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last update: Sun Jan 6 17:55:30 2013

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  • 1298. raymond (on Sun Jan 6 17:55:30 2013)
    Sure, next weekend works for me, either day.

  • 1297. danny (on Sun Jan 6 15:06:43 2013)
    I'm working on the 19th guys till 7pm and i start the next day at 7AM. How about next weekend? Saturday or Sunday the 12th or 13th.

  • 1296. marc (on Sun Jan 6 14:17:51 2013)
    Friday I finish at 5pm, so anything after that time is good for me.

  • 1295. yan_c (on Sun Jan 6 08:53:52 2013)
    Sorry will be in Martinique . Have a great season guys. Yannick please remove my email from comments. Thanks!

  • 1294. yannick (on Sun Jan 6 08:28:04 2013)
    Lock-out is finally over! Season would start probably saturday january 19th. are you all available for the draft friday january 18th?

  • 1293. niraj (on Fri Dec 14 17:37:51 2012)
    Thanks phuc! Just to fill the rest of the guys in, my wife gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl name Carys Khanna last Thursday at December 6, a healthy 8lbs 5 oz. Enjoying her and getting used to the new sleep sched...

  • 1292. phuc (on Tue Dec 11 23:37:36 2012)
    Congratulations, Niraj!

  • 1291. niraj (on Mon Nov 26 10:52:46 2012)
    Thanks for the good wishes Marc and Danny. Sadly, it looks like the season will either start in January or there will be a lockout for the entire season. Decertification of the union is a good idea for the top players but a shitty idea for the 3rd/4th liners, will be interesting to see how that goes.

  • 1290. rudy (on Fri Nov 9 18:28:17 2012)
    @danny: where did you find such optimism about the end of the lockout? the fact that the NHL and NHLPA are meeting a few days in a row doesn't mean anything about an agreement for a new CBA...

  • 1289. marc (on Thu Nov 8 13:25:03 2012)
    Congrats to you and your family Niraj. For myself, I will be available the week of the 19th except for the 22nd. I can make it on the 16th or 17th also if needed.

  • 1288. danny (on Thu Nov 8 12:59:56 2012)
    Ça sent le draft!!! Moi, je suis disponible la fin de semaine du 16 novembre. Niraj, congrats on the upcoming baby...Just as the lockout ends the baby will arrive. You should name him ( or her ) Donald in honor of Mr. Fehr.

  • 1287. yannick (on Fri Nov 2 22:32:13 2012)
    I had so much hope 2 weeks ago...

  • 1286. niraj (on Thu Oct 18 19:09:32 2012)
    Hey guys, Congrats Rudy! My wife is due to give birth to our first at the end of November! So looks like a snag in the negotiations, although I would say that the players' offer of 50/50 now, but all current contracts are honoured with no salary reduction, seems quite fair. Hopefully they sign the deal. Yanick, sorry to hear that you're out. I too have way too much on my plate, but the draft and the hockey scores are always a nice distraction from my workdays. Let's see where we are in a week.

  • 1285. yannick (on Thu Oct 18 16:09:21 2012)
    @yan_c: yanick, it would really sucks to lose you... perhaps when they sign a deal, the "feu sacre" will come back and you will get the ufhl itch! When the season starts again I will confirm with you to make sure you haven't changed your mind. If you do leave the ufhl, I was really happy you participated. You are a really good manager and your championship is a good proof of that. I will leave your user and password active for the comments of the week, so that you can pop up anytime and make comments on the season. That would be cool! Best of luck buddy! (...and please reconsider your decision, we would really want you to stay!)

  • 1284. yan_c (on Thu Oct 18 10:10:12 2012)
    Congrats Rudy! Sorry guys, I'm going to have to give up my team to someone else... Was a lot of fun but I have too much on my plate now and to be honest, I'm really not that interested in hockey much anymore...You guys are real fans,I'm sadly not... Good luck to all and be safe... Yannick, can you please take me off the email list....Merci

  • 1283. yannick (on Thu Oct 18 10:09:41 2012)
    @rudy: do you want one the guys to do the draft for you, or do you want to participate through a conference call or a chat session? Let us know when the future generation of ufhl manager is born!

  • 1282. rudy (on Thu Oct 18 08:43:15 2012)
    Guys, my wife is about to give birth to our second child so even if we do have an NHL season starting on November 2nd I won't be at the draft this year.

  • 1281. yannick (on Tue Oct 16 19:50:17 2012)
    According to the latest news, nhl said it's either a 82 games season or no season at all. Also the deadline to come to an agreement has apparently been set to october 25th for the season to start on november 2nd. This means that a deal could be announced on the 24th or 25th and the season starts on nov 2nd, leaving us with practically no time to setup the draft. question: what do we do? Do we plan for the draft to be friday october 26th even if a deal was not announced? it looks like a real possibility this time...

  • 1280. alexandre (on Tue Oct 16 16:17:53 2012)
    26th should be ok for me

  • 1279. marc (on Tue Oct 16 16:08:38 2012)
    I'd be ok with any of those dates, myself.

  • 1278. yannick (on Tue Oct 16 15:58:06 2012)
    the nhl proposition is for a full season of 82 games starting november 2nd. November 2nd is a friday. that would leave the week-end before of october 26-27-28. If we do that on a friday night, it would be october 26th or first night of the season on november 2nd. I know bao will probably be busy on saturday the 27th.

  • 1277. marc (on Tue Oct 16 13:56:26 2012)
    @Niraj ... that would awesome!! where can I get the details? oh and also, if they do strike a deal let's say next week, when will we hold our draft? (roughly)

  • 1276. niraj (on Tue Oct 16 13:20:43 2012)
    get ready guys, I think a deal will be struck very soon...the current offer from the NHL is sounds fairly reasonable...

  • 1275. niraj (on Mon Oct 1 17:06:12 2012)
    This week would have been our draft week. Ho hum...

  • 1274. rudy (on Sun Sep 16 13:43:15 2012)
    With assholes such as Bettman and Fehr, it's no surprise nothing could be done. See you next year guys...

  • 1273. yannick (on Sun Sep 2 01:15:34 2012)
    I added a trade feature to the draft application, so we wont waste anymore time durig the draft whenever there is a trade. Now the question is: will we have a draft? I think we should until september 15th to see if there is a lockout before scheduling the draft. what do you guys think? and what about the pre-draft trading, do we open the trade period now or do we wait to see if there is a season?

  • 1272. yan_c (on Mon Aug 13 15:11:16 2012)
    Looks like that hockey insider with 50k followers on twitter is a kid in Beloeil...

  • 1271. yan_c (on Tue Jul 10 12:14:27 2012)
    Hopefully Tony Marinaro can finally go back to his job as Busboy at Buffet Lacordaire

  • 1270. rudy (on Tue Jul 10 12:09:52 2012)
    Good news for the Islanders, only 9 years left on DiPietro's contract and 2 years at about 2M$ on that infamous Yashin's buyout.

  • 1269. yan_c (on Mon Jul 9 10:16:15 2012)
    Bon matin a tous...Pour ceux qui ont Twitter ce gars semble (a ce que j'ai pu voir) avoir des bonne ne suis pas sur a 100% mais bon... just in case @HockeyyInsiderr Be safe Yanick

  • 1268. yan_c (on Tue Jun 12 09:34:31 2012)
    May be a dumb question but here goes... Would it not make the whole keeper/rental player more interesting if we used playoff stats too? We could push trading deadline to end of regular season... Just a thought... Cheers Y

  • 1267. yan_c (on Tue May 8 15:21:52 2012)
    @rudy.... Cuz watching NHL games sure helped you in your ufhl career... ;)

  • 1266. rudy (on Tue May 8 12:20:47 2012)
    If the Coyotes win the Cup, I promise I'll never watch an NHL game again.

  • 1265. yannick (on Mon May 7 15:14:52 2012)
    ...and by mcdibaugh, I meant McDonaugh of course...

  • 1264. yannick (on Mon May 7 15:14:08 2012)
    glen sather had no idea who mcdibaugh was when he acquired him for scott gomez hed admitted himself. It was on the advice on his scouting team that he demanded for him... Can you imagine how frustrating Jack Johnson must feel seeing the Kings doing se well and be legitimate cup contender? He probably noticed that Steve Mason is not Jonathan Quick...

  • 1263. etienne (on Mon May 7 15:09:31 2012)
    If he can pull a similar deal than Sather did to get McDonaugh, then I'll be really impressed!

  • 1262. niraj (on Wed May 2 18:03:52 2012)
    Team990 had some awesome content today. Pierre McGuire was on, total class. Serge Savard was on, very insightful. Important to note this point that Serge said, although technically incorrect, marketing wise, the team is finally getting it: "We must never forget that this team belongs to the fans. We need to communicate with them. We forgot that for a few years, but hopefully we can get back to making that connection". Personally, I am sad for McGuire, but Bergevin is definitely the right choice. Very impressed with Bergevin's authenticity and background

  • 1261. yan_c (on Wed May 2 07:42:47 2012)
    If today's report out of Chicago is correct, I think this team is finally getting it... Not hockey wise as none of us has the inside knowledge to know if this guy is good or not but the PR battle that Niraj often lamented... By making sure the leak comes from outside the country and not with one of their own news sources (bell owns tsn/rds) they assure themselves no ill will jealousy wise from the rest of the media. and in today's fragmented news market, that's a good thing... it's PR 101 but as you all (or most) pointed out, they did not take that class lol...

  • 1260. niraj (on Tue Apr 24 02:06:19 2012)
    Shorthanded goal from a goalie...that's got to be a first...

  • 1259. etienne (on Tue Apr 17 09:01:22 2012)
    I like that: "new old time hockey"... There's just a lack of respect across the board (literally!): Hagelin on Alfredsson, Weber on Zetterberg...

  • 1258. phuc (on Mon Apr 16 19:24:54 2012)
    Intensity, courage and blah blah... but let's imagine if the 2 gave each other another concussion and they both miss the next season. Grounds for banning fights? Anyway, it would help if Fleury would catch a beach ball once in a while...

  • 1257. phuc (on Mon Apr 16 19:21:08 2012)
    @Etienne, I don't know what the heck is going on. Did Lemieux ever fight Gretzky? I think it's new old-time hockey...

  • 1256. etienne (on Mon Apr 16 10:36:12 2012)
    @all: old time hockey or out of control series?

  • 1255. etienne (on Sat Apr 14 13:39:16 2012)
    très cool! Les Flyers sont en feu... y compris mon prospect Couturier. Philadelphie va échanger Giroux cet été!

  • 1254. phuc (on Thu Apr 12 18:56:22 2012)
    @yannick, thanks for all the hard work towards maintaining and improving! It's really cool to have all these stats/records as well. Very appreciated.

  • 1253. niraj (on Thu Apr 12 15:55:06 2012)
    @yannick: Very cool. Thanks!

  • 1252. yannick (on Thu Apr 12 15:13:33 2012)
    The UFHL Hall Of Champions has been updated with this year's results. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hall of Champions and Record is book is located in the "UFHL Reports" menu under "UFHL Hall of Champions". First, the banner of this year's winner, Raymond, has been added to the list of Champions which can be seen here: Second, the OVERALL UFHL Records has been updated. Six records broken (excellence and mediocrity) this year. Special mention to Marc who broke a 10 years old record and to Phuc who broke a 8 years old record. Note that the broken or tied records are in bright yellow and in bold. The previous record is strikedthrough. Go take a look: And finally, the WEEKLY UFHL Records has been updated as well. Two records have been broken and two have been tied. Special mention to Alex who broke a 8 years old record. Other interesting fact is that only 5 managers have been able to record 3 shutouts in one week before this year, and this season alone 4 managers accomplished that in the final 3 weeks of the season! Go take a look here: Some records seem untouchable like the most plus-minus, penality minutes and shutouts in a year. Go take a look at this piece of UFHL history and enjoy!

  • 1251. niraj (on Thu Apr 12 11:19:55 2012)
    Bryzgalov: 1. Bears: 0. If you don't know what I'm talking about check this vid out. I love this guy.

  • 1250. etienne (on Wed Apr 11 21:29:37 2012)
    @yan_c: I tend to agree with you about salaries we are paying (e.g. draft money) players. There are a couple of exceptions of course such as Crosby or Karlsson this year (he's the prime exemple of the keeper system) who contribute in a major way in a single category or other like Hartnell whose usefulness is across the board: G, PIM, etc. I don't think there is a $10-$15 difference between a 50pts F and a 60pts F. My explaination of why certain player go for more is predictability: some players are more likely to reach a level of production that others. Another driver of player prices is the quality ice time they get. Some 50pts players are on the first wave of PP and others at 50pts hardly get any time. Finally, there's the name factor. Like it or not, a Lidstrom is easier to trade than a Garrison. If you pay more for a "name" player, then you can expect to get a better return when considering a trade. As for the awards: I'd like to nominate myself for worst trade of the year. The Giroux deal screwed me... Pretty bad and a panic move because of concussions! @yan_c2: you had a great defense, but the emergence of Karlsson allowed me to trade Enstrom and Bieksa (stupidly) and survive the injury to Bergeron who was having a decent season.

  • 1249. niraj (on Wed Apr 11 13:54:47 2012)
    @yannick+alex: only reason I proposed it was because it could be fun to either acquire or trade a player if he's a UFA and you don't know which team he'll go to. There's some fun value speculation there that we're missing out on :). I'm good either way though just a suggestion...

  • 1248. yannick (on Wed Apr 11 11:48:32 2012)
    @alex: this would go through a vote at the draft (or summer barbecue) and would be applicable for next season, so no worries for this summer. @niraj: I like the idea of the trade ban, especially just after the season ended. I know that we are not forced to trade, but the vacation of receiving emails for trades and not having to think and not receive pressure from other managers while the season is over is a good thing in my opinion. We could reduce the trade ban, but I am against removing it completely.

  • 1247. yan_c (on Wed Apr 11 11:45:58 2012)
    Nick Kypreos just tweeted that Habs are going to interview Luc Robitaille...

  • 1246. alexandre (on Wed Apr 11 11:32:20 2012)
    @Niraj: I'm not necessarily against the lifting the summer trade ban, but if we knew it was this way I figure people would have traded differently before the deadline. When rule changes are suggested like this is it always for the next year or would your suggestion be implemented this summer after a vote or something?

  • 1245. yan_c (on Wed Apr 11 10:38:09 2012)
    Except for the incredible Karlsson led United, I murdered the rest of you in the DMAN category... Here are my top 6 most dressed Defencemen... Harrisson, Subban, Bogosian, Del zotto, Garrisson, Myers... combined salary of $25... avg games dressed 39 of my top 6 avg salary 4$ of my top 6 Yes it could be a fluke....But at least be open that maybe in an NHL which has only two 50 goal scorers and one 100 point player, maybe Dmen are all pretty much the same except for 4-5 top ones. The new categories should up the Value of a dman now like PIMS do for a guy like Hartnell or Clarkson My 2 cents... thanks Yannick for the excellent recap but especially for an awesome run season (again)

  • 1244. niraj (on Wed Apr 11 10:13:51 2012)
    @yannick: Not surprising at all. Top teams usually get stronger in the second half due to keeper trades.

  • 1243. raymond (on Wed Apr 11 01:34:16 2012)
    The Habs can't even tank properly! Had they finished 2nd worse, they'd have the #1 pick...

  • 1242. raymond (on Wed Apr 11 01:33:27 2012)
    Thanks Yan, nice work!

  • 1241. yannick (on Wed Apr 11 00:30:16 2012)
    I made the ranking for the second half. The stats are the difference since January 11th. Interesting note: when looking at the ranking of January 11th and the final ranking, the top 5 positions have stayed exactly the same, only the position 6 to 9 have changed. This means that nobody in the bottom 6 at half season was able to break the top 5 in the end. Also, the following ranking shows that Ray has won because of his lead he had at half season. Finally, for the second half, it was extremely close as there is only 9 points difference between 1st position and 5th position. VINCENT DAMPHOUSSE Trophy: (best manager of the second half of the season) RANKING for the second half of the season (from January 11th) *1. Me So Crosby 107 points *1. Combiners 107 points 3. Stockholm Syndrome 105 points 4. Havana United 99 points 5. Doodies 98 points 6. Archangles 87 points 7. BLT 73 points 8. Hitmen 69 points 9. Highlanders 56 points 10. Hezbollah Horn Dogs 47 points 11. Rotten Tomatoes 32 points So the winner of the second half is a tie between Phuc and Raymond. Here is the ranking for the second half for offensive categories: RANKING for the second half of the season (from January 11th) for OFFENSIVE CATEGORIES ONLY 1. Stockholm Syndrome 81 points 2. Doodies 76 points 3. Havana United 74 points 4. Combiners 71 points 5. Me So Crosby 70 points 6. Archangles 53 points 7. Highlanders 48 points 8. BLT 42 points 9. Hitmen 38 points 10. Hezbollah Horn Dogs 30 points 11. Rotten Tomatoes 23 points Here is the ranking for the second half for goalies categories: RANKING for the second half of the season (from January 11th) for GOALTENDING CATEGORIES ONLY 1. Me So Crosby 37 points 2. Combiners 36 points 3. Archangles 34 points 4. BLT 31 points 4. Hitmen 31 points 6. Havana United 25 points 7. Stockholm Syndrome 24 points 8. Doodies 22 points 9. Hezbollah Horn Dogs 17 points 10. Rotten Tomatoes 9 points 11. Highlanders 8 points Very interesting results... For more details click on the following link: Note that the ranking is the final ranking of the season on that page, but the numbers you see in parentheses (brackets) are the difference since January 11th. So you can easily see where you lost or gain ranking positions and also the actual value for every categories. What are your impressions? does it confirm what you already knew, or does this surprise you?

  • 1240. niraj (on Tue Apr 10 08:45:51 2012)
    @ray: You should be a motivational speaker.

  • 1239. raymond (on Mon Apr 9 23:07:55 2012)
    We do have a rookie GM planned for next season but I think an extra GM gives Alex more ranking point possibilities. Does Alex know about the trophy idea? @Yan B: good job resisting my Max P trade offers early in the season : ) @Marc: your team did well in the 2nd half, a couple of weekly wins and you were close in a couple of other weeks. Keep it going! @Rudy: you had a solid season! Next year, your Malkin / Neal duo will be so annoying! @Alex: you're the best present Rudy could ever ask for lol Seriously though, the 1st year is usually the toughest. I'm predicting a minimum 50% improvement next year! Hey Yan, that 2nd half ranking was really interesting, do you have one for this season?

  • 1238. phuc (on Mon Apr 9 19:29:34 2012)
    @Alex, now you can only improve... Unless we add another GM next year? @Lundqvist, why did you have to play on Ray's team?? I traded you away from my division just to make it rougher for the Combiners. DAMN YOU NIRAJ! I like the best of the year nominations, here are mine: Best manager: Ray, Yan_C Worst: Best Rookie: (really?) ... Marc Best G FA: Brian Elliott Worst G FA: Garon, Mason Best F/D FA: Parenteau, Michalek, Ryder, Vrbata, Clarkson, Cole, Versteeg (so many now that I look at it...) Worst F/D FA: so many as well. nothing sticks out? ... Matt Niskanen (2x) Worst player adored by manager: Cinderella player (Worst player that was being offered to all, before becoming an untouchable): Hartnell Worst firing: (can't see any big mistakes here) - Cole, Desharnais? Best trade: TBD (a lot) Worst Value at draft: Ovechkin (51), Getzlaf (30), Heatley (33), Seabrook (20), Ryan Whitney (20), D. Roy (18), Duchene (17), JVR (14) Best Value at draft: Alfie (3), Elias (3), Franzen (2), Moulson (3), Neal (3), Seguin (3) Best "free" player at draft: TBD Ghost manager: NA Most motivated manager: Yan_C, Niraj, Ray Most active manager (trades): Yannick, who's top 3? same as above? (I thought everyone was pretty implicated: a cool group.) Best commentator: TBD Best comment: TBD I did this rather quickly, so probably missed some obvious nominees...

  • 1237. alexandre (on Mon Apr 9 16:20:18 2012)
    I'm so far back in the depths that I feel ashamed to speak up, then again, perhaps I should be proud that I have established a new record of horribleness in my rookie season that just may stand the test of time! Congrats Ray, Phuc and Yan C, I hope to swim in your waters faster than the Habs can climb back into the playoffs:)

  • 1236. marc (on Mon Apr 9 15:57:18 2012)
    When are we implementing the Gee-Roux ban? :p

  • 1235. marc (on Mon Apr 9 15:56:53 2012)

  • 1234. niraj (on Mon Apr 9 15:53:47 2012)
    @yan_c: I take my complement back. We've been doing this keeper thing for what, 5 years and twice the guy who won the year before finishes the next year in the top 3? Seems more like the norm than the exception. Meh. Could it be that keepers aren't as valuable as we perceive them to be???? Or are we just keeping the wrong keepers?

  • 1233. rudy (on Sun Apr 8 21:38:47 2012)
    Congratulations to Ray for a superb season, the trade for Lundqvist was huge, clearly the key to the championship. Hats off to Alex for the all-time low of 28 points, thus erasing my name from the records of mediocrity! :-)

  • 1232. marc (on Sun Apr 8 19:51:24 2012)
    Congratulations Ray Ray! Well deserved win sir. Cheers!

  • 1231. yannick (on Sun Apr 8 18:37:31 2012)
    If anyone is interested in bringing back the yearly trophies like we were doing 12 years ago: click on the following link for inspiration: One could do it all, or we could split the categories between the managers and then I'll publish the final page. I'll let someone else take the lead on this, if there is anyone interested.

  • 1230. yannick (on Sun Apr 8 18:30:16 2012)
    Congratulations to Danny for winning his second week on the final $20 of the season! (13 weeks, 7 different winners) Total weekly winning for 2012 (Final Results) raymond: 60 marc: 40 phuc: 40 etienne: 40 danny: 40 bao: 20 niraj: 20 Only Yanick C, Rudy, Alexandre and myself have not won a single week...

  • 1229. yannick (on Sun Apr 8 18:25:45 2012)
    Congratulations to Ray on a fantastic season! If we'd still have the our yearly prizes, you'd be the obvious choice for Manager of the Year! Great keepers, great draft, great trades, great pickups... You became 1st of October 26th and never looked back since... wow indeed! Phuc and Yanick, you both a great year also. Ray was a bit too far ahead but you guys provided us an exciting race for second that Phuc grabbed on the very last day! well done! Since we have introduced keepers, yan_c is the second manager to finish in the top 3 after winning the previous year. The first manager to accomplish this exploit was none other than yours truly: me! After winning in 2008, I finish third in 2009 without any keepers. But that doesn't diminish a single bit your great achievement, I know all too well how difficult it can be. It only adds to our legacy! To all, I think we had the season with the least controversies this year! It seems we are finally becoming responsible adults. The farm system was a great addition, although not very useful this year, it laid ground for improvements which will make the league even more exciting. Indeed, I can't wait for next season with the new ranking and farm system. I will announce the final money reward shortly and also the list of records broken this year. On the development side, I have already added the Blocked Shots and Clutch Goals. Next is to improve the draft application. I want to add a "undo" utility to quickly erase a player that was erroneously entered and also a "trade" action to make trade fast. Eventually I will go through the list of improvements such as having a profile page where you edit your team picture, team name and see franchise stats. Just for fun, here is the final salary mass at the end of the year: -->raymond total: $402 -->etienne total: $374 -->phuc total: $328 -->yan_c total: $288 -->yannick total: $268 -->bao total: $248 -->rudy total: $242 -->danny total: $188 -->marc total: $187 -->niraj total: $123 -->alexandre total: $86

  • 1228. phuc (on Sun Apr 8 17:54:58 2012)
    Congratulations Ray! A well-deserved win.

  • 1227. raymond (on Sun Apr 8 15:29:46 2012)
    Thanks everyone!!! I'm super excited to once again be the UFHL CHAMP!!! Oh Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! @Etienne: garde ta tête haute, t'avais un équipe puissant. J'essayerai de m'asseoir loin de toi au draft ; ) @Yan C: congrats on the back-to-back results. After winning last year, not only did you finish in the top 3, you also improved on your point total - impressive! Difficult task to accomplish... @Danny: you were right (who just said that?), you'd be a great assistant GM with the Canadiens! @Niraj: really appreciate all the kind comments you've been putting up, even though I'd prefer that you'd keep them for after the season! I know you'll be dangerous next year. @Phuc: in a "regular" season, you'd be the one writing this long comment. Congrats on a great season!

  • 1226. niraj (on Sun Apr 8 10:32:03 2012)
    A perfect storm for Phuc to come from behind and finish on top of Yan_C (guys, get your mind out of the gutters, I'm talking about the rankings). Congrats Ray! Also congrats to Yan_C who becomes the first manager to finish in the top 3 after a win the season before. Very tough task to accomplish.

  • 1225. danny (on Sun Apr 8 10:22:05 2012)
    Just when my team was getting hot...the season ends! ;) Congrats Ray for the total domination ( As i previously stated in december) and to Phuc for finishing ahead of Yan C!

  • 1224. yan_c (on Sun Apr 8 08:56:13 2012)
    Way to go Ray... Awesome job

  • 1223. etienne (on Sun Apr 8 08:07:34 2012)
    Bravo à Ray pour ta saison! Bravo à Yannick et Phuc aussi. Ce fut une belle course pour la deuxième place même si je blâme un peu les SHG...

  • 1222. yannick (on Sat Apr 7 10:30:02 2012)
    So, it all comes down to one night to decide who finishes second and who will win the week. This is the last day of the season. Good luck to all! (P.S. The final ranking will not be sunday's one as the nhl might modify the stats for today's game as they often do. Monday's ranking will be the official final ranking.)

  • 1221. etienne (on Thu Apr 5 11:44:52 2012)
    Yeah, Holder is pretty good. Especially the oysters.

  • 1220. yannick (on Thu Apr 5 11:33:22 2012)
    by the way team freeze is in effect until trade period begins in september.

  • 1219. yan_c (on Thu Apr 5 07:50:32 2012)
    Check out tva sports audience for hockey.... People in quebec don't like hockey...they love the Habs....big difference... Those #'s are not bad...they are horrendous....

  • 1218. yan_c (on Thu Apr 5 07:43:42 2012)
    2 interesting articles if ever...

  • 1217. yan_c (on Wed Apr 4 19:09:14 2012)
    @phuc...I think average tickets are about 100$ (more for premium teams).... for that 200$ or for a pair of habs tickets you'd get WAY more value with 20 movie tickets... or a day at the Biodome, Brunch at Holder and a massage down he street.. Or pretty much anything else lol

  • 1216. yan_c (on Wed Apr 4 18:55:28 2012)
    @phuc.... I believe that the Packers are like that and the Flames to a certain extent are too.... And yes, the city runs things soooo well..that would be an awesome idea :) Don't forget...the NHL is a business....a private is not culture...30 people(or groups) own it.... you just buy from more, no less

  • 1215. phuc (on Wed Apr 4 18:36:42 2012)
    Never been to a Raptors' game... how much is a pair typically? is it worth it to have Spike Lee seats? I know nothing of Damphousse's accomplishments post-player career, but I'm really glad he's out. A bit off-topic, and maybe someone could clarify for me, but is there anything that would stop "Ville de Montreal" from owning a major league team, in this instance, the Habs? Just like they own land, buildings, snow removal contracts, etc., would it be possible for a city (not the people) to own a major league team (of any kind) - so the mayor would appoint the GM? Then ppl would be incredibly involved in municipal politics... It would be my kind of platform - it'd be funny, or at least interesting. I understand that it's probably not the mandate of the mayor/ part of running the city... but a good lawyer could certainly make a case that for the Habs represent a cultural staple that's as much a part of Montreal as the Pyramids belong to Egypt (I know, hyperbole). As such, they should belong to the city and not some private institution. Profits would go towards repairing those damn potholes. Win-win - except for the players becoming syndicated, being overpaid and maybe score 2 goals a season... Wait, Gomez... nevermind. win-win-win I think I've just found my electoral platform. Vision Montreal? pfft. Les Canadiens de Montreal a Montreal. Votez CdMaM - Un vote pour CdMaM, c'est un vote pour la coupe Stanley! Guaranteed win. who's in? (Sorry for the rambling)

  • 1214. yan_c (on Wed Apr 4 17:20:11 2012)
    @niraj.... I go once a year to the Raptors...that's more than enough...what a stupid a$$ sport lol But the team does try harder than most to maximize the experience...very commendable and smart... And blackberry is plain stupid... People who think that it's normal to type with 2 thumbs deserve inferior products :)

  • 1213. niraj (on Wed Apr 4 17:16:58 2012)
    @yc: Also, the only emotion I have in this is the frustration I get when I see a business operate really poorly. I get the same way with Blackberry (the absolute worst product marketing of all time).

  • 1212. niraj (on Wed Apr 4 17:13:22 2012)
    @yc: Consider some Raptor tix...excellent entertainment value (as long as they are playing a good team, because the raps suck)

  • 1211. yan_c (on Wed Apr 4 17:02:57 2012)
    I don't condone this btw.... But I do know them and how they act... personally I've decided to cut down to 2 loges a year instead of 3 and take that 12k and spend towards the impact and more concerts.... Not because of the communication....but the product value....

  • 1210. yan_c (on Wed Apr 4 16:59:56 2012)
    @niraj....true....But what I try and explain (poorly I might add ) is that the fans DON't MATTER... not really... If you remove all emotion for your body, you'd understand... the only people who matter are the season ticket/loge holders....and they communicate to them en me... I'm not saying this is good, bad, sad or glad....just the way it is... If they told their fans to F-Off and were in first place, Fans would cheer....sheep mentality On ice product matters...when it falters, then people start picking at bones...hence communication criticisms

  • 1209. niraj (on Wed Apr 4 16:50:03 2012)
    @yc: I was actually commending the CH on having enough class to say that Gainey resigned instead of saying that he was fired. I bemoan the CH for not communicating to their fan base. Why I bemoan that fact is that it's simply bad business for the CH. They developed a marketing engine to make "us" / the people say "we" when we talk about the Habs, but then with Gauthier they don't reinforce that relationship. As you know, in marketing that's called brand confusion and when you have brand confusion you'll soon lose your brand loyalty, lost sales, etc.

  • 1208. yan_c (on Wed Apr 4 16:40:03 2012)
    @niraj...I heard he was fired, no resignation... As for showing class... You (people in general, and you in particular) bemoan the CH for upper body injury and not being burke etc.... and then they act 100% honest and then they have less class for not doing something that EVERYONE would know is not's 2012 not 1952 it's like 6.99$...everyone knows its 7$

  • 1207. niraj (on Wed Apr 4 16:26:11 2012)
    @yan_c: Likely an obvious point, but like me do you believe that Gainey was actually fired but CH brass had enough class to send out a release that said Gainey resigned?

  • 1206. yan_c (on Wed Apr 4 16:15:54 2012)
    @Etienne #1203.... In our business that means the CH were not interested in him so his PR people (cabinet National) release that statement...

  • 1205. niraj (on Wed Apr 4 16:02:30 2012)
    @etienne: If only we could add a ranking for "Games lost to concussions"...

  • 1204. yannick (on Wed Apr 4 15:58:01 2012)
    Congratulations to Raymond for winning his third week! (12 weeks, 7 different winners) Total weekly winning for 2012 raymond: 60 marc: 40 phuc: 40 etienne: 40 danny: 20 bao: 20 niraj: 20

  • 1203. etienne (on Wed Apr 4 15:45:04 2012)

  • 1202. etienne (on Wed Apr 4 10:29:18 2012)
    I was a believer and threw him away for a concussed guy...

  • 1201. niraj (on Wed Apr 4 07:44:37 2012)
    Mike Smirh: wow...38, 44, 54 save shutouts in a row...

  • 1200. niraj (on Tue Apr 3 16:41:56 2012)
    Correction to last comment: Raps put on a better show than any non-playoff game I've ever been to...

  • 1199. niraj (on Tue Apr 3 16:39:57 2012)
    @yan_c: It's like when a golfer has a 1-footer to win a's a given...oh wait...nvm... Basketball game was awesome! I have to say they put on a MUCH better show than any hockey game I've ever been to. It was my second Bball game and it certainly helped to watch the Heat, but it's something I would go to again. Unlike a non-playoff hockey game.

  • 1198. yan_c (on Tue Apr 3 15:44:03 2012)'s 1159 and 45 seconds on new year's eve....Pretty sure you could wait till Sunday to wish Ray a happy new year tant qu'a y etre! :) How was the Basketball game?

  • 1197. niraj (on Mon Apr 2 19:13:06 2012)
    Very impressive victory by Ray...he's in the top 3 for every category except for wins where he's fourth. I hate to admit it, but it's one of the more dominant victories in UFHL history. Congratulations Ray!

  • 1196. etienne (on Mon Apr 2 15:27:27 2012)
    The 1980s Oilers strategy just doesn't work in the new UFHL...

  • 1195. rudy (on Mon Apr 2 13:57:49 2012)
    Just can't believe it... the HavanaU could still not finish in the top 3 despite being first in 6 categories...

  • 1194. danny (on Sat Mar 31 17:14:11 2012)
    Funny you don't talk about comment 578 and my abilities to see the futur...

  • 1193. etienne (on Sat Mar 31 11:57:00 2012)
    close to 899

  • 1192. danny (on Sat Mar 31 11:49:20 2012)
    Thanks for the award Niraj. Coming from our own personal "Gainey" GM is a real honor for me to accept.

  • 1191. niraj (on Sat Mar 31 02:20:53 2012)
    Considering the habs track record for hiring gms I think Danny would be the ideal candidate for the gm position. Go Danny!!! Comment 1182 may be the best comment in UFHL history.

  • 1190. danny (on Fri Mar 30 17:38:55 2012)
    I hope i made you laugh...It was a sarcastic way of saying ...The Habs management don't know what the hell there doing!!!! ;)

  • 1189. yan_c (on Fri Mar 30 16:34:43 2012)
    Just when I thought I'd run out of Danny material... I second the nomination Yannick

  • 1188. yannick (on Fri Mar 30 16:19:52 2012)
    let's give a call to molson to suggest the winner of the UFHL becomes the new Habs GM!

  • 1187. yannick (on Fri Mar 30 15:56:22 2012)
    By the way, Congratulations to Etienne for winning his second week last week! (11 weeks, 7 different winners) Total weekly winning for 2012 marc: 40 phuc: 40 raymond: 40 etienne: 40 danny: 20 bao: 20 niraj: 20

  • 1186. phuc (on Fri Mar 30 15:55:19 2012)
    Ohh, no no, that's Steve, he knows his 2x4s - mention my name and his sister in the same sentence, he'll give you a good deal at Reno-depot!

  • 1185. yannick (on Fri Mar 30 15:54:06 2012)
    I'd like to nominate comment #1182 as comment of the year!

  • 1184. yannick (on Fri Mar 30 15:52:47 2012)
    Julien? I thought we were talking about Roger Brisebois, owner of the local hardware store... He knows nothing about hockey, but good prices on nails and screws!

  • 1183. phuc (on Fri Mar 30 15:50:21 2012)
    @Danny, I think you're confusing Brisebois with another... Not Patrice, Julien.

  • 1182. danny (on Fri Mar 30 15:48:48 2012)
    Why is Brisebois even discussed in tha Habs futur? Don't people remember....Montrealers hate him He was booed every damn night and yes he made a touching interview explaining all his emotions and how he had to deal with pressure....Imagine coaching or GMing the team. Brisebois is NOT a candidate to consider.... C'mon man!

  • 1181. niraj (on Fri Mar 30 01:22:44 2012)
    @yan_C: You know, there are sites for random thoughts that have absolutely nothing to do with the UFHL...

  • 1180. yan_c (on Thu Mar 29 23:44:05 2012)
    In case someone else is wondering "phuc" is not a valid in words with friends... Thought id score a major points with a double letter triple word ... Settled for "rudy" and my adversary in bumfuckinstan asked me if english was my 3rd language

  • 1179. yan_c (on Thu Mar 29 15:39:33 2012)
    Throwing it out there in case it spawns a good idea... What about getting something for when our ufhl player actually gets an calder, selke, hart Maybe less keeper trades happen? Maybe extra free agent following year for each award....

  • 1178. niraj (on Thu Mar 29 14:21:30 2012)
    Excuses excuses...that win is starting to look more lucky than good. Let's see where you stack up in 10 years. I think we'll see that you're less Moneyball and more Butterball...

  • 1177. yan_c (on Thu Mar 29 14:01:53 2012)
    and yes! Niraj predicted a 3-4 place finish for me...that means 1-2 or.... gulp.....5th? Rudy stay away Argh!!!

  • 1176. yan_c (on Thu Mar 29 13:59:45 2012)
    @niraj...Took me a long time to repair your initial draft're like Gainey for me.... Once a hero but lustre has dimmed :)

  • 1175. niraj (on Thu Mar 29 13:43:19 2012)
    Good thing yan_c has a Doctorate in Moneyball Economics. It clearly shows with his last, last, 1st and either 3/4th place finish. I think Nolan had a better record. Wow. Go Moneyball...

  • 1174. yan_c (on Thu Mar 29 13:27:19 2012)
    @phuc.... My guess (all speculation) is brisebois or the young toronto guy... The tendancy in north american sports is to go younger and they've been doing nuts and bolts stuff (behind scenes) for years... Both are very Moneyball inclined too I gather...

  • 1173. phuc (on Thu Mar 29 13:20:33 2012)
    Yeah, I echo the sentiment when they hired Gainey - really thought it would make the org better. Anyway, can't be much worse than it is now, unless they hire JFJ or re-hire 'peanuts'. I can't really see who I would want to see as Habs' GM at this point... Who is REALLY qualified to do this? McGuire, really? he's a fun commentator but is he 'savvy' enough to be a GM?

  • 1172. yan_c (on Thu Mar 29 12:51:33 2012)
    I gather there is no chance of Roy in Montreal... Both Molson and Savard can't stand him He's on "retainer" for a possible Quebec team already... I'm no fan but I think today is the day the team goes back to before 1995...Then again, I thought that when they hired Gainey so what do I know... I hope Molson at least talks to Niraj given his pedigree and obvious appeal to CH fans in Asia and kitchens everywhere...

  • 1171. niraj (on Thu Mar 29 12:29:25 2012)
    post 588: I REALLY hope that is exactly what happens.

  • 1170. yan_c (on Thu Mar 29 11:13:51 2012)
    check my post #588 from december....never know :)

  • 1169. phuc (on Thu Mar 29 10:29:48 2012)
    Oh shit, JFJ time??

  • 1168. niraj (on Thu Mar 29 10:10:16 2012)

  • 1167. yan_c (on Tue Mar 27 15:25:26 2012)
    @yannick.... it's not a bad post...It merits at least a conversation...but you are right, no one has ever brought it up so it's probably a non-issue.... but saving a few FA's probably offsets any problems are there are always some hot late season no name (or not on ufhl roster) guys that make good 2-3 week pickups

  • 1166. etienne (on Tue Mar 27 15:24:00 2012)
    let's not open pandora boxes...

  • 1165. yannick (on Tue Mar 27 15:17:51 2012)
    @yan_c: the fact that we never actually talked about it is a good sign that it is not a big issue. I was more thinking out loud after wondering why none of my players who are injured for a long time did not get put on the IR. I think we have a big enough roster as it is now and that it is part of the game. @all: please forget my last comment!

  • 1164. yan_c (on Tue Mar 27 15:11:09 2012)
    @yannick... If a manager built a deep enough team to offset (or lessen) impact of injuries, by opening up UFHL rosters that would kinda be "du nivellage vers le bas" no?

  • 1163. yannick (on Tue Mar 27 13:54:59 2012)
    one annoying thing is that starting march, nhl teams can have an extended roster which results in no team putting their injured players on the IR. If you take a look, except for very few exceptions like scott gomez, almost no players are put on the IR. If the NHL has an expanded roster, should the UFHL has an expanded roster after our trade deadline? interesting question...

  • 1162. yan_c (on Tue Mar 27 12:50:37 2012)
    @etienne and @niraj.... it's almost a fun concept....I'd trade for sure some shg... :)

  • 1161. niraj (on Tue Mar 27 12:02:00 2012)
    @Ray: You should jump all over that offer.

  • 1160. etienne (on Tue Mar 27 11:29:29 2012)
    I'm willing to trade 10 assists and +15 for 3 SHG... Any takers?

  • 1159. etienne (on Mon Mar 26 20:06:48 2012)
    @Marc: "Matter of fact, I'm down for anything." Dangerous words my friend...

  • 1158. bao (on Mon Mar 26 16:23:01 2012)
    How about losers have to make the trophy...

  • 1157. phuc (on Mon Mar 26 14:56:36 2012)
    @Yannick, perfect. @Niraj, pick a site for a playoff pool, I'd be in. If we're all in, I suggest "winner" / loser buys the ufhl trophies, barring any conflict of interest. :)

  • 1156. yannick (on Mon Mar 26 14:45:49 2012)
    CG meaning "Clutch Goals" being SHG and GWG combined

  • 1155. yannick (on Mon Mar 26 14:44:33 2012)
    I need SHG and GW to appear in the manager file to actually make the calcaluation, so does something like this would be ok?: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Team P Sta Gm *G *Ast *Pts *+/- *Pmn *PP SH GW *CG *BkS =========================================================================================== Perry, Corey ANA F act nhl 72 35 21 56 -5 106 13 1 6 7 32 (32-35) ufhl 35 21 6 27 9 47 5 1 4 5 12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ott, Steve DAL F non nhl 66 10 25 35 3 140 4 0 2 2 123 (1-10-11) ufhl 37 6 16 22 4 63 2 0 1 1 100 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • 1154. marc (on Mon Mar 26 11:33:40 2012)
    @Niraj : I'm up for the draft over Skype. Matter of fact, I'm down for anything. Would be fun to have a playoff pool for us bottom dwellers lol

  • 1153. niraj (on Mon Mar 26 09:56:01 2012)
    Playoff Pool: Ok, so it's up in the air. You guys want to meet up for a snake draft or do something online with box selections? We can also do the snake draft over a skype call...

  • 1152. yannick (on Mon Mar 26 08:57:10 2012)
    @niraj: playoff pool ufhl style: too much work, sorry. even strenght goals: it would possible as the stat would be: G - PPG - SHG = even-strenght goals. here is the counter of number of hires straight to farm left for each managers: alexandre: 3 bao: 2 danny: 3 etienne: 3 marc: 2 niraj: 0 phuc: 1 raymond: 1 rudy: 0 yan_c: 2 yannick: 1

  • 1151. niraj (on Sat Mar 24 18:01:07 2012)
    @phuc: I'll defer to Yannick...Yannick can we do a playpool UFHL style? Let us know what is possible, if anything at all

  • 1150. niraj (on Sat Mar 24 17:55:27 2012)
    @yan_c: stats are from yahoo bulk they have this cat?

  • 1149. niraj (on Sat Mar 24 17:53:59 2012)
    @yan_c: you're right...I don't do much to adapt. I guess my 3 wins, 8 top 3s (7 in a row) were all because I didn't adapt. As for who else thinks starts need solving I'll let them speak up if they want to.

  • 1148. yan_c (on Sat Mar 24 15:40:02 2012)
    quick idea... why not have an even strength goal cat? here are the leaders for your perusal We could then have... Goals Specialty goals (GWG, PP, SHG) Even strength Each cat would have it's own merit and the luck factor would be diminished with 3 separate types

  • 1147. yan_c (on Sat Mar 24 14:17:29 2012)
    @niraj...Who else is saying that the start of the season needs "solving"?

  • 1146. yan_c (on Sat Mar 24 14:13:40 2012) have the exact same attitude that you deplore the Canadiens GM's have... Not adapting nor admitting mistakes... The Nhl and UFHL are different today than even 3 years ago. What worked when you last won in 1978 does not necessarily work now.. There are WAY more injuries than before. And even more serious ones. There are WAY less Statistic stars than before. Total goals per game keep going down. Total PIMS per game are going down. The gap between (as of today) the 20th best scorer and the 40th best scorer is 6 pts...that's one solid weekend difference only... All I'm saying is that you stock a team with good vanilla players (not great ones) and you can weather pretty much any storm be it injuries, luck or underperformance... Hence why I think 10$ guys are way more important than stars Especially expensive ones that then make us have to bid on lesser players....

  • 1145. phuc (on Sat Mar 24 13:38:52 2012)
    @ray, The choice and strategy behind it make it fun. Sure you can start 3 goalies all season and you'll probably dominate in the Wins, but you're sacrificing elsewhere if you do that. You widen a gap in 1 area, but will probably give up a lead in pts or blk shots or w/e to others. Even with the util, the better team still wins. And it should actually work to your advantage as it involves a bit more work and management... You can win by just being 2nd or 3rd in all cats, right? If really it's 10Fwds and 5Ds the way to go, so be it... Then we'll adapt come the following season. I think it will depend on your actual team and trades that you do. That 6th d-man or 8-9th fwd or 3rd goalie will move around quite a bit I think. More fun with (ignoring) trades! So, full season util, please. @Niraj, So what's the playoff pool format? I might be in, gotta have something to keep me interested. @yannick, option 2 - are you combining the GWG/SHG in the player stats as well? i ain't so good at counting and adding... ;)

  • 1144. niraj (on Sat Mar 24 12:49:23 2012)
    @yan_c: with 2 bottom place finishes a first and presumably a top 3 this year in your UFHL career you don't have enough experience to talk about a successful planning track record. You believe planning can help overcome dumb luck. It doesnt. @ray: you're absolutely right. It can work both ways. But it will give managers more hope. Also you're thinking of the utility concept as a fixed lineup. That's not how it'll work...people will look at their rankings and adjust...that's the great part of this. You can try to improve in your weaker cats at the sacrifice of your stronger cats. That's a choice we'll all have, and I think it's a very fun choice to have. a very

  • 1143. raymond (on Sat Mar 24 12:19:18 2012)
    @Niraj: you have to consider the possibility that it has the opposite effect - it widens the statistical gap. Lets say that someone has 3 pretty good goalies and racks up a bunch of wins. Does this option help you close the gap? Unlikely because there just isn't that many quality goaltenders available to help you close that gap. Same example with forwards. We're assuming that the Blocked Shots category will deter someone from consistently starting 5 D-men. What if we're wrong and the combo of 10 fwds and 5 D is the way to go. Again, the gap has been widened. And actually, your argument about improving over a longer period of time is equally weak. Has nobody ever won by making a strong 2nd half surge? You've done it and so have many others. I'm not saying that one of us is right and one is wrong...I'm just saying that we have to look at both possibilities - while allowing everyone to benefit and not creating an ever bigger hole to climb out of.

  • 1142. yan_c (on Sat Mar 24 09:53:40 2012)
    @niraj...only thing I disagree is your start of the season "needed solving"... Said who? Or who else apart from you? rookies and soso players are always better in the first half Veterans/stars tend to do better after xmas when it gets serious... Plan accordingly...

  • 1141. niraj (on Sat Mar 24 09:28:42 2012)
    @ray: that's an incredibly weak argument...besides only starting it after the all star break would defeat the entire purpose since the idea of the utility player is to give managers a better statistical chance to improve for a longer period of time. I know that a lot of us feel that keeper trades start too early in the season, utility player should fix that since you'll have the option of more man power to improve in your weaker cats. It places less emphasis on the start of the season which is something that also needed solving.

  • 1140. rudy (on Sat Mar 24 08:24:00 2012)
    @ray: I'd like you to put your finger on it, seriously. This way maybe you could convince me it's not good all-season long.

  • 1139. raymond (on Fri Mar 23 22:44:29 2012)
    Option 2 for sure I've been thinking about the floater / utility option and although I do think it should be an option, there's something that bugs me about it, can't put my finger on what... So how about this: allow the floater / utility option during with the start of the weekly awards. This way, there'd be alot of interest in the 2nd half.

  • 1138. etienne (on Fri Mar 23 19:28:58 2012)
    Option 2 without the SHG...

  • 1137. niraj (on Fri Mar 23 16:38:01 2012)
    If you were to re-arrange columns, my suggestion would be: Gm, G, A, Pts, +/-, PPG, SH, GW, PIM, BkS

  • 1136. niraj (on Fri Mar 23 16:35:43 2012)
    Wtf...Yan_C and I agree on 2 things now. Blocked shots in the last column is best...we're also used to the position of the existing columns...

  • 1135. yan_c (on Fri Mar 23 16:21:32 2012)
    @yannick..I like the one that shows the Syndrome in first place... Barring that, the one that has bks farther from the Pmn I find best becasue the #'s would be similar in many cases merci!

  • 1134. yannick (on Fri Mar 23 15:16:26 2012)
    When I'll add Blocked shots for next year (maybe this year for information purposes), which of the following looks better in a manager's file or is easier to consult? option 1) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Team P Sta Gm *G *Ast *Pts *+/- *Pmn *BkS *PP *SH *GW ======================================================================================= Perry, Corey ANA F act nhl 72 35 21 56 -5 106 32 13 1 6 (32-35) ufhl 35 21 6 27 9 47 12 5 1 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ott, Steve DAL F non nhl 66 10 25 35 3 140 123 4 0 2 (1-10-11) ufhl 37 6 16 22 4 63 100 2 0 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- or option 2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Team P Sta Gm *G *Ast *Pts *+/- *Pmn *PP *SH *GW *BkS ======================================================================================= Perry, Corey ANA F act nhl 72 35 21 56 -5 106 13 1 6 32 (32-35) ufhl 35 21 6 27 9 47 5 1 4 12 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ott, Steve DAL F non nhl 66 10 25 35 3 140 4 0 2 123 (1-10-11) ufhl 37 6 16 22 4 63 2 0 1 100 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • 1133. yan_c (on Fri Mar 23 08:03:30 2012)
    @jf...Salut! Oui, je suis d'accord pour une fois avec Niraj...Ca serait bien ton retour de la KHL :)

  • 1132. niraj (on Thu Mar 22 17:33:27 2012)
    @jf: Hope you're well. Would be nice to have you back next season.

  • 1131. rudy (on Thu Mar 22 14:16:20 2012)
    @yan_c: Blake Geoffrion was a farm rounds draftee by the Doodies. At that time, his upside was good. Now that he's a Hab, he'll be spoiled for sure. Just like Louis Leblanc.

  • 1130. jf (on Thu Mar 22 13:57:14 2012)
    Je suis pas venu vous dire bonjour depuis un petit bout de temps. Et comme c'est le temps ou tout le monde est sur les dents dans les pool je suis venu jeter un oeil. On dirait bien que les nouveau on appris à la dure, ce qu'est la UFHL. :D Vous en faites pas c'est leurs façon de dire bienvenue. :P Bonne chance à tous les prétendants et bon courage à ceux en reconstruction. JF

  • 1129. yan_c (on Thu Mar 22 11:28:02 2012)
    @rudy... Coming from the guy who owned Blake Geoffrion...I think his dead grandfather would be a better pickup

  • 1128. rudy (on Thu Mar 22 09:30:35 2012)
    @bao: Did you really have Rene Bourque in your roster?

  • 1127. yannick (on Wed Mar 21 21:46:35 2012)
    Congratulations to Phuc for winning his second week last week! Congratulations to Ray for winning his second week this week! (10 weeks, 7 different winners) Total weekly winning for 2012 marc: 40 phuc: 40 raymond: 40 danny: 20 bao: 20 niraj: 20 etienne: 20

  • 1126. etienne (on Wed Mar 21 11:17:04 2012)
    @Niraj: sure

  • 1125. marc (on Wed Mar 21 02:21:18 2012)
    @niraj what type of format? I might be interested

  • 1124. yannick (on Tue Mar 20 23:49:35 2012)
    @danny: no, only one position would change. so the possibilities are: (forward, defense, goalies) 9-6-2 8-7-2 8-6-3 9-5-3 10-5-2 10-6-1 9-7-1

  • 1123. niraj (on Tue Mar 20 23:27:03 2012)
    Anyone up for a playoff pool?

  • 1122. danny (on Tue Mar 20 12:12:42 2012)
    Floater idea seems good but can i start 3 goalies 8 defenseman and 6 forwards.....;) Mayham would be maximized!

  • 1121. raymond (on Tue Mar 20 11:27:22 2012)
    @Yan B: Shorthanded goals @Etienne: Just cuz I have 18 goalies doesn't mean that I want to start all of them at once! @Yan B: Can you implement the floater idea in time for next year?

  • 1120. yannick (on Tue Mar 20 11:07:23 2012)
    did we say shorthanded "points" with game-winners or shorthanded "goals" with game-winners?

  • 1119. etienne (on Tue Mar 20 09:36:06 2012)
    And it will finally make sense for Ray to have 18 goalies in his team!

  • 1118. yan_c (on Mon Mar 19 18:19:44 2012)
    @rudy... I don't know about the other guys at the dinner but I've been thinking about the floater concept since Sat night and I still can't see any downsides...but a ton of upsides...

  • 1117. rudy (on Mon Mar 19 17:02:00 2012)
    Very happy that the Blocked Shots category is coming next year, with so many active defenseman in the lineup it's very good for the balance of the pool, and the "special" goals will finally have less importance in the championship. Beside the fear of change, I cannot see any reason to be against the floater/utility player concept.

  • 1116. niraj (on Mon Mar 19 13:48:39 2012)
    Thanks for writing up the rule changes Ray. I totally support the floater/utility player and feel it should be implemented next year...definitely puts a bit of strategy into the mix and allows managers to believe they have a viable shot at finishing first even if you have a poor start.

  • 1115. marc (on Mon Mar 19 10:23:15 2012)
    @yan_c and by Syndrome you mean team Gee-Roux ? :)

  • 1114. yan_c (on Mon Mar 19 07:13:55 2012)
    Excellent meeting and post Ray... So many great ideas and suggestions...Was fun and productive... Like Phuc and Marc I think the floater idea is excellent... A bit more strategy every week without needing a whole lot of time to come up with said strategy. It should make for a lot closer race for 2nd for you guys behind the Syndrome next year... :)

  • 1113. marc (on Mon Mar 19 00:22:18 2012)
    I see it was a very productive meeting. Liking the new ideas, especially the floater player idea. Will make way for more trades and more excitment during the year. Sorry I wasn't able to make it gentlemen. Good write up Ray btw!

  • 1112. phuc (on Mon Mar 19 00:04:02 2012)
    Thank you Ray, for writing it up. I find the rule changes will make for a lot of fun. And I totally support the Utility-floater lineup change. It can only make for more (good) mayhem and I think it will encourage more trading throughout the season.

  • 1111. raymond (on Sun Mar 18 23:54:40 2012)
    Farm Team Changes: 1) Prospects will no longer have a contract length 2) The price to keep a prospect will be $2. There is no floor price. 3) As soon as a prospect is called up, he will get 2 additional contract years 4) Forwards must leave the farm after 165 NHL games 5) Unlimited “straight to farm hires” but if choosing this option, the player hired cannot be called up (activated) for 4 weeks. What this means: You’ll be able to keep a prospect in your farm team for as long as you want, provided you’re willing to pay $2 every year to keep him. As soon as you call him up, he gets 2 years added to his contract at $10 and $11. If you draft a player for $8 and leave him in your farm all year, you’ll be able to keep him next year for $2. Drafting prospects just became a lot more interesting. If you hire a player straight to your farm team, you cannot activate him for 4 weeks. If you trade that player, he still cannot be activated until the 4 week period has passed. However, you’ll be able to fire him at anytime, even during the 4 week period. Category Changes: 1) SHG and GW will now be merged into 1 category 2) New category: Blacked Shots What this means: A Short-handed game-winning goal counts as 2 in this new category. Blocked Shots will deepen the pool of d-men since the blocked shots leaders are mostly d-men. Keeper Changes: The top 3 will be able to keep 3, 5 and 7 keepers. Draft Changes: Instead of having 3 free rounds and 3 farm team rounds, we’ll just have 6 free rounds at the end of the draft. The order will be decided by pulling names out of a hat and it will be a snake draft Potential Change: We talked about the possibility of having 1 “utility” or “floater” player. Meaning, you could start 3 goalies, 5 d-men and 9 fwds or 8 fwds, 7 d-men and 2 goalies. So if you’re really behind in a category, you could load up in a particular area. This idea is still being discussed, no decision has been made on whether or not it will be implemented.

  • 1110. raymond (on Sun Mar 18 23:12:10 2012)
    Hi All, This past Saturday, we had our 1st UFHL meeting and it was very productive. Many topics were discussed (we went over every comment / idea posted) and there will be changes next year. Hopefully, you will find these changes positive and exciting. When reading the changes (next post), please remember that these changes are effective Oct 1, 2012. So if you’re wondering how the changes impact your current team, the answer is: “It shouldn’t.” Thanks to everyone for participating in some form to help improve the UFHL.

  • 1109. yan_c (on Sat Mar 17 17:00:02 2012)
    59000 people at the Impact game... Was nuts... Haven't seen that many immigrants since the UFHL draft...

  • 1108. yannick (on Sat Mar 17 14:44:01 2012)
    also, etienne would like to discuss raising the floor price of $10 to something like $12 or $15 to make the farm team more important.

  • 1107. yannick (on Fri Mar 16 23:13:46 2012)
    I don't have much time to go into details but here is what I'll talk about tomorrow. Note that whatever we'll talk about will not change the status of the current farm team players, it really is for next draft. proposal for farm team changes highlights: 1- Variable price for the following season depending on games played in the nhl, on performance and time spent in the farm of the manager. for example a player that spends 12 consecutive weeks in the farm and hasn't played a game in the nhl, he could be kept for $0. A player that has played less than 10 games in the nhl, could be kept at $1. A forward that has .7 points per game or more would be kept at $5. A player could be kept $0, $1, $2, $3, $4 or $5 based on similar conditions. 2- A player that spends a whole season in a manager's farm team gets an extra season in his contract. 3- Reduce the number of maximum games for skaters from 200 to 150 to be eligible to be in the farm team. 4- A farm team team player can be activated for 2 ufhl weeks without losing his farm team contract status. 5- we introduced the 3 hires straight to farm to avoid the "avoid to have to activate a player newly hired" loophole. in order to remove the "3 hires straight to farm" rule, when a player is hired straight to farm, that player must stay in the farm of that manager for 4 weeks (cannot be activated, cannot be fired, cannot be traded, the player is frozen for 4 weeks). The idea is that of you truly hire a player in your farm team, he should stay there for a certain period of time. "ribs ribs ribs ribs" can you hear the ribs calling? tomorrow at 5h30pm!

  • 1106. yan_c (on Fri Mar 16 16:58:42 2012)
    @marc... Danny is getting 2 teams... Now he'll finally see how irrational some of his trade demands are... Then again...

  • 1105. marc (on Fri Mar 16 15:40:10 2012)
    We plan on expanding ?

  • 1104. raymond (on Fri Mar 16 15:36:29 2012)
    Max # of keepers 12 GMs: Top 3 get 3, 4 and 5 keepers. Everyone else gets 8 keepers max Close to 15 GMs: Top 3 get 2, 3, 4 keepers. Everyone else gets 6 keepers max Let the rumble begin!

  • 1103. alexandre (on Thu Mar 15 10:36:49 2012)
    Hey guys thought of a few more things for this weekend's discussion: I asked Ray about some of this a few weeks ago so I'll repeat it here: 1.Players who are farm team eligible that play at least 1 game in UFHL no longer are, but what about next season? 2.Connected to that; should we change the fact that a potential farm guy who doesn't even play a UFHL game, but who appears in the lineup can no longer have a farm contract? 3.If we do say that a potential farm guy, who lost his farm contract, gets "reset" next season, can it be before the next draft? i.e. Instead of ditching my no longer farm eligible guy, cause he's not worth keeping for 10$... I can now hire him straight to my farm with the farm contract reestablished next season. We can maybe tweak that by saying that you have to use one of your remaining 3 "straight to farm" hires. I know several of us have some left, so there could be some incentive to hold on to them or even trade them.

  • 1102. niraj (on Thu Mar 15 09:48:43 2012)
    I think Etienne wants EtiYan to get back together...

  • 1101. yan_c (on Thu Mar 15 09:02:09 2012)
    @etienne.... "his" Ray? Lapsus? :)

  • 1100. etienne (on Thu Mar 15 08:56:36 2012)
    @Yan_C: that's right, Niraj is in his 30s and so his Ray... Yeah, I passed the math course!

  • 1099. yan_c (on Wed Mar 14 22:07:37 2012)
    @etienne... Yes over the 40 but 2 of my 3 girlfriends are under 30 so I become an honorary "age du cri$$" 33... It's new math... @bao... You should open your vote to people who have won so long ago they are eligible for a pardon so it does not count on their record... Its like it never happened...

  • 1098. bao (on Wed Mar 14 20:19:38 2012)
    BLT will not have representation that evening...We would like to apologize for our absence. If there is a vote for anything, BLT's vote can go to any team that has never won the UHFL championship yet...

  • 1097. marc (on Wed Mar 14 19:07:24 2012)
    Just a quick question. Regarding the # of keepers. Are we planning on changing the number for everyone or just the top 6 or bottom 6?

  • 1096. marc (on Wed Mar 14 19:06:59 2012)
    Just a quick question. Regarding the # of keepers. Are we planning on changing the number for everyone or just the top 5 or bottom 6?

  • 1095. etienne (on Wed Mar 14 18:08:45 2012)
    Let's just do a quick recap: who's going and where the hell is Madison near the 40? I thought Yan_C was over the 40...

  • 1094. niraj (on Wed Mar 14 17:16:04 2012)
    @yan_c: i am definitely lacking when it comes to sports bars east of VSL. @Attendees_Of_UFHL_Summit_2012: Madison's in Marche de l'ouest it is! 530 still good for everyone?

  • 1093. yan_c (on Wed Mar 14 15:49:17 2012)
    @ray...Great suggestion by the way...As you could see Niraj has trouble suggesting anything east of sources... If anyone wants a lift so they can have a few pops let me know I don't mind driving a bit out of the way...Including Kirkland Khanna... Cheers

  • 1092. yan_c (on Wed Mar 14 15:37:16 2012)
    @ray..I'm in for Madisons! thanks

  • 1091. alexandre (on Wed Mar 14 14:05:40 2012)
    Topics for discussion: *Farm team adjustment: -Should we keep the contract 0-5-5 given that some farm team members get scooped up right after they get drafted and take more than 3 years to develop? Goalies for example... *Number of keepers: -Should the farm team people be counted as part of or separate from this number? Not as much of a big deal if you get 10 keepers, but if you are in the top 3, the farm boys may be taking up valuable spots.

  • 1090. raymond (on Wed Mar 14 13:42:01 2012)
    Looks like we're going to 6 so how about Madison's off the 40 near Sources? I believe there's a bar section with a booth for 6 and enough tvs to keep Niraj distracted

  • 1089. raymond (on Wed Mar 14 13:40:02 2012)
    If you have suggestions for the meeting on Saturday, post them here. Yan B - can you please outline your ideas for the farm team? This will give everyone a chance to review them prior to the meeting. The agenda so far is: Farm team adjustments Maximum # of keepers Banning G-roue ; )

  • 1088. yan_c (on Tue Mar 13 23:22:32 2012)
    Any way I can start Michel Plasse and Michel Dion as my goalies? I've got no clue when it comes to cerbères.. I'd even take Mc$HIT again. Right about now.... Niraj was right 2 weeks ago... This race for 2nd place is awesome! Bring it on Étienne and Phuc!

  • 1087. yannick (on Tue Mar 13 20:24:47 2012)
    Marty Turco is back baby!!! Exactly like last year!

  • 1086. marc (on Tue Mar 13 18:22:57 2012)
    One word to describe Giroux ; bawss

  • 1085. alexandre (on Tue Mar 13 16:22:00 2012)
    Hello gentlemen, Finally I can't be there at all Saturday. Can we submit some questions/issues we'd like "the committee" to discuss?

  • 1084. yan_c (on Tue Mar 13 15:34:52 2012)
    Marc...Dont listen to Niraj (unless you want to be a perennial middle of the packer of course) I'm not sure Ray can even pronounce Giroux let alone spell it...You're fine... Is that better Danny? :)

  • 1083. danny (on Tue Mar 13 12:01:34 2012)
    Thank God i'm not going to where ever you guys are doing this meeting...You sound like girls shopping for dress and where to buy it!!!lol Yan we must be catching up to the record for total posts in the "Comments".

  • 1082. niraj (on Tue Mar 13 11:52:26 2012)
    Marc, can;t you be sick or something? You might want to be there because I believe Ray wants to propose banning Giroux from the league...

  • 1081. marc (on Tue Mar 13 11:43:27 2012)
    @yan_c I work at the Sun Life building right on Metcalfe, so all of those locations you guys suggested are very close to my work. Only thing is, I finish at 8:30pm , so it might be too late to attend since you guys would have started at 530 no?

  • 1080. yan_c (on Tue Mar 13 11:34:01 2012)
    Marc, is there a good spot next to where you work that we could go to in case you can come straight after work?

  • 1079. marc (on Tue Mar 13 11:28:02 2012)
    Since i'll be the only one not to make it because i'm working like a loser. Would it be possible to get updates as to what will/has changed please?

  • 1078. yan_c (on Tue Mar 13 11:12:17 2012)
    I agree with Niraj... Forum is perfect... Lots of parking on street and even indoor parking inside...

  • 1077. yan_c (on Tue Mar 13 11:08:10 2012)
    I agree with Niraj... Forum is perfect... Lots of parking on street and even indoor parking inside...

  • 1076. yan_c (on Tue Mar 13 11:04:11 2012)
    @niraj... It's not genius (in this case), it's simple lack of emotion and pride and all about numbers... Try it, never know... And i thought it was interesting because the habs have 2 players on list... Decent building blocks in cap world

  • 1075. niraj (on Tue Mar 13 10:38:24 2012)
    @yan_c: Thanks for sharing your genius. I wish I could be as smart as you...

  • 1074. niraj (on Tue Mar 13 10:37:28 2012)
    Pepsi forum since it has tvs...brasseurs is fine with me as well...

  • 1073. yan_c (on Tue Mar 13 09:43:53 2012)
    Interesting... Somewhat similar to how I look at the UFHL

  • 1072. yan_c (on Tue Mar 13 07:44:19 2012)
    Boucan does have a Tv but it's way too small and they love to rush you out for turnover sake....Good food though Solid suggestions Phuc...I'd lean towards brasseur , boston or old forum...I was close to rachel rachel saturday and parking is annoying.. Forum bar has games and pool so we gamble and take all of Niraj's rupees too...

  • 1071. phuc (on Tue Mar 13 00:25:38 2012)
    Le Boucan (?) in the Atwater Market area, works for me, if we have a reservation. If 1 small TV is ok (or maybe none? I don't remember...), perfect place would probably be Brasseurs de Montreal (not 3 brasseurs). A bit more off the beaten path, but great beer and relaxed ambiance. Burgundy Lion has the same problem as McKibbins - ie probably packed for Patty's day. Rachel Rachel in ze Plateau, if we're feeling fancy, is my suggestion. If we're going for parking and ehh food, Cage aux Sports / Boston Pizza around Angrignon, Lasalle works for me. In-between for everything, we can go to that sports bar in the old Forum too.

  • 1070. yan_c (on Mon Mar 12 23:30:20 2012)
    Too much beef yet we're going to a burger place with a small tv... Makes sense Where to?

  • 1069. niraj (on Mon Mar 12 22:57:43 2012)
    @phuc: Shit you're right, that's totally not going to work...Phuc, where was that small resto we had burgers at last year near your place? That place would be good...there's a tv...a bit small, so we'd need to reserve.

  • 1068. phuc (on Mon Mar 12 22:32:35 2012)
    McKibbins on St-Patrick's day?

  • 1067. yan_c (on Mon Mar 12 21:47:06 2012)
    Downtown might be annoying given there's a game... for parking, good table etc... I'd steer clear, but that's me... Wherever you guys decide I'll find something on the menu...I try (cough cough)

  • 1066. niraj (on Mon Mar 12 21:42:29 2012)
    Checked out the menu...too much beef, might upset my gods. How about McKibbons downtown or the west island?

  • 1065. yan_c (on Mon Mar 12 21:32:13 2012)
    Strongly suggest Magnan then...Solid food, awesome roastbeef and lots of screens....especially at the back... There are poker machines too so maybe Ray will be distracted....

  • 1064. niraj (on Mon Mar 12 20:17:30 2012)
    anywhere with a tv so i can tune out to rays address to the league

  • 1063. yan_c (on Mon Mar 12 18:44:34 2012)
    Suggestions for Saturday...Though I don't know where most of you live... Magnan.... Awesome roast beef and just off a highway Caseys ....Marche Central...again...just off a highway but ok food Cage cote vertu....same as above...just a tad more west Burgundy to Atwater market...good food, cute girls, indian food and dishwashers to boot Champs on St-Laurent...pretty standard sports bar... Hurleys....decent food...downtown...

  • 1062. alexandre (on Mon Mar 12 18:28:48 2012)
    34 pts as a record low? Shiiiiit. I can beat that no sweat!

  • 1061. phuc (on Mon Mar 12 18:20:47 2012)
    OMGHI2U, SO EXCITED. RARARARARARAAARRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAADULOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV! I might just have 1 keeper for next year after all! So what's the plan for March 17th? Where are we meeting?

  • 1060. rudy (on Mon Mar 12 18:09:35 2012)
    @niraj (and alex): Least ranking points record in a season is 34, registered by yours truly last year and by Bao in 2006-2007.

  • 1059. rudy (on Mon Mar 12 18:07:09 2012)

  • 1058. marc (on Mon Mar 12 10:30:10 2012)
    Oh gosh... Can I make it 3 weekly wins for the year

  • 1057. niraj (on Mon Mar 12 02:16:15 2012)
    Brian Boitano with a broomstick...I think YC just found a new dream housewife.

  • 1056. alexandre (on Mon Mar 12 01:52:04 2012)
    @Niraj: You mean I'll be remembered for my performance this season? Awesome! I'm just setting up a memorable counterpoint for my meteoric rise to the top next year! Which might have been easier if I had held onto the Skin-man... Oh's ok... No doubt next season Ryan McDonagh will be so astounding that he'll make Karlsson look like Brian Boitano with a broomstick.

  • 1055. niraj (on Mon Mar 12 01:13:20 2012)
    Anyone know the record for lowest ranking points by a manager? Alex has to be awfully close...come on bud, pull up your socks!

  • 1054. niraj (on Sun Mar 11 08:43:10 2012)
    @etienne: We love you, just not that much.

  • 1053. etienne (on Fri Mar 9 17:25:41 2012)
    Perhaps I can propose Bromont as a mid-point between urban-trash and rural-chic

  • 1052. alexandre (on Fri Mar 9 13:59:20 2012)
    17th at 5:30pm I should be able to make it.

  • 1051. etienne (on Fri Mar 9 13:35:18 2012)
    @Rudy: Oh yes, the Landry is an old Irish family! @Bao: Amazing as in Niraj's amazing keepers that were going to win him this year season?

  • 1050. yannick (on Fri Mar 9 11:54:25 2012)
    Congratulations to Marc for winning his second week! (8 weeks, 7 different winners) Total weekly winning for 2012 marc: 40 phuc: 20 danny: 20 raymond: 20 bao: 20 niraj: 20 etienne: 20

  • 1049. yannick (on Fri Mar 9 11:53:13 2012)

  • 1048. yannick (on Fri Mar 9 11:52:47 2012)
    here is the counter of number of hires straight to farm left for each managers after wednesday March 7th's actions: alexandre: 3 bao: 2 danny: 3 etienne: 3 marc: 2 niraj: 0 phuc: 1 raymond: 1 rudy: 0 yan_c: 2 yannick: 1

  • 1047. bao (on Fri Mar 9 10:45:42 2012)
    @Niraj: I might be out of town for business... but if in town I'll be there and I'll present my list of amazing keepers

  • 1046. niraj (on Fri Mar 9 10:41:10 2012)
    Right now we have Me, YanB, YanC, Ray and Phuc confirmed for March 17 at 5:30 p.m. Bao, Etienne and Alex, what about you guys? Would be fun to see you (and give me more seats between myself and the love-fest that will soon to be known as CoLamour)

  • 1045. rudy (on Fri Mar 9 07:47:30 2012)
    I'm not available on St. Pat's weekend, my family is Irish.

  • 1044. marc (on Thu Mar 8 23:55:24 2012)
    @ray thank you for playing the waiting game with Bishop sir. Hopefully he doesn't pan out to be a Steve Mason v2.0

  • 1043. niraj (on Thu Mar 8 18:12:56 2012)
    Do people prefer March 18 at 12:30 p.m.? Would be fun to see as many of you as possible...I have so much more free time for friends ever since i broke up with Ray...

  • 1042. niraj (on Thu Mar 8 18:11:32 2012)
    Do people prefer March 18 at 12:30 p.m.?

  • 1041. danny (on Thu Mar 8 16:10:37 2012)
    YanC ...Just to be clear... I'm not the one that won the 2 night week...Although i'm good at one nighters...that i admit!

  • 1040. yan_c (on Thu Mar 8 13:56:24 2012)
    @ray...I'll be there... I'm going to the Impact home opener before so I might be a few minutes late...

  • 1039. marc (on Thu Mar 8 13:12:27 2012)
    Damn... Probably won't be able to make it on that day. Working 12:30 - 8:30. I'll let you know if i'm able to get off early or not

  • 1038. raymond (on Thu Mar 8 12:36:49 2012)
    Hey All, For our UFHL meeting, Niraj has it scheduled for March 17 at 5:30pm (unknown location). He'll try to find a place where we can eat, talk and maybe watch some sports at the same time. In the meantime, I'll try to create an agenda for the meeting to ensure that we cover all the important points in a timely manner. So if anyone has a topic they want to discuss, please put it on the comments board or e-mail me. I'll allocate time for each topic to make sure we're not there all night. So far we have: Yan B: farm team adjustments 20-30 mins

  • 1037. yan_c (on Thu Mar 8 11:14:12 2012)
    There is no better 2 game night GM than Danny anywhere in the universe or greater Sherbrooke area...

  • 1036. marc (on Wed Mar 7 16:04:36 2012)
    I am shopping for a goaltender with a cheap contract. Please let me know

  • 1035. phuc (on Wed Mar 7 15:19:42 2012)
    Sorry, meant to be tongue-in-cheek, as there seems to be more pickups than trades =) Guys (ie Ray/Yan_C?), my whole team of IR-boys and under-performers is available, except Radulov. oooooh Alexander... Radulovvvvvvv.

  • 1034. yannick (on Wed Mar 7 14:00:55 2012)
    This is trade deadline only. You can can still hire players until April 4th.

  • 1033. phuc (on Wed Mar 7 13:58:47 2012)
    is this pickup deadline day too?

  • 1032. yan_c (on Wed Mar 7 13:52:22 2012)
    This is about as exciting as the actual real trade deadline day...

  • 1031. rudy (on Wed Mar 7 12:16:17 2012)
    To those that may concern: please check your e-mails and reply to them, it's fu**ing trade deadline today! Thanks! :-)

  • 1030. marc (on Wed Mar 7 11:36:10 2012)
    Nobody interested in Joe Thornton ??

  • 1029. bao (on Wed Mar 7 10:53:15 2012)
    Crosby is available in NHL and UFHL !!!

  • 1028. raymond (on Wed Mar 7 01:27:15 2012)
    Hmmm...Kaberle with Montreal, 21 pts in 38 games

  • 1027. alexandre (on Wed Mar 7 00:24:27 2012)
    Greetings, Since we are down to the wire and some people have alread written to me, I wanted to say that I am entertaining offers for Skinner and Nugent-Hopkins if anyone else has any interest.

  • 1026. danny (on Tue Mar 6 22:49:28 2012)
    I was planning to write 200 "what?" just to prove YAN wrong...I give up ! Way to long to do!

  • 1025. danny (on Tue Mar 6 22:48:26 2012)

  • 1024. danny (on Tue Mar 6 22:48:15 2012)

  • 1023. danny (on Tue Mar 6 22:48:03 2012)

  • 1022. yannick (on Tue Mar 6 20:59:26 2012)
    by the way, at the same date last year, we were already at 1400 comments... a record that will not be broken this year.

  • 1021. yannick (on Tue Mar 6 20:57:06 2012)
    @danny: a "steal" or a "staal"? I think I just hit rock bottom in terms of my hockey jokes, I think it's time for me to go to bed

  • 1020. danny (on Tue Mar 6 20:55:02 2012)
    Personnaly, i think Marc really won trade No.70!!! A steal for sure!

  • 1019. niraj (on Tue Mar 6 15:21:49 2012)
    Damnit, YC beat me to it! Your jokes are so cheap YC...come on Mensa (not cum on Mensa)...

  • 1018. niraj (on Tue Mar 6 15:21:08 2012)
    @Rudy: I didn't know Indian people were in Russia during the cold war...

  • 1017. yan_c (on Tue Mar 6 15:20:42 2012)
    @rudy.....that's cuz India was not communist then they would have had plenty... ;)

  • 1016. rudy (on Tue Mar 6 15:10:07 2012)
    If I ever cross the public relations dude who invented the lower/upper body injury communiqué, I kill him. This is by far the lousiest media by-product since the Russians tried to hide the fact they were no dishwashers in their households during the Cold War.

  • 1015. marc (on Tue Mar 6 15:02:47 2012)
    @yan c ... Didn't get offended at all. Being a bottom dweller doesn't give you a lot of thrash talking powers lol.

  • 1014. yan_c (on Tue Mar 6 14:47:06 2012)
    @marc... I'm messing with you... You've done a great job for next year, almost perfect...

  • 1013. marc (on Tue Mar 6 14:35:32 2012)
    Touché sir. Anywhos, I guess that's my queue.

  • 1012. yan_c (on Tue Mar 6 14:31:31 2012)
    Sorry Marc but there's probably too much echo coming from the basement... I thought you wrote that you won every trade you made except for one...

  • 1011. marc (on Tue Mar 6 14:21:36 2012)
    But yet, I have won every trade I made this year aside the one with Alex ;) but thanks for the accomodation sir

  • 1010. yan_c (on Tue Mar 6 14:18:23 2012)'s march 6th....I was sure that Marc would have made his 43rd trade of the season to Ray by now...

  • 1009. yan_c (on Tue Mar 6 14:16:26 2012)
    @niraj upper body injury..can't

  • 1008. niraj (on Tue Mar 6 14:10:40 2012)
    @yan_c: I don't know about the habs, but it sounds to me like you'd like to rub one off on ray...

  • 1007. niraj (on Tue Mar 6 14:07:35 2012)
    @etienne: Interesting choice...hope it works out. Ryan White or Staubitz would have been good as well :).

  • 1006. yan_c (on Tue Mar 6 13:46:50 2012)
    The Canadiens way of doing things is rubbing off on Ray... Niraj called him for a sleepover last night and Ray responded that he couldn't because of a lower body injury... Will be evaluated day to day Ca sent la fin de "Niray"?

  • 1005. etienne (on Tue Mar 6 13:04:51 2012)

  • 1004. niraj (on Tue Mar 6 13:04:06 2012)
    @Etienne: Why Derek Dorsett?

  • 1003. niraj (on Tue Mar 6 10:17:30 2012)
    tight weekly ranking race...going to be fun tonight :).

  • 1002. marc (on Tue Mar 6 03:33:27 2012)
    Everyone is available on my team aside from Giroux, Kessel, Suter and maybe Bishop

  • 1001. yan_c (on Mon Mar 5 11:53:17 2012)
    Mini scoop... I'm 75% sure that NHL players will go to Sotchi AND there will be a restart of the old World Cups

  • 1000. yannick (on Mon Mar 5 11:30:35 2012)
    I forgot to put Rask on my list of players that are not available. I am not sure for thomas. It is important to understand that I am not doing a fire sale. I won't let go of my players for free. Don't be offended if I don't think your players are keepers or that they won't help me win weeks until the end of the season.

  • 999. marc (on Mon Mar 5 11:24:42 2012)
    @Alexandre ... Look at your email budskis

  • 998. alexandre (on Mon Mar 5 11:16:04 2012)
    Willing to listen to offers for Skinner, Iginla, Richards, Perron, Liles, Backstrom.

  • 997. yannick (on Mon Mar 5 10:07:45 2012)
    all my players are available except for Datsuyk, Kovalchuk, Pacioretty, Wideman, White and Byfuglien.

  • 996. raymond (on Sun Mar 4 22:45:39 2012)
    Reminder that the trade deadline is this Wednesday Mercredi, c'est la date limite pour les échanges

  • 995. raymond (on Sun Mar 4 22:44:13 2012)
    *********************************Sanction Against Rudy********************************* Rudy had 27 players on his roster on Wednesday at 7:05pm. He fired F.Beauchemin a few hours after. Rudy gets the standard 1 FA penalty.

  • 994. yannick (on Sun Mar 4 15:57:26 2012)
    here is the counter of number of hires straight to farm left for each managers after wednesday February 29th's actions: alexandre: 3 bao: 3 danny: 3 etienne: 3 marc: 2 niraj: 0 phuc: 1 raymond: 1 rudy: 0 yan_c: 2 yannick: 2

  • 993. yan_c (on Sun Mar 4 14:41:14 2012)
    @niraj....probably not ..maybe a 20-25% chance....but considering my last 5 weeks were 9th, 7th-8th-8th and 4th maybe my guys are "due" lol But as they say in Sherbrooke... C'est aux ptites heures qu'on voit les bons danseurs!

  • 992. niraj (on Sun Mar 4 13:56:25 2012)
    YC, you going to make a race of this?

  • 991. raymond (on Thu Mar 1 00:02:50 2012)
    Hey Alex, we're going to talk about the farm during our March meeting. For now, we don't know what the farm will look like next year. However, any changes we make will not change the players currently in farm teams and their farm contracts.

  • 990. alexandre (on Wed Feb 29 22:21:34 2012)
    Hey all, I gots a question. I know that a farm eligible player who goes on your roster is no longer eligible after that... for this season... but what about the next? Does this option get reset? ex: a player who never played a ufhl game or less than 5 games... Can he be hired straight to farm next year w/ the farm contract?

  • 989. etienne (on Wed Feb 29 14:59:04 2012)
    Depends Niraj, I may decide that I am a seller...

  • 988. etienne (on Wed Feb 29 14:57:28 2012)
    My first week in almost a year!

  • 987. yannick (on Wed Feb 29 14:43:15 2012)
    Congratulations to Etienne for winning his first week! (7 weeks, 7 different winners) Total weekly winning for 2012 phuc: 20 danny: 20 marc: 20 raymond: 20 bao: 20 niraj: 20 etienne: 20

  • 986. niraj (on Wed Feb 29 14:15:26 2012)
    UFHL race for 1st is over. Congrats are definitely the hardest working manager. Will be a fun race for to all involved...

  • 985. niraj (on Tue Feb 28 15:27:36 2012)
    If I'm Columbus, don't I sit Rick Nash for the rest of the season? Paul Gaustad for a 1st Rd pick is some impressive peddling...

  • 984. raymond (on Tue Feb 28 11:43:52 2012)
    Seriously, when the 2nd biggest trade is Gaustad to Nashville, somethings wrong... Stupid 1 pt for OT loss gives false hope to sooooooooo many teams If Montreal was smart, they'd start Budaj in more games

  • 983. phuc (on Mon Feb 27 16:07:27 2012)
    Gonna state the obvious here: very uneventful trade deadline. There weren't even that many role-players or AHL trades...

  • 982. raymond (on Mon Feb 27 11:46:55 2012)
    Too bad the Kostitsyn for Radulov rumor didn't come true.

  • 981. rudy (on Sun Feb 26 09:59:42 2012)
    Can't believe I'm actually in the race for second place...

  • 980. etienne (on Sat Feb 25 20:51:55 2012)
    There are always the $1 surprises every year but there should be a special mention for Ray Whitney. The player that no one would trade for but he is unvaluable for me. God speed Ray Whitney, God speed!

  • 979. yan_c (on Sat Feb 25 14:23:40 2012)
    @rudy pretty sure that in the UFHL only ray and/or niraj (or as their friends call them Rayraj) are politically correctly allowed to call so and so gay...

  • 978. rudy (on Sat Feb 25 13:08:51 2012)
    Kurtis Foster and Wojtek Wolski must be gay...

  • 977. alexandre (on Sat Feb 25 01:10:40 2012)
    @Niraj: Seriously... they must know something we don't. He has lost the power.

  • 976. niraj (on Fri Feb 24 23:39:05 2012)
    2 year 10MM for Hemsky? Wtf...

  • 975. raymond (on Fri Feb 24 23:20:33 2012)
    When I first saw the Carter deal, I also thought that LA gave up alot but I also thought that JJ and Wiz could hit 60 next year. Not 60 pts, I mean -60. Guys, take 5 mins to read this article. There are some stats that I don't understand but you'll get the idea fairly quickly. Also, read the comments after the article, some are hilarious.

  • 974. raymond (on Fri Feb 24 23:15:26 2012)
    *********************************Sanction Against Marc********************************* Marc had 27 players on his roster on Wednesday at 7:05pm. He fired R.Wilson a few hours after. Marc gets the standard 1 FA penalty.

  • 973. yannick (on Fri Feb 24 10:46:51 2012)
    stats: it's the second time in the last week that the stats are still not updated with the previous night's results. That is why on wednesday, the update is later in the day, to make sure last night's results are in. If this is starting to be happening too often, I will move up the time of the daily updates.

  • 972. etienne (on Fri Feb 24 09:29:39 2012)
    Funny how the TSN panel now talks about Dustin Brown is a type of player that Bryan Burke likes just to get traffic from fans... I like japanese green tea and it's not in the papers...

  • 971. yan_c (on Fri Feb 24 08:11:17 2012)
    Hi, Stats issue for last night I think ...cheers

  • 970. niraj (on Thu Feb 23 21:15:54 2012)
    got to say, great return for Carter...

  • 969. bao (on Thu Feb 23 21:10:20 2012)
    Would not have happened if he ate McD's like Ovie... The Senators say Anderson accidentally cut his right hand while preparing a meal Thursday. He was treated at the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

  • 968. etienne (on Thu Feb 23 18:29:22 2012)
    After all the concussions, it will car accidents plaguing my team: Toews, who was involved a "minor one-car collision" en route to the Blackhawks' morning skate Thursday, escaped the incident uninjured, Chicago Sun-Times writer Adam Jahns reports.

  • 967. marc (on Thu Feb 23 15:47:23 2012)
    Gotta love the silly Eklund rumours lol

  • 966. marc (on Thu Feb 23 15:44:46 2012)
    Big announcement coming up for the Blue Jackets...

  • 965. rudy (on Thu Feb 23 14:01:01 2012)
    François Gagnon is very good at translating Bob McKenzie's analysis and insight and make it look like his own, but otherwise I don't know...

  • 964. yannick (on Thu Feb 23 12:42:51 2012)
    francois gagnon from la presse has been pushing damphousse's nomination as gm since december... whether or not geoff molson is considering it, we don't know. If Molson is giving the responsability to rebuild the habs at the trade deadline, my guess is that he will stay as gm for next year.

  • 963. raymond (on Thu Feb 23 12:10:39 2012)
    @Marc: dude we're in Montreal, there are "Sources" everywhere lol I heard this last one on Anti-Chambre so there's very little chance of it being true ; ) Funny thing is that Damphousse was on the show while this was mentioned...

  • 962. marc (on Thu Feb 23 12:02:05 2012)
    @raymond ... Where do you get your sources from for habs news?

  • 961. raymond (on Thu Feb 23 10:58:06 2012)
    V.Damphousse is a candidate to be the next Habs GM? I like Damphousse but Montreal is no place for a rookie GM, especially one with no front office experience.

  • 960. yannick (on Wed Feb 22 19:38:58 2012)
    Congratulations to Niraj for winning his first week! (Sorry niraj, I am sometime late in announcing it, but since you manage the money, you don't have to worry to get your weekly money! congrats dude, I am hoping to win one or two myself) (6 weeks, 6 different winners) Total weekly winning for 2012 phuc: 20 danny: 20 marc: 20 raymond: 20 bao: 20 niraj: 20

  • 959. niraj (on Wed Feb 22 19:22:58 2012)
    Congrats to myself for winning the past week. At least I got some of my money back on this forgettable season...

  • 958. yan_c (on Tue Feb 21 12:42:20 2012)
    @Etienne..EXACTLY! they need to justify their existence... Why do you think that "they" bitch about an english coach? Because if it's eventually "accepted" then you 'll only need 3 beat writers and not 30... I exaggerate but that's the gist of it...

  • 957. etienne (on Tue Feb 21 11:43:43 2012)
    Funny how newspapers and news outlet will write that such and such a team doesn't need that player or that there is no interest in another player just attract traffic from fans in hockey cities and sell publicity... Thank god I have ad blocker plus

  • 956. raymond (on Tue Feb 21 10:16:38 2012)
    According to P.Lebrun, there is no interest in A.Kostitsyn around the league. So we can either trade him for a low draft pick or a great AHL player. On the bright side, this should help in contract negociations if the Habs want to resign him.

  • 955. etienne (on Mon Feb 20 19:44:35 2012)
    @Marc: the question was just rhetorical. This league is a benevolent autocracy

  • 954. marc (on Mon Feb 20 18:40:48 2012)
    I'm ok with the date

  • 953. yannick (on Mon Feb 20 16:37:26 2012)
    fyi, the NHL trade deadline is in one week on february 27th 3pm. Date limite des echanges de la UFHL: 7 mars 2012 UFHL trade deadline: March 7th 2012 This year the NHL deadline is Monday February 27th at 3pm. The NHL finishes the season on April 7th. historically we choose a date that is still one month before the end of the season and it is a week after the NHL deadline. So March 7th is the logical choice. If any objections, let it be known quickly!

  • 952. etienne (on Sun Feb 19 07:56:37 2012)
    A 197 goals night is pretty good!

  • 951. danny (on Sat Feb 18 14:48:44 2012)
    Ok everyboydy is jammed!

  • 950. danny (on Sat Feb 18 14:47:29 2012)
    Check my weekly stats and you'll understand

  • 949. danny (on Sat Feb 18 14:45:05 2012)
    *URGENT* @Yan B...I know my team lacks offense but there is a programming error this week...My offense is not showing anything. I did my line up. Check it out please! The doesn't even recognize the teams my players play for.

  • 948. etienne (on Sat Feb 18 10:54:25 2012)
    Yan pays Yan to liven up this board

  • 947. danny (on Sat Feb 18 07:41:23 2012)
    As if your comments where better...Mr.Major CH move!(Comment 933) Your only good for The Enquire magazine... Don't quit your day job either Yan. BTW, What is your day job? Do you actually work for a living or just make money selling cheap Hab tickets

  • 946. yan_c (on Fri Feb 17 16:40:29 2012)
    I can't believe I'm typing this... Danny's posts make more sense than Ray's...I think success is getting to his head...

  • 945. raymond (on Fri Feb 17 16:23:39 2012)
    Ridiculous Rumor of the Day: Disclaimer: the following is pure fiction, justified using poor logic and is highly unlikely to happen Carter, Van Riemsdyk and Bobrovsky for Ward, McBain and Boucher For Philly: They must love toying with Carter. After signing him to an 11 year contract with a no trade clause starting in the summer of 2012, they've now traded him for the 2nd time. This trade is a 180 degree change from their previous goalie strategy. When they 1st acquired Bryz, they targeted a goalie with great regular season stats, unimpressive playoff stats and little playoff experience. Now they get Ward who has inconsistent reguar season results but seems to have the ability to raise his game in the playoffs and has a Stanley Cup ring to show for it. In McBain, they get a young offensive d-man to compensate for the loss of Pronger. They will miss JVR but feel that they enough prospects up front to make up for his loss. Boucher returns to Philly and resumes his role as a reliable backup. For Carolina: After consistently saying that they would not trade Ward, they felt that this offer was too good to pass up. A team with many d-men prospects, they have now added 2 top 6 forwards to the mix. They are unlikely to pair Carter with Staal as this would resemble the duo of Carter and Nash. Expect Carter to center the 2nd line but be on the 1st PP unit with Staal. JVR will provide them with a net presence and is a skilled powerful talent that will reach his potential in the near future. Despite the offensive infusion, they have now inherited Philadelphia's goaltending problem. J.Peters and Bobrovsky will battle for the #1 spot. Said Spacek: "With BoPete, we'll be fine."

  • 944. yan_c (on Fri Feb 17 14:26:29 2012)
    great value for Gill

  • 943. yan_c (on Fri Feb 17 14:04:29 2012)
    If people are wondering where Niraj is (I know...I'm being nice) he's been resting in a special home... He mistook the "douze pouces - cinq dollars" ad from Subway for something entirely different...

  • 942. raymond (on Fri Feb 17 12:25:04 2012)
    @Yan C: always nice to have a fan! but please leave my sweatshop empire out of the conversation ; ) @Alex: yes both goalies get a shutout in a 1-0 shootout loss, it's happened a couple of times this year @Etienne: short-team outlook, you'd be correct! long-term, it's a bit more uncertain lol

  • 941. etienne (on Fri Feb 17 10:57:43 2012)
    The worst the CH the better the numbers of Molson Coors? An interesting index for the stock market

  • 940. yan_c (on Fri Feb 17 09:37:01 2012)
    @etienne ...Did you see Molson's financial results posted yesterday? They are doing great...

  • 939. etienne (on Fri Feb 17 09:09:17 2012)
    @Yan_C: they will sell a lot a beer to the fans so they don't realize the team sucks and that they can make the playoffs...

  • 938. yannick (on Fri Feb 17 08:08:22 2012)
    @alex: yes I believe so

  • 937. alexandre (on Thu Feb 16 21:10:07 2012)
    question: if a team wins 1-0 in shootout do both goalies get a shutout?

  • 936. rudy (on Thu Feb 16 20:19:39 2012)
    Dominic Moore aka Mr Trade Deadline

  • 935. yan_c (on Thu Feb 16 19:29:33 2012)
    @danny...I dunno yet... my buddy at evenko told me that there is lots of selling going to happen... I hope!!!!

  • 934. danny (on Thu Feb 16 18:31:51 2012)
    What is it Yan? Come on! This site is better than TSN trade center! Give us the 4-1-1!

  • 933. yan_c (on Thu Feb 16 16:39:30 2012)
    major CH moves on the way....

  • 932. yan_c (on Thu Feb 16 13:42:41 2012)
    I think we should replace Martin Brodeur hasbeen's photo at the top of the UFHL page to Stephen Weiss's

  • 931. yan_c (on Thu Feb 16 12:44:45 2012)
    @Ray...pretty entertaining... I like it... All those years in sweatshops building colecovision consoles sure fueled your imagination...

  • 930. raymond (on Thu Feb 16 12:27:44 2012)
    Ridiculous Rumor of the Day: Disclaimer: the following is pure fiction, justified using poor logic and is highly unlikely to happen. Nash, Brassard and Nikitin for Strome, Hamonic, Okposo, Bailey, Rolston, 1st and 2nd round pick For Columbus: A day after trading Carter, they finish part 2 of the blow-up by dealing Nash. With Strome and Johansen, they will be set at the center position for years to come. The team will try to acquire a veteran center to allow the youngsters time to develop. Hamonic will solidify their defensive core while making forwards think twice about attacking the crease. Okposo steps into the spot previously held by Nash and hopes to regain the scoring touch he showed when he first arrived in the league. Bailey was once a very promising prospect and needed a change of scenery. Rolston's contract was needed to offset the salaries. They hope to turn the 1st round pick into a gifted winger or puck-moving d-man. Columbus tried to add S.Mason to this deal but were told "only if you take back Dipietro..." end of conversation. For NYI: Paid a big price but couldn't turn down the opportunity to get Nash. Tired of drafting prospect after prospect, they hope that Nash makes them a legitimate contender. They can now boast a PP unit of Tavares, Nash, Moulson up front, with Streit and Parenteau on the blue line - a potentially lethal combination. Brassard, who was no longer needed in Columbus, gets a chance to center an interesting 2nd line with Nash and Grabner / Niederreitter. Though Nikitin was doing well in Columbus, he's no Hamonic. They will miss Hamonic but consider Nikitin a suitable replacement. This deal doesn't help their weak defensive corp but with Nash, they should be able to attract some d-men in the off-season. This is also a sign to Nabokov to encourage him to stay with the team.

  • 929. danny (on Wed Feb 15 15:05:42 2012)
    Oufff...close week too!

  • 928. yannick (on Wed Feb 15 14:13:10 2012)
    Congratulations to Bao for winning his first week! (I think I forgot to mention for last week, so congrats to ray for winning last week) (5 weeks, 5 different winners) Total weekly winning for 2012 phuc: 20 danny: 20 marc: 20 raymond: 20 bao: 20

  • 927. raymond (on Wed Feb 15 11:58:39 2012)
    Ridiculous Rumor of the Day: Disclaimer: the following is pure fiction, justified using poor logic and is highly unlikely to happen. Carter and Vermette for Byrzgalov, Voracek, a 1st and 3rd round draft pick For Columbus: It's no secret that Columbus wanted a refund on the Carter deal but nobody was willing to pay that price. They got Philly to agree to the refund but had to take on Bryzgalov in exchange. At least they were able to unload Vermette's contract, 3 yrs @ $3M each year. The hope is that playing in Columbus, Bryz will focus solely on hockey because there's nothing else to do, and that playing in a market similar to Phoenix will yield similar results that he achieved with the Coyotes. A change of scenery might bring Bryz back to the hockey universe. For Philly: The organization realized that Bryzgalov is not the answer to their goaltending problems and didn't want to wait 8 more years to say good-bye. They were able to keep Couturier whom Columbus really wanted him instead of the 1st round draft pick. Carter gives them alot of flexibility. He can replace Jagr on the top line next year or be used to in a future trade A return to Philly should wake Carter up which will only increase his trade value. Vermette gives them some depth on the bottom lines.

  • 926. rudy (on Wed Feb 15 08:26:30 2012)
    The race for the Short Handed Goals Championship is exciting...

  • 925. niraj (on Mon Feb 13 15:12:43 2012)
    Since we're on the ethnic joke subject today, I'm going to turn the attention to our lighter skinned asian managers. Let's start with their parents:

  • 924. yan_c (on Mon Feb 13 14:52:41 2012)
    @danny I think February is be kind to special people month so.....

  • 923. danny (on Mon Feb 13 14:42:13 2012)
    Hilarious jokes guys!!! Espescially when they don't talk about me! Funnier 4 sure!

  • 922. yan_c (on Mon Feb 13 14:06:59 2012)
    @rudy wrong Niraj...before Coco Milk he actually was a Hrundi V. Backshi impersonator for parties and adult movies..

  • 921. rudy (on Mon Feb 13 13:35:49 2012)
    @yan_c: Was this before or after he signed as a free agent with the New Delhi Snake Charmers?

  • 920. yan_c (on Mon Feb 13 13:25:16 2012)
    @Rudy.... You are in fact correct... He played for them before..But in between those 2 stints he dabbled in Jai Alai close to Coconut Grove but was thrown out of the league for throwing games... Something he's obviously perfected here in the UFHL....

  • 919. rudy (on Mon Feb 13 13:15:18 2012)
    @yan_c: I thought Niraj played for the Coco Milk Chicken Curries...

  • 918. yan_c (on Mon Feb 13 12:37:05 2012)
    @Etienne... I think Niraj played an exhibition game against the Rapids back when he was a member of the Bombay Butter chickens...The team's new name though is the Mumbai M Night Shyamalans....Weird name if you ask me

  • 917. etienne (on Mon Feb 13 11:26:42 2012)
    My interest in the Habs is only rivaled by my total fandom for the Grand Rapids Griffins...

  • 916. raymond (on Mon Feb 13 10:25:32 2012)
    Ian Schultz is here! Let's see what the other guy from the Halak deal can do...probably not much

  • 915. yan_c (on Fri Feb 10 16:26:37 2012)
    @Etienne...perhaps...a few of them are pretty hot...Like Niraj before he started using Grecian formula :)

  • 914. etienne (on Fri Feb 10 16:11:47 2012)
    Why? You want to take advantage of it?

  • 913. yan_c (on Fri Feb 10 16:05:28 2012)
    Are there extra tax breaks in Sherbrooke when first cousins marry?

  • 912. etienne (on Fri Feb 10 15:59:40 2012)
    Hawerchuk is Father Stastny's bastard son! Filip Forsberg is an interesting player and one that Montreal can hope to draft if they continue to suck!

  • 911. yan_c (on Fri Feb 10 14:57:31 2012)
    What year did Dale Hawerchuk defect by the way?

  • 910. yan_c (on Fri Feb 10 14:56:31 2012)
    That pesky rusky Dave Andreychuk sure skated slowly

  • 909. danny (on Fri Feb 10 14:37:03 2012)
    You have to admit Rudy that Alex Galchenyuk does sound RUSSIAN...He's American? You serious! Come'on man!

  • 908. rudy (on Fri Feb 10 14:18:48 2012)
    By the way guys, there's only 2 Russians on top of the draft rankings, Yakupov and Grigorenko. If there's a third one, I don't know who you're talking about, unless you think the goalie Vasilevski will go that early, which is not what scouts are expecting. My feeling is that Filip Forsberg will go 3rd, then a couple of defensemen will follow.

  • 907. yan_c (on Fri Feb 10 09:12:20 2012)
    Etienne is the voice of reason and conscience of the UFHL...And Danny is proof that if you work hard and study Junior hockey, you can finish middle of the pack anytime... #DannyCherry

  • 906. etienne (on Fri Feb 10 09:04:07 2012)
    I think the three russians are playing in Canadian Junior Hockey...

  • 905. danny (on Fri Feb 10 07:57:34 2012)
    I admit it...I was dreaming on that Strome comment. Although, i did know he was drafted since he's on my farm team. I just was hoping for a great canadian forward for the Habs. They way the draft looks this year, it's probably the worst looking draft in a decade. Take away the top 3 russians and there is nothing.

  • 904. marc (on Wed Feb 8 15:48:45 2012)
    @Alexandre ... When you get a chance, look at your emails

  • 903. raymond (on Tue Feb 7 10:14:05 2012)
    No need to swap cities, swapping the GM and coach should be enough. Grigorenko is listed as 6"2 or 6"3 which is Yashin-esque lol Strome, just wait for the Isles to ruin him and then get him cheap (aka what teams do with Mtl)

  • 902. etienne (on Mon Feb 6 19:26:54 2012)
    I heard that Detroit wants to be in the Eastern conference. Perhaps the Habs and the Red Wings should swap cities.

  • 901. rudy (on Mon Feb 6 16:50:28 2012)
    Maybe what Danny meant was that the Habs should trade their pick to the Islanders to get Strome... N'est-ce pas Danny? :-) Man, you just added to your own legend with that call...

  • 900. etienne (on Mon Feb 6 13:31:01 2012)
    That will be hard since Strome was drafted last year...

  • 899. danny (on Mon Feb 6 11:08:49 2012)
    @Ray: Did you notice all 3 players you mentionned first played for the Habs and the other 3 didn't. So i ask...What do you think will happen if MTL drafts Yakupov or his line mate ( the other russian prospect) They arn't too big either. Habs won't finish last anyway...maybe 3rd or 4th from the bottom so if they are smart they should go for Ryan Strome!

  • 898. raymond (on Mon Feb 6 10:48:17 2012)
    @Danny: depends on the Russian. If he's a AK, Petrov or Samsonov - we're in trouble. If he's Makarov, Datsyuk or Malkin - we'll be fine! Today's lesson from Sesame Street: If an NHL player gets into 3 fights in the same game, he gets an automatic game misconduct. So choose your 3rd fight carefully.

  • 897. yan_c (on Sat Feb 4 17:18:13 2012)
    @Etienne... not exactly...but plumbing related lol

  • 896. etienne (on Sat Feb 4 17:16:34 2012)
    You volunteered to repare her watertank? Too kind!

  • 895. yan_c (on Sat Feb 4 17:12:09 2012)
    Such a boring game... almost 10K for that piece of garbage... At least I got the hostesses phone number... Go Pats!

  • 894. danny (on Sat Feb 4 13:03:45 2012)
    Just what they need ...a russian!!! That will give them more heart and grit for sure!!!

  • 893. marc (on Fri Feb 3 12:42:43 2012)
    Bonnn ... Time to bring out the "FAIL FOR YAKUPOV" sign boys.. Lol

  • 892. yannick (on Fri Feb 3 12:41:18 2012)
    if the habs continue on that trend, they'll have a legitimate chance at the 1st overall pick lottery...

  • 891. raymond (on Fri Feb 3 11:52:25 2012)
    @Etienne: that definition only applies to backup goalies ; ) Did you know that Gagner improved his point total by 36% last night? Hard to do after 50ish games. The Habs may be close to getting that big centre they've been seeking for the past decade or so...his name: Mikhail Grigorenko

  • 890. yan_c (on Fri Feb 3 09:47:36 2012)
    @etienne... I like that.... We should update our Ufhl dictionary and thesaurus... (I just put that last word to make Danny's head explode)

  • 889. etienne (on Fri Feb 3 09:45:12 2012)
    @yan_c: this move is known as a "ray"

  • 888. bao (on Fri Feb 3 09:16:40 2012)
    I always find a way to dress the wrong goalies... I have better odds flipping a coin...

  • 887. yan_c (on Fri Feb 3 05:43:06 2012)
    Hiring a free agent after an 8 pt night is about as insightful as buying a 649 ticket with last night's winning numbers...

  • 886. rudy (on Fri Feb 3 02:11:59 2012)
    When a free agent has an 8-point night, one have to wonder what's really happening...

  • 885. niraj (on Fri Feb 3 00:07:39 2012)
    How could I not hire Gagner...gheez...

  • 884. yan_c (on Thu Feb 2 21:22:20 2012)
    Brodeur looks just about ready to join Danny's hockey cosom league...

  • 883. yan_c (on Thu Feb 2 16:19:52 2012)
    @ray...stupid phone...I meant two and not too....

  • 882. yan_c (on Thu Feb 2 16:18:10 2012)
    @ray... you too would sooooo fit in on the west coast...for all sorts of reasons :)

  • 881. raymond (on Thu Feb 2 16:14:02 2012)
    @Yan C: The worst part is that Niraj & I had the same argument while driving to WhiteCastle ; )

  • 880. yan_c (on Thu Feb 2 16:13:21 2012)
    @ray... Niraj is right..."you people" are awesome with numbers...Steering wheels, not so much... I feel like Louis C.K now...but less talented, less rich and mostly less ginger...but much better looking...

  • 879. niraj (on Thu Feb 2 15:59:56 2012)
    @Ray: You have the weirdest way of looking at things. No wonder you're a good tax guy ;).

  • 878. yan_c (on Thu Feb 2 15:09:02 2012)
    @yannick... I know....after reading their barbs it reminded me how cheap I think it is when managers cheese it up...

  • 877. yannick (on Thu Feb 2 15:06:24 2012)
    @yan_c: I believe their argument is about validating a weekly win even if a managers has activated goalies that have not played in that week, not about if a manager activates 2 goalies of the same team.

  • 876. yan_c (on Thu Feb 2 15:02:26 2012)
    Harold And Kumar are fighting... Personally I think it's cheesy when managers start 2 goalies on the same team in a week, so they can keep their GAA and save percentage stats lower... It goes against the spirit of competition but it's legal so be it...mais ketaine

  • 875. raymond (on Thu Feb 2 14:48:39 2012)
    To the guy that wanted to cancel last week's weekly prize: Is that a serious statement? A team with no goalies can get a max of 11 pts for the week, instead of a max of 44 pts that everyone else can get. You think this is an advantage? If someone intentionally tries to use this strategy, you wouldn't accept someone giving away 75% of their goalie point potential? That logic begs questioning...

  • 874. niraj (on Thu Feb 2 14:06:39 2012)
    @yan_B: Ray's analysis begs questioning...this is the same guy who feels that if none of your goalies play in the week you should get first place points in GAA for the weekly ranking (even though you get last place points in SV%).

  • 873. raymond (on Thu Feb 2 14:03:04 2012)
    @Danny: for what it's worth, your comment made me laugh : ) @Yan B: not a big fan of the idea. When Niraj was trying to get the weekly prized cancelled, I was ok with the prize because it was a one time thing - once a season. Plus the schedule allowed us to either start our benchers and/or sneak players onto our team (as I did). So it was really was a lottery type of week. Do we need lottery days? I don't know... Shouldn't the focus be on winning the week (and not winning the day)?

  • 872. yan_c (on Thu Feb 2 09:21:45 2012)
    @danny.... I truly thought TB would pick Nitti on waivers and I think that's a good team...just with no goalie... win some lose some :)

  • 871. yan_c (on Thu Feb 2 07:42:01 2012)
    Danny is so colorful with his guns and cute sayings

  • 870. danny (on Thu Feb 2 06:42:18 2012)
    Cheap shot Etienne...I wasn't even aiming at you and now this. "C'mon man!"

  • 869. marc (on Wed Feb 1 20:47:14 2012)
    Call me Doug Fluky gents. Can't believe I actually pulled a win with this shitty team I got. Miracle... Lol

  • 868. etienne (on Wed Feb 1 20:21:01 2012)

  • 867. danny (on Wed Feb 1 19:55:52 2012)
    Oh my... I though I had a bad night but I just saw that Niemi wasn't active for Yan C ... Because of the Nittymaki hiring Who's the Milbury now baby?

  • 866. phuc (on Wed Feb 1 19:49:22 2012)
    Agree in principle with Yan_C. But, as Yannick pointed out, it doesn't take away much in $, while adding a little spice for the pretenders like me and some life and trash talk to the board. I'm ok with compromising my principles in a hockey pool... Go for the $10 lottery nights. Just so that I can throw things at my TV when Ovechkin gets another suspension on the day before #$%

  • 865. etienne (on Wed Feb 1 18:27:44 2012)
    @Yan_C: what did I ever do to you to get stuck with fleshing out your rash comments ;)

  • 864. yannick (on Wed Feb 1 18:18:53 2012)
    the winner will get $525 from the pot (without the $20s he will have won), and if we do the $10 night thing I proposed, the winner will earn $505... we are not talking a big drop here to add a little spice to the league... For me, doing things like that, is one of the advantage of raising the entry fee to a hefty $100.

  • 863. yan_c (on Wed Feb 1 17:38:47 2012)
    @niraj... Sucks... Very nivellage vers le bas... I'll let Etienne explain what I mean

  • 862. niraj (on Wed Feb 1 17:24:11 2012)
    I like Yannick's idea...

  • 861. yannick (on Wed Feb 1 17:19:31 2012)
    for real guys, did you like that, one night to win it all? because we could have select nights where there are a lot of games and make them $10 nights (ie, the manager who wins that night gets an extra $10). We have a lot of cash in the pot, it would be nice to spread it a little... how about we set $30 for that (3 nights): saturday February 11th: 24 teams in action thursday march 8th: 24 teams in action saturday march 31st: 24 teams in action

  • 860. yannick (on Wed Feb 1 17:13:21 2012)
    Congratulations to Marc for winning his first week in the now famous $20 night! Total weekly winning for 2012 phuc: 20 danny: 20 marc: 20

  • 859. niraj (on Wed Feb 1 17:01:31 2012)
    Marc, 2 things: 1) I'm in for March 17th 2) fuck you for robbing me of the weekly ranking.

  • 858. danny (on Wed Feb 1 15:41:44 2012)
    Yes Sir Marc...Way 2 Go!

  • 857. raymond (on Wed Feb 1 13:55:40 2012)
    Marc wins the lottery for the week! Congrats Marc!

  • 856. marc (on Wed Feb 1 12:29:32 2012)
    Are we still doing this March 17th meeting?

  • 855. niraj (on Wed Feb 1 08:58:02 2012)
    Yan for the weekly ranking if you had no goalies that played, will you be first in GAA?

  • 854. niraj (on Tue Jan 31 18:30:43 2012)
    There is actually some merit to this 1 game week weekly ranking...crossing my fingers...

  • 853. danny (on Tue Jan 31 16:39:29 2012)
    This is like the UFHL AllStar night!!! GAME ON!

  • 852. yan_c (on Tue Jan 31 14:24:13 2012)
    @Rudy... You rock...exactly that one... you could trade 3 of those and one Michel Dion to 1980 Danny for a Gretzky rookie card and a pack of Hubba Bubba...

  • 851. rudy (on Tue Jan 31 14:18:42 2012)
    @yan_c: This one?

  • 850. yan_c (on Tue Jan 31 14:10:13 2012)
    I haven't been this excited since the time I got my first Harold Snepsts hockey card...

  • 849. phuc (on Tue Jan 31 11:11:29 2012)
    Whoever wins this week wins the championship! - Je l'ai lu dans le vol de nos hirondelles d'hiver...

  • 848. yannick (on Tue Jan 31 10:51:27 2012)
    after xfl had its "one million dollar game", the ufhl has its own "20 dollar night"! you gotta admit, it will be a pretty exciting evening as 26 teams are playing tonight, and all 11 managers has a shot at the $20...!

  • 847. rudy (on Tue Jan 31 08:40:32 2012)
    This week will live in infamy as the "one-night plus a game week".

  • 846. niraj (on Mon Jan 30 21:14:32 2012)
    can Danny win 2 weeks in a row?

  • 845. etienne (on Sat Jan 28 09:59:48 2012)
    All Star Weekend is killing the Comments of the Week board!

  • 844. marc (on Fri Jan 27 19:19:16 2012)
    Gotta look out for my people. Gas isn't getting cheaper and these suckers are making a lot money behind our backs. VIVA LA REVOLUTÍON !!

  • 843. etienne (on Fri Jan 27 17:56:09 2012)
    @Marc: you're in the gas cartel?

  • 842. marc (on Fri Jan 27 17:11:14 2012)
    No issues on my end for March 17th. Btw, gas is going up to 139.9 tonight boys

  • 841. phuc (on Fri Jan 27 17:07:19 2012)
    I'm down for March 17th.

  • 840. danny (on Thu Jan 26 14:21:38 2012)
    I'm working! But just give me a summary! I'll adjust. The weekly 20$ has to remain the same as Yan said on tuesday. If a decision to make the week a 2 week affair we had to decide before the line changes. Yan you said you doidn't have time so i took that in considering who to active for 2 nights. Plus, my chance are good for now. I hate my goalie match up though next tuesday. We can't change half way through the week.

  • 839. etienne (on Thu Jan 26 11:41:03 2012)

  • 838. niraj (on Thu Jan 26 11:33:14 2012)
    Philly and Boston are playing Saturday March 17th at 1 p.m. Champs on St-Laurent? Can the Sherbrooke crew make this?

  • 837. yannick (on Thu Jan 26 11:03:19 2012)
    in retrospect, we could have have just forget this week, and start again next week for the $20. In my head I thought I had to combine both weeks (this week and next week) and couldn't promise I would have the time to do that. It kinda didn't occur to me that we could have just forgot this week... Sorry guys... rule change meeting: good idea! for the farm team, I have some wild and interesting ideas I'd like to share with you. I just need teh time to actually write it down in a way that is understandable.

  • 836. yan_c (on Thu Jan 26 10:16:05 2012)
    @raymond...Buffet Marahaja?

  • 835. raymond (on Thu Jan 26 10:12:29 2012)
    Sounds good as long as it's at a place where we can hear each other

  • 834. yan_c (on Thu Jan 26 09:24:03 2012)
    @Dannydark I'm in for rule change meeting...Good idea :)

  • 833. yan_c (on Thu Jan 26 09:11:51 2012)
    @Etienne... you were close... I have a loge for Midget Wrestling... :)

  • 832. etienne (on Thu Jan 26 08:51:58 2012)
    Perhaps les Aigles de Lasalle against les Cougars de Boucherville. I heard Yan_C has a loge for Midget B games

  • 831. niraj (on Thu Jan 26 00:10:52 2012)
    Hey guys, We should try to decide on rule changes for next year before the end of this season, while the issues are still fresh. Would anyone be interested setting up a meeting at champs or Mckibbins to set the rule changes for next year? Pick a habs game in March (or a far more entertaining game)

  • 830. danny (on Thu Jan 26 00:10:29 2012)
    For the first time I'm actually happy to have Desharnais and Cole active!

  • 829. rudy (on Wed Jan 25 23:17:54 2012)
    For the first time I'm actually happy to have traded Howard...

  • 828. raymond (on Wed Jan 25 22:46:33 2012)
    Det thought that this game was the skills competition before All-Star weekend

  • 827. etienne (on Wed Jan 25 21:10:39 2012)
    Lidstrom plays defense and goals for Detroit. When he's out, watch out...

  • 826. niraj (on Wed Jan 25 21:05:33 2012)
    Who the hell is this impostor team playing in the Habs uniforms?

  • 825. niraj (on Wed Jan 25 19:37:23 2012)
    Beware...I picked up MDZ at his coldest...I am still in the a bad gastro, my team can strike at any time.

  • 824. danny (on Wed Jan 25 18:51:12 2012)
    Who said the 20$ weeks wasn't motivation for bottom and averagew teams? "In your face leaders!" the hitmen are

  • 823. yannick (on Wed Jan 25 18:47:22 2012)
    Congratulations to Danny for winning the second $20 of the season! Total weekly winning for 2012 phuc: 20 danny: 20

  • 822. marc (on Wed Jan 25 17:35:03 2012)
    Still shopping for a solid defencemen or a Brad Marchand type of player..

  • 821. bao (on Wed Jan 25 17:17:25 2012)
    @Niraj: Golf season already ?

  • 820. yan_c (on Wed Jan 25 16:50:18 2012)
    2 Big Rebuild trades for IndianDanny Jones.... Is Yannick next?

  • 819. yan_c (on Wed Jan 25 14:45:10 2012)
    Congrats Danny!

  • 818. danny (on Wed Jan 25 14:06:35 2012)
    20$ in the bank...Ok my objective for this year is done! I can trade my defensemen but to the best offers....Thank God i didnt say yes to Kulikov! As for next year, since Yan would work like crazy to make it work, i like the idea of having a short handed GW type of week. All in !!! Time to gamble!

  • 817. yan_c (on Wed Jan 25 11:35:14 2012)
    Dr Ray + Sade songs + Rubber Gloves = Niraj Bliss (New math)

  • 816. phuc (on Wed Jan 25 10:59:23 2012)
    @Niraj, but but... Dr. Ray M.D., who's just as good as Dr. Hibbert M.D., assured me that he'd be back for this week's game!

  • 815. yannick (on Wed Jan 25 10:40:32 2012)
    Having to combine weeks represents additional work for me, it also screws up the weekly records. I think there is still enough games for the week to count and it gives a chance to the bottom feeder teams in the overall ranking (such as mine) a chance to grab a $20. Now if the winner of next week doesn't want the $20 cause he feels he doesn't deserve it, that person is free to give me the $20! (it's also what we've always done, only exception was olympics because there were 0 games)

  • 814. niraj (on Wed Jan 25 08:05:53 2012)
    @Phuc: Malone is injured...

  • 813. phuc (on Wed Jan 25 00:32:22 2012)
    I had also asked Ray before... and I traded for Malone because I had too many players with 0 games. Having said that, I'd still be ok with changing this policy at the last minute. But... whatever. Don't care - I'll see it as a lottery.

  • 812. niraj (on Tue Jan 24 22:19:25 2012)
    @yan_c: what if we could reverse the Bert hire?

  • 811. yan_c (on Tue Jan 24 21:40:02 2012)
    @bao Yes Bao we noticed ;)

  • 810. rudy (on Tue Jan 24 21:39:09 2012)
    I agree for moving next week's 20$ in another pot, but please, why do we have to raise the Head-to-Head from the dead?

  • 809. bao (on Tue Jan 24 21:35:40 2012)
    my team is built for 1 game weeks

  • 808. yan_c (on Tue Jan 24 21:35:26 2012)
    @phuc and #niraj..Why do you think I asked tay and Yannick earlier if this week counted? Ridiculous.. But having said that, since Yannick answered yes, I picked up bertuzzi with one of my stockpiled FA's cuz only detroit and montreal play twice so.... sorry, I'm against changing it...vehemently But would have agreed to do so before yannick's answer

  • 807. phuc (on Tue Jan 24 20:24:38 2012)
    I like the idea of not giving a $20 for this coming week and moving it towards the h2h or just the end pot. It seems silly given the 1 game schedule.

  • 806. niraj (on Tue Jan 24 19:11:00 2012)
    Hey guys, Next week, most teams are playing 1 game, 4 teams playing 0 games and 2 teams playing 2 games. I would like to suggest that instead of having a weekly ranking winner next week, we take the $20 and give it to the winner of the head-to-head competition. YB, do you think you can start this next week, or is it more complicated than "turning it on". What do you guys think?

  • 805. niraj (on Tue Jan 24 18:26:53 2012)
    @yan_c: I have to agree with you regarding unions. While they were definitely an important structure back when owing a business meant that you were super rich, times have changed and unions are a big reason why businesses both small and big have difficulty becoming leaner and more productive. My, how this comment board has evolved. Who knew heh YB?

  • 804. yan_c (on Tue Jan 24 17:11:23 2012)
    Things might start affecting the CH bottom line faster than I thought actually... I have a loge for Feb 4 against Washington... Normally, it takes me an hour to fill the 15 spots and sometimes faster for premium teams like Wash, Tor, Pit, Bos, TB... I have rarely had to work so hard to offer up spots to my clients... This is just a tiny thing but I could see it grow actually if performance slumps... Le Quebec n'est pas fan de hockey, mais fan du CH...Grosse difference...

  • 803. yan_c (on Tue Jan 24 14:45:53 2012)
    @marc...cuz you traded 2/3 of your club to ray and niraj that's why lol

  • 802. yan_c (on Tue Jan 24 14:38:37 2012)
    @etienne.... fucking unions...that's why.... only thing I hate more than unions is cancer and Alzheimer's disease... :)

  • 801. marc (on Tue Jan 24 14:15:17 2012)
    @yan_c ... When will the day come, when we actually pull a trade together lol. I think we tried about 10 times this year and nothing yet!

  • 800. marc (on Tue Jan 24 14:10:45 2012)
    Hey boys... Just wanna let everyone know that i'm shopping or a premier (keeper) defencemen. Please email at if you are willing to part ways with one

  • 799. etienne (on Tue Jan 24 14:10:14 2012)
    Why don't professional athletes have annual performance evaluations?

  • 798. yan_c (on Tue Jan 24 13:37:05 2012)
    Blue jays just paid 20M over 3 years for a pitcher who went 11-11 with a 4.72 era last year. I think NHL fans officially have no more right to complain about salaries lol... wow

  • 797. etienne (on Tue Jan 24 11:10:07 2012)
    Thomas does yoga...

  • 796. niraj (on Tue Jan 24 10:45:16 2012)
    Thomas is anything but bland...the guys makes every save look like the most complicated goaltending move ever performed. Somehow he gets it done.

  • 795. yan_c (on Tue Jan 24 10:27:49 2012)
    I just did a quick spin of half a dozen american new sites... The Thomas thing is at best a story among others... Only here it seems to matter... The Giants are like tim style, bland but get the job done incredibly...

  • 794. niraj (on Tue Jan 24 10:23:42 2012)
    @yc: Idk...with the lines opening up at -3 for the Pats who are a very popular pick with the public, the book tells me that they think the Giants will win come next Sunday.

  • 793. yan_c (on Tue Jan 24 10:14:27 2012)
    @niraj... I did not mean talking politics with the Prez..that's a nono... I meant you get a certain access to all the peripheral people....especially if you are a "star"..though Tim Thomas is certainly not Tom Brady...this year's Super Bowl MVP :)

  • 792. niraj (on Tue Jan 24 10:11:08 2012)
    @yan_c: I don't think it's the same at all. When you don't vote, no one really knows and no one knows why and obviously there's no major media coverage. I think what Thomas did was fairly calculated. He knew him not going would be picked up and he made a statement as to why. If his goal was to bring some kind of awareness to the people that would read the report that he didn't show, I think he did a good job of that. As for not going, I'm sure there are strict procedures that include not discussing anything political with the Prez as it's really just a photo op. Why championship teams even go to the white house is beyond me. It's more for the players than anything else...

  • 791. yan_c (on Tue Jan 24 10:06:57 2012)
    @etienne... I hear ya.... I played golf in december with a Tea party fundraiser... Ayoye... Personally I'm about an inch to right on economic stuff but these guys are about a or I should say a mile :)

  • 790. etienne (on Tue Jan 24 09:58:51 2012)
    Thomas drank the (Tea Party) cool aid. @Yan_C: if you do a little bit of research on the Tea Party and who's behind it and the motiviations, you'll find many similarities with the Organization (CH)

  • 789. etienne (on Tue Jan 24 09:55:46 2012)
    To even think that the U.S. Federal government is threatening the rights and liberties of the U.S. people is simply ridiculous. It's one of the least intrusive government in the world. Unless Thomas was refering to the Patriot Act, in that case I agree with him 100%...

  • 788. yan_c (on Tue Jan 24 09:55:36 2012)
    @niraj... I disagree...just the same as not voting... Show up to the White House and actually have the opportunity to voice your concerns to the right people which essentially 99.99% of people never get to do... I was in the US about 10 times last year...Trust me, it was partisan... It's amazing how much some people hate a dark president...

  • 787. niraj (on Tue Jan 24 09:50:09 2012)
    Why Tim Thomas did not go to the white can you not be a fan of this guy: "I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People," Thomas' statement read. "This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government." "Because I believe this," the statement continued, "today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL." I may just be turning into a Bruins fan...

  • 786. niraj (on Tue Jan 24 07:29:51 2012)
    what's the record for most guys on the IR. With Morrow going on IR today, I have 6.

  • 785. etienne (on Mon Jan 23 23:28:54 2012)
    Tim Thomas sleeps with Ron Paul... Or Sarah Palin.

  • 784. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 16:25:57 2012)
    @rudy... if you have netflix, the doc on him is playing

  • 783. yannick (on Mon Jan 23 16:19:49 2012)
    @yan_c: yes

  • 782. rudy (on Mon Jan 23 16:18:23 2012)
    @all_the_UFHL_GMs_who_posted_this_afternoon: Do you guys ever work on Mondays? @yan_c: I like that predicting/futurist stuff from Ray Kurzweil, thanks for sharing it.

  • 781. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 16:14:42 2012)
    @ray @yannick Is there a weekly winner for the upcoming week given the all-star brea

  • 780. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 16:00:37 2012)
    if interested...

  • 779. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 15:59:25 2012)
    @etienne... its ray kurzweil...pretty good track record....

  • 778. etienne (on Mon Jan 23 15:57:40 2012)
    Genius/inventors are bad a predicting social trends...

  • 777. phuc (on Mon Jan 23 15:52:27 2012)
    hmmm, to make it work, you can do like 'le banquier' and have a rotation of hot guy/girl translator. Alouettes have cheerleaders... and don't we have a pretty high ratio of strip clubs per capita? Man, these feminist movements really don't know how to pick their battles... Elsewhere, CGY has 'bunnies' that scoop the ice - and we have 'clorox' or 'swiffer' guys? and CAR has cheerleaders and we have Youppi. Shit, why am I a Habs fan again?!

  • 776. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 15:51:20 2012)
    @phuc...thanks...did not really write that well...He essentially said that there would be no more other languages... He also said that schools would no longer exist and we would learn matrix style through a download. I'm tempted to laugh but things more so fast, you never know

  • 775. etienne (on Mon Jan 23 15:46:10 2012)
    Stupid idea - they wouldn't even do it in Toronto! Good idea - super hot head coach and GM!

  • 774. phuc (on Mon Jan 23 15:44:31 2012)
    @yan_c, depending on what you mean by 'mostly', but one could argue that those five languages already constitute the vast majority of the world population - as 1st or 2nd language? Multi-linguism, that's where it's at. Who says you just have to 'master' just 1 language?

  • 773. yannick (on Mon Jan 23 15:44:21 2012)
    I like the idea of the super-hot translator! who would complain then? ...ah yeah right, all the feminist movements in the province, etc. The team should be manage by a comitee that includes us! We have ideas to make things go forward! There is a division 3 soccer team somewhere that is managed by fans who bought a share of the team. Apparently every big decision is submitted to all the fans/shareholder through a poll. That would be funny here...

  • 772. etienne (on Mon Jan 23 15:39:39 2012)
    Hockey is jingoism

  • 771. phuc (on Mon Jan 23 15:36:19 2012)
    - oops too late in posting the translator thing. I swear, it was an independent thought.

  • 770. phuc (on Mon Jan 23 15:33:48 2012)
    The Buddha-Martin ears would've been a gold-mine if we had a winning team in October... I would've bought those! Who am I kidding really? I have more of a 'coach'-body shape than a hockey player anyway :) Would it change anything if there was a (preferably super hot) English-French live translator for every post-game interview? What's the big deal about language? Shouldn't there be one for AK (and Spacek?!) and w/e too? Just throwing it out there. If I'd be a hungarian 20-yr old rookie, I think I'd pay a live translator out of my own pocket. @Ray, I guess I don't read the same media (ahem Sbisa?!) as you do? They should do a Sondage-CRAP: would you still support the habs through a rebuild (of 1 to 3 years)? Too lazy to find it again, but I remember reading something alluding to this in LaPresse and it seemed that the average fan would concede that it's best for the team...

  • 769. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 15:30:37 2012)
    I saw a great interview with some american inventor/genius and he said that in less than 100 years there will be only 5 languages on the planet used mostly... english, arabic, cantonese/mandarin I forget which, punjabi and spanish...also possibly esperanto (kinda like franglais but english and spanish)

  • 768. etienne (on Mon Jan 23 15:29:46 2012)
    Europe is so different... and bankrupt

  • 767. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 15:27:06 2012)
    @niraj...well said.... And if one wants to push the issue....why is not everyone bilingual? Maybe instances like this help show people the importance of learning and not relying... One needs cable to watch hockey now (no more free on SRC/CBC)...adapte ou reste en arriere

  • 766. raymond (on Mon Jan 23 15:24:07 2012)
    @Niraj: love the idea...but then the media would complain about the time it takes to go back and forth...and the media loves interpreting what the coach says or is trying to say. They wouldn't be able to do the same with the translator.

  • 765. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 15:20:06 2012)
    ostie de ketaine a marde

  • 764. niraj (on Mon Jan 23 15:19:59 2012)
    Why can't the problem of language be solved by a translator being available at the press conference? Why is it so important that the actual GM speak french or english? My understanding is that in soccer, there are many coaches that don't even speak the same language as the players, but have translators to help them. Same goes with the media. Why can't it be that simple? Moreover, for "one-on-one" reporter time, the media on both sides speak both languages, so who for story writing purposes, it makes no difference. Now if the CH doesn't provide the translator, then I definitely have a problem with that, but otherwise this really isn't that complicated.

  • 763. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 15:17:05 2012)
    @etienne....tres d'accord.... plupart ne veulent meme pas jouer ici... meteo taxes famille (aye ton pere c'est un pourri m'a t'en cali$$er une apres l'ecole etc...) Journalistes Koivu photo hopital St-louis va pratiquer en gougounes....ensuite va jouer au golf ou faire un tour de bateau. meme a 6 millions/annee, il est taxe a 25% (mieux s'il investit avec certaines loopholes) De plus, a cause du prix tres eleve, de moins en moins de nos jeunes jouent au hockey alors ca va pas s'ameliorer lol

  • 762. etienne (on Mon Jan 23 15:08:19 2012)
    Car le seul joueur francophone que je prendrais à Montréal serait St-Louis parce qu'il a de la hargne et veux gagner, pas à cause de son language

  • 761. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 15:07:32 2012)
    @etienne...sorry dude...I think the media put that importance in your head... There are no jerseys with Gauthier on the back or fake jacques martin ears for halloween on sale. it's all about the players... and their performance or lack thereof... Everything else is a smokescreen that hides mediocrity... Most popular hab of the last 5 years (halak) barely even speaks english... come on lol (in terms of merchandise)

  • 760. etienne (on Mon Jan 23 15:02:49 2012)
    En passant, je m'en fous de la quantité de joueurs québécois dans l'équipe...

  • 759. etienne (on Mon Jan 23 15:01:16 2012)
    @Yan_C: dude, if the saleman spoke Korean, you would have probably think that he trying to fix you up with his sister. I want the engineers in Hamilton and Assistant coachs, trainers, scouts to speak whatever language, and the PR (like it or not, the GM and Head coach are also PR people) address their market in the language and ensure the place in the media and sell caps and pucks

  • 758. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 14:57:44 2012)
    @Etienne En terme de vente d'apres toi il y a coach, gm/organisation (pr, relations etc..) et joueurs... On est d'accord que le produit sur glace est de loin le plus important? Si oui alors, les joueurs sont sur la tele environ 8 heures par semaine de telecast (un approx...soit 500 mins Le coach parle aux journalistes 10-12 mins par jour...une petite partie de ces conversations sont ensuite retransmises aux "clients"....disont l'equivalent de 30 mins/semaine Un GM moyen (Burke bcp plus, Gauthier bcp moins) parle aux journalistes 2 fois/mois...environ 1 heure a chaque plupart de ses dires sont retranmises alors 120 mins/mois...soit 30 mins/semaine Sorry but if we agree that the play on ice is more important and that play is showcased for 500 mins vs 30+30 (less important), then I disagree with the importance of GM+coach speaking french...

  • 757. raymond (on Mon Jan 23 14:49:58 2012)
    @Niraj: Montreal has actually done a better job of developing their prospects. They still have a ways to go but it's getting better. The problem is opportunity and patience. It's very hard to play on the top 2 lines unless you produce right away. As for patience, what seems to happen is a prospect plays on the 3rd line, can't crack the top 2 lines within 2 years and then gets shipped somewhere. Also, with the "win now" mentality always in place, patience is not an acceptable word. @Phuc: unfortunately I disagree with the fans understanding a rebuild. Right now, the Habs are so close to the bottom, so close to getting a potentially superstar player in the draft and what are the fans talking about: what Montreal has to do to get in the playoffs...Same syndrome as in Leaf land. The concept of being shitty for 3 yrs in order to be great for the next 12 yrs is not something that fans (or the media) will tolerate. Too bad for "us"...

  • 756. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 14:33:14 2012)
    copy/paste the Red Wings front office and team in Montreal and NO ONE will question the language A part des mongols de la societe St-Jean Baptiste qui vivent dans le sous sol de leur tante Violette

  • 755. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 14:24:34 2012)
    @etienne... sorry...don't agree... the coach and gm are not salesmen...the players or rather the product on the ice is... My car is awesome because it drives like a porsche....not because the guy who sold it was good at his job. But if the car is a lemon then all the focus goes towards the salesman and the car dealer. THAT'S what's happening... On top of that, the media... Richard l'abbee m'a dit que tout journaliste a 2-3 articles du genre "ready to go" when there is a slow news day to keep people's interest and fan the flames... It's all hocus pocus...

  • 754. etienne (on Mon Jan 23 14:15:32 2012)
    @Yan_C: je suis partiellement d'accord avec toi. Les ingénieurs restent dans l'ombre mais les vendeurs (ceci inclu le coach et le GM) doivent s'addresser en français. C'est juste du bon PR. Les ingénieurs qui ont conçu ta voiture parlent coréen mais pas le vendeur. Donc, tout le scouting et le dévelopement à Hamilton ou ailleurs peut se passer en chinois en ce qui me concerne - la vente du produit doit être adapter au marché local. C'est juste de la bonne business

  • 753. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 14:13:31 2012)
    glaring stat...not one player in nhl drafted by CH after the 2007 draft... and with the salary cap, many teams have rookies doing well right away, not montreal

  • 752. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 14:09:55 2012)
    komisarek,higgins,andrei k,lapierre, O'byrne, halak, chipchura, emelin, grabovski, streit, price, tenderness, d'agostini, sergei K mcdonough, pacioretty, subban, weber, that's a lot... but honestly...more quantity than quality in my opinion

  • 751. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 14:03:16 2012)
    @niraj..funny enough...CH practice facility and medical/training staff considered the best in NHL. not among the best...the best... As for the # of players in nhl drafted...I'm guessing but it's a big chunk of 3rd-4th liners, backup goalies and 5-6th defencemen... I've got a conference call now which i have nothing to do...will check it out. for all we know, though trades the CH had more draft picks than other teams... u never know

  • 750. niraj (on Mon Jan 23 13:25:45 2012)
    When I hear facts like the habs have the drafted the most players currently playing in the NHL over the last 10 years, I blame the jockey more than I blame the horse. It's seriously not that complicated, optimize your draft with selections that maximize value and team needs, nurture your talent and have them come up and join the team. Detroit, and on the flip side, Atlanta/Winnipeg have shown for years that draft position is overrated. It's firstly who you draft, what you draft them for and how you nurture your talent that determines whether your draftees become NHL players or KHL players. Mtl needs to bring in someone with an understanding of this. And this doesn't stop with the GM, it goes all the way up to the owner who has to be willing to invest more money into the infrastructure of scouting and producing NHL talent from within. When Mark Cuban bought the Mavs, the first thing he did was invest in the rehab and conditioning center of the mavs. His feeling was "I spend 100M in salary per year, so spending 1M / year on the well being of my players is a no brainer". Considering he's going to make his money with either a winning or losing hockey club in this city, he needs to be the CH's biggest fan of all. Whether he is or isn't, I'll defer to Yan_C. I can only hope he's half as big of a fan as Terry Pegula of the sabres is. Otherwise, I believe I will take my fandom to Boston or Buffalo, where I believe there's a passion to succeed beyond the financial statement of the team.

  • 749. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 13:24:03 2012)
    @yannick there's a certain telecommunications company (I will not name lol) that has been giving poor customer service for 40 years... and they've never been more profitable than in the last 5 years. Go figure...

  • 748. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 13:22:24 2012)
    @yannick... i agree with 99% of what u wrote... except...they don't HAVE to respect their customers but they SHOULD... And yes...until sales of tickets (especially) and then merchandise slow down, I cant see it happening.

  • 747. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 13:13:00 2012)
    @marc @ phuc This may seem weird but in my mind A GM is way more important than a coach in hockey... But in football, I think the coach can make/break a team just with strategy... Hockey being so fast, I think the coach (good or bad) importance is overrated... I'm sure there are many examples that contradict my theory , it's just the impression I get.

  • 746. yannick (on Mon Jan 23 13:10:34 2012)
    @phuc: what sucks if they tank, is for the poor suckers who bought their tickets back in september and must now go see a team that can't compete. ...I am part of those suckers... Yan_c has made it clear, but at one point you have to respect the paying customers... @canadien_management: I am not buying tickets next year, and I hope many will do the same.

  • 745. marc (on Mon Jan 23 13:07:48 2012)
    Parce que qu'on prefere mieux melanger sport et politique ensemble. On aime mieux etre de moyenne que d'etre des gagnants. Le pire de tout sa, ills se demandent pourquoi on a une equipe si poche que sa. At this point, i just want the best possible coach and not the best french speaking one. Too bad it probably will never happen...

  • 744. phuc (on Mon Jan 23 13:04:56 2012)
    I don't know why, I have blind trust in Lemaire. And if they are gonna play boring hockey, they might as well win with it... Aside from that, agreed. It is time to blow this up and rebuild. Tank it. Make it known. The Leafs have proven that just missing the playoffs every year just leads to no championship (except that the $ is still there). I actually believe the fans here will accept it well. Habs fans are not that blind - and do have hockey smarts; they hope for the habs to win, but they know better than to expect them to (by now). At least, that's how I see it.

  • 743. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 13:02:15 2012)
    Pourquoi chercher pour des candidats dans un bassin de 100% des professionels competents quand on peut se limiter a un bassin de 20-25%...

  • 742. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 13:00:39 2012)
    @etienne....agreed... and don't forget..not the most competent engineers... We NEED engineers who can speak french before all else....Parce que c'est ca qui est important...

  • 741. etienne (on Mon Jan 23 12:56:54 2012)
    @yan_c: a planned trainwreck strategy only works if you have competent engineers to rebuild the machine...

  • 740. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 12:55:04 2012)
    I went to 6 games so far this year and every single one was less interesting than a Paulie Shore movie... Even last Wed against Wash...The CH invited my father and me. I was looking forward to seeing to fast teams and see some good action. Watching Niraj's (sometimes eternal) pre-shot golf routine was actually more interesting...

  • 739. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 12:51:13 2012)
    @phuc..I don't know anyone in hockey operations..only legal and finance... I have to disagree with you though about lemaire... the problem is not the jockey it's the horse...or in this case, horses! Since it's a trainwreck, let it wreck even more so they can do a proper cleanup and stop finishing 14-16th every year...

  • 738. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 12:47:48 2012)
    @marc you are absolutely right in all that you say... I'm just saying they don't give a $hit...not even close....about you or anyone else... that's not good or nice but it is true... that's what I mean... you are doing 100% of the work by supporting them but it's a one way street... That's the part that amazes me....

  • 737. marc (on Mon Jan 23 12:36:57 2012)
    if Alex's anus is raped, I wonder what mine looks like right about

  • 736. phuc (on Mon Jan 23 12:30:44 2012)
    @yan_c - so who's chum-y with Jacques Lemaire within the Habs' organization? I think if there's one guy that can right this trainwreck... it'd be him. Play tight, not loose like Alex's raped anus this year...

  • 735. marc (on Mon Jan 23 12:28:07 2012)
    @yan_c ; when you buy tuques, players jerseys, autographed pictures, autographed jerseys, videos, hockey tickets to attend the game, or even watch all the games religiously.... You are in a way attached and appart of the team. Maybe not economically wise, but as fans, we are the ones who pays certain things linked directly to the team. Without US die hard fans, there would be no team. Hence, the reason why we like to say ; our or we when we talk about the habs

  • 734. yan_c (on Mon Jan 23 12:22:29 2012)
    @phuc... lol..doesn't annoy fascinates me... It's like religion...I'm always amazed how normally smart and sane people decide to temporarily switch their brains to idle and part ways with reason to include themselves as part of a group...the "us" factor Especially when clearly (and also behind the scenes) the feeling is so not mutual.

  • 733. phuc (on Mon Jan 23 11:37:45 2012)
    @Rudy, now do the same for *OUR* ( - just to annoy Yan_C) beloved Habs!

  • 732. rudy (on Mon Jan 23 10:25:38 2012)
    Funny fact: since I made comment #673, the Ducks are 8-0-1.

  • 731. etienne (on Mon Jan 23 09:26:35 2012)
    @Ray: stop reading People Magazine!

  • 730. raymond (on Mon Jan 23 00:19:44 2012)
    So I read an article where some guy raves about Luca Sbisa's 8 pts in 11 games and how Boudreau absolutely loves him... Why do I read these articles???

  • 729. etienne (on Sun Jan 22 17:25:26 2012)
    @Danny: who? @Yan_C: Being wrong is not really relevant. You just need to be right more often! @Yan_C: I can see through your Billy Beane strategy!

  • 728. danny (on Sun Jan 22 12:31:41 2012)
    Well..Well..Look who's making a last push for 3rd place!!!

  • 727. yan_c (on Sat Jan 21 23:25:58 2012)
    Guess I was quite wrong about Halak..... Again... Amazed how that team changed under Hitchcock.... 20 shots against per game it seems... Jaques lemaire 2.0

  • 726. rudy (on Fri Jan 20 19:32:42 2012)
    I'd like to meet Phuc's mom myself to make my own opinion! :-)

  • 725. alexandre (on Fri Jan 20 19:14:52 2012)
    Thank you Danny, thank you :)

  • 724. danny (on Fri Jan 20 17:37:40 2012)
    Quote No.718 has got to be the "C'mon man" quote of the year!

  • 723. yan_c (on Fri Jan 20 17:31:05 2012)
    Ray's favorite...

  • 722. bao (on Fri Jan 20 09:08:32 2012)
    I got money on YanB passing Ray this year

  • 721. raymond (on Fri Jan 20 01:48:52 2012)
    @Niraj: Phuc caught and passed me attention! Today's poll: Niraj and Yan B -who finishes ahead?

  • 720. yannick (on Thu Jan 19 15:36:11 2012)
    Congratulations to Phuc for winning the first $20 of the season! Total weekly winning for 2012 phuc: 20

  • 719. yannick (on Thu Jan 19 15:35:10 2012)
    here is the counter of number of hires straight to farm left for each managers after wednesday January 18th's actions: alexandre: 3 bao: 3 danny: 3 etienne: 3 marc: 3 niraj: 0 phuc: 1 raymond: 1 rudy: 0 yan_c: 2 yannick: 2

  • 718. alexandre (on Thu Jan 19 15:15:26 2012)
    Phuc's mom is also super tight.

  • 717. marc (on Thu Jan 19 15:12:30 2012)
    Wow.. Top 4-5 are super tight. Good luck to everyone

  • 716. phuc (on Thu Jan 19 13:18:37 2012)
    Niraj, I definitely see a very tight battle up ahead... You say you top 9 teams, but after your move yesterday, do you still consider yourself in the thick of it? Yannick, I saw on your team's page that it has extra team stats... I guess it's a beta-feature you're currently testing? No rush - but it would certainly be nice to have those. Thanks for the hard work again.

  • 715. niraj (on Thu Jan 19 10:30:15 2012)
    Congrats to Phuc for catching Ray! This should be one of the most competitive championship races in recent memory. Good luck to everyone...wouldn't be surprised to see anyone in the top 9 win it.

  • 714. phuc (on Thu Jan 19 00:00:19 2012)
    ... but Beauchemin was a timely pickup - I tip my hat to you, sir.

  • 713. rudy (on Wed Jan 18 23:27:15 2012)
    Don't tell me I should have known Neuvirth was starting tonight...

  • 712. etienne (on Wed Jan 18 17:39:22 2012)
    phuc regarde ton hotmail

  • 711. alexandre (on Tue Jan 17 17:20:59 2012)
    hey guys, I may have to move Kadri off my farm tomorrow so if anyone would like him while he is still farm eligible, I'm open to suggestion as long as it's something more than an FA.

  • 710. yan_c (on Sat Jan 14 11:28:13 2012)
    @yannick...probably right especially with a crazy long homestand coming up next week for 7-8 games straight!.... But they platoon them both now! too hard to gage the starter.... Dommage...

  • 709. yannick (on Sat Jan 14 11:20:51 2012)
    Is anyone interested in the brodeur/hedberg duo? new jersey could be very good in the second half... looking for some help in offense

  • 708. niraj (on Sat Jan 14 11:13:43 2012)
    Ray is now in striking distance...should be a fun 2nd half of the season...

  • 707. alexandre (on Sat Jan 14 01:23:35 2012)
    woohoo Hiller shutout = it's all over for you guys!

  • 706. niraj (on Fri Jan 13 16:06:48 2012)
    Trade talks heating up in Philly - Tor:

  • 705. rudy (on Fri Jan 13 09:59:12 2012)
    @marc: I'm also anxious to see the Nordiques back to Quebec City. You know what's funny? The last coach of the Nordiques was Marc Crawford, who barely spoke French (but every fan loved him). About the Cammalleri trade: Another proof that you can't speak your mind to the media when you're playing for the Habs (see Guy Lafleur, Patrick Roy, etc.) And Gauthier says the trade is to get bigger up front... just a coincidence that Cammalleri called his team a band of losers the day before...

  • 704. niraj (on Thu Jan 12 22:10:40 2012)
    Not a bad deal considering the circumstances...

  • 703. marc (on Thu Jan 12 22:05:14 2012)
    @Danny ... Very good call my friend. It's official boys. Cammalleri for Rene Bourque. Don't know how to feel about this trade...

  • 702. marc (on Thu Jan 12 22:01:53 2012)
    Look at the front page on lol... "Cammalleri échangé" things are shaking up boys

  • 701. danny (on Thu Jan 12 21:56:29 2012)
    René Bourque to MTL....Pretty good deal guys! You heard it here first!

  • 700. niraj (on Thu Jan 12 14:55:14 2012)
    @stat of the day: Since 20003, Montreal has drafted the highest number of players that are currently playing in the NHL. Sadly, hardly any are with Montreal. +1 Timmins, -1000 CH GMs Clearly this team knows how to pick players, they just don't know how to groom them to play and cope with life in Montreal. That's an organizational issue. Unfortunately, change only is brought on when discomfort exists, and other than not winning a few playoff series, I can't say that the owners of the team have experienced enough discomfort to bring about real change.

  • 699. yan_c (on Thu Jan 12 14:22:54 2012)
    @etienne....sad but true... and this is technically "bell media" and I deal withe them day in/day out as they are my bosses for the 2012 olympics... I can tell you that rds is run on the cheap...except for the Canadiens rights... there's a reason in the industry their nickname is RDS (reste dans le studio) :) They make oodles of money

  • 698. etienne (on Thu Jan 12 14:14:43 2012)
    @yan_c: True. Years of bad customer service never affected Bell's bottom line!

  • 697. marc (on Thu Jan 12 14:07:14 2012)
    @yan_c .... True, but let's not forget that we got a bigger problem than Gomez's contract. Those pro-french fans protesting infront of the Bell Center. You think Price, Subban and possibly high profiled FA's want to come play for a team that will probably have a mediocre coach with possibly the chance of never winning a Stanley Cup, because fans prefer the best available french speaking coach rather than the best available coach period. Can't wait for Quebec to get a team, so the media/fans can shy away from the french/english debate that the habs don't need...

  • 696. yan_c (on Thu Jan 12 13:52:21 2012)
    @marc.... I'll tell you what Geoff Molson told me (and 4 others) after quite a few molsons.... "I'm the one paying him, not them! It's just a number to these people"! I don't blame him (to a certain extent)

  • 695. marc (on Thu Jan 12 13:46:12 2012)
    If we can only ship Gomez to the KHL now... Stupid Gainey... What were you thinking

  • 694. yan_c (on Thu Jan 12 13:39:33 2012)
    @etienne... Rds is owned by bell...good luck with them going bankrupt lol

  • 693. etienne (on Thu Jan 12 11:55:19 2012)
    I would to see Montreal stockpile draft picks and what Timmins would do with them. However, I'm sure that any players on the CH's roster except for a few players could land a first round pick. Rather, I'd try to finish last and get the first pick overall. Or better yet, try to pry away first picks from other teams that on the verge of making it to the NHL. It seems to work with Eller. But RDS will go bankrupt by then...

  • 692. yan_c (on Thu Jan 12 10:57:42 2012)
    @ray..pretty much all good teams in North american sports *save for MLB) had to tank a year or 2 to get good... Get some "can't miss prospects" and shed older expensive contracts... it's hard always drafting 15th to be sure to build... Hopefully Molson will ok trading as many contracts as possible and stockpile draft picks... the more you have, better chance of getting a good player. Not sure though his partners (tv, brewery etc...) would be pleased :)

  • 691. raymond (on Thu Jan 12 10:51:39 2012)
    Checked out TSN radio for the 1st time the other day and they had Pierre LeBrun on the phone. He was asked who had a better shot at returning as GM next year: Howson in Columbus or Gauthier in MTL? He said Howson...I wonder if Montreal (and the media) could withstand a tank job. Seems like the upcoming draft has some good rospects and it'd be nice if Montreal could get one of those prospects. Given Gauthier's sense-of-preservation, that probably wont't happen.

  • 690. yan_c (on Wed Jan 11 10:50:38 2012)
    @rudy... 19 shots...Richard Sevigny would have had a shutout last night lol

  • 689. rudy (on Wed Jan 11 10:37:38 2012)
    I guess Halak's photo can now be removed from the milk cartons...

  • 688. niraj (on Tue Jan 10 15:32:24 2012)
    I just saw the hit again, and it is one of the most disgusting and dirty hits I've ever seen. There's no way Salo is expecting that given that Marchand clearly beat him to the puck. There's only one reason for Marchand to make that clip and injure Salo. Watching it, I get pissed off... I hope someone blind sides this kid and costs him a season.

  • 687. niraj (on Tue Jan 10 15:29:03 2012)
    @Ray: If you played ice hockey, you'd understand how dirty that was. It's not about the hip check , it's about the intent to injure.

  • 686. raymond (on Tue Jan 10 01:38:00 2012)
    A low hip check is worth 5 games? I've seen plenty of guys flip over from a hip check... Doesn't Emelin do that every other game?

  • 685. yan_c (on Sat Jan 7 10:05:40 2012)
    @rudy because of the shg category? :)

  • 684. rudy (on Sat Jan 7 09:42:45 2012)
    It's beginning to smell lockout for next season...

  • 683. yan_c (on Fri Jan 6 13:23:36 2012)
    read the bottom of article... r.e Sidney Crosby

  • 682. phuc (on Fri Jan 6 12:12:34 2012)
    since there was a Palin reference not too long ago:

  • 681. yan_c (on Fri Jan 6 07:00:12 2012)
    @phuc...perfect example of your half/luck last night Seguin gets GWG in a lol 9-0 win Gaborik gets an overtime winner... one is "bs" and the other is well deserved...

  • 680. phuc (on Thu Jan 5 23:01:53 2012)
    I like the 'nirajes' idea. - I am Phuc ME? Puck U! and I support this message.

  • 679. phuc (on Thu Jan 5 22:59:01 2012)
    Hmm, I think GWG is the actual "half-luck" cat. Agree that better players will have more occasions to score more important goals. You field Ovechkin in OT to get the winning goal... but you also field him in the last minute to get the tying goal - and when he does, the 2nd line gets the GWG? GWG also happens to average players who happen to score the 4th goal when the score is already 3-1 and the team eases up to win 4-3, no? So that's why I find GWG really half-luck. PPG - you can look at who actually gets power play time and there's a more direct correlation than GWG... SHG - yeah, maybe it's a bit of luck as well - but you actually need to play short-handed situations to get those and some superstars don't and some do... so in my opinion SHG is not ALL luck either. So I'd be for combining SHG w/ GWG, at the condition that we add another category, or even 2. If we can't come up with anything, I'd be against the change. Just my 2c.

  • 678. yan_c (on Thu Jan 5 17:50:38 2012)
    There's only 14 goals difference between the lead in GWG (32) and PWP (46) goals yet only GWG (and shg of course) get the "luck" criticism.... Maybe all three are to be considered "luck" in all fairness? or maybe just shg? Better players often get game winners cuz that's life... cream rises to the top, in all aspects of life. just like they are more often used on a powerplay than average players so it's normal they get more pwp goals... just my 2 cents

  • 677. yan_c (on Thu Jan 5 14:06:16 2012)
    We should respect the UFHL history by naming some things in honor of past (and in some cases ancient) champions... those 20$ prizes should be called "Nirajes"...

  • 676. yannick (on Thu Jan 5 13:51:12 2012)
    ANNOUNCEMENT: ------------ The $20 week will start next week. This means that the winner of the current week will not win $20, but the winner of the next week of activity starting January 11th will win $20.

  • 675. yannick (on Thu Jan 5 10:30:10 2012)
    here is the counter of number of hires straight to farm left for each managers after wednesday January 4th's actions: alexandre: 3 bao: 3 danny: 3 etienne: 3 marc: 3 niraj: 0 phuc: 1 raymond: 2 rudy: 0 yan_c: 2 yannick: 2

  • 674. etienne (on Thu Jan 5 09:12:32 2012)
    oh please Stamkos, can you score two game winners tonight?

  • 673. rudy (on Thu Jan 5 08:00:27 2012)
    Don't know what's going on in Anaheim, but they struggle badly for sure... It's even worse since Bruce Boudreau took over!

  • 672. niraj (on Wed Jan 4 17:19:24 2012)
    Bye bye S.Mason...see u in the free rounds at next year's draft...

  • 671. yan_c (on Wed Jan 4 16:37:08 2012)
    John Madden just signed with Florida. I wonder if Danny will try and get his Madden 2012 box signed next time Panthers are in town? "Me eye am a big fan of your games, sign dis pleeze" :)

  • 670. rudy (on Wed Jan 4 12:58:28 2012)
    @yan_c: you didn't stick on Henrique as promised... I will never believe you again... :-)

  • 669. yan_c (on Wed Jan 4 12:38:02 2012)
    was on wax off Raymond...

  • 668. raymond (on Wed Jan 4 12:33:50 2012)
    I tried to throw in the towel for Niraj but he keeps saying "one more round, one more round...I'm only 1 crane kick away..."

  • 667. yan_c (on Wed Jan 4 12:04:52 2012)
    Watching Niraj deal these days is like like watching Muhammad Ali's last few fights... Ray, you're his friend...throw in the towel for God sake! I don't want to see another Apollo Creed / Drago fiasco!

  • 666. niraj (on Wed Jan 4 11:26:43 2012)
    So far I'm losing on that Ovie deal...if Halak takes over #1, it'll be another trade where Phuc destroys me...

  • 665. danny (on Wed Jan 4 10:54:03 2012)
    Lidstrom and Boyle are ready for a trade guys...just bring your best keeper!

  • 664. rudy (on Wed Jan 4 10:11:35 2012)
    My two goalies got shelled last night, a rare occurence for me this season... The funny part is that they were playing against each other...

  • 663. yan_c (on Tue Jan 3 22:16:16 2012)
    Jaime Benn is not interesting... He's just a passer (some gm)

  • 662. yan_c (on Tue Jan 3 17:24:50 2012)
    You'll have to type a bit louder Niraj...the sound is muffled coming from the UFHL celllar... Maybe you should hire an 8th goalie and worry less about adult stuff... :)

  • 661. niraj (on Tue Jan 3 17:16:46 2012)
    My bad...I wouldn't even give you Ron're much closer to Bill O'Reilly than anything else.

  • 660. yan_c (on Tue Jan 3 16:48:23 2012)
    she's a hasbeen and I'm still relevant. not like some other past champions (cough cough)who fit her description better. I'm more like Ron Paul...some good ideas but mostly weird ones

  • 659. niraj (on Tue Jan 3 16:38:10 2012)
    @yan_c: You are the Sarah Palin of the UFHL.

  • 658. yan_c (on Tue Jan 3 12:17:30 2012)
    "We" cute in your fandom :)

  • 657. niraj (on Tue Jan 3 11:12:01 2012)
    We have a big player?

  • 656. raymond (on Tue Jan 3 10:29:52 2012)
    Habs soap opera will be a rerun: Gomez, Markov, new coach, new GM promising to return the team to glory and more questions than answers. Only new stuff: Habs miss the playoffs, Carey Price's outrageous contract demands and a big player demands a trade out of here

  • 655. rudy (on Mon Jan 2 19:59:11 2012)
    What next in the Habs soap opera? @danny: getting rid of Campoli already?

  • 654. niraj (on Mon Jan 2 12:53:54 2012)
    SHGs and GWGs should definitely combined into one category. Happy new year to everyone and all the best in 2012!

  • 653. raymond (on Sun Jan 1 14:02:55 2012)
    Happy new year to all! For 10 of us, our resolution of saying bye to the SH category should be attainable. Let's hope that there's no lockout.

  • 652. yan_c (on Sun Jan 1 12:23:05 2012)
    funny stat.... Etienne is leading in defencemen pts and his starting salary for 6 players this week is 74$... I'm in second place and combined salary of all 6 players is 3$... Are dmen that important salary wise or just a fluke? not sure. Many of our best dmen are single digit salary dollars I've noticed...

  • 651. yannick (on Sun Jan 1 09:45:36 2012)
    Happy new year to all of you! I wish you health, happiness, money and average performance in the ufhl! May 2012 be the year I finally get out of last place in the +/- category!

  • 650. etienne (on Sun Jan 1 07:33:37 2012)
    @Danny: embarque moi pas dans tes affaires de 2012! @Tous: bonne année!

  • 649. phuc (on Sat Dec 31 19:51:56 2011)
    Happy New Year! Best wishes for the coming year and many goals for all, for hockey's sake and for all of us!

  • 648. danny (on Sat Dec 31 18:44:29 2011)
    Haha...I need one before the end of the year Yan tx!!! Where have you been all these months? I guess busy on getting Bobby Ryan started...35$ oufff! Glad i did keep'em! You're like "Dave" in the series "Storage Wars" "YAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP!!!" on A& E. Always want to proove me wrong! Happy NewYear's all!!!! I think it the 1st time everybody hated a specific year like 2011. A lot of things went wrong in 2011 when everybody is in a rush to head into 2012...The End of the World year according to Nostadamus ( and Etienne i think) Very refreshing!!! On a positive note, the race for 1st is heating up! Cheers!

  • 647. yan_c (on Sat Dec 31 17:11:36 2011)
    If the Legends game counted for UFHL points, Danny would win the championship every year.... Happy New year to all...

  • 646. etienne (on Wed Dec 28 19:20:12 2011)
    Those stupid novelty goals categories have to go. It's ridiculous that having success in two/three offensive categories allows a team to be high in the ranking while being in the middle of the pack for goals, assists and points...

  • 645. etienne (on Wed Dec 28 19:17:25 2011)
    I don't know if I'd want to fix/patch holes with your offers though...

  • 644. yan_c (on Wed Dec 28 11:19:46 2011)
    @Etienne...Their Gm keeps thinking he does "the best draft" but then refuses to fix/patch holes and/or mistakes over the course of the season so he gradually moves down to 6-7-8th place as he does every year. And then when he decides to act, the slope is too steep to catch as there then are too many teams in between him and the lead. or one word..... Milburdanny

  • 643. etienne (on Wed Dec 28 11:10:41 2011)
    What's happening with the Hitmen?

  • 642. yan_c (on Wed Dec 28 07:27:17 2011)
    @niraj... Coming from the guy with 30% of his roster being goalies cuz That makes sense ;)

  • 641. yannick (on Wed Dec 28 01:36:00 2011)
    @niraj: it must be part of their trade, ie. yan_c probably wanted 2 FAs and ray had space for another player guess

  • 640. niraj (on Tue Dec 27 23:53:48 2011)
    I don't get it, why would ray hire D.Roloson?

  • 639. yan_c (on Tue Dec 27 22:42:46 2011)
    After today's trade with those crazy Syndrome characters, I'd like to congratulate Ray on behalf of Danny for winning next year's championship too...

  • 638. niraj (on Tue Dec 27 08:09:00 2011)
    Nice parting gift by Henrik to Phuc's team...

  • 637. danny (on Mon Dec 26 11:38:22 2011)
    Nice inside scoop there Yan!!! Why would ex nflers have a case though? It's normal they would try to get more money but actually have case...No sure about that. I'm guess it's a case by case consideration, no? Obviously, the helmets have to improve and ASAP. They need air tubs like the NFL BIKE and RIDDLE helmets. Jingles to all!

  • 636. etienne (on Sun Dec 25 08:49:29 2011)
    @Yan_C: I just had the same exact conversation with the Queen of England! Just pulling your leg before going to Beignebec after a couple of dogs at Louis!

  • 635. marc (on Sat Dec 24 21:25:35 2011)
    Merry Christmas to all. Be safe and enjoy all!!

  • 634. yan_c (on Sat Dec 24 16:11:01 2011)
    Joyeux Noel a tous!

  • 633. yan_c (on Sat Dec 24 16:09:12 2011)
    Just played golf with a common friend of Niraj and I then had a drink with Don Meehan. I Would not be surprised that Crosby never plays again...And the same goes for Pronger... Nhl is freaking out over the concussions cuz a bunch of ex nfl players are suing their league and they seem to have a case.

  • 632. niraj (on Sat Dec 24 13:38:53 2011)
    It was the night before Christmas, when all through the league, all niraj was looking for, was a little reprieve. Leading the race at 4 votes to none, he tries to remind everyone that we're all in this for fun. This isn't about getting an extra free agent or two, It's about asking yourself "would it be fair if it happened to me too?" Danny, Eteinne, YC and Bao I gained nothing competitively over any of you, All I did was simply forget, To click on Nikitin's status to get him off of my bench. A usability error is really what should be blamed, In light of this a more appropriate punishment should be laid, A slap on the wrist or even on the back, Perhaps at the next draft a UFHL "Dunce" Cap?

  • 631. etienne (on Sat Dec 24 12:19:28 2011)
    @Niraj: Democracy just doesn't work...

  • 630. rudy (on Sat Dec 24 10:53:52 2011)
    I think there should be a sanction when you trade the player you based your team's name upon. Asking for a name change in the middle of the season should also cost 2 FA (at least) with an extra subscription fee of 20$ the following year to fund Yannick's work on the UFHL website. Just making fun of the UFHL's spirit... ;-) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • 629. niraj (on Sat Dec 24 09:08:14 2011)
    @yannick: lol. @Ray: You can't stop the "Don't penalize Niraj" movement. I'm way up on votes as of right now.

  • 628. yannick (on Sat Dec 24 08:52:31 2011)
    The two Yan of the ufhl are on fire! Yan C now in 2nd position and me who rose to number 6 today. I'm throwing this out there for fun, but with this non-violence movement in hockey, should the ufhl think of inversing the penality minutes category after this season? Meaning the team with less pim be in first position. The ufhl act as a role model for the young poolers of our society, are we sending the right message by rewarding penality minutes? just a peace thought on this christmas eve... Happy christmas to all of you guys and your families!

  • 627. raymond (on Sat Dec 24 01:12:51 2011)
    Lol Good thing Niraj doesn't count ballots in Florida! Niraj - you only have the automatic vote from Rudy so far. But for the dunce cap, it's a landslide : )

  • 626. niraj (on Fri Dec 23 23:45:33 2011)
    4-0 for me not getting penalized and wearing a dunce cap...

  • 625. etienne (on Fri Dec 23 19:45:35 2011)
    We'll get a dunce cap after we get the throphy!

  • 624. marc (on Fri Dec 23 18:29:01 2011)
    Im ok with Niraj wearing a cute dunce cap lol

  • 623. niraj (on Fri Dec 23 18:00:39 2011)
    @rudy: Thank you. So far 3-0 for not penalizing niraj other than wearing a "dunce" cap at the draft...

  • 622. rudy (on Fri Dec 23 17:09:18 2011)
    @yan_c: Well, at least you know now that you can't lure me in a keeper trade with Mark Streit as bait. :0) About the Niraj Farm Syndrome: Everybody already knows that I'm against any type of sanction for minor blunders like that. Just funny Niraj did it twice...

  • 621. niraj (on Fri Dec 23 17:04:23 2011)
    I like the idea of the "Dunce Cap" fact, it could become a tradition at the draft...we all vote for the dunce of the previous year and the "winner" sports the cap at the draft!

  • 620. phuc (on Fri Dec 23 15:59:44 2011)
    Just a comment on the Niraj sanction: I know I'm slow, but this just made me realize that once you've brought up a player from farm to team, there's no limit as to how many times you can bring him up/down without penalty. Once the player is on the normal UFHL payroll, what's stopping you from using the farm as an extra bench spot (for players < 200 games)? I don't think that was the idea of the farm in the first place and do consider this a loophole. So, 2 points: 1- I think we should fix this loophole. I'm not sure how. 1-way ticket up? Max # of call-ups per player? 2- I think we had agreed that the farm is just being tested out and we'd adjust the rules for it as we go along. So it doesn't make sense to me that the application of the penalties stemming from something 'beta' is super strict. I do see Niraj's point as no one would have benefited from it; he did fire the extra player.* Anyway, I'd call for leniency as ppl see fit. 1 FA, a slap on the wrist, dunce's cap at the next draft, street stoning, w/e. * Am I the only that feels there's just something so satisfying when this happens to Niraj?? Twice too, x-mas gift came a day early! Niraj, I'm j/k. I don't take *that much* pleasure in the misery of others ;)

  • 619. raymond (on Fri Dec 23 14:11:25 2011)
    Phuc's Most Excellent Puck University! (Phuc ME, Puck U!) Comment of the Year!

  • 618. bao (on Fri Dec 23 12:49:04 2011)
    Yannick... In my trade with Phuc, I managed to negociate his great team name. BLT will now be known as "Me So Crosby"

  • 617. phuc (on Fri Dec 23 12:36:59 2011)
    Sorry yannick, I'll be needing another name change... Phuc's Most Excellent Puck University! (Phuc ME, Puck U!)

  • 616. niraj (on Fri Dec 23 12:16:22 2011)
    @yannick: I love the site. When we were talking a few years back about moving this to Yahoo, I was strongly against it because there's something really cool about being in a league as complex as this one using a site that was built single handedly by one of the managers. BUT, I consider myself reasonably computer literate, so if I make the same mistake twice with the same software, I tend to look at the software...

  • 615. yannick (on Fri Dec 23 12:06:01 2011)
    by the way, on the firing page, the players in your farm team appears in red now, to make the page niraj proof!

  • 614. yannick (on Fri Dec 23 11:59:31 2011)
    @niraj: ...but only you made that mistake... twice. Not sure if there is a usability problems when even our rookies are not making that mistake. I think the problem is between the chair and the keyboard, not with the site ;)

  • 613. niraj (on Fri Dec 23 11:52:54 2011)
    I would formally like to protest the penalty. I'm looking to my fellow managers for their support. I would like to argue that it's not obvious at all when you fire someone whether he is on the farm or on the regular roster. I would also like to argue that this feature is in Beta and there should be more leniency given to such transgressions. I would finally like to argue that ultimately, I did not receive any competitive advantage over any of you. All that happened was that I did not realize Weber was on my farm team and had I, I simply would have moved N.Nikitin to my farm. Guys, we can't and should not blindly apply penalties. The point of having "rules" is to ensure competitive balance. Because I feel that I gained no competitive advantage over you, I don't feel I should be punished. Rather, I think my error shows a usability issue with the site. Since we don't pay Yannick for his work, we don't make demands on his time (as we shouldn't). In the same light I think we should recognize when a usability issue on the site gives rise to an error such as mine. If we can agree that this is the case, then I feel strongly that no penalty should apply here. Let me know how you guys feel...I'm good either way, although if it happened to another manager, I'd definitely back him up on this.

  • 612. niraj (on Fri Dec 23 11:38:12 2011)
    Yan: Feature request: Can you please move all the farm team players to the bottom of the pages with a heading that looks like this red that says


  • 611. raymond (on Fri Dec 23 11:21:14 2011)
    ***************Sanction against Niraj*************** E.Nabokov was activated from IR and that put the number of players on Niraj’s team at 27. He fired Y.Weber but Y.Weber was in his farm team; leaving Niraj with 1 player over the limit of 26 players. Essentially, he made the same mistake he did last month. As a repeat offender, Niraj will lose a FA and a player of his choice which will be S.Montador. If S.Montador is hired this week, Niraj does not get a FA back.

  • 610. etienne (on Fri Dec 23 10:17:33 2011)
    BTW, they are $20 weeks now. SHG is the crapy category!

  • 609. etienne (on Fri Dec 23 10:14:53 2011)
    The trades I made were motivated by the number of injuries I was facing: Giroux, Potter, Skinner St-Louis, etc. Where I needed a boost was in goals and I believed I achieved that. I think my trades were fair and those who traded with me are happy with what the got. Also, I think that Marc and Alex can resonably think that they can win weeks with the players they got in return. Niraj asked me if I would have made the Giroux trade if I had known he was coming back on Wednesday. That's a very good question: I think I had no choice to trade him but perhaps I would have gotten more if I had waited a week... And I taunted Ray after my trades...

  • 608. bao (on Fri Dec 23 09:32:18 2011)
    We can hold off this bickering until Niraj pulls his keeper trade. Then we will all have something to bitch about :) Ovechkin for Thornton was only a preview... Merry X-mas

  • 607. yan_c (on Fri Dec 23 09:25:51 2011)
    And to keep things in perspective, I only responded to the specific trade because another GM congratulated Ray on the championship and that these type of trades were ruining the league. I don't think these type of trades are and tried (poorly I see) to defend it. @rudy I'll take Streit as a 10$ keeper in a heartbeat...

  • 606. yan_c (on Fri Dec 23 08:26:02 2011)
    it's early but if you add the salaries of all my dmen dressed this week, I don't think they even cover Streit's one year salary, let alone Keiths... One can make do in that category is all I'm saying... the difference between a stud and a "pas pire" week in / week out is negligeable (in my opnion)

  • 605. yan_c (on Fri Dec 23 08:15:54 2011)
    @phuc... ouch... I mentionned garrison because I don't think that dmen are as important than you all think. Essentially, each week, most players play 3 games (sometimes 2,sometimes 4, and the odd time 1 or 5) Well, that slot is then worth to me 1.5 pts. I'm sorry, I believe that 1.5 pts can be covered week in week out with any host of players. I mentioned garrison as a FA since they are free for all. Intelectual dishonesty...hmmm..ok... 1. not sure why some of you call streit fragile since it was a one off fluke injury and it never happened before. 2. bieksa has averaged 50 odd games in the last 4 year...that's yes his pims are bigger but so is risk. So I still think that Keith is a tad better than Streit, that Bieksa is a #6 dman and that gaborik is risky I still don't think it's slam dunk..that's all...

  • 604. raymond (on Fri Dec 23 01:24:20 2011)
    @Phuc: nothing wrong with commenting on trades, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'd rather comment on trades than to talk endlessly about what's wrong with the Habs. I'm surprised that there isn't more reaction to Etienne's trades. Although he gave Giroux, Etienne's team is scary... Obviously, I wasn't happy to see the deals but like Phuc, I wasn't shocked, I expected Etienne to make moves involving his injured / recently returned players. Phuc, it pains me to make this offer but I'll accept one of your starting goalies in exchange for F.Modin, M.Sundin and T.Sjodin!

  • 603. phuc (on Thu Dec 22 23:48:42 2011)
    @yan_c, would love to have Garrison... if you look at his stat line, w/ 16pts, 6PPG, +10 it's hard to find a fault to that guy, but ... who mentioned Garrison? Is it just to toot your own horn? Is it because you ASSUMED somewhere that I was giving Keith some name value? What does he have to do with anything? If Marc traded Garrison instead of Keith, my thoughts on the trade still remain the same... Name Team P Sta Gm *G *Ast *Pts *+/- *Pmn *PP *SH *GW Streit, Mark NYI D tra nhl 31 2 14 16 -8 20 1 0 0 Keith, Duncan CHI D act nhl 32 2 19 21 9 10 0 0 0 Bieksa, Kevin VAN D act nhl 34 3 13 16 5 40 2 0 0 hmmm, I don't know... but a delta of about 15-20 in the plus/minus column does kinda pop up. Then you consider potential of the 2 D-men in return, Keith's pedigree (as Rudy pointed out), and Bieksa's edge in PIMs... In terms of Ray's depth, sure I'll concede Corvo w/ Bieksa as almost equal (except Pims), but I do consider McBain, and the cooled-off Kulikov lower on his depth chart too. It's the little details that play in Ray's favor - I'm not sure if sometimes you're just being intellectually dishonest, i.e. you're deliberately misinterpreting what ppl say or cherry picking stats just to prove a point... but for this trade, and I'm sure you saw it already, those extra points in the PIMs, +/- and D-points cats will probably give Ray at least a nice +5 extra points in the overall standings. As you say: check if you don't believe me. Everyone is close and just a bad week or 2 can cause big pts swings. I'm hoping that whatever Luongo had in the beginning of the season is contagious and will spread to Van's whole team - something like H1NGroin should do the trick :) To everyone, I really dislike commenting on trades and I'll try not to do it again. Apologies for ruffled feathers if any. And just to be clear, this was not a knock on Marc. I don't think you ruined anything. It's fair play and I'm certainly not shocked/disappointed by it. I would love to start the season with a cheap Kessel and would probably keep Streit too. While I'm at it, great trade(s) by Etienne too, btw. - really like the Luongo pickup. My money is on you if Ray's goaltending keeps on faltering. Ray, I have a few goalies to spare - i'll take the H1NGroin risks from you. I hear that virus is pretty nasty. It usually starts with this guy from New York tho. Ga-something? Anyway, any guy that ends with 'din' will do. Let me know!

  • 602. rudy (on Thu Dec 22 21:08:42 2011)
    @yan_c: As Phuc pointed out I was trying to draw a big picture of the trade. My point on Streit was that he is not a keeper I would go after in a keeper trade (he's still good for 10$ though), being fragile and on the Isle. Duncan Keith, even if you emphasize on his somewhat ordinary season so far, has great potential to put up lots of points on the board, because he's #1 def on a great team and simply because he has done it before. Granted, his price tag to keep him is too high and doesn't represent the value he's given so far this season, but he has a base value you just can't deny him for his career so far.

  • 601. niraj (on Thu Dec 22 19:11:04 2011)
    Without a doubt, Garrison has been incredible this year...great pick up...

  • 600. yan_c (on Thu Dec 22 18:45:07 2011)
    I can almost make a case that my guy Garrison (only his mother knows him) is better than Keith this year...dmen are overrated Name Team P Sta Gm *G *Ast *Pts *+/- *Pmn *PP *SH *GW Garrison, Jason FLA D act nhl 34 10 6 16 10 10 6 0 2 Keith, Duncan CHI D act nhl 32 2 19 21 9 10 0 0 0

  • 599. yan_c (on Thu Dec 22 18:32:16 2011)
    @phuc... I think Keith is a tad better than Streit over 50 games... like 29 pts versus 24 pts type of thing Bieksa replaces a dman that ray would have dressed regardless..say Corvo... well corvo and bieksa are essentially the same (check if u don't believe me)//it just gives ray an injury cushion which I like then u have streaky kessel who will get 40 goals and 7o pts against future IR Gaborik.... I dunno guys...not sure it's that slam dunk a trade....I do like the FA on top of it personally lol

  • 598. phuc (on Thu Dec 22 17:50:24 2011)
    @yan_c, I think Rudy was commenting on the whole trade, not just comparing keith to a streit straight up. There's no contest about this being a 'keeper' trade; no everyone would be up in arms if this wasn't... So we're comparing what Ray gave as keepers vs what he got in return that will help him for a bit less than 2/3rd of the remaining season... Obviously, it all depends on your own evaluation and metrics, but I do think Ray made a 'great' trade to help secure his position. Keith and Bieksa alone, this year, will more than make up for the traded players and the pending Gaborik groin injury...

  • 597. yan_c (on Thu Dec 22 14:50:05 2011)
    @niraj...I look at this not like real estate (which u are good at) but penny stocks... Can't go at them with the same method, and never fall in love with a player... Especially if his name rhymes with

  • 596. yan_c (on Thu Dec 22 14:45:49 2011)
    @niraj...Or you could trade them when they still had value... I did not win last year, JF lost. And he lost cuz he held on to a few players for way too long... I drafted badly and since then, tried to fix my mistakes (drafting pavelec...but then trading for fleury)..sometimes well, sometimes poorly. But at least I try.. @rudy...could not disagree with you more... at 10$ streit (in my opinion) is vastly superior to a 41$ Keith... Actually, unless healthy, only Crosby in my book is the only ufhl player worth more than 35$. And since he is not, no one is in 2011-2012 (in my opinion)...

  • 595. niraj (on Thu Dec 22 13:34:56 2011)
    Oh Patrick...

  • 594. niraj (on Thu Dec 22 13:21:16 2011)
    Stuff like this makes me want to leave the province. While I agree that the coach should speak french, I also think that if he makes a commitment to learn, that should be enough...

  • 593. niraj (on Thu Dec 22 12:39:39 2011)
    @yan_c: Fixing problems early is only a useful suggestion in hindsight. There was nothing to suggest Crawford was going to have a bad start. Also nothing to suggest that B.Elliot would be the league leader in SOs, SV% and GAA. For every Crawford, I can give you a Kaberle or an Iginla (and hopefully an Ovechkin). Stats tend to normalize over the course of the season and hence the same effect should take hold in the rankings. That is, of course, assuming that you picked a team with players that one can reasonably expect to produce. I'm going to use my team as a guinea pig this year. I'm not going to quit this season. I have a bunch of players that are keepers for next year and I'll ride them the whole season. If I can get my goalies to do what they are expected to do, I do believe I'll be in contention. My O and D are there it's only a matter of time. My Gs, I'll need some solid performances over the last 50 games.

  • 592. raymond (on Thu Dec 22 12:17:54 2011)
    To respond to Niraj's comment, here's something to remember from last year: Yan B: le head-2-head va continuer son chemin vers dans la poubelle de la ufhl, juste a cote du trade-offer feature que je n'ai jamais ete capable de terminer! However, I do believe that we should add an Oct-Nov section and a Dec-Jan section. The advantage of this is that if you have a bad start, you can start fresh with the Dec-Jan section. This would keep things interesting for several months and possibly delay keeper deals. We would still have the overall ranking with this as an extra thing. We'd add a condition that the top 3 in the final ranking cannot win any $$$ from the Oct-Nov or Dec-Jan section. For example, if someone finishes 5th in the Dec-Jan section, but 2 guys finish top 3 in the overall ranking, they would still get some $$$. It's kinda like short track speed skating where someone gets disqualified after the race is over and everybody moves up a spot.

  • 591. raymond (on Thu Dec 22 12:01:03 2011)
    Danny's trying to give me the gift of "jinx" with his initial comment. Ah Danny... Merry X-mas to you too Danny! I re-gift your jinx so that you can pass it on to some other UFHL GM in Sherbrooke : )

  • 590. rudy (on Thu Dec 22 11:02:50 2011)
    @danny: You do overreacted but we love you that way! Merry Xmas to you too! @yan_c: Frankly, Mark Streit is a good example of a "name" player. He's a high-risk keeper, not a "good cheap block to build your team upon". Derek Smith is an AHL player. So basically Marc gets solid stock with Phil Kessel. I hate Gaborik but he can score in bursts (just like Kessel). Duncan Keith is a blue chip d-man big name or not, and Kevin Bieksa is a top-four. Analyzing trades is useless because we all have our favourite players and we never know what will happen with the players involved, but everybody is entitled to his opinion. I figure calling that a "solid trade" is just a way of saying "if you think it's a good trade, then good for you".

  • 589. danny (on Thu Dec 22 09:33:52 2011)
    I admit the trade is a good one...just early! Marc you didn't ruin my year. I over reacted a tad Since I was hoping you would choose my Players instead. Plus, I wanted to stir up some comments too on The board for Xmas especially Yan C...too quiet! Merry Xmas to all you guys and your families!

  • 588. yan_c (on Thu Dec 22 09:25:36 2011)
    Pour le fun... P Mcguire est ami de G Molson...just sayin'.... :)

  • 587. yan_c (on Thu Dec 22 03:18:43 2011)
    @danny... really? killing the league? it's average deal that may help the leader... I don't see any slam dunk at all... I'd but some $$$ (with odds) that Marc even improves this year and Ray regresses a tad if you are interested. I'll follow the trade stats as of next wed's games when it counts and let u know in a month.

  • 586. yan_c (on Thu Dec 22 03:07:50 2011)
    @niraj...that's what I kept trying to make u understand but u would not listen. In a NHL where .5 pts/game defenceman and almost a point/game F's are "good", it's too difficult to catch teams when you are back...even way more so when you are back and 7 teams ahead. Have to disagree it's "first half heavy". More than half teams are within 20 odd points of leader. Draft a better team or fix your mistakes sooner during the season... But especially, Get better keepers the year you tank! I'm amazed how many of you long term managers haven't figured out some things... spend 2 hours going through the last 5-6 year'll see... or maybe you won't...

  • 585. yan_c (on Thu Dec 22 03:00:14 2011)
    Nothing wrong with the trade at all...Some managers put way too much stock in "name players" You do realize you don't take past points with you in a trade no? I think Ray is slightly better in the meantime and Marc has some good cheap blocks to start next season. Solid trade.

  • 584. niraj (on Thu Dec 22 01:18:31 2011)
    OK, nvm what I said about Yannick's current ranking...that was April (he had it in the menu so I thought it was current). YanB, if its not a lot of work, can you bring this back so we can see what this would look like?

  • 583. niraj (on Thu Dec 22 00:42:04 2011)
    It's definitely early, but it's the way the rules are setup that force everyone's hand. Put simply, a non-keeper's value goes down as the season progresses (as there are fewer and fewer games to be played, there's less time for a non-keeper to make an impact on your team's rankings). It's in the best interests of the manager at the top to acquire the help he needs to secure the title. What is starting to suck is this league is very first half heavy. If your team gets out to a great October and November, by December you are a buyer and if not, you're a seller. We've tried to implement weekly awards, but these don't really help as most of the time it's the top 5 teams that get these winnings anyways. A couple of questions: 1) Would reducing the number of keepers we could keep help? I'm not so sure, because then a guy like Giroux could command an entire team of non-keepers justifiably. 2) What about making what we currently call "the farm team" our keepers? Everyone else is a single year player. 3) I think there's more merit in Yannick's head to head format that we initially thought. The "luck" element involved ensures that there's a competition each and every week. I'd be interested in revisiting this format. Although I'm not involved in one, I look at my friends who are in fantasy football leagues, and they all seem to be engaged regardless of their ranking because there's only one goal: getting to the that point, anything can happen. If you guys go to the head-to-head page, you'll see Yannick has a crazy 17-3 record. That's INSANE!!!! He's just been super lucky and Ray is middle of the pack! But that doesn't really matter, because the top 8 team make it to the playoffs and like I said, from there anything can happen... Overall, I think the league should be designed to keep manager's engaged. Frankly, the only reason I'm likely in this league is because of the draft. If it weren't for the draft I'm not even sure I'd be in this...

  • 582. phuc (on Wed Dec 21 23:33:42 2011)
    DRAMA! I do think it's pretty early to do keeper trades. I was gonna wait until after x-mas at least to dump my stars... but Etienne moved so soon. Now I won't be able to get Giroux... I guess those '$10' weeks don't really come into consideration when doing trades, eh? Rudy, Couldn't agree more about the habs... good thing for that NHL GameCenter Live thingy-majig.

  • 581. marc (on Wed Dec 21 22:56:41 2011)
    I didnt' know my trades was going this much commotion. I apologize if I ruined the for some. It wasn't my intention at all

  • 580. etienne (on Wed Dec 21 22:38:32 2011)
    Meh, Gaborik is always injured. Ray, I'm a-coming!

  • 579. rudy (on Wed Dec 21 22:32:08 2011)
    Didn't wait long to see Kessel unloaded, finally... I agree with Danny that the trade is horribly one-sided even with that keeper crap in mind. But I disagree with Danny that this trade makes Ray a champion already. So many games left and concussions to happen...

  • 578. danny (on Wed Dec 21 22:23:29 2011)
    Just wanted to congratulate Ray on his UFHL championship. Weird how we can just sit and find this logical to have keeper trades of this magnitude before christmas. I admit Marc will have some good keepers to work with next year but maybe we should have a keeper trade date set at february 1st or a salary cap. Just throwing this idea out to save the league! NO A BIG REASON RIGHT? Of course, everybody will react differently than what i'm saying but man these types of trades too early is killing the interest of at least 8 managers ...No? It is not normal that prior to christmas i don't feel the need to change my line up anymore after seeing super boosted teams being created out of illogical trades that couldn't happen in the real NHL. I'm in 5th or 6th place. Imagine what the last place managers feel like.

  • 577. yan_c (on Wed Dec 21 22:17:10 2011)'re not the only one who thinks so...ratings down anywhere from 14-20% per game... Rds are pissed off (as u can see on air) cuz they need to do "pre-comp"...but the problem is that they have no other programming that comes remotely close to habs games...eating up all their non CH spots...

  • 576. rudy (on Wed Dec 21 21:55:09 2011)
    On peut dire ce qu'on veut, mais le CH a un hostie de club plate cette saison...

  • 575. alexandre (on Wed Dec 21 21:21:59 2011)
    I think Giroux is angry that he was traded so he decided to come back early and cause some destruction.

  • 574. yannick (on Wed Dec 21 18:29:05 2011)
    @alex: this used to work, but there is a bug now where it only shows one. I'll check it up when I have some time.

  • 573. alexandre (on Wed Dec 21 17:34:14 2011)
    hello, Is it normal that if I fired 3 players today, only 1 of them shows up in the fired list? They do all show up on the moves this week though...

  • 572. etienne (on Wed Dec 21 16:36:00 2011)
    Danny making offers? What is the world coming to...

  • 571. yan_c (on Wed Dec 21 16:34:41 2011)
    I'm still awaiting the day Niraj offers me 1 Fa in exchange for 2 Fa's with a straight face...

  • 570. yan_c (on Wed Dec 21 16:33:45 2011)
    Avoiding a Hitman offer is one of the criteria they use to let people out of asylums...

  • 569. bao (on Wed Dec 21 16:28:04 2011)
    I was specifically using this board for Marc since no one can reach him ;)

  • 568. etienne (on Wed Dec 21 16:23:52 2011)
    A FA?

  • 567. bao (on Wed Dec 21 16:23:27 2011)
    Price is available

  • 566. etienne (on Wed Dec 21 16:19:31 2011)
    As he should...

  • 565. danny (on Wed Dec 21 16:10:07 2011)
    Marc ....Your text messages don't work either...unless you're avoiding the hitman's offer.

  • 564. niraj (on Wed Dec 21 09:25:31 2011)
    Semin is definitely the new Kovalev...

  • 563. rudy (on Wed Dec 21 09:01:40 2011)
    Agressive trades by the E-man. Nice! Still waiting to see Ray unload Kessel and Versteeg on poor souls for players who score all season long...

  • 562. etienne (on Wed Dec 21 08:21:32 2011)
    Smith left the game with a lower body injury... probably a foot concussion

  • 561. yannick (on Tue Dec 20 12:43:10 2011)
    Justin Williams and Milan Hejduk (4 games next week!) are available for 1 FA each

  • 560. niraj (on Tue Dec 20 00:05:12 2011)
    Did Etienne just trade away half of his team?

  • 559. marc (on Mon Dec 19 21:20:02 2011)
    Ovy is still up for grabs boys.. My email account is down, so text me at 514-594-1827

  • 558. niraj (on Mon Dec 19 18:27:26 2011)
    Nice post Yan_C (aka Pierre-Yves McSween)

  • 557. yan_c (on Mon Dec 19 16:53:12 2011) sort mal ici voir lien si interesse... Pierre-Yves Mcsween

  • 556. yan_c (on Mon Dec 19 16:52:12 2011)
    What a great post on cyberpresse.. Pierre-Yves McSween Comptable agréé, enseignant au cégep régional de Lanaudière et chargé de cours à HEC Montréal Rien de plus qu'une marque L'importance du débat entourant l'unilinguisme de Randy Cunneyworth démontre un symptôme de notre société : nous nous intéressons plus au sort de notre équipe de hockey que de l'avenir de notre province. Ceci étant constaté, il faut faire une bonne lecture de la situation. Monsieur Cunneyworth étant déjà dans l'organisation, on pouvait en faire un Jacques Laperrière et lui laisser diriger le club d'ici la fin de la saison. La meilleure période pour trouver un entraîneur n'est pas la période du temps des fêtes, mais la période estivale. Nous devons faire preuve d'intelligence situationnelle et non se rebeller pour une décision temporaire. En septembre, nous verrons peut-être Bob Hartley, Patrick Roy ou autres francophones diriger les Canadiens de Montréal. Mais ce que nous pouvons réaliser collectivement, c'est qu'un club de hockey de la LNH n'est qu'un simple morceau d'une association de propriétaires pouvant bien faire ce qu'ils veulent dans leur club privé. C'est une entreprise, pas une religion ni une affaire d'État : c'est simplement une société dont les revenus sont générés par les partisans qui sont eux-mêmes des espaces publicitaires gratuits. Toutefois, satisfaire le partisan est aussi satisfaire son client. Si le client est insatisfait, il peut consommer ailleurs. Le problème ici, c'est que le partisan ne veut pas consommer ailleurs ni arrêter de consommer. Cette situation soulève un autre questionnement : si nous ne sommes pas en mesure de comprendre la deuxième langue du pays, il faudrait commencer à se questionner sur notre propre unilinguisme généralisé. Arrêtons d'avoir peur, soyons ouverts. Arrêtons de jouer aux victimes en faisant nous-mêmes de la discrimination. Le hockey est maintenant mondialisé, les joueurs viennent de tous les endroits du monde. La seule langue qui est comprise de tous les joueurs, c'est l'anglais. J'adore le hockey, j'aime aller voir un match du Canadien, mais le fait qu'on en fasse la première page de notre journal quotidiennement m'indigne davantage que la langue parlée par un coach dont l'espérance d'emploi est de 18 mois. Le journalisme sportif est rempli de vide : j'ai horreur du vide.

  • 555. raymond (on Sun Dec 18 01:04:30 2011)
    We should get the Ottawa GM in the UFHL, seems like he makes very generous trades...Niraj would have a field day... Isn't Turris all hype? He's a hot commodity because he got 100 pts in the BCHL (whatever that is)? Turris and Filatov could practices...

  • 554. raymond (on Sun Dec 18 00:59:33 2011)
    Recent history suggests that a rookie head coach doesn't work in Montreal Every GM has their "man" ready to step in so I can't believe that Cunneyworth is Gauthier's 1st choice I think Gauthier is hoping that TB falters so that he can bring back Boucher

  • 553. yan_c (on Sat Dec 17 18:31:52 2011) clue, I'm in Florida.... Not sure Patrick is a Gauthier fit unless Molson imposes him which I doubt, not his style... Probably will stay as is and wait till the off season...But I have no knowledge.... I think it's a perfect opportunity to rebuild... trade the ufa's (if they can) and stock pile picks as next year is supposed to be a good draft and young players are excelling way faster in today's nhl...and much cheaper lol In jnow u guys hate to hear it but they really run this like a business...emotion is not their forte

  • 552. etienne (on Sat Dec 17 16:09:19 2011)
    Gordie Howe hat trick for Chara!

  • 551. danny (on Sat Dec 17 15:52:56 2011)
    if its Patrick time....Its No playoff time! He's all emotion, no brain! He's a puckstopper not a coach!

  • 550. phuc (on Sat Dec 17 12:05:06 2011)
    Merry X-mas, you're fired! Didn't expect that this morning... Thought it was gonna be earlier or much later. Is it really Patrick time?

  • 549. etienne (on Sat Dec 17 10:45:39 2011)
    @Yan_c: so, who will be the CH next coach?

  • 548. raymond (on Fri Dec 16 22:37:18 2011)
    I can confirm. Your farm keepers count as part of your 10 keepers. So if you keep 2 farm guys, you can only keep 8 regular guys. The 3 year contract is the max you can have. So if you keep a farm guy for 2 years and finally call him up in year 3, that'll be his last year. @Phuc: you passed the memory test! You've been cleared for light exercise ; )

  • 547. marc (on Fri Dec 16 18:51:54 2011)
    I'll email you Ray's presentation, Alex

  • 546. alexandre (on Fri Dec 16 18:50:31 2011)
    thx You so Concussed, can someone confirm?

  • 545. phuc (on Fri Dec 16 18:32:55 2011)
    I actually went to look for Ray's powerpoint... but couldn't find it. From memory, 1- They count against the set number. 2- Standard contract kicks in, so in your scenario, keeper becomes (11) and you lose him at the end of the year. I'm using the farm with those rules in mind... so if that's not right, damn.

  • 544. alexandre (on Fri Dec 16 16:22:34 2011)
    Hey guys, 2 questions about the farm team: 1. When we are allowed to keep players for next year, do they count in addition to the regular number or they are included? 2. Let's say I keep a guy for 3 years on my farm 0-5-5, but during his last year I finally decide to activate him 'cause he's finally worth it. Do I now have him for 2 more years at the regular UFHL contract (10-11) ? Or do I lose him no matter what?

  • 543. yan_c (on Fri Dec 16 13:22:58 2011)
    Just saw a photo of Jaro Halak on a milk carton here in Florida...Weird

  • 542. raymond (on Fri Dec 16 11:52:52 2011)
    @Niraj: I was speechless when I heard the news... Anybody want a nearly point per game D ; )

  • 541. niraj (on Fri Dec 16 09:51:05 2011)
    Oh shit...Pronger out for the season...feel bad for you Ray... Niraj

  • 540. etienne (on Wed Dec 14 22:34:19 2011)
    @bao: if you have any questions about concussions, i'm now an expert. If I lose this year, I blame Ray, Concussions, and the ethnic votes ;)

  • 539. danny (on Wed Dec 14 17:16:17 2011)
    Campoli has the official green light to start producing!

  • 538. bao (on Wed Dec 14 16:35:14 2011)
    Maybe Crosby should be on Etienne's team with all his concussed dudes...

  • 537. yan_c (on Tue Dec 13 10:54:35 2011)
    @rudy.... Good one. But I. Think i might be more patient with this one

  • 536. rudy (on Tue Dec 13 10:32:47 2011)
    @yan_c: I think you're insulting Henrique. To be your new Weiss, he would have to underachieve 3 seasons out of 4, and you would have to try trading him every 2 weeks by telling us how his stats are not appreciated in the right way.

  • 535. etienne (on Mon Dec 12 22:06:15 2011)
    And Weiss your new Peter Zezel?

  • 534. yan_c (on Mon Dec 12 20:44:47 2011)
    Adam Henrique is my new Stephen Weiss

  • 533. yan_c (on Mon Dec 12 20:37:04 2011)
    Ray is the Keyser Sose of Gms...

  • 532. phuc (on Mon Dec 12 17:55:43 2011)
    @rudy: me not so crosby... I think I might be a seller too. Let's all sell to Ray :)

  • 531. rudy (on Mon Dec 12 17:29:20 2011)
    @phuc: Got a headache?

  • 530. niraj (on Sun Dec 11 22:13:43 2011)
    Vlasic, Weber, Antropov and Brouwer are all available for 1 f.a.

  • 529. marc (on Sun Dec 11 11:59:21 2011)
    @Etienne ... Im sure we can come to an agreement somehow. We'll talk. For everybody else that wishes to contact me directy. Here is my cellphone # ; 514-594-1827. I look more at my phone than my emails usually

  • 528. etienne (on Sun Dec 11 11:51:38 2011)
    @Marc: Giroux cost me 3 players last year and Stamkos the same... He's a tree that' hiding the forest, but there are plenty of good trees still left.

  • 527. marc (on Sun Dec 11 10:54:29 2011)
    @etienne ... I beg to differ. I personally think that the buyers are just not ready to take gambles as of right now. I've been entertaining offers for a couple of weeks now, and none have really wow'ed me or even interested. Btw, when you'll be ready to part with Giroux, you know where to find me :)

  • 526. yan_c (on Sun Dec 11 10:45:49 2011)
    Pretty sure the new asking price after yesterday's game for Kaberle now is 5 Fa's, 2 prospects, a 50$ gift certificate to Cuirs Dimitri and 14$ in Canadian Tire money.

  • 525. yan_c (on Sun Dec 11 10:41:25 2011)
    @Etienne delusions of grandeur explains passivity.... As I tried to explain to Niraj....Being behind the leader by 40 pts is one thing... Being behind the leader by 40 pts with 7 teams in between is another.... I'd rather be in second place 40 points behind the leader than 20 pts behind him in 5th place.... Even I'm close to being a seller...another couple of weeks to see...

  • 524. etienne (on Sun Dec 11 10:29:37 2011)
    Sellers are passive this year however... Malking is a SOB and Giroux a ninja:;_ylt=AndK54uR63t5.fDWYu9LhPkJfwM6?urn=nhl-wp19431

  • 523. yan_c (on Sun Dec 11 09:33:13 2011)
    I don't think I've seen in my short time so many teams close to 100 this late in a season... 6 buyers and 5 sellers... Should be interesting...

  • 522. rudy (on Fri Dec 9 18:55:17 2011)
    I predict that Kaberle will be booed even more than Patrice Brisebois at his worst. He may not even finish the season with the Habs if Montreal is out of it at the trade deadline... @yan_c: I miss Janne Niinimaa too.

  • 521. raymond (on Fri Dec 9 12:48:08 2011)
    How many injuries can Pronger have at the same time? These injury reports out of Philly are ridiculous They must have the worst team doctors in the league...

  • 520. raymond (on Fri Dec 9 12:46:07 2011)
    @Etienne: following that theory, we can expect RJ Umberger next! Gauthier might also think that Markov could be on IR regularly...

  • 519. etienne (on Fri Dec 9 12:26:39 2011)
    Pierre Gauthier has the following approach: if they were good against us, they will be good with us! Exhibit A: Erik Cole Exhibit B: Kaberle

  • 518. niraj (on Fri Dec 9 12:00:00 2011)
    @etienne: I think the only time I was a "feared GM" was when I was making midnight calls to Djilly to acquire all of her players for nothing. @yan_c: I'm hoping Kaberle does well here...

  • 517. yan_c (on Fri Dec 9 11:53:26 2011)
    Kaberle... What a joke... I miss Niniimaa

  • 516. etienne (on Thu Dec 8 20:13:41 2011)
    @niraj: when did you change from 'feared GM' to Yan_c's laughing stock?

  • 515. yan_c (on Thu Dec 8 19:21:57 2011)
    Funny enough cuz Niraj has a sextape called "Straight to the farm"

  • 514. yannick (on Thu Dec 8 17:03:29 2011)
    here is the counter of number of hires straight to farm left for each managers after wednesday december 7th's actions: alexandre: 3 bao: 3 danny: 3 etienne: 3 marc: 3 niraj: 0 phuc: 2 raymond: 2 rudy: 0 yan_c: 2 yannick: 2 so niraj and rudy cannot hire straight to farm anymore

  • 513. etienne (on Thu Dec 8 10:04:38 2011)
    @bao: and too many ugly Sutters as well

  • 512. bao (on Thu Dec 8 09:34:11 2011)
    @etienne : and they are way too many Ryan's in this league...

  • 511. etienne (on Thu Dec 8 08:17:11 2011)
    "Karlsson out 6-8 weeks with MCL tear in knee" First it was Hackett, and now it's Karlsson! There needs to be more diversity in the names of NHL players!

  • 510. phuc (on Wed Dec 7 16:48:13 2011)
    is there such a thing as Tandoori Doritos? because there should be.

  • 509. yan_c (on Wed Dec 7 14:28:56 2011)
    @ray I think the last time someone thought "what would Niraj do?" they ended up naked in a fetal position watching Glee while eating Tandoori Doritos and rubbing the "orangeness" on his skin while muttering "It rubs the lotion on its skin"

  • 508. yannick (on Wed Dec 7 14:14:56 2011)
    @niraj and @rudy: just a friendly reminder to let you guys know that by putting Despres and Kassian directly in your farm team, you won;t be able to hire directly on your farm team for the rest of the season as you will have reached the 3 players maximum.

  • 507. yan_c (on Wed Dec 7 13:10:46 2011)
    Oublies ca Etienne...Danny choisit ces joueurs par soit signe astrologique et/ou leur lien avec la belle ville de Jean (pronounced like the pant) Charest...

  • 506. etienne (on Wed Dec 7 12:56:57 2011)
    @Danny: et moi qui allait t'offrir Giroux, Stamkos et Karlsson pour Rinne... dommage ;)

  • 505. alexandre (on Wed Dec 7 12:26:36 2011)
    Well Danny is taking no offers, but I've been entertaining offers for Luongo for a couple of days now. I'm not sure to get rid of him, but I am willing to listen. If anyone else is interested, I need for sure one top tier keeper defenseman in the mix or something enticing.

  • 504. danny (on Wed Dec 7 11:54:14 2011)
    Hell...2 weeks without a goalie win almost! It's time to fire some asses! Please no offers for Rinne and Niemi ...They'll bounce back. Everybody it writting me offers for one...STOP !Tx

  • 503. niraj (on Wed Dec 7 11:10:02 2011)
    @yan_c: Ray drunk is not a pretty sight...the best we can hope for from him is a sugar high. @ray: I learned from my mistake with Ben Scrivens. Hope Hackett does better for you.

  • 502. raymond (on Wed Dec 7 10:56:04 2011)
    @Etienne: c'mon, I'm usually good for one of those every year! @Yan C: I used the very dangerous strategy of "what would Niraj do in this case?" lol

  • 501. etienne (on Wed Dec 7 09:49:27 2011)
    @yan_c: I also thought it was Jeff Hackett!! But I hadn't have my coffee when I opened by computer.

  • 500. yan_c (on Wed Dec 7 09:42:13 2011)
    Pretty sure Ray was drunk and thought Jeff Hackett was making a comeback...

  • 499. etienne (on Wed Dec 7 09:16:43 2011)
    The Ray that I know and love is back. I really missed your grabbing back-up goalies at 1AM!

  • 498. niraj (on Tue Dec 6 13:25:42 2011)
    Love the re-alignment in place for 2012. Now if they can bring back the names of the divisions: Adams, Patrick, Norris and Smyth it would be as it always should have been...

  • 497. niraj (on Tue Dec 6 09:06:47 2011)
    @yanB: What does it say "Alex Salak: Niraj->frm"?

  • 496. yan_c (on Sun Dec 4 23:11:06 2011)
    Cal clutterbuck next?

  • 495. rudy (on Sun Dec 4 09:01:28 2011)
    Setoguchi, Voracek and Laich are all available for a Free Agent each.

  • 494. yan_c (on Sun Dec 4 08:27:53 2011)
    Surprised no one is taking a chance on Chris Kelly and his 10 goals, 17 points...

  • 493. yan_c (on Sat Dec 3 14:59:52 2011)
    Markov a mal à l'haleine

  • 492. marc (on Fri Dec 2 13:01:36 2011)
    @Rudy ... Wish I could catch a break honestly lol. Looks like i'm going to be holding a "vente de garage" very soon lol..

  • 491. yan_c (on Fri Dec 2 09:55:05 2011)
    @niraj...My bad...

  • 490. niraj (on Fri Dec 2 09:52:51 2011)
    @yan_c: I thought we established that Archangels were Hermaphrodites...

  • 489. yan_c (on Fri Dec 2 07:29:50 2011)
    @niraj...Didn't Rudy ascertain last season that Archangels had no sex? After you wondered what Doodies were? It was in reference to that.. nothing more

  • 488. niraj (on Fri Dec 2 01:17:50 2011)
    @yan_c: Penisless? Really?

  • 487. rudy (on Thu Dec 1 22:40:23 2011)
    Things looking grim for the Hezbollah too, he could even challenge my worst ever record of 34 pts...!

  • 486. etienne (on Thu Dec 1 21:02:12 2011)
    @yan_c: please keep it clean.

  • 485. yan_c (on Thu Dec 1 17:27:48 2011)
    This year is more like Bizarro Ufhl world where the hitmen are not only stronger than the Archangels, but their GM actually makes more sense than his penisless counterpart... Scary

  • 484. niraj (on Thu Dec 1 10:11:23 2011)
    I think he's definitely past the mid-40s around his waistline...

  • 483. yan_c (on Thu Dec 1 09:14:50 2011)
    Also...the "new" NHL trend is to hire young for a few of course yeo, boucher, byslma, deboer.....late 30's early 40's guys... I think Bruce is much older...

  • 482. yan_c (on Thu Dec 1 09:07:25 2011)
    @niraj....have more coffee...he agreed so he would not risk becoming Carbo, nolan, crawford, hartley, therrien etc... It's a no brainer especially given most pundits never thought he'd get another shot..

  • 481. niraj (on Thu Dec 1 09:03:36 2011)
    A bit surprising he agreed to get hired so soon. Will be interesting to see how the ducks respond.

  • 480. raymond (on Thu Dec 1 01:30:37 2011)
    Did Boudreau even have time to file for unemployment?

  • 479. alexandre (on Thu Dec 1 00:44:06 2011)
    @Ray: yep, first time I don't start Hiller and he makes me pay. Anaheim can't win for shit lately, but of course they do it now...(against the foolish Habs who can't freakin' score on 7 powerplays...)

  • 478. raymond (on Thu Dec 1 00:40:59 2011)
    No worries Alex. I was going to say that you got rewarded for starting Hiller but scratch that... On the bright side, Quincey was a great pick!

  • 477. alexandre (on Thu Dec 1 00:11:00 2011) my goaltenders...

  • 476. alexandre (on Thu Dec 1 00:09:11 2011)
    sorry guys/Ray, I thought Elliott was not taken. So my last pickup is invalid.

  • 475. yan_c (on Wed Nov 30 15:36:22 2011)
    @rudy if he gets traded to the Combiners he will become a healthy scratch so he could have a long season... If not....I say Valentine's day max

  • 474. rudy (on Wed Nov 30 10:38:15 2011)
    Trivia: How many games will Markov play before injuring his knee again?

  • 473. niraj (on Wed Nov 30 08:56:54 2011)
    @phuc: I only remember 1 good season and then he was traded for Joe Juneau after he had a shitty start the following season.

  • 472. bao (on Wed Nov 30 06:47:48 2011)
    Who would have dressed Schneider/Elliot over Price/Ward.... @Yan_C: Thanks for the free marketing on Ward ! ...

  • 471. phuc (on Wed Nov 30 01:16:41 2011)
    or Jim Carey who had 1.5 amazing season on the other hand ... So Niraj... compelling arguments, could still go either way. Do you really want to take that chance? 1FA for Halak? I'm willing to go as high as guaranteed future superstar C. Smith for him ;)

  • 470. niraj (on Wed Nov 30 00:04:14 2011)
    @Yan_C: So then we agree that looking at numbers and performance before a significant amount of games is not a reliable way to determine if a goalie is a fluke or not. All I'm saying is to call Halak a flash in the pan is very pre-mature. You may subjectively disagree with that, but there's no factual argument you can provide that shows otherwise. Steve Mason on the other hand...

  • 469. yan_c (on Tue Nov 29 19:47:04 2011)

  • 468. yan_c (on Tue Nov 29 19:46:10 2011)
    and Ward's AHL #'s were better... and his junior #'s were a WAYYYYYYYY takes 90 secs to check these simple facts lol

  • 467. yan_c (on Tue Nov 29 19:42:32 2011)
    @niraj... funny how you can even think of comparing a guy with 80-something career Nhl wins and one that is an allstar, con-smythe and stanley cup winning goalies with four 30 win seasons (3 of them closer to 40 wins)... their gaa and save % stats are similar but it's easier to be better with 150 starts against 350 starts... and they are roughly the same age too... Ward racked up the awards even before joining the NHL and Halak was barely even liked by his own mom... I'm not sure if you truly believe what you say or are Don cherry-ing it for the "public" lol

  • 466. phuc (on Tue Nov 29 18:23:42 2011)
    I'm sure Elton John can give (or take?) it pretty hard... or at least he's probably more willing than I am. So you can call Elton John to manage my Crosby anytime ;-) Maybe he'll be less whiny.

  • 465. yan_c (on Tue Nov 29 17:57:29 2011)
    The Archangels couldn't be softer even if they were managed by Elton John...

  • 464. niraj (on Tue Nov 29 17:38:49 2011)
    Who knows...let's hope for my sake he becomes decent...I'd be happy with a 25-30 win season and a 2.45 gaa on my team. Still, I think you're softening me up for a soon to come trade offer for him :p.

  • 463. yan_c (on Tue Nov 29 16:09:27 2011)
    @niraj...and next year is the upper body equipment (mostly shoulders) adjustment for goalies... let's see how that affects a 5'10 and 135 pound goalie when he's on his Ask anyone who met him...he's tiny

  • 462. niraj (on Tue Nov 29 15:07:03 2011)
    @he_who_calls_himself_a_winner: You can point to last season, I can point to the season before that. I can then point to how he's only been a real number 1 for 1.25 seasons. I can then point to Cam Ward who has way worse career numbers than Halak but is considered a solid and entrenched #1 goalie. I can then point to his AHL and junior numbers. To me it's too early to tell. His M.O. is that he hasn't been able to handle a full NHL season. Who knows, maybe he's the best platoon goalie in the world and him and Elliot combine to give StL the best goaltending in the league. But a fluke, I don't think so...

  • 461. yan_c (on Tue Nov 29 12:15:44 2011)
    @niraj.... big picture... he finished 18th last year roughly in general stats...GAA+ Save % And actually that was a fake 18th cuz he started so amzingly, thatstart actually hid how awful he finished... Right now his GAA is 35th... right behind Steve Penney and right ahead of John Casey lol Not sure you can compare 6 starts with 1 full season (no playoffs lol) and another quarter season.. I'd take the latter... I win, nuff said ;)

  • 460. niraj (on Tue Nov 29 11:58:58 2011)
    @yan_c: I'm not sure about Halak being a fluke, but Price was definitely the right choice. And you wouldn't know this if you don't own Halak, but he's been very solid in his last 6 starts. If I was Hitchcock, I'd be starting Elliot too right to ride a hand as hot as his. I have to admit though, I'm always hoping to see Elliot get crushed so Halak can be the guy night in / night out.

  • 459. etienne (on Tue Nov 29 08:30:04 2011)
    @bao: quoting phil hellmuth is like quoting Staline... dubious.

  • 458. raymond (on Tue Nov 29 01:36:24 2011)
    Pronger's not really injured, he ate a bad philly cheese steak and needs to get it out of his system...Alex probably gave it to him ;=)

  • 457. yan_c (on Mon Nov 28 23:57:04 2011)
    I wonder if the Halak fans can finally come out of the closet and admit the Canadiens were right about him being a feu de paille... They've done ton of mistakes...but not this time

  • 456. yan_c (on Mon Nov 28 22:32:40 2011)
    Ray has a pronger crush

  • 455. alexandre (on Mon Nov 28 21:33:03 2011)
    I'm getting a savage beating in our standings, but it's the little things like this that can still make me feel little sparks of joy: "Knee to shelve Chris Pronger 4 weeks". Sorry Ray... it's all I've got right now! Luongo and Hiller are killing me by not doing what they're supposed to, but at least Pronger is true to form.

  • 454. bao (on Mon Nov 28 20:47:19 2011)
    "If there weren't luck involved, I would win every time." --Phil Hellmuth

  • 453. yan_c (on Mon Nov 28 20:16:08 2011)
    @Bao.... 0$ guys have no I laugh when I hear great scouting when a star is taken in the 7th round of the nhl draft... total BS...if they new, they would have drafted sooner not let 250 picks go by... but yeah, he's up there to in the MVP's for sure I think :)

  • 452. bao (on Mon Nov 28 19:55:27 2011)
    Lupul at 0$ is pretty cheap ;)

  • 451. phuc (on Mon Nov 28 19:17:26 2011)
    You can add to the list of 'least valuable player': Staal and Whitney (a $50+ well spent...)

  • 450. yan_c (on Mon Nov 28 18:17:56 2011)
    @Etienne....Yeah...good call...neal surprised me more though...6ppgs out of 13.... But you are right...A dman with a point a game let's u have 2 others at 1 per 3 without hurting your combined stats... I change my vote to bergeron

  • 449. etienne (on Mon Nov 28 17:59:32 2011)
    @Yan_C: M-A Bergeron is also pretty good. A D-man with 19 pts for $2. Ovy has my vote, but he'll pick it up with a new coach

  • 448. yan_c (on Mon Nov 28 16:34:52 2011)
    Pretty sure James Neal is the first quarter UFHL Mvp (qualite/prix) Whis is the worst price/performance player? Parise,Ryan, Luongo, Ovy?

  • 447. rudy (on Mon Nov 28 12:57:55 2011)
    Now that Geroge McPhee has fired Bruce Boudreau, I hope he'll find the time to put Mike Green on IR... I mean, the guy has been out indefinitely for about a month, come on...

  • 446. niraj (on Mon Nov 28 10:46:51 2011)
    @yan_c: lmao. Hopefully this wakes Kaberle up!

  • 445. yan_c (on Mon Nov 28 10:24:41 2011)
    I hear the Archangel fans in New Delhi are in the streets clamoring for the firing of the GM... Hmmm Latika....

  • 444. bao (on Mon Nov 28 10:21:21 2011)
    Dale Hunter and Kirk Muller are defensive specialists.. no ? OK Anaheim time to do a coach swap !

  • 443. raymond (on Mon Nov 28 10:15:33 2011)
    New coaching candidate for Carolina!

  • 442. yan_c (on Sun Nov 27 07:51:36 2011)
    Merci Yannick.... tres cool

  • 441. yannick (on Sat Nov 26 22:12:52 2011)
    small changes to the site: - on the "hire a player" page, you now see the number of games played and if the player is eligible for a farm team contract - in the "Farm team" submenu from the "UFHL Reports" menu, you can now see a game counter for the NHL and the UFHL

  • 440. etienne (on Sat Nov 26 17:19:52 2011)
    Wow, Michael Grabner scored a shgwg!

  • 439. etienne (on Thu Nov 24 10:36:01 2011)
    @ Niraj: I agree with you. The Bruins are probably the most complete team since the '90s Red Wings. They can play any type of game and come out on top!

  • 438. niraj (on Thu Nov 24 07:27:07 2011)
    Must be so much fun to be a Bruins fan right how that team plays...

  • 437. yannick (on Thu Nov 24 02:29:40 2011)
    here is the counter of number of hires straight to farm left for each managers after wednesday nov 23rd's actions: alexandre: 3 bao: 3 danny: 3 etienne: 3 marc: 3 niraj: 1 phuc: 2 raymond: 3 rudy: 1 yan_c: 2 yannick: 2

  • 436. yan_c (on Wed Nov 23 18:59:06 2011)
    If ever there was a more perfect Hitman player, I'd be surprised... @MAGodin Marc Antoine Godin Le Wild du Minnesota a fait signer un contrat au gardien Paul Deutsch... qui est âgé de 51 ans !

  • 435. etienne (on Wed Nov 23 15:49:31 2011)
    When Brian Gionta is one of top point man for a week, there is something wrong...

  • 434. rudy (on Wed Nov 23 15:03:43 2011)
    It's Wednesday 3pm and nobody has pestered me yet today for a trade involving Shea Weber or Jimmy Howard. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

  • 433. yan_c (on Wed Nov 23 14:37:56 2011)
    The Archangels are the leafs of the ufhl... one of the greatest teams in its history but haven't been relevant since yellow sony walkmans were all the rage...

  • 432. yannick (on Wed Nov 23 10:35:08 2011)
    by the way, here is the counter of number of hires straight to farm left for each managers as of last wednesday: alexandre: 3 bao: 3 danny: 3 etienne: 3 marc: 3 niraj: 2 phuc: 2 raymond: 3 rudy: 2 yan_c: 2 yannick: 3 (if you believe there is an error in the above list, please let me know)

  • 431. niraj (on Mon Nov 21 21:46:08 2011)

  • 430. rudy (on Mon Nov 21 18:57:10 2011)
    Forecast for tonight: Matt Martin will hit Crosby in center ice and a general fight will follow.

  • 429. phuc (on Mon Nov 21 12:29:22 2011)
    My PC saw that there was so much redundant crap in the comments that it decided to re-post, just to be in line with you crosby-less folks ;-)

  • 428. raymond (on Mon Nov 21 12:26:19 2011)
    @Phuc: how about fi' dolla for not posting the same comment ; )

  • 427. phuc (on Mon Nov 21 11:57:24 2011)
    Me sooo Crosby - Ray, sucky sucky? Fi' Dolla?

  • 426. phuc (on Mon Nov 21 11:55:57 2011)
    @Niraj, pretty entertaining blurb. We'll see how much of it becomes true. Wilson has always done these shenanigans; I don't think the players will just now quit on him like Carolina did just yet. @Niraj, did you see how Craig Smith missed that empty net?! Rejoice! That has to make you feel better about the trade ;) @Danny, you're jinxing it! Freakin EN-ROTH. About the farm - I'm all for the farm. I'm also in favor of having a min of 9-12 UFHL games before the standard contract kicking it. It's a welcome adjustment for next year; just don't change the rules mid-season. I'd also like to see the farm contract being lowered, something like 0-3-5.

  • 425. yan_c (on Mon Nov 21 11:31:54 2011)
    Me so Kunitz

  • 424. rudy (on Mon Nov 21 11:25:33 2011)
    @phuc: You so Crosby?

  • 423. yan_c (on Sun Nov 20 10:58:14 2011)
    @Niraj... awesome intel there Niraj

  • 422. raymond (on Sun Nov 20 02:05:06 2011)
    Funny how the Isles are short on goalies...

  • 421. raymond (on Sun Nov 20 01:52:04 2011)
    Speaking of clowns behind the bench, wonder if the players are fed up of Boudreau? Benching star players, bashing them in the media and simultaneously yelling & spitting food bits at them can't be fun...

  • 420. phuc (on Sat Nov 19 15:23:48 2011)
    @Niraj, pretty entertaining blurb. We'll see how much of it becomes true. Wilson has always done these shenanigans; I don't think the players will just now quit on him like Carolina did just yet. @Niraj, did you see how Craig Smith missed that empty net?! Rejoice! That has to make you feel better about the trade ;) @Danny, you're jinxing it! Freakin EN-ROTH. About the farm - I'm all for the farm. I'm also in favor of having a min of 9-12 UFHL games before the standard contract kicking it. It's a welcome adjustment for next year; just don't change the rules mid-season. I'd also like to see the farm contract being lowered, something like 0-3-5.

  • 419. etienne (on Sat Nov 19 14:31:07 2011)
    Once again, you speak too soon... You know En-Roth. Get it?

  • 418. niraj (on Sat Nov 19 11:28:22 2011)
    A betting website I go to for game seletions: Fading the Maple Leafs has been a cash cow over their past six games and there’s no reason to stop now. The Leafs are coming off a decent effort in Nashville but once again, defensive mistakes hurt them and Ron Wilson’s arrogance didn’t help. With three minutes left in the game and the Leafs down 3-1, Wilson sends out a line that consisted of Jay Rosehill, Philippe Dupuis and Dave Steckel as if to say, “If you other guys can’t score, maybe these guys can”. The general public may not be aware of these things but the other players on the bench are. Can you imagine what they’re thinking with that trio on the ice when they need goals with three minutes to go? That makeshift line has 35 career goals in 478 games played. The Leafs played hard but the coach stuck it to them again and without sounding redundant, a lackluster effort could be in the cards tonight after that lame move by Ron Wilson (he also put that same trio on the ice after the Preds scored an empty netter just to rub it in a little). Players don’t respond well to crap like that and it’s no mystery as to why the Leafs have no shot of long-term success with this clown behind the bench. The Caps have dropped three in a row and will come in here in a foul mood and ready to step up its game on Hockey Night in Canada. Leafs are becoming more and more beatable every day.

  • 417. yan_c (on Fri Nov 18 15:36:19 2011)
    @ray... I'm a media whore... Niraj would fold quicker than Danny's ticket pad As he gives out jaywalking tickets to elderly ladies in walkers.

  • 416. raymond (on Fri Nov 18 15:18:44 2011)
    @Yan C: I think you're jealous when comments made by Niraj get more attention than your comments ; ) Fight it out on the golf course lol

  • 415. raymond (on Fri Nov 18 15:16:38 2011)
    @Niraj: it's a chance to get a player at $5 but it's primary objective IS to track prospects. You're not going to wake up one day and see that you have a prospect in your farm team with 65 pts. You'll get a chance to keep him at $5 based on his production at some point of the season. If he were consistent all season long, he wouldn't be in the farm team. By tracking the player, a GM will know when he was hot (or not) and decide if he's worthy of being kept. Essentially, what you want is to be able to keep a bencher at $5 (provided he meets certain conditions). That's a different ballpark...

  • 414. yan_c (on Fri Nov 18 15:09:57 2011)
    Benneton should use an ad of Ray and Niraj kissing for their next campaign...

  • 413. niraj (on Fri Nov 18 14:16:24 2011)
    @yannick: I don't understand why you would want to finish something that may (or may not) be up for debate, but it's not my time that's being spent. Besides, you can do what you want, I'm merely interested in the other managers' opinions on this. @raymond: "The farm team is designed to track the progress of prospects"? Not it isn't. It's designed to give managers a chance to keep $5 players. Dress it however you want to, but basically it's to get players at $5 contracts that you think are likely to be productive UFHL players the following season.

  • 412. yannick (on Fri Nov 18 11:42:29 2011)
    because it seems nobody read it when I wrote it in my last comment, especially niraj ;), here is the last line of my comment again: Like I said, let me finish what we have now, then we will put on the table detailed rule changes propositions to vote on.

  • 411. raymond (on Fri Nov 18 11:27:16 2011)
    From the original Farm Team proposal: The farm team is designed to track the progress of prospects In theory, we'll follow players on our team more than players on another team. So the farm team allows you to keep an eye on prospects that you like. To make it more interesting, we added the farm contract, the ability to hire straight to the farm, etc... Now Niraj, in past and current conversations, I believe your goal is simply to have keepers at $5. That is not the objective of the farm team but inevitably will become a by-product. It's easy to say that very few prospects would be kept at $5 right now. If a prospect was producing like RNH, they would be in a starting lineup. The true test comes in the 2nd half of the season and during the playoffs. If a prospect heats up after the all-star game and/or during the playoffs, then you consider keeping him at $5. At that time, you'll know whether you're rebuilding or not. If you are rebuilding, then you'll make an effort to get as many eligible $5 players as possible; not because you plan to keep them all but because some player(s) might be interesting at $5 (depending on their improvement in the 2nd half and during the playoffs). Let's take C.Hodgson as an example. Let's say that he gets 30 pts in his last 40 games, has a fairly strong playoff and is projected to center Kesler and Booth on the 2nd line next year. Is he interesting at $5? I think so... At the very least, it gives the option. I'm definitely open to making changes but we don't even know the impact of the current system yet. Shouldn't there be at least 1 year of data? Just asking out loud... Here's an idea: no more direct hires to farm team. Players are allowed to play a max of 5 UFHL games and still retain their farm contract. I chose 5 because that's the greatest # of games that can be played in 1 week.

  • 410. etienne (on Fri Nov 18 11:06:58 2011)
    Personnally, I think players on the farm team should have 0-0-0 contracts until they play in the UFHL. Otherwise, why would I keep a players on my farm when he can help me now? And why would I wait for one year to get a $5 discount? A 0-0-0 contracts means that you can keep the player and wait for his development without paying $5 to wait until he pans out. A limit to that is that you can't rehire the same player (if you fired him) in the farm. Once he's out of your development system, he's out.

  • 409. yan_c (on Fri Nov 18 10:43:13 2011)
    I can live with either way actually...

  • 408. niraj (on Fri Nov 18 10:32:45 2011)
    @league: What do you think of my proposal vs the current one? Have a preference or don't care either way? Any ideas you'd like to add? It would be good to get everyone's feedback on this.

  • 407. rudy (on Fri Nov 18 10:27:57 2011)
    It would be a shame to remove the farm team concept. This is a great addition to the pool. But please avoid adding too much rules and penalties, there's already enough of it.

  • 406. niraj (on Fri Nov 18 08:27:52 2011)
    I'm almost tempted to google whether the special olympics were held in Cocounut Grove in 1992...

  • 405. yan_c (on Fri Nov 18 08:15:16 2011)
    November 18 and Danny is still in top 5... By far his best showing since his bronze medal in soccer baseball at the Special Olympics of Coconut Grove summer 1992...

  • 404. danny (on Fri Nov 18 05:03:34 2011)
    Two words for E!....Back and Strom....Whatta you got?...Backstrom...Whatta you gonna do? ....a shutout on the bench. Tx sweetheart.

  • 403. niraj (on Thu Nov 17 20:01:13 2011)
    @yannick: The thing is, I think we're both right. You are right, in the end I have 3 extra spots I can manage and that gives me 3 extra players I can have on my team. So yes, it is more flexibility than last year. You seem to be looking at it from a flexibility point of you while I look at it from being able to have players eligible for a "Farm contract" that I would be willing to keep at a farm contract. First off, I think this concept of "farm team" doesn't accurately reflect the concept behind the idea. This idea of having a farm "team" makes zero sense in this league, which is based on contracts and player production. You might think it's stupid, but I prefer using the term "prospect contract" because that's really what this is about. What I would like is the ability to hand out prospect contracts to players who are still considered prospects. To me that's someone who's played less than 175 games in the NHL and has not played more than 12 games in a UFHL lineup. Isn't that the point of this thing? As of right now, there are 3 players out of 32 players on the farm team that could be kept at $: Henrique, SMarkstrom and Burmistrov. I just don't think it makes sense for you to have put in all this work so that 3/32 prospects could be kept for prospect contracts. Even if we double that, I don't think it makes the farm team a very integral component to the league. The more flexibility you give it, the better chances a player like B.Connolly might be kept as a prospect by the end of the year. One question: What are you or Ray worried about if you in fact did implement it the way I'm proposing?

  • 402. etienne (on Thu Nov 17 18:36:48 2011)
    I like the farm team, but I'd like to have more incentives to keep players in my farm.

  • 401. yannick (on Thu Nov 17 18:04:28 2011)
    @niraj: you don't have less freedom thanlast year with the farm, you have a lot more options actually. The farm player that you are afraid to start because of his contract status would have had ufhl contract last year anyway. So you have more decision to take now, but as we said all along, you can manage your team just like last year without using the 3 optional farm team spots. Like I said, let me finish what we have now, then we will put on the table detailed rule changes propositions to vote on.

  • 400. niraj (on Thu Nov 17 17:58:28 2011)
    Personally, I like the farm team idea, but I think it's really stupid that a player can't have a farm contract if he was on someone's bench or played 2-3 games. Personally, I think we can keep things as they are, however modify the farm contract so that a player who plays less than 12 UFHL games can still have a farm contract. This makes total sense because if a farmer is productive, no UFHL manager will leave him on his farm. He'll either use him or sell him to a basement dweller (me in the UFHL, Ray in real life...funny how things are inversed in fantasy I sound like Yan_C!). The way it currently is, we can never take use a hunch on a farmer or insert him if there's an injury. Which, to me, is pretty silly.

  • 399. yannick (on Thu Nov 17 17:56:07 2011)
    I guess i had a sudden flashback of the head-2-head, when I did a vox pop last year and was surprisingly disapointed that nobody was interested. I'd invested hours into something I thought would be cool... This time, I just want to make sure I am not doing this only to scrap it in 3 months. That was the origin of my last comment. I'm not mad at anyone. I also realized this afternoon when I was talking to bao that I need a bunch of different balck and white list to keep track of all the players and their farm team contract. It's not easy for anyone to know the real status of a player, and that requires more work than I thought. What we have now is the basis of the farm team, when I'm done coding it then I agree that we should tweak it. By the way, excellent suggestion from yan_c, I'll add to my to-do list to add the number of games played and an asterix to the players that can't have a farm team contract on the "hire a player" page.

  • 398. yan_c (on Thu Nov 17 17:39:59 2011)
    @yannick...I in no ways denigrated your work which is way beyond my spheres of expertise. I personally really appreciate it...And I don't want one minute of work to go to waste... So since the group as a whole voted it in so...On behalf of the many Syndrome fans across the greater 10th avenue Lachine area, I say keep it in

  • 397. alexandre (on Thu Nov 17 17:30:20 2011)
    I know this is my first year here and you guys prob have a better view of things, but I like the idea of being able to stock up on youngsters to help later on. I guess we just needed to iron out a few things since it's the first time we use it. It's normal we should make a few mistakes and notice some loopholes along the way. I'd like to keep it. I do agree though that 29 regulars is too much so I think only a little rule tweaking should be sufficient to keep the farm team running smoothly. When we're clear on that Yannick won't have to work for nothing.

  • 396. yannick (on Thu Nov 17 17:18:45 2011)
    seeing what I have left to code for the farm team thing, if everybody wants to remove it and go back to how things were last year, I wouldn't mind... But I am against raising the number of players to 29. It's either 26 players no farm or 26 players with farm and its rules. Do you guys like the farm? you want to keep it? let me know before I spend anymore time on this.

  • 395. yan_c (on Thu Nov 17 16:58:34 2011)
    @alexandre @Yannick thanks for the explanation.... Like I said, did not know the guy... there are so many transactions/players how can we remember them all? Maybe guys like him could get an asterisk beside name? And btw, only reason I did not dress him was I found out that Min only had 2 ufhl games this week...if it had been 3 I would have...silly enough

  • 394. yan_c (on Thu Nov 17 16:48:11 2011)
    You guys pushed for this stupid farm thingee.. I'm just living with the rules you invented... Pretty sure that we are getting a bit to intricate for an 11 team rotisserie league... There are more rules than when I pitch things to the federal government and go through 23 civil servants! :)

  • 393. alexandre (on Thu Nov 17 16:47:19 2011)
    @yan: guess I was wrong, it seems he played 3 games for Phuc... It would be nice though if someone could have a farm contract, even if they did go on the bench, as long as they didn't play a ufhl game...

  • 392. yannick (on Thu Nov 17 16:46:32 2011)
    Spurgeon cannot have a farm team contract because he was in the ufhl roster of Phuc before he was fired. Only players that have never been in a ufhl roster (active or non-active) can have a farm team contract (0-5-5). Players that have been at one point or another been in a ufhl team, even if they respect the 200 and 50 games limit, can be sent to farm, but don;t have the farm team contract.

  • 391. alexandre (on Thu Nov 17 16:44:28 2011)
    @Yan: apparently its cause he was already on someone's bench, even if he hasn't played a game this year for UFHL

  • 390. yan_c (on Thu Nov 17 16:42:47 2011)
    I'm lost...why won't he have a farm contract? the guy is 22 years old and played 74 nhl games I never heard of the guy (only his brother) until Monday... What am I missing? I was told that 3 times/year we can send straight to farm... Come on....

  • 389. yannick (on Thu Nov 17 16:22:01 2011)
    I think we should be able to hire straight to farm only players that have never been in a UFHL roster. It's kind of ridiculous to hire a guy that cannot have a farm contract straight to your farm team. This is really going against the spirit of the farm. Yan_c, you have done nothing illegal and I am not bashing at you, I am questionning our rules and propose necessary adjustments. Ray, I know you insisted on having this rule to be able to hire straight to farm, but we have to change that.

  • 388. bao (on Thu Nov 17 16:16:47 2011)
    Sorry I missed the fact that Spurgeon went straight to farm team... I still drop Barker...

  • 387. bao (on Thu Nov 17 16:14:04 2011)
    Can I call Jared Spurgeon that YanC did not dress ? What's the penalty for not dressing a newly hired player ? I will fire Barker to make room.

  • 386. raymond (on Thu Nov 17 12:21:51 2011)
    @Danny: question is did I give up on him too early?

  • 385. bao (on Thu Nov 17 11:32:47 2011)
    I think my team not being on top is a bug in the system...

  • 384. yannick (on Thu Nov 17 11:18:04 2011)
    @bao: in this case yes, because this is a bug with the site. Because IRL has precednece over everything, by default it will put a guy that was on the farm on the IR, unless you change it manually. The bug is that FARM has to have precedence over everything else. So Niederreiter went on IR without any actions from etienne. I've just put it in my list of bug to fix. No one will be penalized because of that until I fix the bug. After it's fixed, watch out!

  • 383. bao (on Thu Nov 17 10:51:38 2011)
    I noticed "etienne: Niederreiter, Nino (farm->irl) "... Question: when Nino is healthy and off I/R. can Etienne put him back on the farm and maintain his 0-5-5 contract?

  • 382. niraj (on Thu Nov 17 07:33:48 2011)
    @Danny: There's a 5 minute the real deadline is 7:05. @Rudy: Maybe...hopefully my luck starts turning around soon...

  • 381. danny (on Wed Nov 16 21:05:59 2011)
    Ray finally parts with the V man....A minute too late for this week though. I just got Cammalleri in my starting lineup 30 sec. prior to 7 pm! Plus he scores....finally.

  • 380. rudy (on Wed Nov 16 08:42:53 2011)
    @niraj: Must be that mustache jinxing you!

  • 379. djilly (on Wed Nov 16 07:59:36 2011)
    hahahah! @ niraj: I know! You were in business after our trade! hahha! BTW, I'm doig great, thanks for asking! Still watching you guys! Take care you all! Cheers!

  • 378. niraj (on Tue Nov 15 22:56:28 2011)
    I had so much potential back then...hope you're well Djilly...

  • 377. djilly (on Tue Nov 15 21:35:29 2011)
    Danny! No! wait! Guys, if you allow Niraj to draft Turco, it's the best way for him to try to shove it back to you in a shity trade offer! You'll get stuck with all his explanations for hours and hours, during dinner time.... I know what it is! LOL!

  • 376. djilly (on Tue Nov 15 21:32:53 2011)

  • 375. danny (on Tue Nov 15 21:25:43 2011)
    Great news...I guess it's your turn to hire him since i don't have shitty goalies this year! Wait let's give a 30 minute chance to Niraj so he can claim him and put him on his farm team or something so he gets another penalty!

  • 374. yan_c (on Tue Nov 15 16:08:26 2011)
    Marty Turco is coming back with the Leafs...Dannnnnnnnnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 373. niraj (on Tue Nov 15 13:46:36 2011)
    @Danny: This is not the same at all. This is the difference between me putting Brett Connolly on FRM instead of leaving him on my BCH. @Etienne: This isn't about intention, it's about action. I acquired 2 extra guys, I got rid of 2 guys. I'm losing a f.a. because I didn't select B.Connolly to frm and left him on my bench. It's all good though, I've already lost. I truly believe that because I didn't have an advantage over anyone and because I moved players off of my roster, I shouldn't be penalized. I also think we're starting to take this a bit too seriously. Me writing this is taking it too seriously. Who cares, I'll just lose a f.a...

  • 372. etienne (on Tue Nov 15 13:27:18 2011)
    I agree with Danny, Yannick and Ray. It's not a matter of consequence as these can be long term or short term (Niraj uses that F.A. to hire the next Crosby!) and complicated to untangle (e.g. substracting points, ajusting rankings, etc.) There's a clear cut rule for rosters and intentions do no count (officer, I didn't mean to drink that fourth beer and then drive!).

  • 371. yan_c (on Tue Nov 15 13:11:05 2011)
    I think that since we have a commish, then it's his call... This is exactly the type of situation an unbiased person deals with better than a referendum.

  • 370. bao (on Tue Nov 15 13:10:06 2011)
    We should ask Shanahan how to handle Niraj's case

  • 369. danny (on Tue Nov 15 13:06:36 2011)
    I'm pretty sure that we have to look at the past jugements on the 27th player Niraj. Not the fact that it was an advantage or whatever. I made the same mistake once and lost my player and the FA. The fact that its the farm team or not shouldn't change that. A simple error in managing the roster...Happens to all good managers. To have 2 options given to you is pretty generous too. Just my 4-1-1 on you case. Keep it simple. Error=Penalty.

  • 368. alexandre (on Tue Nov 15 11:54:05 2011)
    anyone interested in Frans Nielsen for an FA lemme know.

  • 367. niraj (on Tue Nov 15 10:41:37 2011)
    Anyone else think I don't deserve a penalty? I'm asking because I hired 1 player and acquired another player for 1 f.a. (Montoya). To balance my roster 1 traded away one player for a fa (C.Smith which is burning me pretty badly) and I fired McQuad. I simply forgot to put B.Connolly on my FRM as he was on my bench. I don't feel I gained any advantage over any other manager by the mistake I made and I also demonstrated that i was trying to get my roster balanced by getting rid of 2 players. If you guys think I deserve a penalty, I'll lose the extra f.a. and keep Montoya, but given that I didn't receive any advantage over any other manager, I feel the rule is simply being applied without looking at the consequences of my actions.

  • 366. rudy (on Tue Nov 15 09:55:48 2011)
    The spirit of the 26-players roster rule was clearly not broken on purpose by Niraj. I think Niraj deserves no penalty at all. Reading that sanction comment is punishment enough for everybody if you ask me...! But I know I'm not a typical rule lover, law-abiding UFHL GM...

  • 365. etienne (on Tue Nov 15 09:13:21 2011)
    @Yan_c: you seem to know Tim Hortons very well... especially the donuts! ;)

  • 364. yan_c (on Tue Nov 15 07:50:03 2011)
    I think spending one hour at the Tim Hortons Sherbrooke with Danny listening to his thoughts on Cedric Desjardins modified Butterfly style is enough punishment for Niraj....

  • 363. yannick (on Tue Nov 15 00:03:07 2011)
    Note: Ray does not have internet, so I am posting the sanctions and explanations. ***************Sanctions against Niraj****************** Niraj obtained Al Montoya in a trade and that put the number of players on his ufhl team to 27. Niraj hired Scrivens earlier in the week, whom he put in his farm team. Niraj traded away Smith and fired McQuaid, but they were both in his farm team, therefore not affecting the ufhl roster which should be 26 players. It seems like Niraj did try to adjust his lineup, but fired a player that was not affecting his ufhl roster and did not adjust his lineup on the starting lineup page to vefiry if his roster was correct. It is worth noting that there were no infractions in his starting lineup. It is also worth noting that with the firing of McQuaid, his farm team had an empty spot and Niraj's bench contained players which were eligible to be put of his farm team. In a situation in which a manager hires a player but forget to fire a player to have a ufhl roster of 26 players, the penality is pretty straight forward, but in a case in which the roster goes to 27 by a trade, we can't just remove a player acquired in a trade. If the trade contains only impact players, removing an acquired player wouldn't make sense. So it was decided to give Niraj the choice of his penality: either have montoya removed from his team or make a lineup adjustment (firing or sending a player a player down to the farm since there was an empty sopt) and lose an additional free agent. It's a special situation which requires a special penality. So Niraj has the choice between the two following penalties: OPTION A: 1) Al Montoya is removed from Niraj's team and is put on waivers (see waiver rules below) 2) The free agent given to obtain Montoya is not given back. or OPTION B: 1) Loss of an additional free agent after making a lineup adjustment that was valid last wednesday (firing a player or send a player down to farm team) We have always been strict with the 26 players rule, and the farm team option does not change that. Remember to always make a lineup following hiring or trade to make sure your lineup is valid. The farm team is an option, and the ufhl roster did not go from 26 to 29 players. The ufhl roster is still 26 players, and that rule didn't change. The 3 farm team positions are an option and players must be put in that status for it to count as a farm team. Because Montoya has the potential to attract attention from many managers and he was not hired as a free agent, Montoya will go through waivers if Niraj chooses option A. Waiver rules: Managers have until Tuesday 23h59 to put a claim on Montoya on this "Comments of the week" board. The waiver order is the inverse order of last wednesday's ranking (the day the error in the lineup was made). The manager with the highest waiver order who put a claim on Montoya, will get him. The manager who gets Montoya will have until wednesday 7pm to adjust his lineup. A manager who put a claim on the board can cancel his claim by putting a comment before Tuesday 23h59. Tuesday at 23h59, whoever claimed Montoya with the highest waiver order has to get him (ie, you cannot cancel your claim after you got him). It costs 1 FA to the manager who gets him and Montoya doesn't have to be on the active lineup (similar as hiring a player that was fired in the same week). waiver order: 1-Alex 2-Bao 3-Niraj 4-Marc 5-Yannick B 6-Rudy 7-Yanick C 8-Danny 9-Etienne 10-Phuc 11-Raymond

  • 362. yan_c (on Mon Nov 14 16:44:06 2011)
    actually... Milburdanny makes trades based on names not bad

  • 361. yan_c (on Mon Nov 14 16:40:27 2011)
    @danny and that's why the Hitmen are the Cubs of the vision....We just read stats differently...

  • 360. danny (on Mon Nov 14 15:12:58 2011)
    WOW...Anybody see the last trade...I will refrain from commenting but i'll just say one word... "...GIFT!"

  • 359. yannick (on Mon Nov 14 14:43:29 2011)
    fyi, Ray doesn't have internet since wednesday, so if he has not replied to your emails, that's why. He says that it should be back this week. If you need to talk to him, send him a text message or just call him!

  • 358. rudy (on Thu Nov 10 21:47:32 2011)
    @marc: is supposed to work fine, or you can try

  • 357. marc (on Thu Nov 10 15:59:49 2011)
    @Rudy .... On what email can I contact you at? I tried the one in your profile, but apparently its not the good email address..

  • 356. bao (on Thu Nov 10 09:33:02 2011)
    Craig Smith was a steal !!!

  • 355. etienne (on Thu Nov 10 09:16:42 2011)
    I think Jagr wins the best hair contest by far

  • 354. bao (on Thu Nov 10 08:57:49 2011)
    Erat has nicer hair

  • 353. raymond (on Thu Nov 10 00:52:31 2011)
    How in the world did you start Erat over Fleisch?

  • 352. rudy (on Wed Nov 9 09:42:05 2011)
    @yan_c: I do hope you realize that your stuff about Indian culture and Niraj's sexual hygiene isn't much more compelling, but nonetheless much more frequent than my "dogs are brown" talk...

  • 351. yan_c (on Tue Nov 8 15:21:02 2011)
    for the D category it was 489 games for Yannick...256 pts in 489 games is a tad better than .5 pts per game average.

  • 350. yan_c (on Tue Nov 8 15:16:40 2011)
    @ niraj..thanks...that's a great point...I forgot that even traded guys stats stay there... I've got a big conference call on thursday so I'll do it there and share any info if interesting... not saying there will be lol

  • 349. niraj (on Tue Nov 8 15:01:58 2011)
    @yan_c: The 5 minute approach is really you just looking at the manager file who led in a specific category, add up the total number of UFHL games played and you'll have your answer. If you then shared this information, it would be the same as if Yannick spent the 'x' number of minutes writing code to get this done.

  • 348. yan_c (on Tue Nov 8 14:48:11 2011)
    @danny...I don't think it's actually a more than 5 min job I asked of Yannick....I can't imagine that the system we use does not know how many games each team dresses... For example, if I have joe blow playing 5 games in a week and Marleau only plays 2, I dress Joe... Over the course of the year, I'm pretty sure all gm's have different totals in each cat.... Just curious what they are. Of course, if I'm wrong and it takes a long time, forget it.... it's not important...

  • 347. danny (on Tue Nov 8 14:42:07 2011)
    Not to defend Rudy or anything but look who's talking all the time on the posts to start a conversation and nobody answers. Maybe you could ask Yannick to come up with a formula like "Love potion 99" caterogy just to make sure he's busy on all the statistical departements you're asking him to figure out for you. I think it would make your posts more captivating too. Sex sells. Just a thought.

  • 346. etienne (on Tue Nov 8 14:28:39 2011)
    @yan_c: please write about Chantal Maccabbée (spelling...)

  • 345. yan_c (on Tue Nov 8 14:17:13 2011)
    @rudy....Pretty compelling stuff! Maybe you could talk about how sometimes dogs are brown next? ;)

  • 344. rudy (on Tue Nov 8 13:04:30 2011)
    Tough start for the Doodies in the Assists, Points and Defenseman categories, but things are starting to look better now even if Mike Green and Shea Weber completely suck and Malkin is playing hurt. The big question is: will I get a SH goal before Xmas?

  • 343. yan_c (on Tue Nov 8 07:36:56 2011) can call me champ if Yan_C is too complicated :) Considering we started the season with the winner's disadvantage, the Syndrome is looking half decent...

  • 342. danny (on Tue Nov 8 04:48:06 2011)
    Gotta love Yan C's timing this year...Horton get a pretty good night for him but not active. A tear is falling from my eye...too emotional...gotta stop writting....snif snif! Go to bed Danny

  • 341. yannick (on Mon Nov 7 17:05:46 2011)
    anyone wants mathieu garon or roman hamrlik for a free agent?

  • 340. yan_c (on Mon Nov 7 12:59:27 2011)
    statistic question (probably to yannick)... Can we get an idea of what is the bar for winning each category? I'll try and explain... For example...I won the goals category last year with 331... How many games was that? We could divide that # by games played and see what kind of forward it takes to be dressed or no. Same thing for D's.... One # I like is .5 pts per game... but is that really a good barometer? Yannick won that category with 256 pts.... How many games dressed to get that amount...500? more? less? I'm curious...

  • 339. niraj (on Mon Nov 7 09:44:16 2011)
    works for me, I'll send u an email.

  • 338. danny (on Mon Nov 7 08:38:33 2011)
    If we are 4....and since i'm already a member...How does 20$ sound each...? Send me an email and i'll give you the username and password.

  • 337. phuc (on Sun Nov 6 23:12:50 2011)
    In - as long as you're sure there's no 'interference', ie. we can all watch at the same time.

  • 336. raymond (on Sun Nov 6 22:37:40 2011)

  • 335. alexandre (on Sun Nov 6 22:37:04 2011)

  • 334. yannick (on Sun Nov 6 21:10:25 2011)

  • 333. marc (on Sun Nov 6 19:02:34 2011)

  • 332. yan_c (on Sun Nov 6 15:46:06 2011)
    Out... Like the closet niraj should step from

  • 331. etienne (on Sun Nov 6 15:39:52 2011)

  • 330. niraj (on Sun Nov 6 12:36:28 2011)
    @Danny: I don't know what the limit is, but I'm in and I know Ray's in. I think Phuc might be interested in it as well. Let's do this. Can EVERYONE please respond to who's in or out for game center? First come, first served if there's a licence max?

  • 329. raymond (on Sun Nov 6 01:42:47 2011)
    what a night to forget

  • 328. etienne (on Sat Nov 5 20:33:29 2011)
    @yan_c: please have your prescription renewed... Or not, it's so entertaining although some of your insides are only understood by one UFHL manager! Columbus is so sad in more than one way.

  • 327. danny (on Sat Nov 5 15:55:43 2011)
    I've got gamecenter boyz!!! Want the password? I'm not sure how many computers can use it at the same time. Niraj, you sure we can split with many computers? I think there is a limit of

  • 326. yan_c (on Sat Nov 5 12:20:36 2011)
    The UFHL was much funner when Danny used camp out in Kirkland and snipe Niraj with his laser sights. Would always confuse him since he was not sure it was a laser or the bindi on his forehead... Good times...

  • 325. raymond (on Fri Nov 4 17:02:45 2011)
    @Yan C: how did u know? Damn youtube lol It was tough looking like Kumar...Niraj looked hilarious as Harold!

  • 324. niraj (on Fri Nov 4 17:02:25 2011)
    Hey guys, Thinking of buying NHL Gamecenter Live off to watch games online. Anyone interested in splitting the bill with me? Anyone already have this and would be willing to share username and pws with the rest of us in exchange for payment divided equally among users?

  • 323. yan_c (on Fri Nov 4 14:56:41 2011)
    Sur Rds ce matin Brent Seabrook confirme que malgre son contrat genereux avec les Anges, il a le beigne saveur "Hitman" de tims Sherbrooke tatooe sur le coeur

  • 322. niraj (on Fri Nov 4 14:49:52 2011)

  • 321. yan_c (on Fri Nov 4 14:46:08 2011)
    I wonder if Ray and Niraj went trick or treating this year again as Harold and Kumar... Screw Weber...that's what I wanna know...

  • 320. raymond (on Fri Nov 4 10:07:11 2011)
    Can't imagine Nashville keeping Rinne, Weber and Suter. I think Weber goes...

  • 319. yannick (on Wed Nov 2 15:58:26 2011)
    actually danny fired them both... gotta check why dehaan did not show on the fired page

  • 318. yan_c (on Wed Nov 2 15:47:58 2011)
    weird..main page it says danny fired dehan but on fired page its wilson

  • 317. etienne (on Wed Nov 2 15:30:10 2011)
    Calvin Dehaan is one of those players that Bob MacKenzie raves about and end up having 4 year careers in the NHL on a third line in Columbus or Florida...

  • 316. yan_c (on Wed Nov 2 14:00:20 2011)
    In the last 2 UFHL seasons, I think Patric Hornqvist has been hired and fired almost as often as Manuel the Masseur was in the Archangels locker room...

  • 315. yan_c (on Wed Nov 2 13:39:21 2011)
    adam henrique to cente Kovy and parise...Who takes the FA gamble?

  • 314. niraj (on Wed Nov 2 10:25:57 2011)
    Ovie calls Budreau a Fat Fuck (57 secs in) :

  • 313. niraj (on Wed Nov 2 00:23:54 2011)
    @Etienne: I was thinking more about adding a 12 game max in your starting lineup. So for any player to be "farm" eligible both on a position basis and a contract basis he would have to have played less than 12 UFHL games in a single NHL season, play less than 200 games if he's a skater or play less than 50 games if he's a G.

  • 312. etienne (on Tue Nov 1 09:39:38 2011)
    @Niraj: I agree with you that we need to have a system which would allow to give our farm team players a taste of the UFHL. Perhaps something linked with the IR and limited to a number of games. The idea needs refinement, but it would be very cool and give more of an incentive to have farm team players beyond just a different contractual structure.

  • 311. niraj (on Mon Oct 31 01:36:13 2011)
    I would like to propose we amend the rule for farm team keepers so that a player can have a farm contract so long as he does not exceed the 200/50 game limits AND does also not exceed 12 games played in a manager's starting lineup (cumulative between managers).

  • 310. niraj (on Sun Oct 30 12:31:32 2011)
    Got a link ray? Can't find it online. Please comeback to the CBJs Ken Hitchcock...

  • 309. raymond (on Sun Oct 30 01:02:07 2011)
    Tonight's episode of the Bryz show: Bryzgalov says he used the "iPhone compass" to find his way out of the woods, where he said he was lost just 48 hours ago. Hilarious!

  • 308. etienne (on Fri Oct 28 23:37:26 2011)
    @Yan_c: I think you're confusing this site with the Bollywood forum you're so fond of...

  • 307. yan_c (on Fri Oct 28 18:31:30 2011)
    @niraj....What insight! Are your cricket comments as pertinent too in the UFCL pool? Tonights Cast... In the role of Yannick the webmaster... Rajiv from Red Lobster Alexandria In the role of Ray the Commish... Deepak from "One dollar or two" in Candiac In the role of Rudy... Kanvar from Bell Customer service...alias the 611 guy In the role of Danny...Sanjay from Buffet Marahaja Sherbrooke In the role of Marc... Marc from lebstar (don't ask) In the role of Alexandre... Badal from pretty much any depanneur in Ontario (he's an extra) In the role of Etienne...Mahatma Gandhi of course In the roles of Bao and Phuc... the Patel twins from Patel Pesticides and Pizza In the role of Yanick...the indian dude that married Liz Hurley and finally... In the role of Niraj.... Lou Diamond Philipps

  • 306. niraj (on Fri Oct 28 17:40:06 2011)
    I have to hand it to Bryz, that was a very honest interview. I know it makes Holmgren look bad, but if he bounces back I think it will endear him to the fans. That, or they'll just murder him in his sleep...

  • 305. phuc (on Fri Oct 28 17:04:14 2011)
    I am fine with proposition from comment #224. Disagree on the Belarus trio being a dime a dozen players... And I guess I've put my money where my mouth is by owning the whole lot. They are only similar in that they seem pretty weak on the mental aspect of the game, but skill-wise I do think SK could probably stand out from the rest. Shitting on Ott, and now this?!? Stop attacking my players! They react badly to fantasy GM's criticism. Loved Bryz' comments... It's refreshing to hear - I hope ppl don't crucify him for it; it sucks to hear the same shit over and over. Crazy game should lead to crazy post-game comments :)

  • 304. etienne (on Fri Oct 28 16:12:57 2011)
    @Ray: 224 is sooooo ten days ago!

  • 303. raymond (on Fri Oct 28 15:47:20 2011)
    Guys, Niraj only wants to see Gauthier fired so that the Habs can hire Pierre McGuire as the new GM...can you imagine endless hype from McGuire about the Habs? Ugh... @Rudy: because you knew that you could get him at the draft for half the price! I see that comment #224 wasn't very everybody against it?

  • 302. yan_c (on Fri Oct 28 15:13:15 2011)
    @yannick... we should get a video section on the site so we could get a weekly Milburdanny webcast... Fun for the whole family!

  • 301. yan_c (on Fri Oct 28 15:11:37 2011)
    The Hitmen in 4th place this late in a season is almost as amazing a feat as the invention of velcro...

  • 300. yan_c (on Fri Oct 28 14:22:57 2011)
    Cedric Desjardins just put on waivers from Colorado... Dime a dozen...

  • 299. danny (on Fri Oct 28 14:07:10 2011)
    D'Agostini, Grabovski and S Kostitsyn are all a dime a dozen Niraj...Come on! D'Agostini and Grabovski=Eller or Deharnais or Pacioretti, S. Kost= A.Kost, McDonaugh is not really a super D man... What i'm saying Niraj is these players where traded because Mtl already had too many young replacements for them and you can't play Grabovsky or Sergei on the 4th line. Firing Pearn awakened the coaching staff and mentally affects the team performance. 2-0 since. I don't say that its the solution but in the short term it works. Now, the Habs need to find a Markov or Wisnewski replacement. That was the big mistake on there part, signing Markov instead of the Wizz! Stupid gamble. Oh ya and send Gomez to the minors... It actually helps the team when he's injured.

  • 298. marc (on Fri Oct 28 13:32:41 2011)
    Wow Bryz... Not some kinda shit you wanna say to the media. Oh well, atleast i know he's going to turn it around.

  • 297. etienne (on Fri Oct 28 08:58:24 2011)
    Because Carle is a much better player when considering he went for 20$!

  • 296. rudy (on Fri Oct 28 08:22:29 2011)
    @ray: How do you describe the feeling of benching a Jets player when you see that score? Well, I felt sick... Small relief to see that Ladd only scored a goal, but it was the WG... @niraj: Philly's goalie curse doing its thing again... Pelle Lindberg's ghost haunting them! @myself: Why the f**k didn't I keep Timonen for 11$?

  • 295. yan_c (on Fri Oct 28 07:03:15 2011)
    Looking at the Free agent hirings... I haven't seen the Archangels GM hire so many dicks since his wife went on her annual girls only trip last summer and left him "alone" at home to play with his aldila shafts and 460 cc heads...

  • 294. raymond (on Fri Oct 28 00:25:24 2011)
    Sick night by Etienne's D... How do you describe the feeling you get when you see a 9-8 game and realize that you have 0 players in that game ; 0 Gainey traded Grabovski. The only prospects Gauthier has traded (from memory) are Maxwell and Desjardins

  • 293. niraj (on Fri Oct 28 00:20:56 2011)
    guys, check out bryzgalov's post game comments on all I can say

  • 292. niraj (on Thu Oct 27 23:47:32 2011)
    I have no luck with goalies...looks like I should have hired Elliot...

  • 291. yan_c (on Thu Oct 27 18:31:07 2011)
    And by gay I mean no offence to you Ray

  • 290. yan_c (on Thu Oct 27 18:29:35 2011)
    actually gainey traded both d'agostini and mcdonaugh... and before u say that Gauthier did the St Louis deal. it was done by gainey only announced after he stepped down...I think it was 3 days later... Gauthier was against it...'re gay... :)

  • 289. niraj (on Thu Oct 27 17:07:46 2011)
    Just to go back to why I hate Gauthier trading Brock Trotter, inspired from habsinsideout...: 1) He got Nokeleinen a 4th liner. We couldn't have acquired Steckel in waivers? Ryan Carter? Resigned Jeff Halpern? In the end Gauthier thought that Andres Enqvist would replace Halpern but seems like he's not NHL ready. 2) He has a history of giving away our good young talent. S.Kostitsyn, M.Grabovski, R.McDonaugh, M.D'Agostini all were traded for next to nothing. It's not like players of this ilk grow on trees. While Nokeleinen looks good, I still think that Trotter was a steep price to pay. All it shows me is that Gauthier's a shitty judge of talent and overpays for lower end players. And what a shitty reason for firing Pearn. I have no idea what Pearn does, but it didn't really sound like there was a reason Gauthier had to fire him. Let's see what Trotter does for Phoenix.

  • 288. bao (on Thu Oct 27 08:55:59 2011)
    Brilliant would have been to dress both ;) Elliot was all luck

  • 287. raymond (on Thu Oct 27 00:50:02 2011)
    Nice job Bao! Sitting Price in favor of Elliot is brillant so far.

  • 286. etienne (on Wed Oct 26 19:25:31 2011)
    Of all the underwhelming moves in the Habs history, firing Pearn must be number 2 after the hiring of Pinotte!

  • 285. yan_c (on Wed Oct 26 07:47:05 2011)
    thanks for the awesome input Yannick...

  • 284. yannick (on Tue Oct 25 19:09:34 2011)
    a couple of changes on the site: - when you hire a player that is elligible for the farm team, you now have the option when doing you starting lineup to put the player active or on the farm team. it will count in your maximum of 3 players to be hired to farm (that counter will soon be available). - in the "Ufhl reports" menu, there is a new item called "Farm Team", in there you can see the players that have been called up or sent down during the year. these players now have a ufhl contract even if in the farm team. This is to keep track of the players that no longuer or cannot have a farm team contract. If you are making a trade for a farm team player, you better check that info before making the trade. - remember no more than 3 farm team players, and no more than one goalie... The "Team Reports" under the "UFHL Reports" menu shows a report for each team: the players it cannot find, the number of players in each status, etc. - I added the farm team moves on the main page a warning for players that approaches the games played limit for farm team. There are no players that are close, that's why the list is empty. - the site is a work in progress even after 14 years! I'll try to make the site look better and be more user-friendly, but I prioritize coding new features like the farm team. When I'm done with the farm team, I'll make a parrallel ranking with the clutch goals category to see it in action and allow us to see the real impact, before we vote on it.

  • 283. yan_c (on Tue Oct 25 13:08:51 2011)
    @yannick...speaking of UFHL history...How many times did the Hitmen hire dead players?

  • 282. yan_c (on Tue Oct 25 08:23:51 2011)
    Bill Gates was just as good a thief (stealing from apple) as Jobs was stealing from Xerox and then Oracle...

  • 281. niraj (on Tue Oct 25 01:01:57 2011)
    @yan_c: As "us" I was referring to the collective intelligent fan base of the habs (not just the general collective fan base, those people are morons). Did you guys know that before last night's loss this was the habs worst start in 70 years!? You have to go back to 1940 to get a worse start. I hope heads roll, not because I think it's all their fault, I just never thought Martin or Gauthier were the guys for this team, akin to how Bill Gates could never be the man for Apple.

  • 280. raymond (on Mon Oct 24 22:38:59 2011)
    @Niraj: if Trotter was that good, he wouldn't have gone to the KHL as a UFA and then resigned with Montreal upon his return, some other NHL team would have signed him. I think this is a Ben Maxwell rerun.

  • 279. yannick (on Mon Oct 24 21:35:19 2011)
    The guy who drafted nokelainen with the islanders back in 2004, is now an assistant to trevor timmins. That's the relation with the player. (thanks to marc denis for the info)

  • 278. yan_c (on Mon Oct 24 20:41:10 2011) cute is your use of "us".... like if the organization cares about you... or like you are part of a collective "something"... For a business man your enthusiastic naivete is quite refreshing and touching :) Officer Danny needs to give you the same talk he gives 4 year olds about talking to strangers lol

  • 277. niraj (on Mon Oct 24 20:11:04 2011)
    I know this Brock Trotter trade is going to bite us in the ass one day. What I can't figure out is whether he'll haunt The Bulldogs or The Habs...

  • 276. phuc (on Mon Oct 24 19:48:19 2011)
    @yannick, man I read that all wrong. I thought Niraj or Yan_C changed their mind at the last minute and just reverted the trade (ie. trade back to each other). Thanks for clarifying. Someone shouldn't be getting 2x Chris Stewart, I hope ;-)

  • 275. etienne (on Mon Oct 24 17:27:26 2011)
    Thanks to Gillis and Talon, Booth is once fantasy relevant!

  • 274. yannick (on Mon Oct 24 14:24:40 2011)
    man, I just reserved last week the domain name I'll see if I can change it to @niraj and yan_c: congrats, you guys made ufhl history this morning by both entering the same trade at the exact same time! never been done before... I guess you were both really excited about your deal!

  • 273. rudy (on Mon Oct 24 11:17:13 2011)
    @yan_c & niraj: Brock Trotter is a small offensive-minded forward with a 45-50 pts a season potential, which the Habs have aplenty. Nokelainen is a nice two-way player, and Garrett Stafford adds depth to the defence. Good minor trade.

  • 272. etienne (on Mon Oct 24 11:09:42 2011)
    These players go Play in Sweden, Switzerland or if they like danger Russia.

  • 271. yan_c (on Mon Oct 24 09:44:55 2011)
    There are always guys who are too good for AHL but not NHL ...It's weird.... Also...some "older" ahl players tend to do well cuz a lot of their competition are 19-20 year old guys.. Palushay got 57 pts in 68 games... that's pretty good....but he's average at best

  • 270. niraj (on Mon Oct 24 09:38:05 2011)
    @yc: That's a fair assessment. I'm definitely too stats oriented but a guy who scores over 1pt/gm clip in the AHL and is scoring at a near 2 pts / gm clip right now has to have some kind of talent shouldn't he? Or is it like in the UFHL "Steve Ott is totally overachieving. He'll never keep this up." Does anyone know at what point can a player breakout of the "label" a team has given him?

  • 269. yan_c (on Mon Oct 24 09:10:26 2011)
    @niraj.... it's like when we hear about drafts...none of us have seen any of these guys (or very little) So I'm not sure we're allowed to have an opinion really... let's be honest.... it's like saying so and so penny stock is better than's too in detail for the common non-nhl implicated person. no?

  • 268. niraj (on Mon Oct 24 08:40:29 2011)
    What do u guys think of the brock trotter deal? Was be too small to play for us? Would we rather have nokeleinen instead of trotter?

  • 267. marc (on Sun Oct 23 12:55:21 2011)
    Looking for a solid dman / solid goaltender. Let me know boys..

  • 266. yan_c (on Sun Oct 23 11:02:55 2011)
    @rudy....thanks...I needed a good laugh.... top line passer....classic! :)

  • 265. rudy (on Sun Oct 23 10:54:46 2011)
    Khabibulin is available, looking for a top-line passer or defenseman.

  • 264. raymond (on Sat Oct 22 13:51:55 2011)
    @Alex: only if the fired player is hired in the same week.

  • 263. marc (on Sat Oct 22 13:17:40 2011)
    Thats cool! Didn't even know that

  • 262. alexandre (on Sat Oct 22 12:09:55 2011)
    Intresting, did not know about that. Is there a delay though? Or no matter when someone picks up someone I fired, I would get a FA?

  • 261. yannick (on Sat Oct 22 11:53:36 2011)
    The following players are available for one free agent each, send me an email if interested: - Frolik - Hamrlik - Tyutin - Girardi Note to alex and marc: I don't know if it was explained to you, but if a player is being fired by another manager and you hire that fired player during the same week (ie before wednesday), you don't have to activate that player like you normally would when hiring a player. Also, if a manager picks up a player that you fired, you get a free agent back.

  • 260. niraj (on Fri Oct 21 21:51:30 2011)
    @milburdanny: I know how you team in October always dogs i...twe should do a head-to-head: The Shitmen vs. The Barkangels

  • 259. danny (on Fri Oct 21 18:19:23 2011)
    Niraj too...just like Etienne...I agree! All these big names show up on my team and suddenly they play like! Another beautiful year ahead

  • 258. yan_c (on Fri Oct 21 16:10:12 2011)
    @niraj I think that's AI... Computer is recognizing reality

  • 257. niraj (on Fri Oct 21 16:01:21 2011)
    Yannick I think there's a typo in Danny's team name. It currently says "Hitmen", but I think his team is called "Shitmen".

  • 256. yan_c (on Fri Oct 21 15:17:46 2011)
    play by play is there only

  • 255. raymond (on Fri Oct 21 10:54:01 2011)
    Is RDS actually at the road games or do they simply air the broadcast of another network, while doing play-by-play from the RDS studios? (Like they do for NFL, MLB)

  • 254. yan_c (on Fri Oct 21 10:27:29 2011)
    Milburdanny is so cute and cudly...he's like a teletubbie....but with lots of guns

  • 253. danny (on Fri Oct 21 08:12:15 2011)
    I have to agree with you E...for once you are right! Crappy broadcasting. Thank God i've NHL center ice!

  • 252. etienne (on Thu Oct 20 20:25:22 2011)
    Congrats Ray! Can't believe that I'm watching TOR-BOS over the Habs... Boring team along with RDS broadcasting is too much for me

  • 251. niraj (on Wed Oct 19 23:14:34 2011)
    PIM: Penalty in Minutes.

  • 250. alexandre (on Wed Oct 19 21:15:21 2011)
    Hey all, this may sound foolish, but what does PIM stand for EXACTLY? 'cause it's not "penalty mins" is it "Penalties in Mins"? that just sounds weird...

  • 249. phuc (on Wed Oct 19 16:47:06 2011)
    I don't think I'll get a chance to say this often this season: it feels gooooood to lead, especially without Crosby.

  • 248. phuc (on Wed Oct 19 16:30:08 2011)
    @yannick, thanks for fixing the farm on short notice! Everything is good now.

  • 247. yannick (on Wed Oct 19 13:44:18 2011)
    I'll put that on my to-do list! - make a preliminary ranking wednesday morning and make final ranking for the week in teh afternoon.

  • 246. bao (on Wed Oct 19 13:42:54 2011)
    I agree with Havana United about the Wednesday update...

  • 245. etienne (on Wed Oct 19 13:39:00 2011)
    Ranking should be earlier Wednesday. We have lives you know...

  • 244. niraj (on Wed Oct 19 12:54:53 2011)
    gheez... niraj(dot)khanna(at)gmail(dot)com.

  • 243. niraj (on Wed Oct 19 12:54:27 2011)
    hey guys, just doing some mailbox cleaning. going forward can you please only email me at nirajkhannagmailcom Thanks!

  • 242. yannick (on Wed Oct 19 12:05:16 2011)
    @phuc: Burm was taken in the farm team rounds of the draft by Niraj and Niraj fired him before the season started on Octboer 5th. This means that Burmistrov is elligible to put hire straight to farm team. If that is your wish, just let me know which players you want to activate in place of Burmistrov. If you don;t want him on your farm team, then leave him activated.

  • 241. yannick (on Wed Oct 19 10:36:34 2011)
    @phuc: just do like what we have said before (see comment #120) which is to activate Burmistrov and tell me you want him in your farm team and tell me which player you wish to activate instead of Burmistrov. I will try to add a hack today to let you put newly hired player in the farm team. btw, the games played counter is now updated every day. to-do list for myself for the farm team: - allow to hire straight to farm team in the hire a player page - add the counter of players hired straight to farm (3) - add a list of players who's farm contract is no longer valid - add a little window on the main page of farm team activities (change of status) - add a little warning in the starting lineup page that a player is approaching the maximum number of games played

  • 240. raymond (on Wed Oct 19 10:26:30 2011)
    @Bao: I guess one evens out the other : ) @Danny: Lots of emotion in the league! If anything, we're trying to eliminate a negative emotion with SHG (aka broken cat). Luck will always be needed, I'm sure you can hope for luck in another category. Just imagine waking up to find that you got a SH, GW goal last night, that would count as 2 in the Clutch cat : )

  • 239. bao (on Wed Oct 19 08:39:56 2011)
    @Ray: you meant quadruple shutout Vokoun, Quick and the Sedins ;)

  • 238. yan_c (on Wed Oct 19 08:35:51 2011)
    @phuc...AH..thanks....did not realize that...never mind :)

  • 237. phuc (on Wed Oct 19 08:00:22 2011)
    @yan_c, I believe the limit for goalies is 50 games for farm. The trouble with Burmistrov is that he already had an active contract, I suppose? I'll clean up my lineup just in case for now.

  • 236. yan_c (on Wed Oct 19 07:09:04 2011)
    @yannick... same for me..I'd like to put Bobrovsky and he does not have a farm option either. he's played 55 games in the NHL...thoughts? merci

  • 235. phuc (on Wed Oct 19 06:17:43 2011)
    Yannick, I want to hire Burmistrov and put him directly into my farm, but Burmistrov doesn't have a 'farm' option. He has played 78 NHL games as far as I can tell. Sorry guys for the lack of comments, I've been abroad and not too active on hockey news. Generally, I am fine with leaving things as is. If we do make a clutch goals cat, which I don't mind either, I think it's Necessary to replace it with something... Otherwise, the G cats (and 2 starters) take way too much importance in a supposedly Offense oriented pool. I like hits, but agree that it's rather suspiciously recorded. Never thought of ATOI, but i really like this metric.

  • 234. raymond (on Wed Oct 19 01:09:56 2011)
    : )

  • 233. raymond (on Wed Oct 19 01:08:04 2011)
    Woohoo!!! Double Shutout!!!

  • 232. etienne (on Tue Oct 18 16:57:24 2011)
    Interesting trade... Ray is losing faith in Boston in favour of Buffalo?

  • 231. danny (on Tue Oct 18 12:22:18 2011)
    Although, i pretty much suck at the "luck factor" I really think we need to keep these categories untouched. If you want to add new managable caterogies to reduce the effect of the GW and SH categories, go ahead but you shouldn't fix what is not broken. The emotion still needs to be part of the UFHL. Let's not start start to make it too calculated and robotic.

  • 230. niraj (on Tue Oct 18 11:04:51 2011)
    Another year, another shitty sucks so much to have shitty starts...

  • 229. yannick (on Mon Oct 17 23:20:10 2011)
    fyi, average time on ice (atoi) is not possible in the short time as I dont have that stat available from where I download the stats. for the clutch goal category, I have been on-and-off on the idea. On one hand, it's true that you can't manage with that in mind and it's complete random and luck, but just think of how you feel when you look at a boxscore or you're watching the highlight of a game to discover that one of your boys scored a shorthanded, it feels good doesn't it? Just like a shutout by an active goalie! Or think of the ultimate fantasy: a golden goal (a shorthanded goal, by a defenseman which turns out to be a game winner!) Actually, if we have a clutch goal category, and a shorthanded goal is a game winner, then one goal will count as two in that category. Not sure if it is a problem, but just wanted to point it out. Also it kinda sucks for the ufhl records and history, but I guess that's not a valid reason... Anyway, that was my two cents.

  • 228. yan_c (on Mon Oct 17 16:39:30 2011) locker is next to yours...there's a lot of stuff growing on you :)

  • 227. niraj (on Mon Oct 17 16:26:41 2011)
    The average ice time stat is growing on me...and I can see how it would be fun and add another element to the league. Yan_B, is this even possible for u?

  • 226. rudy (on Mon Oct 17 15:08:06 2011)
    @ray: I'd love to see Anton Volchenkov become a fantasy relevant player. He's a very relevant hockey player! Much more than Dan Sexton and other fluke players who score 10 pts in 6 games to disappear shortly thereafter, for that instance. ATOI is more exciting than you think, but I understand the resistance to change. An average-type category for skaters is a new pool concept for many people, but I can assure you it's fun. Don't you like it for goalies with the GAA category? It's exactly the same feeling, seeking regularity, etc. Your player gets benched, you cry. Fun! If I can't convince you, let's go with 8 offensive/defense categories like Etienne proposes.

  • 225. etienne (on Mon Oct 17 08:01:27 2011)
    I vote for the clutch goals and only have 8 Offensive categories

  • 224. raymond (on Sun Oct 16 23:38:55 2011)
    Next Hot Topic: # of keepers Not sure how many of you saw this but before the draft, I suggested: "This is a future proposition: When he have between 12-15 GMs, reduce the number of keepers to 8 or less" The same 2 guys that wanted to join this year still want to join next year. I think we all agree that the draft is the most exciting part of the UFHL! However, in order for it to be exciting, there has to be a fairly large of pool of players (by players I mean fantasy relevant players). Even though the 10 is rarely reached, I don't think anyone should have the ability to have close to 50% of their draft done before the actual draft. Honestly I think 6 makes the most sense (~25% of your draft) but that would probably be too big of a change. So I'm proposing the following based on 12+ GMs: 12 GMs: Top 3 get 3, 4 and 5 keepers. Everyone else gets 8 keepers max Close to 15 GMs: Top 3 get 2, 3, 4 keepers. Everyone else gets 6 keepers max Let the rumble begin!

  • 223. raymond (on Sun Oct 16 23:24:00 2011)
    I just remembered that we piloted PPAs a few years ago and it was pretty useless. The leaders in assists were practically the same as the leaders in PPAs. Yan B, do you remember? I think we piloted SHAs too? I can see the value of TOI and Blocked shots but neither one sounds that exciting Maybe we should start by deciding what we want to achieve with this new category. Now I'm just throwing this out there, please don't take this as an insult (Rudy and Niraj): Do you want to see Anton Volchenchov go for $5 because he blocks a zillion shots and plays 25 mins per game? Sure, it adds a new that what we really want to achieve? I think we've got the offensive categories covered so I say 8 categories.

  • 222. niraj (on Sun Oct 16 20:05:45 2011)
    Blocked shots could be fun, adds a similar dimension to the point Rudy is making and is readily available. Only thing that sucks about the BS category is that we can't see it in a box score. For that reason, I would reluctantly vote for PPAs. Idk...after looking over this, I'm thinking maybe even keeping it as is.

  • 221. rudy (on Sun Oct 16 16:58:48 2011)
    First, I would support creating a Clutch Goals category grouping SH Goals and Winning Goals. Then, I would strongly recommand going with the Average time on ice (ATOI) for a new category. That stat is normally made available by the NHL, as I have experimented with it in other pools. ATOI adds great value to top-pair defensemen who doesn't get lots of points and complete forwards who plays both on PP, PK and in OT. Moreover, it's the category that is the most relevant to the players themselves, getting ice time being what they want more than anyting else. Hits would be my 2nd choice, but Ray has a good point, the stat is not very reliable. PP assists would be ok, but probably boring. Who cares about PP assists anyway?

  • 220. marc (on Sun Oct 16 12:32:35 2011)
    And me who went through everyone's roster to see if anyone had him. Got all excited when i noticed nobody had him. My apologize boys! Didn't know i was able to verify available players and i thought he played D :s l

  • 219. niraj (on Sun Oct 16 11:25:49 2011)
    @Marc: To check if a player is available, go to Manager's Corner -> Player Search and enter the proper spelling of the player's name. Even if O'Reilly was available, you spelled his name wrong and you also put him at "D". Wishful thinking or innocent mistake? :p @Yannick: Isn't Marc the perfect replacement for Nolan? :p.

  • 218. alexandre (on Sun Oct 16 10:59:46 2011)
    @Marc: It's weird that you could pick him up cause I have R O'Reilly.

  • 217. yan_c (on Sun Oct 16 08:33:49 2011)
    Lesbians rock... Oh wait... I think he's Lebanese.... Never mind...

  • 216. marc (on Sat Oct 15 18:51:05 2011)
    @niraj : Can you blame me? I just hit puberty 3 weeks ago

  • 215. niraj (on Sat Oct 15 18:39:07 2011)
    @marc: lebstar69? Seriously Marc? What are you 15...oh. Nvm.

  • 214. etienne (on Sat Oct 15 18:10:55 2011)
    Even Milburdanny is in the mix!

  • 213. marc (on Sat Oct 15 17:08:45 2011)
    @Yan : If you could possibly change my email address to , it would be appreciated. Thanks sir!

  • 212. niraj (on Sat Oct 15 16:40:02 2011)
    Lots of parity in the league so far this season...

  • 211. yannick (on Sat Oct 15 16:07:36 2011)
    je me cherche un defenseur de premier plan et suis pret a mettre un joueur comme Rick Nash sur la table.

  • 210. yan_c (on Fri Oct 14 18:52:14 2011)
    time on ice (better players)? road goals/points?

  • 209. yan_c (on Fri Oct 14 16:54:19 2011)
    Ouch.... I'm in last place....I feel like Rudy but better looking... :)

  • 208. yannick (on Fri Oct 14 16:53:33 2011)
    we could also have a "ufhl" type of category such as "nightly wins" (a counter the number of nights a manager won accorind to the "last night ranking").

  • 207. yan_c (on Fri Oct 14 16:45:21 2011)
    Brainstorming here...what about an actual wins category for players as another category? it's kinda stupid in my head but not at the same time...hard to explain

  • 206. raymond (on Fri Oct 14 14:52:07 2011)
    @Yan B: yes I know that, I just don't want to rule out a stat that we might all like. Btw, did we agree to combine SHG and GW? or is there a possibility to combine PP and SH?

  • 205. yannick (on Fri Oct 14 14:20:14 2011)
    @raymond: has to be stats that are part of the stats I am downloading. The list that I posted are the other stats that are part of the package I download and that we could possibly use. Anything outside is not possible unless you are willing to manually count them and send a report everyday...

  • 204. raymond (on Fri Oct 14 12:33:45 2011)
    I'd be ok with 8 offensive categories but if we must have 9, here's my feedback: Shots on Goal: No. Goal scorers already have more value, don't need to give them another advantage Blocked Shots: No. Offensive categories should promote offense! Hits: Hell No. The way the NHL counts hits is very questionable. Power-play assists: This could work, it would give more value to passers Short-handed assists: No. This is the same BS category as SHG. Shooting percentage: No. Same logic as with shots. I had some ideas for a 9th category but I think they would all be BS categories: goalie points, fighting majors, # of games suspended, etc...I'll try to find something more interesting...

  • 203. yannick (on Fri Oct 14 11:58:32 2011)
    @etienne: at the draft it was discussed that we would combined shg and gwg into one category and then add a category to compensate. This is the discussion thst is taking place now. Actually, I don't mind having 8 offensive/defensive categories and 4 goalies categories, but I'm ok also with staying at 9 offensive/defensive categories...

  • 202. etienne (on Fri Oct 14 11:51:48 2011)
    Personnellement, je voudrais les ppa. Les hits ou les tirs bloqués c'est pas très excitant. Mais pourquoi une autre catégorie?

  • 201. yannick (on Fri Oct 14 11:35:53 2011)
    Possible addiotional categories: 1) Shots on Goal 2) Blocked Shots 3) Hits 4) Power-play assists 5) Short-handed assists 6) shooting percentage (ie number of goals per shot) we can do comibnations such as Blocked shots and shots on goals as one category. We also have to factor in that if we choose a category like Blocked shots, then this becomes defensemen category as defense really dominates that category for obvious reasons. anyway this is what is available... once we reach a consensus, I'll be able to make a parrallel ranking to test the impact on the ranking before using it officially next year. So if we take a decision before january, it will give 3 months to test and maybe tweak the new category...

  • 200. niraj (on Fri Oct 14 11:10:58 2011)
    We should probably vote on this sometime. Any suggestions for adding a category? YanB, what categories could you add? Some ideas I had were: Shots, Blocked Shots, Hits and Shootout Goals (don't know if this last one is even possible, but could be fun). Niraj.

  • 199. raymond (on Fri Oct 14 10:53:01 2011)
    @Etienne: everybody says Boooooooooooooo while Danny cheers! At least it won't be around next year

  • 198. raymond (on Fri Oct 14 10:50:52 2011)
    Addition to comment #196: Yan will soon implement a counter so that everyone can keep track of their hires to farm team.

  • 197. etienne (on Fri Oct 14 07:10:21 2011)
    So it begins, Shg ruinning the ranking

  • 196. raymond (on Fri Oct 14 01:14:36 2011)
    FARM TEAM AMENDMENT: As everyone knows, you are able to hire a player directly to your farm without having to start him. One side effect of this is that a GM could consistently hire a player to his farm team to avoid having to start him. So to ensure that there won't be any abuse, the rule is being modified to the following: "During the season, a prospect can be hired directly to your farm team 3 times a year" This modification starts this week (Oct 12) For those who have already hired directly to their farm team, they will not be affected. Everybody starts fresh as of Oct 12. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

  • 195. etienne (on Thu Oct 13 12:57:30 2011)
    @Niraj: please stay interested in my players, they produce so much after receiving your emails!

  • 194. yan_c (on Thu Oct 13 08:29:50 2011)
    @Danny.... C'est aux p'tites heures qu'on voit les bons danseurs.... See you in February! :)

  • 193. yannick (on Wed Oct 12 23:24:48 2011)
    le bug de fire des joueurs sur le farm team est reparer

  • 192. niraj (on Wed Oct 12 18:57:47 2011)
    Yannick please fire Gudbranson from my team. Thanks.

  • 191. niraj (on Wed Oct 12 13:38:06 2011)
    Yannick: Please put Craig Smith on my farm team and replace him with Setoguchi in my starting lineup. I have already called up Gudbranson to my bench to make room for Smith on the farm.

  • 190. niraj (on Wed Oct 12 13:26:13 2011)
    Hey guys, A reminder that everyone is welcome to join the CBC pool. We already have 4 managers that joined, it's completely free to enter and kind of fun to follow. You can sign-up here: Don't forget to join the league called "ufhl".

  • 189. danny (on Wed Oct 12 12:11:00 2011)
    comment 179 has been haunting me Etienne for decades...I'm ready to face my demons!

  • 188. etienne (on Wed Oct 12 10:55:05 2011)
    @Danny: comment 179 will perhaps haunt you! Also, your teams were always worst than Djilly's! But this year, you may a have a shot!

  • 187. raymond (on Wed Oct 12 01:44:24 2011)
    @Yan B: sorry could you please delete the last trade entry and make sure that Marc didn't lose 2 FAs. The trade is MacArt for 1 FA. Thanks!

  • 186. yannick (on Tue Oct 11 19:07:41 2011)
    The bug is fixed, players in the farm team are no longer in the hire list. Cole is back in Marc's team. Sorry for this, I forgot that, I may I forgot other things, we'll see as we go along.

  • 185. marc (on Tue Oct 11 18:55:45 2011)
    @Yan if you don't mind, i'll take him back

  • 184. yannick (on Tue Oct 11 18:46:53 2011)
    marc, let me know if you want erik cole back.

  • 183. yannick (on Tue Oct 11 18:38:26 2011)
    @Marc: I will remove Ryan Nugent Hopkins from your team and give your free agent back. I guess I need to fix a bug... Thanks for the catch Ray!

  • 182. raymond (on Tue Oct 11 18:34:58 2011)
    @Yan B: everybody in the farm team is available in the free agent list @Marc: RNH was drafted

  • 181. marc (on Tue Oct 11 18:08:07 2011)
    @Yan C it was me bud. I thought I reached your cellphone, but thanks for confirming lol

  • 180. yan_c (on Tue Oct 11 18:00:29 2011)
    just got a text to my office any one of you 514-594-1827?

  • 179. danny (on Tue Oct 11 10:34:05 2011)
    That just goes to show...before injuries set in i always have the best team after the draft.

  • 178. yan_c (on Tue Oct 11 07:42:55 2011)
    The Hitmen are the best ever UFHL team.... in October

  • 177. phuc (on Mon Oct 10 23:47:02 2011)
    @yannick: Not a big deal, but I am not listed in the 'divisions' ranking.

  • 176. raymond (on Mon Oct 10 22:37:34 2011)
    Just watched the Caps / Lightning game...couldn't believe what I was seeing...crappy goals, nothing for the star players, but exciting OT where Vokoun finally showed up. Boudreau was pissed all night. Backstrom and Ovi were benched at the end of 3rd in favor of Chimera, Knuble and Laich. Backstrom gave 0 effort tonight, he looked like A.Kovalev without the fancy stickhandling. How Washington has 5 skaters in OT while killing a penalty is mind-boggling. But the biggest wtf moment is when they put M.Hendricks as their 1st shooter in the shootout...only to score a beauty! I predict more Boudreau spit coming in practice

  • 175. rudy (on Mon Oct 10 21:21:18 2011)
    @phuc: Just realized you meant damned Theo Peckam.

  • 174. rudy (on Mon Oct 10 21:19:46 2011)
    @niraj: I have Craig Smith in another pool with a dynasty mode and a full farm team. @phuc: I drafted Theo. Of course he's available for trade.

  • 173. yannick (on Mon Oct 10 21:18:02 2011)
    first ranking is out! just like last year, the Hitmen starts off the season very strong! (the ranking is for until yesterdayès game) If you notice any errors, let me know

  • 172. niraj (on Mon Oct 10 15:05:30 2011)
    Thanks Yannick!

  • 171. yan_c (on Mon Oct 10 14:49:03 2011)
    Merci Yannick...tres apprecie :)

  • 170. phuc (on Mon Oct 10 14:42:16 2011)
    @Yannick, thanks for all the work. Much appreciated :-) ... Feel free to pick up Theo this week.

  • 169. yannick (on Mon Oct 10 13:53:18 2011)
    The starting linup page now includes the farm team. There is also a game counter just before the name to let you know where your players are at. The "farm" option is only available for the players that fit the criterias (below 200 games for forwards and defense, and 50 games for goalies). For the games played counter, if you see something that doesn't make sense, please let me know. For example, Prospal appears with only 104 games, that's because he started his career with his first name being Vaclav and the 2 years ago it was changed to Vinny. So if you see something that doesnt make sense, please let me know. I still have some work to do, but letting you adjusting your lineup with your farm was the first step. After entering your lineup, check in "This Week's Actions" to make sure that everything is ok. Please report any errors. First ranking coming soon... (tonight or tomorrow)

  • 168. niraj (on Mon Oct 10 12:00:33 2011)
    @rudy: I hope so...the kid looks good and is playing on a good line. Are you a follower of the Predators or were you looking at him as well?

  • 167. rudy (on Mon Oct 10 10:42:33 2011)
    @niraj: Craig Smith has good fantasy value until Mike Fisher returns from injury. He's one of very few Nashville's prospects with great offensive upside.

  • 166. niraj (on Mon Oct 10 10:22:53 2011)
    Likely impulsive given that young players usually take 3-5 years to develop into something fantasy worthy...

  • 165. etienne (on Sun Oct 9 18:58:18 2011)
    Lots of impulsive FA action or smart long term moves?

  • 164. niraj (on Sun Oct 9 09:50:53 2011)
    there's no way you could start either of them over the goalies you have now :)...sounds like trade bait to me!

  • 163. rudy (on Sun Oct 9 08:41:27 2011)
    Wow, two shutouts on one night from my bench goalies... history repeats itself...!

  • 162. raymond (on Sun Oct 9 05:24:52 2011)
    @Etienne: obviously his production is nice and he's also in a nice situation. He's playing on a very good team, with good linemates and just a bit of pressure. Now to decide if he goes on my roster or the farm...

  • 161. yannick (on Sun Oct 9 00:25:08 2011)
    le premier ranking devrait sortir d'ici mardi. j'ai quelques choses a setter que j'ai oublier de faire avant le debut de la saison.

  • 160. yannick (on Sun Oct 9 00:21:42 2011)
    @danny: si tu veux engager un joueur qui n'est pas dans la liste, tu dois l'entrer toi-meme. dans la page Hire a player, a la toute fin de la page, il y des champs pour entrer manuellement le nom d'un joueur. Ca fait un an que cette option la existe et que l'on ne call plus de joueurs sur ce board... si quelqu'un d'autre prend Greiss, tu ne peux pas plaider l'ignorance!

  • 159. danny (on Sat Oct 8 23:26:44 2011)
    Ok...gotta reserve Thomas Greiss G from SJ!!! Hes not in the list!

  • 158. etienne (on Sat Oct 8 16:16:18 2011)
    @Ray: flavour of the week or the real deal?

  • 157. niraj (on Sat Oct 8 14:09:35 2011)
    @Ray: Wow...Vokoun not starting there a Neuvirth for Rask deal on the horizon?

  • 156. niraj (on Sat Oct 8 12:49:47 2011)
    @Etienne: Really when?

  • 155. etienne (on Sat Oct 8 12:21:51 2011)
    @Niraj: you started this thing by being racist to yourself! @Yan C: indeed but Séguin is looking pretty decent as well!

  • 154. niraj (on Sat Oct 8 11:04:10 2011)
    Is there anything in the constitution about racist jokes in the UFHL? I think he should be have an inactive lineup for 1 week!

  • 153. yan_c (on Sat Oct 8 07:45:14 2011)
    Jamie Benn...Steal of the draft 2011... Contrary to my initial plan, the Syndrome is not in rebuilding mode... Attachez vos tuques et turbans! :)

  • 152. raymond (on Sat Oct 8 00:05:48 2011)
    You can always replace him with Joe Callahan : )

  • 151. rudy (on Fri Oct 7 23:32:21 2011)
    Well guys, I'm not sure that Nick Leddy will stay very long in my farm...

  • 150. marc (on Fri Oct 7 14:30:53 2011)
    @yan c : that sounds like a good idea! @phuc : you are somewhat right, but gosh Reimer is one lucky S.O.B lol!

  • 149. etienne (on Fri Oct 7 13:54:09 2011)
    When can we expect a ranking?

  • 148. yan_c (on Fri Oct 7 12:17:52 2011)
    i entered the CBC pool and there is a feature I like... yannick, would it be easy to add/implement a "games this week" column (wed-tue)? merci

  • 147. niraj (on Fri Oct 7 11:36:03 2011)
    East of Sources...u crazy! I don't go east of St-Charles! Guys, I joined the CBC hockey pool...I created a group called UFHL and the password is "ufhlufhl" (no quotes). First pool is from Oct 8 - Jan 13 2012 and the winner gets a car (a Kia optima or $5000). I figure we should get better returns given the time we spend on this...would be cool if you all joined.

  • 146. yan_c (on Fri Oct 7 10:38:29 2011)
    Idea... First Saturday of every month I'm thinking of organizing some poker/boardgames/ps3 and watch hockey at my place.... Not sure if it's of interest but it could be a UFHL activity...I'm in Lachine close to the 20, 13 and Mercier bridge...pretty convenient It could be a nice opportunity for Niraj who rarely ventures east of Sources Blvd:)

  • 145. phuc (on Thu Oct 6 21:48:49 2011)
    James Reimer, who knew?? Best goalie in the nhl right now, I'm awaiting offers :-)

  • 144. niraj (on Thu Oct 6 19:31:11 2011)
    Very cool trade by YanC and Bao. No brainer for Bao and for Yan C, he's smartly banking on his free agent hiring prowess to make up the difference (and potentially expecting another sub-par year from kovie?). Glad to see how active everyone's been in the early going...hope it's a sign of things to come (just not for me)...

  • 143. yan_c (on Thu Oct 6 17:22:43 2011)
    Merci Yannick..c'est apprecie de tous j'en suis sur... Good Luck to all! Especially to my favorite Gm...Milburdanny! :)

  • 142. yannick (on Thu Oct 6 17:18:31 2011)
    my farm team is J. Faulk J. Braun C. Franson I activate D. Girardi instead of Faulk. P.S. I had a crazy week at work and no time to implement the farm team changes. I will hopefully do this in the upcoming week or two. Thank you for bearing with me.

  • 141. etienne (on Thu Oct 6 16:04:41 2011)
    Good luck to everyone for this coming season. And 75% of our farm picks will never pan out...

  • 140. raymond (on Thu Oct 6 15:23:31 2011)
    My Farm Team: Hodgson, Elliott, Dekanich

  • 139. niraj (on Thu Oct 6 11:30:13 2011)
    My farm team: Atkinson, Gudbranson, Rundblad Yannick, please start Morrow instead of Atkinson. Thanks.

  • 138. yannick (on Thu Oct 6 11:00:22 2011)
    @alexandre: to verify what has been recorded officially, go in the Managers Corner menu and select "This Week's Actions". Find your name and you will see what has been recorded as all your actions for the current week. Johansen is there, so he is in your lineup. As for the lineup selection page, there might be a bug with newly acquired player via trade, I'll check it out. By the way, Alex and Marc, that page (This Week's Actions), is the file that is parsed every wednesday 7h05pm. All the actions in that page will be executed on every wednesday. So if you want to see all the actions of every manager in a single place, that's the page. And also if you want to confirm that one of your move is officially entered, that's the page to check.

  • 137. etienne (on Thu Oct 6 09:19:31 2011)
    Farm team Tarasenko Niederriter Couturier

  • 136. alexandre (on Thu Oct 6 08:15:37 2011)
    hi Yannick, I'm trying to set my starting line up with R. Johansen included as my 9th guy, but when I check it afterwards it never seems to record him. It keeps saying he is on the bench.

  • 135. alexandre (on Thu Oct 6 08:02:04 2011)
    farm team update after trade: Salak Nugent-Hopkins Kadri

  • 134. yannick (on Wed Oct 5 17:14:27 2011)
    my farm team is: - Pacioretty - Franson - Braun

  • 133. yannick (on Wed Oct 5 17:11:23 2011)
    @yan_c: in your official file, you are at 17, the page you see gets updated once a day, so you'll see 17 tomorow morning. Actually, that's a good point, I'll put that in my to-do list so that you get updated info to the minute

  • 132. yan_c (on Wed Oct 5 14:49:44 2011)
    fyi Yannick, le systeme me dit que j'ai 18 FA mais je crois en avoir 17... 15 + 4 (trades) = 19, moins 2 hire pour mon farm team =17. MErci

  • 131. rudy (on Wed Oct 5 14:48:19 2011)
    Funny that Ian Laperriere is still on the IR list... as if he could return to Philly's lineup...

  • 130. yannick (on Wed Oct 5 14:08:31 2011)
    The IR list is now out (under "UFHL Reports") in the menu. Players can be put on the IR in your starting lineup. For the rookies, you have up to 3 IR spots in your lineup. The players on your IR do not count in the 26 players roster. So you can hire a replacement if you wish. Don't forget that you must put on your starting lineup a newly hired player. For ALL managers, YOU CANNOT have a player on your farm team and on the IR at the same time. If you put a farm team player on your IR, that player gets a standard UFHL contract

  • 129. yannick (on Wed Oct 5 11:52:47 2011)

  • 128. raymond (on Wed Oct 5 11:45:56 2011)
    Hey Yan, can you please update the link so that we can see the list of hired and fired players? Thanks!

  • 127. yannick (on Wed Oct 5 11:41:59 2011)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: ---------------------- as stated during the draft, the season starts tomorow THURSDAY October 6th. So you have until TOMORROW Thursday 7pm to submit a legal lineup.

  • 126. yannick (on Wed Oct 5 11:40:07 2011)
    @etienne: fyi, no necessarily. He is not on teh IR now, and a team can put a player on the IR retroactively back 7 days. so he can appear on the IR only next week. Do not assuem he will on the IR tomorow or you might have a bad surprise. If you go over 26 players on your roster assuming kesler will be on the Ir and is not on the IR, you will be penalized.

  • 125. etienne (on Wed Oct 5 11:36:27 2011)
    @yan: fyi - kesler sera sur la IR quand la saison commencera

  • 124. alexandre (on Wed Oct 5 10:56:13 2011)
    @Yannick: merci pour le nice logo! I liiike:)

  • 123. alexandre (on Wed Oct 5 09:09:51 2011)
    revision: add Nugent-Hopkins to farm team as well

  • 122. yan_c (on Wed Oct 5 06:37:23 2011)
    revision...merci... Farm team.... Saad, Read et Holtby... Svp habiller Selanne et Zetterberg... Merci

  • 121. yan_c (on Tue Oct 4 19:48:08 2011)
    J'ai engage Matt Read de Philadelphia. Svp le mettre dans le farm team pour rejoindre Braden Holtby et Zenon Konopka et habiller le venerable Teemu Selanne a sa place. Merci!

  • 120. yannick (on Tue Oct 4 19:44:18 2011)
    si le joueur n'est pas dans la liste, tu l'entre manuellement en bas de la page de "hire a player" en fesant attention a l'orthographe ;) l'option du farm n'existe pas encore, ecris sur le comment of the week, que tu envoie Read dans ton farm team et indique quel joueur tu vas activer a la place de Read car le site va t'obliger a activer Read. ( ca va changer bientot, mais j'ai aps eu le temps de coder les changements du farm team). quand on engage dans le farm team, ca coute un FA comme pour joueur ordinaire. marc et alexandre, quand vous engager un free agent, vous devez absolument l'activer la premiere semaine d'activite. les semaines d'activites dont du mercredi au mardi. Vous devez entrer tous vos changement avant 7pm a chaque mercredi. etant donne que la saison commence jeudi, la premiere semaine d'activite sera du jeudi 6 octobre au mardi 11 octobre. en passant, je suis aussi d'accord pour augmenter de $10 a $20 la recompense hebdomadaire a partir de janvier.

  • 119. yan_c (on Tue Oct 4 18:12:41 2011)
    I'd like to hire Matt Read from Phi and put him in my farm team. I can't find him. Yannick?

  • 118. rudy (on Tue Oct 4 16:42:43 2011)
    Sean Avery on waivers... looks like it's tough to be gay even in the new NHL.

  • 117. raymond (on Tue Oct 4 13:40:57 2011)
    @Alex: you can but he'll have the regular contract (x-10-11)

  • 116. alexandre (on Tue Oct 4 10:35:00 2011)
    Question: I wanna double-check something... Can I decide to send someone down to the farm team after this Thursday?

  • 115. alexandre (on Tue Oct 4 00:47:03 2011)
    oh yeah and 20$/week sounds ok.

  • 114. alexandre (on Tue Oct 4 00:45:55 2011)
    Hey, My farm team: Nazem Kadri Jannik Hansen

  • 113. etienne (on Mon Oct 3 21:09:55 2011)
    My farm team Tarasenko Niedereitter Landeskog J'ai déjà pensé à des tweaks pour les farms teams 1- Possibilité de rappeler un joueur pour un max de 3 semaine dans l'année pour remplacer un joueur sur la IR 2- Extension du contrat pour un joueur de farm team de un an de plus que le contrat standard si le joueur reste dans la FT. Dès qu'il monte et a un contrat ufhl, il perd l'année de plus. C'est pour encourager les risques sur des joueurs en développement et profiter d'une bonne année de production avant de perdre le joueur. C'est tout pour l'instant. JF: sens toi libre d'intervenir quand tu veux!

  • 112. marc (on Mon Oct 3 16:16:27 2011)
    My farm team is ; - Keving Poulin (G) - Jonathan Huberdeau (F) - Alec Martinez (D)

  • 111. raymond (on Mon Oct 3 15:26:55 2011)
    @Yan C: get some rest! When you feel better, you can fire Konopka. You can also put him in your farm team until he reaches the 200 game mark. I would recommend putting him there and then hoping that he gets a 20 game suspension, followed by a 30 games suspension. He might be useful after that : )

  • 110. yan_c (on Mon Oct 3 15:12:30 2011)
    @ray....By the way, presentation was's my own fault, I was starting to get sick (as I lie in bed now with 101.5F fever) and my mind was wandering a lot... cheers boys

  • 109. yan_c (on Mon Oct 3 15:09:08 2011)
    i did not get that 200 game will be brought up part so my far team is only G Holtby... please delete (or do I fire) Konopka...merci

  • 108. raymond (on Mon Oct 3 14:35:15 2011)
    To all GMs: I have 2 goalies that qualify for my farm team so I'm planning to get rid of Alexander Salak. Surely, someone has a roster spot him in their farm team. I'm looking for a bencher forward or 1FA in return. Here's his stats last year: "In 2010-11, he stopped pucks in the Swedish Elite League, appearing in 32 games with seven shutouts, a 1.97 goals-against average and .926 save percentage"

  • 107. raymond (on Mon Oct 3 14:26:01 2011)
    Hey Salut JF! Merci d'avoir partager vos observations. On t'engage pour l'émission Antichambre version UFHL!

  • 106. jf (on Mon Oct 3 14:15:27 2011)
    Voici mes observation sur les équipes : Bao -> Belle équipe surtout les G, manque de profondeur et beaucoup de joueurs fragile. Yan B -> Attaque viellisante, Belle D et pas de profondeur dans les G, mais très fort. Phuc -> Belle attaque jeune, D so-so and G shaky Alex -> Wow! Mais faut pas qu'un goaler tombe ou ait une mauvaise saison Rudy -> Bel équilibre, mais manque un petit quelques chose je pense. Etienne -> Bel équipe, à surveilleur, pas de faiblesse Danny -> Def #1, G je suis pas convaicu Marc -> Beaucoup de joueur sur-estimé je pense Niraj -> No stupid move this year ;) Else as usual Ray -> Nice, Sedin brother will decide where you finish Yan C -> Des doutes sur la défense, sinon beau mixte à l'attaque. Bonne saison messieurs.

  • 105. rudy (on Mon Oct 3 14:12:19 2011)
    My farm team is: - Leddy (D) - Geoffrion (F) - Lehner (G)

  • 104. yannick (on Mon Oct 3 12:55:46 2011)
    about the farm team, it seems that one point was not clear although it was covered in one of Ray's scenarios from the document and powerpoint presentation: If a player reaches 200 games for a skater or 50 for a goalie DURING the season, you will be forced to take him out of the farm team and will go to your bench.

  • 103. phuc (on Mon Oct 3 12:51:17 2011)
    My farm team is: - Radulov (F) - Markstrom (G) - Stepan (F)

  • 102. bao (on Mon Oct 3 11:54:29 2011)
    My farm team is: - Schneider (G) - Schenn (F) - Turris (F)

  • 101. niraj (on Mon Oct 3 10:28:04 2011)
    My farm team is: - Gudbranson (D) - Rundblad (D) - Connolly (F)

  • 100. rudy (on Mon Oct 3 09:58:54 2011)
    I have no strong position on that one... but $20/week is probably ok considering most of that money goes to the GMs at the top of the rankings...

  • 99. niraj (on Mon Oct 3 08:21:28 2011)
    $20 / week sounds good to me...

  • 98. yan_c (on Mon Oct 3 06:56:29 2011)
    @raymond...sure, good idea

  • 97. phuc (on Mon Oct 3 00:49:40 2011)
    You need to advise Yannick - through the comments is fine I guess? While you're at it, I want a name change too: "Me So Crosby"

  • 96. alexandre (on Mon Oct 3 00:28:23 2011)
    Hi, I'd like to change my team name to Rotten Tomatoes. Do I just advise you Yannick? I haven't found where I can do it...

  • 95. raymond (on Sun Oct 2 21:40:24 2011)
    Hey All, Since the entry fee is $100, I believe that the weekly ranking award (in the 2nd half of the season) should be increased to $15, maybe even $20. Can we get a quick vote on this?

  • 94. yannick (on Sun Oct 2 21:01:34 2011)
    you can now enter a starting lineup by going in the "Managers Corner" from the menu. You will get a warning that you have too many players that you must free 3 spots, you can ignore this warning since the farm team hasn't been implemented yet. Marc and Alex, please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. If you have a problem with your account, just email me.

  • 93. danny (on Sun Oct 2 09:59:26 2011)
    You guys are late!!!!

  • 92. danny (on Sun Oct 2 09:58:03 2011)

  • 91. danny (on Sun Oct 2 09:57:19 2011)

  • 90. raymond (on Sat Oct 1 15:59:52 2011)
    @Yan C: Thanks for the donuts and muffins! But we only need them in the morning, after it's pizza or chicken. So don't go crazy at Tim Horton's! @Danny: 9:45 is fine. However, I fearlessly predict that.....................................................Niraj will be late..........................

  • 89. yannick (on Sat Oct 1 15:31:15 2011)
    IMPORTANT INFO FOR TOMMOROW draft: --------------------------------- 1) Internet access: I did not receive confirmation that you guys could have internet access during the draft. This means that you must bring a list of players offline (on your computer or printed). YOU CANNOT RELY ON INTERNET DURING THE DRAFT. I'm sorry about that. I asked for it on Tuesday, but got no confirmation. 2) if everybody can arrive earlier to set up your laptop and have discussion about rule changes, it would be better. I'll be there at 9h30 for sure, so anytime after that is good. 3) Rule changes to discuss (as quick as possible): i) (item 19) Combining SHG and GWG into one category called "Clutch Goals" ii) (item 17) Maximum number of players involved in a trade iii) (item 16) in case danny asks, cannot be done because no way for my code to know if a player was sent down to the minors. iv) (item 1) do we want to change of increase of salary each year (now it's 10%) v) do we raise the entry fee to $100 as suggested by niraj? vi) any questions about the farm team vii) give money to last years winners viii) dynamic weekly poll thing 4) Suggestion for Rudy: have your blue tooth device fully charged in case you need to leave earlier than expected but want to continue the draft via conference phone 5) indeed thanks to Yanick for donuts! A classy champ! I'll see if I can get a coffee machine in the room for the draft. 6) Niraj, don;t forget to bring last year's money to give to last years winners. 7) If you get lost and need direction or last minute question, don;t hesitate to call my cell at 514-594-5201 8) Good luck to all and can't wait for tommorow's draft!

  • 88. yannick (on Sat Oct 1 15:28:31 2011)
    Total de l'argent a tous les gerant y compris les $10 par semaine pour la derniere saison: 1- Yanick C. $370 (330 + 40) 2- Bao: $150 (130 + 20) 3- Yannick B.: $110 (70 + 40) 4- Raymond: $10 4- Danny: $10 4- Nolan: $10 7- JF: $0 7- Niraj: $0 7- Phuc: $0 7- Etienne: $0 7- Rudy: $0

  • 87. rudy (on Sat Oct 1 13:45:20 2011)
    @yan_c: Thumbs up for coffee and donuts.

  • 86. rudy (on Sat Oct 1 13:42:36 2011)
    Guys, I barely had to miss the draft because of my work (we're lauching a new version of a system I built tomorrow), but I'll be there with you... if something goes wrong though, I may have to answer a couple of phone calls, so I apologize if this situation happens. Also, if the draft takes too long, it's possible I'll miss the last rounds. Sorry for that also. Welcome to Marc and the new farm team of Niraj! ;-)

  • 85. danny (on Sat Oct 1 10:04:40 2011)
    I guess its too late to try and start the draft at 9...but if we say 10....the draft must start at 10. So everybody arrive at 9 45 please...Is that ok Yan?

  • 84. yan_c (on Fri Sep 30 13:01:54 2011)
    Merci pour l'info Yannick.... FYI a (very small) compensation for my gazillion posts last season I will be bringing enough donuts and muffins for the whole day.... Hopefully the sugar rush will make Danny Bid 52$ for Brent Seabrook (rhymes with Sherbrooke)... Then again, the sugar might have nothing to do with it...

  • 83. yannick (on Fri Sep 30 11:52:01 2011)
    both new managers, Alexandre and Marc, will start their team from scratch. All players from Nolan and JF are coming back in the pool of available players.

  • 82. yan_c (on Fri Sep 30 11:50:06 2011)
    which player(s) (if any) are Marc protecting please? cheers

  • 81. yan_c (on Thu Sep 29 19:47:20 2011)
    I'd prefer earlier actually Welcome Marc!

  • 80. raymond (on Thu Sep 29 19:45:46 2011)
    @Etienne: I think it might be too late to make a change...not sure if Niraj and Yan C will see this before Sunday as they might be prisoners in a no-communication zone. Their release date is supposed to be early Sunday morning. I could be wrong, we'll see if Niraj or Yan C respond.

  • 79. yannick (on Thu Sep 29 19:18:55 2011)
    we have an 11th manager thanks to niraj. more details to follow... Welcome Marc!

  • 78. etienne (on Thu Sep 29 18:13:03 2011)
    Could we start the draft at 9AM? I know that Rudy may have to leave in the afternoon. Also if we say 10, we'll start at 10:30 or 11 to set up everything and talk a little.

  • 77. niraj (on Thu Sep 29 11:19:58 2011)
    Sleeper of the day for Thursday Sept 29 C.Schneider (G) VAN: I'm convinced that had Schneider played game 7 in last year's stanley cup finals, the police department would have had to handle a celebratory riot instead. Schneider is a much more technically sound goaltender than Luongo, but Lu's contract forces Vigneault's hand into playing him night in and night out, not to mention that Luongo is as whiny as they come. While L does stand for Loser Luongo, it may also stand for luck. Snatch up Schneider as he will be a starter somewhere by the end of the season. Pay no more than $8 at the draft.

  • 76. niraj (on Wed Sep 28 10:37:49 2011)
    Sleeper of the day for Wednesday Sept 28 T.Fleischmann(F) FLA: Before last year's season ending injury, Fleischmann was scoring at a near pt / game clip after joining the Avs from Washington. B.Boudreau, one of the NHL's fattest coaches had this to say about his talent: "Tomas has the ability to score 50 goals in this league. Like how I choose to be fat and plumpy, he chooses not to score 50. It's a matter of will and whenver he gets it watch out!" His performance in Colorado showed that something lit a fire in Fleischmann's belly. Will that fire lead to a breakout season or will it lead to the land of gluttony and rotundness? Someone's got to score in Florida! Don't pay more than $6 for him at the draft...

  • 75. niraj (on Wed Sep 28 10:29:01 2011)
    MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING NIRAJ'S TRADITIONAL SLEEPER OF THE DAY Due to a lacklustre life outside of fantasy hockey and golf, Niraj has decided to bring back the sleeper of the day column. Frankly, I just missed writing bullshit.

  • 74. etienne (on Tue Sep 27 20:09:56 2011)
    @Niraj: you hardly qualify as a sleeper!

  • 73. niraj (on Tue Sep 27 18:16:20 2011)
    MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT CONCERNING NIRAJ'S TRADITIONAL SLEEPER OF THE DAY Due to shoddy predictions and a poor track record, the sleeper of the day series has now been cancelled and has been replaced by Etienne's sleeper of the day column. Editorial note: Given that he hasn't mentioned my name, I hope his predictions pan out as poorly as mine did.

  • 72. etienne (on Tue Sep 27 11:23:19 2011)
    (stupid iPhone) This Will depend on the GM leaving his nostalgia about the Nordiques in the past and focus on the present.

  • 71. etienne (on Tue Sep 27 11:21:02 2011)
    Sleeper of the day Rudy had a great season as a rookie taking full advantage of the league draft to build a competitive squad. His sophomore year is one to forget with dubious contracts awarded at the draft and shaky goaltending by second tier starters. Coming into this season with reliable keepers and and a will to replicate past performance, look for Rudy to finish in the top 3. This will

  • 70. yannick (on Fri Sep 23 18:06:11 2011)
    IMPORTANT REMINDER ------------------ You have until tonight midnight to enter your trades and submit your keeper list.

  • 69. yannick (on Thu Sep 22 18:09:18 2011)
    guys, we are still at 10 managers. The potential managers from Ray will not join in the end. Think to see if you know someone that would be a good fit for our league. Worst comes to worst, we can be only 10 managers, but it will affect prices of players and be less fun. It's better to be 10 good managers than 11 with one manager completely lost that will think we are all too crazy and intense about the league.

  • 68. etienne (on Wed Sep 21 15:10:24 2011)
    Sleeper of the day: Bao has a solid run last year finishing second, just two points shy of clinching his first UFHL. Key trades and a good draft made BLT a legitimate contender while remaining under the radar. Look for the franchise to build on last year as the new begins. With strong goaltending and decent keepers, BLT could repeat and improve with a good draft. This of course will depended whether the GM stays out of court (at best) or prison...

  • 67. etienne (on Wed Sep 21 15:03:25 2011)

  • 66. yannick (on Wed Sep 21 10:45:37 2011)
    Guys, this is a reminder that trades and keeper list must be submitted by friday this week 23h59. Keeper list to be submitted by making a lineup. I'm on the market to give money for players... you might also be interested by players such as: H. Sedin $33 J. Iginla $29 D. Krekci $11 J. Corvo $10 C. Fowlwer $10 M. Neuvirth $10

  • 65. raymond (on Mon Sep 19 23:04:56 2011)
    Hey Guys, Quick GM update. I've found an 11th GM but there is a schedule conflict with Oct 2. I'm trying to get him freed up. He has a friend that also wants to join. I'd like to meet him before giving him the green light to join. So cross your fingers, say your prayers and take your vitamins, we might be 12. However, let's keep searching for GMs until we get confirmation.

  • 64. yan_c (on Fri Sep 16 10:43:17 2011)
    i'm ok with whatever amount. 60-80-100 keepers (prelim) Selanne 11 weiss 11 kronwall 21 campbell 18

  • 63. niraj (on Wed Sep 14 20:20:31 2011)
    If they're our age, I don't really agree...

  • 62. yannick (on Wed Sep 14 14:26:32 2011)
    ...yeah, but it can make it harder to attract new managers, especially since they start their team from scratch.

  • 61. niraj (on Wed Sep 14 14:23:45 2011)
    While I agree that it's not about the money, a $60 doesn't feel as "real" as a "$100" pool. Besides, we all spend time on this and it's nice to get rewarded at the end of the season with $700 so you can take the wife to a nice resto or two to thank her for all the times you neglect her and the baby(s) while negotiating a deal. Ray, myself, Phuc and Danny are in for $100. Who else? I hope this isn't a deal breaker for anyone...I can definitely tell you a little more money on the line makes things a bit more fun at the end...

  • 60. danny (on Tue Sep 13 11:06:00 2011)
    100$...I can live with but its a big step especially when we are looking for 2 new managers. 80$ would be better but like i say i can live with a 100$

  • 59. phuc (on Mon Sep 12 17:34:23 2011)
    I did read it! It's just easier to 'market' from the message board... ;-)

  • 58. yannick (on Mon Sep 12 17:31:38 2011)
    as stated earlier, please enter your keeper list by entering a starting lineup. That is the official list of keepers...

  • 57. phuc (on Mon Sep 12 17:28:45 2011)
    Current keeper list: Eriksson Tavares M. Koivu Grabner ?! JJ Suter Giordano *all* rights up for trade, including some awesome deals in: Hall, Franzen, Roy, Horton, Hemsky! Only Radulov is off-limits.

  • 56. etienne (on Mon Sep 12 17:13:59 2011)
    it's about the championship belt

  • 55. phuc (on Mon Sep 12 16:35:56 2011)
    Ok for farm team idea. I think it's great 1st draft for it. Kudos. There are no shortcomings that I can think of. And it doesn't affect much how we're doing things now. New managers should start from scratch. Don't care for the entry fee - it shouldn't be about the money anyway.

  • 54. etienne (on Mon Sep 12 10:55:39 2011)
    (tumble weed rolling through the screen)

  • 53. rudy (on Sun Sep 11 20:39:12 2011)
    (hearing crickets)

  • 52. niraj (on Sat Sep 10 00:49:28 2011)
    Hey guys, I'd like to propose that we make the entry fee for the pool $100. What do u guys think? Niraj.

  • 51. raymond (on Wed Sep 7 12:34:40 2011)
    @ Etienne: I'm giving all the parents an extra hour in the morning to spend with their kids ; ) @ Bao: Actually you can fire guys from your farm team and use your FA's to hire new prospects. Sorry, this paragraph got lost: Additions are made either through trade or free agent hirings. You will be able to hire a player directly to your farm team without having to start him. However, the hirings will go against your number of free agents. @ Rudy: c'est qualité vs quantité, on préfère 10 ou 11 très bon DG vs 12 DG dont 1 ou 2 qui sont poches

  • 50. bao (on Wed Sep 7 11:45:40 2011)
    I like the idea of the farm team. Only comment would be the lack of flexibility... You can only really change your farm team via trades. I'm sure we will discover great farm team material during the regular season. But we won't be able to give them that contract

  • 49. yannick (on Wed Sep 7 11:09:30 2011)
    pour le nombre de gerants, j'en veux 11 minimum (pour etre le meme nombre que la saison derniere) et 12 si possible, mais avec 2 nouveaux gerants minimum et avec la difficulter de trouver des bons gerants, on peux trouver le 12ieme l'annee prochaine. Nous avons Alexandre Rochette (l'ami a bao) qui va se joindre a la UFHL, donc il nous en manque un autre pour atteindre le minimum de 11.

  • 48. niraj (on Wed Sep 7 09:58:48 2011)
    I do but I am out of town... Bao, Phuc, what do you guys think of the farm team proposal?

  • 47. danny (on Wed Sep 7 09:42:04 2011)
    Anybody have a PS3 with NHL 2011....? What is your user name?...We could play tonight!

  • 46. rudy (on Tue Sep 6 11:23:02 2011)
    Ma question est surtout dirigée à Yannick mais elle est d'intérêt pour la ligue: Avec combien de DG veux-tu amorcer la prochaine saison? 10? 11? 12? J'ai l'impression que tout le monde veut t'amener des nouvelles recrues mais tu en veux combien toi? I'm ok with the farm team system as proposed. And finally, I vote for the new managers to make their team from scratch at the draft.

  • 45. danny (on Mon Sep 5 20:53:49 2011)
    In for the time and the keeper idea. Just having problems finding a new manager. I had 2 guys in mind but the work on that sunday. I do too but i'll take a vacation just to see the gang! I feel like the is the best league in the World!

  • 44. niraj (on Mon Sep 5 19:24:59 2011)
    1. Sunday at 10 a.m. is works for me. Let's book it unless people with children strongly prefer earlier... 2. What does everyone think of the farm team idea? I think it makes sense. I'm not sure about 200 & 50 games for players and goalies respectively, but I don't have a better suggestion so we can start with this and tweak it from there. 3. I vote that the new manager make his own team. Keepers are highly overrated and the draft is the best part of the league. Also, there are a ton of deals available at the draft, so it's not really an advantage or disadvantage.

  • 43. yannick (on Mon Sep 5 11:51:33 2011)
    on a deja eu un moment similaire pendant un draft (2006 je crois) quand Zubial a subitement quitter la UFHL pendant le draft alors qu'il etait au telephone... un classique! pour les nouveaux gerants, soit que: 1) on fait un mini-draft des equipes de nolan et jf entre entre les nouveaux gerants ou 2) on remets tous les joueurs de nolan et jf dans le pool et les nouveaux gerants batisse leurs equipes de zero j'aime bien numero 2, mais ca rajoute du temps au draft parce qu'on repeche plus de joueurs. en 2009 j'avais aucun keeper au draft, et j'ai quand meme fini 3ieme. Alors ils ont une chance legitime de gagner meme en partant de rien. D'ailleurs cette annee, je commence avec un seul keeper (Fowler)...

  • 42. bao (on Mon Sep 5 10:13:39 2011)
    I had my first ufhl dream yesterday... "It's me versus Etienne for Alfredsson, my bid was 11$... Etienne goes over me and puts in a 24,000$ bid... The group vetoed Etienne's bid... he is furious ! He stands up and goes to talk to Yannick B. a la Pat Roy to R.Corey to quit the UFHL." The new manager and I are OK for Sunday... I will go through the rules and the best way to cheat with him today... If we need more managers, I have a pool of guys we can "interview". @YanB: Do we know which team he will get ?

  • 41. etienne (on Mon Sep 5 09:16:25 2011)
    D'ac Rudy Ceux qui veulent que ça commence a 10 heures n'ont pas d'enfants, Looking at Ray...

  • 40. etienne (on Mon Sep 5 09:12:36 2011)
    Ça va Danny, on sera pas obliger d'entendre Comment ton équipe est sublime pendant 2 heures, et nous De mentir pour te rassurer

  • 39. rudy (on Mon Sep 5 09:10:02 2011)
    Let's say 10am for the lazy late sleepers of the UFHL so we can be done with that. E, on monte et descend ensemble pour le draft?

  • 38. phuc (on Sun Sep 4 10:26:32 2011)
    Ok for Oct. 2nd 9 or 10 AM is fine.

  • 37. danny (on Sat Sep 3 22:51:41 2011)
    9 am is good for me...I should stay in Mtl and visit a friend after though. Je ne redescend pas tout de suite ...Sorry Rudy et Etienne!

  • 36. raymond (on Sat Sep 3 17:46:52 2011)
    How about a compromise, say 10am? Niraj - that ok?

  • 35. etienne (on Sat Sep 3 14:51:11 2011)
    J'aime le matin afin de finir plus tôt. En passant CKAC sports est mort... at last!

  • 34. rudy (on Sat Sep 3 08:51:19 2011)
    Si on fait le draft le matin je retournerais à Sherbrooke ensuite, donc ça nous permettrait de monter à une voiture. Si on termine le draft plus tard en fin de journée, je filerais direct à Québec ensuite (je travaille à Québec le lundi).

  • 33. yannick (on Fri Sep 2 16:42:26 2011)
    here are the links for Ray's document about introducing a Farm team for propects: MS Word format: UFHL_Farm_Team2.docx Plain text format: UFHL_Farm_Team2.txt

  • 32. raymond (on Fri Sep 2 16:12:15 2011)
    Please check your e-mail, I just sent you the farm team proposal. There will soon be a link where you can post your comments. If you didn't receive the e-mail, please let me know.

  • 31. yan_c (on Fri Sep 2 15:16:31 2011)
    I have someone who would be interested in joining... I'm Good Oct 2....Earlier the better I'll take care of donuts/muffins and's the least I can do for posting so much nonsense last year. A+

  • 30. yannick (on Fri Sep 2 09:46:41 2011)
    it's more for the guys from sherbrooke, because the draft last for 6-7 hours, it depends at what time they want to get back to sherbrooke. also, 11am is weird time cause we'll need to have lunch soon after. Danny, etienne, rudy, what time works for you guys?

  • 29. niraj (on Fri Sep 2 07:05:43 2011)
    Does anyone mind if we had the draft at 11 a.m. (or even late, at 1 p.m.)? Yan B would this be a problem for you?

  • 28. danny (on Wed Aug 31 14:07:43 2011)
    Testing iphone5

  • 27. rudy (on Wed Aug 31 13:48:06 2011)
    9am is early but it's not too early for me. Coffee and donuts would be nice though. :-) Scoop: I will not keep Craig Anderson this year.

  • 26. raymond (on Wed Aug 31 12:32:26 2011)
    JF - si jamais tu changes d'idée, tu sais ou nous trouver! I'd prefer starting the draft a little latter (10am / 11am) but I'll let the guys outside Montreal decide since they'll be driving in and out of town.

  • 25. yannick (on Wed Aug 31 11:42:32 2011)
    IMPORTANT: here are the rules and time line for trading and submitting keeper list: - trade period this year is between September 1st and September 23rd at 23h59 - keepers must be submitted by September 23rd at 23h59 - according to the rule voted two years ago, you can now trade draft dollars along with players during the pre-draft trading period. (no money can be traded during the regular season) Free agents cannot be traded during pre-draft trading period as free agents are given when the draft begins. - between September 24th and draft day October 2nd, only submitted keepers can be traded. - maximum number of keepers is as the following: 1st place: 4 keepers max (yan_c) 2nd place: 5 keepers max (bao) 3rd place: 6 keepers max (yannick) all others: 10 keepers max - any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. - I am currently updating the site for the new season, so if you see anything weird, please don't be alarmed, but please let me know as I might have forgotten stuff as I am updating the site. - draft will be held at Ericsson in Montreal on Sunday October 2nd at 9h00am (is this too early?) HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR KEEPERS: please enter your keeper list by entering a lineup. To submit keeper list: - select Starting Lineup in the weekly actions - make a lineup with the players you want to keep - ignore any warnings after submitting your keeper list through the starting lineup. TRADES: please enter trades through the regular trade page. I have added a field to add draft money. When entering draft money, make sure you enter a "check" in the checkbox besides "Draft Money", or else it will not take the money in the trade. When you get the confirmation page, you'll know if you put the money or not. PLAYERS' PRICES: all the managers page have been updated with the players that can be kept. The first price you see is the price for this season, and if there is a second price, it's for the 2012-2013 season. All traded players, fired players and players who were on their last contract year last season were removed from the managers file so the info is up-to-date. If you see a mistake or someting that looks weird, please let me know as soon as possible.

  • 24. yannick (on Wed Aug 31 11:39:02 2011)
    just testing the mailing function

  • 23. yannick (on Tue Aug 30 17:51:40 2011)
    c'est plate de te voir partir Jf, tu es un excellent gerant. Si tu n'as plus de fun je respecte ta decision. J'espere qu'il n'y en aura pas d'autre qui vont partir! avec l'ami a bao, nous sommes 10 gerants. il nous en faut au minimum un autre et si possible un gerant supplementaire pour amener la ligue a 12 equipes. Mais on va commencer a essayer d'etre le meme nombre d'equipe que l'annee derniere soit 11.

  • 22. jf (on Tue Aug 30 11:04:47 2011)
    Si ca peut aider mon successeur, s'il y a, voici quel serait ma liste de protection Dubinsky, Brandon (0-10-11) Plekanec, Tomas (10-11) Pavelski, Joe (10-11-12) Byfuglien, Dustin (5-10-11)

  • 21. danny (on Tue Aug 30 09:43:00 2011)
    Bon....JF et Nolan...2 gros morceaux à remplacer! Bonne chance à vous deux dans vos pools numériques que la plupart des autres participants se fient aux listes des meilleurs compteurs de l'an passé. À chcun ses défis Moi, j'abandonne pas la UFHL même si Niraj gagne encore cette année! Sont où vos couilles? Dans la saccoche de votre femme surement! Farces à part, merci pour tout les boyz! J'espère qu'on va pouvoir remplacer vos qualités de gestionnaire mais ça sera pas facile!

  • 20. jf (on Tue Aug 30 09:33:21 2011)
    Comme déjà mentionner l'an dernier moi non plus je ne reviendrai pas. J'ai eu de bons moments aussi. Malheureument je fais des pools de hockey pour le plaisir et je n'en trouve plus. Alors je vais souhaiter bonne chance à tous pour cette saison. P.S. Attention à Crosby les rumeurs veulent qu'il a mal à la tête.

  • 19. etienne (on Mon Aug 29 11:19:15 2011)
    Oct 2 is fine for me. My list: Kesler, Ryan (10-11) St. Louis, Martin (32-35) Giroux, Claude (6-10-11) Stamkos, Steven(13-14) Karlsson, Erik (10-11) Miller, Ryan (34-37)

  • 18. raymond (on Sun Aug 28 23:48:40 2011)
    I had no idea people were writing comments this early! Nolan - bonne chance avec tous tes projets! Bao - if he spends way too much time on hockey pools and stats, let's bring him in : ) 12 sounds like a nice # of GMs.

  • 17. danny (on Fri Aug 26 23:07:58 2011)
    Dont mix up people Rudy...Oct 2nd is Sunday just to calm everybody down not Friday!

  • 16. rudy (on Fri Aug 26 15:41:50 2011)
    Friday October 2nd could work for me.

  • 15. niraj (on Thu Aug 25 14:53:00 2011)
    Does Oct 2nd work for everyone, most importantly Yan B? Also, while we're at it, here's a preliminary list of my keepers: 1. B.Richards ($11) 2. C.Stewart ($10) 3. D.Doughty ($19) 4. K.Shattenkirk ($10) 5. A.Pietroangelo ($10) 6. K.Yandle ($11) 7. J.Wisniewski ($10) 8. T.Myers ($10) 9. J.Halak ($10) 10. C.Crawford ($10). Everyone on this list and my roster (Nabokov and Backstrom included) is available for a deal.

  • 14. danny (on Thu Aug 25 10:23:13 2011)
    Je peux pu attendre...Donc, fidèle à mes habitudes je pars le bal pour les KEEPERS: NON OFFICIEL jusqu'à la date limite pour soumettre en cas de blessures. 1. ANTII NIEMI (11$) - G 2. PK SUBBAN (11$) - D 3. K.LETANG (11-12) - D 4. J.CARLSON (10-11) - D 5. N. LIDSTROM (23-25) - D 6. D. BRIERE (11-12) - A 7. S. DOWNIE (11-12) - A 8. J. EBERLE (10-11) - A 9. A. KOPITAR (22) - A 10.L. COUTURE (10-11) - A ***AKA "THE FAB 10"***

  • 13. danny (on Thu Aug 25 09:49:53 2011)
    Les gars de l'Estrie commence à être rare. Je tente de trouver un remplacant pour Nolan... et je vous donne un retour d'ici 7 à 10 jrs. Pour dimanche le 2 suis IN. Ce sera impossible les dimanches avant car je suis à Nicolet.

  • 12. bao (on Thu Aug 25 09:42:45 2011)
    J'ai quelqu'un si on veut faire une expansion dans la metropole...

  • 11. danny (on Thu Aug 25 09:40:49 2011)
    Les gars de l'Estrie s'en vienne rare! Je vais faire mon possible pour trouver un remplacant pour la division de l'Estrie. Je vous donne des news d'ici 7 jours pour le remplacant.

  • 10. niraj (on Thu Aug 25 07:44:54 2011)
    Hey guys, Now that Nolan is gone, I can finally write in english without being criticized (c'est un blague Nolan, on va tu manquer). When is draft day? Does Oct 2nd work for everyone? I can't on the 30th or the 1st. Season starts Oct 6...

  • 9. etienne (on Wed Aug 24 15:35:41 2011)
    Est-ce qu'on peut avoir un rappel des dates pour soumettre les listes et pour le draft? Merci

  • 8. yannick (on Fri Aug 19 21:52:50 2011)
    salut nolan, c'est dommage de perdre un ancien champion. Quand tu etais actif tu etais un tres bon gerant. N'hesite pas a venir faire un tour sur le site pendant la saison, je vais garder ton usager actif pour les "comments of the week" si tu as envie d'ecrire des commentaires! Bonne chance dans tout tes projets et si un jour tu as envie de revenir dans la ligue, fais-nous signe! A bientot Yannick

  • 7. nolan (on Tue Aug 16 11:02:04 2011)
    Salut les gars, C'est avec regret que je dois quitter la UFHL pour la prochaine saison. Je dois malheureusement couper pour cet hiver car j'ai plusieurs projets, tant au niveau personnel qu'au niveau familiale et professionnel. Je vous laisse donc décider de l'avenir de mon club. J'espère que j'aurai quand même la chance de vous recroiser ou de discuter de hockey avec vous un de ses jours ! Bonne chance à tous pour la prochaine saison et longue vie à la UFHL Nolan

  • 6. rudy (on Thu Aug 4 20:12:08 2011)
    Zherdev back to KHL again... what a lemon...

  • 5. danny (on Tue Jul 19 11:13:29 2011)
    I got scraps on Yashin!

  • 4. etienne (on Wed Jul 13 11:41:19 2011)
    It's like our 10th annual summer BBQ. If it happens, it will be a big surprise!

  • 3. rudy (on Mon Jul 11 23:51:58 2011)
    Heatley is a better player and is more durable, but he's partying very hard... don't forget the guy crashed his Ferrari in a wall and killed his buddy... that goes a long way...

  • 2. yannick (on Mon Jul 11 17:53:00 2011)
    quick test. Havlat for Heatley, who saw that one coming!

  • 1. etienne (on Sat Jul 2 08:46:14 2011)
    @Rudy: yes! My gut feeling is that Mtl will sign Cole and perhaps Budaj as backup. But that's just speculation

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