    wow, Kessler too... damn!

  • 299. bao (on Wed Feb 27 15:57:48 2013)
    and Kesler has a broken foot too...

  • 298. marc (on Wed Feb 27 15:57:24 2013)
    Plus now Kesler has a broken foot lol. One sided trade for sure. Can't blame Niraj for winning that trade boys

  • 297. danny (on Wed Feb 27 15:30:53 2013)
    I won the week ....What a steal! Almost as big as Niraj's move!

  • 296. raymond (on Wed Feb 27 15:27:05 2013)
    Anybody want Z.Kassian?

  • 295. danny (on Wed Feb 27 15:15:48 2013)
    Only crap ...I just saw the steal in the trade... Unf(*% real.

  • 294. yannick (on Wed Feb 27 14:25:06 2013)
    With Salo getting injured last night during the game, it doesn't make the trade look that good...

  • 293. marc (on Wed Feb 27 14:11:36 2013)
    out of curiosity, aside from Yan & Ray.. is everyone else done trading? I'm in the market to make a trade, I only need a dancing partner.

  • 292. marc (on Wed Feb 27 12:17:43 2013)
    well after Monday and yesterday's trade, I guess we know who 1 & 2 will be

  • 291. danny (on Tue Feb 26 06:33:41 2013)
    @Phuc: Looks like i'm not the only guy who forgot to activate a "4pt night guy!"

  • 290. alexandre (on Mon Feb 25 23:49:18 2013)
    hey alex D, check out your mail for an offer:)

  • 289. danny (on Sun Feb 24 22:25:59 2013)
    Why the hell did i deactivate Brunner...:-) At least Beauchemin and Martin are making me look pretty good at managing dropouts.

  • 288. danny (on Sun Feb 24 22:25:58 2013)
    Why the hell did i deactivate Brunner...:-) At least Beauchemin and Martin are making me look pretty good at managing dropouts.

  • 287. bao (on Sun Feb 24 19:30:26 2013)
    why in the blue hell did I activate luongo?

  • 286. bao (on Sun Feb 24 19:29:56 2013)

  • 285. raymond (on Sat Feb 23 23:55:03 2013)
    @Danny: it stands for Please Pass ; )

  • 284. yannick (on Sat Feb 23 18:53:10 2013)
    Finally, ovy woke up! now, can he just wait until april 22nd before going back to sleep...

  • 283. danny (on Sat Feb 23 17:21:43 2013)
    Wayne Simmons just scored a goal today and it's written PP beside...Could someone tell me what this means?

  • 282. bao (on Sat Feb 23 12:07:45 2013)
    @Yannick: the question should be why didn't I dress him in the past... Championship is still up in the air... especially with Malkin's concussion...

  • 281. yannick (on Fri Feb 22 22:43:38 2013)
    @bao: why in the blue hell did you activate luongo??? he got a shutout tonight... oh crap... This looks like etienne's luck in his championship years! you can ask niraj, there is nothing you can do against that! could this be bao's championship in the making? I think it's too early to tell. the ranking can change a lot in this shortened season..

  • 280. yannick (on Fri Feb 22 16:24:25 2013)
    @niraj: unfortunatly, I don't have the game tying goals and shootout goals statistics. It is therefore impossible. If one day they become available, I'll let you guys know. The new stats that appeared this season is faceoffs won, faceoffs lost and faceoff percentage (which was the cause of the screwed ranking last wednesday). Faceoff is not an interesting category.

  • 279. marc (on Fri Feb 22 15:32:32 2013)
    I agree with Niraj. I like the idea of adding Game Tying Goals/Shootout Goals since they are in principle "Clutch Goals", but if it's extra work for Yannick, I am okay with the current category as it is

  • 278. niraj (on Fri Feb 22 15:20:34 2013)
    @yannick:if we could, I would include shootout goals and game tying goals in that category since these two are also in the spirit of "clutch" goals. Would also give a team more chances. Btw, if someone scores a SH game-winning goal, that counts as two clutch goals right????

  • 277. danny (on Fri Feb 22 14:51:11 2013)
    I must admit it's good guys. Nobody is scoring shorties anyway so the leader would probably only have 2 or 3 SHG. Good thing we mixed it up although I'm still cursed in all the categories.

  • 276. raymond (on Fri Feb 22 14:16:04 2013)
    Anyone who suggests that SHG should return as it's own category gets kicked out of the league immediately!!! @Yan: both are still new categories but so far I think it's a good combo.

  • 275. yannick (on Fri Feb 22 11:41:38 2013)
    it seems this year with the clutch goals category, that it removes some of the euphoric joy we used to feel when one our player would score a shorthanded goal... that same sweet feeling when your goalie gets a shutout! on that note, what are your impressions so far on the new categories: clutch goals and blocked shots?

  • 274. niraj (on Thu Feb 21 11:48:53 2013)
    Nice shut out by Varlamov...hope this is a reversal of a long history of goalies playing poorly on my team.

  • 273. marc (on Thu Feb 21 09:10:44 2013)
    @Danny ... I.sort of "overpaid" but I think I got the better quality players out of that trade, I hope lol..

  • 272. niraj (on Wed Feb 20 18:26:25 2013)
    If you hire Hamonic before 7 p.m. today, you do not have to start him. He's also playing 4 games this week if you do want to start him.

  • 271. yannick (on Wed Feb 20 18:15:33 2013)
    stats and ranking is back to normal. congratulations to marc for winning the week. so far the money goes as follows: phuc: $5 niraj: $10 marc: $10 alexandre: $10 bao: $10

  • 270. danny (on Wed Feb 20 17:14:00 2013)
    What a deal between the Marc and the rookie! Somebody got smoked!

  • 269. yannick (on Wed Feb 20 14:49:35 2013)
    the stats are screwed because two new statistics appeared: faceoff won and faceoff lost. So the power play goals became faceoff stats... it is fixable. I'll do that later tonight.

  • 268. bao (on Wed Feb 20 14:32:13 2013)
    I think the Chinese hacked into the UFHL... Expect some Paul Kariya bashing on this board...

  • 267. niraj (on Wed Feb 20 14:04:14 2013)
    Hey guys, Yannick knows that the stats are weird, he's looking into it

  • 266. alex_d (on Wed Feb 20 13:15:28 2013)
    FA for grigerenko anybody?

  • 265. niraj (on Wed Feb 20 13:10:31 2013)
    Desperate times for the combiners call for desperate measures. Hope it works out for you Ray...

  • 264. raymond (on Wed Feb 20 00:59:17 2013)
    Hopefully a little longer!

  • 263. yannick (on Wed Feb 20 00:52:38 2013)
    well well well, who would have thought... benoit pouliot is finally fantasy relevant! ... question is, for how long?

  • 262. niraj (on Mon Feb 18 23:42:19 2013)
    SO for Smith. Yeah baby!

  • 261. yannick (on Mon Feb 18 16:32:21 2013)
    shutout for bryzgalov!!! it sucks that the rest of the continent is having a day off while we have to work here in quebec...

  • 260. yannick (on Mon Feb 18 13:13:19 2013)
    before the season we were kind of wondering if wideman could produce as much in calgary. Well, he answered with a bang! I am happy to see that wideman is a proud player that doesn't sit on his contract, he's a constant point producer with tons of power play time. Doughty might be available for the right offer... I need power play goals!!!

  • 259. yannick (on Sun Feb 17 12:31:22 2013)
    Doan, havlat and versteeg are all available for a free agent.

  • 258. alex_d (on Sat Feb 16 13:48:49 2013)
    Danny: Nothing wrong with last! It's called the rope-a-dope! You guys being the dopes! LOL Wait til next year!

  • 257. yannick (on Sat Feb 16 12:29:30 2013)
    I am still the only manager with more clutch goals than power play goals... How is that even possible???

  • 256. danny (on Fri Feb 15 22:22:09 2013)
    I am never last Bao ....Just never first.

  • 255. costa (on Fri Feb 15 19:17:04 2013)
    Hey Guys,just letting everyone know that if your in the mood to dance,throw me an email with any Offer... And YES...Everyone is available for the right price :) Costa

  • 254. bao (on Fri Feb 15 18:50:01 2013)
    @Niraj : Are you referring to Yan C's man-crush for Danny ? @All : Ray Whitney is available for 1 FA :)

  • 253. niraj (on Fri Feb 15 17:27:37 2013)
    Bao is the new Yanick Cole... @bao: Whitney could also be out for the year...

  • 252. alex_d (on Fri Feb 15 16:48:04 2013)
    I was never going to use him in my starting lineup and too old to be a keeper. My gift to you.

  • 251. bao (on Fri Feb 15 14:59:52 2013)
    @ Alex_D: Yes listen to Danny, he has loads of experience being last :) Also not sure why you didn't just put Ray Whitney on your I/R...

  • 250. danny (on Fri Feb 15 00:11:49 2013)
    Alex...I know why your last....Look at my last offer and I explained it clearly.

  • 249. yannick (on Thu Feb 14 08:53:51 2013)
    Yeah! My very first nightly win this season!

  • 248. niraj (on Wed Feb 13 19:08:01 2013)
    Hey guys, For anyone that wants to talk to alex, he has asked me to post his cell on the site and you can text him: 438-877-6551

  • 247. niraj (on Wed Feb 13 17:47:40 2013)
    It's always nice to find those diamonds on the UFHL free agent list:

  • 246. alex_d (on Wed Feb 13 16:01:56 2013)
    How the hell am I last place overall? I do not understand the scoring system at all.

  • 245. danny (on Wed Feb 13 14:45:49 2013)
    Man...that should make me a rookie too...Still waiting on that breakout year:-)

  • 244. bao (on Tue Feb 12 13:46:44 2013)
    @Niraj: closer to 5 years... by looking at the past champions... I can't remember the year the Archangels won.

  • 243. niraj (on Tue Feb 12 12:08:31 2013)
    @BLT: Has it only been 3 years you're in the league?

  • 242. bao (on Tue Feb 12 10:19:02 2013)
    @Niraj: Just like in the NHL it takes 3 years before a rookie gets his breakout year... :)

  • 241. niraj (on Tue Feb 12 09:36:22 2013)
    There's BLT then there's everyone else...great start Bao!

  • 240. raymond (on Tue Feb 12 00:56:07 2013)
    I believe I'm experiencing trader's remorse.

  • 239. raymond (on Mon Feb 11 14:49:11 2013)
    @Bao: there's a maximum # of D you can start, there's no minimum ; ) As for the master plan, I'll definitely share it with soon as I develop one

  • 238. bao (on Mon Feb 11 14:31:33 2013)
    @Ray: I can't wait to see what your masterplan is... getting rid of all your defense is really starting to confuse me...

  • 237. danny (on Sun Feb 10 20:00:00 2013)
    Nicely said....Can argue with a quote involving a "Niraj steal";)

  • 236. alex_d (on Sun Feb 10 19:27:12 2013)
    Nah, Walmart is my bitch, you guys are trading superstars to niraj for garbage I have better garbage than that! LOL

  • 235. danny (on Sun Feb 10 16:19:34 2013)
    Alex, you soon like a Walmart with a price match garantee:-)

  • 234. alex_d (on Sun Feb 10 13:48:23 2013)
    FYI I see a lot of trades where I would have given way more than what people received . Be sure to run the trades past me first I will outbid other guys, be prudent don't screw yourselves!

  • 233. alex_d (on Sun Feb 10 13:37:42 2013)
    We all know he is going to get his this year which means a hot streak is imminent. I'm not expecting Lundqvist but better than theodore in a package deal.

  • 232. danny (on Sun Feb 10 13:29:41 2013)
    Shea is a hell of a good D but we doesn't put up a lot of stats to trade straight up for a top goalie I think. I would have a 3rd goalie for you though Alex and I want a top D so I guess we could do something butShea will have to bring it a bit more in his next games....I'll check him out.

  • 231. alex_d (on Sun Feb 10 01:02:03 2013)
    It works Yannick

  • 230. alex_d (on Sun Feb 10 01:01:18 2013)
    Ive heard some weak offers for Weber. If you need an A+ def email me an offer. I'm looking for a 3rd goalie to replace theodore. and an upgrade to replace one of my starting forwards.

  • 229. yannick (on Sun Feb 10 01:00:49 2013)
    fyi, the hiring of hornqvist and niskanen were undone for alex d. rookie mistake, he thought he could put them directly on IR.

  • 228. alex_d (on Sat Feb 9 18:42:12 2013)
    test from yannick to make sure alex's user actually work

  • 227. danny (on Fri Feb 8 22:11:03 2013)
    Why the hell in an apparently crazy schedule doesn't the NHL put more games on a friday night?

  • 226. yannick (on Fri Feb 8 17:14:31 2013)
    Petite soiree tranquille dans la nhl ce soir... Un seul match

  • 225. marc (on Fri Feb 8 11:11:59 2013)
    thank you Niraj!

  • 224. niraj (on Fri Feb 8 10:51:23 2013)
    I play hockey with him tonight, I'll tell hm to check his emails...

  • 223. marc (on Fri Feb 8 09:48:54 2013)
    @Raymond : it's about that time now my friend ;) oh and has anyone gotten in contact with Alex D? tried reaching out to him, but no answer

  • 222. raymond (on Fri Feb 8 01:08:27 2013)
    Don't worry about it Costa, we've had much more experienced GMs do the same. He was on the list in comment #211, which you read lol Btw, has anybody seen Henrik Sedin?

  • 221. yannick (on Thu Feb 7 18:52:24 2013)
    money won this year so far for the weekly wins: bao: $10 niraj: $10 phuc: $5

  • 220. yannick (on Thu Feb 7 18:50:48 2013)
    NEW FEATURE ----------- you can now see in your manager page how many nights you won and how many weeks you won. (Tim Thomas hired cancelled)

  • 219. costa (on Thu Feb 7 18:38:02 2013)
    Sigh soooo confusing yay me

  • 218. raymond (on Thu Feb 7 18:26:12 2013)
    Hey Costa, Tim Thomas is already on Niraj's team. Don't worry, we'll undo the hire. In the future, you can go to Managers Coner / Player Search if you want to see if a player is already on a team.

  • 217. niraj (on Thu Feb 7 11:11:28 2013)
    Great update Yannick! Thanks!

  • 216. yannick (on Wed Feb 6 23:47:52 2013)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT -- New feature ------------------------------------- starting tonight, if you see a * beside the salary of a player who is in your farm, that means the player is eligible to be kept at $2. If a farm player doesn't have the *, it means that at some point or another, that player was in a ufhl roster by you or another manager. Only a player with * will be available to be kept at $2. That info was available before by looking at the list of games played in the ufhl for players on the site, but it apparently difficult to consult. So this should make things easier for everybody. example of a player that can be kept at $2: Hamilton, Dougie BOS D frm nhl 8 0 4 4 -1 0 0 0 0 0 5 (0-10-11)* ufhl 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 example of a farm player that cannot be kept at $2: Voynov, Slava LOS D frm nhl 8 2 1 3 2 2 0 0 1 1 6 (3-10-11) ufhl 2 0 0 0 -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 also, starting tonight, when hiring a player, the list of fired player will have the info if a fired player is eligible for a farm team contract. if you have any questions, please don't hesitate.

  • 215. niraj (on Wed Feb 6 17:30:56 2013)
    @Bao: It also cost me a SO...well done :)

  • 214. bao (on Wed Feb 6 14:47:39 2013)
    @Niraj : Having him on my lineup last week would have cost me 10$ ;)

  • 213. niraj (on Wed Feb 6 14:03:13 2013)
    Bao, Labarbera is available for 1 fa...I hear Mike Smith might be coming down with should grab him!

  • 212. costa (on Tue Feb 5 19:04:53 2013)
    none of these players are signed or drafted yet and some are on the IR since the start of the season so they should have no posted points as of yet.

  • 211. yannick (on Tue Feb 5 11:19:19 2013)
    this is the list of players that are or been part of one of our team, that cannot be found in the stats. If you know one of these players actually played this season during a regular season game, please let me know. Campbell, Jack Gudbranson, Erik Murray, Ryan Lehner, Robin Visnovsky, Lubomir Burns, Brent Markstrom, Jacob Jones, Seth Bogosian, Zach Bennett, Beau Dumba, Matt Elliott, Stefan Karlsson, Henrik Booth, David Niederreiter, Nino Kesler, Ryan Forsberg, Filip Connolly, Brett Burns, Brent Reilly, Morgan Thomas, Tim Peckham, Theo MacKinnon, Nathan O'reilly, Ryan Strome, Ryan

  • 210. danny (on Tue Feb 5 03:25:51 2013)
    Man...I know the feeling too Ray !!! I've got like 10 OT loses since the beginning.

  • 209. raymond (on Sun Feb 3 01:31:47 2013)
    5 shootout loses this week...record?

  • 208. danny (on Sat Feb 2 14:50:02 2013)
    Ya it's just an observation and i'm just trying to associate the weird names with a face. No need to apologize guys. I guess I'm getting too traditional.

  • 207. yannick (on Fri Feb 1 22:35:24 2013)
    like I said, it really isn't big of a deal. really. The league has changed, has evolved since the beginning and the team names are part of the evolution. The only thing that was changed was phuc's logo to make it more work and family friendly. I am really happy with the group of managers we have now and that is for real the most important. So don't worry marc!

  • 206. niraj (on Fri Feb 1 18:26:01 2013)
    Aren't we taking this a bit too seriously? I think Marc's team name is awesome...

  • 205. marc (on Fri Feb 1 16:55:36 2013)
    First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for my team name. I just thought it was funny. I absolutely dont mind changing it to something sounding like a NHL/AHL team name. I dont want to change the integrity and tradition of the league. Sorry Yan & co..

  • 204. yannick (on Fri Feb 1 15:59:36 2013)
    Call me an old farth, but I would have to agree with danny. When managers decide on a team name, I would like them to think "what would I call my team if I had a nhl or ahl franchise?" Some of the team names we have now sounds more like user names than team names. That has been the philosophy of the league since its beginnings 15 years ago. Danny and I being the only remaining founding managers since the first season, explain why we think alike on the subject. That being said, it really is not that big of an issue, the most important thing for me is to have quality and stable managers first.

  • 203. marc (on Fri Feb 1 00:56:20 2013)
    Looking for a top goalie. Don't feel emailing each one of you, so whoever is looking to make a trade, email me.

  • 202. danny (on Thu Jan 31 20:15:26 2013)
    Yan knows logos!! Bros knowns diddly! All these weird team names are driving me nuts and I now i just saw the team pictures. What's up with that? No more team logos? You guys need brods in pics to make your teams look good. Damn where have the values gone? ;)

  • 201. marc (on Thu Jan 31 19:43:44 2013)
    @Yannick hahahaha I like that logo sir! Very good choice I must say!

  • 200. costa (on Thu Jan 31 18:55:54 2013)
    let him celebrate all he wants just keep putting that puck in the net on the PP and OT plox

  • 199. niraj (on Thu Jan 31 15:18:16 2013)
    @yan: The Yakupov thing was funny...he was even gesturing to his teammates to come and hug him. What he might get criticized for is watching Whitney get beatup by Moss and doing nothing about it. That was also funny...

  • 198. yannick (on Thu Jan 31 14:51:30 2013)
    that was funny yesterday when yakupov scored and he was all alone asking for his teammates to come celebrates with him... Like Matthias Brunet wrote on his blog this morning: "Quand on veut célébrer seul, on se retrouve seul…"

  • 197. raymond (on Thu Jan 31 12:50:47 2013)
    Hey Costa, it takes some getting used to but eseentially, you look at the players with status "act". Those are the players that are active for the week.

  • 196. costa (on Thu Jan 31 12:19:50 2013)
    nvm i figured it out way too confusing or just need to get use to it.

  • 195. costa (on Thu Jan 31 12:18:17 2013)
    Im having trouble understanding my current starting lineup i have mine done on tuesday but im still getting points for people i have on the bench when i review my team can anyone tell me where i could check my current running roster like it appears for the week?

  • 194. yannick (on Wed Jan 30 20:41:33 2013)
    Budaj has ned flanders on his mask

  • 193. niraj (on Wed Jan 30 19:04:39 2013)
    For all of your benefit, just know that I will be tearing my hair out if it's a high scoring affair tonight between Mtl - Ott.

  • 192. raymond (on Wed Jan 30 18:32:50 2013)
    So much for this season Guess we know who's going to take it

  • 191. raymond (on Tue Jan 29 01:27:30 2013)
    Ochocinco is playing goal for the Coyotes?

  • 190. niraj (on Mon Jan 28 20:20:02 2013)
    @costa: Yeah, I did, but I had fired him on Sunday. I also responded...did you get it?

  • 189. costa (on Mon Jan 28 19:45:36 2013)
    did you get my email asking for that?

  • 188. niraj (on Mon Jan 28 19:43:45 2013)
    @costa: Yup. If I fire someone and you hire him before Wednesday at 7 p.m., you get the player, you don't have to start him and I get 1 fa.

  • 187. costa (on Mon Jan 28 19:41:44 2013)
    @niraj: if im not mistaken me picking up hemsky gives you an FA pick so its like you accepted my trade offer.

  • 186. niraj (on Mon Jan 28 15:55:20 2013)
    interesting observation of the day: My team has 29 goals, but only 4 are "clutch goals". Yannick's team has 10 goals, but 5 are "clutch goals". WTF.

  • 185. niraj (on Sun Jan 27 23:53:49 2013)
    @Bao: Your labarbara hire was cagy...I'm looking for a goalie, but the bar is a bit higher than Labarbera :).

  • 184. bao (on Sun Jan 27 22:21:20 2013)
    @Niraj: You beat me to Salo... I was gonna pick him up after trading Carle... I'll give you LaBarbera for him ;)

  • 183. yannick (on Sun Jan 27 22:10:51 2013)
    it's funny I was convinced salo was drafted on draft day. Good hire niraj

  • 182. yannick (on Sun Jan 27 17:08:14 2013)
    I've had inquiries about Andersson and Pavelec, if you are looking for a goalie, I might trade one of them soon.

  • 181. niraj (on Sat Jan 26 22:25:37 2013)
    Both McDonaugh and O'Byrne would be really useful right now...

  • 180. yannick (on Sat Jan 26 17:37:20 2013)
    This is where that horrible trade which the habs gave away McDonough hurts even more...

  • 179. danny (on Sat Jan 26 17:18:26 2013)
    PK is hard to replace so I would keep him unless you get a D back like Hamilton Markov is injury prone so we have to have depth on D. Apart from Markov playing 2 good games and the up and comer like I told you Diaz, the rest of the crew are very average D's ( Bouillon-Kaberle-Emelin) are yet to Prove anything after beating the pathetic Caps and powerhouse Florida... We need depth on the blueline above all

  • 178. niraj (on Sat Jan 26 16:29:28 2013)
    Apparently there's a rumour going that has PK going to Boston for Hamilton. Contract or no contract, I think I would do that in a second. I'm not sure Boston would though...

  • 177. costa (on Sat Jan 26 13:22:11 2013)
    @niraj: if montreal is smart and plays their cards right they ship him to edmonton and get one of their forwards

  • 176. niraj (on Fri Jan 25 21:01:06 2013)
    So, with the resurgence of Andrei Markov, i think habs have a ton of leverage on Subban...hope they make him sit, as much as I like him, he doesn't deserve a ton more than what Del Zotto got.

  • 175. costa (on Fri Jan 25 19:33:11 2013)
    @ray: ready for tommorows showdown with 2x everyones chips? @niraj: thanks just went thru the constitution i should be ok till i make my next mistake :)

  • 174. niraj (on Fri Jan 25 17:37:39 2013)
    @ray: If you hire a fired player, you do not have to put him in your starting lineup. #bustingyourballs @costa, @alex: If you guys like, you can read our constitution. It has all of our rules and would help you be successful at devising trading strategies and strategies for your active lineup. It's under "UFHL Reports" -> "Constitution".

  • 173. yannick (on Fri Jan 25 15:37:35 2013)
    I just got this from the Montreal Canadiens, They weren't able to sold out as they did the previous years... Cher partisan, Les matchs de la saison 2012-2013 afficheront bientôt complet. Il reste seulement quelques paires de billets disponibles pour les 6 matchs suivants : 27 janvier vs. New Jersey : 40 paires disponibles 29 janvier vs. Winnipeg : 200 paires disponibles 18 février vs. Carolina : 100 paires disponibles 21 février vs. NY Islanders : 30 paires disponibles 1 avril vs. Winnipeg : 150 paires disponibles 15 avril vs. Philadelphia : 170 paires disponibles Des billets unitaires (séparés) peuvent être disponibles pour les autres matchs.

  • 172. raymond (on Fri Jan 25 13:05:53 2013)
    Damn Yan is fast! He actioned my request in -11 seconds!

  • 171. raymond (on Fri Jan 25 13:04:32 2013)
    Hey Costa, since Niraj hired Lupul, the default is that he has to be in your starting lineup. Yan: can you please modify Lupul's status so that Costa can put him on IR? Thanks.

  • 170. yannick (on Fri Jan 25 13:04:21 2013)
    @costa: I undid the firing/hiring/trade of lupul. So everything is ok now. For future advice, you do not need to fire a player right away when you hire a free agent. You can mess around as much as you want with your lineup, as long as you have a valid and legal team wednesday at 7pm. Changes are effective wednesday at 7pm for the next 7 days. Wednesday at 7pm, you must have no more than 26 ufhl players, a maximum of 3 farm positions and a maximum of 3 IR positions. You must also respect the starting linup rules wednesday at 7pm. @marc: Lupul was on the IR, but because niraj hired lupul, the IR option was not there.

  • 169. marc (on Fri Jan 25 12:50:21 2013)
    @costa ... From my understanding (correct me if I am wrong Yan), is that if the NHL team hasn't put him on IR, you can't put him on IR on here.

  • 168. costa (on Fri Jan 25 12:45:50 2013)
    i corrected an error made after a discussion with niraj now that lupul is in my lineup i cant add him to the IR need that to be fixed please.

  • 167. costa (on Fri Jan 25 12:34:48 2013)
    i know there is some technical terms with the lineups in your league is there somewhere that the new guys could see the odd and ends instead of making mistakes and being corrected @ niraj: i put the trade thru thanks for understanding

  • 166. yannick (on Fri Jan 25 11:48:30 2013)
    rankings are ready

  • 165. bao (on Fri Jan 25 11:39:46 2013)
    This clutch goal category is taking away the satisfaction of getting a empty net shorthanded goal...

  • 164. yannick (on Fri Jan 25 10:36:20 2013)
    the place where I take the stats did not update their stats at the same time as usual. It happens from time to time, that's why the wednesday update is in the afternoon, to make the stats are in. When the stats are available, there will be a ranking.

  • 163. marc (on Fri Jan 25 10:28:07 2013)
    @ray ... actually you are right, there was no updates from yesterday lol..

  • 162. marc (on Fri Jan 25 10:26:42 2013)
    I was at 83 yesterday and today I am at 89, so it did update for me I guess..

  • 161. raymond (on Fri Jan 25 10:11:05 2013)
    Hey Yan, there was no update from yesterday...

  • 160. marc (on Wed Jan 23 18:36:37 2013)
    You can thank me for calling his name out at the draft :p

  • 159. yannick (on Wed Jan 23 18:22:34 2013)
    6$ for daniel briere, really? did someone slipped some drugs in my water during the draft?

  • 158. yannick (on Wed Jan 23 16:33:50 2013)
    @marc: yes you can put directly puy him on your farm so that he keeps his farm team eligibility. The only restriction is that if you hire a player straight to farm, you cannot bring him up to your ufhl team for 4 weeks (wheter if for active, non-active or irl).

  • 157. alexandre (on Wed Jan 23 15:32:24 2013)
    someone else can confirm, but Marc, I'm pretty sure you can put him in your farm since I dunno how else we could do this "hire straight to farm" possibility, if you don't do it this week, then that is when you would lose his farm eligibility

  • 156. marc (on Wed Jan 23 15:26:45 2013)
    Stupid question ; I hired Kadri, and normally I would have to start him for the week, but since I can place 1 more player in my farm team, can I just directly put him there? Like that I don't lose on his farm team eligibility. Can someone shed some light on this for me please?

  • 155. costa (on Wed Jan 23 10:45:11 2013)
    a great day for rookies yesterday 4 got their 1st nhl goals.

  • 154. bao (on Wed Jan 23 09:19:57 2013)
    @Niraj: I like the Cory Schneider Girlfriend tab

  • 153. niraj (on Wed Jan 23 01:36:37 2013)
    Guys, check out Luongo's gmail inbox...pretty insightful stuff:

  • 152. costa (on Wed Jan 23 01:08:49 2013)
    im fine with the reversal im sorry for the error guys might take a little while to figure the odd and ends @phuc offer made still stands

  • 151. phuc (on Tue Jan 22 23:21:10 2013)
    @Niraj: thanks, I'll take it - that kid has skills and wheels... @Danny: I don't know if you're referring to my team name specifically... but it stands for Phuc's Most Excellent Puck University - you have something against higher (sex) education? ;-)

  • 150. niraj (on Tue Jan 22 22:00:45 2013)
    @phuc: Still gutsy not to start Tarasenko on the farm. G4u. @league: I guess we know how high the price is on Tarasenko now...

  • 149. yannick (on Tue Jan 22 19:56:42 2013)
    @phuc and costa: trade has been undone @costa: trading negociation occurs over email or over the phone. when a deal has been reached, then one of the manager enters the trade on the site. I know with yahoo you can propose a trade with the user interface, but not on the ufhl.

  • 148. phuc (on Tue Jan 22 19:04:33 2013)
    @yannick: also, can you change my listed e-mail to pledinh at

  • 147. phuc (on Tue Jan 22 18:58:41 2013)
    @Niraj: It was part luck as I benched Iginla in favor of Tarasenko due to STL playing 3 games. @Costa: You submitted a trade to which I never heard of or agreed to... The trade system in place is not a proposal of any kind, but an actual execution of the trade. @Yannick: Can you undo this? or should I just submit a reverse trade?

  • 146. danny (on Tue Jan 22 18:33:11 2013)
    Looks more like a porn site to me

  • 145. raymond (on Tue Jan 22 17:50:55 2013)
    @Danny: we would but there are copyright restrictions on Rough Bears : )

  • 144. danny (on Tue Jan 22 17:37:54 2013)
    How about getting real team names guys? ...At first glance, looks likes a cheap league.

  • 143. raymond (on Tue Jan 22 16:19:50 2013)
    Very interesting trade indeed @Bao: this sucks...

  • 142. marc (on Tue Jan 22 12:37:52 2013)
    Interesting trades I must say..

  • 141. alexandre (on Tue Jan 22 11:52:48 2013)
    I'm enjoying seeing not myself last for once :)

  • 140. bao (on Tue Jan 22 09:50:46 2013)
    I'm enjoying seeing Ray last for once :)

  • 139. niraj (on Tue Jan 22 00:21:28 2013)
    @ray:damn, i didn't even check. @phuc: you are a genius

  • 138. raymond (on Mon Jan 21 22:54:28 2013)
    @Niraj: you mean like he did this week?

  • 137. niraj (on Mon Jan 21 19:13:27 2013)
    wonder if phuc starts Tarasenko next week...

  • 136. yannick (on Mon Jan 21 12:08:35 2013)
    guys, there are two games this afternoon at 1pm! winipeg vs boston and tampa vs islanders...

  • 135. costa (on Mon Jan 21 11:52:31 2013)
    12 weeks for me

  • 134. yannick (on Mon Jan 21 11:52:11 2013)
    rankings are out for last night and overall also. stats are back to normal, so update will be automatic in the morning starting tomorrow. Phuc is still first! Something surprising so far is that there are more points than blocked shots so far. But I am sure this is gonna change.

  • 133. costa (on Mon Jan 21 11:33:58 2013)
    12 weeks for me

  • 132. bao (on Mon Jan 21 11:30:12 2013)
    i vote for 12 full weeks plus two half weeks

  • 131. costa (on Mon Jan 21 10:58:40 2013)
    so howard lays a nice egg on saturday and harding gets me a shutout on the bench karma my friend karma.

  • 130. niraj (on Mon Jan 21 10:46:40 2013)
    i vote for 12 full weeks plus two half weeks

  • 129. marc (on Mon Jan 21 09:13:11 2013)
    Thank you Yannick! I also vote $20/week starting somewhere in middle of season

  • 128. raymond (on Mon Jan 21 00:51:14 2013)
    Thanks Yan! For the weekly awards, I vote for $20 weeks starting sometime in the middle of the season (like they usually are)

  • 127. yannick (on Sun Jan 20 23:58:40 2013)
    THE FIRST RANKING IS OUT! this is for the games saturday january 19th. it does not include the games of sunday. monday, the new ranking will be somewhere during the day, I have to make sure the stats are out. Starting tuesday, it should be back on regular schedule, which is early morning. Congratulations to Phuc who won the first night. New feature this year, I will keep track of the number of nights won just for my curiosity.

  • 126. phuc (on Sun Jan 20 18:04:20 2013)
    the bastardized full 12 and half 2 gets my vote.

  • 125. yannick (on Sun Jan 20 17:06:16 2013)
    Note that nhl teams have started to put players on the IR and that many players appeared today on the IR.

  • 124. yannick (on Sun Jan 20 16:28:27 2013)
    I actually thought of something else we could do. We give $10 for the 12 full weeks, and we $5 for each of the two short weeks. 13 weeks is what we do anyway each year for thw weeklys, so it adds up!

  • 123. niraj (on Sun Jan 20 16:04:28 2013)
    12 real weeks

  • 122. danny (on Sun Jan 20 12:56:34 2013)
    12 real weeks is more reasonable!

  • 121. yannick (on Sun Jan 20 12:42:47 2013)
    statistics are not out yet, so the first ranking will have to wait. for the weekly wins, the first week (jan 19-22) is 4 days, then there are 12 full weeks of games, and the last week is 4 days also (apr 17-20). so what do you guys want to do, do we give $10 for 14 weeks (so the two weeks that are 4 days will get a $10 also) or you want to ignore the two shorts weeks, and give $10 for the 12 full weeks? personally, I vote that we give $10 for the 14 weeks (with the 2 short weeks). what do you guys think?

  • 120. yannick (on Sun Jan 20 01:05:55 2013)
    This was the night of the 40 years old players! jagr and selanne both with 4 points and kovalev with 3 points

  • 119. yannick (on Fri Jan 18 17:33:39 2013)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: deadline for submitting lineup for the first week of activity is tomorrow Saturday January 19th at 3pm. (with the usual 5 minutes grace). alex_d and costa: if you any questions about rules and the league works, do not hesitate to post your questions here, an experienced manager will surely be able to answer you quickly.

  • 118. yannick (on Fri Jan 18 17:30:23 2013)
    to alex_d and costa: here's a few rules related to hiring players: - if you hire a player, he must be active the first week, unless you hire and send straight to your farm. - if you hire a player and send him straight to your farm, you cannot send him up to your ufhl team for 4 weeks. - if you hire a player that was fired by another manager on the same week that he was fired, you do not have to activate him on the first week. Also, the manager who gets his player that he fired, hired by another manager, he gets one free agent back. That means also, that if you fire a player and he gets picked up on the same week, you one fa back.

  • 117. niraj (on Fri Jan 18 16:11:08 2013)
    Interesting how the floater position is being used by different managers.

  • 116. niraj (on Fri Jan 18 13:47:05 2013)
    The amazing Filip Forsberg is available for 1 fa for your farm team. He's going to be a superstar, so first come, first serve.

  • 115. raymond (on Fri Jan 18 11:05:38 2013)
    Anyone want R.O'Reilly?

  • 114. marc (on Thu Jan 17 12:41:19 2013)
    @ray ray : you ask and you shall receive my friend lol

  • 113. yannick (on Thu Jan 17 10:37:22 2013)
    When I entered my lineup, I got a warning page to free more spots than I need in reality. It didn't seem to take in account the farm team. I will investigate this. Let me know if you see suspicious things or bugs.

  • 112. marc (on Thu Jan 17 07:01:22 2013)
    Im ok with that! And thanks a lot Yannick

  • 111. yannick (on Thu Jan 17 00:47:55 2013)
    @marc: that page doesn't mention anything about IR, just that he is injured. If his name has two stars in the team roster then the team has put the player on the IR. remember, injured doesn't mean IR.

  • 110. raymond (on Wed Jan 16 22:35:30 2013)
    Great name changes! @Marc: just fire him!

  • 109. marc (on Wed Jan 16 21:19:13 2013)
    hope this what you were referring to sir ;

  • 108. yannick (on Wed Jan 16 21:00:26 2013)
    or, another thing we could do, is that during the last 3 rounds, if a manager doesn't know who to hire, he would have the option of taking a fa instead (a fa valid for one week only). This way, if a manager knows exactly who wants, he gets him, but if he has no idea, then he has a week to decide... that sounds good, no? @marc: unfortunately for us, teams have no incentive in placing a player on their IR before the season starts. Players will start popping up on the IR (retroactively) next week. If the official team site states that a player is on the IR, then let me know and I'll investigate why he didn't show up in our IR.

  • 107. niraj (on Wed Jan 16 20:40:17 2013)
    @phuc @marc: Awesome name changes @yannick: I think Phuc had a good point in that there was no pre-season/training camp prior to the draft and it was difficult to prepare for 26 players. I don't know if that would be the case next year. I would vote to evaluate this after the 2013-2014 draft.

  • 106. marc (on Wed Jan 16 19:50:21 2013)
    David Booth is officially listed out 4-6 weeks, but unable to place him on IR

  • 105. marc (on Wed Jan 16 18:50:41 2013)
    Im ok with that! And thanks a lot Yannick

  • 104. yannick (on Wed Jan 16 18:34:08 2013)
    announcement: Phuc has changed his team name to "Phuc ME Puck U!" and Marc has changed his team name to "Bros Before Hossas"

  • 103. danny (on Wed Jan 16 18:05:35 2013)
    Sounds good!

  • 102. bao (on Wed Jan 16 13:35:27 2013)
    "This way managers know what they are actually trading!" I like that idea...

  • 101. yannick (on Wed Jan 16 13:26:10 2013)
    also, since we are trading our free rounds picks, we should do the draw of the free rounds before starting the actual draft (or we go by using the inverse order of the ranking of the previous season). This way managers know what they are actually trading!

  • 100. phuc (on Wed Jan 16 12:42:27 2013)
    Kinda agree, but I think it would've gone much faster if the training camp was already under way and we (I) would've been more prepared/up-to-date. The circumstances of this NHL year made for a lot of hesitation, I believe. Nonetheless, 3 free rounds is plenty. I support this idea.

  • 99. yannick (on Wed Jan 16 11:39:59 2013)
    hey guys, I was thinking about the draft and since the last 6 free players was so long, I was thinking of this: what if we do only 3 rounds of free players, and we give an extra 3 fa available for one week after the draft only to finish your team online. after a week, if some of the 3 fa are not used, managers lose them. the big majority of us had no idea who to draft anyway, and we just taking firing material. what do you guys think?

  • 98. marc (on Tue Jan 15 10:24:22 2013)
    @yannick : ok now I get it! perfect, thank you sir!

  • 97. yannick (on Tue Jan 15 10:00:50 2013)
    @marc: the total number of active players haven't changed it's still 17. The floater position is not to add a 18th player wherever you want, is to remove one player from a position and add another player at a different position. so the possible combination of forward-defense-goalies are: (forward, defense, goalies) 9-6-2 8-7-2 8-6-3 9-5-3 10-5-2 10-6-1 9-7-1

  • 96. raymond (on Mon Jan 14 21:42:04 2013)
    Hey Marc, I tried it and it seems to wok. Keep in mind that you still have to respect the 26 man roster. So try assigning 3 random players to your farm.

  • 95. raymond (on Mon Jan 14 21:22:04 2013)
    Farm Team Eligibility: • Any skater over the age of 18 on Sept 1 who has played less than 165 NHL games • Any goalie over the age of 18 on Sept 1 who has played less then 50 NHL games

  • 94. raymond (on Mon Jan 14 21:20:14 2013)

  • 93. costa (on Mon Jan 14 19:23:29 2013)
    what is the criteria for farm players does it include undrafted players or players drafted but yet to play a game?

  • 92. marc (on Mon Jan 14 18:37:00 2013)
    Everytime I try to enter a F/D/G as a floater, it gives me an error message saying that I cannot start them, because I am excedding the maximum players allowed into a lineup

  • 91. danny (on Mon Jan 14 16:07:25 2013)
    Alex i can always take care of what you need...That's my real job ! So one knee coming up... if the price is right!

  • 90. yannick (on Mon Jan 14 14:16:43 2013)
    by the way, you can now do a lineup with the floater position.

  • 89. alexandre (on Mon Jan 14 14:16:35 2013)
    I'm gonna regret that one forever... I'm gonna have to hire sniper to take out Neal's knees.

  • 88. yannick (on Mon Jan 14 11:21:22 2013)
    this is the initial salary mass for every team (available on the page "Team Salary Mass"): (the values varies depending on your trades on draft day. alexandre and raymond values are interesting because of their james neal deal..) alex_d total: $263 alexandre total: $232 bao total: $258 costa total: $260 danny total: $259 marc total: $257 niraj total: $269 phuc total: $252 raymond total: $275 yannick total: $260

  • 87. bao (on Mon Jan 14 06:48:45 2013)
    @Yannick I think it's time to remove Brodeur from the main page ;)

  • 86. yannick (on Sun Jan 13 23:00:14 2013)
    those who wants to change their team name or logo, please let me know. if you want a new logo, just send it to me by email. I'll proceed with the changes before the season starts.

  • 85. yannick (on Sun Jan 13 21:25:39 2013)
    First game is saturday january 19th at 3pm eastern time. so this will be the deadline to submit your first lineup with your farm team.

  • 84. niraj (on Sun Jan 13 21:06:40 2013)
    SO glad Gomez is gone. Anyone want to go to the free intrasquad game on Thursday? I might be able to.

  • 83. costa (on Sun Jan 13 01:00:31 2013)
    ok perfect it works thanks yannick Ill try and give you a shout tomorrow to gimme a little run down on how it works.

  • 82. yannick (on Sat Jan 12 22:50:45 2013)
    @costa: now it works, I tried it myself with your user and it was working

  • 81. costa (on Sat Jan 12 22:41:10 2013)
    everytime i try to do anything on managers corner it prompts me to input a username and password is there a way to bypass it cause it dont think i got one

  • 80. yannick (on Sat Jan 12 21:41:21 2013)
    ok actions are operational. you can make a lineup, hire players, fire players and make trades. alex_d and costa users are also operational. the floater feature is not active yet, I'll get that done soon. for now just do a regular lineup.

  • 79. yannick (on Sat Jan 12 21:10:54 2013)
    warning: I will proceed with a bogus hiring, a bogus firing and a bogus trade. all of them are just for testing purposes

  • 78. costa (on Sat Jan 12 19:24:52 2013)
    testing testing one two three

  • 77. alexandre (on Sat Jan 12 01:26:27 2013)

  • 76. yannick (on Sat Jan 12 01:18:25 2013)
    niraj got us a belated christmas gift: a 10th manager!

  • 75. yannick (on Fri Jan 11 20:46:24 2013)
    here is the status of every manager before the draft: Manager: alexandre money left: 189 players left: 15 (avg: 12.60) Manager: bao money left: 186 players left: 17 (avg: 10.94) Manager: costa money left: 260 players left: 23 (avg: 11.30) Manager: danny money left: 120 players left: 14 (avg: 8.57) Manager: marc money left: 146 players left: 13 (avg: 11.23) Manager: niraj money left: 163 players left: 15 (avg: 10.87) Manager: phuc money left: 144 players left: 18 (avg: 8.00) Manager: raymond money left: 218 players left: 20 (avg: 10.90) Manager: yannick money left: 162 players left: 17 (avg: 9.53) please review your info and report any mistake I could have made

  • 74. yannick (on Fri Jan 11 19:58:57 2013)
    official list of keepers: Manager: niraj -------------- FORWARDS Seguin, Tyler (BOS) Spezza, Jason (OTT) Lucic, Milan (BOS) Hartnell, Scott (PHI) DEFENSEMEN Del Zotto, Michael (NYR) Pietrangelo, Alex (STL) GOALIES Smith, Mike (PHO) Fleury, Marc-andre (PIT) Manager: yannick ---------------- FORWARDS Nash, Rick (COB) Pacioretty, Max (MON) Kovalchuk, Ilya (NJD) DEFENSEMEN Fowler, Cam (ANA) Wideman, Dennis (WAS) GOALIES Rask, Tuukka (BOS) Manager: alexandre ------------------ FORWARDS Kane, Evander (WPG) Benn, Jamie (DAL) Schenn, Brayden (PHI) Hodgson, Cody (BUF) Moulson, Matt (NYI) DEFENSEMEN Ekman-larsson, Oliver (PHO) Mcdonagh, Ryan (NYR) Shattenkirk, Kevin (STL) GOALIES Manager: danny -------------- FORWARDS Downie, Steve (COL) Couture, Logan (SAN) Eberle, Jordan (EDM) Pominville, Jason (BUF) DEFENSEMEN Kronwall, Niklas (DET) Carlson, John (WAS) Garrison, Jason (FLA) Letang, Kris (PIT) GOALIES Rinne, Pekka (NAS) Manager: raymond ---------------- FORWARDS Gaborik, Marian (NYR) DEFENSEMEN Bieksa, Kevin (VAN) GOALIES Varlamov, Semyon (COL) Manager: marc ------------- Giroux, Claude (PHI) van Riemsdyk, James (PHI) Kessel, Phil (TOR) Backes, David (STL) Perron, David (STL) Skinner, Jeff (CAR) Voracek, Jakub (PHI) Marchand, Brad (BOS) DEFENSEMEN Suter, Ryan (NAS) Streit, Mark (NYI) Manager: phuc ------------- FORWARDS Cole, Erik (MON) Kane, Patrick (CHI) Perry, Corey (ANA) Burmistrov, Alex (WPG) DEFENSEMEN Boyle, Dan (SAN) GOALIES Manager: bao ------------ FORWARDS Nugent-hopkins, Ryan (EDM) Hall, Taylor (EDM) DEFENSEMEN Burns, Brent (SAN) Phaneuf, Dion (TOR) GOALIES Schneider, Cory (VAN) Price, Carey (MON)

  • 73. niraj (on Fri Jan 11 19:27:05 2013)
    @yan/@league: I always bring last year's cash and NEVER pay with cash collected for the current year. While it does result in the same difference in the bank account, I feel paying people for last year's pool with this year's cash is the equivalent of me always borrowing a year's of revenue from the league, so I never do that.

  • 72. marc (on Fri Jan 11 18:56:09 2013)
    I'll change my vote to $80 with $10 weeklys

  • 71. marc (on Fri Jan 11 18:55:29 2013)

  • 70. alexandre (on Fri Jan 11 18:41:24 2013)
    I say 80 w/ weeklies as well

  • 69. phuc (on Fri Jan 11 17:39:28 2013)
    80 w/ weeklies.

  • 68. yannick (on Fri Jan 11 16:41:58 2013)
    @niraj: you have to give out $955 ($1100 - $145 because yan_c and etienne are not there), and you will collect $540, $720 or $900 depending if we choose $60, $80 or $100 as a buy-in. plan accordingly. anyway, there is an ATM machine at ericsson ($2 fee I believe)

  • 67. niraj (on Fri Jan 11 16:24:23 2013)
    @yan: Don't forget the rule change propositions (I think the GAA thing wsa implemented, not sure). As for extra cash, why would I need extra cash? Wouldn't last yaer;s total fee + $100 cover it? I'd vote for $80 with weeklys. Weeklys are fun.

  • 66. marc (on Fri Jan 11 15:32:21 2013)
    $60 no weeklys is my vote

  • 65. yannick (on Fri Jan 11 14:53:43 2013)
    things to discuss quickly before starting draft: 1- what is the buy in? ($60 no weeklys, $80 with $10 weeklys or $100 with $20 weeklys) 2- how many free agents 12 or 15? 3- do we activate new "floater position" rule this season? If so, when in the season? niraj, prepare yourself to bring some cash since we don;t know what the buy-in is and we are less managers, you might have to give more from your pocket than previous seasons.

  • 64. marc (on Fri Jan 11 13:37:16 2013)
    @yan .... Ok thank you sir!

  • 63. yannick (on Fri Jan 11 13:16:35 2013)
    @marc: we don;t do anything for breakfast, but for lunch, we will order chicken or pizza. bao and I will try to have coffee available, but no guarentee. I don;t remember if last year we had coffee

  • 62. marc (on Fri Jan 11 13:03:42 2013)
    Are we doing anything for breakfest or lunch? Just so I know if I should get something on my way

  • 61. raymond (on Fri Jan 11 13:02:46 2013)
    Free agents wont be more than 15. Niraj tries to increase this number every year... Tomorrow, we can vote on 12 or 15 I say leave it at 15 because this year, we're drafting half blind. Things will happen during training camp which will cause us to hire / fire players. We also have a larger pool of players available so that will also lead to more player movement.

  • 60. yannick (on Fri Jan 11 12:24:04 2013)
    draft is at 9h30 tomorow morning at ericsson. try to be on time so that you have time to setup your laptop, we have a few points to discuss (not much). first player in the auction no later than 10am.

  • 59. danny (on Fri Jan 11 12:04:08 2013)
    Ya Lidstrom is gone to play golf forever! Yan, i'm not sure you gave an answer on the free agents....12 or 15? Not 20 right?

  • 58. niraj (on Fri Jan 11 12:01:51 2013)
    Please include Marchand in Marc's keepers.

  • 57. phuc (on Fri Jan 11 11:59:01 2013)
    Cool! thanks for the answers... Did Lidstrom retire? I have no idea what's going on.

  • 56. yannick (on Fri Jan 11 11:51:28 2013)
    before the start of the season (next week), you will have to decide who goes on your farm team. but for now, put active the players you want to keep including farm.

  • 55. alexandre (on Fri Jan 11 11:50:36 2013)
    @Yannick: done

  • 54. yannick (on Fri Jan 11 11:49:02 2013)
    if you want to keep a player who was in your farm team, put him as active (F, D or G). keepers do count as part of your 10 keepers. they will cost you the price that is in your manager file.

  • 53. phuc (on Fri Jan 11 11:46:39 2013)
    Can we get a quick word on the farm thing? Do I leave Burmistrov on 'Farm' as farm and does he count against my keeper cap?

  • 52. alexandre (on Fri Jan 11 11:42:57 2013)
    @Yannick: just to double check, I thought you said NOT to put our farm guys as "farm" right? 'cause I'm seeing a lot of guys doing this... or... does it not matter?

  • 51. yannick (on Fri Jan 11 11:31:17 2013)
    as ray mentionned, since we do teh draft before the actual training camp (contrary to other seasons where we do the draft during after the training camp), we should have a little buffer. so I would say we could reduce to 12 or keep it at 15.

  • 50. danny (on Fri Jan 11 11:26:24 2013)
    If you put the free agents at a foolish number tell me now i'll save 30$ of gas! Please advise Ray ASAP.

  • 49. yannick (on Fri Jan 11 11:24:42 2013)
    reminder that deadline for submitting keepers is today at noon... in 35 minutes!

  • 48. niraj (on Fri Jan 11 11:07:42 2013)
    There are going to be more injuries this year. I would say leave it at 15 or increase it to 20.

  • 47. danny (on Fri Jan 11 09:53:50 2013)
    As for free agents it has to be down to 8 or 10!

  • 46. niraj (on Fri Jan 11 02:37:59 2013)
    Phuc, I think they do, but Ray can confirm.

  • 45. phuc (on Thu Jan 10 23:58:58 2013)
    Farm players don't count as keepers, right? I just got back in town...

  • 44. raymond (on Thu Jan 10 21:49:33 2013)
    Guys, can someone reach Phuc?

  • 43. raymond (on Thu Jan 10 21:44:54 2013)
    All farm team players from last year are $5

  • 42. niraj (on Thu Jan 10 21:43:32 2013)
    Hey Guys, Yannick: I believe Stefan Elliot was in my farm all year last year. Is he $2 to me this year? Corey Crawford, Lucic, Marchard, Kulikov and Elliot are available for trades. Looking for D.

  • 41. yannick (on Thu Jan 10 16:15:15 2013)
    first trade of the year! interesting, young guns for young guns!

  • 40. raymond (on Thu Jan 10 14:09:52 2013)
    Keep it at 15, I expect alot of hiring / firing during training camp

  • 39. yannick (on Thu Jan 10 11:14:56 2013)
    $100 or $60, I'm good either way. guys, do we keep 15 free agents for the season, or should we bring it down to 10 or 12 since this is a shorter season?

  • 38. marc (on Thu Jan 10 11:06:40 2013)
    If we haven't decided on buy-ins, I am ok with $60. Had it been a full season, I would have been ok with $100. Just too intense for a shortened season honestly

  • 37. raymond (on Thu Jan 10 10:19:23 2013)
    Keeper submission deadline: Friday at noon. Bao, Phuc, Niraj - please don't forget to submit your keeper list by entering a lineup.

  • 36. marc (on Thu Jan 10 01:27:13 2013)
    What time is the deadline for the keepers? 12am?

  • 35. alexandre (on Wed Jan 9 22:19:51 2013)
    sounds good thanks!

  • 34. raymond (on Wed Jan 9 22:16:52 2013)
    Hey Alex, if Turris was in your farm team all year last year and has played less than 200 NHL games, he can be kept for $5 this year. If he has played more than 165 games, then he cannot stay in your farm team once the season begins. Hope that makes sense.

  • 33. alexandre (on Wed Jan 9 20:21:49 2013)
    @Ray and Yannick: Since the farm team limit was 200 games for last season and this year it is 165, I am getting a warning that Turris has exceeded this new limit. So what do I do? Can I keep him for 5$ then I have to activate him immediately? I would have put someone else in his spot on the farm if I am simply not allowed to keep him for 5$...

  • 32. alexandre (on Wed Jan 9 18:41:44 2013)
    @yannick: c'est bon, thx!

  • 31. yannick (on Wed Jan 9 18:39:12 2013)
    @alex: no you can't. because the player was in your regular lineup. once a player loses its $5 priviledge, it's over, he can't come back.

  • 30. alexandre (on Wed Jan 9 17:53:46 2013)
    Hey guys, question about the farm team. Can I "keeper" a guy I got last year paying 10$ to hold on to him this year, then before the season begins, drop him into my farm all year so that I can keep him for 2$ next year? (as long as he meets the conditions of course)

  • 29. yannick (on Wed Jan 9 11:40:31 2013)
    looks like we will only be 9 managers for this short season. it's ok, we didn't expect so many defection and we have so little time to find new managers. This summer we will try to recruit 2 new managers. By the way, this year the UFHL is celebrating its 15th season! wow, I didn't realized it's been that long! Thanks guys for making the league what is it today.

  • 28. marc (on Wed Jan 9 11:19:28 2013)
    No luck on my side either

  • 27. bao (on Wed Jan 9 11:08:23 2013)
    No luck on my side

  • 26. yannick (on Wed Jan 9 10:29:43 2013)
    hey guys, any luck finding a 10th GM?

  • 25. marc (on Wed Jan 9 09:05:05 2013)
    Ahh the joy and advantages of being a bottom dweller! Thank you yannick :p

  • 24. yannick (on Tue Jan 8 23:26:49 2013)
    To marc and alex: just to let you know that you can keep up to 10 players, but you don't have to keep 10 absolutly. If you feel like keeping only 6 or 7 it's really up to you.

  • 23. yannick (on Tue Jan 8 17:12:00 2013)
    here is final money to be given for the 2011-2012 ufhl season. buy-in was $100 total: $1100 weeklys: $260 top 3: $840 raymond: 525 + 60 = 585 phuc: 210 + 40 = 250 yan_c: 105 + 0 = 105 marc: 0 + 40 = 40 danny: 0 + 40 = 40 etienne: 0 + 40 = 40 bao: 0 + 20 = 20 niraj: 0 + 20 = 20 rudy: 0 + 0 = 0 yannick: 0 + 0 = 0

  • 22. yannick (on Tue Jan 8 17:02:40 2013)
    This is a repost of the new rules adopted during last season for the season: 1111. raymond (on Sun Mar 18 23:54:40 2012) Farm Team Changes: 1) Prospects will no longer have a contract length 2) The price to keep a prospect will be $2. There is no floor price. 3) As soon as a prospect is called up, he will get 2 additional contract years 4) Forwards must leave the farm after 165 NHL games 5) Unlimited “straight to farm hires” but if choosing this option, the player hired cannot be called up (activated) for 4 weeks. What this means: You’ll be able to keep a prospect in your farm team for as long as you want, provided you’re willing to pay $2 every year to keep him. As soon as you call him up, he gets 2 years added to his contract at $10 and $11. If you draft a player for $8 and leave him in your farm all year, you’ll be able to keep him next year for $2. Drafting prospects just became a lot more interesting. If you hire a player straight to your farm team, you cannot activate him for 4 weeks. If you trade that player, he still cannot be activated until the 4 week period has passed. However, you’ll be able to fire him at anytime, even during the 4 week period. Category Changes: 1) SHG and GW will now be merged into 1 category 2) New category: Blacked Shots What this means: A Short-handed game-winning goal counts as 2 in this new category. Blocked Shots will deepen the pool of d-men since the blocked shots leaders are mostly d-men. Keeper Changes: The top 3 will be able to keep 3, 5 and 7 keepers. Draft Changes: Instead of having 3 free rounds and 3 farm team rounds, we’ll just have 6 free rounds at the end of the draft. The order will be decided by pulling names out of a hat and it will be a snake draft Potential Change: We talked about the possibility of having 1 “utility” or “floater” player. Meaning, you could start 3 goalies, 5 d-men and 9 fwds or 8 fwds, 7 d-men and 2 goalies. So if you’re really behind in a category, you could load up in a particular area. This idea is still being discussed, no decision has been made on whether or not it will be implemented. (Note: everyone was pretty much in favor of this floater player. We need to decide if we start it this season. On my side it's not a big change for the site.) (Note: the farm player you are keeping for this draft are at the price indicated in your manager file. The $2 is for next year)

  • 21. marc (on Tue Jan 8 13:25:39 2013)
    Scratch what I said. I forgot that it's going to take longer than 3hours lol. I'll be good from 9-10 to 5pm

  • 20. marc (on Tue Jan 8 12:30:16 2013)
    I am ok with that start time, since I got to be out for 1:30pm. I am also voting for $60 entry with no weekly winners. Too intense to have weekly winners in a shortened season

  • 19. yannick (on Tue Jan 8 12:18:28 2013)
    yes, since everybody is available, let's have the draft this saturday january 12th at 9h30 at Ericsson in Montreal.

  • 18. danny (on Mon Jan 7 22:15:31 2013)
    Weekly winners would be intense! 100$ is good for me but i don't mind. Next Saturday is the draft day, right?

  • 17. marc (on Mon Jan 7 18:37:04 2013)
    Even Wednesday would be fine :) lol

  • 16. yannick (on Mon Jan 7 16:02:26 2013)
    @all: for the keeper list submission, do you guys want to submit it earlier, like thursday noon, to give you more time to prepare your list?

  • 15. costa (on Mon Jan 7 15:51:53 2013)

  • 14. yannick (on Mon Jan 7 15:46:29 2013)
    @myself: looking at last year's comment the buy-in was a $100, and the weekly winners were at $20. we could make the buy-in at $60 without weekly winners for this short season... or we leave it at $100, but we have weekly winners for every week of the season. what do you guys think?

  • 13. yannick (on Mon Jan 7 15:41:02 2013)
    @marc: actually I don;t even remember how much we paid last year... I guess we need to decide what the buy-in is this year. @niraj: since you administer the money, do you remember how much it as last year?

  • 12. marc (on Mon Jan 7 15:30:03 2013)
    And also, are we reducing the buy-in, since its a shortened season or what are we doing?

  • 11. yannick (on Mon Jan 7 15:12:58 2013)
    @marc: sure!

  • 10. marc (on Mon Jan 7 14:45:14 2013)
    @yannick ... I might be able to find 1 new GM who knows his hockey. I'll try to get his response by tomorrow. You ok with that sir?

  • 9. yannick (on Mon Jan 7 14:19:52 2013)
    that's good news phuc! the bad news is that in addition to yanick cole, rudy and etienne have decided to quit the ufhl. So we are now down to 9 managers. I don't know if we can find 1 or 2 managers until saturday... With the draft this saturday, I'll need your keeper list by friday noon, to give me time friday night to adjust the teams in time for the draft. If you decide to keep a player from your farm team, put him in active state when making a lineup, don't leave him in the farm team state.

  • 8. phuc (on Mon Jan 7 14:06:44 2013)
    I should be free this week-end.

  • 7. marc (on Mon Jan 7 09:40:05 2013)
    Since Yan C isn't returning this year, are we going to find a replacement or just go into the draft without him? Or is there more people not returning this season? - I didn't know if I should have emailed you directly about this, but I'd like to remove my work email from the distribution list and have as my new contact email please - Anyone seeking to trade a keeper or for a keeper, you can reach me on my cellphone at 514-594-1827 or ... And one last thing, how much is buy-in again and all? $100 right?? Looking forward to seeing you all at the draft ! Have a nice week boys!

  • 6. yannick (on Sun Jan 6 23:05:37 2013)
    IMPORTANT: here are the rules and time line for trading and submitting keeper list: - deadline to submit keepers will be announced when we set a date for the draft - deadline to make trades will be announced when we set a date for the draft - according to the rule voted two years ago, you can now trade draft dollars along with players during the pre-draft trading period. (no money can be traded during the regular season) Free agents cannot be traded during pre-draft trading period as free agents are given when the draft begins. - maximum number of keepers is as the following: 1st place: 4 keepers max (raymond) 2nd place: 5 keepers max (phuc) 3rd place: 6 keepers max (yanick c) all others: 10 keepers max - any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. - I am currently updating the site for the new season, so if you see anything weird, please don't be alarmed, but please let me know as I might have forgotten stuff as I am updating the site. - draft will be held at Ericsson in Montreal on the date that we have yet to decide HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR KEEPERS: please enter your keeper list by entering a lineup. To submit keeper list: - select Starting Lineup in the weekly actions - make a lineup with the players you want to keep - ignore any warnings after submitting your keeper list through the starting lineup. TRADES: please enter trades through the regular trade page. I have added a field to add draft money. When entering draft money, make sure you enter a "check" in the checkbox besides "Draft Money", or else it will not take the money in the trade. When you get the confirmation page, you'll know if you put the money or not. PLAYERS' PRICES: all the managers page have been updated with the players that can be kept. The first price you see is the price for this season, and if there is a second price, it's for the 2013-2014 season. All traded players, fired players and players who were on their last contract year last season were removed from the managers file so the info is up-to-date. If you see a mistake or someting that looks weird, please let me know as soon as possible.

  • 5. raymond (on Sun Jan 6 17:55:30 2013)
    Sure, next weekend works for me, either day.

  • 4. danny (on Sun Jan 6 15:06:43 2013)
    I'm working on the 19th guys till 7pm and i start the next day at 7AM. How about next weekend? Saturday or Sunday the 12th or 13th.

  • 3. marc (on Sun Jan 6 14:17:51 2013)
    Friday I finish at 5pm, so anything after that time is good for me.

  • 2. yan_c (on Sun Jan 6 08:53:52 2013)
    Sorry will be in Martinique . Have a great season guys. Yannick please remove my email from comments. Thanks!

  • 1. yannick (on Sun Jan 6 08:28:04 2013)
    Lock-out is finally over! Season would start probably saturday january 19th. are you all available for the draft friday january 18th?

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