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Comments of the Week

last update: Sat Jul 2 08:46:14 2011

  • 1622. etienne (on Sat Jul 2 08:46:14 2011)
    @Rudy: yes! My gut feeling is that Mtl will sign Cole and perhaps Budaj as backup. But that's just speculation

  • 1621. rudy (on Wed Jun 29 07:50:43 2011)
    Rudy's Doodies semi-relevant question of the summer: Is Hamrlik done in Montreal?

  • 1620. bao (on Wed Jun 22 02:55:52 2011)
    I call Jaromir Jagr.... I call him a faker !

  • 1619. etienne (on Thu Jun 16 22:53:40 2011)
    Rudy was right...

  • 1618. rudy (on Sat May 28 19:24:58 2011)
    Boston in 6 - Tim Thomas will win 3 games by himself - Tomas Kaberle will become the most undeserving winner of the Cup ever - The Sedins will admit they're gay

  • 1617. etienne (on Sat May 28 17:50:13 2011)
    Good predictions for this round with a 100% batting average. If we take into account four variables (teams and number of games) 75% For the finals - Vancouver in 5 games

  • 1616. etienne (on Fri May 13 09:54:29 2011)
    My playoffs picks are attracting less attention than Niraj's sleeper of the day. Vancouver in 6 Tampa in 5 (unless Bergeron comes back - then Boston in 7)

  • 1615. etienne (on Wed May 11 09:41:02 2011)
    My picks for the second round look a lot better. Boston won in 4 instead of 5 Washington crashed - Tampa in 4... Vancouver in 6! I had Detroit in 6 but they look pretty good going into game 7.

  • 1614. niraj (on Sun May 8 09:07:50 2011)
    @etienne: virtù e fortuna...that's a keeper ;).

  • 1613. etienne (on Fri May 6 18:42:19 2011)
    @Niraj: it really depends on individual categories. You could in 4th place overall but really close in goals or assists. And if you overtake someone in front of you it can be a net gain of 2 points instead of gaining one from overtaking someone in 8th or 9th place. It could be calculated, but complicated. And if you remember correcter, I went from 4th to 3rd and was 1st in the last two weeks. During the last two weeks, Havlat had come back from injury and really produced. But you know, virtù e fortuna... Speaking of which, I need to put that on my team's crest!

  • 1612. niraj (on Thu May 5 15:16:43 2011)
    Btw, for those who care I got to see the Wings last night against the Sharks. Great arena great fans, got seats in the red for less than face value (guess it helped that they were down 2-0 in the series?) Detroit really didn't look good at all and Franzen was the most useless player. Even the fans hate him. Then again, the fans in Detroit hate everyone...

  • 1611. niraj (on Thu May 5 15:14:13 2011)
    @etienne: Hey, we all of have our edges. Some of us have farm teams (former farm teams in my case but in other cases it's nice to be able to acquire Selanne for E.Kane) while others have ridiculous luck... you know, the kind where R.Dvorak is a pt/gm player or out of nowhere the team goes from 5th to 1st in the last week of the season. It would be a lot of fun if we could somehow calculate the statistical probability of winning for each manager in the last 6 weeks of the season. The year you went from 5th to 1st had to have been a 1/300 shot that you made.

  • 1610. etienne (on Wed May 4 09:26:22 2011)
    What is my rating anyway? @Niraj: didn't you notice that your lack of success as a manager is directly corelated with Ray's improved performance?

  • 1609. yan_c (on Wed May 4 08:30:09 2011)
    Btw, if anyone is looking at getting a new phone try out the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc... It is outstanding.... Nice to see not everything coming out of Ericsson is average! ;)

  • 1608. yan_c (on Wed May 4 08:27:39 2011)
    @niraj...Don't you have to be rated first to be overrated? :)

  • 1607. niraj (on Wed May 4 06:40:20 2011)
    Etienne is the most overrated manager in the UFHL...

  • 1606. etienne (on Mon May 2 17:38:07 2011)
    Probably along with Kipper

  • 1605. niraj (on Mon May 2 15:47:05 2011)
    Luongo is the most overrated goalie in the NHL...

  • 1604. jf (on Mon May 2 12:41:04 2011)
    Imaginez comment Lungo devait se sentir en voyant ces arrêts suite au but de Marde qu'il a donné. Un lancez qui venait derrière le but, Bravo Roberto!! Et dire que j'ai voté pour lui dans le Poll! :D

  • 1603. rudy (on Sun May 1 07:53:43 2011)
    If you were not watching the Vancouver/Nashville game in overtime last night, please be kind to yourself and watch a video recap. Pekka Rinne made not one but two incredible, in extremis acrobatic saves. I could swear it was good old Dominik Hasek on cocaine in net.

  • 1602. yannick (on Sat Apr 30 16:45:42 2011)
    Now that the Habs are eliminated, Go CANADA Go at the world championships! it's quite cool young team to watch with tavares, eberle, skinner, nash, etc. Vermette is the oldest player at 29!

  • 1601. niraj (on Fri Apr 29 01:23:00 2011)
    OK, I'm up. Let's get this Royal Wedding on the road! I have suggested another poll, but Yannick needs to update it SOON...

  • 1600. bao (on Thu Apr 28 09:51:14 2011)
    I'm here to scout Owen Nolan "the best UK born player"

  • 1599. etienne (on Thu Apr 28 09:46:33 2011)
    Live, Live Damn it! And, are you in London FOR the wedding or DURING the wedding?

  • 1598. bao (on Thu Apr 28 09:42:56 2011)
    @Etienne: I'll be in London for the wedding tomorrow... any last messages to our bachelor prince before he gets hitched

  • 1597. etienne (on Thu Apr 28 09:35:43 2011)
    @Niraj: I've been so excited about the Royal Wedding that US politics has taken a back seat Second round picks Boston in 5 Washington in 7 Vancouver in 6 Detroit in 6

  • 1596. niraj (on Thu Apr 28 07:19:11 2011)
    @Etienne: Basically Trump has been on CNN and pushing that Obama wasn't born in the US. Go online to find the interview with Anderson Cooper. Now that the whitehouse released Obama's official birth certificate, Trump is openly accusing him of being a bad student and wants to inquire about how he got into Harvard and Columbia.

  • 1595. etienne (on Wed Apr 27 21:16:30 2011)
    Actually, I think I deserve the Milbury award. Over the course of my UFHL GM years, I have been good at finding talent... and trading it away! On second thought, Milburdanny is sooo entertaining. It's gold baby! @Niraj: what accusations?

  • 1594. yannick (on Wed Apr 27 20:20:38 2011)
    Only etienne and I believed Corey Crawford was a keeper... Wow he was really good in the last 4 games in their series. He is a definite keeper!

  • 1593. niraj (on Wed Apr 27 14:40:56 2011)
    Anyone watching CNN lately? Donald Trump's accusations are hilarious. I have to say though, the guy is entertaining and if he runs I think he could very well win. Afterall, if you can't get an effective president, you may as well get an entertaining one.

  • 1592. etienne (on Wed Apr 27 12:03:34 2011)
    @Niraj: it's because I'm the Canadian chapter of the Birthers... It's the influence of Sun TV Media News. (It's so sad)

  • 1591. etienne (on Wed Apr 27 11:23:50 2011)
    @Niraj: yes, yes I am.

  • 1590. niraj (on Wed Apr 27 10:35:38 2011)
    @Etienne: What a horrible accusation! Next you are going to suggest that I wasn't born in Canada and as such am not eligible to be in the UFHL!

  • 1589. etienne (on Wed Apr 27 09:57:55 2011)
    So far, 50% of my prediction in the West were good, but no perfect score. In the East, only Washington was a good pick. Two others left to be determined... And Niraj, you are not allowed to vote for your team multiple times...

  • 1588. niraj (on Mon Apr 25 18:44:02 2011)
    I'll suggest one...

  • 1587. rudy (on Mon Apr 25 13:01:52 2011)
    I think we need a new poll, someone has even voted twice at the "Which winless manager will be first to claim a UFHL Championship?" question... Unless it's Danny's wife again? (that would explain the 2 votes he got)

  • 1586. niraj (on Mon Apr 25 07:50:49 2011)
    Awesome quote from Selanne :). UFHL competition aside, I would really like to see him back next year as well. He's ridiculously good. These teams with the rotation of goalies reminds me of a fad in the MLB that is similar but died quickly. When Theo Epstein became the GM of the Red Sox he performed an analysis on the effectiveness of having a "star" closer. Statistically he showed that whether you have a dedicated closing pitcher or a closer by committee approach, the difference was negligible. So he didn't sign a closer. The red sox blew so many games that year, he was almost fired. Fortunately for him and the red sox, he abandoned his new strategy. Also remember one year when Lou Pinella said that instead of starting with a starting pitcher and replacing him with relief pitching, why not reverse it and start with the bullpen and end with the "starter". Would have been interesting to see, but given the obvious holes it was never implemented.

  • 1585. raymond (on Mon Apr 25 00:17:01 2011)
    Can't believe Philly started Leighton, is anybody surprised that he struggled? Philly is lucky they're still in the playoffs. Will the Canucks blow a 3-0 lead? Although I was surprised with Schneider starting, I thought it made sense. Luongo seems to struggle against Chi. Best playoff quote has to be this from Selanne early in the series: "Finland is in the world championships this year and all they need is a goalie. Hopefully we can send them one!" (In reference to Rinne). On the other hand, let's hope that Selanne comes back next year, he's too good to retire.

  • 1584. etienne (on Fri Apr 22 16:52:34 2011)
    @rudy: no we can't. Because mine is a double "wrongness": wrong team and wrong lenght (short vs long). So there. I'm a critical mood: marking term papers...

  • 1583. rudy (on Fri Apr 22 12:00:12 2011)
    @etienne: we could argue that the opposite of Phoenix in 4 is also Detroit in 4...

  • 1582. etienne (on Fri Apr 22 10:46:43 2011)
    What's the opposite of Phoenix in 7? Detroit in 4...

  • 1581. yan_c (on Wed Apr 20 10:45:08 2011)
    I have a poll question....Which child of present managers (born and yet to be born) will win the Championship before Danny?

  • 1580. etienne (on Mon Apr 18 08:17:11 2011)
    This poll thing is Yan's attempt to make me look bad! I fired two the players and Couture leads the poll... Always fire old players is my new rule!

  • 1579. etienne (on Fri Apr 15 10:50:21 2011)
    My predictions are holding up for almost all series!

  • 1578. raymond (on Fri Apr 15 09:41:25 2011)
    All we're missing now is a couple of Sleepers of the Day...but thankfully it has the same future as the head-to-head : )

  • 1577. jf (on Thu Apr 14 13:33:47 2011)
    And me let's look for rebuilding with crappy early list : - Byfuglien, Dustin - Pavelski, Joe - Dubinsky, Brandon - Plekanec, Tomas - Kiprusoff, Miikka

  • 1576. bao (on Thu Apr 14 09:01:49 2011)
    I was going through my archived ufhl emails... did this influenced my critical decision :) From: Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 13:18:53 -0500 Subject: you might want to sit Tanguay To: But I must forget about the past and let's look towards a bright future Here is the earliest list for next year's keepers: - Price - Fleury - Burns - Goligoski - Perry

  • 1575. yan_c (on Wed Apr 13 16:09:57 2011)
    edit...good not could typing in the car is not good....Danny will give me a ticket

  • 1574. yan_c (on Wed Apr 13 16:08:58 2011)
    @rudy.... I can't take any credit for this move....I never ever thought he would be that could... I will take credit for other moves though lol :)

  • 1573. rudy (on Wed Apr 13 16:03:12 2011)
    @yan_c: That's not what you told me when you got him from me for peanuts...

  • 1572. yan_c (on Wed Apr 13 16:01:24 2011)
    This sounds weird talking about a guy who will be 41 but if he plays. Selanne is a keeper lol I never would have thought it....

  • 1571. yannick (on Wed Apr 13 15:58:07 2011)
    2010-2011 UFHL FINAL RANKING: 1-Stockholm Syndrome (107) (4 keepers max for next season) 2-BLT (105) (5 keepers max for next season) 3-Highlanders (103) (6 keepers max for next season) 4-Rough Bears (98) 5-Combiners (82) 6-Pooh Team (78) 7-Havana United (74) 8-Archangels (72) 9-Hitmen (66) 10-LemonParty (56) 11-Doodies (33)

  • 1570. rudy (on Wed Apr 13 11:54:52 2011)
    Avec un Save Average de 0.928, le Pooh Team a battu un record vieux de 12 ans dans la UFHL. Pas sûr que Nolan le réalise... Dire que c'est moi qui lui ai repêché Tim Thomas pour 3$...

  • 1569. etienne (on Wed Apr 13 10:33:54 2011)
    Picks for first round Boston in 5 Buffalo in 6 Washington in 6 Pittsburg in 6 Vancouver in 6 San Jose in 5 Phoenix in 7 Anaheim in 6

  • 1568. raymond (on Tue Apr 12 23:16:24 2011)
    Look on the bright side Yan, without the head-to-head you'll have more survey space ; )

  • 1567. yannick (on Tue Apr 12 18:31:12 2011)
    RESULTAT FINAL DU Head-2-Head ----------------------------- Puisque c'est la derniere fois que nous fesons le h2h, le mot final prend tout son sens. Le dernier Grand Gagnant du h2h est nul-autre que moi-meme! Et le dernier Grand Loser du h2h est l'honorable Etienne! Une tres mince consolation pour votre humble serviteur, surtout qu'il n'y a pas une cenne de relier a cette victoire, mais je vais prendre tout les honneurs que je peux! Voici le classement final du Head-2-Head 2011: 1. Highlanders 2. Stockholm Syndrome 3. Pooh Team 4. Rough Bears 5. Combiners 6. Doodies 7. Hitmen 8. LemonParty 9. BLT 10. Archangels 11. Havana United

  • 1566. yannick (on Tue Apr 12 14:22:36 2011)
    RESULTAT FINAL DES $10 POUR LA SAISON 2010-2011 ----------------------------------------------- Mince consolation pour moi-meme, j'ai gagner mon 4ieme $10 pour finir a egalite avec yan_c avec $40. J'ai oublier de mentionner le gagnant de la semaine derniere (6 avril) qui a ete Bao qui avait gagner son 2ieme $10 de la saison. Resulat final des $10 pour la saison 2011: Yanick C: $40 Yannick: $40 Bao: $20 Nolan: $10 Raymond: $10 Danny: $10

  • 1565. niraj (on Tue Apr 12 08:21:58 2011)
    So I was walking down the street on Monday and felt something annoying under my shoe. "Must be some gum" I said to myself. When I looked under my shoe it wasn't a piece of was DANNY. "Of course" I said to myself..."another year, another year that Danny finishes beneath me". BOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just jokes...I'm sure I would have heard it had you been struck by some crazy ass luck and finished ahead of me :). Maybe next year, but hopefully it'll be because we're both fighting fot the title...

  • 1564. yan_c (on Tue Apr 12 07:27:27 2011)
    Merci a tous et un gros thumbs up a ce que Yannick a ecrit. Une eloquence digne d'un champion. Pour ce qui est du BBQ, je me porte volontaire. Je suis a Lachine pres de l'interesection des autoroutes 13 et 20 (5 mins du pont mercier) alors c'est quand meme moyennement central. I'll get you guys a few cases of beer, it's the least I can do after inflicting so many posts on you this year... :)

  • 1563. danny (on Tue Apr 12 04:38:06 2011)
    Yes...Bravo to all the cash winners and especially Yan C...Well done!

  • 1562. raymond (on Mon Apr 11 23:29:56 2011)
    When is the UFHL BBQ?

  • 1561. raymond (on Mon Apr 11 23:22:21 2011)
    I was also following Rudy lol If the season lasted 1 more week, I think Rudy makes it to 35+ pts!

  • 1560. rudy (on Mon Apr 11 23:19:32 2011)
    Thank you guys for those heartfelt comments. I did try to put a decent effort in the last two months to climb back in ranking points. I have to admit Niraj motivated me with a couple of whipping comments. I learned a couple of good lessons this season. Watch out for me at the draft.

  • 1559. niraj (on Mon Apr 11 22:30:51 2011)
    I can see tears coming out of Yannick's eyes when he wrote that. I do have to give credit to Rudy though...I was following his progression as often as I was following the leaders.

  • 1558. yannick (on Mon Apr 11 19:42:07 2011)
    Sincere Congratulations to Yanick Cole for his first UFHL Championship! You have succeeded where so many have failed before, that is winning the most rewarding hockey fantasy league that exists and that is yet to be matched: The UFHL Championship. It's a well deserved honor and you should be proud as you are the one that worked the most for it all year long. If we would give our old awards, you would get, without contest, the Mark Messier award for most motivated manager. You have made some great deals which made a big difference, such as the Lidstrom deal, the Lundqvist deal or the Selanne deal to name a few. Not to mention all the great hirings you did. Your team peaked just at the right time, for a great combination of "la virtu" and "la fortuna". Those etienne's comments will live on for years I believe! I would like also to congratulate Rudy, maybe not for his final position, but for keeping an amazing spirit all year long despite being last. For showing interest and motivation until the very end to improve his ranking. For real, I have never seen such dedication from a last place manager and that is a great example for us all as we have all visited last place or will get there one day (I was last year!). To Bao, congratulations on your second place, I thought I could at least get you! And you were very patient with your keepers and it looks like you took the right decision. To all other managers, thank you for a great season! Your participation is the very basis of this pool and each year it is an honor to be with you guys in it.

  • 1557. niraj (on Mon Apr 11 17:02:50 2011)
    Any way we can setup a playoff pool?

  • 1556. yan_c (on Mon Apr 11 16:33:38 2011)
    @etienne.....I just think Price is better than least the Thomas that usually plays against MTL...

  • 1555. etienne (on Mon Apr 11 16:24:47 2011)
    UFHL GMs are really CH fefans... Judging by the poll.

  • 1554. rudy (on Mon Apr 11 15:18:34 2011)
    Cheers to Yan_C...! Great resilience in that championship. To my great dismay, I stayed at 33 pts on the last week... so I beat the worst record of all time by 1 pt. Looking at the rankings, I see that I was 1 SHG or 1 shutout away from keeping my pride. That's sad.

  • 1553. raymond (on Mon Apr 11 12:23:43 2011)
    Congrats Yan C on your 1st championship! You successfully overcame the McCrap effect just like I did with my Nittyamaki hire last year! So the lesson here is to hire a backup goalie in Feb and hope that he gets destroyed that week lol For those who wanted to compare, here it is: 2010-2011 McCrap: 3 games, 0 wins, 6.96 GAA, .765 save % 2009-2010 Nitty: 3 games, 0 wins, 6.87 GAA, .824 save % Thanks Yan C for hiring the worst FA in UFHL history and taking that title away from me : ) Congrats to the other contenders, it was an interesting race this year.

  • 1552. yan_c (on Mon Apr 11 10:50:18 2011)
    @Bao I hear ya....But we all have those moments....If I don't hire Mc$shit, there is no race as I win by 6....(+2 pts in each of GAA and save %....I get 1 more win but it makes no difference standings wise)... If Niraj does not blow 81$ of his 260$ on just 2 players at the draft, with his saviness, he's be there... If Jf trades his "feux de pailles" Buff, Halak and Stamkos in December for much needed depth, there is no race given his huge lead at the time. If the season ended in October and weeks ended on Monday, Danny would be champ! lots of ifs lol But thanks...

  • 1551. bao (on Mon Apr 11 09:40:14 2011)
    see Post 1526... that Tanguay benching REALLY hurts now !!! (i.e 7 pts and 1 GWG more) Congrats to Yan_C for the championship, Also for the record for messages posted and maybe number of transactions on his team...

  • 1550. niraj (on Mon Apr 11 09:21:05 2011)
    Congrats to Yan_C on his first UFHL title! Crazy tight race and was interesting to watch. Everyone had a chance to win in the last week which is always good to watch.

  • 1549. jf (on Mon Apr 11 09:04:36 2011)
    Déception total, je me fais même voler la semaine à la dernière journée par Yan B. Bravo aux 3 gagnants, vous avez géré ça comme des chefs.

  • 1548. etienne (on Mon Apr 11 08:18:21 2011)
    Bravo Yan C. Bravo Bao, je pensais que tu allais gagner avec ta stratégie ninja. 4 passes de plus et ça y était. Bravo à Yan B. et JF pour la bonne course.

  • 1547. yannick (on Sun Apr 10 23:16:02 2011)
    I needed a shutout which never came, so I will not win for sure. Peckham as been outstanding for me as he got another fight today, but that's not enough... I needed a monster week-end, I didn't get it... I think it's a done deal for Yan C, but let's wait for the final standing. Speaking of which, the day following games, the NHL often makes adjustements to the statistics, which means that the standing of monday morning will not be official until the NHL makes their final changes. So the final UFHL standings will be the one of Wednesday. Traditionnaly, these changes are not enough to change the standings, but since this has been a very close race, I don't want to take any chance and inform you.

  • 1546. raymond (on Sun Apr 10 22:42:37 2011)
    Did anyone have a big day? Enough to change the standings? We'll soon find out : )

  • 1545. rudy (on Sun Apr 10 08:27:39 2011)
    My 3 short-handed specialists (Marchand, Benn and Little) play tonight...

  • 1544. bao (on Fri Apr 8 22:14:50 2011)
    Peckham delivers !!!

  • 1543. bao (on Fri Apr 8 20:30:58 2011)
    Fleury better not get a SO !#@$!#$

  • 1542. yan_c (on Fri Apr 8 16:06:39 2011)
    Speaking of Milbury....Will Danny win his Stanley Cup by finishing ahead of Niraj's balless wonders?

  • 1541. etienne (on Fri Apr 8 14:31:08 2011)
    Could be worst, could be Milbury...

  • 1540. yan_c (on Fri Apr 8 14:14:26 2011)
    Speaking of Danny....Senators sign Murray to a 3 year extension....the lisp goes on and on and on....

  • 1539. danny (on Fri Apr 8 14:05:27 2011)
    Oh Oh i voted for Yan C ....You know what that means right!

  • 1538. etienne (on Thu Apr 7 16:01:14 2011)
    super close

  • 1537. niraj (on Thu Apr 7 05:17:14 2011)
    @yannick_B: Finally taking advantage of the PIMs're such a savvy veteran.

  • 1536. niraj (on Thu Apr 7 05:16:17 2011)
    @phuc: If Yanick Cole wins the pool by 1 point, it'll be thanks to your hire...crazy drama.

  • 1535. phuc (on Wed Apr 6 23:46:06 2011)
    ... the Radulov pickup did influence the rankings as I sat Grabner and missed his SHG ...

  • 1534. danny (on Wed Apr 6 22:22:50 2011)
    1 more GW from Hitmen and Stockholm loses a crucial point....

  • 1533. bao (on Wed Apr 6 15:37:11 2011)
    Leighton has been on my bench all year... it is time to use my special weapon!

  • 1532. phuc (on Wed Apr 6 15:30:27 2011)
    very tight! I'm sure contenders analyzed the situation very closely... It would be great to hear what you guys are hoping for each night; would make for some extra incentive to keep on watching those boxscores for me. "ooooooooooh, SO Price!" "OMG, HAT Trick Vanek!" "@#@%^!, SHG Bergeron?!" "20PIMS out of Peckham"

  • 1531. etienne (on Wed Apr 6 15:22:35 2011)
    So close

  • 1530. yannick (on Tue Apr 5 14:39:25 2011)
    if I want to stand a chance of winning, I'll need two shutouts tonight! we all know how probable that is...

  • 1529. rudy (on Tue Apr 5 12:45:03 2011)
    Well, guys, I can still reach 34 points to tie the worst record ever. Especially if I get a SH goal... :-) 35 points is almost out of reach. Of course to keep my pride I would prefer to at least share the title... but I can imagine Bao would prefer that I beat that all-time low he made in 2006-2007.

  • 1528. danny (on Mon Apr 4 13:45:07 2011)
    Only thing i can do is score a few GW for Yan B. Yanc C would loose a point if i score 2!

  • 1527. yannick (on Mon Apr 4 10:22:59 2011)
    @bao: same thing with elias... I could have used his hat trick and shg... I'll need an extra push from lady luck if I want to win this!

  • 1526. bao (on Mon Apr 4 09:38:11 2011)
    Case where 9th forward makes a difference: - Last week Tanguay active (0 pts, -4 +/-) , Hudler benched ( 4 pts, +1 +/-) So I decide to swap them....big MISTAKE ! - This week Tanguay benched (7 pts, 1 GWG, +4), Hudler active ( 0 pts, -5 ) Tabarnak !!!

  • 1525. yan_c (on Sun Apr 3 08:27:03 2011)
    Comme disait le poète et grand philosophe ptit Guy Emond... "c'est aux petites heures qu'on voit les bons danseurs! "

  • 1524. raymond (on Sun Apr 3 03:27:44 2011)
    Another SH EN goal, will that give Yan B the boost he needs?

  • 1523. yan_c (on Sat Apr 2 13:34:28 2011)
    @rudy...I notre systeme d'education...du vrai nivellage vers le bas :) Mais bon, c'est les regles... But I'm not super worried....In most of the categories I have more chances to go up than down and the 2 that I am leading alone, no one will catch me...

  • 1522. rudy (on Sat Apr 2 13:25:47 2011)
    @yan_c: do you realize you could lose the championship if I get a SH goal? it's almost ridiculous... if it happens, I hope it won't be an empty-netter, at least...

  • 1521. niraj (on Fri Apr 1 22:09:05 2011)
    @contenders: Will the empty forward spot for LemonParty affect the final ranking??? It'll be interesting to keep an eye on...

  • 1520. yan_c (on Fri Apr 1 18:05:55 2011)
    @phuc.... nope google, then search news 24 hours...the hoaxes were all over the place... more like 15-17 seconds :)

  • 1519. phuc (on Fri Apr 1 17:48:21 2011)
    @yan_c: Did I make you scramble through hockey news site for a second?

  • 1518. etienne (on Fri Apr 1 17:07:02 2011)
    In another context (and for other people), winning the biggest loser final is a good thing!

  • 1517. yan_c (on Fri Apr 1 15:46:58 2011)
    @phuc... Happy April fools day

  • 1516. yannick (on Fri Apr 1 13:35:08 2011)
    en passant, vous avez jusqu'a mecredi 7pm pour engager des joueurs. apres ca, l'option va etre bloquer.

  • 1515. phuc (on Fri Apr 1 11:24:34 2011)
    Radulov is making a comeback!!

  • 1514. etienne (on Thu Mar 31 13:35:39 2011)
    @yan_c: je pense que tu as dépassé ton quota "..."

  • 1513. yannick (on Thu Mar 31 00:00:20 2011)
    pour le head-2-head, suite a leur victoire contre Pooh Team, Stockholm Syndrome va affronter les Highlanders dans la grande finale du championnat Head-2-Head. Ces deux memes equipe se battent pour le championnat de la ufhl. Des moments excitants d'ici la fin de la saison. Les Archangels affronteront de leur cote les Havana United pour le titre du Ultimate Loser du Head-2-Head! Les autres vont se batailler pour les places au classement restantes. 1iere et 2ieme: Highlanders vs Stockholm 3ieme: Pooh Team 4ieme et 5ieme: Combiners vs Rough Bears 6ieme: Doodies 7ieme et 8ieme: Hitmen vs LemonParty 9ieme: BLT 10ieme et 11ieme: Havana United vs Archangels

  • 1512. yannick (on Wed Mar 30 23:49:05 2011)
    Felicitations a Yanick C pour son quatrieme $10 de la saison (8ieme victoire hebdomadaire cette annee). Son equipe peak au bon moment! Sommaire des $10 pour la saison 2011: Yanick C: $40 Yannick: $30 Nolan: $10 Bao: $10 Raymond: $10 Danny: $10

  • 1511. yan_c (on Tue Mar 29 10:05:16 2011)
    @JF..Ray a raison...en realite.... tu aurais habille les memes gardiens et defenseurs (ton seul backup Girardi jouait seulement 2 UFHL games)... par contre tu aurais probablement remplace ovy, voracek et rolston par plek, pavelski et heatley... ovy...0 points....plek aussi.... voracek et rolston...0 pts heatley et pavelski...1+4 pts..... Alors 5 pts au total...

  • 1510. niraj (on Mon Mar 28 13:45:15 2011)
    I'll put a $1 and put down Gionta.

  • 1509. yan_c (on Mon Mar 28 13:41:59 2011)
    @Ray.... A Bao super special.... Short handed goal by Carey Price!!! ;)

  • 1508. raymond (on Mon Mar 28 10:53:27 2011)
    JF la bonne nouvelle: t'as rien perdu avec Plekanec sur le banc!

  • 1507. raymond (on Mon Mar 28 10:34:51 2011)
    We should all put $1 into a pot and guess who will score Montreal's next goal. I'll donate $1 and say that Eller breaks the goose eggs, a puck off his skate type of goal.

  • 1506. jf (on Fri Mar 25 15:32:25 2011)
    Cette semaine de vacance va me couter la peau des fesses. Pas de Line-up cette semaine et quelques gros noms sur le banc. Au moins les vacances ont été incroyable! :D

  • 1505. niraj (on Fri Mar 25 11:30:10 2011)
    @yan_c: ran out of empty net shgs. I do have a few 11 shot shutouts available though...

  • 1504. yan_c (on Fri Mar 25 09:27:30 2011)
    @Niraj.... I need some Bao special empty net shgs and there are no more swings... Can I buy some from you? :)

  • 1503. etienne (on Fri Mar 25 09:09:43 2011)
    With all the head hits controversy, no one has noticed how hilarious the NHL has become. There was Clutterbuck and Clitsome, but now it's Crackwell! So funny! @Yan_C: No, I am too mesmorized by Martin's ears... So big, yet so clean... :p

  • 1502. niraj (on Fri Mar 25 09:08:43 2011)
    What's amazing to watch is the momentum swings in this pool. YanB had it, then JF, then Bao and now YanC. Marleau and Selanne have been ridiculous. YanC might have an interesting decision if Parize returns next start or not to start?

  • 1501. raymond (on Fri Mar 25 01:40:20 2011)
    Wow double shutout for Nolan...looks like him and Niraj have the goalie categories locked up this week! Is it me or are there more shutouts this year? @Bao: admit it, you were hoping to use that line last year : )

  • 1500. niraj (on Thu Mar 24 22:32:18 2011)
    Wow, two SOs in two days...but with Halak only stopping 11 shots for his, not sure it should count ;).

  • 1499. yan_c (on Thu Mar 24 19:34:55 2011)
    Anyone else notice the rack on the girl behind Jacques Martin?

  • 1498. danny (on Thu Mar 24 18:46:26 2011)
    @Yan C: Basically, now i understand what you where trying to say in a 5 word sentence. I am just saying that every tuesday night is the same for me...3 steals! I'm just saying my team doesn't show up on tuesdays. Your theory on me losing the week is too complex. I lost for one simple reason ...MASON! He allowed 4 goals and had a .875 average which dropped me like a fly in the standings. Lost 8 or 9 pts because of him. Plus, it was against the crappy Colorado Av's. Offensively i had a great week but this week MASON killed me and was the main reason i lost! I couldda used a SH or a few PP or GW...but who didn't!

  • 1497. bao (on Thu Mar 24 16:57:04 2011)
    @Ray: I will take you down to Chinatown !!! PUN INTENDED

  • 1496. raymond (on Thu Mar 24 11:49:30 2011)
    The day that Bao has been waiting for is about to arrive. He will soon pass me in pts and eventually assists. Could it be the year of the sandwich ; )

  • 1495. yan_c (on Thu Mar 24 09:07:52 2011)
    @Danny... Tuesday night 20 teams were playing.... and unless I'm mistaken, the only players you had left to play were... briere, leino, carlson, desharnais,subban and mason... so that means the Hitmen had already probably played more games than the rest of us BEFORE Tuesday... So "losing" first place is not that big of a shock.... Now, if you 13 of your boys were playing tuesday and you lost, then that would have been more heartbreaking..

  • 1494. niraj (on Thu Mar 24 07:53:44 2011)
    So it's the UFHL's version of "The Biggest Loser"...

  • 1493. yannick (on Thu Mar 24 00:17:05 2011)
    Puisque les playoffs de head-2-head semble avoir un petit peu d'interets, voici quelques notes. Dans la branche des losers, c'est les perdants qui continuent leur route, tout cela pour determiner "the ultimate loser!". Puisque Danny a gagner, son chemin s'arrete la et va affronter LemonParty la semaine prochaine pour la 7ieme position. Highlanders passe directement en finale en vertu de leur meilleur position au classement du h2h et Havana United passe directement en finale des losers en vertu de leur moins bonne fiche au h2h comparer aux deux autres semi-finalistes. La semaine prochaine tous les matchups decidera la position finale des playoffs au head-2-head. A noter que c'est exactement de la meme facon que j'avais proceder l'annee derniere.

  • 1492. yannick (on Wed Mar 23 23:39:52 2011)
    Felicitations a Yanick C pour son troisieme $10 de la saison (7ieme victoire hebdomadaire cette annee). Une deuxieme place creve-coeur pour Danny, sa bad luck est legendaire. Si un jour sa bad luck tourne de bord, il va gagner 5 championnats de suite! Sommaire des $10 pour la saison 2011: Yannick: $30 Yanick C: $30 Nolan: $10 Bao: $10 Raymond: $10 Danny: $10

  • 1491. danny (on Wed Mar 23 19:59:22 2011)
    What do you mean Yan...You telling me i didnt deserve it ....Is that it?

  • 1490. yan_c (on Wed Mar 23 16:31:13 2011)
    @danny. There is no better leader than you when there are no games ;)

  • 1489. danny (on Wed Mar 23 15:45:22 2011)
    Weekly ranking crap. Loose again on final night after leading all week!

  • 1488. yan_c (on Wed Mar 23 10:47:56 2011)
    Blondes Explaining Easter... Three blondes died and found themselves standing before St. Peter. He told them that before they could enter the Kingdom, they had to tell him what Easter represented. The first blonde, an American, said "Easter is a holiday where they have a big feast and we give thanks and eat turkey." St. Peter said, "Noooooo," and wouldn't let her in. The second blonde, a Brit, said "Easter is when we celebrate Jesus's birth and exchange gifts." St. Peter said, "Noooooo," and he wouldn't let her in either. The third blonde, a Canadian, said she knew what Easter was, and St.Peter said, "So, tell me." She said, "Easter is a Christian holiday that coincides with the Jewish festival of Passover. Jesus was having Passover feast with his disciples when he was betrayed by Judas, and the Romans arrested him. The Romans hung him on the cross and eventually he died. Then they buried him in a tomb behind a very large boulder ... " St. Peter said, "Verrrrrry good." Then the blonde continued, "Now, every year the Jews roll away the boulder and Jesus comes out. If he sees his shadow, we have six more weeks of hockey." St. Peter fainted.

  • 1487. etienne (on Wed Mar 23 08:49:20 2011)
    And Miller was available... Anyway, I like the guy and his performance at the Olympics was spectacular - more memorable than Luongo's IMO

  • 1486. niraj (on Tue Mar 22 23:02:42 2011)
    Huge shutout for Yan_C and Etienne's shutout further pushes YanB down...almost a 4 way tie for first coming up...

  • 1485. niraj (on Tue Mar 22 20:01:52 2011)
    @Danny: That's what she said!

  • 1484. danny (on Tue Mar 22 16:41:13 2011)
    I know the feeling...Remember Yan's win in 2007-08. Last night of the season, all tide up between me and Yan. Who scores a PP goal to win the UFHL title...Well It wasn't me. I still remember the crushing hurt felt threw my body. I still haven't gotten back up!

  • 1483. danny (on Tue Mar 22 16:34:05 2011)
    Giving the 4th position man, a 10 keeper start next year, is the lease we can do for the poor guy in a last night of the season wire finish affair.

  • 1482. yan_c (on Tue Mar 22 15:20:44 2011)
    @Etienne...Je ne comprends pas... Je trouve les keepers supers importants....J'en ai garde 10 l'annee derniere (des pas chers) et ca m'a porte fruit....J'ai fini avant-doodie....oops...avant-dernier :)

  • 1481. etienne (on Tue Mar 22 15:13:36 2011)
    @Rudy: toi même tu remets en question les keepers (quoique Yan_C aussi implicitement). Donc, pas de problèmes pour celui qui finira 4e!

  • 1480. rudy (on Tue Mar 22 12:38:57 2011)
    What's funny with that 4-headed race is that one GM will come out empty-handed band with 10 keeper slots for next season. On another note, looks bad for me getting to 35 pts... so it seems I'll put my name on that infamous mediocrity board...

  • 1479. yan_c (on Tue Mar 22 08:33:08 2011)
    Man..the race for first is even tighter than Niraj is with his velcro wallet....

  • 1478. yan_c (on Tue Mar 22 08:15:55 2011)
    Ca sent le Hitmen Tuesday night crash from 1st to 5th... :)

  • 1477. yan_c (on Tue Mar 22 07:59:32 2011)
    Excellent article de mon ami Richard Labbe mais je garde un passage pour vous demontrer (une fois de plus?) comment "notre" couverture (celle des partisans) devient biase par les amertumes des scribes... (Pause ici: vous ne connaissez pas Pierre Groulx, entraîneur des gardiens chez le CH? Normal, il n'a pas le droit de parler aux médias, comme les autres assistants du club, d'ailleurs. Ainsi en a décidé Pierre Gauthier. Fin de la pause)

  • 1476. niraj (on Mon Mar 21 20:27:23 2011)
    @Danny: Deal! Now I have someone to root for.

  • 1475. danny (on Mon Mar 21 20:16:04 2011)
    Thats a deal Niraj...If we meet up in the bracket I wager 10$ No problemo! Deal?

  • 1474. niraj (on Mon Mar 21 11:07:22 2011)
    Hopefully I can win something... You know what would make this H2H stuff interesting...BETTING!!!! Friendly wagers...5-10$, totally harmless but would add some fuel to yanBs brainchild. Whoever meets me in the Losers final, I would gladly be willing to bet $10 on my team vs your team.

  • 1473. bao (on Mon Mar 21 10:49:12 2011)
    I love that Niraj gets all the byes to the Loser's Final...

  • 1472. niraj (on Sun Mar 20 22:56:13 2011)
    Huge shut out for YanB...3 way tie for first tomorrow? Would be so sick if this ended as a 4 way tie for 1st...

  • 1471. yan_c (on Sun Mar 20 10:24:20 2011)
    @Rudy...Shame on you lol You're like a someone complaining about a sprained ankle right beside a paraplegic! If my computer had seized a moment before I hired McDoomsday I'd be in first place right now nursing a 2 point lead... Please... :)

  • 1470. niraj (on Sun Mar 20 10:03:38 2011)
    I think McShit should start a "If I can do it, you can do it!" motivational series. He makes me believe that I could one day rise to the NHL ranks and sport a 5 GAA in 7 games of action like him!

  • 1469. rudy (on Sun Mar 20 08:24:14 2011)
    @ray: Don't mention that damn McNugget, I started Anderson instead of Reimer this week and McChicken gets all the starts... pisses me off...

  • 1468. raymond (on Sun Mar 20 02:07:25 2011)
    Niraj, what makes a goalie rotation even worse is when there is no pattern as to who starts. Holtby wins 5 in row, Neuvirth loses a game and then gets the start again! And now Holtby is in the AHL but could be back... Drafting a Washington goalie is going to be very interesting in Sept, will someone draft all 3? Although I'm not in the race, a 0 pt Saturday night is still frustrating But it makes Bao super happy Has anyone noticed what McCrap has been doing recently?

  • 1467. niraj (on Sat Mar 19 15:05:38 2011)
    Stats should be good, I have my shutout from Halak.. Btw yannick, I am experiencing a bit of your frustration with the washington goaltending circus. This is even worse than the Rhodes / Tugnutt BS that Martin was doing in Ottawa...there are 3 capable goalies in washington!

  • 1466. yan_c (on Sat Mar 19 08:45:35 2011)
    @Yannick...est ce que les stats sont ok avec le glitch de hier? merci!

  • 1465. yan_c (on Fri Mar 18 09:07:03 2011)
    Etienne.... Le Prof Caron de la Ufhl....:)

  • 1464. etienne (on Fri Mar 18 08:44:44 2011)
    problème avec les stats ce matin?

  • 1463. yannick (on Thu Mar 17 23:57:51 2011)
    En effet, felicitations a Nolan pour son premier $10 de la saison (2ieme victoire hebdomadaire cette annee). Sommaire des $10 pour la saison 2011: Yannick: $30 Yanick C: $20 Nolan: $10 Bao: $10 Raymond: $10 Danny: $10

  • 1462. niraj (on Thu Mar 17 10:50:59 2011)
    Felic a Nolan pour gagner le weekly ranking! Bao, congrats for touching 1st place (for the first time this season I believe).

  • 1461. yan_c (on Wed Mar 16 07:41:11 2011)
    Quelle catégorie aucun mérite. Du vrai nivellage vers le bas lol

  • 1460. niraj (on Tue Mar 15 23:37:35 2011)
    Wow, 2 EN SHGs tonight in the same game...that's a lucky category if there ever was one...

  • 1459. yan_c (on Tue Mar 15 10:10:01 2011)
    Great....Memory lane stuff....Sigh.... Now Niraj is going to talk about how he "cheated" at Who wants to be a Millionaire as Danny beats him up...

  • 1458. jf (on Tue Mar 15 09:49:58 2011)
    Hooo Ouiii Et il y a fort longtemps une bonne Sandwich au Smoke meet de Charlie. Mais ça c'est plus comme avant! :D Tout comme le Coq Roti qui a disparue, mon premier emploie d'étudiant. ( Bouffe Gratis! ) J'ai les larmes au yeux ce matins moi, j'ai les Blues. ;)

  • 1457. etienne (on Tue Mar 15 09:40:16 2011)
    Ou un hotdog steamé de Louis Luncheonette!

  • 1456. jf (on Tue Mar 15 09:19:56 2011)
    YanC si tu veux que ton rituelle voodoo fonctionne alors c'est pas du Tim Horton que tu dois prendre. Faudrait y aller avec Beigne Bec de Sherbrooke, la seule ville avec cette banière que je connais. Et de loin la meilleure, surtout avec son beigne Triple chocolats. Désollé c'est les vieux souvenirs d'enfance qui font surface.

  • 1455. yan_c (on Tue Mar 15 07:51:38 2011)
    @Ray...maybe I'll get the Special Olympics also and sell spots during Danny's roller hockey games? :) As for Niraj being in commercials, unless a company starts selling hair coloring products that promises to make you look 50 even though you're 30, we're out of luck.... I think JF or Bao will win by one unless my new voodoo spell of dipping my old Ericcson phone in a mix of warm Sherbrooke tap water and Tim Horton's icing helps...Then I'll win by 3...

  • 1454. raymond (on Tue Mar 15 01:42:39 2011)
    Congrats on the Olympics Yan! Beware of Niraj, he'll probably try to convince you to let him be in a commercial ; ) As for who wins the championship, should I bring up the most feared word in UFHL competition...TIE lol

  • 1453. raymond (on Tue Mar 15 01:37:39 2011)
    Salo injured??? No way... I'm not surprised but I do wonder if there is a more fragile NHL player out there? Even Dipietro must laugh at Salo's "tough as jello" reputation

  • 1452. yan_c (on Mon Mar 14 18:36:12 2011)
    @niraj..thanks....we worked really hard to get it....IT's especially for my Dad...retirement etc... I'm not complaining per say....I just think that in a goal driven league (as many of you GM's kept telling me over and over when I was trading Thornton or Richards), the guy who has the most (and probably win the "goal" category, can do so poorly in some related categories ... I have 50 more goals than you, yet you double me in SHG and are also ahead in PWG ( at least, for a few more days) lol...

  • 1451. niraj (on Mon Mar 14 18:22:17 2011)
    @yan_c: Now if only I could figure out the other 12 categories, I might add championships to my coffer...

  • 1450. niraj (on Mon Mar 14 18:21:15 2011)
    @yan_c: Congrats on the olympics deal. As for SHG, I used to think it was a luck category but there is a way to plan for it. I used to complain about it like you, but now I like to think of it as my competitive edge :).

  • 1449. yan_c (on Mon Mar 14 17:50:03 2011)
    @rudy @ etienne.... I guess we now know who is the pitcher and who is the catcher... :)

  • 1448. rudy (on Mon Mar 14 17:32:15 2011)
    @etienne: start your own business or become a university teacher... and answer the mail I sent you this morning instead of browsing the comments of the week! :-)

  • 1447. yan_c (on Mon Mar 14 17:17:14 2011)
    @Etienne.... I'm not very good at hiring employees or FA's....I only got a few good ones because I had way more FA hires than anyone else.... the whole clock is right twice a day thing.... lol But if my production sideline takes off then a historian might be very useful! :)

  • 1446. etienne (on Mon Mar 14 17:12:04 2011)
    @Yan_C: are you hiring historians with a gnack at synthesis? (You know, trying to minimize fortuna!)

  • 1445. yan_c (on Mon Mar 14 17:01:48 2011)
    @Etienne...Still alive and thriving.... La fortuna n'est pas dans mon equipe mais dans ma biz on a eu des grosses nouvelles la semaine derniere. Mon pere et moi avons gagne les droits publicitaires tele pour les Olympiques de Londres 2012 la semaine derniere....Hence why I was quiet... So when you'll be watching the olympics next summer be it on RDS, V, CTV, APTN and a few other channels, all quebec based advertising will have gone through little old me... But Nevertheless, I WANT SHORT HANDED GOALS CRISSE! :)

  • 1444. yan_c (on Mon Mar 14 16:57:52 2011)
    @Ray.....I don't think the Highlanders will be there in the end though... They are already first in a ton of categories and where they are not strong, they are not close to moving up... And where they are middle to upper strong, there are not many more points to go get... Essentially, they are almost at their cap...give or take 3-4 pts Goals....that is the one cat where I think they can move up in.... but it's a coin toss assists...already 1st pts....already first def pts...already 1st +/-... horrendously last and staying there pims....maybe move up 2...3 at the most pwp....can gain 2nd place shg...can gain 2 pts...but tough category...never know gwg...move up 3 max.... wins....won't catch max 1 GAA...already 1st save %...can gain 2...but probably will drop shutouts.... toss up....gain spots or lose spots..

  • 1443. etienne (on Mon Mar 14 16:52:30 2011)
    @Yan_C: still alive?

  • 1442. yan_c (on Mon Mar 14 16:44:59 2011)
    Mais btw....Je suis en partie responsable de mes deboires..... Bad decision to hire Mc$hit but not "bad enough" to have been shelled as much... and since I traded Timmonen, he has 2 shg in the last month.... so....shame on me....partly lol

  • 1441. yan_c (on Mon Mar 14 16:25:34 2011)
    @JF...A qui le dis Il a fallu que j'engage Mc$hit la semaine qu'il a connu le pire 7 jours d'un gardien cette saison (de l'histoire aussi?)... je melange ca et les 2 categories "luck" et je reconnais que la fortuna d'Etienne n'est pas du cote du Syndrome... Mais bon... Au moins on reste dans la course avec le (rick) flair, l'astuce et le (billy) talent... :)

  • 1440. jf (on Mon Mar 14 15:02:59 2011)
    Je pense que ça va se jouer chez les gardiens de but. La clef c'est de ne pas se faire planter 5-6 buts dans un match. Car monter les marches c'est très difficile et long, mais le descendre très facile et rapide.

  • 1439. niraj (on Mon Mar 14 12:35:24 2011)
    Great race for the championship. Going to be a fun finish...

  • 1438. raymond (on Mon Mar 14 09:29:09 2011)
    Big night from BLT surges Bao into 2nd! Will it be an Ericsson trifecta? The Syndrome says "fat chance" (while thinking of Benoit Brunet lol)

  • 1437. rudy (on Sun Mar 13 09:32:13 2011)
    Besides the overall ranking points total, there are other records of mediocrity in danger of being beaten this season. Let's share this together. Least goals: 196 (Lemon currently has 176) Least PIM: 589 (currently four teams still have not reached that total) Least PP goals: 52 (Doodieman currently has 48) And quietly, the Pooh is in position to get the new record for best save average in a season...

  • 1436. raymond (on Sat Mar 12 14:33:21 2011)
    How is this a headline from Lehtonen's shutout: Eric Nystrom led the Wild with two shots on goal in their 4-0 loss to Dallas on Friday. That's the best thing they could say about Minny?

  • 1435. raymond (on Sat Mar 12 14:28:40 2011)
    The problem is that Lehtonen only stopped 14 shots. Had he stopped 35 shots, you probably would have increased by 0.01. But the good news is that you're on top on the weekly ranking!!!

  • 1434. rudy (on Sat Mar 12 08:23:11 2011)
    I was at 0.904 SA yesterday, and with a shutout this morning (1.000) I'm at... 0.904. Goes to tell how hard it is to gain a tenth of save percentage at this time of the year.

  • 1433. yan_c (on Thu Mar 10 19:48:04 2011)
    Lettre ouverte de Geoff Molson...

  • 1432. yan_c (on Thu Mar 10 18:58:29 2011)
    or Niraj's sexual preference....

  • 1431. yan_c (on Thu Mar 10 18:57:59 2011)
    My team is up against Bye...That's like code for Hitmen I think...

  • 1430. bao (on Thu Mar 10 16:50:49 2011)
    Victoria Division est trop puissant(ref. H2H playoff)

  • 1429. yannick (on Thu Mar 10 16:48:31 2011)
    et voici le moment tant inattendu, que personne avait hate, mais je l'annonce quand meme pour me faire plaisir: Les Head-2-Head PLAYOFFS!!! La saison reguliere etant termine du head-2-head, voici le temps qui excite une seule personne, celui qui a fini au premier rang: moi-meme! Ca sera tout un suspence de voir qui sera le Grand Winner et qui sera le Grand Loser!

  • 1428. yannick (on Thu Mar 10 15:18:38 2011)
    Felicitations a Yanick C pour son deuxieme $10 de la saison (6ieme victoire hebdomadaire cette annee). Une deuxieme victoire de suite! Sommaire des $10 pour la saison 2011: Yannick: $30 Yanick C: $20 Bao: $10 Raymond: $10 Danny: $10

  • 1427. jf (on Thu Mar 10 13:43:37 2011)
    Gary Bettman, aussi connu sous le nom de l'Autruche. Autruche car il aime le sable des déserts et se mettre la tête dedans! :D

  • 1426. yan_c (on Thu Mar 10 13:33:12 2011)
    @rudy, je suis d'accord..... voici le lien!/Real_ESPNLeBrun

  • 1425. rudy (on Thu Mar 10 13:31:50 2011)
    @yan_c: Normalement Lebrun est pertinent, je suis très surpris.

  • 1424. yan_c (on Thu Mar 10 13:24:34 2011)
    @Rudy ...Pierre Lebrun

  • 1423. jf (on Thu Mar 10 10:30:00 2011)
    Je me demande si Campbell et McPhee ont vue cette photo?

  • 1422. rudy (on Thu Mar 10 10:28:50 2011)
    @yan_c: The guy who produced the second comment is profoundly clueless. Is it Mike Milbury?

  • 1421. yan_c (on Thu Mar 10 10:05:19 2011)
    If it wasn't for Air Canada we'd have no idea the NHL has a concussion/head shot problem. Phew, thank you Air Canada. My thought is that Air Canada should focus on getting way better at its own job rather than poking its nose at other businesses. some comments I've read

  • 1420. yan_c (on Thu Mar 10 10:02:40 2011)
    @jf....Et bcp de journalistes que je suis disent qu'Air Canada devrait se concentrer sur des vols a temps et non sur ceci.... ridicule,,they are a sponsor, they can voice their opinion...

  • 1419. jf (on Thu Mar 10 09:22:22 2011)
    Oui ce que Air-Canada fait c'est la meilleure chose qui pouvait arriver.

  • 1418. yan_c (on Thu Mar 10 09:19:12 2011)
    @etienne...on le voit pas souvent....grosses negos avec employes et avec Coors... I can say that at MLSE there is a lot of grumbling.... Advertisers are talking about pulling stuff due to the violence (and increased media coverage)... I think maybe things are going to start to change....Advertisers=$$$

  • 1417. etienne (on Thu Mar 10 08:18:52 2011)
    @Yan_C: la prochaine fois que tu vois Geoff Molson, tu lui demanderas pourquoi il ne révise pas sa relation d'affaires avec la LNH comme le fait Air Canada...

  • 1416. danny (on Wed Mar 9 15:36:29 2011)
    I guess we feel the love E....Tie 69-69 in weekly score....Pretty romantic!

  • 1415. yan_c (on Wed Mar 9 15:35:15 2011)
    @rudy...that's roughly what I thought also....where I'm strong, I probably won't drop in... And I can dress Chara as he is NOT suspended!

  • 1414. rudy (on Wed Mar 9 15:26:57 2011)
    @yan_c: You could easily gain 4 ranks by getting 2 SHG, which could be a difference maker in the overall classification. But you should concentrate on getting assists and PPG... and hope your battles for Wins and Save Average put you on top. In other words, you can still win.

  • 1413. yan_c (on Wed Mar 9 14:59:36 2011)
    Rudy, can you analyse my chances also please? I do know that I'm doing awful in the luck categories compared to my compatriots... BLT (2nd and 4th for a combined 6)...avg 3rd place Rough bears (5th + 1st = 6....avg 3rd place Highlanders (2 + 6 =8_....avg 4th place Syndrome (3 + 9 =12) avg...6th place.... that's 6 points with Bao and JF each and 4 with Yannick....And the funny thing is that I have way more goals overall (first place) so I should technically be better than a combined 6th... Damn lady fortuna a Etienne... hmmm... Help me god, tom cruise and the Sherbrooke Sheriff!...

  • 1412. rudy (on Wed Mar 9 14:22:18 2011)
    What's funny is that I may not finish last in the GENERAL HEAD-2-HEAD RANKING...

  • 1411. phuc (on Wed Mar 9 13:40:19 2011)
    Shit... put that way, I'll make sure to do my lineup accordingly ;-)

  • 1410. rudy (on Wed Mar 9 10:34:14 2011)
    Ok, so let's get serious about doing better than that UFHL worst record of 34 held by Bao. Categories I can't improve in (short of a miracle) are: Goals, Points, PP goals, GAA and Shutouts. With 2 SH goals I could reach the Syndrome and get 1 rank point, but I prefer not to count on that because that category is pure luck. Now let's see where I can improve... Assists: Currently nose to nose with the Pooh, and the Hitmen are just a few assists ahead. Could even pass on the Archangels if they stumble. Predicted improvement: +1 Defense points: Just a little back of the Lemon, still possible to see the Havanu U. come back but I should be able to hold on. Predicted improvement: +1 +/-: In the middle of a group of 5 teams in the lower ranks, I could gain 2 ranks or drop 2 as well. Predicted improvement: 0 Penalty minutes: Currently in 3rd rank and still able to see the Syndrome in front. But the Bears and the Combiners are not far behind... Predicted improvement: 0 Game winning goals: Just 3 GWG back of the Lemon, I feel I can at least reach him and be tied at 10th. Predicted improvement: +1 Wins: In a tight race with the Hitmen and the Combiners at the bottom, I could drop 1 or even 2 ranks, but I have a good feeling with Lehtonen and Anderson to finish the season. I need to get 5 wins more than the Pooh to gain a rank though... Predicted improvement: 0 Save average: I'm currently 0,4% behind the Archangels. Their goalies are pretty good in that category but Craig Anderson is hot and the Sens play with no absolutely no pressure. Predicted improvement: +1 That sums up with pretty much a prediction of 34 to end the season, which would tie the worst-ever record. I do hope I'll somewhat end up with 35 though to avoid putting my name on the mediocrity board... Good luck everyone for the end of the season!

  • 1409. jf (on Wed Mar 9 09:12:23 2011)
    Je n'si psd acces à mes messages de la job aujourdh'hui. Pour me rejoindre Mais je suis pas toute là.

  • 1408. yan_c (on Wed Mar 9 08:18:43 2011)
    I've come out of semi-retirement to say that I have fully retired the term Milburdanny... The GM of the Hitmen is entertaining but from what I know of him, does not spew malice as this... "The way the rink was constructed isn't Zdeno Chara's problem" - Mike Milbury I'll find another colorful name for you Danny... I promise Je vais probablement voir Gerry Frappier Mardi prochain et je peux vous dire en tant qu'abonne de RDS, et meme s'il est chum avec mon pere, je vais lui donner mon "CKAC-hotline on your ass"!!! "C'est un sport de contact Pierre....Benoit Brunet"

  • 1407. rudy (on Tue Mar 8 19:03:09 2011)
    Scoop: I'm back in the 30's... and I missed a SH goal again (Benn on the bench)

  • 1406. danny (on Mon Mar 7 16:20:56 2011)
    UFHL Weather warning for the Sherbrooke area!!! All players must remain on bench due to snow storm. Oh... it's true my guys already knew that warning for the past few months!

  • 1405. etienne (on Mon Mar 7 14:47:50 2011)
    What an amazing amount of snow my driveway is getting...

  • 1404. niraj (on Sun Mar 6 14:36:36 2011)
    What an amazing week my bench is having...

  • 1403. phuc (on Fri Mar 4 16:23:58 2011)
    @rudy: I was sure Yan_C was gonna go all CKAC-hotline on your ass for a comment like that. He must have forgotten his cellphone in his locker while golfing ;)

  • 1402. rudy (on Fri Mar 4 09:42:40 2011)
    @etienne: ça fait du bien de ne pas recevoir 50 e-mails de UFHL au travers des 80 autres que je reçois dans une journée pour mon travail... des fois j'aimerais ça avoir une job comme Yan_C... :-)

  • 1401. etienne (on Fri Mar 4 09:29:16 2011)
    Slow days on the board...

  • 1400. danny (on Thu Mar 3 11:16:02 2011)
    That mean i gotta keep Downie too E!!! To feel the love

  • 1399. etienne (on Wed Mar 2 17:20:26 2011)
    I like Danny's # of PIM in the overall ranking!

  • 1398. yan_c (on Wed Mar 2 16:33:29 2011)
    re-tweet de Richard L'abbe... Don Cherry apres le coup de Matt Cooke sur Marc Savard (mars 2010) avait predit que la meme chose arriverait a Crosby si la ligue ne sevissait pas severement. I guess a clock really is right twice a day...

  • 1397. yan_c (on Wed Mar 2 16:21:12 2011)
    @JF....Tres vrai...J'ai fait le calcul la semaine derniere et si j'avais jamais engage Mc$hit, je serais encore en 1ere place... Erreur p-e fatale...mais bon, le Syndrome est revenu fort avec une victoire cette semaine....I won't make the same mistake... :)

  • 1396. jf (on Wed Mar 2 16:13:02 2011)
    I said it smells, not it taste. Sadly I was missing an inch, goalies position really don't move fast forward. I kind of knew it, but now I'm sure, but you can move backward fast, hein Yanc? But nice link anyway.

  • 1395. yannick (on Wed Mar 2 15:33:30 2011)
    Felicitations a Yanick C pour son premier $10 de la saison. C'est sa cinquieme victoire hebdomadaire cette annee, mais sa premiere depuis que les $10 ont commencer. A noter que pour la saison complete, les meneurs pour le nombre de victoires sont les Yan avec 5 victoires chaque. Sommaire des $10 pour la saison 2011: Yannick: $30 Bao: $10 Raymond: $10 Danny: $10 Yanick C: $10

  • 1394. yan_c (on Wed Mar 2 14:47:19 2011)
    @JF...It's only a touchdown once you cross the goal line... So....for this one week only , you receive the Leon Lett Award... Congrats! :)

  • 1393. jf (on Wed Mar 2 09:34:02 2011)
    I smell something this morning, do you??? Je pense que c'est l'odeur de la première place! :D

  • 1392. jf (on Tue Mar 1 17:32:14 2011)
    Lol Niraj YanC Ericsson Montreal do Software for Base stations most of the time. Nothing realted to phone directly, so you'll probably ear before us if I judge by the number of web site / blog / others new you read.

  • 1391. niraj (on Tue Mar 1 16:39:36 2011)
    I'm not sure how many of you work at ALL...

  • 1390. yan_c (on Tue Mar 1 16:33:37 2011)
    I'm not sure how many of you work at Ericsson but if any of you hear stuff on the new Experia Arc or other high end phone the company plans on releasing, I'd be interested to have some info... Cheers, Y

  • 1389. yan_c (on Tue Mar 1 16:00:45 2011)
    interesting article...

  • 1388. raymond (on Tue Mar 1 15:59:41 2011)
    @Yan C: alot of things go into deciding whether or not to keep a player: past performance, current performance, linemates, team, coaching system, perceived upside, injury history, our (UFHL) gut feeling, predicting his price at the draft...the list goes on and on. This is why there is such a big variance between us. I might put more emphasis on past performance, Danny on perceived upside and Phuc on injury history. The number of players that all 11 of us would agree should be kept is very small.

  • 1387. yan_c (on Tue Mar 1 15:47:23 2011)
    @etienne...also I guess on the plan.....if you spend a ton of cap space on a few select studs then obviously you need to get a bunch of cheap ones.... But if you go balanced, at 260$ for 26 players, that average of 10$ per player is not that crazy to do. So the "borderline" or "no way" keepers for some Gm's are Keepers for other gms.

  • 1386. etienne (on Tue Mar 1 15:38:11 2011)
    And let's not forget Pool Guides. Whether we like it or not, they influence our evaluation of players thus on the money spent.

  • 1385. yan_c (on Tue Mar 1 15:36:45 2011)
    @yannick...that is true...timing does make a difference.... and actually some guys go for higher sometimes late in the draft when one gm has more money leftover and can up the bids by that one precious $...

  • 1384. etienne (on Tue Mar 1 15:32:39 2011)
    So, is Stamkos a keeper? ;)

  • 1383. yan_c (on Tue Mar 1 15:32:14 2011)
    I agree...I like Fleishmann...but if you read about what he has it makes concussions seem pretty tame...

  • 1382. yannick (on Tue Mar 1 15:30:22 2011)
    The price of a player at the draft also depends when his auction happens. A guy like Leino would probably go for no more than $5 if the bid for him happens in the last 2 hours of the draft, but could go as high as $10 if leino's name is auctionned in the first two hours...

  • 1381. etienne (on Tue Mar 1 15:29:07 2011)
    @Niraj: I agree with you! But also, there's the reliability factor...

  • 1380. niraj (on Tue Mar 1 15:26:19 2011)
    Fleishmann was 1 pt / game since he got traded to Colorado and he will be a top line winger next year (which is why the team traded Stewart). Anyone interested?

  • 1379. yan_c (on Tue Mar 1 15:24:45 2011)
    as for Danny's keepers I agree he has 10...Yannick sees 6...I don't know who is right... Niemi subban letang Carlson (young and should improve) lidstrom (prob coming back i hear) briere kopitar couture ryan eberle ....Leino I believe will be the next Giroux so I'd keep him...but that's just gut feeling. a part from Lidstrom and briere, none of these guys I think is over 28 years old... So they should improve... Mais bon....Maybe ray would see 5 keepers, Phuc 7 and Jf 13.... I can't seem to understand the divergence...

  • 1378. niraj (on Tue Mar 1 15:24:32 2011)
    @yan_C/league: The running definition of a keeper for me is a player who would cost you more at the draft than you would pay for if you kept him. @JF: Je savais pas que t'habite a Sherbrooke. I haven't been there in a while, so I'd be up for it. @yan_B: Would the 3 additional keepers be on top of the 10 keepers or included?

  • 1377. etienne (on Tue Mar 1 15:22:01 2011)
    Here is the peddling again! (or self-comforting?)

  • 1376. yannick (on Tue Mar 1 15:21:21 2011)
    @yan_c: krecji is the number one center in boston, and will will probably next year also if savard does not come back. He plays on the first line, first power play and has more ice time than bergeron...

  • 1375. etienne (on Tue Mar 1 15:19:14 2011)
    Of course, the branding here is key. Branding a player as a keeper does not make him one. But one key aspect of keepers is evaluating whether a player will go for lower or higher at the draft. So, Bergeron could go for the same price or higher. Depends on evaluation and that's not exactly pure science! As for Stastny, I guess it's based on past performances...

  • 1374. yan_c (on Tue Mar 1 15:11:32 2011)
    for example... Paul Stastny is a keeper..especially at that price.... But Patrice Bergeron is not really.... I'm sure we can find dozens...but why? Stastny has 19 goals...bergie 21 assists....paul has 31...bergie 29 same points bergie is a +21 and paul is a minus 5 stastny has 3 ppg...1shg and 3 gwg Bergeron...3 ppg...2shg...4gwg... Why is one a lock and the other...not so much? I'm not being biased....I'm giving you pure stats.... I could add that Bergie plays for a better team and also will probably be #1 center again next year because I don't think Savard will come back... that is opinion, granted...

  • 1373. yan_c (on Tue Mar 1 14:56:11 2011)
    Quick comment regarding keepers...Lots of people brandish the word and I realized (maybe a little late) that it's never really based on anything concrete. So last year I decided to check out a few things to decide what to do to rebuild from finishing in second to last. Without going into detail as I do use many formulas this is something I'd like to share. We are 11 teams and we must dress 9 forwards per week.... So for the fun of it, I wanted to see what the 99th ranked forward is... Here he is...based on full season...09-10 he has 20 goals he has 28 assists he has 48 pts (coincidence...I did not add g+a) he's an average of +5 he has 6 ppg he has 3 gwg and he has 60 pims... As long as a manager does not have many expensive players there is no reason that a player superior to the up above stats should not be worth in the ten $ range... I could go in depth but maybe traditional UFHL 7-8$ players are really worth 12-13$ and 50$ players closer to 30-40$...Especially in this new injury en masse NHL... So before jumping on the "he's a keeper" or "he's not a keeper" do some research... You'll be very surprised what you find...

  • 1372. yannick (on Tue Mar 1 14:53:36 2011)
    @niraj: I don;t like that system. This means that the player has teh same salary for every year of the contract. It also makes the draft more complicated to manage the $260. we could have a maximum of 3 keepers at $5 floor price for the second year of the contract ($10 for the third year) that fits one of the following descriptions: - a players below 22 years old (on september 1st) - a player that has played 100 games or less in the NHL

  • 1371. jf (on Tue Mar 1 14:45:33 2011)
    @Ray Non je n'y était pas, je pense que c'est l'année ou je suis arrivé 1h ou 2 en retard. @Niraj Yes we should plan a get together and why not at Sherbrooke, I guess it should be our turns. Parce que parler de ça dans un thread sur un borad c'est très difficile s'entendre et arriver à un concensus. Et faire ça la journée du draft c'est pas le moment tous le monde vuet drafter. @Dany Je suis d'accord qu'il est trop tard pour changer le Max de keepers et les salaires. Mais il est jamais trop tard pour en parler et bouger pour le futur.

  • 1370. niraj (on Tue Mar 1 14:39:08 2011)
    @Ray: I'm open to all ideas, but I wasn't suggesting that all players be offered 5 year contracts. I was suggesting that another variable we can add is term of contract. So contract lengths could be variable. Taylor Hall could have a 5 year contract, while Tomas Vokoun could be offered a 2 year contract. The manager who gets to sign the player is the manager that signs him at the highest cap hit / year and if two managers offer the same cap hit / year contract, the manager with the longer contract wins. For example: Taylor hall $20 / 5 years would be a better contract than $8 / 2 years. There are definitely some loop holes so I can ask my baseball friends how they manage this issue if there is interest from the league.

  • 1369. raymond (on Tue Mar 1 14:29:12 2011)
    @JF - étais-tu la il y a 4 ans? Niraj proposais de réduire le nombre de keeper à 8. Au draft, il y avait un débat de 15 min et finalement ca a passé au vote. Le vote était 5 à 4 (un GM était) absent) en faveur de 8 keepers mais tous à coup Niraj à changer d'idée - lui qui était tellement vocal en faveur du changement. Donc ca a resté à 10. @Niraj: if your concern is for the draft, then 5 yr contracts definitely don't make sense. 3 yr contracts allow for a somewhat continuous flow of players returning to the draft. What you really want is a way to keep prospects and we just haven't found the right system for it yet.

  • 1368. yannick (on Tue Mar 1 14:27:41 2011)
    Here is the team salary mass in date of last wednesday. This does take into account this week's trades. The number in the brackets is the position in the overall ranking. 1(3)- jf: $397 2(1)- yannick:$381 3(2)- yan_c: $357 4(4)- bao: $313 5(5)- raymond: $266 6(7)- nolan: $225 7(8)- etienne: $209 8(9)- danny: $197 9(10)- phuc: $175 10(6)- niraj: $115 11(11)-rudy: $93

  • 1367. yannick (on Tue Mar 1 14:14:49 2011)
    @danny: just out of curiosity, who are your 10 keepers? I only see six, but I may have missed something.

  • 1366. danny (on Tue Mar 1 14:02:46 2011)
    Hey...I did my trades according to the rules in place. I have structured a 10 keeper team for next year and worked hard for it. We can't just change the keeper number for next year now. We have to look at this for 2012-13 season. Now, is too late.

  • 1365. yannick (on Tue Mar 1 13:59:33 2011)
    this comment will probably get lost in the thread of comments about the trade, but still I want to remind everyone that a manager cannot manually hire a junior (or a player that has never played in the nhl), for example Sean Couturier or who ever will be the first overall pick this year. But there is a hole in the rules for players that have played in the nhl but do not play in at least one game in the current season. In the old system of reserving players on this board and hiring them once they played in their first game of the season, there was an implied rule (but not written) that a player could only be kept for next season if he had played in at least one game in the current season. By changing to the new system of entering players manually in the "hire a player", that left a loophole in the rules for players that played in the nhl in the past, that are not retired, but that haven't played a game in the current season (khl, injury, sabatical year, or other reasons). We will need to fill that gap at the draft (should be quick actually to resolve this).

  • 1364. yannick (on Tue Mar 1 13:49:05 2011)
    I have said this before, but should we want to change the contract structure, we would have to decide one week prior to the draft as this would impact my draft application. So deciding over the summer would important.

  • 1363. niraj (on Tue Mar 1 13:43:18 2011)
    @yan_b: I've always been on board for re-structuring the contract but I never liked the way you did it. If we can keep this board mildly active in the summer, maybe we can all agree on something that works for everyone. Maybe we could meet up for an Als game and talk about it over beers. The expos would have been perfect for this...

  • 1362. jf (on Tue Mar 1 13:27:44 2011)
    L'an dernier 80 joueurs ont été protègé. Seulement 2 DG ont été pour le nombre max de 10. Donc si ont met les keepers plus intéressant et le nombre à 7. Va donc falloir bien évaluer notre équipe et qui sont les meilleurs Keepers. Pas juste, lui il vaut 10$ l'an prochain, je vais le prendre et on verra bien. 2009-2010 Keepers : Phuc - 8 Rudy - 9 Ray - 4 Nolan - 10 Jf - 6 Bao - 5 Yan - 7 Niraj - 7 Yan-C - 10 Dany - 10 Etienne - 4 Mais bon c'est mon humble avis de pas très bon DG après tout. ;)

  • 1361. yannick (on Tue Mar 1 13:27:33 2011)
    @niraj: this is what I have been saying for the past 3 years, and it has been the rule proposition for the past 2 years... Does that mean that I have you onboard for the new contract structure?

  • 1360. etienne (on Tue Mar 1 13:26:54 2011)
    I blame Yan_C for the "spending reasonably" trend that is emerging. Somehow, I regret the over $50 for Selanne days! Good thing Niraj and Danny are keeping the flame burning

  • 1359. niraj (on Tue Mar 1 13:25:26 2011)
    It would also be fun to add longer term contracts to keepers. For instance, taylor hall would have gone for a lot more money if we could offer him a 5 year contract. This style of keeper league is prevalent in baseball leagues.

  • 1358. niraj (on Tue Mar 1 13:11:55 2011)
    @JF: For me, I'm not worried about a dynasty. I'm worried that the draft will become boring. For me, the draft is the best part of this hockey pool.

  • 1357. jf (on Tue Mar 1 13:06:05 2011)
    @Niraj I don't see a problem of having too many keepers. If we don't want all DG to have 10 keepers we just lower the number Max. I think Yan prove that having no keepers in a team doesn't prevent having a winning team this year. Alors le maximum qu'on impose au gagnants ne sert à rien à mon avis. Et faut faire attention de ne pas mettre la ligue trop compliqué ( Mineur + Waivers ). Certains DG risque de démisionner si ça deviens une job à temps plein gérer une équipe.

  • 1356. raymond (on Tue Mar 1 12:16:12 2011)
    @Etienne: I'll give you Michael Jordan's minor league batting average - .202!

  • 1355. niraj (on Tue Mar 1 12:15:21 2011)
    @JF: Je suis d'accord avec toi. Des minimums de $10 et un peu elever. But how do we combat the problem of having too many keepers? The idea of a Minor league team and waiver wire come to mind. I think that would resolve a lot of issues.

  • 1354. etienne (on Tue Mar 1 11:39:25 2011)
    @Ray: your comment will put over my .183 average...

  • 1353. rudy (on Tue Mar 1 11:36:19 2011)
    12-player trades are basically obscene, even in fantasy hockey. And that Niraj-Ray trade is very obscene. But unless players involved in that trade ends up on a top 3 team I wouldn't call any fault, because for some reason I think suspicious trades are just part of the UFHL tradition. Of course I may be wrong...

  • 1352. raymond (on Tue Mar 1 11:35:02 2011)
    Usually I reserve the GM bashing for Niraj but I'll temporarily switch my target to Danny. Now Danny, I know (or I hope you know) that your analysis is retarded. If you truly believe in that breakdown, then I'm speechless... I'm actually going to hold myself back here because my goal isn't to start a war of words with you. I would ask you to re-read Etienne's comment #1347 and think things over. Having said, I agree with all of you. Paid a big price, not proud of it. Trade doesn't look right - I agree Hate to admit it but Etienne's analysis is accurate.

  • 1351. etienne (on Tue Mar 1 11:17:54 2011)
    @jf: je pensais que tu parlais de l'ex de Perverley dans le sens de "sloppy seconds" de Avery.

  • 1350. jf (on Tue Mar 1 11:14:27 2011)
    C'est un des trucs que je crois on doit adresser pour l'an prochain. On devrait avoir plus de Keepers possible, de vrai keepers. Car des joueurs à 10$ au Draft il y en a des tonnes, alors Peverley/Anisimov/... Ex: Havlat - Vanek - Ribeiro - Selane - ... Il va y avoir un packet d'équivalent de disponible au prochain draft. Si Peverley avait pu être gardé pour 5$ alors là c'est plus attrayant. Je donne l'ex de Peverley, mais ça peut-être Booth - Koivu - Penner - Plekanek ...

  • 1349. etienne (on Tue Mar 1 11:10:42 2011)
    bon, Danny fait son gérant d'estrade! ;)

  • 1348. danny (on Tue Mar 1 11:08:58 2011)
    Breaking down the worst trade ever in the UFHL...You be the judge: Howard for rinne Visnovsky for Zidlicky Roszival for erhoff Ansimov for Rick Nash Marco sturm for dany heatley and finally peverley for pavelski. The worst thing about all this is we accept this trade on the ground of "stupidness or extreme fatigue" is not enough to cancel a trade. Basically, who wants Niemi and Subban, I need a good forward to finish the season. I want to finish first in SH category....Good reason right! Come'on man!

  • 1347. etienne (on Tue Mar 1 10:36:38 2011)
    Ray was desperate because of lack of keepers left in the market. Tried to salvaged his team for next year... @Niraj: I am a legend? That's better than champion!

  • 1346. yan_c (on Tue Mar 1 08:34:53 2011)
    Gauthier a fait une interessante analogie hier... Il se comparait a une famille moyenne qui avait sauve ses sous pour partir en voyage qui s'est rendu compte que le toit de leur maison coulait et a du depenser ses memes sous la bas.. Pour Danny je vais expliquer.... le toit qui coule fut Markov, Gorges, Spacek etc... et les depenses sont Wiz, Sopel, Mara etc... :)

  • 1345. yan_c (on Tue Mar 1 08:25:58 2011) fait, Mc$hit n'apparait pas sur la liste "seconde" des joueurs crisses dehors... Si quelqu'un le veux blague bien sur...c'est au cas ou c'est un probleme informatique... Cheers

  • 1344. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 22:56:30 2011)
    and artem ansimov of course....the russian James Van Rymsdyk...

  • 1343. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 22:50:37 2011)
    visnovsky is probably worth erhoff + heatley Howard is worth rinne and pavelski even if he his not playing well that leaves... Nash, zidlicky for waiver wire Sturm, 1 pt per 3 game roszival and Rich peverly...'s not a good trade, but not that indecent actually...borderline, but ok by me on second thought

  • 1342. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 22:38:26 2011)
    The more I look at it, the more I don;t get the trade.... Ray gets 2 good players in ludomir and Howard and gives up 6 of them? Independant review anyone? lol

  • 1341. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 22:35:20 2011)
    Come to think of it...kinda weird that Ray refused Bergeron + Phaneuf + Hornqvist for Erhoff on his own yesterday...

  • 1340. yannick (on Mon Feb 28 22:26:47 2011)
    @niraj: great trade for you niraj as it didn't cost any of your big keepers (howard isn't particularly stellar with his 2.80 average...) you take a shot at the top 3 and still have all your keepers! Ray was really easy on you...

  • 1339. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 21:30:57 2011)
    Danny was very convincing. Less so when promoting Gorges though..

  • 1338. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 21:28:29 2011)
    I'll never forgive you.

  • 1337. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 21:25:36 2011)
    Though I see im wrong now. Danny kept telling me that in our negos lolmy bad

  • 1336. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 21:21:20 2011)
    I wrote almost every week. Come on

  • 1335. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 21:19:07 2011)
    i appreciate that, but I'm still coming after you Cole...:).

  • 1334. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 21:16:59 2011)
    I'll try dear... :-)

  • 1333. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 21:15:42 2011)
    yan_c, sucks that you need to shit on other people's parades to feel whatever it is you feel. Would be nice for you to contribute positively from time to time.

  • 1332. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 21:14:50 2011)
    Half truth's like Danny being top 3 every week since December?

  • 1331. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 21:12:33 2011)
    Guess Niraj needs some attention. Why else would he promote his own trade? Boom. Blockbuster post for yan_c lol Not! :)

  • 1330. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 21:07:38 2011)
    Because I'm allowed too? At least I don't spend my time posting many have truths and exagérations. You never know, I. Might win the loto Friday. :)

  • 1329. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 21:03:41 2011)
    i already inferred that it's a long shot. why are you still talking?

  • 1328. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 21:02:35 2011)
    No but I know math, stats and probabilities. Danny has been top 3 every week or almost since December and is still stuck at the same place. Too Little too late.

  • 1327. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 20:58:11 2011)
    Yan_C does not know the legend of Etienne...

  • 1326. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 20:53:35 2011)
    Actually it is too late. We don't have a vacuum type pool. If all your guys get super hot, so will their teammates, which we own. But, it's a fun move.

  • 1325. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 20:48:20 2011)
    Yeah, it's definitely late in the game, but if the cards fall right you never know.

  • 1324. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 20:43:06 2011)
    Not enough games left, too many teams in between. At Xmas, would have been scary though.

  • 1323. raymond (on Mon Feb 28 20:39:04 2011)
    What happened here? The 5th place GM gives all his players to the 6th place GM? It's like a relay race, I ran the first 3 legs and handed off the baton. I'm in shock Might have to investigate my own trade lol

  • 1322. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 20:30:39 2011)
    And the non event day continues

  • 1321. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 20:23:30 2011)

  • 1320. etienne (on Mon Feb 28 15:54:14 2011)
    Non-event day. Money will be pouring in today from the copyrights/trademarks!

  • 1319. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 15:40:26 2011)
    Edit....Anaheim also sent a prospect so maybe it's not so bad...

  • 1318. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 15:23:43 2011)
    Pas fort pour Gauthier... Vancouver just gave a nobody and 3rd round pick for le beau Maxim.... then again...

  • 1317. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 15:18:20 2011)
    @Rudy: We should give more respect to Curtis McShit. He's an inspiration to young goalies across north america. After all, if he can make it, anyone can.

  • 1316. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 15:10:47 2011)
    Arnott dropped NTC to go to...Washington? qu'oce?

  • 1315. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 15:07:57 2011) that he's not far, I might just go kick his a$$ for dropping me out of first place... :)

  • 1314. rudy (on Mon Feb 28 15:06:53 2011)
    Can you believe McChicken is now a Senator?

  • 1313. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 14:58:48 2011)
    Actually there are lots of fakes so here are the official ones... there was a fake post that made the round that Penner was traded to Montreal...lasted like 15 mins!/Real_ESPNLeBrun!/DarrenDreger!/TSNBobMcKenzie!/Richardlabbe!/mathiasbrunet!/RealKyper

  • 1312. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 14:56:20 2011)
    got a list for us?

  • 1311. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 14:53:46 2011)
    @phuc...follow the "in" guys on twitter comes out fast there...and you don't need to listen to these geniuses talk :)

  • 1310. phuc (on Mon Feb 28 13:59:03 2011)
    Not unexpected, but incredible snoozefest on TSN still...

  • 1309. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 13:54:52 2011)
    Just saw that they played 1 more game and have 1 fewer win, although the same points. Too bad for us.

  • 1308. yan_c (on Mon Feb 28 13:50:23 2011)
    Again Niraj with the non truth... Calgary claimed him on waivers ahead of Montreal....they are lower in the standings...

  • 1307. niraj (on Mon Feb 28 13:40:50 2011)
    Did we not have room for a Brett Carson?

  • 1306. etienne (on Mon Feb 28 12:29:13 2011)
    Monday Morning Reminder: St-Louis and Miller are available.

  • 1305. yannick (on Sat Feb 26 13:54:35 2011)
    looking for someone to go with to the game tonight, or just sell my tickets. section 434 in the blue, quite cheap. Just call me if interested (514-594-5201), I won't be in front of my computer this afternoon.

  • 1304. yan_c (on Sat Feb 26 13:22:40 2011)
    Retweet from Greg Wyshynski... Pascal Leclaire tripped over the waiver wire, out 4-6 weeks with broken ankle.

  • 1303. rudy (on Fri Feb 25 21:28:49 2011)
    Roloson is available. I don't think Chicken McNugget and Mike Smith will have a lot of starts, so Rolo can help someone in the race for sure.

  • 1302. yan_c (on Fri Feb 25 14:32:38 2011)
    @Bao...Danny still owns him until wednesday....very dangerous lol

  • 1301. bao (on Fri Feb 25 14:31:18 2011)
    @YanC: My sis-in-law is having dinner with Cammalleri tonight... Expect him to be day-to-day (food poisoning)

  • 1300. yan_c (on Fri Feb 25 12:56:54 2011)
    Ray and the other.... Please, I beg you.... Tell your confreres and conseoeurs to drop the god awful proprietary stuff you're putting on your phones (i.e Mediascape and the retarded Timescape or.... open it the bootloader so we can then install whatever mods we want... at 500-700$ for a phone, you'd think I'd deserve to have that option. :) thank you.... a loyal customer (4th phone...1st SE android and thinking of buying the upcoming ARC)

  • 1299. raymond (on Fri Feb 25 12:49:09 2011)
    And yet Etienne is 1st in the weekly rankings??? lol New forecast: Ericsson productivity is expected to plunge for the next 6 weeks, however it is expected to increase by 200% in mid-April.

  • 1298. etienne (on Fri Feb 25 09:22:20 2011)
    I should have done my line up! Rookie mistake ;)

  • 1297. bao (on Fri Feb 25 09:03:40 2011)
    It's an Ericsson Trifecta !!! no wonder our stock is doing so badly :)

  • 1296. yan_c (on Thu Feb 24 15:10:51 2011)
    And by 2 Gm's I meant Niraj....I figure if he can say half truths and exaggerations, why not try? it sure is fun! :) Next off is burning bag of doodie (sorry rudy!) on the front steps of Officer Sherbrooke Swanson.

  • 1295. yan_c (on Thu Feb 24 15:01:08 2011)
    @Ray....Actually 2 gm's called my move of hiring a goalie this late a "Ray"... seems you tried it to no avail a few years back. before my time sadly.. Dan Ellis will back up my incredible pickup of Ray emery..How do I do it? lol

  • 1294. raymond (on Thu Feb 24 14:58:58 2011)
    Yan C - the only rookie mistake you've made in your UFHL career is asking Niraj to draft your entire team for you ; ) When I saw the Montreal trade, I confused Nigel Dawes with Jason Dawe! I thought to myself "This guy is still playing hockey?" lol Dan Ellis is now the new #1 goalie in does JF do it? Better question: what is TB going to do with McCrap?

  • 1293. yan_c (on Thu Feb 24 14:02:42 2011)
    If Ottawa can trade Kovalev, we surely can trade Niraj, no? I'd offer to trade myself, but you guys need rookie mistake gm's like me to keep the race close!

  • 1292. yan_c (on Thu Feb 24 14:00:54 2011)
    @phuc...I was messing around a little....hence my last post....I agree with you :)

  • 1291. etienne (on Thu Feb 24 13:42:17 2011)
    Kovalev for a 7th round pick? And Fefans (i hesitate to use the word people) were protesting in front of Bell Center to have him back. I wonder now how many of them are still Ottawa fans?

  • 1290. etienne (on Thu Feb 24 13:21:29 2011)
    @Phuc: for a second I thought you were refering to actual cats... (Which would have been cool) Mind is tired, undergrads are tiresome...

  • 1289. phuc (on Thu Feb 24 13:01:54 2011)
    No, it's all the same shit. I don't have any pretense to be a 'real' GM - I'm just a UFHL GM that plays within the same rules as everyone here. I treat the lucky cats, the less 'meaningful' cat and the pts cat the same way. And I'm sure you do too for the purpose of the pool (ie. who you choose to roster). To quote a wise bald man: Ask any pooler. Any real pooler. It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning.

  • 1288. yan_c (on Thu Feb 24 11:50:17 2011)
    Mais bon. Gagner c'est gagner tout de même :)

  • 1287. yan_c (on Thu Feb 24 11:15:22 2011)
    Gagner en finissant dernier en plus minus versus dernier en pims est pareil mais on sait tous que il y a une différence

  • 1286. yan_c (on Thu Feb 24 11:11:32 2011)
    En théorie, oui. Mais qui est le meilleur gm entre... celui qui gagne le champ en finissant 1er en shg et gwg ou un autre qui gagne en finissant dernier dans ces 2 categories? Le gm qui habille des backup goalie pour protéger son avance ou celui qui continue d'habiller des starters malgré cette avance?

  • 1285. yannick (on Thu Feb 24 10:41:53 2011)
    @yan_c: genant pour qui? ;) en theorie, chaque categorie est aussi importante les unes que les autres...

  • 1284. yan_c (on Thu Feb 24 10:02:29 2011)
    @Ray...funny as that is the most important category in the eyes of most NHL brass... Ca serait genant de gagner le championnat avec cet oeil au beurre noir la! :)

  • 1283. raymond (on Thu Feb 24 09:40:05 2011)
    Could he be the 1st team to win a championship while being last in any category (+/-)? Watch out, the BLT sandwich has been put in the oven! As for the Combiners, is there enough energon to ignite their spark?

  • 1282. niraj (on Wed Feb 23 23:04:29 2011)
    Bilodeau's team is the team to beat right now. Good move by JF, but if Yannick gets 1 more SO, it's going to be a very hard climb for first. By far one of the better races for the championship in recent memory...

  • 1281. yannick (on Wed Feb 23 18:46:35 2011)
    Pour un troisieme fois cette annee, felicitations a moi-meme pour avoir gagner la semaine et porter mon total a $30 pour la saison. C'est comique, c'est la deuxieme fois cette saison qu'apres avoir fini dernier pour le classement de la semaine, je gagnes les deux semaines suivante. Et c'est le fun de voir les Highlanders 1er dans tous les classements aujourd'hui (last night games, weekly, overall, head-2-head). Je sais tres bien que ca ne durera pas, mais c'est l'fun quand meme! Sommaire des $10 pour la saison 2011: Yannick: $30 Bao: $10 Raymond: $10 Danny: $10

  • 1280. danny (on Wed Feb 23 18:39:05 2011)
    Cant believe Yan wipped mine with a pretty good week for the hitmen!

  • 1279. rudy (on Wed Feb 23 16:32:34 2011)
    Can't believe I actually beat the Lemon in the infamous Head-to-Head with that awful week...

  • 1278. etienne (on Wed Feb 23 14:30:23 2011)
    It was me! Still going for .183!

  • 1277. danny (on Wed Feb 23 14:26:45 2011)
    Holy shit...So many posts it's freaking me out...I'm starting to think Niraj is making sense in 2 of this last 18 comments. Something must be wrong.

  • 1276. yan_c (on Wed Feb 23 14:23:52 2011)
    Funny thing. I did some research. the day I picked up Curtis his save % was better than even Hiller. He then had 3 ufhl starts with a 6.96 GAA and .765 save percentage. Numbers that are the worst for one goalie of any of us this season. (of all time? close?) What are the odds of me picking a guy for 1 week off FA and that happens? It was a bad hire (awful even) but no way it should fall under Horrendous one. it was a big fat fluke. Yannick the same day hires Hedberg (good move to cover his pickup of Brodeur and goes on to have one of the best UFHL weeks in history... 4 starts...3 Goals allowed total with 2 shutouts! All this the same exact week my guy has maybe the worst week ever... Funny how things happen... Tout ca pour dire, Felecitations Yannick pour ton hire et surtout pour ta victoire cette semaine!

  • 1275. danny (on Wed Feb 23 14:14:17 2011)
    Qui riait de Riemer et Hedberg déjà??? Je crois que n'importe qui aurait pris leur production. Au moins, je profite au max de Mason!

  • 1274. yan_c (on Wed Feb 23 11:32:02 2011)
    @Niraj..There's a solid argument to be made that having a "guys with billions of dollars acting like the regular fan" as an owner is not necessarily a good thing for a team. In fact, quite the opposite.

  • 1273. niraj (on Wed Feb 23 11:20:03 2011)
    I love the reactions I get from yan_c. Good to know if I started a radio show, I'd be guaranteed to have 1 listener and 1 caller.

  • 1272. yan_c (on Wed Feb 23 11:10:10 2011)
    @niraj....hum....Cuz' there are better things to do? Following some sports news to be able to compete in a hockey pool is one thing, but "connecting" with the new owner of a team cuz' he is a fan of gilbert Perreault is another. And remember what the last owners of the Lightning were saying...Was even more fan friendly that the garbage you mentionned....and they ran out of dough after hiring barry melrose lol

  • 1271. niraj (on Wed Feb 23 11:02:32 2011)
    @yan_c: I'm not sure about being a jock sniffer, but I appreciate guys with billions of dollars acting like the regular fan. How can you not connect with a guy like that?

  • 1270. rudy (on Wed Feb 23 10:46:34 2011)
    @niraj: having second thoughts about trading away Drew Stafford? :-)

  • 1269. yan_c (on Wed Feb 23 10:33:42 2011)
    @niraj....You are such a jock sniffer lol Read a book or see a movie made before 2000 ;)

  • 1268. niraj (on Wed Feb 23 10:31:36 2011)
    I think I'm a Buffalo Sabres fan after reading the clips from Terry Pegula's press conference. Some clips from the press conference: "Who am I? I'm a Sabres fan since 1975." Terry looking across the room and waxing nostalgic about Sabres legend Gilbert Perreault, saying "You are my hero." and finally saying: "From this point forward, the Buffalo Sabres' reason for existence will be to win the Stanley Cup." Sabres should destroy the Thrashers tonight...

  • 1267. rudy (on Wed Feb 23 09:07:25 2011)
    Going for 30 ranking points this week! Reimer and Anderson activated...! Hail Mary, Mother of God...

  • 1266. niraj (on Wed Feb 23 09:02:49 2011)
    Nice hire doodielicious!

  • 1265. niraj (on Tue Feb 22 23:43:10 2011)
    Sad to see you go Optimus Reim, but I had to acquire Real Deal Neal playing with Crosby...

  • 1264. etienne (on Tue Feb 22 12:34:10 2011)
    @UHFL My players are available for you to win the championship. Looking for SURE keepers preferably Goalies and/or Defense

  • 1263. yannick (on Tue Feb 22 10:57:57 2011)
    Re-bienvenue Nolan. comme dis Raymond, si tu veux lire tous les commentaires, attaches ta tuque, t'en a pour quelques jours!

  • 1262. raymond (on Tue Feb 22 10:36:32 2011)
    Nolan est de retour! Bienvenue (de nouveau) au UFHL. Il y a plusieurs commentaires à

  • 1261. niraj (on Tue Feb 22 10:28:01 2011)
    I would throw you a bag of pucks for him, but then your GAA stats would go up even higher... It's going to be interesting to look back and see how much damage this move made...Lundqviste averaged a 2.3 GAA and had 1 more win the week that Curtis McShit was put in play. If you lose, I really hope it won't be because of this...

  • 1260. yan_c (on Tue Feb 22 09:49:45 2011)
    In the spirit of full disclosure to the media and our Syndrome fans.... Curtis Mcelhinney is the right price...

  • 1259. etienne (on Tue Feb 22 09:45:08 2011)
    Salut Nolan, content d'avoir de tes nouvelles. Je regardais les pintes de lait pour voir ta photo. On a même considéré contacter la police pour lancer une alerte Amber. En passant, est-ce que tu es chez Lubie Vision?

  • 1258. niraj (on Tue Feb 22 08:11:20 2011)
    Welcome back Nolan.

  • 1257. nolan (on Mon Feb 21 22:34:10 2011)
    Salut Les gars, premièrement je voudrais m'excuser à tout le monde pour les courriels non-retourné. Comme je l'ai mentionné à plusieurs reprises les courriels que vous envoyé à vont directement dans ma boite de courrier indésirable. Je vous pris donc de m'envoyer vos demandes d'échanges à cet adresse : - Merci Yannick de faire le changement dans mon compte. Pour répondre maintenant à Yan_c qui mentionne mon manque au niveau de la gérance de mon équipe il est vrai que depuis la naissance de ma petite fille j'ai beaucoup plus de misère à suivre le rythme que par les années passées. Ceux qui ont des enfants pourront me comprendre sur ce point. De plus j'ai débuter en novembre un emploi à temps plein pour une compagnie Web à Sherbrooke. Je ne suis donc plus travailleur autonome ce qui enlève également beaucoup de temps libre. Sur ce point Yan_C à complètement raison et je vais faire de mon mieux pour remédier à la situation car je veux continuer à faire partie de cette ligue. J'ai également eux quelques imprévue tel que la Série Montréal-Québec. Le père de ma copine est tombé subitement malade en janvier et il vient heureusement de s'en sortir dans les derniers jours après plusieurs opération risquées. Bref ca a pris beaucoup de mon temps et je n'ai malheureusement pas eu trop la tête à ca... Par contre si je n'ai pas bougé beaucoup côté transaction depuis le début de la saison n'est pas une question de temps mais de choix. Je suis satisfait de mon équipe pour le moment malgré mon positionnement. Je crois que je pourrais être beaucoup plus haut si j'aurais continuer à faire régulièrement mes line up semaine après semaine. Je suis quand même ouvert à des propositions (à la bonne adresse) et me ferai un plaisir de négocier avec les autres Managers dans mes temps libres. J'espère vous avoir éclairé un peu sur ma situation... et encore une fois désolé des inconvénients que cela à pu produire. Bonne chance à tous pour le dernier droit.

  • 1256. niraj (on Mon Feb 21 21:50:16 2011)
    I think Yan_C should get a show on YouTube show called "The Last Word". Every show would end with Yan_C looking into the camera and saying "And THAT's the last word..."

  • 1255. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 21:37:26 2011)
    I'm transparent as it's not my livelihood... If I negotiated with GM or Air Canada like I do in the UFHL, I'm not sure I'd have a career. like playing poker but with play money....same game as real money but TOTALLY different. But I know of 3 times I've "tried" to get a player knowing full well that he was not available, and hoped/expected the GM to counter with who I really wanted. Thus making it "his" idea. I really can't see how divulging that kind of information helps an NHL Gm in real life. I'm trying but I just can't. the canadiens have never been more conncected to the marketplace...they ARE at that limit you mention that could hurt.... The team and their official partners (RDS, CKAC) have CH coverage wall to wall! there are also side shows like the maxim lapierre show or those weekly bio shows on express vu the majority of sports pages in our newspapers cover the habs u can buy their stuff in any store...even in magazine stores they are Overexposed if anything...'re disappointed in how the Habs treat their fans... and I'm dissapointed that it's been 17 years since a cup... I wonder who has their priorities mixed up? so no...I'm right lol :) case closed lol

  • 1254. niraj (on Mon Feb 21 21:21:04 2011)
    Umm, in real estate being that transparent is very powerful. When people know you're ready to buy, what you're willing to pay and what you're ready to sell for deals happen that satisfy both parties. In an uneducated market, I agree showing your cards is not the way to go. I can't imagine the GMs in the NHL are uneducated. Milbury's an analyst now afterall :). This argument is getting nowhere. I think we just fundamentally disagree on things (although oddly enough you're one of the more transparent managers to deal with in the UFHL). I believe in making your customers feel as connected as possible to the product without hurting yourself in the marketplace. You believe that any information you give out hurts your position in the marketplace, even in an educated one. Both styles have worked in many businesses / industries, so neither one of us is more right than the other.

  • 1253. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 21:05:07 2011)
    @Niraj.... MY friend's son was struck my a puck at the belle center... After the infirmary they gave the kid a ton of paraphernalia and 2 tickets for another game (though not as Colombus or something) As far as I'm concerned, that's exactly like getting your iphone replaced... Cuz the GM does not talk about what goes down behind closed doors has nothing to do with customer service... So next time you're in the market to buy a property....make sure you tell the sellers and all the real estate agents what you want and how quickly you want it...which banks are ready to back you, what properties you already own, etc.... Now try and look at me in the face to tell me that's the absolute best way to go about your business...

  • 1252. niraj (on Mon Feb 21 20:00:24 2011)
    @yan_C & rudy: Get an iPhone. The site looks perfect in my iphone and posting comments is a cinch. @yan_c: It's interesting that you think I'm manipulated by the media. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. But can't I just want to know because the sports franchise is in my city? It's the Montreal Canadiens after-all, not the Molson Canadians. You seem to be arguing from an ownership stance. I'm arguing from a customer stance. Let me give you an example: Apple. Have you ever been to their genius bar? It is, BY FAR, the best tech/customer support in the world. My phone fell in a lake (the one on 15/16 blue) and I took it to them. Techically they could have told me to fuck off. But they replaced it with a brand new iPhone. I told them I was surprised. Their response "If we didn't replace it, we'd be like every other company". If there was 1 company in the world that could treat their customers like shit, it would be Apple. Their brand loyalty is unmatched. Why do they do this? Why does Steve Jobs show up at the Developer Conference? So that customer can feel connected to the brand. When you feel connected to the brand, you don't question the output. The genius of Apple is that they know that other companies will come out with cooler maybe even better products (one day). So they work on their brand loyalty. Finally, and sadly so, I am becoming interested in the Leafs thanks to Brian Burke. Sure he's a loudmouth. But he's a smart loudmouth.

  • 1251. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 16:41:56 2011)
    Nice pickup Bao...Maybe he'll finally produce...

  • 1250. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 16:06:22 2011)
    @rudy @yannick...I'm approaching my quiet time at work....(march/april) so if there's anything I can do , I volunteer...

  • 1249. rudy (on Mon Feb 21 16:02:36 2011)
    @yan_c: browsing with your phone on the UFHL website is not recommended! The comments of the week page is way too long and the data is unsorted, it's just a gigantic stack of text. An RSS feed would be great for you and me always the nose in our phone, but Yannick would have to kill the monster and migrate to new technologies (XML for instance) to get structured data. What I could do to help Yannick and give us modern forum/information tools would be to create a new "Comments of the week" page on another website linked to the actual UFHL website in some way to keep the old school look and feel. Food for thoughts...

  • 1248. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 15:59:45 2011)
    Funny how I defend Gauthier's silence and I can't shut up. I see the irony... :)

  • 1247. yannick (on Mon Feb 21 15:57:37 2011)
    ANNONCE IMPORTANTE: le record du nombre de commentaires en une seule annee a ete brisee aujourd'hui! A 11:28:43 am en ce 21ieme jour de Fevrier de l'annee 2011, Niraj a poster le 1237ieme commentaires de l'annee, brisant ainsi le record de 1236 de la saison derniere! Un gros merci a Yanick C., celui sans qui ce record aurait ete impossible! Sans joke, c'est cool de voir le site en vie comme ca. Je vais essayer de voir comment je pourrais ameliorer les "comments of the week". J'ai une idee, je vais l'incorporer au head-2-head et faire des head-2-head comments! C'est une joke bien sure... a moins que vous me tordiez le bras pour que je garde le head-2-head l'annee prochaine... quelqu'un? ...(crickets sound)... ah ok, le head-2-head va continuer son chemin vers dans la poubelle de la ufhl, juste a cote du trade-offer feature que je n'ai jamais ete capable de terminer!

  • 1246. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 15:51:30 2011)
    In response to my last post Niraj is tempted to say how he loves the way Nokia bosses now explain in depth what steps they will take going forward by dropping symbian and using windows 7 OS... whereas those bastards at Apple and Google keep their cards close to the vest. Don't they respect their customers? Can't Google explain why they are offering open source operating systems? Can't Apple explain why they offer such a closed operating sys? Those things are soooooooo important for us to know.

  • 1245. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 15:42:38 2011)
    @rudy @Yannick @others who might know Right now to read the comments of the week I can look at my emails or come to the page. My question is... I use Google reader to get most of my news updates as it's much easier and quicker to sift through. I believe the feeds are of a RSS variety (not sure term is correct). Can the technology used on this site generate said Rss feeds? @Rudy...Have you tried posting to the comments of the week from your phone? I use Android (and tried it on Iphone) and it's super slow to type in the comments section. Ideas?

  • 1244. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 14:00:42 2011)
    HILARIOUS! this was just tweeted by Richard Labbe of La Presse Richardlabbe Richard Labbé Si seulement P.Gauthier était aussi transparent RT @SeanFitz_Gerald (trad) "B.Burke dit qu'il tentait ce matin d'ajouter un défenseur". The press wants to know these things. To publish these things. To sell ads based on # of readers of these things. Niraj, you don't even realize that the press manipulates you.... :)

  • 1243. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 13:56:56 2011)
    then again I keep hearing soundbites of Burke saying that the 3rd round pick he got from Philly is "in play"... So what? How in god's name does that information help or hurt us? it's a "non-event" (I'll send you a check Etienne)

  • 1242. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 13:54:05 2011)
    @Niraj...If the Habs were the Packers and you were one of the 120,010 shareholders, then crtique away... But since they are not, there's nothing stopping you from becoming a Leafs fan... When I went to see the Raptors in Montreal, Geoff Molson said something that made most of us laugh... The one thing he hated was how "fans" complained about how much so and so makes... "I'm the one who is paying them! not them! none of their business!" Now, he was half joking but we got the point... The Leafs are a very public company (teachers union etc..) so maybe part of Burke's mandate is to be "transparent", I dunno.

  • 1241. raymond (on Mon Feb 21 12:16:27 2011)
    Niraj just add Gauthier as your Facebook Friend : )

  • 1240. niraj (on Mon Feb 21 11:49:00 2011)
    That wasn't an example of transparency. It was a good example of how a GM's communication can have a tangible impact on the club.

  • 1239. raymond (on Mon Feb 21 11:43:51 2011)
    Brisebois is a good example but it had nothing to do with transparency. Fans were booing Brise all the time, Gainey got fed up and told those fans to stay home. “We don’t need those people. we don’t want those people....I think they’re a bunch of gutless bastards, to be honest.” Transparency vs Pressure: does the vote of confidence for the coach count? Burke says that Wilson isn't going anywhere. Does that stop the Toronto media from asking Burke if he's going to change the coach? Nope. They still ask. Does Gomez have less pressure to perform because Gauthier says that he likes what Gomez brings to the table? Nope. Transparency can work both ways.

  • 1238. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 11:40:02 2011)
    Why tip your hand? Much rather other gms guess what you really want instead of knowing for sure. If you think a gm would actually spell out all offers he received and refused, you are naive. If he did, no one would ever deal with him again. Even internally they never tell so and so you were almost traded for so and so.

  • 1237. niraj (on Mon Feb 21 11:28:43 2011)
    @ray: What about what he's looking for right now and where's he's looking to add to the team? A big winger? Another defenceman? Are picks in play? Or is he satisfied with the team and he's not looking to add much before the trade deadline? Like Yan_C said, public perception is often very far from the organization's perception of the team. The media dictates what the team needs right now, the fans follow and then everyone gets disappointed with the CH. It's just a terrible process. @yan_c: My opinion regarding the CH to better comm. with the fans has been as such for a long time. Watching Burke and how he handles himself in Toronto makes me want to have that in Montreal. As for a tangible benefits, I think having the fans stop listening to moron journalists and instead wait for the GMs stance on things would take pressure off of the team. When Gainey called the fans cowards for booing Brisebois, it took a ton of pressure of off him and Brise even got cheered the very next game and I believe he played decent that season. How much of that was Gainey? I'd say a lot more than one might realize. The reason we have no stars on this team is because the media pressure here can impact a player's performance. A transparent GM takes the pressure off the players, the fans are better informed and everyone's happy. Wouldn't it have been nice to know what the other offers for Halak were? How can I cheer for a guy like Gauthier when I don't know anything about his plan?

  • 1236. raymond (on Mon Feb 21 10:56:21 2011)
    I better way to resolve this would be to simply ask Niraj what he would like Gauthier to say? Comment on trades? Forget about it On contract discussions? His answer would be "we're talking and hope to come to an agreement" On his players? Martin does that enough On why he traded Lapierre? Forget about it On rumours involving Souray, Penner, Liles, Huselius, Klesla, Philips, etc...Forget about it lol

  • 1235. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 10:46:29 2011) admitted by text that you rarely (never ) used any potential contacts at your disposal to find out some real stuff. So that means, 100% of your info comes from what you read, hear, see and notice. As such, at least a certain percentage of your final thought was shaped by the media and not just your own free thinking.

  • 1234. etienne (on Mon Feb 21 10:39:17 2011)
    @Niraj: how can Gauthier comment on trades if he doesn't do any? (Halak and Wiz asides!) @Niraj 2: I wrote average fan - it was not aimed at you. You're such a free thinker! @ Yan_C: I agree that skill as a GM and skills at communication are two different things. As for Burke, the jury is still out: the team he build in Vancouver has no Stanley Cup yet and the Duck we're build by his predecessor. Personnally, I like GMs like Gauthier or Rick Dudley: the rink rat kind of people who love the game! For me, the ideal GM is someone like Chiarelli: he speaks to the media but not too often. He even gave an interview to CKAC! Which was really interesting. Makes good moves and backs his players - e.g. Tim Thomas last year and Patrice Bergeron. It would be cool to hear other GMs on Francophone media even if there's a language barrier. I want to hear other points of view on the game and players and building philosophies instead of having second hand stories by Le Tigre on Burke or Feaster or Lamoriello. One person I really enjoyed was Ken Holland on "Au nom du sport" on TéléQuébec: great vision, really interesting.

  • 1233. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 10:24:21 2011)
    @niraj....but there's no upside to doing it! I'm not dissing him gm skills so no need to bring up what he's done. again, you switch the focus... I'm saying how does it help? explain it to me in tangential terms? I only see the opportunity of putting a foot in upside. Maybe Niraj you don't realize that you're influenced as much as you are by the media? ego aside...

  • 1232. niraj (on Mon Feb 21 10:19:42 2011)
    @Etienne: Interesting point, but I'd like to think that I didn't get my viewpoint from the "media". I've always thought this. I don't see how Gauthier would loses by commenting too much. Other than what appears to be a moronic Kessel trade with Boston (we don't know what Seguin's ceiling is and this year's draft is very weak), Burke has made some very very solid trades since. Beauchemin, Versteeg and Kaberle were all traded for a high prices. And he's been as transparent as he can be with the media. I don't see where that has hurt him...

  • 1231. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 09:57:39 2011)
    thank you Etienne.... It takes me 3000 words to say what you can resume in one paragraph! (I'm like Brain Burke lol) Chapeau! :)

  • 1230. etienne (on Mon Feb 21 09:55:24 2011)
    What is really surprising is how the journalists/columnists/pundits were able to "convince" the public that THEIR problem with the CH head office and PR people are also the problems of average fan. On CKAC and RDS, you often hear: "the CH takes the public for fools by not discussing or addressing xyz issue, which incendently also concerns private media looking for stories to sell advertising." If I was Gauthier, I would use the same strategy - even Bob McKenzie doesn't have his entries in the CH - because otherwise you will lose if you comment too much.

  • 1229. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 09:44:30 2011)
    When they get their own Tv station, the games will be on a pay per view basis. I think you'd have a better argument eventually when that happens...Right now...not so much

  • 1228. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 09:42:10 2011)
    "If for no other reason, all I'm saying is that they should treat a fan base that gives them so much a bit better" They treat the people that give them money to run their biz VERY well Niraj. The "average" fan is worth maybe 10-15 cents (radio) and 30-40 cents (tv) to the CH for each game. You're telling me that for 35 cents the guy in Shawinigan watching one game on RDS did not get his money's worth?

  • 1227. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 09:37:05 2011)
    We're getting close...I agree with you 75% lol "mole hills into mountains" happen because there are "x" amount of legit journalists fighting to stay relevant (journal de montreal expects to not have a physical paper in 10 years...gazette and la presse much sooner) mixed in with bloggers and other websites. Before, one needed to read the local paper to know how so and so was playing in San Jose... no more....we can go to rotowire or 100 other places to get our info in an instant. So the fight in a market like Montreal is to come out with the scoop (true or otherwise)... As you once told me... "why let the facts get in the way of a good comment/story?"....

  • 1226. niraj (on Mon Feb 21 09:25:12 2011)
    I can't say I have a good argument for increasing the bottom line for all the reasons you mentioned. But given everyone's disdain for stupid rumours, I think they happen because the CH doesn't give anyone anything concrete to write about. That's why mole hills turn into mountains with the CH. Because the journalists have nothing to write about and the fans desperately want "in". I guess I get a bit annoyed by how highly the CH regards itself. If for no other reason, all I'm saying is that they should treat a fan base that gives them so much a bit better.

  • 1225. yan_c (on Mon Feb 21 09:02:15 2011)
    @Niraj.....I would have no problem having Burke as a GM (but does not speak french so...)...I question these comments. "The thing I hate most about him though is his unwillingness to talk to the media. You can't do that in Montreal" " I'm saying that the best PR move would be to be more transparent with a hockey market that thinks of itself as well educated" Those 2 comments are nice and well written....All is I ask is to back it up. why are they true? what tangible help to the bottom line can you see by being more open? Does talking too much about hockey matters to the press tip your hand or not? Would it not be a better PR move to have 9 francophones on the team and let them do the talking? I heard a guy on CKAC call in at around 2pm yesterday that said the CH brass are idiots and should trade Gomez. It's easy to just say stuff like that and let it be. what's more interesting is how do you see it happening buddy? What I do know, and can back it up is that the Canadiens are gearing up to have their own tv station inside the next 5 years (probably 3). If you think the news is hard to come by now, you ain't seen nothing yet.. Some guy is going to have his head cut off with a blade and it will be listed as an upper body injury. Also..they can not be more popular....Tv ratings are great, building is full, their fan base is getting younger. That last fact is the most interesting in my opinion because most "venerable" organizations (that once had a hayday) like the Leafs or the Cubs (to name a few) are in the opposite spectrum. Many young toronto kids become Penguins or Lightning fans....In Montreal, even though the team's success is limited in the last 20 years, does not have that problem. Hence the reason Boivin is so well thought of, regardless of on-ice performance.

  • 1224. niraj (on Mon Feb 21 08:18:04 2011)
    Toronto is equally bad no? But I think Burke handles it well.

  • 1223. raymond (on Sun Feb 20 23:04:44 2011)
    I'd be shocked if Montreal claimed Souray. They have alot of UFA D-men this year and need all the money they can to rebuild their D after this season. Souray's play in the AHL has been so-so... As for Gauthier, I think that the lack of media communication is a positive. His 1st decision as GM - put a muzzle on Trevor Timmins. The media here dissect every word and sentence...leading to tons of useless stories, debates and controversies. For ex, 1 player calls another players a loser for listening to the newest boy-band. Some reporter hears the "loser comment" and the headline becomes: Rift in the locker room, players are divided, can both players co-exist? Who started it? Sources indicate that... There's already plenty to talk about, no need for more attention. Why were fans upset when McDonaugh was traded for Gomez? Because Timmins said this at the draft "McDonaugh was the top D on our list...I think he can make the team as soon as next year..." Can Gauthier say anything that wouldn't cause a fuss?

  • 1222. yan_c (on Sun Feb 20 18:28:31 2011)
    @ Rudy. Thanks. That was a great trade then for nas. My mistake

  • 1221. rudy (on Sun Feb 20 18:22:48 2011)
    @yan_c: About Vokoun, just to right things up... 2007/06/22 Nashville Predators traded Tomas Vokoun to the Florida Panthers for a 2nd round selection in 2007, a 1st round selection in 2008 and a conditional 2nd round selection. 1998/06/26 Claimed by the Nashville Predators from the Montreal Canadiens in Expansion Draft.

  • 1220. yan_c (on Sun Feb 20 18:16:12 2011)
    another mindset thing I forgot to mention regarding the Halak move... Philly got to the final with a guy they picked up on waivers (he played for 421 nhl teams before lol) they then resigned Leighton this summer...let him play one game after injury, then back on waivers and is now playing with the phantoms... Right or wrong the value of goalies is not that high in the NHL... Unless his name is Curtis Mc$hit and the UFHL GM could use a mulligan

  • 1219. yan_c (on Sun Feb 20 18:04:29 2011)
    don't forget that the nhl is not much different than our lives, employers etc... there are reasons behind some trades and also what once receives back ... Guys are alcoholics or drug users... Guys sleeping with teammates wives Gay players hanging around bad elements (mafia, motards) mental problems....suicide attempts (Roy never had appendicitis) unlawful stuff (fights, rape, etc..) family problems money problems (Modano for instance) it's not like making a trade in NHL 2012 where the computer assigns a value to a player... there are TONS of variables that many of us have no clue about

  • 1218. yan_c (on Sun Feb 20 17:48:15 2011) First thing I was taught in negotiation (mediation technically) was when something did not suit me, divert the topic... So well done on Curtis....I made a mistake...and I'll make others...just not the same I am in advertising...and the best way to PR the Canadiens is win on the ice....then the "casual" fan starts the playoffs... those are the extra $ available.. Gauthier talking or not makes no difference on the bottom line or exposure of the team. I've met Burke 5-6 times...and deal with his people at least once a week. He loves to hear himself talk....I should know, Im the same way... that's why Burke is the VP of soundbites with MLSE.. no other reason

  • 1217. niraj (on Sun Feb 20 17:37:21 2011)
    You do have a point about traded goalies not being worth much...I think I would have been happy with Eller and a high pick or a few 2nd, 3rd round pick.

  • 1216. niraj (on Sun Feb 20 17:34:18 2011)
    @yan_C: Chill Yan, it's just an opinion. You sound way more like the guys on Attaque a 5 than you realize when you insult what is clearly a subjective opinion. Then again, you just might be venting. I'd be mad too if I was naive enough to believe Curtis McShit was really going to help my team more so than Lundqviste. Enjoy that 6.96 GAA and 0.765 SV%. It'll take a lot of games to come back from that. With Halak, I was careful to mention "Hard to believe", in other words "I thought he was worth more". I very well could have been wrong. I'm sure a lot of people saw him as a one hit wonder, but it's hard to believe that Philly wouldn't have paid for Halak, same goes for SJ or other teams with goaltending needs. As for Gauthier not speaking to the media, given that you're in ad sales and marketing I'm surprised you don't agree with me. While I am well aware that it is a private company, the CH does care quite a bit about their PR. I'm saying that the best PR move would be to be more transparent with a hockey market that thinks of itself as well educated (whether it is or not is another debate). Just like how Burke communicates.

  • 1215. yan_c (on Sun Feb 20 17:26:28 2011)
    some past goalie trades...none of them good for the team sending goalie Hasak to Buff Roy to Col Rask to Boston both times lunongo got traded kipper to calgary bryzgalov to Pho (waiver?) vokoun to FLA( expansion?) those are just off the top of my head

  • 1214. yan_c (on Sun Feb 20 17:08:35 2011)
    @niraj.... Putting importance to how Gauthier talks (or doesn't) to the media and fans is one notch less naive than saying the GM and coach HAVE to speak French... It's a private company, they can do what they want, how they want. If one is not happy, then change the channel or buy ballet tickets instead. As for the goalie trade...remember the context... Proven goalie in Nabokov (not amazing but above average)...buh bye to KHL no one wants you. Niemi just wins the cup with great (not spectacular) stats, does not resign with Chicago. lehtonen signs multi year deal at 3.55 million cap hit....with less pedigree than halak most NHL people including all the Habs brass think Halak is a "feu de paille" and lastly.... how many teams (in nhl history) when trading a goalie ever get a ton for them? I know you know all this stuff so create controversy on something not so cut and dry... Unless you really are a "fe-fan" like the rest of the sheep?

  • 1213. niraj (on Sun Feb 20 16:58:33 2011)
    Great trade for Wiz. Hard to believe that he couldn't get more for Halak and it's disappointing that they don't send Eller down. The thing I hate most about him though is his unwillingness to talk to the media. You can't do that in Montreal. That's why I appreciate Burke as a GM.

  • 1212. yan_c (on Sun Feb 20 15:57:01 2011)
    Funny to say but as much as some of you like to diss Gauthier this Wiz trade may be one of the best of the He gave a 2nd rounder and a conditonal 5th rounder for Wiz (37 points in 52 games with a bad team and an average one) Boston paid Their first pick of last year (Colborne), their #1 pick in 2011 and a conditional 2nd rounder for Kaberle he had 38 pts in 58 games with a bad team though not as bad as the Islanders... Kaberle is better than Wiz...but is he that much better? he's 32 and wiz is 26....Wiz is also a right hand shot which the CH needs... Lastly, on top of all that , the canadiens have had him for a month and a half more! that's gold with all the injuries on the back end... I dunno....

  • 1211. rudy (on Sun Feb 20 12:25:21 2011)
    @etienne: I don't even check the ranking!

  • 1210. etienne (on Sun Feb 20 08:27:14 2011)
    I check this board before the ranking!

  • 1209. niraj (on Sun Feb 20 00:57:33 2011)
    Souray placed on re-entry waivers...should the Habs place a claim? I definitely think so...

  • 1208. niraj (on Sat Feb 19 23:23:48 2011)
    @yan_c: McShit happens ;). Goes to show just how valuable Hiller is to that team.

  • 1207. yan_c (on Sat Feb 19 20:53:30 2011)
    Curtis, you broke my heart...thank god that's the last start the Ducks have this UFHL week... Like in anything other aspect of my life, if you make a mistake, correct it asp... Smells like 2nd place for the Syndrome tomorrow... We'll be back! (Using Spacek's voice)

  • 1206. rudy (on Sat Feb 19 14:15:28 2011)
    I'd rather be managing a band of goons! :-) Each time I try to make a push to get some points, I bury myself further. So sad... And it's not even because of bad lineup choices: even my bench doesn't produce...!!! :-) Hey! I'll start Craig Anderson next week, just for the fun of it. Roloson has been sucking since I got him, so I've nothing to lose.

  • 1205. niraj (on Sat Feb 19 13:18:17 2011)
    UFHL fact of the day: Doodielicious' PIMs makeup for more than 33% of his ranking points. Come on Rudy, try to get to 30 buddy!

  • 1204. niraj (on Sat Feb 19 10:59:54 2011)
    By far the best trading season I can remember in a long time. Very happy to see both Shattenkirk and Steward in a Blues Uni...I think St-Louis robbed Colorado.

  • 1203. rudy (on Sat Feb 19 08:56:19 2011)
    At least guys you will soon have a Nordiques fan in the UFHL (me). That's why I'm stockpiling on young Thrashers players... :-)

  • 1202. etienne (on Sat Feb 19 08:39:56 2011)
    @phuc: i agree on your leafs and habs comments. Also having a leafs fan means that I could get something for Kessel...

  • 1201. rudy (on Sat Feb 19 07:55:25 2011)
    The Avalanche trades two telented and offensive youngsters for two defensive ones, interesting. Hopefully Erik Johnson will span to a complete and dominant d-man for them.

  • 1200. raymond (on Sat Feb 19 01:11:46 2011)
    Niraj is that a burger from McDonald's, a gangsta rapper or a character from SNL? lol

  • 1199. niraj (on Fri Feb 18 23:14:40 2011)
    Another great night by Curtis McShit. I take my comment of yan_c being manager of the year back for this cockamamie hire. My new vote goes to: Yannick Bilodeau!

  • 1198. niraj (on Fri Feb 18 19:16:33 2011)
    @phuc: For some reason, I just don't think the Habs ever have high scoring players. I don't even look at the team other than defense and goaltending...what a far cry from what they used to be.

  • 1197. phuc (on Fri Feb 18 18:57:02 2011)
    I don't know how others work, but I'm reverse-biased against both teams, but not for the same reason. Hard to explain: over-exposure to Habs players make me wary against them and pure-hatred for Leafs' fans make me hate their players (irrationally, of course).

  • 1196. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 18:52:57 2011)
    the most flawed market in canada by far is vancouver... 1 million people there do not have english or french as their mother tongue (like Niraj) but 75% of the households used to generate the data are average white families (for lack of a better term) the ratings people don't want to change as CBC, CTV and Global pay the chunk of their fees... so it's not in their interest to say that grey's anatomy did 300k instead of 500k cuz there really are 200k people watching movies in punjabi, cantonese or mandarin

  • 1195. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 18:49:07 2011)
    @phuc.... where we have a difference is simulcast... if a football game is playing on nbc (if u have cable/sat)and on a canadian station at the same time, then both stations air the canadian spots so as not to hurt the canadian station that paid for the rights. same as Grey's anatomy or whatever else

  • 1194. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 18:45:59 2011)
    @Niraj...really? I don;t see UFHL habs fans jumping on CH players except for the Sherbrooke Sheriff

  • 1193. phuc (on Fri Feb 18 18:45:19 2011)
    ok, so it's similar to how the US networks operate then (ie. in a very flawed way :P). I was just wondering if Canada was different in any way because of how CRTC kinda have their shitty hands in everything.

  • 1192. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 18:44:16 2011)
    but for stations like TSN and Sportsnet that are national, rating points are rarely used... We use audiences... and what's called a cost per thousand (CPM....cout par mille). the cost to reach one thousand people... so if the # is 10$ cpm and the audience of the show is 1000.....then the 30 sec spot cost 10$ and so on

  • 1191. phuc (on Fri Feb 18 18:42:21 2011)
    We should recruit a leafs fan as a UFHL manager. There would be much more interesting trash-talk. (and Grabovski, MacArthur et al. would've been picked up muuuuch sooner...)

  • 1190. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 18:39:46 2011)
    @phuc... it's NIelsen/BBM... what I'll write following is 95% exact but easier to explain hence the cutting corners... Each tv market has a # of families that have this box connected to their tv's that monitor tv use. Montreal I believe is 2000 households. then based on those viewing habits, the audience figures are then extrapolated. Please note that the audience figures do not count things like bars, hospitals and prisons... I mention that cuz' TV stations are fighting to have some of those #'s added... (Don't ask) When you hear a term called a rating point...that is essentially 1%... So if a show has a 3 rating, it essentially means that 3% of tv viewers are watching it. it's not exactly that but close....kinda like doubling temperature in celcius and adding 32 to get a read in farenheit.

  • 1189. phuc (on Fri Feb 18 18:33:41 2011)
    @yan_c - honest question For TV clients in Canada, are TV deals/spots and whatnot also based on Nielsen ratings? @Niraj, I guess that if Burke still can't figure out how to ice a decent team in a few yrs, at least he can grab a mic and put on a show himself. I'm sure TO fans would still pay for that and claim that with Burke doing the talking, the team is playoff-bound for sure...

  • 1188. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 18:18:38 2011)
    @Niraj and others...Tsn, Rds and sportsnet are not "fucked" per say... Given the unpredictability of the day, they've stopped "selling" it. It is now given to existing clients who spend a minimum $$$ in the year as added value bonus. Now, if the audiences ever are huge, it gives them a bigger hand when renegotiating contracts. If they are not, then no harm done. They got screwed in the past and fixed things.

  • 1187. niraj (on Fri Feb 18 18:13:12 2011)
    I have to say, I wish P.Gauthier would communicate with the media as well as Brian Burke does. A lot of people knock Burke but I think he's the best GM in the league when it comes to communicating with the media, the fan base and executing a plan.

  • 1186. niraj (on Fri Feb 18 18:08:23 2011)
    Brock Beukeboom...almost as hickish as Gunner Esiason

  • 1185. niraj (on Fri Feb 18 18:07:38 2011)
    Wow so many deals...fucking awesome...I think TSN is fucked.

  • 1184. rudy (on Fri Feb 18 18:06:43 2011)
    Is it fuckin' trade deadline today or what?

  • 1183. raymond (on Fri Feb 18 16:49:57 2011)
    Sorry - I'm a bit behind on some comments. Eller - I do believe that he's only in MTL cuz Gauthier doesn't want to look like Trevor Timmins. Eller should go to Hamilton, play 20 mins per game and come back like Max P (a top 6 fwd). My only concern about Eller from the scouting reports is that he doesn't score very much (which sounds like Gomez). So if he can learn like Max P did in Hamilton, and improve his scoring touch, he should easily be top 6 fwd in MTL. I've also believed that Price would have developed much faster had Gainey let Carboneau send Price to the AHL. As for the Halak deal, let's not forget about Schultz - he sounds like a tough 3rd line winger that can stand in front of the net with the 2nd PP unit. Anyway, why are talking about Eller, Price and Halak when we can talk about Mara and his missing equipment? Could he not have taken his equipment with him on the plane? lol Yan C - I tried trading Niraj to l'Anti-Pool on RDS, they told me to call some # with an 809 area code... Anderson/Elliot - wow how quickly Colorado turned on Anderson... Kaberle - good deal on both sides, Boston kept the Leaf's 1st rounder and gave them their own instead...would have loved to hear that conversation: Burke: give me back my 1st round draft pick! Chiarelli: no way, that pick's golden. you can have our 1st round pick instead Burke: that's like 25th damn it Chiarelli: you already look like an idiot with the Kessel deal, you can say you got a 1st round pick so that people think you got one pick back. Burke: Deal!

  • 1182. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 16:28:39 2011)
    @phuc: best post of the day!

  • 1181. phuc (on Fri Feb 18 16:23:31 2011)
    Doodies? or Dingleberries?

  • 1180. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 16:22:53 2011)
    @Yan_C: Vancouver has the best defence corps - unfortunaly they are all injured!

  • 1179. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 16:20:55 2011)'s the sound of the 6 best defence corps (barring injury) for the home stretch of the UFHL.. Chara, Kronwall, Lidstrom, Campbell, Gonchar and Phaneuf...

  • 1178. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 16:17:45 2011)
    @Yan_C: I thought that was the sound of what Kaberle will be asking for this summer as the only interesting UFA this summer...

  • 1177. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 15:46:18 2011)
    Kaberle one time pass to Chara? Ka-ching...

  • 1176. niraj (on Fri Feb 18 15:39:17 2011)
    @yan_c: I'm surprised you didn't say "Deal" following the war amps key chain offer... Don't know if I'm happy or sad to see Peverley in Boston...hopefully he's used as a scoring center. Anderson for Elliot is smart both ways. Ottawa is bringing up Lehner and Colorado just received a very serviceable #2.

  • 1175. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 15:05:06 2011)
    @Yan_C: Sherbrooke c'est beaucoup mieux que Laval-Des Rapides!

  • 1174. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 15:03:06 2011)
    @Etienne...Blague a part, Si je devais habiter ailleurs au Quebec, it would be Sherbrooke... I'm a huge fan of the North Hatley area also.

  • 1173. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 15:01:01 2011)
    @non-event: you are mine! @Yan_C: have you been in Sherbrooke or lived here? Because you were right about the water and the Superclub references!

  • 1172. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 14:36:05 2011) Etienne's lawyer I must advise you that the term "non-event" is trademarked with the Havana United corporation. This is the same warning as the FBI one before those old porn VHS's they still sell for 50$ each in Sherbrooke Superclub locations... it's a race between hot water and DVD's to arrive first in the marketplace! :)

  • 1171. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 14:29:38 2011)
    All this trading today is making me crazy! I want to make a move! I'm negotiating to trade Niraj to some pool in Shawinigan but they've countered with a war amps keychain, 15$ off L'aubainerie coupon and a box of rice-a-roni (the san francisco treat) I'm holding out for a least a dinner for 2 at La cabane a sucre chez Ghislain et Carmen...

  • 1170. niraj (on Fri Feb 18 14:29:14 2011)
    Feb 28th will definitely be a non-event. Great trade by Toronto. Great trade by Boston if he re-signs...

  • 1169. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 13:55:57 2011)
    If I was TSN, I would be preparing a backup plan for February 28th otherwise it's going to be a looonggg day on the set!

  • 1168. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 13:20:09 2011)
    NOT someone @Danny: was wrong about Kaberle - if I am right to often, I will stray away from my .183 average :p

  • 1167. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 13:19:00 2011)
    IMO Kaberle is someone you can count on to go to war. The skill is there but not the grind...

  • 1166. phuc (on Fri Feb 18 13:12:20 2011)
    Did Boston overpay for Kaberle?

  • 1165. niraj (on Fri Feb 18 13:07:38 2011)
    Congrats to Rudy for his new all-time low score of 27 pts. What an unlucky season for Doodielicious...

  • 1164. rudy (on Fri Feb 18 11:04:10 2011)
    @etienne: I would rather say my team is a black hole for anything good, goalies just being a part of the package. If you want to see a goalie going on a long disappointing stretch, just trade him to me. (see Roloson)

  • 1163. yan_c (on Fri Feb 18 11:01:49 2011)
    this is like a ray niraj trade.... Ottawa trades Elliot for anderson? 4 trente sous pour une piasse?

  • 1162. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 11:00:44 2011)
    Wow, c'est vraiment un commentaire tranché. Eller est encore jeune, c'est pour ça que je le mets sur la cloture entre type joueur repêcher en première ronde. Thornton n'a pas été fameux à sa première saison. Attendons encore un peu dans son cas. @JF: besoin d'un gardien ;) (c'est une joke!)

  • 1161. jf (on Fri Feb 18 10:57:08 2011)
    I start to feel Eller is a new Oleg Petrov. A kid with a nice package but for any reason that don't produce anything. Sometimes this is between the 2 ears, but there no cure for this.

  • 1160. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 10:54:20 2011)
    @Rudy: your goalie karma will always be tied to Ottawa...

  • 1159. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 10:50:42 2011)
    Still going on about Price and Halak on CKAC...

  • 1158. etienne (on Fri Feb 18 10:44:54 2011)
    I agree with the contract agreement. If Montreal had paid what Halak is getting in St-Louis, there would less money to sign Plekanec and rebuild the D corps for next year. With Price, you get a lot more bang for the buck. Also, Halak was traded at his value - what would St-Louis if they traded Halak this year? Probably a late first round drafted years ago that hasn't developed yet? But I must be honest that I would traded Price rather than Halak after the playoffs. As for Eller, I feel he's borderline Pouliot or Zajac: disappointing 1st rounder or honest second line player. But I trust Jacques Martin with young players: e.g. Hossa, Havlat, etc.

  • 1157. niraj (on Thu Feb 17 22:56:59 2011)

  • 1156. niraj (on Thu Feb 17 21:22:26 2011)
    It's awesome that there are no cliques in this pool. Love how anyone can say anything and 3rd or 4th party is willing to engage. As for Price, I only wanted to trade him because of what he could bring back. I like Eller and I hope he pans out into a productive player, but we definitely could have gotten a lot more for Price. Then again, maybe that's exactly why they traded Halak...the Price market wasn't as good as we thought it was and if you have to pick 1 to keep, you take the younger, more successful goalie.

  • 1155. phuc (on Thu Feb 17 19:38:10 2011)
    @1150: Ok, I'll retract my statement. I'll say that Price, in the playoffs, disappointed more often than he stole games. At the time, I loved that Gainey was pushing him in - I thought it's gonna be great to acquire that experience when he's young... "And then next yr he's gonna be awesome! ... Ok, maybe not this yr, but really, next one we're gonna go deep! ... Ok, then maybe not?" I don't know how I feel about it now. Yes, he's only 23, but he was given more occasions to become "Jesus" Price than many before him and has come out short so far. Hopefully, this year will buck that trend. I don't care if it's too much pressure for a young kid or not, I won't argue the merits or lack thereof of bringing up Price young and all other aspects. I just remember being disappointed by his playoff performances so far.

  • 1154. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 18:25:46 2011)
    Anaheim must be the worst team to play against terms of yapping... To go with Corey Perry et le beau Maxim....Jarko Ruutu

  • 1153. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 18:22:58 2011)'d make a good Glen Sather...

  • 1152. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 18:20:57 2011)
    I don't think St-Louis regrets the trade but may worry about the contract a little ....

  • 1151. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 18:19:33 2011)
    @phuc....I did not understand your Eller comment apologies... I thought you implied that the trade was a bust already...mea culpa

  • 1150. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 18:14:55 2011)
    edit... game 2...won 3-2 with 37 saves game 1-0 ...27 saves game 5-0....25 saves (Habs scored 4 goals in 3rd period)

  • 1149. niraj (on Thu Feb 17 18:09:56 2011)
    Phuc, you'd make a great GM. Yan_C, you'd make a great player agent. We can thus conclude that this clash was inevitable. Ding. Ding. I'm ready to watch Round 3...

  • 1148. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 18:08:20 2011)
    @phuc....Price did shutout Boston twice in the playoffs fame 2 and 7 I think... I don;t know many (I know there are some) easy playoff shutout wins...especially with the Canadiens yes...losing record...and he was blown out a few times... I just disagreed to the (I'm copy/pasting) "still hasn't stolen a game in the playoffs" comment. my argument to back my claim? the 2 shutouts and I think 1 game against philly right after... that's all... he was Awful many of the games he a 20 and 21 year old

  • 1147. phuc (on Thu Feb 17 18:01:39 2011)
    Eller comment: I love his potential skills - he could probably have an awesome end-to-end highlight reel goal at some point next year, but he's not doing the lil' things right. Depends on how Martin develops him (ie. send him back to AHL like Pacioretty)... My point was - given another 'Halak' playoff performance, say from ... Crawford, as a GM, do you think you can get a swap with Eller as bait. He's 1 year older and I think he regressed in perceived value. That's ALL I'm saying... FAR from shitting on him - so stop putting words into my mouth. This was just food for thought. See my Nash comment for shitting on a player. It's clearly assertive. Same with Price - I'm not saying he's awful - far from it, but as a GM, I would've traded Price if he yielded a better return (like an NHL-ready player?). And I still maintain that Price never stole a game in the playoffs - he won some games (losing record, no?), sometimes convincingly, but you never felt like the opposition feared him - like they would doubt if their shots would get in. Anyway, at the time of my 2010 comment, the habs were barely in the playoffs and Halak didn't even do his heroics yet. I think Price was still commanding a higher price at that pt - so, I would've traded Price over Halak. You are talking/commenting/getting worked up at me like I'm on CKAC or something; not that I care, but, keep in mind, I don't really know what's going on in the press/media and I don't represent it. And I generally agree with your age 'factoids', even if it doesn't really address what I was trying to say.

  • 1146. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 17:35:54 2011)
    @Ray....not defending their image at all lol... I'm just amazed how smart individuals (and some cases brilliant) become so emotional and naive (as a 15 year old girl going for a drive with Niraj just to talk) when it comes to the Canadiens... Funny...when Habs get knocked out of the playoffs, the remaining games do little tv ratings in quebec. But if the Patriots get beat, New England football fans continue to watch... until the end of the season Au Quebec, on est fans du CH, mais nous ne sommes pas fans du hockey...

  • 1145. raymond (on Thu Feb 17 17:25:04 2011)
    ...defending the image of all hockey players lol

  • 1144. raymond (on Thu Feb 17 17:19:14 2011)
    New TV Series: Yanick Cole - Defense Attorney!

  • 1143. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 17:11:11 2011)
    (1) Montreal Canadiens vs. (8) Boston Bruins Going into the playoffs, expectations were high for the Montreal Canadiens, since they had won all eight games against the Boston Bruins during the 2007–08 season and the last three games of the previous season. Additionally, Montreal ended the regular season going 8–1–1 while Boston had a mediocre finish with 4–2–4. One potential disadvantage for Montreal was the inexperience of their young goaltenders: Carey Price, age 20, had only played 41 NHL games, and Jaroslav Halak, age 23, had only played 16 NHL games. Neither Price nor Halak had any NHL playoff experience. However, Boston's Tim Thomas had only played 165 career NHL games, and he also had no NHL playoff experience. A strong performance in Game 1 reinforced the idea of a quick win for Montreal. The Bruins also lost Game 2 but demonstrated strong play throughout the game, culminating in two third period goals to take the game into overtime, where they quickly lost. Boston won Game 3 in overtime, ending the 13-game winning streak that Montreal had accumulated against the Bruins. The tight competition continued into Game 4, with Canadiens goaltender Carey Price notching his first playoff shutout in a 1–0 win. After two periods in Game 5, with the score 1–1, the game looked as though it would be another close battle. However, a mishandling of the puck by Carey Price early in the third period resulted in a goal for Glen Metropolit; this ended up being a turning point in the game; Boston followed up with three more goals in the period to win 5–1. The Bruins also won Game 6 in a high scoring match to tie the series at 3–3. In Game 7, Montreal rebounded from the lackluster performances of its previous games and won with a dominant and convincing 5–0 win, resulting in Price's second career playoff shutout

  • 1142. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 17:08:26 2011)
    @ PHUC... I quote "Price was given chance after chance and still hasn't stolen a game in the playoffs" He's 23!!! Not 33.....23! Blame the Habs for bringing him up too soon or not having him live with a veteran or even Gainey. Cool. I'd agree with that... And by the way, Price did steal 2-3 games in the 2008 playoffs... so that comment was not fair or even accurate....

  • 1141. yannick (on Thu Feb 17 16:50:27 2011)
    already 34 comments written today, you guys really want to break last year's record of 1236 comments for a year today!

  • 1140. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 16:49:18 2011)
    right or wrong the Club de Hockey Canadien brass from Molson on down all thought Halak was a flash in the pan.... I'm not saying I agree , but that's what they thought this summer when they traded him at his peak! i gather it was unanimous in the hockey department..

  • 1139. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 16:45:42 2011)
    @phuc...Eller is 21....can we wait a little? Is that really that much to ask? Honestly?

  • 1138. phuc (on Thu Feb 17 16:43:58 2011)
    I'm not a GM by any means, but if Price yielded a better return than Halak, I still think - trade Price. Halak made it when it counts and hailed a hero for it. Price was given chance after chance and still hasn't stolen a game in the playoffs. On this subject, what's Eller's value right now? You think St-Louis would trade Halak back for Eller?

  • 1137. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 16:43:36 2011)
    @niraj...I'm 10 years older than you so it's only normal that my view is different... Back then I was at the Forum at least 20 times a year + all home playoff games so I saw Lemieux a ton... His teammates did not like him much either actually.... One time, as he lay on the ice injured, Pat Burns would not let the trainer on the ice to help him... I gather his exact words were "Qu'il mange la marde" lol

  • 1136. niraj (on Thu Feb 17 16:39:56 2011)
    As for Lapierre, didn't know his teammates hated him, but I liked the edge he played with. He loved being a pest. As for Claude Lemieux, I never remember him being an offensive force for the CH..just a pest who would duck a fight. His stats with NJ and Col suggest otherwise...

  • 1135. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 16:38:31 2011)
    @niraj...and don't forget.....halak is 5'11 and weighs 123 pounds....and the upper body equipement for goalies got reduced this year. Like the pads a few years back

  • 1134. niraj (on Thu Feb 17 16:36:35 2011)
    Halak has really fallen on his face in St-Louis. I wonder how much of that is from poor fundamentals vs not being fit enough to handle 60 starts / season. Very happy to have Price at least the management did something right. Fortunately the kid isn't as mentally fragile as we feared, otherwise that first pre-season game would have done him in.

  • 1133. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 16:27:11 2011)
    hmmm....The cause of Milburdanny-itis?

  • 1132. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 16:15:48 2011)
    interesting quotes from last year.... 906. phuc (on Fri Feb 19 11:31:30 2010) I'm gonna agree with Niraj's comment way back: trade Price, keep Halak. And totally agree with Rudy: Nash reminds me of Higgins or V. Bure; he gets chances, sometimes creates his own, generally looks good but can't finish... and he's a sniper. 633. rudy (on Thu Dec 24 10:40:34 2009) Price is overrated but like you said Niraj, the Habs would get a lot more for him because he's an early first-rounder and the hype around him is that he's a franchise goaltender (Gainey still probably believe that really hard, so he'll trade Halak for a marginal top-6 forward instead). Hey, I'm back in 1st position just in time for XMas... sorry Niraj, it seems Jesus Christ is on my side... :-)

  • 1131. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 14:57:53 2011)
    Niraj if you would stop playing golf with Jeremy Glenn and played with Reg Steer instead, you'd know this...

  • 1130. phuc (on Thu Feb 17 14:57:19 2011)
    That, I wouldn't know. I thought he was too busy doing appearances on TV - and he yapped a bit too much. Stop talking, more sucking ... I mean skating!

  • 1129. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 14:55:53 2011)
    he thought he was a star (which he was....but only in Montreal).... he even had his own tv show for christ sake... He thought he was Guy Lafleur (I don;t blame him) but his teammates hated him...

  • 1128. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 14:54:20 2011)
    Phuc...I get what you and Niraj are saying....and you're right but... Lapierre got under his own teammates and coaches skin....that's what no one seems to write...

  • 1127. phuc (on Thu Feb 17 14:52:37 2011)
    I feel the same way about trading away Lapierre. Not because of his qcker pedigree, but he could have been the 'target' guy instead of the opposition trying to get under PK's skin. Lots of depth d-men on the move I'm guessing, looking at Van's current D...

  • 1126. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 14:49:25 2011)

  • 1125. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 14:49:04 2011)
    I must have been watching other playoff games but Lapierre did not stand out... 3 goals in 20 games and played less than 11 mins per game power play and no shorthand time...

  • 1124. etienne (on Thu Feb 17 14:47:41 2011)
    hmm this is hockey guys - no ballparks only ice rinks!

  • 1123. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 14:45:19 2011)
    niraj.....please don't compare Claude lemieux and maxime lapierre.... come on.... compare lapierre to Mike Mcphee if u want, but not lemieux...not even the same ballpark

  • 1122. niraj (on Thu Feb 17 14:43:43 2011)
    I always liked the Moore rental...very meat and potatoes kind of guy. What's I never liked was trading Lapierre. I think he really loved playing for the CH and for some reason Martin didn't like him in his system. I felt Lapierre was a big piece of the Habs playoffs last year...kind of like our 2010 version of claude lemieux

  • 1121. etienne (on Thu Feb 17 14:40:49 2011)
    @Yan_C: I don't think Kaberle wants to get traded - might hurt himself and decrease his value come July 1st. (Although Dreger seems to think he's heading for Boston...)

  • 1120. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 14:26:01 2011)
    last year the following was deadline type talk... Yannick....Moore...overpaid to get him Yannick....sacrament ca commence bien l'ere pierre gauthier JF...lapierre at his worst was better than Moore who only plays for paycheck

  • 1119. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 14:17:20 2011)

  • 1118. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 14:16:06 2011)'re talking like les "bs" sur les lignes ouvertes...pretty sure you're kidding... 1. Toronto will not trade Kaberle to Montreal... trust me...they would get crucified 2. What do the CH have to give really? 3. the 3 teams that made the biggest trade deadline type (or weeks leading up to it ) where NJ, Was and Pit.. NJ played 5 games, Was lost to CH in 1st round and Pit lost to CH in 2nd round.... read Kevin allen of usa today....he wrote a great article on it...i'll try and find it By the way, the "awful" move of giving a 2nd rounder for Dominic Moore helped the CH in those series a lot if u remember closely.....froidement sans emotion svp!

  • 1117. etienne (on Thu Feb 17 14:10:29 2011)
    So Mara is what plan B? Can't get Kaberle so we turn to plan B. Montreal trades at the deadline will be this season's second biggest non-event...

  • 1116. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 14:07:02 2011)
    seriously....this is such a non issue not sure why it's even brought up.. only made the trade cuz of injuries to markov, gorges, spacek and gill... band aid time

  • 1115. raymond (on Thu Feb 17 14:04:10 2011)
    Etienne, why are you so upset? Mara was fantasy relevant in 2005-2006! The funny part is that they gave a 5th round pick for him (the same pick they got for Lapierre) So they basically traded Lapierre for Mara - what the hell!

  • 1114. etienne (on Thu Feb 17 13:18:40 2011)
    @Pierre Gauthier (I am sure he reads this board): what the hell!

  • 1113. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 09:31:55 2011)
    @rudy...more in the sense that he was once powerful and relevant back in a small league that was much easier to win in.... But now....not so much... He's harmless.... kinda like Belgium...

  • 1112. rudy (on Thu Feb 17 09:29:06 2011)
    I didn't know Harry Sinden was writing gay poems...

  • 1111. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 09:28:31 2011) more FA"s left to sign Paul Mara now.... Curtis, how could you???

  • 1110. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 09:27:26 2011)
    Well....At least Niraj is still relevant on the message boards....He's becoming the UFHL's version of Harry Sinden...

  • 1109. niraj (on Thu Feb 17 08:12:16 2011)
    @Yan_C: Urgh...3 pt swing thanks to McShit's stellar performance last night...hope he has a better week or you will have successfully pulled a Ray...

  • 1108. niraj (on Thu Feb 17 08:09:37 2011)
    @Yan_C: He's asian dude and I have big hands, so it's really not a good know what else is not a good combo? Curtis Mcshit and good goaltending...

  • 1107. yan_c (on Thu Feb 17 07:57:43 2011)
    @Niraj...The only one pulling on anything of Ray's is you dear....In Curtis we trust...

  • 1106. niraj (on Thu Feb 17 01:14:28 2011)
    Did Yan_C pull a "Ray" with his hire of McIlleney? At least Semin got a hat-trick and Backstrom had 2As :).

  • 1105. yan_c (on Wed Feb 16 19:22:58 2011)
    @yannick....Awesome story....maybe you could tell it again at a dinner we host once a month... you could also talk about your collections and stuff.. ;)

  • 1104. yannick (on Wed Feb 16 19:20:45 2011)
    speaking of cricket, niraj and I had a baseball fantasy team named "The Cricketers" and we lost the championship on the last day because of a loophole in Yahoo's fantasy baseball site...

  • 1103. yan_c (on Wed Feb 16 19:18:23 2011)
    Niraj...maybe you could find a cricket pool or something...

  • 1102. niraj (on Wed Feb 16 19:04:18 2011)
    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Who has the lowest point total in UFHL History? Doodielicious that's who!

  • 1101. niraj (on Wed Feb 16 19:03:29 2011)
    @Rudy: Nice comments, but you'll always be Doodielicious to me.

  • 1100. yannick (on Wed Feb 16 15:22:08 2011)
    en passant, felicitations a moi-meme pour avoir gagner ma deuxieme semaine et porter mon total a $20 pour la saison. Malgre ma victoire cette semaine, je demeure toujours a 3ieme rang et j'ai seulement gagner 1 point (de 96 a 97 points) comparer a la semaine derniere... Sommaire des $10 pour la saison 2011: Yannick: $20 Bao: $10 Raymond: $10 Danny: $10

  • 1099. phuc (on Wed Feb 16 15:19:53 2011)
    What Rudy said.

  • 1098. yannick (on Wed Feb 16 15:17:54 2011)
    @rudy: I promise that if a win 35 millions tonight at the loto 6/49, I'll quit my job and redo the website and even make an app!

  • 1097. rudy (on Wed Feb 16 14:56:41 2011)
    @jf: c'est drôle parce que j'ai eu à peu près les mêmes sentiments plates l'an passé mais pas pour les mêmes raisons. En étant à ma saison recrue, j'ai très mal dealé avec certains aspects de la UFHL et j'ai vraiment passé très près de ne pas revenir justement parce que je trouvais que j'avais vécu plus de déception que de plaisir. Malgré tout je suis revenu, et je ne le regrette pas même si j'ai une saison épouvantable. Ce que je réalise, c'est que probablement 80% des DG de la ligue se sont déjà posé la question s'il ne valait pas mieux pour eux de quitter la UFHL, même Niraj lui-même qui est sûrement celui qui a le tour de faire les commentaires les plus inutilement désagréables et au plus mauvais moment. Donc il faut réussir à être zen et se donner le détachement nécessaire pour ne pas s'en faire autant avec les commentaires des autres et avoir du fun à suivre la NHL de près grâce au pool de la UFHL.

  • 1096. yan_c (on Wed Feb 16 14:45:50 2011)
    @rudy...thanks for the explanation... I knew an app would be tough but I did not realize that optimizing for mobile would be also... Cheers!

  • 1095. rudy (on Wed Feb 16 14:42:47 2011)
    @yan_c & etienne: the way the UFHL website works and because the technology Yannick uses is old, making a mobile app would mean to develop a completely new set of functions and interfaces. In fact, just to enhance the actual website would mean a lot of hours of hard work and probably a lot of troubleshooting and headaches, so it's quite understandable that Yannick prefers to keep going with what we have instead of undertaking a substantial and time-consuming project.

  • 1094. raymond (on Wed Feb 16 14:38:12 2011)
    I guess I should thank you Niraj, I was going to draft Brodeur at $39 max. But don't be discouraged, continue doing what you do at the draft : )

  • 1093. yan_c (on Wed Feb 16 14:26:04 2011) but I do know concussions and when guys get reput on IR (Hiller...twice in a few weeks), it's a very bad sign... And Anaheim is a decent defensive team

  • 1092. niraj (on Wed Feb 16 14:23:52 2011)
    @Yan_C: You spent your last FA on Curtis McChicken? Has Milburdanny become the new GM of the Stockholm Syndrome?

  • 1091. yan_c (on Wed Feb 16 14:00:56 2011)
    @niraj.... you're about as close to being British as Davey Hilton...

  • 1090. niraj (on Wed Feb 16 13:58:59 2011)
    @Yan_C: It's actually British French

  • 1089. niraj (on Wed Feb 16 13:58:37 2011)
    @Etienne: Obviously everything on this board is jokes. And it's true, brown people don't get water in Sherbrooke! @Yan_C: Watson says: "What is to have a better chance at the weekly ranking" Anyone catch Watson on Jeopardy...pretty amazing.

  • 1088. yan_c (on Wed Feb 16 13:57:10 2011)
    indian french rocks...

  • 1087. niraj (on Wed Feb 16 13:56:12 2011)
    Salut JF, Pourquoi rester? Par-ce que tu as le meilleur keeper dans la league avec Stamkos et tu est assez passioner d'avoir une systeme ou une philosphie de gestion. Ca me dit que t'aime etre une gerant. Des fois je me dit le meme chose, que je devrait pas continuer, mais chaque annee je prend 5 heures pour preparer mon draft. Brodeur ma detruit cette annee...tabarnac Ray, you were supposed to bid on him!

  • 1086. etienne (on Wed Feb 16 13:52:05 2011)
    Niraj doesn't seem to care about my casual racism ;)

  • 1085. yan_c (on Wed Feb 16 13:47:12 2011)
    I'll take "things that make niraj and ray want to spoon" for 500$ Alex What is The boring trade consummated on Wed Feb 16 00:26:09?

  • 1084. jf (on Wed Feb 16 13:21:31 2011)
    I'm not here to finger point anyone or anything. For my point of view there is some writing that went beyond the acceptable. Not only against me. Laughing at my team name last year for example hurt me a bit, but this was not personal, it's a team name. Water in Sherbrooke is the same thing, it's easy to understand that it's 100% joke. Writing have some bad effect, cause there is not exclamation or emotion showing up. That being said this pool is now giving me more bad feeling then good, so why staying?

  • 1083. niraj (on Wed Feb 16 12:45:52 2011)
    JF: I can appreciate your philosophy. I may not agree with it, but I appreciate it and am glad that what drives you as a manager is a fixed, logical set of rules. What I can't appreciate is your refusal to engage in a dialogue regarding what your upset about. From your comments, I am inferring: a) You don't like how we make poke fun at your collapse. Perhaps more specifically what I said, but given that you didn't respond publicly or privately I'm not sure. b) You don't like how we objectively disagree with your moves, or lack thereof. JF if you could elaborate on what's upsetting you instead of saying you understand the "Modis Operandi", it would be helpful for everyone. I can tell you that this is a pretty typical hockey pool...guys talk "smack" and it's all in good fun. I don't think this pool is anything other than a distraction from real life for any one of the managers. Fact is is that you're a good manager and we hate losing good managers. You're also a good guy, so that makes it extra shitty if you left. If you're leaving because of one of the reasons I mentioned above, it would be nice if you could be more specific and elaborate on your reasons.

  • 1082. raymond (on Wed Feb 16 12:15:52 2011)
    JF: souviens-tu du document que Yannick t'as fais signé? C'était le meme contrat que celui de Dipietro (sans le $67.5 Million). Ca expire juste en 2021 : )

  • 1081. yan_c (on Wed Feb 16 11:08:53 2011)
    @etienne...huh? @Rudy: il faut faire des pressions sur Yannick pour un UFHL app! Maybe a mobile website is actually easier to produce than an app? I could help I think...

  • 1080. etienne (on Wed Feb 16 11:02:50 2011)
    @Yan_C: le site de la UFHL est un produit artisanal qui ne transforme pas en app!

  • 1079. yan_c (on Wed Feb 16 11:00:08 2011)
    @etienne @rudy Mabe a mobile website is actually easier to produce than an app? I could help I think...

  • 1078. jf (on Wed Feb 16 10:57:11 2011)
    Je sais que j'avais promis ne plus écrire ici, mais je vais dérogé pour une dernière fois. Car je l'ai exprimé en personne à certains déjà alors je préfère le dire à tous. Il y a plusieurs semaine que je me demande si je vais revenir l'an prochain. Et à chaque jour je m'approche de la réponse finale, qui est probablement que je reviendrai pas. Alors ceux qui pense que je ne trade pas par cupidité, détrompez-vous. Si je pensais pouvoir gagner en démolissant mon équipe pour l'an prochain je pourrait le faire sans remord. J'ai une philosophie et je reterai toujours fidèle à celle-ci, peut-importe ce qu'on en dit. J'aurai dû exprimer mon m'épris à certaines tangente sur ce board bien avant. Une fois de plus je me disait qu'en atisant pas le feu c'était la meilleure solution, mais ça n'a pas fonctionner. Ceci étant dit, vous pourrez me traitez de tous les noms ici c'est OK. Je commence à comprendre le Modus Operandi et ça ne m'affecte plus vraiment, sans trouvé ça très bien pour autant. Bonne continuation.

  • 1077. etienne (on Wed Feb 16 09:31:10 2011)
    @Rudy: il faut faire des pressions sur Yannick pour un UFHL app!

  • 1076. etienne (on Wed Feb 16 09:30:37 2011)
    @Niraj: not for colored people ;) @Danny: et le pire c'est que à .183 c'est plus haut que toi! Et pour tes excuses, je n'accepterai que "pardon mononcle"! @Yan_C: I believe so. Esp. for GAA and save %

  • 1075. yan_c (on Wed Feb 16 07:53:35 2011)
    @niraj...funny thing...If Danny's 2nd half is that solid, why is he still hovering at 71-72? He was there in November also... So even though he's doing better, he has not moved. Moral to the story? First weeks are more important? (I dunno...just asking)

  • 1074. niraj (on Tue Feb 15 23:33:10 2011)
    Sherbrooke has water?

  • 1073. yan_c (on Tue Feb 15 23:22:26 2011)
    Danny rocks. I hear Sherbrooke is getting hot water soon. Hope his house is one of the first. He deserves it.

  • 1072. niraj (on Tue Feb 15 22:55:02 2011)
    One area I have to give Danny credit for is the 2nd half of the season. He always seems to make more moves (trades, FAs, etc) in the 2nd half when the weekly prizes come out and has noticeable success. I shouldn't tell you this Danny, but judging from the solid results you've had in the past in the weekly prizes, I think it's fair to conclude that if you make more moves earlier in the season, you might have more luck winning that elusive championship..

  • 1071. danny (on Tue Feb 15 16:41:50 2011)
    Si tu veux l'entendre..." Je m'excuse!" Tu file tu mieux? Je sais pas pourquoi je m'encuse mais en tout cas, si ça fait ta journée...Tiens encore "Je m'excuse!" Cé vrai que ton comment de Forsberg était hot! Mais ta moyenne au bâton est à .183

  • 1070. rudy (on Tue Feb 15 13:30:14 2011)
    Non seulement il n'y a pas de Ctrl-F sur les browsers des mobiles, mais le site Web de l'UFHL n'est pas vraiment optimisé pour les plateformes mobiles... Alors la plupart du temps je lis les commentaires seulement dans mes e-mails (je suis abonné à la notification).

  • 1069. etienne (on Tue Feb 15 13:20:36 2011)
    Il n'y a pas de Ctrl F sur un mobile?

  • 1068. rudy (on Tue Feb 15 13:18:43 2011)
    I agree that references suck. Especially for mobile users like me who receive one comment at a time without having access to the humungous stack of comments on the web site.

  • 1067. yan_c (on Tue Feb 15 12:55:26 2011)
    Is it Easter Egg Hunt already? read #245 in relation to # 577 cuz the opposite of #1222 happened right after #33but only on Months that have Sundays where #111 is under a Crescent moon. Speaking of moo...#712 makes Niraj want to 69 with 666....

  • 1066. etienne (on Tue Feb 15 12:50:25 2011)
    @Danny: Je suis Jojo Savard! Voir commentaires: 926 en relation avec 877! Maintenant, excuse toi;)

  • 1065. danny (on Tue Feb 15 12:07:34 2011)
    Again I'm knocking on the weekly ca$h but it's a long shot tuesday. I need some assists Go Burrows, Bergeron,Couture, Niemi, Kampfer, Brière, Leino and PK All abord the ca$h train

  • 1064. yan_c (on Tue Feb 15 09:30:51 2011)
    Just when I thought Niraj was getting old and soft....he does this... I will never buy a used car from you! ;) Way to stock up for next year..... kudos

  • 1063. raymond (on Mon Feb 14 23:58:25 2011)
    No Grabner was traded as part of a package for Ballard So Florida basically gave Ballard away...

  • 1062. niraj (on Mon Feb 14 23:26:57 2011)
    Wasn't Grabner waived by the Canucks?

  • 1061. rudy (on Mon Feb 14 20:34:44 2011)
    Doodies 3 useless tidbits of the week: 1- Michael Haley is one tough motherfucker 2- I love Brent Johnson (2 highlight fights and 22 PIM in last 2 games) 3- Michael Grabner was waived by the Florida Panthers at the start of the season (bravo!)

  • 1060. niraj (on Mon Feb 14 18:34:09 2011)
    Who has the most hat tricks in the NHL this season. Did you guess Stamkos? You guessed WRONG. It's Drew Stafford! For those interested, if you give me 3 100 pt players, 2 60 pt defencemen and 2 starting goalies and I might consider it. After all, that's what Stamkos is going for ;).

  • 1059. yan_c (on Mon Feb 14 17:14:50 2011)
    Now if only Niraj could retire and accept that the new UFHL has passed him by. Retire the great champ that he was and not end up like Forsberg, Favre or dare I say...Ali? :)

  • 1058. yan_c (on Mon Feb 14 17:10:15 2011)
    ya win some, ya lose some Etienne...they can't all be Alex Slalock :)

  • 1057. niraj (on Mon Feb 14 17:04:25 2011)
    @etienne: Lol

  • 1056. etienne (on Mon Feb 14 16:46:45 2011)
    See comment 877.

  • 1055. yan_c (on Mon Feb 14 13:51:13 2011)
    Sherbrooke is about to get high speed internet any day now....Keep up with the news Niraj!

  • 1054. yan_c (on Mon Feb 14 13:50:09 2011)
    Niraj is so 2007...

  • 1053. niraj (on Mon Feb 14 13:44:38 2011)
    What the hell, Forsberg retired!

  • 1052. raymond (on Mon Feb 14 12:17:22 2011)
    Who will have the most comebacks: 1) Favre 2) Forsberg 3) Michael Jordan (his plan is to come back at 50 so in 2 yrs - really)

  • 1051. yan_c (on Mon Feb 14 12:07:14 2011)
    Danny....Interested in Forsberg?

  • 1050. yan_c (on Sat Feb 12 14:14:38 2011)
    Once upon a time long, long, ago there was a season when neither the Leafs nor the Canadiens made the post season playoffs. It seemed so unusual, that the management of both teams got together and decided that there should be some sort of competition between the two teams because of their great rivalry. So, they decided on a weeklong ice fishing competition. The team that caught the most fish at the end of the week would win. So on a cold northern Ontario lake near Pointe Aux Baril, they began their contest. The first day after 8 hours of fishing the Canadiens had caught 100 fish and the Leafs had 0. At the end of the second day the Canadiens had caught 200 fish and the Leafs had 0. That evening the Leafs coach got his team together and said, "I suspect some kind of cheating is taking place." The next morning he dressed one of his players in Canadien colours and sent him over to their camp as a spy. At the end of the day the disguised player came back to report to the coach. The coach asked "Well, how about it, are they cheating?" "They sure are," the player reported, "They're cutting holes in the ice".

  • 1049. yan_c (on Sat Feb 12 12:07:33 2011)
    @niraj..If your're not nice to the Doodie GM, I'll ask my videotron buddies to put Rudy (the movie) on a loop non stop on all your channels... I still don't get trade #37

  • 1048. niraj (on Sat Feb 12 11:59:58 2011)
    You just killed UFHL Jeaopardy. I really thought you would have went for the "Doodie-licious" cat.

  • 1047. yan_c (on Sat Feb 12 11:51:36 2011)
    @Niraj...Guess it's hard to type with one hand while jerking off the commish with the other...

  • 1046. niraj (on Sat Feb 12 11:49:22 2011)
    The answer I gave should not have started iwth "Who was".

  • 1045. niraj (on Sat Feb 12 11:48:24 2011)
    That isn't how UFHL Jeapordy works. The "questions" are in the form of answers. For instance: "Who was the moron manager in the 2010-2011 draft that started Brodeur's bid at $45"

  • 1044. yan_c (on Sat Feb 12 11:35:43 2011)
    How about...I'll take Brodeur for 45$? :)

  • 1043. niraj (on Sat Feb 12 11:34:07 2011)
    @Yan_C: I forgot about one category: "Worst Manager Decisions in UFHL history" This is a great category...everyone can provide answers for everyone else to answer! Niraj.

  • 1042. niraj (on Sat Feb 12 11:23:53 2011)
    @Yan_C: Correct! You have the board. Our remaining categories are: "Doodie-licious" "Havana United Airlines" and "Normal moves made by Milburdanny"

  • 1041. yan_c (on Sat Feb 12 10:42:48 2011)
    @Niraj...What is sweet fuck all?

  • 1040. niraj (on Sat Feb 12 10:41:23 2011)
    Alex: "Very well Yan_C. When was the last year Milburdanny won a championship. He has the same number of championships as the Florida Panthers have stanley cups."

  • 1039. yan_c (on Fri Feb 11 15:27:08 2011)
    @Niraj.... I'll take "Normal moves made by Milburdanny" for a 1000$ Alex!

  • 1038. niraj (on Fri Feb 11 15:25:06 2011)
    Who is Alex Stalock?

  • 1037. yan_c (on Fri Feb 11 14:44:38 2011)
    if the UFHL lasts long enough, Danny will eventually hire someone who died...

  • 1036. danny (on Fri Feb 11 14:40:04 2011)
    Only way Niraj can reply on Yan's facts is by throwing the hot potato at me... Is that the only answer you can come up with ...Come'on man! He's attacking you credibility and you reply by bringing Alex Stalock in the conversation. Brutal defensive talk. Come'on man!

  • 1035. niraj (on Fri Feb 11 13:16:44 2011)
    Weirdest FA Pick: Any of the clowns that Danny hired ;).

  • 1034. raymond (on Fri Feb 11 12:20:56 2011)
    The 33% makes up for the 0% last year! Fleischman gets an asterisk since he was drafted Who was the most shocking FA hire?

  • 1033. yannick (on Fri Feb 11 11:56:03 2011)
    sometime you have to give credit where credit is due, and niraj got one of his "sleeper of the day" right finally by selecting Drew Stafford (see comment #52). 20 goals in 35 games is a 46 goals pace (pro-rated to 82 games). Other Niraj's "sleeper of the day" selection this year: Tyler Bozak and Chris Mason. ...33% accuray is still pretty good, that's got to be an improvement over past years!

  • 1032. danny (on Fri Feb 11 11:40:28 2011)
    Shattenkirk has to be the best pick up since he plays at a key position in our league! Skinner and Couture are good too but top D is the key to success in my book. Although he has slowed down Shatty could very well be the next Rafalski...We'll see! Hedberg was a solid 2nd place finalist!

  • 1031. niraj (on Fri Feb 11 11:14:36 2011)
    Yanick and I were chatting and we started discussing the best FA pickup of the year. My finalists are: Skinner, Ladd, Couture, Kulemin, Grabovski, Shattenkirk, Fowler, Williams, Fleishmann, Stafford. Honorable Mention: James Reimer (not enough games played) All of these players have had significant runs and benefited their respective teams. Am I forgetting anyone? Who do YOU think is the best FA and why?

  • 1030. yan_c (on Thu Feb 10 16:25:16 2011)
    I have now made at least one trade with every GM except da ruff bears.... JF, tu m'aimes pas? :)

  • 1029. yan_c (on Thu Feb 10 14:31:54 2011)
    Attachez vos tuques les top 5, le Havana United s'en vient vous prendre des points!

  • 1028. niraj (on Thu Feb 10 12:53:11 2011)
    come on the franchise!

  • 1027. yan_c (on Thu Feb 10 12:39:49 2011)
    Bruno Gervais: "On a confiance en nos six gardiens!" Is he a member of the Islanders or Hitmen?

  • 1026. yannick (on Thu Feb 10 00:26:45 2011)
    just saw espn's 30 for 30 documentary about Wayne Gretzky's trade in 1988. Very interesting. One of the things to remember from that is than when Pocklington called McNall and McNall was on speaker phone and Gretzky was in the room with McNall and Pocklington didn't know and started to talked against Gretzky, and that is when Gretzky said "ok, I'm an LA Kings", makes you remember than whenever you talked in the back of someone on the phone, make sure the other party is not on speakerphone, you never know!

  • 1025. yannick (on Thu Feb 10 00:21:58 2011)
    Felicitations a Danny pour sa belle victoire. Une belle bataille avec Bao qui avait deja un $10. 4 semaines et 4 gagnants differents, c'est bien. une autre belle semaine a prevoir... Sommaire des $10 pour la saison 2011: Bao: $10 Raymond: $10 Yannick: $10 Danny: $10

  • 1024. yan_c (on Wed Feb 9 20:34:46 2011)
    Price c'est un tueur!

  • 1023. danny (on Wed Feb 9 14:29:42 2011)
    Oh...Ya ...I'm the King! Watch out for next weeks guys ...I'm taking all of 'em. Get my money back! 4 out of the last 5 weeks i've been knocking on the door... Knock Knock ...Who's there? Danny....Danny who? Danny Wilburryou. That's who!

  • 1022. yan_c (on Wed Feb 9 14:12:03 2011)
    All hail King Milburdanny! Well...for this week at least! :)

  • 1021. yan_c (on Wed Feb 9 13:43:28 2011)
    @raymond.... I'll over you a combo of Stephane Ouelette, Danny O'Connor, pair of Lois Jeans and a 6 pack of Kik Cola... But I want you to add a FA so I can drive Yannick a little more cuckoo for cocoa puffs... :)

  • 1020. raymond (on Wed Feb 9 13:40:46 2011)
    Bao only needs Savard to complete the trifecta! Speaking of which, would anyone like to make an offer for him? He's on IR so he won't take up a roster spot!

  • 1019. yan_c (on Wed Feb 9 13:18:06 2011)
    Ouch...Bao first loses Kunitz and now Tanguay with a concussion.... With all these concussions, I wonder if some of today's stars will end up like Ali in 25 years...

  • 1018. yan_c (on Wed Feb 9 12:34:14 2011)
    Leafs should win this

  • 1017. danny (on Wed Feb 9 12:08:22 2011)
    Man...This is gonna be a tight race for the weekly champ...I got 12 PIM with Downie and a few points with another SO with Niemi....So who knows? YanC can you caluclate the odds please! Your probably at work right now you have the time to come out with the stats before the web site does...Come'on man!

  • 1016. yan_c (on Wed Feb 9 10:11:27 2011)
    Excellent article... Comme quoi certains journalistes exxagerent pour les "headines"

  • 1015. yan_c (on Tue Feb 8 19:16:34 2011)
    EDIT JE retire mes comments car je cois que Nolan a finalement change son lineup. mes excuses... mais retourne tes courriels! :)

  • 1014. yan_c (on Tue Feb 8 19:06:47 2011)
    Vu que personne veut en parler ouvertement, pourrait-on parler du cas Nolan? Ca fait des dizaines de courriels que je lui envoie avec aucune reponse. Il continue d'habiller Enstrom qui est blesse depuis le 22 janvier et Tukka Rask malgre le fait que Bryzgalov fait du bon poulot. Datsyuk/Macdonaold sont maintenant de retour. Vont-ils rester sur le banc? Je comprends que c'est pas plaisant gerer une equipe qu'on a pas construit (been there), mais ca compromet l'integrite de la ligue s'il n y a pas un minimum de participation, non? Le pire est qu'avec un minimum de gerance (il a quasi pas utlise ses FAs), cette equipe serait top 3...facile... il fait du surplace maintenant dans les mi-70 alors aucune raison de garder Kaberle... Sans rancune car les fois que j'ai negotie avec Nolan furent plaisantes mais s'il n'a pas envie, c'est son droit. Je prends mon droit de mentionner que je ne suis pas d'accord... Merci

  • 1013. yannick (on Tue Feb 8 10:55:43 2011)
    I'm having really a shit week, last with 58 points. I've been doing daily changes for the head-2-head this week, and there I rank 5th with 95 points, so it does make a big difference!

  • 1012. yan_c (on Tue Feb 8 09:39:07 2011)
    The Dickless wonders are making a move! Go Niraj Go!

  • 1011. danny (on Mon Feb 7 16:40:13 2011)
    Yan ...C'est pas à moi de faire des efforts pour obtenir le meilleur...À part, Ray et Yan C et toi aujourd'hui y'a personne qui me fait d'offre et pourtout j'avais une mine d'or de joueurs échangables pour aider les meneurs...YanC mérite vraiment ce qui lui arrive. Il fait des offrent qu'on n'a pas juste le gout de rire en lisant le courriel. Ceci incite à un début de négociation. On manque beaucoup de respect pour l'intelligence de l'autre GM parfois et celà à pour conséquence qu'on écrit plus à ce GM. Je crois avoir obtenu de très bon keepers pour l'an prochain avec mes joueurs de fin de contract Comme tu peux voir je suis encore 2e dans le classement pour la semaine...Ceci est la 2e fois en 4 semaine. Donc, en plus j'ai équilibré mes échanges pour tenter qu'en même de gagner des semaines... Assez! Reste juste à produire un peu le mardi soir et le tour est jouer. Meme la semaine que j'ai fini 5e....J'étais 2e rendu au mardi soir...donc 3 sur 4 semaine en position pour gagner...Bloody tuesdays!ARGH! Tonight is the NIGHT!!! 5 joueurs contre 4 joueurs pour BLT: BLT: Zetterberg-Hedjuk-Tanguay-Hudler vs. Hitmen: Sharp-Kopecky-Burrows-Seabrook-Hamhuis Plusieurs catégories très très serré! Le weekly ranking est vraiment motivant...même si je perd toujours rendu au mardi! Tonight is the Night I can feel it!

  • 1010. yan_c (on Mon Feb 7 16:27:12 2011)
    @niraj...I never heard the idea.... when u have a sec this week, call me please

  • 1009. niraj (on Mon Feb 7 16:26:17 2011)
    I still love the idea of a farm team...would be fun to keep young players...

  • 1008. yan_c (on Mon Feb 7 16:11:26 2011)
    btw the (in my opinion) great idea of combining the god-awful luck categories into 1 is not mine but Niraj's...kudos cheetah

  • 1007. yan_c (on Mon Feb 7 16:06:59 2011) mon cote j'apprecie enormement le boulot que tu fais pour gerer le tout. p-e le head to head devrait avoir plus d'incentive? genre combiner les 2 categories stupides (shg et gwg) pour faire une categorie et une autre pour les head to head? p-e meme doubler cette valeur en terme de poids? je parle pour parler

  • 1006. yannick (on Mon Feb 7 15:57:46 2011)
    ok ok ok, j'avoue, je me suis lever du mauvais cote du lit ce matin et tout me fache aujourd'hui. J'etais aussi un peu decu du total manque d'interet pour le head-2-head. Je sais pas pourquoi je pensais que ce que j'avais en tete serait interessant et que ca donnerait une autre dimension au pool pour garder l'interet jusqu'a la fin. Bon, avec du recul, je vois votre point-de-vue et c'est vrai que ca rajoute pas grand chose. Pour mon idee de changement journalier (daily lineup change), c'est un peu trop et mon interface n'est pas adapter pour ca. Donc j'abandonne tout development pour le head-2-head et je vais le laisser comme il est la jusqu'a la fin de l'annee. je vais ensuite le retirer completement du site pour la prochaine saison. Vous pourrez pas dire que je n'ai pas essayer! J'essaye sincerement de trouver de nouvelles manieres de rendre la UFHL plus excitante du debut a la fin de la saison. Peut-etre que nous sommes mures pour l'idee du "farm team" que niraj et moi parlont depuis quelques saisons pour garder des jeunes joueurs. Ou peut-etre est'il temps de considerer ma proposition de modifier la structures des contrats.

  • 1005. yan_c (on Mon Feb 7 13:31:45 2011)
    @Yannick....Actually...I aligned my own stars... I had no "lucky breakout" players like 5$ Buff (stupid me...Niraj wanted Cam Ward for him on Oct 12 and I said no!!!argh) and I've had my share of bad injuries like Semin and especially Whitney on D... You accept, adapt and move on...

  • 1004. yannick (on Mon Feb 7 12:59:39 2011)
    just to clarify one point, I don't say that yan_c has won the championship because of that trade alone, (sharp is good, but he's no stamkos or crosby). I just meant that all the stars are aligned for yan_c to win. Of course, if lady luck decides otherwise, anybody can win...

  • 1003. yan_c (on Mon Feb 7 12:45:52 2011)
    On Feb 15, 2010...Raymond congratulated BAO for winning the championship as I traded Marleau to BLT (he was frustrated that I thought so highly of Loui Eriksson that I got in return...cough...cough).... Funny though who actually won :)

  • 1002. yan_c (on Mon Feb 7 11:35:24 2011)
    Funny...every year I've been in the UFHL, someone early in the season said "congratulations , the championship is yours"... I'd have to go back and check but I think each time it was after a trade, and each time the guy in question did not win... lol

  • 1001. yan_c (on Mon Feb 7 11:25:44 2011)
    @Yannick....A la place de Danny, Leino est un des premiers que je garderait l'annee prochaine. 27 ans avec un club stacke en croissance en plus....c'est un mikko koivu mais meilleur buteur

  • 1000. yannick (on Mon Feb 7 11:21:57 2011)
    @danny: tu sais que tu ne peux pas garder mason (derniere annee de contrat) et c'est sure que tu garderas pas leino. tu fais pas beaucoup d'efforts pour obtenir le meilleur pour tes joueurs... en tk, ce sont tes choix, et je me dois de respecter ca... @yan_c: la course au championnat est officiellement terminer, tu as gagner. felicitations pour ton premier championnat. Tu l'as bien meriter car c'est toi qui a travailler le plus fort cette annee, tu as eu la virtu et la fortuna comme dirait etienne!

  • 999. yan_c (on Mon Feb 7 11:12:18 2011)
    Stephen King could write about a character named Danny O'Connor and his fans would be like..."come on, that's pushing it too far, even for you!"

  • 998. danny (on Mon Feb 7 11:00:51 2011)
    S.Mason is back where he started when the the hitmen noticed all his potential. Will he be as good to me as he was back then...If so, watchout 2nd place !!!LOL

  • 997. yan_c (on Sun Feb 6 19:03:04 2011)
    kudos a Bergeron....2 pts a sa premiere partie de retour sur seulement 11 mins de jeu... J'avais tord a son sujet je pense....pas mal "gamer"

  • 996. yan_c (on Sun Feb 6 16:43:41 2011)
    Bergeron a deja 1 pt dans sa premiere partie.... Qui sait?

  • 995. yan_c (on Sun Feb 6 12:10:54 2011)
    Forsberg signed a contract yesterday.... Attachez vos tuques!

  • 994. yan_c (on Sun Feb 6 09:42:34 2011)
    Rough Bears auront du renfort pour remplacer Malkin...Bergie et son slap shot!

  • 993. raymond (on Sun Feb 6 04:29:37 2011)
    5 shutouts tonight, players must have their mind on the Superbowl...

  • 992. niraj (on Sat Feb 5 20:46:39 2011)
    Reimer's getting his ass handed to him least Kulemin scored an SHG for me ;).

  • 991. danny (on Sat Feb 5 13:16:50 2011)
    MOI...J'y croyais Yan. J'étais supposé être 5e présentement si mon plan aurait marché! LOL

  • 990. yan_c (on Sat Feb 5 09:23:48 2011)
    Looks like it's a 6 team race now... Qui aurait cru ca il y a meme 3 semaines... Thank God for goaltending or lack of... May the best team win...Bonne chance! Je vais au Centre Bell scouter mes 2 chevaux Wolski et Lundqvist tantot... Will I find another?

  • 989. niraj (on Sat Feb 5 06:04:30 2011)
    @Rudy: Good thing his agent had Garth Snow sitting across the table when that 15 year deal was negotiated :)

  • 988. rudy (on Fri Feb 4 21:21:32 2011)
    Rick DiPietro has really become a joke. I mean, he picks a fight with Brent Johnson, is knocked out with one punch and then appears on the IR for a 4-to-6 weeks period. He's totally unable to be in goal for more than 5 games in a row without injuring himself. Just can't believe it anymore... Good thing I picked up Kevin Poulin... :-)

  • 987. yan_c (on Fri Feb 4 20:19:45 2011)
    @Danny...#980.... You have that Joe Swanson vibe to you actually...

  • 986. rudy (on Fri Feb 4 20:12:04 2011)
    @yan_c: Don't forget that JF isn't reading the comments anymore... ;-)

  • 985. yan_c (on Fri Feb 4 19:55:50 2011)
    Halak out with "upper body" injury... (confidence?) Hiller out with "fatigue"... My competitions stud goalies excuses are worse than Niraj's for not picking up the check! Call Rudy, he has a stud Bolt goalie!

  • 984. yannick (on Fri Feb 4 16:55:57 2011)
    @979: to continue on teh new head-2-head daily changes, you will have the opportunity to activate right away a player that you acquired in a trade or via free agency! Exciting, isn't it? Any questions, feel free to ask. If you want to partcipate in the pilot project, just let me know!

  • 983. yan_c (on Fri Feb 4 16:53:22 2011)
    out of nowhere Phuc delivers the Cheetah blow...

  • 982. phuc (on Fri Feb 4 16:51:02 2011)
    @Niraj, 962: Not to discredit Brodeur (or Lemaire for that matter), but Rinne was named one of the NHL star of the month w/ 8 wins, 1.71GAA and 94.7 SV% - so your 'hottest goalie right now' is arguable. Just pointing that out for any of you who still need help in goalie cats...

  • 981. yan_c (on Fri Feb 4 15:14:44 2011) has nothing to do with the fact that you have 13 goalies...10 in the AHL... noooooooooo ;)

  • 980. danny (on Fri Feb 4 15:13:16 2011)
    Rudy: Your team is a disaster more than mine i admit. But as for me, i still hope to win a few weeks before the end of the year and that keeps me motivated! I have an OK team that under performed due to the failure of Niemi and Turco this year! But i still might get a few good performances and that gives me hope to get at least one 10$ bill. My offense and Defense is just waiting to explode...I can feel it! "CAN YOU FEEL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -The eternal hopeful Hitmen

  • 979. yannick (on Fri Feb 4 15:09:24 2011)
    Some of you who went on the Weekly Actions page probably noticed a new item which is "Head-2-Head Pilot Project". What this is is a new way to do the head-2-head matchup. Instead of having one lineup that counts for both the regular ranking and the head-2-head, teh head-2-head will now have it's own lineup independent of the regular one. The new head-2-head lineup will allow daily lineup change, meaning that you can activate whoever is playing that night. So the head-2-head points and teh regular weekly ranking will actually be different, and you will have an actual impact on your matchup if you are active or not. I think this significant change will give new life to the head-2-head and might even capture your attention. It is in a testing phase right now, but if you want to participate in the testing and give me feedback on what is needed to make it better or feedback as to if you like or not, just let me know and I will add you to the list of managers that can access it. We will revisit at the end of the season if it's worth keeping.

  • 978. yan_c (on Fri Feb 4 14:46:32 2011)
    @niraj....and the 200 yard 6 irons...then 2 chips, 3 putts...easy 7 :)

  • 977. niraj (on Fri Feb 4 14:45:02 2011)
    @Yan_C: Watch out this year...this is the year of the cheetah...

  • 976. yan_c (on Fri Feb 4 14:20:12 2011)
    Sharks send Stalock to the minors, for now - Alex Stalock (G) San Jose Sharks The Hitmen are now the odds on favorite to capture the UFHL's AHL championship at Rico's betting and nail salon located in Reno, Nevada....

  • 975. yan_c (on Fri Feb 4 13:44:36 2011)
    awwwwww Niraj ... I might even let you win a few holes at golf this summer now... Case of Cheetah Lager on the way lol

  • 974. niraj (on Fri Feb 4 13:39:31 2011)
    @rudy: Now there's the spirit of a real UFHL manager...for me, I'm getting my kicks by seeing how much I can interfere with the race for the championship. I'm playing the role of spoiler and loving it. The best part is that JF or YanB could put an end to that, but they've decided not to for the time being. What do I know anyways... Yan_C has, in my opinion, been the smartest manager thus far. He doesn't really care what he's giving up only that what he gets gives him a better chance to win the title. Not to make his ego any bigger, but so far he's got my vote for manager of the year...

  • 973. yan_c (on Fri Feb 4 13:12:11 2011)
    @ rudy....I did not even realize there was head to head until after xmas.... I thought the stats there were leftover from last year... Ca en dit gros...

  • 972. rudy (on Fri Feb 4 13:10:18 2011)
    @niraj: When I decided to close the book on this season for a general lack of offense I had around 50-55 points. My goalies were doing pretty good and I was in the mix for defensemen and +/-. Then Craig Anderson and Brian Elliott crashed for a couple of weeks, and I plummetted to the 40-point range. Now even Lehtonen gets shelled, so my season is also a disaster for the goalie categories. Meanwhile, Liles and Leopold got cold (predictable) and I started to have problems with +/-, getting many minus players in useless trades. So here I am, on verge of registering the worst season of all times in the UFHL. Can I go lower? It will be hard, because I can only improve in most of the categories. To fall lower my players would have to stop getting penalties while continuing to be bad offensively... that could still happen. And if Roloson has a good second half and Lehtonen straighen up I should get back in the 30s because I'm not completely out of the picture for the Wins and the Save Average. @all: I promise I'll continue to do my line-ups every week but I must admit I have lost a lot of interest, so I'm not going to maximize or analyze much for the last couple of months. I hope it won't interfere in the championship. And no Yannick, Head-to-Head doesn't appeal to me in any way to do my best, sorry.

  • 971. niraj (on Fri Feb 4 11:55:45 2011)
    btw, 11 pts is almost half of Rudy's ranking!

  • 970. niraj (on Fri Feb 4 11:55:18 2011)
    What about the weekly ranking though? Bao gets to be first when his goalies haven't started yet!

  • 969. raymond (on Fri Feb 4 11:51:42 2011)
    And if you don't start any goalie all season, you get 11 pts for being #1 in GAA + 3 pts for being last in all other categories

  • 968. raymond (on Fri Feb 4 11:47:42 2011)
    Niraj - a goalie has to make at least 1 save in order to have a sv %. If your goalie doesn't start, his sv % is 0 which puts him at the bottom of categories. Etienne is ahead of you because of Luongo's shutout.

  • 967. niraj (on Fri Feb 4 11:36:17 2011)
    Btw, 29 points in January for the Doodies has to be a record for lowest point total in January of all time. Consider that there are 13 categories in the rankings. Rudy, how low can your doodoo go?

  • 966. niraj (on Fri Feb 4 11:02:25 2011)
    @yan_c: I though we had a minimum start rule in effect for the season...where it's really fucked up is in the weekly ranking because someone can easily win a week without starting any goalies...

  • 965. yan_c (on Fri Feb 4 09:30:39 2011)
    @Niraj....that's kind of what I was trying to bring to the table a few weeks back with that minimum start thing.

  • 964. niraj (on Fri Feb 4 09:29:11 2011)
    Does anyone else think there's a huge flaw in the weekly ranking in the goalie cats? How is a team who's goalie hasn't started get the most points. Frankly, if a team's goalies haven't started they should be LAST (11th) in every category. It's pretty skewed to award anything more than 1 pt to a manager who is at the bottom of the goalie ranks. Yan, does the weekly ranking take this into consideration? What if I start no goalies the entire week? Do I get to be first in GAA and SV%?

  • 963. yan_c (on Fri Feb 4 09:23:27 2011)
    I can't win without Seabrook....DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • 962. niraj (on Fri Feb 4 09:22:24 2011)
    Yeah, that Brodeur drafting really killed me early on...if only Lemaire was coaching from the start...Brodeur is the league's hottest goalie right now going 8-1-1 in his last 10 with a 1.84 GAA and a 93.1 SV%. I also love the fact that I'm a factor in the championship no matter what. If my goalies continue to be better than JF's, I continue to push him down the rankings by at least 3 points (he's the next team in front of me in the goalie cats). Highlanders is also next in the wins categor. Given the ranking, I think Yan_Cs team has the best chance to win.

  • 961. yan_c (on Fri Feb 4 08:26:02 2011)
    @etienne. Case in point. At the draft niraj uttered the biggest phrase of said draft. "ill take brodeur for 45$"

  • 960. etienne (on Fri Feb 4 08:19:33 2011)
    @Yan_C: tu as raison. Franchement, je ne pensais pas que Crosby aurait une aussi bonne saison et donc que sa contribution serait aussi grande pour ma production totale. Aussi, il y a que certains de mes autres joueurs ont pas fourni autant ce qui fait que la production de Crosby paraît plus grande en %. Mais au moins, j'en ai eu pour mon argent le temps de ça a duré: 20% de ma masse pour 25% de ma production dans plusieurs catégories. Mais ton commentaire est très correct - je ne suis pas fâché. En fait quand on gamble on ne doit pas blâmer les dés, mais les lois de la statistique! @956: yes.

  • 959. raymond (on Fri Feb 4 01:33:19 2011)
    Whoops, I thought that said goals instead of points. Please ignore the last 3 lines : )

  • 958. raymond (on Fri Feb 4 01:31:39 2011)
    Plus the NHL reversed the 2 Smyth goals and gave them to Doughty so you add 2 PPs and 1 GW. You should continue to ignore your team lol Did you read this funny line about Bob: ...he's 22-7-3 in his rookie season after coming over from the KHL, where he put up horrendous records due to a stunning lack of offensive support. And we do mean stunning: His Russian team's leading scorer had 24 points in 53 games. So his Russian team scores 1 goal every 2.2 games??? Every 11 games they play, they get shutout 6 times??? Do their forwards even pass centre ice???

  • 957. niraj (on Fri Feb 4 00:52:20 2011)
    I'd like to thank the GM of the Hitmen for firing Reimer. Thanks for the gift! (Frankly I totally forgot to do my lineup on Wednesday and it's only a fluke that he's still in there...oh well, at least I made up for Backstrom's lost shutout).

  • 956. niraj (on Thu Feb 3 17:13:17 2011)
    So is Crosby a keeper?

  • 955. yan_c (on Thu Feb 3 16:48:29 2011)
    @Etienne au sujet de #921... I wanted to write before but I forgot... When a Gm chooses to put 20% of his salary cap on one player he loses the right to say "if so and so was not injured"... :) Some other gm's did on purpose to draft more cheaper guys for depth just for that reason... You are right of course, mais quand on gamble on blame pas les des... Si getzlaf et parise etaient pas blesses, Yannick serait en premier aujourd'hui p-e.... If Ovy and Green stopped partying, JF would be killing us etc... ce n'est pas une commentaire negatif btw, juste une constatation...desfois des courriels/posts parraissent plus secs que prevus...

  • 954. etienne (on Thu Feb 3 15:02:02 2011)
    Comment #944: yes - comment of the year! (Phuc, do you have the common curtesy of giving a reach around? - from those who don't know, it's a classic line from full metal jacket.

  • 953. yan_c (on Thu Feb 3 14:07:40 2011)
    @niraj Souray Broke his hand cutting his toenails..

  • 952. niraj (on Thu Feb 3 11:48:16 2011)
    Where is Souray?

  • 951. yan_c (on Thu Feb 3 10:31:38 2011)
    Where is M-A Bergeron? Playing with Norfolk of the goals and 4 assists in 11 games....and is a minus 3 Chelios had better stats at 63 years old lol

  • 950. danny (on Wed Feb 2 23:38:15 2011)
    Yan, that 10$ should go to the winner of the weekly head 2 head at the end...If I wouldda won this week, that's what i would have done...Com'on man!

  • 949. raymond (on Wed Feb 2 15:54:10 2011)
    So Yan C: will Det claim M.Smith? lol Man, lots of shutouts on the bench yesterday...

  • 948. yan_c (on Wed Feb 2 15:44:50 2011)
    Donate it to charity! wasn't a real week, you went backwards en plus lol! ;)

  • 947. yannick (on Wed Feb 2 15:43:31 2011)
    Felicitations a moi-meme qui a gagne le $10 de la semaine qui vient de se terminer. Sommaire des $10 pour la saison 2011: Bao: $10 Raymond: $10 Yannick: $10

  • 946. yan_c (on Wed Feb 2 14:17:09 2011)
    Damn...I can't believe Alex Slalock was available... :)

  • 945. niraj (on Wed Feb 2 12:32:23 2011)
    comment of the year candidate...

  • 944. phuc (on Wed Feb 2 12:24:54 2011)
    @Rudy: I enjoy gay sex as much as the next guy, but I don't remember seeing you in any of my man-crush gangbang parties - usually, to participate, you need to be a young, oft-injured, full of untapped potential NHL'er. LemonParty, it's just for irony ;)

  • 943. yan_c (on Wed Feb 2 11:32:56 2011)
    petit truc pour ceux qui aiment aller a rotowire. Faites transferer les liens a google reader. je viens de lire 80 posts dans quelques mins... BCP plus rapide que de visionner la page web originale...

  • 942. etienne (on Wed Feb 2 10:22:58 2011)
    @Yan_C: It's either you or Yan_B...

  • 941. yan_c (on Wed Feb 2 09:16:04 2011)
    2 UFHL GM's laughed at the Rollie the goalie pickup... 9 wins in 12 TB starts and now 4 shutouts! Good pickup Rudy.... who knows, keeper at 40 years old? lol, or trade him to a contender...but make them sweat for laughing at the venerable Dwayne!

  • 940. danny (on Wed Feb 2 04:20:23 2011)

  • 939. niraj (on Tue Feb 1 21:26:48 2011)
    I have an average sized dick at best and very hairy balls, just ask your w...nvr mind ;). Don't want to offend anyone...

  • 938. yannick (on Tue Feb 1 21:07:17 2011)
    @yan_c: what I wrote was actually a compliment to you... What a day!

  • 937. rudy (on Tue Feb 1 19:26:25 2011)
    @all: I admit I love feces. @niraj: I have a big dick and a decent pair of balls, sorry man. Just ask Phuc, he'll tell you.

  • 936. yan_c (on Tue Feb 1 19:16:25 2011)
    Dure journee pour les gars sur le Board aujourd'hui... Let's not escalate so that when Aerosmith has their 32nd reunion, they don't rename their classic Danny's got a gun.... Ray Emery in Detroit? you read it here first... eh...not read it first in Darren Dreger's column this morning. Peace out to feces, imaginary flying fairis, mechanics, citrus events, only decent movie Christophe Lambert did, Kodiacs, so-so sandwich, commie bastard, winnie's friends and finally, a gay 80's toy.

  • 935. yan_c (on Tue Feb 1 18:56:27 2011)
    I forgot...also spector's hockey is not bad sometimes for info. and he has some pretty decent articles on rule changes and stuff

  • 934. yan_c (on Tue Feb 1 18:50:00 2011)
    lol...Only connections I have are with the Leafs and it's not helped me one bit sadly... rotowire (thank you ray or niraj for showing it to me last year), a few key people on twitter and a sony erricson smartphone. Et pour les gens qui disent "pas le temps", that's a losers excuse to make themselves look more important than they are. 10-12 mins par jour a checker les nouvelles c'est rien... in line waiting for coffee, on hold, on the can, at a red light, in traffic///and dozens of others 20-30 second capsules in a day.. First JF accusing "someone" for "essayer de fourrer le systme" et "j'aime pas la tangente que ca prend" and now Yannick. winners win and losers complain.... think of the Leafs! :)

  • 933. niraj (on Tue Feb 1 18:34:20 2011)
    @danny: I don't know about that. His team name literally translates into "Pieces of Shit". And, last I checked, shit doesn't have a penis or balls either. At least Archangels can fly...there's a joke there...somewhere. @yannick: It's not your fault. He has connections.

  • 932. yannick (on Tue Feb 1 18:21:28 2011)
    dans un autre d'idee, la game de colorado a st-louis a ete reportea une autre date (non-annoncee). pour nous ca change pas grand chose, juste qu'il va y avoir une game de plus pour ces deux equipes la semaine que la partie sera reprit. je vous laisserai savoir quand la partie sera reprit... ou je suis sur que notre Lucky Luke de la ufhl (yan_c), l'homme qui connait les nouvelles de la LNH plus vite que son ombre, va vous informer avant moi ou avant meem que la LNH l'annonce!

  • 931. danny (on Tue Feb 1 17:54:25 2011)
    There we go...Now that's more like it Niraj! I know that last comment has to be a joke! And i do submit the .920 comment on the Archangel "No penis or balls" to be the finalist to the "Most Funniest Comment or Reply of the Year". That was big time In Your Face dude!

  • 930. niraj (on Tue Feb 1 17:27:51 2011)
    We'd have to call it "Milburdanny: The hour of power"

  • 929. yan_c (on Tue Feb 1 16:48:35 2011)
    Trouble always follows Ray Emery.. I hire him (legally lol) and then the doodies hit the dickless angels. New tqs show... Sherbrooke vs montreal... la revanche de Danny!

  • 928. niraj (on Tue Feb 1 16:23:02 2011)
    Did JF actually say that he was upset at my comment? I think he was referring to the deal Yan_C and Rudy made. He also said that we could say what we want, but he likes doing things for himself (btw, isn't that the definition of greedy?). Don't really see anything there that suggests he's upset. But due to his moratorium we'll never know...will he come out and clear my confusion or hold true to his word???? But JF, I hope you know that I was kidding when I said that. I definitely don't think you're a motherfucker ;).

  • 927. yan_c (on Tue Feb 1 15:13:37 2011)
    Bien dit Danny je dois avouer... En etant qqun qui a aime "niaser" le monde cette annee, je vais me checker car je sais que de mon cote ca aurait pu me desoler de temps en temps. Mais bon, jamais de malice je vous promets....juste essaye de faire rire le monde... Cheers Boys....

  • 926. danny (on Tue Feb 1 15:10:33 2011)
    T'as bien raison mon JF ...C'est vraiment incroyable de voir tout les autres gérants de te dire quoi faire et bref te faire sentir comme un "doodie". Le comment de Niraj est absolument désobligeant à l'égard de JF. Niraj, je comprend qu'on fait des blagues pour rire des autres mais ton comment manque de classe car on sait que tu le pense vraiment. Il est dit trop facile Un peu de respect pour les autres SVP. Les boyz...Réalisez vous que des commentaires de BS et provocateur comme ceux de Niraj et Etienne "JOJO Savard", on pour conséquences de frustré les parties concernées et c'est pour ça qu'éventuellemnt on doit trouver des nouveaux gérants à chaques années. On est trop passionné et parfois on dépasse les limites. Traité un gars de " greedy mother fucker" est trop dans mon livre et faire et faire référence à plein de mauvaise décision et de "peureux" est un manque solide de respect pour le professionnalisme de chaque gérant ici. J'ai passé par ces histoires aussi plus tôt en saison et je croyais sérieusement que E avait compris comment son coaching était non constructif pour personne. Je pense pas que le GM d'un club de la NHL appel pas l'autre pour lui dire comment il est poche dans sa gestion et que bref ses mauvaises décisions sont la source de ses échecs. Ils laissent l'analyse aux journalistes. Je veux juste qu'on réalise qu'on va trop loin parfois dans nos comments. Je l'ai peut être fait aussi dans le passée mais l'important est que j'en suis sortie grandi. Définition de la Sagesse: "Il faut prendre conscience de sa propre ignorance" - Socrates J'espère bien que JF va remonter cette année et avoir du succès car il a un très bon club. Please Be Smart Danny

  • 925. niraj (on Tue Feb 1 15:01:02 2011)
    @JF: On a rien a crisser non plus...that's why it's fun to give you a lil heat. Don't really know what you're mad about, but hope you feel better soon.

  • 924. yan_c (on Tue Feb 1 14:03:47 2011)
    @JF quelqu'un a triche /bent the rules? I missed something...

  • 923. jf (on Tue Feb 1 14:01:56 2011)
    Ceci sera mon dernier commentaire sur le board cette année. Je n'apprécie vraiment pas cette saison pour de multiple raison. Alors vous dites ce que vous voullez, moi je fait ce pool pour moi même et pas pour vous. Vous pouvez essayer de tous me convaincre que je suis dans l'erreur, j'en ai rien à crisser. Moi je préfère avoir une équipe que j'aime que d'essayer de fourer le système pour gagner. Bref, Bonne fin de saison à tous.

  • 922. niraj (on Tue Feb 1 13:41:40 2011)
    @Etienne: You've got it all wrong. JF's a greedy motherfucker who believes he can win this year and the next. All it takes is a little snap of Stamkos' leg and all will be lost. Btw, what happened to Buff? Has his blackness caught up with him? 3 pts in the last 13 games. You're right JF...he's a SUPERSTAR. I'll give you Pronger and Richards/Sedin for him and Plex ;).

  • 921. etienne (on Tue Feb 1 12:56:55 2011)
    @Niraj: I agree with #918 @JF: Tu es tombé en amour avec ton équipe et là tu as peur de faire une mauvaise décision dans un échange. Être dans une course au championnat n'arrive pas souvent et selon moi on doit tout faire pour gagner l'année quand c'est possible y compris échanger des bons keepers... L'année passée j'ai vidé mon club et j'ai du remonter le tout cette année. Si Crosby n'aurait pas eu sa commotion je serais dans le top 3. Donc c'est possible... En-t-ka, si tu abandonnes et tu t'en remet à la fortuna, c'est ton choix. Mais les offres sur la table étaient bonnes et tu étais en position de force dans les négociation - et tu as peur de l'inconnu.

  • 920. rudy (on Tue Feb 1 11:09:10 2011)
    @niraj: How funny is that to ask a question when you already know the answer? Oh, I get it, you want me to feel humiliated in front of everybody. Good old high school sense of humor. Well friends, a doodie is a piece of shit, in other words, crap... you know, what goes at the bottom of all things, like the UFHL rankings, for instance. That's me. But did you know that an archangel has no penis or balls? Maybe I prefer to stink...

  • 919. niraj (on Tue Feb 1 10:01:41 2011)
    Rudy, You never answered my question...what's a doodie? I think a doodoo is another word for "turd". Are doodies a collection of turds?

  • 918. niraj (on Tue Feb 1 09:59:29 2011)
    Will JF's team go down as the biggest collapse in UFHL history? If he doesn't win, I'd have to say so..

  • 917. jf (on Tue Feb 1 08:39:14 2011)
    Je n'ai pas dit que j'étais scandalisé, j'ai dit que je ne bougerais pas mes keepers.

  • 916. rudy (on Tue Feb 1 08:29:13 2011)
    @jf: Personne ne m'a manifesté un réel intérêt en m'offrant un vrai keeper pour Patrick Kane, surtout pas toi, alors je ne vois pas pourquoi tu es semi-scandalisé ou frustré de cet échange...

  • 915. yan_c (on Tue Feb 1 08:18:57 2011)
    @Jf...La methode Rejean Tremblay de ne pas commenter mais en donnant son opinion quand meme lol T'avais qu'a aller chercher un gardien et un peu de profondeur avant les fetes et tu auras encore une avance de 15-20 pts... c'est pas des echanges avec 34-35 parties qui restent dans la saison qui t'auront fait mal en bout de ligne. Hypothetiquement bien sur... car qui sait comment ca se termine.... Bon dernier droit de saison a tous! (especially the police! lol)

  • 914. jf (on Tue Feb 1 08:06:21 2011)
    Je ne commenterai pas sur aucune échange. Je ne l'ai presque jamais fait. Mais ça me confirme que je ne pense pas bouger aucun joueur de mon équipe. J'aime pas du tout la tangeante que ça prend.

  • 913. yan_c (on Mon Jan 31 20:25:30 2011)
    @rudy....That's how Niraj used to pick up girls before Laura...

  • 912. rudy (on Mon Jan 31 20:17:32 2011)
    @yannick: probablement aucun, mais je n'aurais pas gardé Patrick Kane non plus... en fait j'ai été tellement déçu que tu refuses ma proposition que je me suis mis à être écoeuré un peu... YanC m'a ensuite fait son offre au pire de ma dépression alors je l'ai acceptée tout de suite.

  • 911. yannick (on Mon Jan 31 16:45:41 2011)
    @rudy: tu vas-tu vraiment garder un des joueurs que tu as obtenu dans l'echange avec yan_c?

  • 910. yan_c (on Mon Jan 31 16:26:22 2011)
    T'avais raison JF.... Ca me demangeais :)

  • 909. jf (on Mon Jan 31 12:52:50 2011)
    C'est YanC qui doit s'ennuyé, presque pas de news sur la LNH. Pas moyen d'engager 3 joueurs, en congédier 2 et faire 4 échanges.

  • 908. yannick (on Mon Jan 31 00:43:02 2011)
    c'est un peu bizzare de ne pas regarder les boxscores a chaque soir, mais le break du match des etoiles nous donnent l'opportunite de prendre un break a nous aussi.

  • 907. danny (on Sat Jan 29 15:40:42 2011)
    Just so everybody knows... The real definition of the Stockhom syndrom is when a victim falls in love ( or fells compassion ) torwards the hostage taker or suspect. This explains Yan C always associating everything happening in the UFHL with me. Basically, he's in love with the uniform! LOL

  • 906. danny (on Sat Jan 29 15:34:04 2011)
    Isn't the "Stockhom Syndrome" a state of fanatic and compulsive disorder torwards law enforcement officer's?

  • 905. rudy (on Fri Jan 28 11:13:48 2011)
    Hey, I even lead in my Head-to-Head confrontation with the Syndrome... quite a feat!

  • 904. yan_c (on Fri Jan 28 09:13:41 2011)
    Actually named after a psychological condition....and a song lol

  • 903. niraj (on Fri Jan 28 09:12:52 2011)
    Hey, that's an X-men / X-factor reference. At least I didn't name my team after a song...

  • 902. yan_c (on Fri Jan 28 08:31:07 2011)
    @Niraj...Something a notch below an Archangel?

  • 901. niraj (on Fri Jan 28 08:29:47 2011)
    What is a doodie?

  • 900. yan_c (on Fri Jan 28 08:26:15 2011)
    Un ptit mot d'encouragement pour les Doodies qui ont eu leur meilleure soiree de la saison hier ;)

  • 899. jf (on Thu Jan 27 18:03:50 2011)
    Maybe I should had try it out this tactic. No Rudy, I don't think I have something to offers.

  • 898. raymond (on Thu Jan 27 17:20:05 2011)
    The 50 start rule is a useless rule, it was to prevent the rare case where a GM would start the year with a bunch of shutouts and then decide to sit on his GAA and save %. This would guarantee about 25 pts in the goalie categories: 10 pts for GAA, 10 for save %, maybe 5 for shutouts and 0 for wins. I can't picture a GM, who after 5-10 games and leading all goalie categories, suddently decides to bench his goalies for the rest of the year. Why accept 25 pts when you could get 35+ pts?

  • 897. rudy (on Thu Jan 27 16:11:03 2011)
    @jf: do you seriously want to negociate with me in public in the comments of the week?

  • 896. jf (on Thu Jan 27 15:43:30 2011)
    I have 4 good goaltenders just tell me who you want.

  • 895. rudy (on Thu Jan 27 15:02:00 2011)
    By Kane I meant Patrick Kane. But Evander Kane could go too.

  • 894. rudy (on Thu Jan 27 15:00:50 2011)
    Avis à tous, vous savez que ma saison est une catastrophe et que j'ai déjà vidé mon club, mais je suis encore ouvert à quelques transactions. Kane and Liles are available. Looking for a goalie to replace fuckin' Craig Anderson. Write me at

  • 893. yan_c (on Thu Jan 27 12:01:13 2011)
    maybe 50 starts minimum for goalies is a bit low? Even Danny who almost has 30 starts less than Phuc has already reached it and we're only in January... given the stats I outlined below, would not 80-90 starts be more reasonable...100? (i parle pour parler) At this rate, I'm pretty sure all would achieve it...

  • 892. yan_c (on Thu Jan 27 11:51:33 2011)
    Goalie starts at the break... hitmen 58 pooh team 67 archangels 71 combiners 71 highlanders 72 doodies 74 blt 80 Rbears 81 havana 81 Syndrome 82 Lemon 85 Big differences between last and first.... I was surprised

  • 891. yannick (on Wed Jan 26 18:49:25 2011)
    ANNONCE IMPORTANTE ================== Date limite des echanges de la UFHL: 9 mars 2011 UFHL trade deadline: March 9th 2011 This year the NHL deadline is Monday February 28th at 3pm. The NHL finishes the season on April 10th. historically we choose a date that is still one month before the end of the season and it is a week after the NHL deadline. So March 10th is the logical choice. We could do it wednesday March 2nd, but March 9th would respect post new-cba tradition!

  • 890. yannick (on Wed Jan 26 17:11:14 2011)
    j'ai fait un echange bidon avec yan_c (1 fa pour 1 fa) pour verifier que j'avais coriger un bug avec les FAs. (note: it's not an old bug that affected other managers, just the trade between yan_c and phuc)

  • 889. yan_c (on Wed Jan 26 17:01:29 2011)
    finalement.... Halak pour Streit....victoire des Hitmen? lol ...Go Danny Go! Halak a désormais une fiche de 17-16-5 (15e dans la LNH), une moyenne de 2,62 (21e dans la LNH) et un taux d’arrêts de .907 (28e dans la LNH).

  • 888. raymond (on Wed Jan 26 15:14:09 2011)
    Woohoo - might be the only thing I win this year!!!

  • 887. yannick (on Wed Jan 26 15:09:45 2011)
    Felicitations a Ray qui a gagne le deuxieme $10 de la saison. Il a battu par un maigre point Niraj qui a connu une tres bonne semaine. Sommaire des $10 pour la saison 2011: Bao: $10 Raymond: $10

  • 886. yan_c (on Wed Jan 26 12:50:19 2011)
    Si ca continue comme ca Nolan sera un remplacent pour le match des Etoiles. C'est encore plus une joke que je pensais jadis....

  • 885. yannick (on Mon Jan 24 11:15:52 2011)
    Fleischmann is out for the season, but he had collected 21 pts in 22 games since being traded to colorado. He is very talented and he makes a good case to be kept for next season. If someone is interested in having him on his IR and decide in spetember to keep him, let me know, we'll work something out. I won't be difficult!

  • 884. yannick (on Sun Jan 23 23:07:49 2011)
    je suis un peu en retard, mais les $10 pour le gagnant de la semaine est commencer depuis la semaine derniere. Felicitations au premier gagnant de la semaine qui a ete Bao! (rappel: nous allouons $130 du magot total pour les gagnants de la semaine, donc pour les 13 dernieres semaines de la saison.)

  • 883. yan_c (on Sun Jan 23 18:54:47 2011)
    2 great tweets... Steelers fans have been drinking since noon. But Jets fans have been drinking since 1970 somewhere Brett Farve just threw his remote at the TV....and it was intercepted.

  • 882. yan_c (on Sat Jan 22 10:39:15 2011)
    @etienne....C'est fou hein? Genre de sujet qu'ils font des tv movies avec sur Disney/

  • 881. etienne (on Sat Jan 22 10:34:17 2011)
    Packers - Jets Alex Anthopoulos a donné une super longue entrevue l'été passé à CKAC - environ 2 heures - c'était vraiment intéressant. Il a commencé chez les Expos à titre bénévole: il répondait au courrier des fans.

  • 880. yan_c (on Sat Jan 22 09:48:01 2011)
    Wow...Je peux pas croire qu le Jays ont pu se debarasser de Wells. Maybe there's hope then to get rid of Gomez? Mine de rien, le DG des Blue Jays est Montrealais et personne a peu pres le sait ici. Alex Anthopoulos....Me demande bien pourquoi? Packers/Steelers.... That bum Ryan is almost as bad as his dad was... almost.

  • 879. niraj (on Sat Jan 22 09:45:29 2011)
    The Packers...

  • 878. rudy (on Sat Jan 22 09:00:52 2011)
    The Bears...

  • 877. etienne (on Sat Jan 22 08:38:08 2011)
    @Yan_C: it's the same in the US. Except they have to reveal who's paying the bill. Not sure it makes a difference. Forsberg will be the biggest none event of the season. (On par with Steckel's suspension...)

  • 876. yan_c (on Sat Jan 22 08:32:41 2011)
    @etienne. Good point lol ihear it's getting worse République de banane Chiquita :)

  • 875. etienne (on Sat Jan 22 08:28:28 2011)
    I thought people making more $$$ (especially in construction) are having more to say in the running of government...

  • 874. yan_c (on Sat Jan 22 02:38:40 2011)
    I read the waiver rule. Nuts if a team claims him, they must re put him on waivers before trading. Funkyrules @ray. #4 see the king's speech

  • 873. yan_c (on Sat Jan 22 02:35:01 2011)
    @niraj... people who "contribute " more... not necessarily $ $ $

  • 872. niraj (on Sat Jan 22 02:11:46 2011)
    @yan_c: I wonder if it's people who spend more should have more say or people who spend a greater percentage of their annual Earnings... Anyways, for those that don't know Detroit has a deal with NJ to claim Nabbie and then trade him to the wings :). @Phuc: email me...

  • 871. raymond (on Fri Jan 21 22:45:44 2011)
    @Phuc - words of advice: don't forget about your Dipietro deal last year : )

  • 870. raymond (on Fri Jan 21 22:40:39 2011)
    Best stat of the night: Ott allows 7 goals and Gonchar finishes with an even +/- rating. Here's Murray's to-do list between now and Sat noon: 1) Fire Clouston 2) Claim Nabokov 3) Update his CV...

  • 869. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 22:09:55 2011)
    Pour etre honnete je connaissais WISNIEWSKI de nom et par ses statstiques (comme bcp de joueurs j'avoue) Es-t-il si bon que ca? Commence a penser que c'est un Niraj Keeper pour Gauthier

  • 868. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 21:44:27 2011)
    JF JF JF....Je peux t'arranger qqchose si tu veux lol

  • 867. jf (on Fri Jan 21 21:38:45 2011)
    C'est la bonne semaine pour l'engager Forsberg, il n'y a presque pas de match. On perd rien à l'activer, 1 match du joueur #9. Domage, j'étais dans la voiture et rendu à la maison trop tard.

  • 866. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 20:57:33 2011)
    lol....just got a text.... Nabokov in Toronto? That would be funny....They have more goalies than the Hitmen already!

  • 865. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 20:46:14 2011)
    Friday night hockey is weird.... I remember younger when the CH used to play on fridays it always seemed to be against buffalo , WAS or NJ...and they always lost...

  • 864. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 20:36:06 2011)
    And as for the "native" comment... my family spends 11-12k per year with the CH to entertain out clients... If I say that it's more important that they put on a good show and win than dress natives, I sure have much more of a say than 90+% of habs fans. Only fair... Please at least give me that.... But I'm unconventional.... I believe that the more one contributes to society, the more weight his/her vote should be versus another... either by taxes, having children, community service, donating blood, inventions, art etc... I know, I know....crazy... lol The cold must be freezing my brain So...Can I have Gaborik for Forsberg? :)

  • 863. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 20:24:43 2011)
    @ Phuc....I was being sarcastic...HE's actually signed until he's 40....He's 30 now Pause a sec to let that sink in... Gomez, bad contract, but it's still for 3 years...not 10.... I don't have it in at all for les medias missed my point (or I don't make t well_ I have a profound disdain for la populasse that gob the stuff up... Who then turn a blind eye/ear when it does not suit them. I deal with many people in the media every day....more often more tha 2-3 times per day... They are just struggling to remain relevant in the 21 st century technologies... I don't blame them...I'm doing the same... As for the rest of english canada, I don't see anything wrong with it....go to Chicago, it's the same with the Cubs... Was the same for the Sox in Boston for the longest time... Sad a little really

  • 862. phuc (on Fri Jan 21 20:14:24 2011)
    @yan_c: you seem to have an ax to grind against 'les medias quebecois' or is it the Habs fan in general? Yes, some people have an obsession with having 'natives' with the team. It's especially true in Qc. They are entitled to have that opinion - even more valid if they grew up during the Rocket-era... How about we discuss the (anglophone) eastern media in general and their obsession and bias towards the mediocre leafs? Isn't media just pandering to the majority of the population it's directed to anyway? I'm thinking you meant Lecav is under contract until he's 35? How old is he now? I think we all know they are plenty of bad contracts - if he was performing as he is now, but with the Habs, I think we can all agree that everyone would be shitting on him just as much as we've done it for Gomez. How many years left for Gomez?

  • 861. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 19:27:40 2011)
    Personne au quebec (ou peu) en parle trop mais il reste 35 ans au contrat de Lecavalier et il est deja fini. Om aime rire des Islanders avec Rick diBobo mais s'il s'appelait vince cavalier...qui sait ce qu'on dirait?

  • 860. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 18:06:58 2011)
    no worries at all Yannick.... Bonne chance a tous ce weekend...

  • 859. yannick (on Fri Jan 21 18:03:42 2011)
    guess my comment came out the wrong way! I held on for Forsberg all of last year and he took a roster spot so I guess and I am still mad at him for not signing last year!

  • 858. phuc (on Fri Jan 21 18:00:17 2011)
    @yannick: competing with you is rough! you're doing a great pre-sales job for yan_c... @niraj: you sold me, what's your price for Nabokov?

  • 857. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 17:56:42 2011)
    lol...can someone spell passive aggressive? Yannick, I'm glad for you it's the weekend... I apologized sincerely and quickly.

  • 856. yannick (on Fri Jan 21 17:51:50 2011)
    @yan_c: it's ok. but given the sub-par performance of Forsberg at the olympics, not sure if everybody would have jump on him that fast, especially that he has no contract, that there is no contract talk, and that it would take a least a month before he could even be in game shape. I would have expected a bottom team to take a chance on him, but I know he will not stay on your team for long... Managers, expect a mail with an offer from yan_c very soon!

  • 855. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 17:46:06 2011)
    @yannick....My apologies...did it from my phone in a rush to get it in quickly....

  • 854. yannick (on Fri Jan 21 17:43:35 2011)
    @yan_c: when entering manually a player, can you please respect the format. Capital letter for the first letter of the given name and last name (ie Forsberg, Peter instead of forsberg, peter). Thanks

  • 853. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 17:24:10 2011)
    @yannick... You really think that will be my last FA? ;) (Patrick Roy wink)

  • 852. yannick (on Fri Jan 21 17:10:06 2011)
    the good news for us is than yan_c has no more free agents, at last!

  • 851. niraj (on Fri Jan 21 16:52:19 2011)
    Fuck Yan_C is fast on that trigger...

  • 850. danny (on Fri Jan 21 13:27:26 2011)
    This just in....Niemi is on FIRE!!! Extra extra read all about it! Hitmen actually get a win in nets!

  • 849. jf (on Fri Jan 21 09:54:13 2011)
    Si Sutter veut je peux aller lui botter le Cul moi-même, pas de problème. "Look, guys," Sutter said to the media, "Miikka Kiprusoff is very good goalie. He's been a very good goalie for this organization for a long time and will continue to do so. He's gone through a tough spell here. He's a very prideful guy and he takes it to heart. He might have a quiet demeanor, but it's eating at him on the inside. He's human. It bothers him. Because he is such a caring, caring individual. He wants the team to do well. He wants to do well. And he knows it works both ways. We had a long chit-chat this morning. He needs to know he has everyone in his corner. He just needs to let all that go, take the weight of the world off his shoulders and start enjoying the game again. And just being himself. He's a very, very key part of this hockey team and he just has to settle down a bit, relax, and get back in the right frame of mind and he'll be fine." It sounds to us like it is going to be Kiprusoff but stay tuned.

  • 848. yan_c (on Fri Jan 21 08:21:12 2011)
    @yannick... that was about as inspiring as a Jacques Martin press conference lol

  • 847. yannick (on Fri Jan 21 08:12:53 2011)
    Not a great timing to have a horrible week... Message to my players: Wake up guys!

  • 846. raymond (on Fri Jan 21 01:19:06 2011)
    The 1st goal that Phoenix scores against LA is clearly a high stick but the NHL doesn't reverse the call, wtf? Even Hanzal, who scored the goal, wasn't celebrating afterwards 'cuz he knew it wasn't good. Must be part of the NHL's plan to help the Phoenix franchise...retarded What's the record for lowest win total in a season? Can I get there? Ott could also use a goalie. They've finally figured out that Leclaire sucks and Elliot hasn't won a game in a month. I can still remember the headlines after the Leclaire for Vermette deal: Ott has finally found their #1 goalie! Sure...

  • 845. niraj (on Thu Jan 20 21:34:30 2011)
    @Phuc: Have you seen the NYIs record lately...wouldn't be terrible. Man it's like my UFHL team got super motivated because they know I'm not giving up on them! Richards 2G, 2A, Grabovski 2Gs, Brodeur 1 SO. Too bad I didn't activate Pronger... (btw Brodeur has been amazing his last 6 games...).

  • 844. phuc (on Thu Jan 20 18:44:25 2011)
    Niraj, So what would you want for Nabokov... when he'll be picked up by the Isles?

  • 843. yan_c (on Thu Jan 20 17:48:58 2011)
    this is like negotiating with Danny

  • 842. niraj (on Thu Jan 20 17:13:52 2011)
    Hey I have a hockey card from the Golden Seals! How Nabbie doesn't get picked up by any team would be beyond me...only reason would be the roster spot of having to roster 3 goalies.

  • 841. yan_c (on Thu Jan 20 16:56:14 2011)
    At only 540K (or 270K pro-rated approx) I think that even the California Golden Seals would claim Nabokov...

  • 840. yan_c (on Thu Jan 20 14:50:46 2011)
    Danny-itis has spread to Indian-ana Jones Khanna...Devasting disease...

  • 839. niraj (on Thu Jan 20 14:45:07 2011)
    Congrats to Yan_C for overtaking JF...many of us thought that JF was uncatchable after opening up leads of as much as 30 ranking pts. Just goes to show how long the season really is... Best of luck to the rest of you in the 2nd half. Niraj.

  • 838. niraj (on Thu Jan 20 14:36:32 2011)
    Guys, I'm starting to get serious about making a run for the title...Nabbie in Detroit (if he passes waivers). He's available, but I need really good stuff...I need some serious scoring and some serious goaltending. Send me your offers, I'm not fucking around.

  • 837. yan_c (on Thu Jan 20 08:39:33 2011)
    Afflige par le Danny-itis depuis son echange pour Ovechkin, le gerant des Rough Bears (connus aussi sous le nom des Teddy Bears) songe a engager Devan Dubnyk pour combler la debandade de ses cerberes. Dossier a suivre...

  • 836. niraj (on Thu Jan 20 01:32:14 2011)
    I'm starting to wonder if I should go for the sick if I could climb the ranks. For fun, if anyone is interested in my keepers and is willing to help me accomplish this task, perhaps I'll listen to some keeper type deals, but I need a lot of help...

  • 835. yannick (on Wed Jan 19 23:32:37 2011)
    Go clit go!!!

  • 834. yan_c (on Wed Jan 19 20:39:57 2011) one night Gaborik is going to make Phuc soar to the heavens.... or at least Sherbrooke

  • 833. jf (on Wed Jan 19 19:15:41 2011)
    Ostie quand rien va comme il faut! Je viens de lire la news sur Dubinsky, une autre semaine avec un joueur en moins. Ça fait trop de fois là, c'est pas possible.

  • 832. rudy (on Wed Jan 19 16:56:45 2011)
    Gentleman, beware: I'm going for 40 ranking points this week.

  • 831. raymond (on Wed Jan 19 01:20:16 2011)
    Hey Niraj, remember your theory about GMs agreeing not to pick up recently signed players on waivers? St-Louis doesn't agree with your theory! How can they lose 2 nobodies in Svatos and Wellwood??? Is there hope for Afino? Other question is how highly do GMs value Bergeron? Less than Svatos and Wellwood? Wow...

  • 830. yan_c (on Tue Jan 18 23:13:19 2011)
    @danny. But it's so much fun ;)

  • 829. danny (on Tue Jan 18 23:03:47 2011)
    Yo...You never even suggested Cammalleri in a trade....Nobody did. I had to insert him in trade with Ovy or Seabrook or Sharp to get your attention Yan...So don't go speculating that i made another "bad move" a la! Camma is not really a player that will get me a super keeper either...So.. "Come'on man" Relax on the coaching please!

  • 828. yan_c (on Tue Jan 18 21:18:36 2011)
    edit...better "not"

  • 827. yan_c (on Tue Jan 18 21:17:42 2011)
    Danny better complain about bad luck.. held on to Cammalleri way too long....

  • 826. niraj (on Tue Jan 18 16:45:57 2011)
    I bet on them in fact...

  • 825. danny (on Tue Jan 18 16:30:16 2011)
    Sure you guys picked the Jets...Probably the only 2 outside NY! Pitts will kill the Jets...Even though i lik'em too!

  • 824. danny (on Tue Jan 18 16:30:05 2011)
    Sure you guys picked the Jets...Probably the only 2 outside NY! Pitts will kill the Jets...Even though i lik'em too!

  • 823. niraj (on Tue Jan 18 08:50:13 2011)
    He focuses on footwork more so than any other coach ;).

  • 822. etienne (on Tue Jan 18 00:17:36 2011)
    Me too. Rex Ryan is on a mission

  • 821. niraj (on Mon Jan 17 21:28:30 2011)
    I picked the Jets...

  • 820. danny (on Mon Jan 17 17:06:58 2011)
    E did you pick the Jets over New England?

  • 819. etienne (on Mon Jan 17 16:03:21 2011)
    Predictions for next week: Jets over Pittsburg by 3 Green Bay over Chicago by 11

  • 818. yan_c (on Mon Jan 17 10:45:06 2011)
    Poor Danny, he's all mixed up...Was in Montreal this weekend looking to buy some clothes for his wife at Logan Couture....

  • 817. danny (on Sat Jan 15 18:33:13 2011)
    9 goals and 30 assists from my objective! Let's go hitmen!

  • 816. etienne (on Sat Jan 15 13:26:06 2011)
    Crosby's contribution was about 20% of all my offensive categories. Looks like I'm out of the top 3 this year, unless he burns the league upon his return. There's not a lot of FAs that can replace such a key player. @Everyone: how come Steckel did not receive a suspension...

  • 815. raymond (on Fri Jan 14 22:38:54 2011)
    @Etienne - this just in from Grant's agent: don't rub clit the wrong way : )

  • 814. etienne (on Fri Jan 14 20:12:32 2011)
    Personally, I've always been a fan of Clusterfuck... I mean Clutterbuck

  • 813. rudy (on Fri Jan 14 20:00:04 2011)
    Grant Clitsome scored his first goal of the season tonight for Columbus. I wonder what his nickname is... Seriously, that's the type of guy announcers don't want to see in the NHL. The Nordiques once drafted a guy named Tim Hanus, and I remember Alain Crête saying that he prayed every night so that the kid would never make the big club...

  • 812. yan_c (on Fri Jan 14 15:44:14 2011)
    Free jelly donuts at all Sherbrooke Dunkin' Donuts locations today to celebrate the Hitmen reaching the 70's in UFHL play.

  • 811. yan_c (on Fri Jan 14 10:42:44 2011)
    the only genius I have is knowing what clients fit where... Everything else I speculate based on industry info and data... and documentary is considered reality tv by the way...though I don't personally agree with it. but technically, I get it. Someone can make a case that Survivor is a game show but also make the argument that it's a study of people coping under extreme conditions.(interactions etc...) But I hear ya...

  • 810. niraj (on Fri Jan 14 10:37:52 2011)
    @Yan_C: 24/7 is hardly reality TV. It would actually be considered a documentary..what the hell kind of TV genius are you!? :p.

  • 809. yan_c (on Fri Jan 14 10:08:57 2011)
    j'ai pas vraiment "choisi" les equipes...J'ai mis les "name" players....question de temps... Au moins ca m'a donne qqchose a faire durant un appel conference hyper platte... :)

  • 808. jf (on Fri Jan 14 10:01:15 2011)
    Come-on tu prend Comrie ou Perron dans ton club toi? Tu prend Lupul ou Tanguay? Je veux dire notre équipe Qc est pas pitoyable. Mais oui je suis d'accord qu'on devrait être plus fort que ça selon la Pop. Et pour avoir un meilleur club fallait mettre Desharnais dans notre Liste! ;)

  • 807. yan_c (on Fri Jan 14 09:39:36 2011)
    techniquement c'est normal quel'ontario soit bcp meilleure que nous avec 2 x le bassin de population... alors si cet enonce est correct, l'inverse pour le quebec l'est aussi versus les autres "equipes"

  • 806. yan_c (on Fri Jan 14 09:37:41 2011)
    @Jf... pas du tout...svp... On a quasiment le double de la population de BC (et bcp plus de joueurs hockey mineur car la moitie de la population est indienne ou chinoise d'origine) On a plus du double de la population de l'alberta... on a 3-4 fois plus de monde que le combo Manitoba et sask... T'es pas tres honnete pour une fois Jf la!

  • 805. jf (on Fri Jan 14 09:33:18 2011)
    Je te trouve très sévère contre le Qc moi. Je regarde ces équipe et tu les louanges tous sauf Team QC. Je metterais pas mal de $$ qu'il serait loin de la dernière place moi.

  • 804. yan_c (on Fri Jan 14 09:30:58 2011)
    team Manitoba - Sask.... Nice team....super small population base...not much depth but solid G. Ward - Dubnyk D. Keith Barker Redden schenn parent sarich salvador f. Zajac penner sharp toews kunitz morrow stoll getzlaf hartnell Laich marleau armstrong reserve....moen bozack and maybe 3 others...rookies

  • 803. yan_c (on Fri Jan 14 09:25:21 2011)
    Team Alberta....surprisingly good given their size G. Osgood, Chris Mason, Auld D. Bouwmeester, Phaneuf, Morris, Coburn, Russel, Phillips, Stuart ..reserve Commodore and a few others F. Smyth Sutter Upshall Bourque Doan Iginla Lupul Versteeg Raymond Comrie macarthur setoguchi reserve...letestu, brule, ennis and quite a few other decent players

  • 802. yan_c (on Fri Jan 14 09:06:03 2011)
    @Jf...2eme partie de la saison.... le home stretch...c'est aux p'tites heures qu'on voit les bons danseurs! lol...demande a wisniewski de faire un aute bj geste a avery....tu sais jamais!

  • 801. jf (on Fri Jan 14 09:03:21 2011)
    Vous faites chier, tout ce que vous touché se transforme en Or. Roloson - Wolski - Ruutu, Tuomo even Ryder a goal yesterday. Et moi je veux des PIM avec Avery et en 2 semaines a pas une Estie de minute de Pun.

  • 800. yan_c (on Fri Jan 14 08:17:37 2011)
    JF est a veille d'etre le jambon dans un sandwich Yannick / Yanick de 12 pouces (sadly 6 each )....

  • 799. yan_c (on Fri Jan 14 08:13:56 2011)
    Funny you should mention my contacts in TV Niraj... There's a study that came out just before Xmas regarding reality tv... Essentially, it says that people who watch it on a regular basis are slightly retarded... Ok, did not say that but it clearly states that IQ's and especially general culture is much lower in those who do partake in such shows... study is called Dumbing of America. Et nous vivons dans une province ou la poule aux oeufs d'or est top 5 a toutes les semaines (semaine derniere #2 avec plus de 1 million...qusiment 17-18% de la population TOTALE). Tout ca pour dire que peut-etre qu'une autre tele realite sur le CH pourrait ne pas etre necessaire au fond? me semble que 90-100 matches diffuses, des milliers de "sport 30" et surtout des ostis d'antichmabre c'est assez suffisant merci. A part les stats du debut, le reste est mon humble opinion bien sur :)

  • 798. yan_c (on Fri Jan 14 07:56:16 2011)'re a jock a book instead :) @ray...I did not like The Rangers starts this week... especially Vancouver....Danny-itis? hope not

  • 797. yannick (on Fri Jan 14 07:52:51 2011)
    They could do it for the habs and the flames in the context of the heritage classic.

  • 796. niraj (on Fri Jan 14 03:09:35 2011)
    @Ray: With Subban, Price and Cammi I think it would be very entertaining...Yan_C, talk to some guys in TV about this...flex your networking power to bring this to the people...

  • 795. raymond (on Fri Jan 14 01:45:08 2011)
    @Yan C: lol!!! Just curious, how did you start Rolo over Lundqvist? Not that it really matters cuz the results have been the same! @Niraj: more media coverage for the Canadiens??? although it might be funny following AK around, how does he prepare to be a drifter game after game...

  • 794. etienne (on Thu Jan 13 20:15:39 2011)
    The Habs head office is tighter than a nun's cunt - so no chance of it happening!

  • 793. niraj (on Thu Jan 13 17:07:26 2011)
    I wish there was a mic on Goligoski when he scored the 1st goal...RDS should do a series called "Habs 24/7"...would pull huge ratings...

  • 792. yan_c (on Thu Jan 13 16:05:02 2011)
    I hear that Danny is doing the carey price arms crossed victory pose for the sherbrooke police calendar. he's "mister October" for obvious reasons... :)

  • 791. yan_c (on Thu Jan 13 14:44:02 2011)
    @Danny Don't forget the in-bred cousins part...

  • 790. danny (on Thu Jan 13 14:28:15 2011)
    lol...Nice association with the Winnepeg comment Yan...Its true too! All heart, full of potential, devoted, hardly no fans and no luck with catching a break with the town hall to pay the bills.

  • 789. yannick (on Thu Jan 13 14:17:37 2011)
    @etienne: there is a grace period of 5 minutes, changes are at 7h05pm precisely. It's always been like this and you guys know this. This has been in the constitution for the past 12 years, section 4.1 ...

  • 788. etienne (on Thu Jan 13 13:28:18 2011)
    last trade 19 sec. too late

  • 787. yan_c (on Thu Jan 13 11:33:39 2011)
    Team BC... G... Price, Labarbera D...gorges, Hamhuis, montador, seabrook, shea weber, brewer, mitchell reserve (cuminskey, azner, jackman, franson) F...horcoff, evander kane, ladd Kobasew, lucic, turris morrison, recchi, benn r. niedermayer, brouwer, colton gillies Not a bad team....not great bottom 2 forward lines but they sure have a ton of defence... I'll do alberta-sask-manitoba as another team eventually

  • 786. niraj (on Thu Jan 13 10:09:55 2011)
    It's official...there is now a race for the championship...

  • 785. yan_c (on Thu Jan 13 09:15:25 2011)
    Ca sent le vent de panique chez les teddy bears... Stamkos buhbye? Dustin bones? Trade winds are in the air...

  • 784. yan_c (on Thu Jan 13 07:32:05 2011)
    Wow...Obviously Bobby Ryan wants to impress his new boss. I wish him all the luck in the Winnipeg of the UFHL... ;)

  • 783. yan_c (on Wed Jan 12 22:17:38 2011)
    Another Roly shutout....The Syndrome is surging!

  • 782. yan_c (on Wed Jan 12 21:28:36 2011)
    Ovy t'a transmis le Danny-itis....

  • 781. jf (on Wed Jan 12 21:22:53 2011)
    Pits 3G - Malkin 0 pts T-B 3G - Stamkos 0 pts Ça s'améliore pas!!

  • 780. yannick (on Wed Jan 12 16:24:12 2011)
    in the h2h, both Lemonparty and Pooh Team finished ahead of their opponent in the weekly ranking, but lost to their opponent in the h2h.

  • 779. yannick (on Wed Jan 12 16:21:09 2011)
    ...and danny wins another matchup in the h2h and still reigns in 1st place...

  • 778. niraj (on Wed Jan 12 16:09:52 2011)
    TUOMO WAS AVAIALBLE??? FUCK. I confused Tuomo with Jokinen in CAR...

  • 777. bao (on Wed Jan 12 16:00:35 2011)
    Correction: Stamkos "ET" Buff

  • 776. jf (on Wed Jan 12 15:59:21 2011)
    Oui cette semaine en fut une abominable pour mon équipe. Alex le Grand va redresser les problèmes, le changement d'air va lui faire du bien. Tout le monde sait que c'est insuportable jouer pour Danny, ici l'atmosphère est sain. :D Mais peut-être que finalement je n'aurai d'autre choix que de bouger Stamkos ou Buff.

  • 775. rudy (on Wed Jan 12 15:53:18 2011)
    You know things are rough for the Rough Bears when even the Doodies beat them Head-to-Head...!

  • 774. niraj (on Wed Jan 12 15:44:40 2011)
    Wow an actual race for the championship is starting to shape more slow week for the Roughbears and another good week by the Highlanders and SS and things will be very interesting. Of course, if the reverse happen, J-F should get a double digit lead again...

  • 773. etienne (on Wed Jan 12 15:13:35 2011)
    Olympic tournament every year!

  • 772. yannick (on Wed Jan 12 15:06:06 2011)
    if they would do a mini tournament, and you would add a all-star team from the KHL, I think you would see some motivation from the nhl players to beat them!

  • 771. etienne (on Wed Jan 12 14:41:49 2011)
    Il y aussi le fait que maintenant il y a plus de choix dans le sport, y compris les sports d'hiver. Le ski alpin n'est pas vraiment moins cher à pratiquer et il y a d'excellent québécois dans l'équipe de ski alpin masculin. Aussi, on domine le patin de vitesse courte piste depuis plus de 20 ans. Mais pas de pool pour ces sports...

  • 770. yan_c (on Wed Jan 12 14:09:57 2011)
    Allo Jf....M'en vient te rejoindre! attaches ta tuque labatt 50!!! :)

  • 769. yan_c (on Wed Jan 12 14:05:23 2011)
    @niraj....For sure the Us would be the best....but I think even they could cut their squad in 2... east coast and west coast (including minnesota etc...) that would "even" it out.... I'll do the exercise for other teams as I think the Canadian West team would be good also...

  • 768. yan_c (on Wed Jan 12 14:03:49 2011)
    J'ai pas etudie le probleme specifiquement au hockey mais si je transpose des elements de mon boulot.... Depuis pres de 15 ans (si pas un peu plus), Le quebec recoit de la perequoition en etant une province qui recoit plus de $ qu'elle en donne. Alors, en etant une des 3 provinces les plus pauvres, le hockey qui est un sport tres cher a pratiquer se fait couper dans plusieurs menages. Ca serait mon "guess" pourquoi nous sommes on nous sommes. Et dans ces annees la, L'ontario, albera et BC sont devenus tres a peu pres tous les joueurs viennent de la. Peut etre coincidence j'avoue... Drole a voir dans 10 ans car depuis 24-36 mois, L'Ontario est devenue "pauvre" et le Quebec plus riche... On verra bien

  • 767. niraj (on Wed Jan 12 14:02:54 2011)
    @Danny, If the americans were in this tournament, they'd probably beat everyone with Thomas, Miller and Quick in nets.

  • 766. etienne (on Wed Jan 12 11:36:10 2011)
    La défensive n'a jamais été le fort du hockey au Québec

  • 765. jf (on Wed Jan 12 11:23:48 2011)
    On a clairement plus le même talen qu'on a déjà eu. On est rendu spécialiste des plombiers.

  • 764. yan_c (on Wed Jan 12 09:09:44 2011)
    wow...I did not realize we sucked this born in quebec G... Fleury, Luongo, Brodeur D. Letang, Robidas, Beauchemin, vlasic, bergeron (yuck), alex picard, jason demers F. Lecavalier, briere, bergeron paul stastny (born in quebec), st-louis, ribeiro gagne, dumont burrows perron, tanguay, pominville... Sti' qu'on mangerait une vollee solide! Pour ceux qui disent que le CH manque de joueurs y en a presentement ennviron 55 joueurs separes sur 30 equipes.... Imaginez....c'etait bcp plus difficile faire team quebec que c'etait team ontatio...on est plein de chaudrons!

  • 763. yan_c (on Wed Jan 12 08:58:36 2011)
    it's all cyclical but with twice the population, Ontario will probably always be better. If I was Gm, this would be my all Ontario team...(I'm probably missing some) Kinda soft in nets but the rest....ouch G... Turco, Mason, Roloson D... Staal, Pronger, Giordano, Campbell, McCabe, Jovanovski, Burns (reserve... Daley, Wideman, Subban, Carlo) Check out the 12 best forwards (in my opinion) Nash, Stamkos, Perry Duchene, Thornton, mike Richards Carter, E. Staal, Savard Giroux, spezza, roy reserve.....Weiss, Jordan staal,and a bunch of others... We ould really need the Maritimes to add crosby and brad richards for quebec to have a chance...

  • 762. danny (on Wed Jan 12 01:35:47 2011)
    To add insult to injury you could add a Team USA...Maybe they will win this time...Just maybe! At least they'd be competitive...vs Team Quebec or Ontario

  • 761. niraj (on Tue Jan 11 23:02:35 2011)
    Team Quebec wouldn't be bad at all with Crosby...

  • 760. yan_c (on Tue Jan 11 18:38:49 2011)
    @yannick with a season that finishes in June, I think they should do nothing at all... And I know they wish they could do nothing at all also.... but, you gotta pay the bills... I like your idea.... Here's another... (would do great tv #'s in Canada, but no where else) Team west team ontario team central team quebec MAritimes would be added to either quebec or central...whichever needs them the most Obviously team ontario would be the best, but would be interesting...

  • 759. yannick (on Tue Jan 11 18:32:32 2011)
    ok ok ok I got the message! they should make a mini tournament (4 reduced teams: 6 forwards, 3 def, 1 goalie) and the nhl gives $100,000 in the name of each player from the winning team to a charity of their choice ($1,000,000 in total). ...and call it "The Million Dollar" game!

  • 758. yan_c (on Tue Jan 11 18:25:59 2011)
    RIS a annonce que Luongo a desiste car maladie dans la famille de sa femme...Plein de cas similaires...c'est pour ca que les "etoiles" sont suspectes. Pis anyway... tous les matches des etoiles sont stupides... c'est un weekend que la NHL utilise pour feter ses commanditaires.. meme chose NFL a Hawaii etc... plus banal que ca tu meurs...

  • 757. yan_c (on Tue Jan 11 18:18:06 2011)
    tweet de darren dreger il y a 3 mins DarrenDreger Darren Dreger I'm sure Zetterberg or the Red Wings asked the NHL to excuse the star from the ASG for health reasons. Same applies to missing Flyers.

  • 756. yan_c (on Tue Jan 11 18:17:08 2011)
    @ysnnick.....verifie sur le net...pleines d'equipes ont desistes leurs joueurs....

  • 755. yannick (on Tue Jan 11 18:15:09 2011)
    mmm pas de commentaires aujourd'hui a date... parlons du match des etoiles et de la selection des joueurs fait aujourd'hui: - que c'est que hemsky, elias, marc staal, mike green, lundqvist et ward font aux matchs des etoiles??? (ils n'ont pas l'excuse que chaque equipe doit etre representer, puisque 4 equipes ne le sont pas!) - 5 gardiens sur 6 viennent de l'est? quick et luongo ont ete meilleurs que lundqvist et ward... - 4 equipes ne seront pas representer au match des etoiles? je sais qu'on est supposer avoir juste les meilleurs joueurs a la game, mais c'est quand meme un drole de message au fans, surtout que c'est un show pour les fans uniquement... - PK Subban n'est pas parmi les recrues? les matches passers sur la passerelle font mal...

  • 754. danny (on Mon Jan 10 15:11:32 2011)
    All good for me! What do you plan on testing!

  • 753. yannick (on Mon Jan 10 14:23:07 2011)
    @danny: if you recall at the draft, I was the only one who wanted the head-2-head to count and have money associated to it. I was rejected unanimously! Since this year it doesn't count for anything, it's a good opportunity to try things! I still believe there is some potential there...

  • 752. danny (on Mon Jan 10 12:45:02 2011)
    Yannick ....What the hell are you saying " I've got a couple of ideas to make the HU more interesting" Is it because i'm finally having succes somewhere, that you want to change the rules to avoid me being first? "Oh...Danny is winning something...Lets change the rules...Ya that's it". It just proves that my team is under rated and actually should be in the top 3 of the real race. BTW, I'm just kidding guys. What's the rule change Yan? This category is valuable for I might be winning the weeks but now is when it counts so ...i hope the best is yet to come!

  • 751. yan_c (on Mon Jan 10 12:29:51 2011)
    @etienne... one more or less.... they're like hiring Fa's...hit or miss ;)

  • 750. etienne (on Mon Jan 10 12:28:00 2011)
    @Yan_C: if you want to get STDs - be my guest.

  • 749. yan_c (on Mon Jan 10 11:54:59 2011)
    @ Yannick...Would be more interesting if actual Head was involved... pool the money and hire Lindsay Lohan for a year end celebration ;)

  • 748. yannick (on Mon Jan 10 11:51:25 2011)
    for those who follows the head-2-head ranking, it's interesting to see that the Hitmen are in 1st place! ...and that the Rough Bears are in 4th. I have a couple ideas on how to make the head-2-head more interesting... I'll see if it's possible then share it with you guys.

  • 747. rudy (on Sun Jan 9 15:18:16 2011)
    @ray: Kevin Poulin c'est un pickup potentiel pour l'an prochain s'il s'établit comme #1 (DiPietro toujours blessé) Theo c'est du court terme et j'ai rien à foutre du court terme.

  • 746. raymond (on Sun Jan 9 13:45:32 2011)
    @Rudy: t'as pris le cousin de Nolan au lieu de notre ami Theo? lol @Niraj: I'm waiting for u to pick up Reimer : )

  • 745. yan_c (on Sun Jan 9 09:53:40 2011)
    That's it! If Danny was network news, he's so be Fox news! lol

  • 744. etienne (on Sun Jan 9 09:50:48 2011)
    Yeah, nice pick up. But it's statistical: within the margin of error... @Yan_C: don't get me started on this birds and crabs and fishes! People are discussing this seriously on Fox News!

  • 743. yan_c (on Sun Jan 9 09:34:49 2011)
    Birds dying by the thousands and now Danny makes a good FA pickup... Another sign of the impending Apocalypse?... :)

  • 742. etienne (on Sun Jan 9 07:58:34 2011)
    @Rudy: en fait, je voulais engager Gomez avant Noel... Il a toujours de bonne deuxième moitié de saison. (Am I a closet Gomez admirer?)

  • 741. danny (on Sun Jan 9 00:29:45 2011)
    Rudy strikes back!

  • 740. rudy (on Sat Jan 8 22:04:16 2011)
    @etienne & danny: bon, on compare tu la production et le temps de glace de Gomez et Desharnais depuis le rappel de Desharnais à Montréal ou ce ne sera pas nécessaire?

  • 739. yan_c (on Sat Jan 8 13:59:51 2011)
    edit... moins et non mois :)

  • 738. yan_c (on Sat Jan 8 13:59:07 2011)
    Danny le fou du roi de la ufhl...comme Danny Turcotte mais en mois masculin... :)

  • 737. danny (on Sat Jan 8 13:46:16 2011)
    LOL...Là dessus t'as raison. Je me suis calmer un peu cette année. J'accepte les offres pour Seabrook et Sharp ...Avis à tous!

  • 736. etienne (on Sat Jan 8 10:09:01 2011)
    @Rudy: ce sont les Dieux du hockey. L'année passée a été bonne pour toi avec la possibilité de te bâtir un club avec les restes de deux concessions. Maintenant, les Dieux rétablissent l'équilibre. Même Babcock croit aux Dieux du hockey. @Danny: ça serait trop long de te sortir toutes les références passées dans lesquelles tu donnes ton opinion pour les échanges. En fait, cette année est l'exception...

  • 735. yan_c (on Sat Jan 8 09:06:03 2011)
    On arrive JF... On arrive! :)

  • 734. rudy (on Fri Jan 7 22:26:51 2011)
    Depuis que j'ai MacArthur il ne marche que lorsque je le mets sur le banc. Un vrai streaky player comme on les déteste. Deux PPG ce soir, bien entendu je ne l'avais pas activé... C'est pas comme si ça changeait quelque chose par contre...

  • 733. jf (on Fri Jan 7 22:10:57 2011)
    Ouf, je viens de regarder qui avait activer MacArthur - Kulemin - Verteeg - Kaberle. Merci les dieux de la UFHL, personne en lute avec moi. Domage que Paevlec soit pas un joueur à un des Yan?

  • 732. yan_c (on Fri Jan 7 19:15:43 2011)
    Danny est pensait qu'Ovy avait besoin de Listerine pour sa blessure a l'aine...

  • 731. danny (on Fri Jan 7 19:11:50 2011)
    Byfuglien est le meilleur joueur actuellement ds la UFHL...Tu pense seulement à lui pour dire que j'ai pas encore géré mon club comme il faut! C'est presque qu'un compliment. Kopitar n'est quand même pas un 2 de pique!

  • 730. etienne (on Fri Jan 7 16:13:12 2011)
    Il y mieux que Kopitar dans ton club...

  • 729. etienne (on Fri Jan 7 16:12:46 2011)
    Crosby a une commotion mineure, il y a surement des preneurs (et avant de m'offrir des échanges, il n'est pas à échanger)

  • 728. yan_c (on Fri Jan 7 16:04:07 2011)
    Moi...Mais bon..c'est danny alors..... :)

  • 727. jf (on Fri Jan 7 16:01:26 2011)
    Il a mal à l'aine Etienne il a plus de valeur, personne en veut. Qui avait mieux que Kopitar à offrir la est la question?

  • 726. etienne (on Fri Jan 7 15:51:45 2011)
    J'aurais pensé Byfuglien pour Ovechkin...

  • 725. yannick (on Fri Jan 7 15:42:55 2011)
    in 2008 when the thrashers traded hossa to pittsburgh, there is nothing left or useful in atlanta from that trade. Even the first pick they got from pittsburgh turned into a mediocre player in the ncaa. I am really wondering what Bob gainey offered atlanta for hossa that year...

  • 724. yan_c (on Fri Jan 7 14:28:19 2011)
    ca bouge, ca bouge! :)

  • 723. danny (on Fri Jan 7 14:11:50 2011)
    There....It's done...End the story would ya! Look at the fired players. LOL and shut up!

  • 722. raymond (on Fri Jan 7 13:23:47 2011)
    Now the big questions: what's the cure for this? is there a vaccine? am I less likely to catch this in future (antibodies!!!)

  • 721. raymond (on Fri Jan 7 13:20:59 2011)
    @JF et Yan C: Les symptômes de Dannyitis: 1) la logique avec facultés affaiblies 2) des embauches étrange impliquant des joueurs locaux ou des ex-Tricolore 3) source de divertissement pour les autres DG

  • 720. yan_c (on Fri Jan 7 13:10:50 2011)
    @ray Dallas is fine with me....they have some solid firepower up front and Nieuwendyk said they were missing a right hand shot for the PP... who knows

  • 719. yan_c (on Fri Jan 7 13:09:30 2011)
    Health Canada just posted a Dannyitis warning for Montreal... Poor Ray...

  • 718. raymond (on Fri Jan 7 13:08:57 2011)
    @Niraj: yes Filatov is the other candidate along with Gorges and Hjarlmarsson. Vlasic was there but has since left (0 pts in the first 27 games) @Yan C: admit it, you were hoping Langenbrunner would get traded to SJ ; ) @All: must be old Habs week lol Anybody going to pick up Lapierre? He was spotted on the #1 line with Perry...

  • 717. jf (on Fri Jan 7 13:06:33 2011)
    Je croyais avoir tout vue avec Ryder, mais là c'est le comble : Kostitsyn, Sergei@NAS,F Hihihi! Quel mauvais échange n'est-ce pas? :D :D: D

  • 716. jf (on Fri Jan 7 12:52:47 2011)
    @YanC Les problème de Halak Coincide avec les problème de blessure de l'équipe. McDonald - Perron - Oshie - Johnsson - Brewer - Polak ( Les 3 Def viennent de revenir ) Moi je pense que ça va se replacer dans son cas avec un line-up complet. J'aime bien Colaiacovo et Pietrngelo, mais pas sur que Halak les aime moi.

  • 715. bao (on Fri Jan 7 10:16:59 2011)
    Langenbrunner to Dallas ...nice pick up YanC ! I was surprised you picked up a scratched player...Now we know why! @all: Noticed that I scratched Price this week... will he be traded too ? ;)

  • 714. yan_c (on Fri Jan 7 08:25:19 2011)
    Canadiens ont echange Halak car ils etaient sur qu'il etait un "flash in the pan"...Avaient-ils raison? voici un re-tweet de Brunet.... Halak retiré du filet après avoir accordé quatre buts à Toronto. Fiche de 15-11-4, moyenne de 2,51, taux d'arrêts .911. Imaginez...Avec son debut de saison de fou ca veut dire que ses stats depuis 2 mois doivent etre affreuses!

  • 713. yan_c (on Fri Jan 7 08:18:09 2011)
    @ray.... Filatov....he's got 4 pts in 8 games....IN THE AHL!

  • 712. raymond (on Fri Jan 7 01:08:04 2011)
    @Yan C: dont give Danny any ideas, he's got a couple of candidates for the "I can't believe we has never fired" award!

  • 711. danny (on Thu Jan 6 18:22:18 2011)
    No way ...He's a keeper!

  • 710. yan_c (on Thu Jan 6 17:44:55 2011)
    Finally Danny can release Josh Gorges...out for the season

  • 709. etienne (on Thu Jan 6 12:25:24 2011)
    8-1 Pittsburg! Sundin-like performance by Crosby...

  • 708. danny (on Thu Jan 6 10:49:54 2011)
    That will teach Tampa not to stick with a winning goalie! Canada ran out of gas. That's the bottom line. Russia didn't "adapt", they just suddently outworked Canada along the boards and in the transition like they tried to do in the first half of the game but couldn't succeed because Canada was to strong. The energy level was so high they just couldn't keep it up for 60 minutes To bad but they're still young. Unfortunalty, i don't think many of these players will make the NHL. Schenn, Ellis Leblanc and Couturier...maybe but that's it. Russia deserve it considering they played a "Cinderella" tourney. Loosing first 2 games, winning a tight game to make the Quarters, winning with a late comeback and in shootout in semis and now this. Pretty good stuff. Another good example of Luck and Skill! Basically they had need both!

  • 707. jf (on Thu Jan 6 10:16:21 2011)
    Qui plus est, par un défenseur, qui était pas actif la semaine passé. Quand tout va pour le mieux c'est ça qui se passe.

  • 706. yan_c (on Thu Jan 6 09:36:22 2011)
    @Niraj...good analysis...Also he had those "doe in he headlights" stare going...I knew he was cooked least it gives us a preview of the Hitmen's goalie next year. :)

  • 705. niraj (on Thu Jan 6 09:33:37 2011)
    Does Visintine ever recover from that performance? The Russians made an excellent adjustment in the 3rd by cycling the puck down low, and getting it into the slot. They exposed Visintine's lack of quickness to challenge the shooter when the puck was brought up to the slot...he looked so small on 3 / 5 goals...

  • 704. yannick (on Thu Jan 6 08:29:35 2011)
    @jf: a shorthanded empty net? C'mon man, that ain't right! Give us a chance

  • 703. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 22:10:30 2011) more goal would have made it technically a blowout so... 8-1 pittsburgh and paul martin played 20 mins with no points... Any chance it was the ex prime minister dressed? And Ellis was bad so they put Dwayne back in! argh

  • 702. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 21:46:11 2011)
    double ouch! I take it back Nostradanny.... Good call

  • 701. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 20:23:21 2011)
    retweet de Mike Brophy Bad night for Tampa...Stamkos loses puck and falls down on penalty shot

  • 700. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 20:18:20 2011)
    Since I've been know to throw a few... 25 biggest temper tantrums in sports... Amusez vous!

  • 699. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 20:09:55 2011)
    @ etienne.... Excellente analyse....aussi, c'est tres axe vers les jeunes... comme les compagnies du fortune 500... "get them young" faut pas oublier que dans les "bonnes annees" plus de 90% des joueurs de la NHL furent canadiens et un quart de ceux la furent quebecois. de nos jours, c'est environ 53% de la ligue et il y a 3 fois plus d'equipes. you do the math... simple demographics

  • 698. etienne (on Wed Jan 5 20:00:34 2011)
    En fait, le hockey est en compétition avec toutes les autres formes de divertissement. Si c'est pas le hockey, ce sera autre chose: cinéma, spectacle, etc. Donc, si le show hockey est plate (Canadiens circa 1999), les gens iront ailleurs. Là où le CH est hallucinant dans son approche c'est de vendre le club et l'identité en même temps: ils utilisent le passé (quand le CH avait les deux meilleurs joueurs du Québec), la fibre hockey des partisans et font miroiter les quelques joueurs québécois pour attiser le tout - ce qui fait que les "vrais" québécois écoutent le CH et les "vrais" québécois devraient jouer avec le CH.

  • 697. jf (on Wed Jan 5 19:59:54 2011)
    Bien sur que les gens veulent une équipe gagnante c'est comme ça dans tous les sports. Je sais pas si c'Est plus le cas ici qu'ailleurs, mais c'est vrai ici. Et mon point demeure, tu veux dans ton équipe, pour avoir une équipe gagnante des joueurs qui veulent jouer à Mtl. Comme j'ai dit Plekanek est à mon avis un Local maintenant, il a signé à rabais à mon avis. Peut-être Markov en est un autre. Si c'est vrai que Lapierre voullait partir pour aider son prochain contrat c'est pas un vrai. Bégin en est un qui se foutait du salaire, il voullait jouer ici. Dans la nouvelle NHL c'est la qualité/prix le nerf de la guerre. Brière j'en veux pas à Mtl, même si c'est un Qc. Good game TB, merci pour le coup de main. :D

  • 696. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 19:46:12 2011)
    OUCH! Roliie! what have you done! lol

  • 695. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 19:12:40 2011)
    @yannick tu as raison a 100% avec une ommission....Les gens qui paient pour aller au hockey majoritairement se foutent de la nationalite des joueurs... gagner + spectacle = achats de billets

  • 694. yannick (on Wed Jan 5 19:08:51 2011)
    @yan_c: je crois que le canadiens fait exactement comme tu dis. L'arena est plein a chaque partie! Si le bon peuple etait si fache que ca, le centre bell se serait pas a guichet ferme. Le seul moyen que les fans ont de s'exprimer est d'arreter d'acheter des billets ou d'arreter de regarder les parties a la tele. Ils ne font aucun des deux, alors pourquoi le CH changerait-il? Fondamentalement, les fans veulent un club qui gagnent... si le club perd, ben on est autant mieux de perdre avec des gars de chez nous!

  • 693. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 19:05:27 2011)
    @Danny.....then I'll call Niraj's bookie to bet big on a Canada blowout :)

  • 692. yannick (on Wed Jan 5 19:02:07 2011)
    you are right danny! the world juniors is such an amazing tournament! I love it...

  • 691. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 19:00:51 2011)
    @yannick... Question comme ca....pourquoi des fans aussi connaissant que nous genre les red sox, patriots ou Celtics s'en foute? (on peux interposer n'iporte quel autre club nord americain) S'il vient de la place c'est cool mais ils vont pas aller le chercher (en partie) pour que les fanes s'identifie avec... they want to win!!!! Et tu dis alors que si c'est vrai qu'il y a disctimination, c'est le role social du CH a les engager? Ils sont une entreprise privee! laissez les dont faire ce qu'ils veulent! S'il etaient les flames ou packers (public owners) alors je serais d'accord... Si tu etais en charge, tu serais d' job is to make money first, and then win...sad maybe, but true

  • 690. danny (on Wed Jan 5 18:55:48 2011)
    Man...You guys are borded today!!! Talking all that crap about language barriers when what we should be talking about is the real game going on tonight with real players that still like to play the pure game! GO Juniors ! GO CANADA GO! It's gonna be a tight game...But in the third Canada should pull away if Russia doesn't get lucky.

  • 689. yannick (on Wed Jan 5 18:54:40 2011)
    the idea of having french candian players is for the french canadiens fans to be able to identify with the club. That is the majority of journalists' point-of-view. I don't think is for performance issues. We will always have anglo-canadiens, americans and european players. As for the GM and head coach position, it was reported that there is discrimination towards the french canadiens, if that's true, then if the Canadiens don't give a chance to french-canadiens for off-ice roles, no other team will.

  • 688. niraj (on Wed Jan 5 18:15:20 2011)
    I hate to admit it, but I agree with Yan_C here. Language should not be a reason why any member of the organization is picked or why he is hired. Besides what's more impressive to me is when a non Qc guy comes here and embraces the language and the culture. I'll take that guy over a Ribeiro or Theodore attitude any day. I agree with you JF, playing in front of your home crowd can give you an emotional lift, but it's not sustained. When the novelty wears off it becomes like any other job. You go to work, you do your best, you get paid and then you wake up to do it all over again. If your girlfriend and parents were watching you do whatever it is you do at work, do you think you would work harder? Maybe for the first few days, but after that you'd forget they were even there... That said, I was very disheartened to let Guy Boucher go to another organization...

  • 687. raymond (on Wed Jan 5 17:30:30 2011)
    @Yan C: aren't you aware of the UFHL rule where we each have to give an ex-Hab a chance? You gave Saku a chance, Danny hired Desjardins, I'm doing the same for Ryder lol

  • 686. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 17:02:58 2011)
    @Ray....Michael Ryder?....that's what the once great Combiners have become? ;) You'd be better off with the other Michael and the talking trans am lol

  • 685. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 16:36:14 2011)
    Mais l'argument massu qui ne peux pas etre defendu est celui ci... On doit engager un GM et entraineur qui parle francais... et non dire... On doit engager le meilleur GM possible et le meilleur entraineur possible...a n'importe quel prix. Ca... C'est desolant... :(

  • 684. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 16:36:14 2011)
    Mais l'argument massu qui ne peux pas etre defendu est celui ci... On doit engager un GM et entraineur qui parle francais... et non dire... On doit engager le meilleur GM possible et le meilleur entraineur possible...a n'importe quel prix. Ca... C'est desolant... :(

  • 683. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 16:34:27 2011)
    @JF....Je m'excuse mais personne m'a clairement prouve le fait "qu'ON joue mieux chez nous"... Dans certains cas oui, dans certains cas non.... Just like a coin toss....

  • 682. jf (on Wed Jan 5 16:27:26 2011)
    Oups! Me suis trompé de Colonne.

  • 681. jf (on Wed Jan 5 16:26:03 2011)
    Je crois que tu n'es pas objectif Yan, peut-être moi non plus. Ex de Perreault qui a toujours été souffre douleur ici : 1995-96 Los Angeles Kings NHL 78 25 24 49 16 1996-97 Los Angeles Kings NHL 41 11 14 25 20 1997-98 Los Angeles Kings NHL 79 28 20 48 32 1998-99 Los Angeles Kings NHL 64 10 17 27 30 1998-99 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 12 7 8 15 12 1999-00 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 58 18 27 45 22 2000-01 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 76 24 28 52 52 2001-02 Montreal Canadiens NHL 82 27 29 56 40 2002-03 Montreal Canadiens NHL 73 24 22 46 30 2003-04 Montreal Canadiens NHL 69 16 15 31 40 2005-06 Nashville Predators NHL 69 22 35 57 30 2006-07 Phoenix Coyotes NHL 49 19 14 33 30 2006-07 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 17 2 3 5 4 2007-08 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 53 9 5 14 24 2ièm - 3ièm et 5iem meilleurs saison à Mtl. Et c'est pas ici qu'il était à son Prime. Et il a rarement eu le 1ier trio.

  • 680. raymond (on Wed Jan 5 16:21:52 2011)
    Stephane Richer!

  • 679. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 16:21:02 2011)
    pas scientifique pour 2 cennes mais vite comme ca (je peux me tromper) Damphouse fut meilleur au quebec qu'a l'exterieur. Sylvain et pierre turgeon...non Richer? meilleur ici Savard...non (oui il etait vieux...mais je peux dire que damphouse etait dans son prime ici aussi) Begin? oui ribeiro...non donald audette? non francois beauchemin..non...(mais pas eu sa chance j'avoue) brunet...oui marc bureau....50-50 carbo? oui ciccone, laraque, le gros Gino? non lafleur, bien sur dandenault...non deblois..non plus delorme...oui gilbert dionne? drole a dire...oui steve duchesne a quebec? non dykhuis....un autre drole..non lalime a ottawa ca compte? les lebeau....oui lefebvre? non yanic perreault? non patrick poulin...non quintal..oui patrick roy? aussi bon a mtl ou non tanguay? bien meilleur a colorado que montreal...alors non! theodore...oui Vite vite c'est ceux qui me viennent a l'idee... pas sur c'est si evident que ca que les gars de chez nous jouent mieux au quebec tant que ca :)

  • 678. jf (on Wed Jan 5 16:19:44 2011)
    Bergeron : 2007-08 NYI 46 9 9 18 -14 2007-08 ANH 9 0 1 1 -2 2008-09 MIN 72 14 18 32 5 2009-10 MON 60 13 21 34 -7 -7 sur 60 match vs Wisnievsky -12 en 37. Je ferai pas le tour, j'ai du travail, mais comme j'ai dit c'est pas général, certains joueurs. Et dis-moi statistiquement les équipes ont de meilleurs fiche à domicile ou pas? Pour moi c'est un peu la même chose, tu seras plus performant si t'es de la place.

  • 677. etienne (on Wed Jan 5 16:19:01 2011)
    @jf: il me semble que ses stats étaient meilleures à Colorado...

  • 676. jf (on Wed Jan 5 16:16:15 2011)
    Voici pour Tanguay qu'on a mis dehors à grand coup de pied dans le derrière. Et je parle pas de l'utilisation qu'on en a fait ( 3ièm trio très souvent ). Vs jouer avec Lecavalier et Iginla 2008-09 MON 50 16 25 41 13 2009-10 TB 80 10 27 37 -2 2010-11 CGY 40 10 21 31 3 C'est le premier cas qui me vient en tête.

  • 675. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 15:49:57 2011)
    @JF ok...soit honnete... J'ai vu tous les sports majeurs dans plusieurs grandes villes en amerique du nord. Qu'on les aime ou pas il ya bcp plus de fans des Leafs a Toronto et certains connaissent leur hockey. Penses tu que c'est plus important qu'ils soit de Toronto ou qu'il aide a gagner. Un lanceur partant pour les Yankees? Quart arriere pour les Colts? Guard pour les Lakers? On s'est cre ce besoin pour nous differencier des autres nord-americains...c'est tout... Pour Spacek, encore la, tu fais comme les journalistes avec un agenda... Non il est pas meilleur que Bouillon Mais ce que tu laisse de cote est quand le CH l'a signe il venait de faire 45pts en 80 parties pour Buffalo (chiffre monstre dans la ufhl je peux ajouter) C'est comme dire que yanick cole a couche avec un fille de 15 ans... (vrai....mais en 1985 lorsqu'il avait 15 ans) c'est quand meme important a ajouter... pour finir..... si quelqu'un veut statistiquement me prouver que les quebecois jouent mieux ici, je renoncerais a ma position. drole....aucun journaliste professionel a ecrit cet article :)

  • 674. jf (on Wed Jan 5 15:38:43 2011)
    @yanC Je suis pas tout à fait d'accord avec toi. Avoir des Qc pour avoir des Qc non, mais des joueurs qui en donne un peu plus parce qu'ils jouent devant papa-maman et sa blonde oui. Qui peut me regarder dans les yeux et me dire que Spacek est meilleurs que Bouillon qu'il a l'équipe + à coeur ... Latendresse, bon débaras, il en avait rien à foutre lui, le $$ uniquement. Lapierre je pense que c'est une erreure, il est vraiment moins bon que Moen? Il avait l'équipe moins à coeur vous pensez? L'idée d'avoir des Locaux c'est qu'ils hausse un peu leur niveau de jeu et ou demande moins pour jouer ici. Plekanek est pour moi un Qc maintenant, il a prouvé qu'il voullait rester ici et avait l'équipe à coeur.

  • 673. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 15:06:30 2011)
    @Etienne....Un peu....Mais en general ca m'agace car la seule raison que les "fans" parlent de ca est a cause des journalistes. Ils creent des histoires pour avoir de quoi a ecrire quand il manque de nouvelles. Meme tantot sur Cyberpresse F Gagnon ecrit: "Petit gars de la place, armé d’un tir frappé foudroyant et d’une franchise toujours bienvenue lorsqu’on le croisait dans le vestiaire du Canadien" Ils veulent des quebecois pour leurs articles...c'est plus facile etc... Le canadien n'a plus le monopole sur les 2 meilleurs joueurs de la province alors il faut arreter de parler du bon vieux temps... c'est pas des comparaisons justes... Mais les suiveux le voient pas...

  • 672. etienne (on Wed Jan 5 15:00:49 2011)
    @yan_c: is wish 2 related to wish 1. Please expend.

  • 671. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 13:00:06 2011)
    @Ray...No I did not "just" discover it....sadly...:)

  • 670. raymond (on Wed Jan 5 12:55:42 2011)
    @Yan C: ah, sounds like you've discovered Danny's love affair with Seabrooke! Yes Danny has been in love with his guy for 3 yrs. Why? Nobody knows. You might be able to get Gorges off him though...

  • 669. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 12:55:25 2011)
    Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving a lecture in Montreal on Jan 27... He's the Milburdanny of Governors... :)

  • 668. yan_c (on Wed Jan 5 12:52:05 2011)
    @Ray...But Bergeron ain't no Seabrook! The best defenceman in NHL history to have maxed out at 32 pts in a season. for 2011, I don't want peace on earth....I want 1. fini les maudits articles sur les quebecois (ou manque de)avec le CH...c'est assez svp 2. Jean Charles Lajoie se fasse crisser une volee qui lu casse la machoire 3. No more Brett FAVVVRRRRE and finally... Early retirement of Brent "Sherbrooke" Seabrooke MERCI! ;)

  • 667. yannick (on Wed Jan 5 12:51:23 2011)
    ...but every team had a chance to sigh and they didn't... TB has already one of the best PP, they might get more goals scored against than goals for with Bergeron in the lineup. That is probably why teh other teams didn't sign him in the first place... that and the fact that is injury prone and that he has a reputation of being difficult to manage (explaining why he went to so many different teams)...

  • 666. raymond (on Wed Jan 5 12:39:24 2011)
    @Niraj: that's alot of deals, Yzerman would have had to convince 28 other GMs not to claim him. Sending him to the minors doesn't make sense in this scenario. Couldn't they have the AHL team sign him directly, play him for 1 or 2 weeks, and then TB could sign him as an UFA and play him right away? I would have a hard time believing that a division rival or even conference rival would just let TB get stronger. $500 000 to stop that doesn't sound too expensive.

  • 665. niraj (on Wed Jan 5 12:05:37 2011)
    at that Price, I can't believe NJ or NYI wouldn't pick him up...I always wonder if there are deals between GMs not to pick up recently signed players that go through waivers.

  • 664. yan_c (on Tue Jan 4 19:13:34 2011)
    Bergeron goes through waivers....think some other team might snap him up?

  • 663. yan_c (on Tue Jan 4 17:17:28 2011)
    @ray know...I was looking more closely at ole dwayne's stats AFTER I signed him (I admit), and his numbers are actually pretty good...almost great...with a decent team he'd be good and TB are at least a decent team if not better... we'll see

  • 662. raymond (on Tue Jan 4 17:13:00 2011)
    @Yan C: the indian smoke signals say that Bergeron and Rolo wont be best friends : ) Have you forgotten about Bergeron's defensive skills? 3 on 2 rush against TB, Bergeron on the right and Kubina on the left, guess where the puck is going lol

  • 661. yan_c (on Tue Jan 4 16:58:30 2011)
    @JF....I think Niraj is comparing you to Jean Perron, Cito Gaston or Barry Switzer...Not sure.... My indian smoke signal reading skills are iffy :)

  • 660. niraj (on Tue Jan 4 16:31:57 2011)
    I don't think I've ever seen a season where everything goes so right for one manager. Pretty incredible...

  • 659. yan_c (on Tue Jan 4 16:03:30 2011)
    JF just got more help on defence...Bergeron signs with TB...pending physical Will my fa pickup of roloson be even better than the skinner or ladd ones? hmmm TB sure look good now....lots of goals

  • 658. jf (on Mon Jan 3 17:43:56 2011)
    McDonagh recalled, Houyouuuuu Dany, wake up. If you run out of FA, I have for you, Ovy is interesting me. :D

  • 657. yan_c (on Mon Jan 3 15:05:56 2011)
    weird season....Del Zotto sent to AHL and Ryan McDonagh recalled....let's see what the Hab's saw in him

  • 656. yan_c (on Mon Jan 3 13:04:47 2011)
    To take or leave.... My contact at MLSE (assisant GM of Raptors)hears that Flyers been talking to Nabokov... Reason of Leighton waiver? dunno

  • 655. raymond (on Mon Jan 3 13:03:41 2011)
    Lol!!! He's been pretty useless as a GM so he might actually be more help in nets! Makes me laugh whenever McGuire trashes the NYI for keeping Bailey in the NHL during his rookie year. Nino's probably the only prospect not trying to make the NHL next year : )

  • 654. yan_c (on Mon Jan 3 12:53:19 2011)
    @ray Garth Snow combeback in nets!!! :)

  • 653. raymond (on Mon Jan 3 12:50:18 2011)
    @JF: at least it wasn't Wisniewski! @Yan C: my guess is that NYI will pick him up. They need a goalie after trading Rolo. And aren't they under the cap...I mean under the floor limit?

  • 652. yan_c (on Mon Jan 3 12:34:02 2011)
    Michael Leighton in familiar territory.... Waivers...again!

  • 651. jf (on Sun Jan 2 23:27:55 2011)
    Bravo le timming!!! Shea Weber scored a goal and added two assists in the Predators' 4-1 win over Columbus on Sunday.

  • 650. jf (on Sun Jan 2 17:39:42 2011)
    @Yan If you would know how hard Niraj try to get him back I would say it's a steel also! :D

  • 649. yan_c (on Sun Jan 2 15:47:47 2011)
    If the Syndrome don't win this year I blame one player....Byfuglien...Again today! He makes my 4 Thrashers slightly better than they really are... Best trade I've seen in my short UFHL time... wow... all categories considered he must have one of the best half seasons in UFHL history?

  • 648. jf (on Sun Jan 2 13:30:39 2011)
    @Yan et les autres, je cherche un bon goaler, pas juste un #1. J'en ai déjà 3-4 des numéro 1.

  • 647. yannick (on Sun Jan 2 13:04:08 2011)
    oublie mon dernier commentaire, c'est exactement ce que tu as fait! desole

  • 646. yannick (on Sun Jan 2 13:02:52 2011)
    je te suggere de l'ecrire dans la page de suggestion de modification des reglements que nous allons voter au prochain repechage.

  • 645. danny (on Sun Jan 2 12:22:20 2011)
    un gars s'essaye! ok d'abord! Je vais le garder pour l'an prochain puisque tu le dis toi meme ... C'est le goaler du futur!lol

  • 644. yannick (on Sun Jan 2 12:17:45 2011)
    @yan_c: I can't wait for you to run out of FAs... you're like the lucky luke of the UFHL: "plus vite que son ombre"! @jf: t'as ecrit ton commentaire a 9h50 et yan_c a engager roloson a 10h00, donc tu as eu une fenetre de 10 minutes pour engager roloson! @danny: non, on n'a pas de reglement pour les joueurs qui sont renvoyer dans les mineures la meme semaine qu'on les engage. Tu dois l'activer pour une semaine. Roloson a 41 ans et est solution temporaire, Desjardins pourrait tres bien etre le numero un l'annee prochaine. La course pour la deuxieme place est absolument palpipante! Une equipe peu passer de la 2ieme place a la 5ieme en une seule journee!

  • 643. danny (on Sun Jan 2 10:47:14 2011)
    I don't think so....Isn't there something that says if he is sent back down to the minors you can release him although it costs you a F.A... It's not the same thing Yan....You WANTED to protect him for the futur. I WANT to Fire is ass not keep him like you did. This situation happenned in the past i think. If not, it's all good i'll keep him. I'm use to playing with one goalie...Oh and Niemi got a Shutout last night.....Party Time!!!

  • 642. yan_c (on Sun Jan 2 10:29:36 2011) have to dress I dressed Nabokov for a week also...cheers

  • 641. danny (on Sun Jan 2 10:27:25 2011)
    Damn...Why don't they give Desjardins his chance! He's the next Roy! Ok...So what happens now....Can i fire him right now ? or am i forced to activate him anyway.

  • 640. yan_c (on Sun Jan 2 09:54:26 2011)
    @Jf vien de lire qu'ils renvoient desjardins en bas avec l'aquisition du vieux Dwayne

  • 639. jf (on Sun Jan 2 09:51:14 2011)
    Bon je n'ai pas eu tout les cadeaux de Noel espérer. Si quelqu'un a un bon gardien d'emballer je suis acheteur. @Danny Je cosidère pas Desjardins comme tel encore, mais il me fait drolement chier avec ces 2 V.

  • 638. rudy (on Sat Jan 1 21:36:35 2011)
    It's time for Brodeur to call retirement before it gets uglier.

  • 637. danny (on Sat Jan 1 12:05:22 2011)
    Rudy why did i hire Desharnais you think....Just for a few weeks maybe if he doesn't show his St-Louis Fabric but the main reason is that he's suppose to play on the 2nd line next week and Gomez is gonna center the 3rd line. Didn't you hear this RDS exclusive report. I think your gamble is pretty big considering this news. Pacioretty-Desharais-Gionta. Since they where both tearing up th AHL together!

  • 636. rudy (on Fri Dec 31 20:04:00 2010)
    @etienne: I'm going for the worst UFHL record of all-time, so I need the help of guys like Gomez.

  • 635. etienne (on Fri Dec 31 19:29:12 2010)
    @rudy: explain your hiring of Gomez

  • 634. yannick (on Fri Dec 31 18:07:33 2010)
    d'un cote c'est dommage qu'un autre quebecois parte (il reste juste darche et desharnais s'il reste avec l'equipe), d'un autre cote, il a demander a etre echange et ne voulait plus jouer pour l'equipe. Peut-etre que la "magie Jacques Martin" s'estompe et c'est le debut de la fin... en tk, bonne et heureuse annee a vous et vos proches! je nous souhaite une belle course au championnat d'ici la fin de la saison!

  • 633. yan_c (on Fri Dec 31 18:00:34 2010)
    LOL...Danny rocks...delusional, but he rocks Like a less cool Tyler Durden... Watch out JF, I hear the Hitmen are gunning for first!

  • 632. danny (on Fri Dec 31 17:56:57 2010)
    Why not...If Desharnais plays on the 2nd line and on the PP ...He's a Marty St-Louis material.

  • 631. yan_c (on Fri Dec 31 16:01:04 2010)
    Lapierre traded?

  • 630. yan_c (on Fri Dec 31 10:43:42 2010)
    @bao...hey...give me some credit lol Rob Brown just scored in the alumni game.... Next stop....Hitmen!

  • 629. bao (on Fri Dec 31 10:11:22 2010)
    Very fair trade ! I'm surprised considering Niraj was involved ;)

  • 628. rudy (on Fri Dec 31 10:00:31 2010)
    I'm now challenging for the all-time low in ranking points! How low can I go?

  • 627. etienne (on Fri Dec 31 09:37:25 2010)
    @Danny: another home run attempt? Might work this time!

  • 626. jf (on Thu Dec 30 16:31:12 2010)
    Je pense que c'est un fair deal. Les Stockolm vont drôlement commencer à être dans mes pattes.

  • 625. etienne (on Thu Dec 30 16:22:45 2010)
    @Niraj: This will probably haunt me later this year but Kovie is the captain of a sinking boat... And the captain never leaves the ship.

  • 624. niraj (on Thu Dec 30 16:07:56 2010)
    Big blockbuster trade just went down...any comments? I still think Kovie's going to have a huge second half...

  • 623. etienne (on Thu Dec 30 13:13:20 2010)
    J'aime mieux Wienewski que Bergeron. Big Wiz a l'expérience d'avoir joué avec Anaheim et Niedermeyer. Sa fiche de + et - avec les Islanders ne reflète sa potentiel défensive. De toute façon, j'aime mieux que Spacek se Concentre sur sa défensive, ça fera au moins ça de gagné!

  • 622. jf (on Thu Dec 30 08:39:50 2010)
    @Ray I saw it too late to ajust my line-up. Non mais le Canadien est con ou quoi, il ont donné 2 choix pour un joueur pouri en défense. Il est offensif uniquement, il a donc rien de plus M-A Bergeron qui coutait un gros 0.

  • 621. yan_c (on Thu Dec 30 08:05:49 2010)
    @Ray.... duh,...did you read who posted it? I think Danny's first place is to be ahead of the Archangels who are in deep deep doodie...

  • 620. raymond (on Thu Dec 30 01:53:26 2010)
    Am I the only one confused about the last comment? @Etienne: So Heatley and Backstrom for 8 FAs? @JF: Wisniewski échangé aux Canadiens et aucun réaction?

  • 619. danny (on Wed Dec 29 20:25:12 2010)
    The weekly champ must get a cash prize before new year's...C'mon man! Go figure...I must be doing something right!

  • 618. etienne (on Wed Dec 29 17:54:43 2010)
    Even if we all put together a super team with the best players, I don't think JF can lose this year. But, I'd be willing to try if you would all trade me all your best players for FAs!

  • 617. etienne (on Tue Dec 28 11:47:18 2010)
    Did I trade Price at the right time? Well, it was wrong time for Zetterberg...

  • 616. yannick (on Tue Dec 28 11:41:11 2010)
    Christmas has really been a momentum killer for my team...

  • 615. jf (on Mon Dec 27 15:00:06 2010)
    Merci père Noel, les 20 points d'avance c'est exactement ce que j'ai demandé.

  • 614. danny (on Sat Dec 25 12:14:23 2010)
    Ho Ho Ho to all!!!

  • 613. niraj (on Fri Dec 24 19:44:15 2010)
    U2 JF. Happy holidays boyz.

  • 612. jf (on Fri Dec 24 13:37:39 2010)
    Joyeux Noel à tous et bonne année 2011, sauf pour votre équipe! :D

  • 611. etienne (on Thu Dec 23 17:03:48 2010)
    Lamariello was inspired by the Canadiens when he took over the Devils. He brought a lot of former CH players/managers to rebuild his team. Now, if history has taught us anything, the coming decade of the Devils will like the post-1993 Canadiens: pathetic...

  • 610. rudy (on Thu Dec 23 16:41:13 2010)
    Lou Lamariello should fire himself

  • 609. jf (on Thu Dec 23 12:36:57 2010)
    Moi je peux pas dire qui a eu le dessus ou pas dans ce trade. Mais je comprend pas trop ce que cherchais les 2 parties.

  • 608. etienne (on Thu Dec 23 10:44:05 2010)
    C'était le prix à payer. Et aussi basé sur les stats de Price: il a toujours de meilleur début de saison et sa fiche est moins bonne en deuxième moitié de saison... J'espère que ce sera le cas cette année aussi. Sinon Giroux est tout un joueur!

  • 607. rudy (on Thu Dec 23 10:32:55 2010)
    Un très grand move selon moi de la part d'Étienne d'avoir échangé Price! C'est clair qu'il est en train de casser et que c'est Curtis Sanford qui va devenir le #1 à MTL, comme l'avait prédit Danny lors du draft...!

  • 606. etienne (on Wed Dec 22 22:12:39 2010)
    That Zetterberg is pretty good...

  • 605. etienne (on Wed Dec 22 21:53:53 2010)
    Lots of pre-Christmas action!

  • 604. yannick (on Wed Dec 22 16:39:43 2010)
    wow! what a blockbuster between etienne and bao... I never thought price would be moved!

  • 603. jf (on Wed Dec 22 12:51:15 2010)
    Bon ça y est Kiprusost Va aller réfléchir sur le banc pour une semaine. Qu'il aille se reposer dans sa famille un peu et qu'il se concentre sur le hockey. Je lui prédit 2V 1 Blanc et ... si mon jugement de DG continue dans même sens.

  • 602. raymond (on Wed Dec 22 02:46:58 2010)
    I just delivered the following speech to my forwards: So shits not going right, it's not f****** working the last 10 days, f****** get your heads out of your ass and f****** make it work! Out-work the f****** guys! If you want it, don't just think you want it, go out and f****** want it. Surely the fuck, we can deal with this!!!

  • 601. etienne (on Tue Dec 21 18:21:38 2010)
    hmmm délicieux!

  • 600. yannick (on Tue Dec 21 18:06:40 2010)
    etienne et phuc, je vous ai redonner vos FAs. etienne, mange un gros char de excrement, j'allais justement engager lupul!

  • 599. etienne (on Tue Dec 21 16:12:09 2010)
    @phuc: too late ;)

  • 598. phuc (on Tue Dec 21 15:23:22 2010)
    @yan: not sure if I got my FA for Bertuzzi?

  • 597. bao (on Tue Dec 21 13:50:32 2010)
    Paajarvi, Magnus is a FA...he's pts/game in his last 8 games... If only I had room to dress him... Also Giroux is available for trading...

  • 596. etienne (on Tue Dec 21 13:16:40 2010)
    @yan: my FA from Simmons please

  • 595. yan_c (on Tue Dec 21 09:13:54 2010)
    @jf ... tu as la" tendinitis " de la ufhl... Dannitis

  • 594. jf (on Tue Dec 21 09:07:32 2010)
    @Etienne Oui, mais là le break syndical est mieux de se finir, parce que ça urge. Je prend que de mauvaises décisions depuis 1 mois, j'aurais mieux fait de même pas changé mon Line-up.

  • 593. niraj (on Tue Dec 21 00:30:02 2010)
    How could I not bite on Grabovski???

  • 592. etienne (on Mon Dec 20 20:27:08 2010)
    @jf: c'est le break syndical de Stamkos et le shift de Malkin?

  • 591. yan_c (on Mon Dec 20 19:25:39 2010)
    Funny how both the archangels and devils are tanking in large part to kovy. Hes messing with Heaven and Hell..

  • 590. rudy (on Mon Dec 20 19:23:10 2010)
    @niraj: Wow, how can you be so sensitive for a loser like Kovalchuk? I don't care if you were once a good stick for UFHL respectability, but you being 10th in the rankings with all your knowledge and experience is far more a disgrace than me being last, if you ask me.

  • 589. niraj (on Mon Dec 20 18:42:17 2010)
    @Rudy: Funny how you're in last place when you don't have your team handed to you. (Sorry, I'm getting sensitive about the Kovie comments. At least he's not overweight like Ovie!!!!)

  • 588. rudy (on Mon Dec 20 15:39:12 2010)
    Funny how good Atlanta is this season. It's like Kovalchuk took the mediocrity of the team away and brought it to New Jersey...

  • 587. etienne (on Mon Dec 20 14:18:04 2010)

  • 586. danny (on Sun Dec 19 23:02:24 2010)
    I saw the same video Niraj....Man...I told myself the same thing! The guy was so cut before! What's happening to him! Must be all that angel powder.

  • 585. raymond (on Sun Dec 19 14:48:43 2010)
    @Yan B: your team is ridiculous right now, highlighted by the SH-EN goal by Corvo last night. @Niraj: if Ovi is taking dietary advice from Andrei Kovalenko and Vladimir Krutov, it could be a long season... Answer to the quiz question: Washington is 1-8 since the Fleischman deal. I predict that they break the streak tonight.

  • 584. niraj (on Sun Dec 19 11:38:13 2010)
    Danny, I'm watching the HBO special "24/7 road to the winter classic" and they are featuring WSH and PIT. They did a shot of Ovechkin in his underwear and he look super overweight...

  • 583. danny (on Sun Dec 19 10:37:24 2010)
    In the Tampa bay game last night, there was an empty net goal at the end. and Ohlund got a point on it. I dont remember this happening in a long time!

  • 582. yannick (on Sun Dec 19 09:37:02 2010)
    ...les rough bears sous la barre des 110 points Ca se corse!

  • 581. yannick (on Sun Dec 19 07:46:33 2010)
    In the anaheim-carolina game last night, there was 6 goals scored (4-2) and all 6 goals were scored by my team! I dont remember this happening in a long time

  • 580. niraj (on Sun Dec 19 02:41:38 2010)
    Etienne, he has more goals than could I pass that up? ;)

  • 579. etienne (on Sat Dec 18 17:10:46 2010)
    @Niraj: Damn you! But then, you always liked Zherdev

  • 578. yan_c (on Fri Dec 17 16:10:01 2010)
    @Niraj please type a little louder...there's too much echo from the basement :)

  • 577. danny (on Fri Dec 17 13:55:10 2010)
    Good old Niraj gets in the! I agree i must be over managing this year. One thing for sur, E must be preparing a good 1-2 punch on my comeback comment...It's taking time on the reply. Hurry up, the impact won't be as good!

  • 576. rudy (on Fri Dec 17 12:21:57 2010)
    Les "comments of the week" de la UFHL, c'est un peu comme une Sélection du Reader's Digest: parfait pour passer le temps quand tu as une envie de chier difficile, souvent divertissant, parfois triste, souvent impertinent, parfois éducatif. Cette année le grand dossier sur la vie de Danny en tant que pooler est tout à fait passionnant, personnellement j'ai hâte de lire le chapitre sur son enfance où il échangeait ses cartes recrues de Wayne Gretzky contre les cartes de Rod Langway et de Pierre Mondou pour avoir l'équipe complète du Canadien. @danny: Étienne va te répondre qu'il a pris une saison off pour s'occuper de ses deux enfants en bas âge.

  • 575. niraj (on Fri Dec 17 12:18:35 2010)
    @Danny: Maybe we've got this thing all wrong. Danny, STOP managing your team. Leave it to the Gods. They certainly can't do any worse than you. Snap.

  • 574. danny (on Fri Dec 17 11:07:31 2010)
    Boudreau has to go!!! What a crappy speach! No wonder they keep loosing! @jf: Good pick up on Omark...I would have grabbed him too if i had a 8 or 9th spot on offense. @E: Remember I can spot talent when it's available.... I recall my good old days when i drafted ...Byfluglien(2007),Mike Richards(2005),Brent Burns(2005),Corey Perry (2006), Steve Mason(2007), Pascal Leclair(2007), Ty Conklin(2007) and Mike Cammalleri (2003). All helpful pick ups at the time. Basically, i don't understand why Etienne would say i'm not proactive and leave it to the Gods with my historical pick ups. J'ai pourtant un historique de succès dans ce domaine. Juste pour le fun sort moi dont ta liste de tes meilleurs embauche mon E...On pourrait comparer et rire un peu? Sur un autre point Etienne, je comprend pourquoi tu veux je bouge plus...Tu te rappel ta saison de mysère en 2008...NON? Here is a recall of Etienne season in 2008... 1. Finished last with 38pts 2. Made 1 trade all season long and that was a keeper trade at the end with Yan 3. Hired 1 free agent all season long and watched me draft Kessel,Versteeg, Brassard While other GMs drafted Giroux,Burrows, ect... This resumes why E is worried about me...He remember's the mistakes he made."Your a good pal trying to warn me.Tx" So i understand now and i appreciate you looking out for me. I will try harder to make some trades....Promise! I've had my share of crappy seasons but it was never because i left it to the God and to chance. Since i never won a season in the UFHL that's why i don't tell you how to run your team so could you please CHAMP let me run mine. Doc

  • 573. yan_c (on Fri Dec 17 00:03:26 2010)
    Just don't sign tom fenton!

  • 572. yan_c (on Thu Dec 16 23:27:35 2010)
    @danny... bon exemple de proactif. Jf a engagé linus chosebinouche. May work or not. But why not?

  • 571. yannick (on Thu Dec 16 16:11:36 2010)
    speaking of washington, go see this, this is Bruce Boudreau getting mad at his team:

  • 570. raymond (on Thu Dec 16 15:26:50 2010)
    @JF: Si tu crois Mario Tremblay, il aura 5 equipes intéresser a MAB dont NJ, Dal et TB. Il y a aussi des rumeurs que TB s'interesse a Nabokov donc peut-etre que Yzerman était en train d'appeler d'appeler MAB mais a raccroché pour parler a Nabokov lol @myself: why didn't I hire Fleischman? I was among the 1st to know about the trade... @all: Quiz time! What is Washington's record since trading Fleischman?

  • 569. jf (on Thu Dec 16 13:28:33 2010)
    @Dany tout à fait d'accord avec cela moi.

  • 568. danny (on Thu Dec 16 13:26:25 2010)
    Etienne, saute pas au conclusion. C'est pas moi qui a commencé à parlé de chance. Je fais juste clarifié tes attaques envers mon club. Je crois que l'on pourrait être surment d'accord sur le point suivant: Notre pool est un peu comme un tournoi de poker. "50% skill and 50% luck."- Phil Ivey Je crois que chaqu'un d'entre nous tente d'améliorer le côté "skill" pour permettre à notre équipe de gagné mais si tu n'as pas le facteur chance ou disons "timing" de ton bord, tu ne gagnera jamais. Celui qui harmonise les deux va évidemment gagné la saison.

  • 567. jf (on Thu Dec 16 11:46:31 2010)
    Non l'ennuis n'est pas difficile à supporté. Car je suis loin d'être confiant de gagné. Mon équipe a ralenti beaucoup et tous mes efforts pour l'améliorer la rende pire encore. Et pour l'instant je vise non seulement la victoire cette année, mais l'an prochain aussi. Quelqu'un à le numéro de MAB pour lui dire d'accepter le premier contrat qu'il aura? Idéalement Tampa Bay serait une très bonne option.

  • 566. yannick (on Thu Dec 16 10:43:24 2010)
    la course pour la deuxieme place est tres excitante! jf, tu t'ennuie pas trop percher tout seul sur la branche la plus haute de l'arbre de la ufhl? (wow, quel metaphore! je suis un vrai poete du fantasy hockey...)

  • 565. yan_c (on Wed Dec 15 18:13:42 2010)
    Tied for 9.5th... Danniraj... like Brangelina but darker and less coherent... Hitmen should be 10th. Come on alphabet ordering!!! :)

  • 564. yan_c (on Wed Dec 15 16:36:27 2010)
    @jf jai un sony erricson Xperia X10 alors je te comprends. ;) Great hardware, awful software. Hackers still can't crack bootloader so we cab install what we want. :(

  • 563. jf (on Wed Dec 15 16:31:46 2010)
    @yanC Donc tu me dis que je devrais m'acheter un Téléphone pour le pool de hockey? :P Et oui ça travail chez Ericsson et ça n'a pas de cellulaire.

  • 562. yan_c (on Wed Dec 15 16:17:03 2010)
    @jf.... utilise le rss de Rotowire sur ton téléphone. C'est pas mal suffisant. Je regarde ca quand je suis sur hold, au toilette, traffic etc. Ce genre de truc @etienne... je t'ai pardonne pour ton offre danniraj-esque...

  • 561. yan_c (on Wed Dec 15 15:25:56 2010)
    Fyi to all bankrobbers... Sherbrooke is the place to hit if you want to get away with it... :-)

  • 560. etienne (on Wed Dec 15 14:53:19 2010)
    À ce que je sache, j'ai pas fait d'analyse?!? Finalement Danny tu as raison, ce n'est qu'une question de chance. Il y a rien à faire, c'est le destin qui s'accomplit... JF est en première place parce qu'il fait son chapelet tout les soirs et Rudy en dernier parce qu'il a eu un enfant hors des liens du mariage! Repentez-vous!!!

  • 559. yannick (on Wed Dec 15 14:49:46 2010)
    je crois qu'il nous faut une bonne analyse de joel bouchard pour demystifier tout ca: "danny, quand tes joueurs vont dans le coin de la patinoire pour aller chercher le puck, s'ils regardent trop le filet, les patins vont partir pis le casque suivra plus, c'est normal ca! Quand les bras essait de patiner pis que tes patins essaye de shooter, c'est sure que l'arbitre va s'enlever de la, c'est du hockey de base. Achetez mes dvd de l'ecole de hockey macdonald pis vous allez toute comprendre..." merci Joel!

  • 558. danny (on Wed Dec 15 14:30:25 2010)
    Wow...Je suis vraiment votre centre d'attraction !!! J'ai quand même engagé ton Logan Couture qui m'aide pas pire...Tu peux rire de Hedberg mais il m'a donné 2 victoires dans sa semine active et .924 de save average au total...(malgré 2 mauvaises performances.) Tout le reste des avants mentionné par Yan C ne font pas mieux que mon banc sauf Skinner. Défensivement, je prendrais Shattenkirk et Fowler...Donc, 3 F.A qui portent fruits et on es 11 gérants dans la ligue. Tout le monde disait de garder Turco aussi plutôt que Halak en début de saison. C'est Chicago après tout. Niemi était un choix évident. J'imagine que vous avez tous menti pour votre propre cause? Oui ton offre de Price me semble bonne présentement...Veut tu toujours là faire? En début de saison elle semblait aussi rédicule pour moi que maintenant elle l'ait pour toi. Ça on appel ça de la chance ou du bon timing pour toi mon Etienne...C'est pas à cause que tu es un bon manager certain que Price fait des miracles cette année donc calme tes analyses de PRO et que je manage pas mon club stratégiquement.

  • 557. etienne (on Wed Dec 15 12:48:27 2010)
    @jf: shut up. enjoy first place ;)

  • 556. jf (on Wed Dec 15 12:43:07 2010)
    @YanC Tout ce que t'as dis est vrai. Malheureusement tout ces joueurs ou presque sont partie 20 min après que les annonces sur leur situation ait été publié. Dans mon cas je vais pas lire les news de hockey 20 fois par jour. J'essaye de le faire à chaque jour, mais c'est pas toujours le cas. Donc bravo à vous, vous le méritez, mais c'est pas possible pour tout le monde.

  • 555. etienne (on Wed Dec 15 12:41:12 2010)
    @Yan_C: I love Clowe... but you don't love Hudler ;)

  • 554. etienne (on Wed Dec 15 12:39:56 2010)
    @Danny "Until then, I guess i will finish last and hope for a better fortuna next year." Tu crois vraiment que c'est seulement une question de chance? Il faut que tu sois honnête quand même un peu: tu serais aujourd'hui gagnant dans le deal Turco-Ovechkin pour Price et Getzlaf. Donc arrête de blâmer les autres pour les mauvaises offres. Si tu ne prends pas ton destin en main, c'est à dire proposer des échanges, mais aussi des embauches pertinentes (pas des tentatives de coups de circuit avec Hedberg - le pourcentage de réussite pour ce genre de move est plutôt bas), tu seras toujours perdant. Il faut être proactif pas seulement prier les dieux du hockey. L'inaction est parfois la meilleure solution, mais pas toujours. En plus, en disant que "normalement" tu serais à quelle place dans le classement ne tient pas la route. Dès le premier match de la saison, les "normalement" ne tiennent plus la route, sinon il n'y aurait pas de but à faire un pool puisque tout serait déterminé d'avance. À chaque semaine, c'est un nouveau "normalement". Arrête de penser que tout est chance: en faisant des échanges, des changements de line up et des embauches (et congédiements) on prend toujours un risque. On ne gagne pas toujours. J'ai mis Couture dehors - pas brillant. On gagne des échanges et on en perd. Ça arrive. Mais si tu pars avec l'idée que tu peux d'améliorer partout en faisant un échange, c'est certain que tu penses que toutes les offres sont mauvaises! Est-ce que ma défense est meilleur après avoir échangé Liles? Mais est-ce que mon offense est meilleure avec Zetterberg et St-Louis? Passiveness is not adaptation: it's death... Sur Crawford: bah, ça m'énerve pas trop ton opinion. Tu vois, il y avait pas grand monde qui croyait en Price l'année passée (à part toi) and here we are...

  • 553. yan_c (on Wed Dec 15 12:32:38 2010)
    @Danny....something proactive you could have done without having to deal with the rest of us would have been to pick up Nabokov. It may be useless but it does not hurt...and you have 358 FA's left... that's being proactive... Do some research...I know of 3 D's and 2 F's that statistically would fit your team perfectly. I'd get them but I'm full and have used a ton of FA's already... Having said that, you've been unlucky....but there were a ton of Fa's available that would have fit you. Skinner, Ladd, Shattenkirk, fowler, lindback, williams, budaj (for 4 weeks at least), brent johnson (like budaj) callahan, purcell, fleishman to name a few... it's hit and miss with FA's...but the more you shoot, the better your chances of scoring are... or you can keep reading guns and ammo instead. Happy Holidays to all...especially to Ryane Clowe who gets no UFHL love...point a game and 1.5 pims per/game after 30 games... Sigh... :)

  • 552. danny (on Wed Dec 15 12:18:15 2010)
    Ray and Etienne, You're both right...La virtù...I want to do some changes but "they keep pulling me back in!" -Pacino I mean...If i would post all the shitty offers i'm getting from specific GMs 1. You would laugh and 2. Nobody would do these trades. I admit throwing out a few bad offers too...Just to counter foolish offers to begin with. So i adapt and wait out the storm. By not doing stupid trades I am doing something -adapting to each situation(offer)presented to me and saying NO. You have to be logical too and not just give Ovechkin or Letang for the hell of it. I' m trying to get a goalie but i can't even afford to loose offense so it's hard to improve in every category with 2 or 3 trades. I do like the last 2 offers this week and considering trading OVY so bring on the logical offers and we might talk. Until then, I guess i will finish last and hope for a better fortuna next year. I still think i have a strong core of offensive and defensive players. Still 50 games to play! I should normally be top 4 material offensively but i am not (anymore)...I was remember!!!When i was, i wasn't getting too many constructive comments like "Good job Danny...You team is hot!etc.." But when it goes bad everybody has got advise and crappy offers to take advantage of my fortuna. When i give up for this year i will make keeper trades don't worry. Everybody should get a piece of the cake! And no I still don't believe in Crawford for now. He's as bad as Turco!!!Just had to squeeze that in for E.

  • 551. yan_c (on Wed Dec 15 10:27:02 2010)
    Hey Boys...I'm returning to Florida later today so I won't be too active... Joyeuses Fetes a tous and be safe! :) On a lighter note, I'm going to watch an ECHL game on Dec 21 between the florida everblades against the Gwinett Gladiators... I figure to get an advance peak at what the Hitmen will look like in the next few years. ;) Seriously... out of the 2 teams, I know Staal, fisher and paquette.... you guys know anyone I should watch? cheers, Yanick

  • 550. etienne (on Wed Dec 15 09:32:27 2010)
    @Niraj: I think you are an excellent GM although you do bull shit a lot! You are crafty (e.g. you were able to move Osgood during the draft) which allows you to minimize bad luck. @Niraj 2: It's better to be lucky AND good. @Niraj 3: You always think that GMs that win (other than you) are lucky. But sometimes they are good too! @Yan: classic!

  • 549. etienne (on Wed Dec 15 09:27:41 2010)
    @Everyone: it's like we're doing an intervention for Danny!

  • 548. raymond (on Tue Dec 14 23:10:29 2010)
    You can always count on Niraj for some positive reinforcement @Danny: this is a legitimate question to ask yourself (not trying to make you feel worse). Remember how you felt right after the draft? What steps did you take to change how you felt?

  • 547. niraj (on Tue Dec 14 20:53:28 2010)
    @Etienne: In the 9 years I've participated in this pool, I believe that is the first compliment directed towards methat's ever been recorded. @Etienne - part 2: It's always better to be lucky than to be good. @Danny: Unfortunately, you're neither lucky, nor good.

  • 546. rudy (on Tue Dec 14 20:13:43 2010)
    @etienne: T'as pas un doctorat à finir toi? @danny: Heureusement pour toi cette saison je t'empêche de terminer dernier avec mon team pourri.

  • 545. yannick (on Tue Dec 14 19:56:32 2010)
    Let me add some Homer Simpson's philosophy: "Look Marge, you don't know what it's like. I'm the one out there every day putting his ass on the line. And I'm not out of order! You're out of order. The whole freaking system is out of order. You want the truth? You want the truth?! You can't handle the truth! 'Cause when you reach over and put your hand into a pile of goo that was your best friend's face, you'll know what to do! Forget it, Marge, it's Chinatown," GO "PRINCE" Danny GO!

  • 544. etienne (on Tue Dec 14 19:43:00 2010)
    @Danny: Tu te donnes beaucoup trop d'importance. Il y a d'autres gens qui ont Ovechkin dans leur équipe et il est aussi ordinaire pour eux que pour toi... Tu devrais lire Machiavel parce que ces leçons sont valables pour les pools de hockey. Selon lui, le prince (ou le GM) doit composer avec deux éléments: la virtù et la fortuna. La virtù est la vaillance ou la capacité de réagir ou non aux événements (e.g. la production d'un joueur,une blessure, un changement de gardien numéro 1, etc.)En d'autres mots, c'est le pouvoir d'agir. La fortuna est le destin ou les urgences qui surviennent. La fortuna dicte sa loi à ceux qui abdiquent devant elle et ne lui opposent rien. C'est donc ce qu'on ne peut pas contrôler et qui influence le classement. L'objectif du bon GM (prince) est de maximiser sa virtù (sa capacité d'agir) et de minimiser l'influence de la fortuna. Machiavel reconnait donc qu'il y a toujours une part d'aléa dans toute entreprise poolitique (pas de faute). Avec ce commentaire Danny, tu laisses la fortuna te mener et lui accordes trop d'importance. Regarde ton club, il y a des choses à faire. Il faut juste tu assumes ton rôle de "prince" et tenter de réduire l'aspect chance et maximiser tes options. Niraj et Yan_C sont d'excellents exemples de ceci: des transactions, des embauches, des changements de line up qui visent à réduire l'aspect chance (sans toutefois l'éliminer) et augmenter les probabilités de bonnes récoltes de points. Désolé pour le petit cours de philo politique. Crosby rocks and his ass is mine next year also!

  • 543. danny (on Tue Dec 14 18:41:43 2010)
    Why do I keep doing hockey pools...I just can't get anything right...Even Ovechkin is influenced by me owning his ass in a hockey pool...If i take Crosby next year he'll probably have season ending surgery in november... I fire ....MYSELF!

  • 542. jf (on Tue Dec 14 09:04:39 2010)
    Bon enfin un peu d'air pour respirer, merci Buff. @YanC Une chance que t'as pas pris Little la semaine passé. @All Personne a pris Patch encore, Go Go Go 50 buts l'an prochain.

  • 541. etienne (on Tue Dec 14 08:51:11 2010)
    UFHL Quiz: who gave up 4 goals on 10 shots?

  • 540. raymond (on Tue Dec 14 00:30:39 2010)
    Finally a shutout!!! 8 more and I can catch Phuc lol

  • 539. yan_c (on Mon Dec 13 13:47:37 2010)
    Atlanta 5 games also...

  • 538. yan_c (on Mon Dec 13 13:40:19 2010)
    not sure if this happens a lot but for the first time I can remember, I'll have players playing 5 games in a UFHL schedule...check out anaheim from dec 15-21...lots of hockey on the road

  • 537. yan_c (on Mon Dec 13 13:25:42 2010)
    @Ray...Thanks for the info...I don't mind dressing him for one week, may be worth the gamble if he heads to a good team...

  • 536. raymond (on Mon Dec 13 12:21:48 2010)
    @Yan C: put SJ as his team for the time being but remember that there are no more reserves, if you hire him now, he starts for you next week. @Niraj: you must be psychic lol @All: did Danny really implement a "no trades before x-mas" rule? That was a joke right?

  • 535. yan_c (on Mon Dec 13 10:51:10 2010)
    I'd like to reserve Nabokov but since he is not associated with a team, the system won't let me add him.... Suggestions?

  • 534. niraj (on Mon Dec 13 10:07:05 2010)
    For those that haven't seen the GSP fight, you can watch it here:

  • 533. niraj (on Sun Dec 12 16:20:39 2010)
    How far the Hitmen have fallen...soon they will be in familiar ranking territory...behind me.

  • 532. danny (on Thu Dec 9 17:47:45 2010)
    Bon...Yan C a encore oublié de prendre ses pillules...Ça m'inquiète un peu ton obssession envers moi. Fantasme dont sur Bao un peu, ça changerait tes envies de place, pis Bao est très "cochon" aussi...apparament!

  • 531. yan_c (on Thu Dec 9 16:38:19 2010) hier soir.... Jere Lehtinen annonce sa retraite. Journal de Sherbrooke ce matin.... Danny O'Connor, dit le Regis Levesque de Sherbrooke, DG "colore" des Hitmen montre de l'interet dans Jeri Lehtinen. "Je l'ai toujours aime celui la meme si leurs games finissent trop tard" interjecte Mr. O'Connor "Anyways, meme la la retraite, Lehtinen ajouterais plus a ma formation que beaucoup de mes chaudrons actuels... surtout cote +/-!" nous as-t-il lance avant de quitter le Tim Hortons de la rue King Ouest a toute vitesse en direction du Tim Hortons rue King Est...

  • 530. etienne (on Thu Dec 9 16:03:20 2010)
    From Spector Hockey "All this talk about the cap being the only reason there are no trades is foolish. I say that fear is the biggest reason for no trades, G.M’s are terrified of not making the right trade, so they make no trade."

  • 529. yan_c (on Thu Dec 9 09:04:32 2010)
    This is what happens when you ask your journalist buddies to float rumours/questions about coming back to Montreal... for once the ottawa lisper gm is solid.. Alexei Kovalev found himself on a fourth-line rotation during Wednesday's practice and if his game doesn't pick up then he might be watching from the press box shortly

  • 528. etienne (on Thu Dec 9 08:07:15 2010)
    Bringing back players from last year is such bs

  • 527. niraj (on Thu Dec 9 07:51:30 2010)
    Can't you just make a few phone calls to ensure 2-3 players get injured ;)...

  • 526. danny (on Thu Dec 9 07:48:57 2010)
    He got cut last night from the Montreal team since they are bring back 2-3 players from the last series. If there are some injuries, he's on stand by. After all that effort, its too bad! Il le méritait en sti.

  • 525. niraj (on Wed Dec 8 22:00:24 2010)
    Danny, what happened to Nolan's audition? Did he make one of the teams?

  • 524. danny (on Wed Dec 8 20:07:08 2010)
    BTW, I want my FA back for Séguin!!!

  • 523. danny (on Wed Dec 8 18:32:54 2010)
    Sir Niraj finally got the message after offering Kovalchuk and Brodeur to at least half the! If you can't trad'em join'em!

  • 522. etienne (on Wed Dec 8 17:16:56 2010)
    Did Kari's mistress visit him after the morning skate. That could explain the tightness...

  • 521. etienne (on Wed Dec 8 17:13:06 2010)
    Kingston is an awful place... So who's Don Cherry?

  • 520. yan_c (on Wed Dec 8 17:09:47 2010)
    @Etienne.... Kirk Muller and Doug Gilmour are from Kingston. But so is Don Cherry.... Need I say more? :)

  • 519. yan_c (on Wed Dec 8 17:04:56 2010)
    Shocking! Kari Lehtonen will be held out of Wednesday's game due to some tightness in his lower body. He made it through the morning session without a problem, but experienced some tightness afterward.

  • 518. etienne (on Wed Dec 8 17:00:11 2010)
    @Yan_C: You can diss on other GMs all you want but leave Sherbrooke out of it. Some good managers are from that city! Now to get my lighter, I heard Celine is coming to town!

  • 517. yan_c (on Wed Dec 8 16:57:44 2010) valiant ....makes me think of the violin players in Titanic... Maybe Celine will sing a song based on your last stand... I can just picture Danny lighting his bic lighter in the air while she belts out the tune au festival de la frite sauce a Sherbrooke!

  • 516. niraj (on Wed Dec 8 16:28:17 2010)
    No no, you don't win championship by selling low and buying high. Kovie will stay on my team until he finds his form. Everyone forgets that he scored 40 goals for years playing with no one. It's unlikely he'll reach 40 this year, but he'll find his groove eventually. If not, my team dies with him and Brodeur.

  • 515. yan_c (on Wed Dec 8 16:00:24 2010)
    @rudy.... that's cuz their manager would probably ask for kane, neal and selanne from you in exchange for Kovalchuk... and be serious about it, lol the new nhl/ufhl is tougher to adapt to for some...

  • 514. rudy (on Wed Dec 8 15:56:39 2010)
    Well guys, I'm going for the 60 pts mark in the overall ranking this week. Nothing less. I must admit I'm very motivated by the idea of reaching position #9, currently occupied by the Archangels. That would be a good step out of mediocrity. I'm afraid to even think about it, but can you imagine what would happen if the Archangels finished last?

  • 513. jf (on Wed Dec 8 15:23:33 2010)
    Seguin will need to Step-up, cause I need him. Else I'm going with Lars Eller, which seems a bit risky.

  • 512. yan_c (on Wed Dec 8 14:58:56 2010)
    @JF...Seguin's confidence is still shaky after his time with the Hitmen... Good luck! :)

  • 511. etienne (on Tue Dec 7 12:57:17 2010)
    " more price/halak" yeaaaahhaaaa! Been catching up on comments: pretty entertaining!

  • 510. yan_c (on Tue Dec 7 12:29:29 2010)
    Subban scratch again we go more price/halak make way for subban/weber!

  • 509. yan_c (on Tue Dec 7 11:45:38 2010)
    @rudy...not just him....bertuzzi, brewer and to a lesser extent wolski (quietest 65 pt season in uhfl history)

  • 508. rudy (on Tue Dec 7 11:40:46 2010)
    @yan_c: You probably refer in part to the Doodies firing Olli Jokinen. Well, I'm just done with passionless players on suspicious teams. No more charity. Who's man enough to pick him and show me I was wrong for not giving him a third chance?

  • 507. yan_c (on Tue Dec 7 11:16:53 2010)
    lot of "name" players fired nhl?

  • 506. yan_c (on Tue Dec 7 11:14:31 2010)
    I agree with Rudy....and to think I tried to trade for him...thank you Nirajifuglien! I'd take that bet at 53 pts...which, as rudy pointed out, would be uber-lame...

  • 505. rudy (on Tue Dec 7 11:10:50 2010)
    @niraj: I won't take your bet, because I think Kovalchuk will make around 50 pts. Which is totally lame for a guy that insisted to get a 100-million/10-year contract. I give him two years to join Yashin in the "lazy-overpaid-russian-going-to-the-KHL-but-still-getting-money-from-the-NHL-for-ten-years-hahaha" category.

  • 504. niraj (on Tue Dec 7 07:56:15 2010)
    I'm willing to bet anyone $100 or more that be does better than 35 pts

  • 503. rudy (on Mon Dec 6 23:44:51 2010)
    Nobody talks about him anymore, but Kovalchuk is on pace for a 35 pts season...

  • 502. yan_c (on Mon Dec 6 16:28:16 2010)
    Old Danny pick from the Police Academy (sans Steve Guttenberg of course)

  • 501. danny (on Mon Dec 6 14:57:14 2010)
    I think it's here rule so dont let her know, she might just start a "No sex" rule before xmas because of this!

  • 500. rudy (on Mon Dec 6 13:43:26 2010)
    I think it's a pretty even trade. You just broke your "no trade before Christmas" rule... (or is it your wife's?)

  • 499. danny (on Mon Dec 6 13:26:54 2010)
    Rudy...What do you mean? Did i loose the trade or won it ?

  • 498. rudy (on Mon Dec 6 12:02:57 2010)
    The most interesting aspect of that trade is that it involves the Hitmen and it's not XMas yet!

  • 497. jf (on Mon Dec 6 11:52:12 2010)
    Aye aye aye, I just saw the big trade that went under the Radar this week-end. I love the trade this year, they are all interesting and mostly 50/50 trades.

  • 496. danny (on Mon Dec 6 11:01:04 2010)
    The "GEM Player of the week" for the Hitmen this week is.... Alex Martinez: Quote for experts "As for Martinez’ place on the team, he figures to be here mostly for his success on the powerplay. I hope Martinez does help solve the Kings’ awful powerplay. I believe Martinez will play well in stint with the team. I really do. 3pts in 5 games ...He's on fire!!! LOL Man I'm in deep S?%%$

  • 495. jf (on Mon Dec 6 10:19:20 2010)
    J'aime bien celui de Halak aussi vue les circonstances, mais encore mes excuses à Dany. Stamkos a ralenti beaucoup et c'est ce qui explique ma baisse de pts je pense. Je vais aller botter les fesses à Malkin et Green moi-même si ça continue.

  • 494. danny (on Mon Dec 6 10:18:00 2010)
    Ouffff....The Highlanders ....semaine de cul....Check les Hitmen est leur super goalers!!!

  • 493. yan_c (on Mon Dec 6 09:06:02 2010)
    By-fug-lien...meilleur trade de l'annee, hands down case closed.... When I grow up, I want to make trades half as good as JF... :)

  • 492. yannick (on Mon Dec 6 09:03:50 2010)
    @jf: stamkos et byfuglien a eux seuls comptent pour 25% de ta production totale... Quand Mike Green va se mettre en marche, ca va etre laid!

  • 491. yannick (on Sat Dec 4 09:03:15 2010)
    Quel semaine de cul pour les Highlanders...

  • 490. rudy (on Fri Dec 3 20:24:13 2010)
    WTF is doing Craig Anderson in net tonight? It's the second time in 3 weeks he comes back from the IR unexpectedly!!!

  • 489. yan_c (on Fri Dec 3 14:48:30 2010)
    I would have thought this was Hitmen material but in fact it's Archangel heavy....

  • 488. danny (on Fri Dec 3 09:06:01 2010)
    Ya i guess i pushed my luck a tad too much with Hedberg. It was the benchers night out last night...Niemi gets a shutout and Couture gets 2 goals.

  • 487. yan_c (on Thu Dec 2 19:48:58 2010)
    Johan Hedberg pulled after two goals and only 1:38 of play. Anyone got the record for quickest pull?

  • 486. niraj (on Thu Dec 2 17:52:41 2010)
    np for Nolan Poulin...he's got to make it...just tell them you're in the could they say no!

  • 485. danny (on Thu Dec 2 17:24:43 2010)
    Nolan aurait fait l'équipe de Montréal mais il est encore possible qu'ils ramènent des gars de la dernière série. Québec a ramener 3 joueurs de la dernière édition donc seul les "call back" pourraient empêcher Nolan d'être la prochaine vedette de TVA. Un vrai guerrier!!! Lâche pas No!!!

  • 484. niraj (on Thu Dec 2 16:23:19 2010)
    Del Zotto Shattenkirk is not: Kirk Shattenkirk's 11 points last month were the most by a rookie defenseman in November since 1991.

  • 483. raymond (on Thu Dec 2 14:41:30 2010)
    Bonne chance Nolan! J'espère que ton Subby-doo est mieux que celui de PK lol

  • 482. jf (on Thu Dec 2 13:15:50 2010)
    Et le canadien se demande pourquoi ils brulent des jeunes année après année. Ils le joue 25 min la veille et le bench le lendemain, BRAVO!! BRAVO!! BRAVO!!

  • 481. yan_c (on Thu Dec 2 11:35:03 2010)
    wow P.K. Subban sera retranché en vue du match de ce soir au New Jersey. // P.K. Subban healthy scratch tonight in New Jersey

  • 480. yan_c (on Thu Dec 2 09:39:17 2010)
    Bonne chance Nolan! Since I picked up Booth, I might as well pick up another head case.... Welcome to the Syndrome, pun intended :)

  • 479. niraj (on Wed Dec 1 15:21:40 2010)
    Wow...bonne chance Nolan! Lorsque tu seras prêt pour la LNH, je serais heureux d'être ton agent...

  • 478. yannick (on Wed Dec 1 14:14:02 2010)
    c'est officiel Rudy a gagne la semaine! un baume pour un debut de saison qui a ete difficile. a nolan, bonne chance pour la serie montreal-quebec!

  • 477. jf (on Wed Dec 1 13:22:51 2010)
    Faut donner l'équipe Bao et Sherbrook n'est pas dans la série Mtl-Qc. T'as une chance sur deux. :D

  • 476. bao (on Wed Dec 1 12:58:27 2010)
    I reserve Nolan Poulin ;)

  • 475. danny (on Wed Dec 1 12:53:03 2010)
    J'aimerais demander un t6emps d'arrêt pour souligné que notre manager adoré de tous ...Non pas toi Niraj! mais bien Nolan est à la sélection finale pour la série MTL Québec à TVA et il fait le camp finale aujourd'hui je crois... Donc, bonne chance à notre vieux pro!!! Pour ceux qui connaisse pas les habiletés de Nolan, je le compare à un mélange de Mats Sundin et Pavel Datsuyk...Méchante paire de main et une porté de l'enfer. Good luck Nolan...

  • 474. rudy (on Wed Dec 1 10:08:25 2010)
    Will I really win the week? (tears in my eyes)

  • 473. yan_c (on Wed Dec 1 09:11:14 2010)
    @'re like a reality show... Ridiculous but people can't stop watching.... Should be called Sherbrooke Shore!

  • 472. danny (on Wed Dec 1 00:09:09 2010)
    Yan C i noticed every single post you do revolves around me...I hope your not some sort of maniac with my poster in your bedroom...Seems like they are getting worse too.. One thing for sure is that your a "fan" inside, i'm pretty sure or else you wouldn't keep commentating on my every single action or move!

  • 471. yan_c (on Tue Nov 30 17:54:33 2010)
    I think with Pierre-Marc Bouchard's return tonight the Hitmen should spend one of their Fa's that they lost, won or tied(they are not sure) on hiring him. The fit is natural...

  • 470. jf (on Tue Nov 30 17:10:03 2010)
    Good pick Yan tu m'as devancé je pensais l'engager demain Fleisman.

  • 469. raymond (on Tue Nov 30 14:14:01 2010)
    Quote to remember: "The best keepers are those you don't have to promote" Ray of the Combiners Yan and Niraj, you both have solid young D. But a quick start in the NHL doesn't guarantee long-term success. On D, you only have to look at 19-yr old Michael Del Zotto who was an absolute beast in his first 20 games, then slowed down. You also cannot forget the team impact. Green became fantasy relevant as soon as Boudreau became the coach and the team had Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin. Keith became relevant as Kane and Toews matured into top players. It remains to be seen how your young D-men will perform. @Yan B. Of course Niraj will trash your player in order to make his look better. He's just setting you up for a Shattenkirk for Keith and Fowler deal!

  • 468. yannick (on Tue Nov 30 13:11:48 2010)
    man, whatever... what you really want to say is that only niraj players are good, all other players are crap. none of these players, including yours, have done this at 18 yo, they are 20 yo. And that is a huge difference. Fowler in two years, when he will be 20, will obliterate your players at 20. Fowler is light years ahead of any other 18 yo defensemen. To say that Fowler is no good, is a lack of hockey knowledge and selfishness. Fowler is a keeper.

  • 467. niraj (on Tue Nov 30 13:02:29 2010)
    3 interesting points to note here: 1) Keith was -11 after an entire season. Fowler is -8 after 1/4 of the season. 2) However, like Fowler, Green was -8 after 22 games. 3) Green was only fantasy relevant in his 3rd season in the NHL. Keith his 4th. So unless you believe that Fowler's potential is better than last year's Norris winner and Norris runner up, I'm not sure Fowler's keeper relevant. Pietrangelo and Shattenkirk clearly are though. ;).

  • 466. yannick (on Tue Nov 30 12:32:06 2010) was Mike Green in his frist season, and Duncan keith and his frist season. But you're right Mike Green, Duncan Keith and Cam Fowler are all garbage with zero potential...

  • 465. niraj (on Tue Nov 30 12:27:46 2010)
    Fowler is also -8.

  • 464. yannick (on Tue Nov 30 10:29:03 2010)
    there has been some talk about shattenkirk lately, but did you guys took a look at cam fowler? he is only 18 years old defenseman and has already 12 point in 20 games. That is practically unheard of for a 18 yo defenseman. We don;t hear too much about him because he plays in the west, but this guy is a real keeper!

  • 463. rudy (on Tue Nov 30 09:31:27 2010)
    Gerber anyone? He's got a brand new magic white helmet...!

  • 462. yan_c (on Mon Nov 29 21:34:48 2010)
    @Niraj...I think Milburdanny does not need a "Mr" before it. He's unique in is own way... A la...Prince, Cher or Liberace!

  • 461. danny (on Mon Nov 29 20:49:52 2010)
    Man, i get the point...You don't have to hit ENTER twice! Is that stress I detect...Or you just happy to talk to me.

  • 460. niraj (on Mon Nov 29 19:45:23 2010)
    Let's retry that: Danny, you're such a shit disturber. If anything, it seems like you're the one losing sleep. What's next? You're going to ask us to call you Mr. O'Connor? Or is it Mr. Milburdanny?

  • 459. niraj (on Mon Nov 29 19:44:33 2010)
    Danny, you're such a shit disturber. If anything, it seems like you're the one losing sleep. What's next? You're going to ask us to call Mr. O'Connor? Or is is Mr. Milburdanny?

  • 458. danny (on Mon Nov 29 16:48:20 2010)
    The "polite part" is not intended to you Yan! I think you told the rules just to set everybody right. Its intended to the other guy that works near Erikson.

  • 457. yannick (on Mon Nov 29 16:46:27 2010)
    @danny: sorry buddy. I did answer politelly (comment 451) and then you answered by saying: "Looks like i didn't get my FA back after all." (comment 453). that's what prompted my response. sorry for any confusion or misinterpretation...

  • 456. danny (on Mon Nov 29 16:43:00 2010)
    Can't i just get a straight answer anymore...Its a basic question. I asked: "Yan did i get my F.A back?" You're suppose to say: " Thanks for telling me.Its not automated and Yes i will put it back" Damn it's not that complicated to be polite. I just didn't look at my F.A counter last week. Instead of counting them up from scratch i just ask if you put it back...sorry to bother everybody. People are loosing sleep on my behalf pretty easily.

  • 455. yannick (on Mon Nov 29 10:53:41 2010)
    @danny: you did get your FA back. you had 12 now you have 13. All I'm saying is that until it's automated, managers have to remind me to give them their FA back if I forgot. Since the beginning of the pool 13 years ago, managers are responible to make sure their stats and their free agents counter are exact. When something is not right, you guys let me know, and we take a look at it and I fix it. In the past few years, I think that statistics have been very reliable.

  • 454. niraj (on Mon Nov 29 10:01:46 2010)
    Wow. I can't believe you just pulled the "childish" statement card on me. Like, wow, like as if anything on this board is serious, like, duh, like cool?

  • 453. danny (on Mon Nov 29 09:12:24 2010)
    Man you guys are really on my case this year! Looks like i didn't get my FA back after all. Basically Niraj, why write a useless bogus 6th grade comment. It makes you look bad when Yan answers me that i have to let him know. Another "Milburdanny" believer proven wrong. You don't see me commenting or questionning your intelligence about your posts or your hiring Dipietro or Souray.."Duh..."If i'd do that it would be childish so i won't!

  • 452. raymond (on Mon Nov 29 02:33:51 2010)
    @Rudy: when it comes to goalie production on the bench (and that could have been starting), I am the leader in that category. Take comfort in knowing that you have a long way to go to catch me! @Bao: be careful, Niraj might come and take some of your camels and ask for a goat as a throw in : ) @Yan C: having Etienne and Danny on l'Antichambre might be more entertaining. They can spend a whole episode talking about Price and Crawford. The only negative about that is that after the show, Danny might force Etienne to walk back to Sherbrooke lol

  • 451. yannick (on Mon Nov 29 00:53:31 2010)
    @danny: right now, it is not automatic to get the FA back when a manager hires one of your fired player. It's on my to-do list, but for now, managers are responsible to let me know if I forget to manually put add a FA.

  • 450. yan_c (on Sun Nov 28 17:00:43 2010)
    I think Milburdanny should have a weekly youtube show a la Don Cerise... Of course, including his awesome NHL 2011 reference segments that I could get sponsored by some anti-drug foundation.... remember the frying eggs ad...this is your mind on drugs? "Milburdanny's Musings" could replace that for this Millenium! ;)

  • 449. niraj (on Sun Nov 28 16:57:57 2010)
    Like they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity!

  • 448. etienne (on Sun Nov 28 16:52:00 2010)
    @Niraj: Danny is the target this year. You must be relieved to fly under the radar.

  • 447. niraj (on Sun Nov 28 16:50:39 2010)
    @Danny: You did get your free agent back. It is, like, automated, like. Duh...

  • 446. danny (on Sun Nov 28 14:06:33 2010)
    Yan, did i get my FA back when RJ Umberger was re hired the next day by Doodies? Is it like automatic?

  • 445. rudy (on Sun Nov 28 13:22:30 2010)
    When you're in the cellar, even when things are not so grim, bad luck is always around the corner. Example #1: I had Getzlaf active for 10 games and he gave me 3 points. I trade him and he gets 4 assists in a single game, all the while Selanne, which I got in the trade, hurt his groin. Example #2: Anderson is back from IR earlier than expected and get two 1-goal wins while inactive. The following week (which is the current week), I activate him and he hurts his groin again after allowing 3 goals in a period. Adding insult to injury, Elliott, being inactive for the first time since week #2, gets a shutout. In other words, I'm beginning to understand what Danny has been enduring for a decade. P.S.: I bet 20$ that Kevin Shattenkirk's nickname is Captain Kirk.

  • 444. niraj (on Sun Nov 28 11:03:45 2010)
    Nothing but luck...I'll take it though ;).

  • 443. danny (on Sun Nov 28 10:13:21 2010)
    Yap...Even in EaSports NHL 2011 Shattenkirk is a monster!

  • 442. etienne (on Sun Nov 28 10:05:35 2010)
    @ Niraj: that was a nice pick up! Congrats.

  • 441. bao (on Sun Nov 28 09:46:07 2010)
    @Niraj: I'm a shattenkirk believer now....let's see how many camels you get for him...

  • 440. danny (on Sat Nov 27 22:20:23 2010)
    Cé pas vrai....J'avoue que Ohlund "sucks" en maudit...Qui le veut?

  • 439. etienne (on Sat Nov 27 19:18:59 2010)
    @Rudy: et Ron Wilson fait jouer Kessel en PK... les signes ne trompent. @yan_c: Milburdanny, instant classic! Sauf que contrairement à Danny, Milburry n'estimait pas beaucoup ses joueurs. Danny n'a pas de mauvais joueur, sauf que ceux des autres sont trop bons!

  • 438. danny (on Sat Nov 27 17:04:25 2010)
    Oh ya and i want a full pardon on your part for calling me "Milburdanny" although i did laugh when i read it!

  • 437. danny (on Sat Nov 27 17:02:15 2010)
    Extra Extra read all about it...Johan Hedberg steal another game for NJ with 40 saves today!!! In your face Yan...941save% and 2 wins this week...and its not over yet... Looks like i'm slowly moving back up...If only Brodeur could stay injured!

  • 436. rudy (on Sat Nov 27 08:57:02 2010)
    Yesterday was probably my better night this year. At last an happy morning for me...! As Ray underlined, I even got a SH, the third sign of the coming Apocalypse after the Hitmen's strong start and Carey Price doing shutouts with a mustache. It's time to repent.

  • 435. raymond (on Sat Nov 27 02:10:09 2010)
    Wow, everybody gets either a shutout or a SHG except

  • 434. phuc (on Thu Nov 25 15:28:39 2010)
    @yannick: ahem.. It was my throne to begin with. I think I was far and away last in that cat last season :) 9 (--) Guns N Roses 16 10 (--) Highlanders 10 11 (--) LemonParty -85 Next up in my hire list are all the rejected NYI ;)

  • 433. yannick (on Thu Nov 25 14:39:25 2010)
    @phuc: are you trying to challenge my throne as undisputed king of minuses? perhaps I should follow your strategy and hire a bunch of guys from the oilers! ;) even if you try, you'll see that it's not easy to reach -58!

  • 432. yannick (on Thu Nov 25 13:57:38 2010)
    from that clip, downie to stamkos: " the gym, we are pretty hard on each other..." what does that really mean?

  • 431. bao (on Thu Nov 25 13:51:40 2010)
    Stamkos is gay...but I still regret my trade :(

  • 430. etienne (on Thu Nov 25 13:42:47 2010)
    C'est donc vrai que les policiers gardent ce qu'ils trouvent dans les descentes! En-t-ka Danny, ça semble vraiment cool dans ton monde! (En passant, même si tu lis le classement à l'envers, tu restes à peu près à la même position!)

  • 429. danny (on Thu Nov 25 13:40:12 2010)
    Oh Yes you can take a Bow man! Because I am the King!

  • 428. yan_c (on Thu Nov 25 13:35:13 2010)
    Danny....It's Scotty Bowman not Scotty Bowan....Don't you guys need writing skills to write tickets? :)

  • 427. danny (on Thu Nov 25 08:27:31 2010)
    Niemi has got it too...That will teach you to question my GM skills Yan... And if you don't know "Scotty", i'm questionning yours. Here a refresh, just for you: Check out the last line! 1957-58 Hull-Ottawa Canadiens OHASr Head 36 15 20 1 0 0.431 1958-59 Peterboro T.P.T's OHA Head 54 29 20 5 0 0.583 1959-60 Peterboro T.P.T's OHA Head 48 22 23 3 0 0.490 1960-61 Peterboro T.P.T's OHA Head 48 16 24 8 0 0.417 1962-63 Hull-Ottawa Canadiens EPHL Head 72 40 25 7 0 0.604 1963-64 Omaha Knights CPHL Head† 8 8 0 0 0 1.000 1963-64 Montreal Notre Dame de Grace M QJHL Head‡ 1964-65 Montreal Junior Canadiens OHA Head 56 20 28 8 0 0.429 1965-66 Montreal Junior Canadiens OHA Head 48 24 15 9 0 0.594 1966-67 Sherbrooke Braves QJAHL Head‡ 1967-68 St. Louis Blues NHL Head‡ 58 23 21 14 0 0.517 Lost in Finals 1968-69 St. Louis Blues NHL Head 76 37 25 14 0 0.579 Lost in Finals 1969-70 St. Louis Blues NHL Head 76 37 27 12 0 0.566 Lost in Finals 1970-71 St. Louis Blues NHL Head‡ 28 13 10 5 0 0.554 Lost in round 1 1971-72 Montreal Canadiens NHL Head 78 46 16 16 0 0.692 Lost in round 1 1972-73 Montreal Canadiens NHL Head 78 52 10 16 0 0.769 Won Championship 1973-74 Montreal Canadiens NHL Head 78 45 24 9 0 0.635 Lost in round 1 1974-75 Montreal Canadiens NHL Head 80 47 14 19 0 0.706 Lost in round 3 1975-76 Montreal Canadiens NHL Head 80 58 11 11 0 0.794 Won Championship 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens NHL Head 80 60 8 12 0 0.825 Won Championship 1977-78 Montreal Canadiens NHL Head 80 59 10 11 0 0.806 Won Championship 1978-79 Montreal Canadiens NHL Head 80 52 17 11 0 0.719 Won Championship 1979-80 Buffalo Sabres NHL Head 80 47 17 16 0 0.688 Lost in round 3 1981-82 Buffalo Sabres NHL Head‡ 35 18 10 7 0 0.614 Lost in round 1 1982-83 Buffalo Sabres NHL Head 80 38 29 13 0 0.556 Lost in round 2 1983-84 Buffalo Sabres NHL Head 80 48 25 7 0 0.644 Lost in round 1 1984-85 Buffalo Sabres NHL Head 80 38 28 14 0 0.563 Lost in round 1 1985-86 Buffalo Sabres NHL Head‡ 37 18 18 1 0 0.500 Out of Playoffs 1986-87 Buffalo Sabres NHL Head† 12 3 7 2 0 0.333 1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Head 80 39 32 9 0 0.544 Won Championship 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Head 84 56 21 7 0 0.708 Lost in round 2 1993-94 Detroit Red Wings NHL Head 84 46 30 8 0 0.595 Lost in round 1 1994-95 Detroit Red Wings NHL Head 48 33 11 4 0 0.729 Lost in Finals 1995-96 Detroit Red Wings NHL Head 82 62 13 7 0 0.799 Lost in round 3 1996-97 Detroit Red Wings NHL Head 82 38 26 18 0 0.573 Won Championship 1997-98 Detroit Red Wings NHL Head 82 44 23 15 0 0.628 Won Championship 1998-99 Detroit Red Wings NHL Head 82 43 32 7 0 0.567 Lost in round 2 1999-00 Detroit Red Wings NHL Head 82 48 22 10 2 0.659 Lost in round 2 2000-01 Detroit Red Wings NHL Head 82 49 20 9 4 0.677 Lost in round 1 2001-02 Detroit Red Wings NHL Head 82 51 17 10 4 0.707 Won Championship 2010-11 Sherbrooke Hitmen UFHL Assistant 1 1 0 0 0 0.999 Will win cup

  • 426. yan_c (on Thu Nov 25 00:18:41 2010)
    @danny yes you do look like scotty " bowan" as you call him. I think he managed le mini putt l'assomption. Sounds about right :-)

  • 425. danny (on Wed Nov 24 22:53:56 2010)
    Looks like "Milburdanny" was right with Hedberg! Who's your daddy YanC...LOL I'll take his stats tonight...They make me look more like Scotty Bowan..No? Phase B is Niemi winning...details to come soon!

  • 424. niraj (on Wed Nov 24 18:26:45 2010)
    Brandon Sutter is an uber-prospect pick him up and store him. He's seriously going to be amazing.

  • 423. raymond (on Wed Nov 24 18:07:05 2010)
    Wow, not only does Bao hire O'Sullivan but he also picks up his centreman. Bao is hardcore!

  • 422. yan_c (on Wed Nov 24 17:42:27 2010)
    Josh bailey sent to ahl after 159 nhl games... weird... one game shy of having to put him on waivers...

  • 421. yannick (on Wed Nov 24 13:49:23 2010)
    salut nolan, content de voir que tu es de retour parmis nous. Si tu avais suivi les activites de la ligue, tu saurais qu'on ne reserves plus de joueur sur les comments of the week. Il faut l'entrer manuellement. Quand tu congedies un joueur, tu as une page de confirmation pour empecher une erreur. Tu as repondu "Yes" a la question "Are you sure you want to do that? Fire (congedier) Mueller, Peter@---,F. Yes No". Dans ce contexte, malheureusement on ne peu pas te redonner ton free agent. Je vais te laisser l'engager manuellement. SVP ne fais pas un Yanick Cole de toi-meme et mettre le nom de famille a la place du prenom! (desole yanick je ne pouvais pas m'empecher de faire la remarque apres que tu as mis "Yannick" dans la case "Last Name"!)

  • 420. bao (on Wed Nov 24 13:25:51 2010)
    Here's my all-star team: Satan-Modano-Bondra Murphy(Larry)-Coffey Sean Burke Notice: O'sullivan is was on the reserves :)

  • 419. nolan (on Wed Nov 24 13:24:43 2010)
    Yan, J'ai fire mueller par erreur ... est-ce possible de le ravoir sans perdre un free agent ? Sinon je le réserve Merci

  • 418. danny (on Wed Nov 24 12:30:21 2010)
    Nolan...Où es-tu? On te cherche partout!!!

  • 417. jf (on Wed Nov 24 11:41:25 2010)
    Bao si t'as encore un FA de libre va lire ce ceci : With any luck, unrestricted free agent Miroslav Satan will have a deal in place in the next day or two. “We’re getting closer,” agent Allan Walsh said. Satan, who had five playoff goals for the Boston Bruins last spring, is looking for the right fit and won’t rush it. “Whether it happened last week or happens next week, is not as critical as choosing the right spot,” Walsh said.

  • 416. yannick (on Wed Nov 24 11:25:39 2010)
    @bao: O'sullivan? I have only one theory to explain this: your baby kept waking up every hour during the night and out of sleep deprivation, you hired O'sullivan this morning... it's the only logical explanation!

  • 415. niraj (on Wed Nov 24 11:25:26 2010)
    Bao's love affair with O'Sullivan continues...let it go Bao, the guy sucks...when you can't beat out Segei Samsonov for a spot on the top 3 lines that should tell you all you need to know about O'Sullivan.

  • 414. jf (on Wed Nov 24 10:52:10 2010)
    Hihihi! Certain que j'en profite, justement pour cette raison. L'an dernier les rôles étaient pas mal inversé.

  • 413. rudy (on Wed Nov 24 10:42:41 2010)
    @jf: Profites-en pour m'écoeurer pendant que tu es premier et que je suis dernier, je ne pense pas que ni un ni l'autre va se produire souvent... :-)

  • 412. jf (on Wed Nov 24 10:29:34 2010)
    Pauvre gars c'est le dernier de la ligue qui a repêché sont équipe! :D

  • 411. rudy (on Wed Nov 24 10:10:31 2010)
    Au moins ce trade du Pooh Team est une preuve que Nolan est toujours vivant. Aucun commentaire de sa part depuis le début de la saison...!

  • 410. niraj (on Wed Nov 24 09:52:02 2010)
    Who wouldn't like that deal? Damn.

  • 409. yan_c (on Wed Nov 24 08:35:54 2010)
    uh oh...if Danny likes the trade I'm in trouble.... :)

  • 408. danny (on Wed Nov 24 08:31:37 2010)
    WOW...I like the Stockholm Syndrom trade...Yan C is my idol!!! Isn't he the greatest GM here?

  • 407. jf (on Wed Nov 24 08:25:45 2010)
    Est-ce que Niraj et YanC ont changé d'équipe? Car tous les trades sont fait par les Stockholm ... C'est pas normal, Niraj Wake Up!

  • 406. niraj (on Tue Nov 23 17:17:37 2010)
    Interesting trade Rudy...Selanne is a PPG machine and Williams can score...Jones is a nice youngster. Hopefully Selanne and Williams stay healthy for you...if so you should make out well. Good on you for not throwing in the towel.

  • 405. yan_c (on Tue Nov 23 17:04:11 2010) least you're not milburdanny :)

  • 404. rudy (on Tue Nov 23 17:01:21 2010)
    It's tough being last in the UFHL: every day of every week, at least 2 or 3 GMS try to break a deal with you based on the fact that you don't have any chance to win, and so you must think about letting go your big guys. (It's especially tough to manage and evaluate the offers when you're busy in real life, too.) Stockpiling keepers is still an option for me, but starting from scratch with a lot of money at the draft seems to be a good strategy too. Anyhow, I decided I'll just try to do my best not to finish last. No definite strategy for next year. I'm a proud competitor and I hate to lose. So I'll try to get out of the hole I dug myself in with poor keeper choices and a low-budget draft. I recognize I'm still learning.

  • 403. etienne (on Tue Nov 23 14:11:45 2010)
    @ Danny:

  • 402. etienne (on Tue Nov 23 12:59:53 2010)
    And to think I offered you Price... What was I thinking?

  • 401. danny (on Tue Nov 23 12:01:17 2010)
    Please Hedberg...Give me a Shutout on Wednesday night vs Calgary... Please Brewer just give me 2 pts out of your 4 games next week... This way i will prove to Niraj that my gamble was well calculated. But Yes i agree Niraj, these are not the best players to hire but for a week when San Jose is not telling nobody who is playing in nets At least, i know Hedberg is playing the next game!

  • 400. niraj (on Tue Nov 23 11:55:06 2010)
    Finally someone took a chance on MacArthur...we could look like idiots if he has a 72 pt season. Nice pick up Rudy

  • 399. niraj (on Mon Nov 22 21:48:00 2010)
    Danny, just when I thought your hirings couldn't be any worse...

  • 398. danny (on Mon Nov 22 21:43:54 2010)
    LOL...No! I got Hedberg for the next 7 days!!!

  • 397. yan_c (on Mon Nov 22 21:31:17 2010)
    Big night!....NJ and Columbus both get shutouts tonight...Don't the Archangels own 3 of their 4 combined goalies?

  • 396. yan_c (on Mon Nov 22 11:42:09 2010)
    My team read on some blogs that I was talking trade with the Hitmen and they all started to tank magically right after.... Hitmen-land is the Syberia of the UFHL.... ;)

  • 395. rudy (on Mon Nov 22 11:37:45 2010)
    Hey Danny, I think you should pick up Nolan Yonkman for your D, he has a funny name and he plays tough like a hitman...! ;-)

  • 394. danny (on Sun Nov 21 02:00:22 2010)
    The way Ohlund is playing ...I'm thinking of hiring Gil too!

  • 393. raymond (on Sun Nov 21 00:51:37 2010)
    I'm in no position to question anybody's moves but Eric Brewer? I can hear Danny saying "yes, he has a good combination of +/- and PIMs" What's with all the D hirings? Can we keep the streak going?

  • 392. niraj (on Sat Nov 20 23:08:11 2010)

  • 391. niraj (on Sat Nov 20 16:07:45 2010)
    @Ray: Holy Shattenkirk! Those are a lot of changes! Apparently tons of changes with the NHL's official scorer.

  • 390. raymond (on Sat Nov 20 15:22:53 2010)
    Obviously, Yanick C. didn't know that I have the exclusive rights to Y.Weber : ) @Yan B. What happens with all the recent scoring changes? Those getting pts: Leino, Van Riemsdyk Those losing pts: Giroux, Stamkos and Myers

  • 389. yannick (on Sat Nov 20 12:49:00 2010)
    @niraj: I dont think so... There is no doubts that cam fowler is the next green!

  • 388. niraj (on Sat Nov 20 12:30:25 2010)
    Shattenkirk...the next Green?

  • 387. danny (on Sat Nov 20 10:31:58 2010)
    Wooo...7 goals allowed by Chicago and my Turco machine vs. Calgary..What is going on? Plus, out of 7 goals Bourque must have 1 right...nope..0 points actually and a -1. How can you be -1 in a 7-2 win... Hell is back for the hitmen.

  • 386. phuc (on Fri Nov 19 22:51:57 2010)
    Wooo! SO Rinne and Pavelec back to back. Sorry for tooting my own horn, it's not my style... But I do need all the help I can get not to finish last :P

  • 385. rudy (on Fri Nov 19 17:21:08 2010)
    At last a good news for the Doodies: Craig Anderson will be back in net tonight. The bad news: Brian Elliott is still active for the current week. Of course, that would have been too much to ask that the Avalanche organization announced Anderson's return earlier...

  • 384. bao (on Fri Nov 19 08:36:17 2010)
    Wait until I trade Giroux this year to go for the UFHL title...

  • 383. niraj (on Fri Nov 19 05:13:19 2010)
    I second Bao's nomination for the Mike Milbury award.

  • 382. etienne (on Thu Nov 18 21:35:50 2010)
    J'aimerais nominer Bao pour le prix Mike Milbury qui récompense un GM pour avoir échanger le futur son organisation.

  • 381. etienne (on Thu Nov 18 20:15:01 2010)
    Si Lanny McDonald était mort, il se retournerait dans sa tombe.

  • 380. yan_c (on Thu Nov 18 17:10:06 2010)
    As someone who works for a parent (15 years now) I can say that it's not easy... That may be behind all of that... Others in the organisation criticize etc.... Daddy's boy yadi yada

  • 379. yannick (on Thu Nov 18 17:07:56 2010)
    Carolina has put Brett Sutter on the waivers... I wonder if daddy Darryl will pick him up and grab him back to Calgary and tell him "don't you ever $!&* up again... next time I won't bring you back!" ...this is an interesting nhl soap

  • 378. yan_c (on Thu Nov 18 17:04:03 2010)
    Martin Gerber just called up by Edmonton....hmmm, tempting :)

  • 377. yannick (on Thu Nov 18 14:38:54 2010)
    wow la lutte pour la deuxieme place a pris tout une tournure aujourd'hui! j'espere que c'est pas un fluke et que je vais rester la.

  • 376. jf (on Thu Nov 18 10:23:14 2010)
    Stamkos est sur le marché! ;P

  • 375. niraj (on Thu Nov 18 09:02:29 2010)
    Damn JF's team is experiencing it's first major bump in the all started with Scott Parse. Now Halak is showing us why the Habs dealt him. And to top it all off, Byfuglien's injured... Will be interesting to see how tough the "Rough Bears" are.

  • 374. yannick (on Wed Nov 17 18:26:45 2010)
    darryl sutter qui echange son propre fils... on dirait un episode de "Lance et Compte"! ca va faire un beau souper de noel en famille...

  • 373. yan_c (on Wed Nov 17 17:10:56 2010)
    @Etienne.... non, pas Brunet...sur Washington post ce matin et il y a 15 mins.... me suis dit que c'etait un "signe" lol

  • 372. etienne (on Wed Nov 17 17:09:20 2010)
    @yan_c: tu as lu le blog de Brunet aussi. J'ai pensé aussi à l'engager mais puisque ça semblait être que pour une pratique, j'ai préféré attendre...

  • 371. phuc (on Wed Nov 17 16:34:35 2010)
    I inspire hope wherever I go :)

  • 370. rudy (on Wed Nov 17 16:28:21 2010)
    @phuc: Thanks for giving me hope that I won't finish last.

  • 369. etienne (on Wed Nov 17 15:28:56 2010)
    @yan_c: where Hudler is throw-in!

  • 368. yan_c (on Wed Nov 17 15:18:39 2010) and Jiri Hudler! ;)

  • 367. etienne (on Wed Nov 17 15:17:15 2010)
    Wow, next thing I know I'LL be traded to Stockholm Syndrome!

  • 366. jf (on Wed Nov 17 13:30:21 2010)
    Parlez-moi en pas, je cherchais un joeur à engagé. J'ai pas regardé le résultat de ce match et HOP!

  • 365. danny (on Wed Nov 17 13:08:30 2010)
    Parle-moi en!!!Gang de picouille!

  • 364. yan_c (on Wed Nov 17 12:43:28 2010)
    @ Danny...Less than a month ago you wrote this.... "Car jai finalement un départ canon ds la UFHL. J.Carlson et Kopecky...I told U boyz!!" I think Mathias Brunet wrote this article for you!

  • 363. yan_c (on Wed Nov 17 11:09:17 2010)
    Les Rough Bears sont tellement forts qu'ils peuvent habiller 8 avants sans probleme! :) Jf is toying with us...Next week he's going to start Joel Bouchard on D

  • 362. etienne (on Wed Nov 17 09:49:32 2010)
    @jf: The team announced that Scott Parse will undergo surgery next week to repair his hip labrum and is expected to miss 3-4 months.

  • 361. yannick (on Tue Nov 16 13:39:36 2010)
    -58 ??? jesus! and I thought I was making progress...

  • 360. yannick (on Tue Nov 16 11:32:13 2010)
    what an ascension for the Archangels... Niraj, looks like the florida weather is good for your team!

  • 359. yannick (on Tue Nov 16 11:31:00 2010)
    tough week for the top 3... position 8, 9 and 11 on the weekly ranking

  • 358. yan_c (on Tue Nov 16 07:26:37 2010)
    @ Etienne... I guess it does show my age.... :)

  • 357. etienne (on Mon Nov 15 19:52:22 2010)
    @yan_c: I wouldn't brag about going to Blue Bonnets! (and betting, to boot)

  • 356. yannick (on Mon Nov 15 18:34:35 2010)
    Matt Stajan is available to hire and you don't have to activate him (he has 10 pts so far)

  • 355. danny (on Mon Nov 15 17:47:43 2010)
    That must mean your lost a lot of ca$! My guys are running out of energy!

  • 354. yan_c (on Mon Nov 15 17:18:50 2010)
    The Hitmen are starting to remind me of horses I used to bet on at Blue Bonnets... :)

  • 353. yan_c (on Mon Nov 15 17:07:27 2010)
    that's the 4th guy I fire that someone picks up...Tenderness you're the next contestant on the Price is Right!

  • 352. raymond (on Mon Nov 15 17:01:23 2010)
    Ouais, prochain sur la liste: Kulikov et Comeau lol

  • 351. etienne (on Mon Nov 15 16:35:33 2010)
    Finalement Ray, tu suis les commentaires du Guide de poolers de RDS?

  • 350. yannick (on Sun Nov 14 22:11:03 2010)
    it seems that every week, the bench of one manager is on fire. This week's is definitely me! whitney: 5 pts last night! frolov: 4 pts this afternoon! Jones: 3 pts friday night! Fowler: 3 pts this week... man, not always easy to make the perfect lineup...

  • 349. rudy (on Sun Nov 14 17:12:34 2010)
    I know it's still early, but I have the strange feeling that I won't have a single shorthanded goal this season.

  • 348. etienne (on Sun Nov 14 17:12:18 2010)
    Too bad all my players can't play against Edmonton every night...

  • 347. etienne (on Sun Nov 14 11:10:19 2010)
    And things are looking good now. Right?

  • 346. danny (on Sun Nov 14 10:58:49 2010)
    I had my chance "to make sure i would loose the season" with your offers E!!!

  • 345. etienne (on Sun Nov 14 09:48:22 2010)
    Hitman are picking HU's leftovers? You had your chance Danny... ;)

  • 344. etienne (on Sun Nov 14 08:49:49 2010)
    L'équipe de JF ne ralenti vraiment pas...

  • 343. yannick (on Fri Nov 12 09:28:12 2010)
    the all time record for worst +/- is -108 and is 11 years old (1999). we're only one month into the season and I am already -52! Wow, that's quite an accompishment

  • 342. jf (on Fri Nov 12 09:08:30 2010)
    Maudite gagne de Slow Mo! Columbus Blue Jackets have placed Kristian Huselius on the injured reserve list. Huselius has not played since Oct. 23 and is not close to returning

  • 341. jf (on Thu Nov 11 16:38:39 2010)
    En tout cas si la NHL vient lire ici c'est pas avec ses : Sleeper of the Day que Niraj va se trouver un emploie! :D

  • 340. etienne (on Thu Nov 11 15:46:32 2010)
    You guy need to read this. Perhaps an NHL team is reading our Comments of the Week

  • 339. etienne (on Thu Nov 11 11:55:50 2010)
    @Danny: Turco remembers the dinosaurs and was there when the Titanic sunk. Crawford is the future (testing my psychic skills...)

  • 338. etienne (on Thu Nov 11 11:54:23 2010)
    @Yannick: c'était ce que je pensais exactement! Finalement Halak est vulnérable aux balles d'argent, à la kryptonite et aux Blue Jackets. Bye Bye O'Byrne: échange logique. Toute la ligne bleue du Colorado a des commotions...

  • 337. jf (on Thu Nov 11 10:24:04 2010)
    And now I understand the Buzz around Columbus Yesterday. But I was too stupid to listen to it and jump on the boat!

  • 336. niraj (on Thu Nov 11 08:33:56 2010)
    Maybe Mason is just happy to come home. You can also take comfort knowing that Leclaire will play soon and resume the #1 goaltending duties in Ottawa...

  • 335. danny (on Thu Nov 11 08:33:00 2010)
    Get Stalberg off the Toews line...He's killing the Hawks! Man, Turco must be wondering why this team won the Cup last year. They are playing foolishly with no game plan it seems. "Lets just go full offense dudes!!" Ridiculous.

  • 334. jf (on Thu Nov 11 07:50:54 2010)
    Le pire c'est que j'ai passé à 1 cheveux d'activer Ellis à la place de Halak. Mais je m'en fait pas à Montréal il était pareil, il fesait une pitoyable performance par 2 mois. Mais à Montréal il le benchait pour 1 mois après. ;)

  • 333. yannick (on Wed Nov 10 22:03:08 2010)
    Man, the day I trade Mason he gets a win and allows only one goal... but I can console myself by knowing that had he stayed on my team he probably would have got destroyed! Also, it's nice to see that halak is not a superhuman afterall and has came back to earth by getting killed 4 goals in 23 minutes of play. Could there be hope to reach the Rough Bears until the end of the season???

  • 332. yan_c (on Wed Nov 10 18:02:43 2010)
    Who is picking up Forsberg? Ray?

  • 331. yannick (on Wed Nov 10 17:27:37 2010)
    guys, you have until 7pm to pick up the amazing PA Parenteau. Don't miss that chance! how often do you the occasion to support a local player that has worked so hard? I've done my part, I activated him for one week. Don't ask what can Parenteau can do for you, but what you can do for Parenteau! 9 pts in 13 games... 3 PPG... tick tock... the clock is ticking... hurry!

  • 330. jf (on Wed Nov 10 13:42:34 2010)
    Oups, yes I ment Steve. Buzz?? Vermette, Huselius et Vorachek ne le sont pas en demande :(

  • 329. etienne (on Wed Nov 10 12:10:39 2010)
    Is there a Columbus buzz going on? Suddenly Brassard, Mason and Nash are in demand...

  • 328. niraj (on Wed Nov 10 11:47:26 2010)
    Chris? Or did you mean Steve?

  • 327. jf (on Wed Nov 10 11:42:38 2010)
    @Niraj Welcome back, Home sweet home Chris! :D

  • 326. raymond (on Tue Nov 9 22:30:08 2010)
    Some big trades going down this week, interesting deals all around!

  • 325. etienne (on Tue Nov 9 14:52:00 2010)
    I'd go if only Rory Fitzpatrick was still there... Oh Canucks, you make me so sad, and angry, and sad again...

  • 324. yan_c (on Tue Nov 9 14:50:35 2010)
    Danny you should go and see your favorite player Alexandre Burrows! ;)

  • 323. yannick (on Tue Nov 9 14:49:25 2010)
    I have apair of tickets for tonight's game versus the canucks, anyone wants to go?

  • 322. yan_c (on Mon Nov 8 12:58:46 2010)
    @Ray... I have a feeling that Stalberg will be the 21st century version of Rob Brown. I think even Cheechoo could get points playing on a line with Toews and Kane. lol

  • 321. raymond (on Mon Nov 8 12:54:01 2010)
    @Yan C: you've ruined homecoming week with the hiring of Stalberg ;=) ­­­­­­­­ @Danny: I was giving you info more valuable than the sleeper of the day!

  • 320. jf (on Mon Nov 8 12:47:13 2010)
    Désollé Yan, mais c'est plus fort que moi! :D Archangels Elias, Patrik@NJD,F - Mason, Steve@COB,G - Free Agent@NA,NA for Highlanders Mccabe, Bryan@FLA,D - Nabokov, Evgeni@SAN,G Même Bob Gainey a l'air d'un génie des fois. :D

  • 319. yannick (on Mon Nov 8 11:47:34 2010)
    Steve Mason est disponible pour les interesses...

  • 318. yannick (on Sun Nov 7 17:07:52 2010)
    ***************Sanctions contre Nolan****************** Nolan a engager J. Stoll et a oublie de le mettre actif cette semaine. Nolan a respecter la regle du 26 joueurs, alors nous appliquons la nouvelle regle que nous avons voter l'annee derniere: la fameuse regle "Filatov": 1- Perte d'un free agent supplementaire parce J.Stoll n'etait pas actif cette semaine 2- Nolan garde les droits sur J. Stoll pour cette semaine et doit absolument l'activer d'ici mercredi. Si Stoll n'est pas actif mercredi a 7pm, Stoll sera de retour sur le marche des agents libres et sera disponible a tous. De nouvelles sanctions seront aussi annoncer s'il n'est pas actif.

  • 317. danny (on Thu Nov 4 22:34:24 2010)
    Nice trade Ray...You eally "cheated" Phuc on the Schulz deal!

  • 316. raymond (on Thu Nov 4 13:29:02 2010)
    It must be homecoming week: Bergfors back to Niraj, Quincey back to Yan C, is Stalberg headed back to Danny?

  • 315. yan_c (on Thu Nov 4 11:36:36 2010)
    @Jf...pas trop inquiet pour toi car Green, Malkin et Kopitar ont oublie que la saison a debute. Ca sera pas long... Mais je t'avoue qu'un SHG et un SO ou 2 m'aiderait suis 1er ou 2eme dans a peu pres tout et dernier dans ces 2 categories... dead last avec des gros zeros!!! lol

  • 314. jf (on Thu Nov 4 11:30:59 2010)
    Oui ben moi je suis bien content que tes joueurs tombent un peu. ;) Le souffle chaud dans mon cou n'est pas agréable, reste hors de ma bulle. :O

  • 313. yan_c (on Thu Nov 4 10:46:37 2010)
    I'm looking for Defence help if you want to make offers....3 of my starting D's are on IR Seems that Phaneuf might possibly be out for the year... the 4-6 weeks report was to calm leaf nation... Internally, MLSE is preparing for the worst.

  • 312. yan_c (on Thu Nov 4 10:43:27 2010)
    With all the injuries and especially long term injuries to key players, I'm starting to think that this year's UFHL winner will not necessarily have the best players, but the deepest team.... less "expensive stars" and more good/very good players at 10-15$ may be the future?

  • 311. yan_c (on Thu Nov 4 10:05:02 2010)
    I forgot to thank @Ray and @Etienne for telling me who Djilly was... I thought the website got hacked this weekend, I had no idea who she was! lol

  • 310. niraj (on Thu Nov 4 09:57:51 2010)
    Yan_C: What are you talking about? Who mentioned anything about getting cheated? If i had to do the trade again, I would do it in a second... Don't really appreciate being called out like that... Tell me I like to win my trades, but don't tell me I like to screw others...seriously dude...

  • 309. etienne (on Thu Nov 4 09:18:48 2010)
    @yan_c: bravo

  • 308. yan_c (on Thu Nov 4 08:47:12 2010)
    @niraj...just because JF made the best trades does not mean others got cheated...It's just that they worked out better for him.... that's the difference in mentality....for you, a "monster trade" is screwing the other and being happy about it lol

  • 307. niraj (on Thu Nov 4 00:46:15 2010)
    Be my guest with Hedberg...

  • 306. raymond (on Thu Nov 4 00:45:02 2010)
    There's not much relief in that statement... Plus my continuing goaltending woes...I tried looking at the matchup trends which pointed to Florida being able to beat Atlanta - obviously that didn't Herberg the answer??????????

  • 305. niraj (on Thu Nov 4 00:35:13 2010)
    E.Jovanovski have a hat-trick tonight? I feel you pain me, Byfuglien is turning out to be the beast I thought he would be. At least you got Pavelski and I got Stewart...

  • 304. yan_c (on Wed Nov 3 18:43:31 2010)
    Coliaiacovo and Phaneuf both get put on IR this afternoon....what's with my team and IR Wednesdays lol?

  • 303. danny (on Wed Nov 3 16:07:39 2010)
    Yan, Burrows n'a pas sa game d'hier dans la mise à jour. Il semble pas fichier pour Vancouver! J'imagine que ça va s'ajuster tout seul mais c'est pour prévenir un "back track " de stats car il va explosé bientôt. Cammalleri ou Burrows actif cette semaine??? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • 302. yannick (on Tue Nov 2 16:29:35 2010)
    NOUVELLE IMPORTANTE ... IMPORTANT NEWS ... ... NOUVELLE FONCTIONALITE ... NEW FEATURE ... ================================================ A partir de maintenant, vous n'avez plus a "caller" (reserver) un joueur sur les comment of the week. Il y a une nouvelle section dans la page "hire a player" quand vous engager un joueur, ou vous pouvez entrer manuellement un joueur que vous ne trouver pas sur la liste. Cette nouvelle section se situe la fin de la page "hire a player". A noter qu'un joueur entrer manuellement a exactement le meme statut qu'un free agent, c'est-a-dire que vous dever le mettre dans votre alignement partant pour la prochaine semaine d'activite et vous perdez immediatement un FA a votre compteur. Je vous demande de faire attention a l'orthographe du nom du joueur que vous entrer manuellement. Svp faire l'effort de faire un "copy-and-paste" d'un site officiel pour m'eviter le plus possible de devoir faire des changements manuel. Et aussi, soyez certain de mettre la bonne position au joueur. Je crois que c'est un bon nouveau feature qui va eviter de tracker qui a reserver quoi et de tracker s'il y avait de la place dans son lineup... (ca veut dire que vous n'avez plus besoin de congedier un joueur immediatement, vous devez juste respecter la regle du 26 joueurs pour mercredi 7pm). Si vous avez des questions, n'hesitez surtout pas a me les poser

  • 301. yannick (on Mon Nov 1 17:41:33 2010)
    en passant, j'ai creer une nouvelle page qui me sert de to-do list des choses que je veux faire pour ameliorer le site web. Donc si vous avez des suggestions d'amelioration au site ou si vous voulez rapporter des choses qui techniquement ne fonctionne pas, vous pouvez le faire ici: Suggestions' Box / Boite a Suggestion. le lien se trouve aussi dans le menu "UFHL Reports" du menu. cette page est seulement pour le site web lui-meme, ce n'est pas pour discuter des reglements ou amener des commentaires de toute sorte. Ca va probablement seulement me servir a moi, mais je voulais vous donner l'opportunite d'ecrire vos suggestions pour ameliorer le site.

  • 300. yan_c (on Mon Nov 1 14:57:40 2010)
    Loving these day offs....I think that's the first time I ever led a UFHL week for 2 days straight lol

  • 299. yan_c (on Mon Nov 1 14:56:31 2010)
    @niraj....evolution the left wing

  • 298. niraj (on Mon Nov 1 14:50:04 2010)
    @Yan_C: And all this time I thought your hero was the Kool-Aid man...OOOOOHHHH YEEEAAAAHHHH

  • 297. jf (on Mon Nov 1 09:26:07 2010)
    Je ne voullais pas donné Stewart, mais pour avoir quelque chose il faut donner quelque chose. C'est pas comme offrir Sedin pour Stamkos! :D Imaginé si j'avais refillé Vermette au lieu de Stewart. :( J'avais aussi dit à Danny que Sharp était son meilleur joueur, mais pas réussi à mettre la main dessus. Sur ce je ne cris pas victoire encore la saison est longue et les trades vont commencé! :D

  • 296. danny (on Sun Oct 31 21:08:22 2010)
    Yan...its easy ...Just call me and I'll trade you the next superstar for sure!

  • 295. yan_c (on Sun Oct 31 18:20:09 2010)
    @niraj maybe...but 10 points in 11 games with 3 game winners, 3 ppgs and 23 pims...and he's a defenceman!!! WOW...JF is my new hero. I hope to make trades half as good as those...

  • 294. niraj (on Sun Oct 31 18:05:29 2010)
    So far, I'm not disappointed in the Byfuglien deal...getting the 2nd best point producer and goal scorer in the NHL isn't that bad...

  • 293. yan_c (on Sun Oct 31 17:48:06 2010)
    Man...So far JF has pulled off the 2 trades of the year...the Byfuglien and Halak deals rock...

  • 292. danny (on Sun Oct 31 12:22:13 2010)
    It's an economy reason not to have games on halloween...Imagine all the home team owners that would have to buy some candy for the fans ...That's a big investment.

  • 291. yannick (on Sun Oct 31 11:28:55 2010)
    there are no games today! why is Halloween so special to the NHL to not have a single game today? Except for the All-Star Game week-end, this is the only day without a game... Of all the major leagues, the NHL remains the most weird managed league...

  • 290. etienne (on Sat Oct 30 09:22:35 2010)
    @Hockey Gods: Okay, I will never make mastu... jokes again. I will sacrifice a sheep in your honor so Miller starts winning again and Boyle make more assists.

  • 289. djilly (on Sat Oct 30 08:55:44 2010)
    Etienne, oui c'est vrai, c'est plus difficile.. Mais j'ai pas dit que c'était une mauvaise offre... En ce moment je ne vois pas pourquoi Danny ferait un move... Il a une super équipe, et j'ai tendance à croire que ça vaut la peine qu'il attende un peu...

  • 288. etienne (on Fri Oct 29 22:30:17 2010)
    @Djilly #2: Actually, when trades are necessary, they're harder to make.

  • 287. etienne (on Fri Oct 29 22:29:00 2010)
    @Phuc: nice anagram! @Djilly: it was a really good offer.

  • 286. djilly (on Fri Oct 29 20:13:31 2010)
    Hey, girlies! First of all, I want to wish you all, a really good season! I've noticed that some of you are already in trading mode...yep my phone line is already ringing at diner! Etienne,as you asked, I've checked and I can't give my Ok, to the trade offer you made to Danny... you should remember my no trade policy before Xmas....unless it is necessary... So on that note, guys, keep in mind that I'm always looking... ;)

  • 285. djilly (on Fri Oct 29 20:03:35 2010)

  • 284. phuc (on Fri Oct 29 19:32:49 2010)
    @Etienne: I think I'll be changing my team name to EnnisInTheHUB - Havana United's Butt.

  • 283. etienne (on Fri Oct 29 17:29:17 2010)
    @Phuc: Perhaps you can change excuse to mastub... I mean a breath of fresh air.

  • 282. phuc (on Fri Oct 29 15:35:20 2010)
    damn, there goes my 10AM break excuse :)

  • 281. yan_c (on Fri Oct 29 13:43:13 2010)
    @yannick... Merci!

  • 280. yannick (on Fri Oct 29 13:39:18 2010)
    by the way, les ranking updates quotidiens sont maintenant fait 8am au lieu de 10am (sauf le mercredi).

  • 279. yan_c (on Fri Oct 29 13:19:14 2010)
    Beware the investment activity that produces applause; the great moves are usually greeted by yawns... Warren Buffet

  • 278. raymond (on Fri Oct 29 12:23:29 2010)
    @Bao: dirty would have been hiring Johnson right after making the trade...this was a case of me being frustrated with my other goalie...and by the way, Beauty is a light switch away...

  • 277. etienne (on Fri Oct 29 10:56:20 2010)
    A nice Mats Sundin performance by J.M. Liles last nite...

  • 276. yan_c (on Fri Oct 29 09:22:54 2010)
    Matt Niskanen has changed teams more often than Elton John did in the 80's....

  • 275. yan_c (on Fri Oct 29 09:20:10 2010)
    Did the UFHL ever toy with the idea of drafting team goalies instead of individuals? A little like NFL pools that draft team defences.... I wonder what the pros and cons are ?

  • 274. niraj (on Fri Oct 29 09:15:11 2010)
    Yeah, but the uglier older sister puts out...

  • 273. bao (on Fri Oct 29 09:07:39 2010)
    @Ray: You play dirty...Trading Fleury to S.S and then picking up his backup... It's like going after your ex-girlfriend's uglier older sister...

  • 272. danny (on Wed Oct 27 14:29:59 2010)
    Nothing comes easy for the hitmen...Even the San Jose coach can't help me to make it a tad easier on tonight's starting goalie. "But McLellan stopped short of identifying Niittymaki as tonight's starter, stressing that both goalies will continue to compete for ice time, and he said there is still no clear-cut pecking order." Jesus...Coach come on ...You gotta be a leader and decide on something!

  • 271. rudy (on Wed Oct 27 13:47:18 2010)
    Many teams only playing 2 games this week... Not that it really matters for me with the production I'm having from my players, i.e. close to nothing... And now Craig Anderson is hurt, wow... it's actually getting worse every day for me...!

  • 270. niraj (on Wed Oct 27 13:09:55 2010)
    it's 1 FA, I don't think there's anyone else worth hiring and I don't have to start him. I don't think it's a lot of risk for Souray...

  • 269. danny (on Wed Oct 27 12:48:33 2010)
    Nice quick pick up from Niraj with Dipierto...but what in the world do you know about Souray that i dont dude! Didn't he injure his hand yesterday in the AHL?...Think he's really worth that risk?

  • 268. danny (on Tue Oct 26 19:55:38 2010)
    What the hell is E smoking...

  • 267. etienne (on Tue Oct 26 19:51:16 2010)
    If Tyson Sexsmith ever makes it to the NHL, I'm drafting him along with Dan Sexton. Insert Quagmire Guiguidi Oh right. Does Sexsmith wear number 69?

  • 266. yan_c (on Tue Oct 26 16:51:21 2010)
    Tyler Seguin (3 points in 6 games) is available for a FA before 12pm tomorrow....

  • 265. yan_c (on Tue Oct 26 15:03:37 2010)
    I'm not sure who is more of a UFHL douche...Pascale "bobo" Leclaire or Sheldon "I broke my hand again but in the AHL" Souray....

  • 264. danny (on Tue Oct 26 14:23:12 2010)
    La plus longue semaine de la UFHL est sur le point de terminé... Surment que Bourque va faire un autre tour du chapeau ce soir pour terminé avec 10buts presque dans sa semaine d'inactivité. Ça c'est le record de production certain. J'accepte les offres pour Bourque en passsant...Rien en bas de Kyle Turris svp!

  • 263. etienne (on Tue Oct 26 07:58:12 2010)
    @Danny: another wonderful Price win! NieMI, it's NieMI...

  • 262. raymond (on Tue Oct 26 00:22:54 2010)
    Same here, thanks was getting to the point where I was trying to convince myself to pick up AK! I wonder how "Le Guide Des Poolers" is feeling about including Spacek as a must have lol

  • 261. yan_c (on Mon Oct 25 21:36:13 2010)
    I don't he is listed....If the UFHL existed 20 years ago, Gary Leeman would have been a UFHL darling... He would have changed teams more often than Mike Sillinger...

  • 260. phuc (on Mon Oct 25 21:29:19 2010)
    What? Is Cheechoo even listed?

  • 259. yan_c (on Mon Oct 25 21:22:29 2010)
    @phuc I'm still waiting on a Cheechoo comeback!

  • 258. phuc (on Mon Oct 25 21:18:12 2010)
    C'est moi... Maintenant, qui reprend Guillaume?

  • 257. etienne (on Mon Oct 25 21:02:11 2010)
    Finalement quelqu'un a craqué pour Andrei! Dire que ce fut presque moi! Merci Bao!

  • 256. etienne (on Mon Oct 25 18:06:47 2010)
    @Danny: I think Danny has broken another record. He surpassed his own mark of pointing out or writing on this board: "This has to be a record". Well done Danny, well done!

  • 255. danny (on Mon Oct 25 15:43:42 2010)
    Nie qui?

  • 254. etienne (on Mon Oct 25 15:01:13 2010)
    @Danny: je me préoccuperais plus de Niemi que de Bourque...

  • 253. jf (on Mon Oct 25 14:37:35 2010)
    J'ai encore quelques points à aller chercher! :D

  • 252. yan_c (on Mon Oct 25 12:46:50 2010)
    Front page of tomorrow's Journal de Sherbrooke... "DG des Hitmen a-t-il participe a l'ecole de hockey John Ferguson Jr. cet ete?"

  • 251. danny (on Mon Oct 25 12:37:53 2010)
    This has to be a record of productivity for a non active player! Man! He had a small concussion and Calgary was going no where. Meanwhile at least Umberger got a PP but its nothing compared to Bourque. Its like wednesday is not coming!

  • 250. yannick (on Mon Oct 25 11:31:18 2010)
    @niraj: your hunch about Lindback turned out to be true, any other hunch you have for me? I'm looking for a superstar offense, a superstar defence and a superstar goalie!

  • 249. yan_c (on Mon Oct 25 10:48:26 2010)
    I have 2 words to say.... Rene Bourque

  • 248. yannick (on Mon Oct 25 10:47:11 2010)
    wow! 128 pts pour les Rough Bears... un depart canon! si je pourrais retourner un an en arriere, j'aurais du donner tout mon club l'annee derniere pour stamkos... a la place de mason!

  • 247. yan_c (on Sun Oct 24 16:43:27 2010)
    @Ray: Sorry you saw Niraj.... Hope the rest of your weekend improves :)

  • 246. raymond (on Sun Oct 24 16:29:41 2010)
    @Yan C: I saw Niraj yesterday and we spoke about Kovalchuk being a healthy scratch. Niraj's theory? He said Kovalchuk was getting traded to LA! I tried to explain to him that a rookie coach with a struggling team may do just about anything...Safe to say that Niraj is calling for Maclean's head and is looking to find a sniper (not one that scores goals...) @Niraj: don't worry, Kovalchuk will be back tonight. Also, he's not going anywhere (except the KHL), LA doesn't want that contract. On another note, I'm surprised RDS didn't make a big deal about Price and Halak getting shutouts on the same night.

  • 245. yan_c (on Sun Oct 24 13:30:58 2010)
    @Etienne.... l'avocat du mot alternative veut t'actionner pour avoir utilise son client dans la meme phrase que Bnunet...

  • 244. yan_c (on Sun Oct 24 13:29:03 2010)
    I hear Niraj called out Maclean on his "Niraj's Bollywood Blog" for benching Kovalchuk last night. Will it work? Will Maclean smell what Niraj is cooking? (fyi it's #12 hot hot vindaloo chicken with a side of #41 archangel chutney) Riveting....

  • 243. danny (on Sun Oct 24 09:42:14 2010)
    3e bon coup de Price cette année...Là c'é vrai je pleure. Pis y'étais actif pour Etienne finalement.

  • 242. etienne (on Sun Oct 24 06:48:56 2010)
    Une alternative à Benoit Brunet?

  • 241. yan_c (on Sat Oct 23 09:23:50 2010)
    Ah...The Hitmen are going back to their old ways... But they are loveble in a Detroit Lions sort of way... :)

  • 240. danny (on Sat Oct 23 09:19:02 2010)
    Talking about "never saw that"...Try a non active René Bourque with 4pts last night ( 2 GW in 2 games)! That must be a record for a non active player! Hell...Don't say i ain't giving you chances! Bourque a aussi un SH hier...une performance de dieu au poubelle!

  • 239. yan_c (on Sat Oct 23 09:06:11 2010)
    Erhoff +5 with no points last night. I don't think I ever saw that...

  • 238. yan_c (on Fri Oct 22 17:40:10 2010)
    Very last minute I have an xtra ticket for the raptors at bell center ce soir. Free Text me at 5148234588. Section 123 close to court

  • 237. danny (on Fri Oct 22 12:42:27 2010)
    Même si Turco a 40 ans, il serait encore tres bon! C'est SanJose et Niemi qui m'inquiètent!

  • 236. niraj (on Fri Oct 22 10:25:22 2010)
    Brodeur has 2 W with 2SO. I like this trend...

  • 235. raymond (on Thu Oct 21 01:35:35 2010)
    Finally a W!!!

  • 234. etienne (on Wed Oct 20 21:45:33 2010)
    @Danny: on dirait que le guide RDS ne s'est pas trompé cette année! Quel âge Turco déjà?

  • 233. yannick (on Wed Oct 20 19:03:48 2010)
    Danny, your team is on FIRE! you won a 2nd consecutive week! could this be... THE YEAR? could this be the HITMEN's year? 13 years without a championship (longuest run without a championship in the ufhl... I should add that as a record). you have had a run of bad luck like no other, I hope lady luck will be on your side this time! (too bad the $10 doesn't count yet!)

  • 232. yannick (on Wed Oct 20 18:59:21 2010)
    when a team place a player on the IR, he appears the next day on our list.

  • 231. yan_c (on Wed Oct 20 16:26:39 2010)
    Ryan Suter was put on IR at 251pm today I'm supposed to fire someone to fit 26 but Suter does not appear on IR. I must leave the office and will be in the car for a while so I will do my alignment and fire Latendresse. Not sure what the provision is for this (if any ) Good luck this week to all...And let's hope the injuries calm down in the NHL!

  • 230. yannick (on Wed Oct 20 11:31:10 2010)
    @yan_c: Jesefson est maintenant disponible dans la liste, docn tu peux l'engager officiellement.

  • 229. yan_c (on Wed Oct 20 09:00:03 2010)
    I call Jacob Josefson F with the Devils... He's not in the system

  • 228. niraj (on Tue Oct 19 17:19:54 2010)
    @JF: I love Stewart's production, but you can't complain about Byfuglien's. He's been very good for you! @Rudy: You can thank me later for the free FA for Leclaire. I only hired him because I don't have to start him. @Danny: Be careful Danny...Carlson might get injured... @My Defence: Please put more points on the board!

  • 227. danny (on Tue Oct 19 16:33:18 2010)
    En gros...Yannick a sorti une statistique pas rapport!!! En tout cas, au moins j'ai gagné une semaine même si elle paie pas! Je pense que l'an passée j'ai gagné ma première semaine en mars!

  • 226. yan_c (on Tue Oct 19 14:50:29 2010)
    1. Stockholm Syndrome 2. Havana United (de justesse, last day) 10. Combiners 11. Archangels :)Big money, no whammies

  • 225. jf (on Tue Oct 19 14:46:57 2010)
    Donc Yan faut trouver c'est qui les deux qui finiront au Top. Et les deux qui vont rester dans la cave? Les paris sont ouvert! :D Moi je veux rebâtir, je cherche des Keepers pour l'an prochain. Je n'ai pas de chance pour cette année ;) ( ça aurait pris Stewart )

  • 224. rudy (on Tue Oct 19 14:08:43 2010)
    @yannick: y a quand même deux équipes qui ont connu des mauvais départs qui sont restées collées dans le fond du classement jusqu'à la fin... c'est donc semi-rassurant

  • 223. yannick (on Tue Oct 19 13:21:21 2010)
    voici une petite statistique pour nous rassurer: l'annee derniere apres 2 semaines le fond du classment etait ainsi: 8-BLT 9-Combiners 10-Highlanders 11-Hitmen et a la fin 1-Combiners 2-BLT 9-Hitmen 11-Highlanders conclusion: le classement apres deux semaines, faux pas vraiment s'y fier...

  • 222. danny (on Tue Oct 19 12:07:22 2010)
    Crime Rudy ..T'as bien raison pour les goalers.... Je viens de voir que même Etienne avait désactivé Price pour mettre ....Crawford actif....MMMMMM!!! E come on! C'est pas ton meilleur move disons! On peut pas te reprocher de pas prendre de risque cependant...J'aurais vraiment capoté s'il aurait volé la vedette à Turco. À moins d'une blessure, je pense pas qu'il va jouer gros cette année Crawford! Active moi Price et ça presse...Car jai finalement un départ canon ds la UFHL. J.Carlson et Kopecky...I told U boyz!!!

  • 221. jf (on Tue Oct 19 10:44:26 2010)
    @Rudy Lol et good trade je pense. @Yan on est presque en 2011 ;) @Niraj Enfoiré ( 2 PPG 1GWG ) je le savais :) @Tous Je sens qu'on va avoir une belle saison

  • 220. rudy (on Mon Oct 18 22:57:38 2010)
    Hey Ray, nice win for the Pens tonight...! oh but wait, it was Brent Johnson again in net! ;-)

  • 219. raymond (on Mon Oct 18 14:31:08 2010)
    Juste des boulettes suedoises? Sans du Kaffe? Alredsson commence a perdre ses cellules grises!

  • 218. yannick (on Mon Oct 18 13:41:34 2010)
    @jf: Alfredsson a ete un element cle dans le championnat de 2008 de Highlanders avec ses 7 SHG. Bien que je sache pertinament qu'Alfredssion ne repetera pas ses exploits de 2008, il reste neanmoins qu'il continue de bien produire (quand il n'est pas blesses) et qu'il le logo des Highlanders tatouer sur le coeur. Aussi je lui ai promis une portion de boulettes suedoises a chaque jour pour le garder motiver!

  • 217. rudy (on Mon Oct 18 13:10:54 2010)
    @danny: plusieurs gardiens qui gagnent sont sur le banc dans la UFHL...! @jf: j'ai décidé de prendre une chance pour une surprise avec Havlat et Jokinen (surtout Havlat disons) au lieu de toujours me demander si Alfredsson va jouer ou non avec ses multiples bobos...

  • 216. danny (on Mon Oct 18 12:50:22 2010)
    C'est tu moi ou les gardiens en arrachent tous??? Me semble je gagne pas rien pis je suis pareil à une victoire de la première place. 4 victoires pour les meneurs seulement...Record de médiocrité ?

  • 215. jf (on Mon Oct 18 12:14:59 2010)
    Yan est-ce que tu savais que Alfredson a 37 ans? Un "Old Timmer" contre 2 "Has Been", drôle de trade.

  • 214. phuc (on Mon Oct 18 11:11:49 2010)
    @Rudy, did you call for keeper trades?! :)

  • 213. rudy (on Mon Oct 18 11:02:25 2010)
    Thanks Phuc to share the cellar with me today. I was getting lonely and afraid of the dark...

  • 212. raymond (on Sun Oct 17 16:50:47 2010)
    Phuc - at least you traded Fleury at the right time...had I waited a bit, I wouldn't have had to give up C.Mason!!!

  • 211. phuc (on Sun Oct 17 13:51:10 2010)
    ... @niraj, didn't I tell you he was gonna burn me? I'll go and whack on his groin so that he'll get all his injuries at the same time this yr. NYC anyone?

  • 210. niraj (on Sun Oct 17 11:44:53 2010)
    Sorry about Gaborik phuc...I felt pretty bad when I saw that.

  • 209. danny (on Sun Oct 17 11:16:17 2010)
    J'aimerais prendre le temps pour souligner la 2e belle victoire de Price! C'est officiel...Je pleure! Etienne ...Petite échange svp!

  • 208. raymond (on Sat Oct 16 22:15:21 2010)
    This goaltending situation is f'ing ridiculous

  • 207. danny (on Sat Oct 16 14:46:35 2010) dois admettre le bon timing de Niraj...Encore une fois, il sera dans la course au championnat grace à ses techniques d'échanges de maître...Jai failli dire "merdre" plutôt que Maître...mais bon!!

  • 206. yannick (on Sat Oct 16 13:59:22 2010)
    Gaborik out 3 weeks! @niraj: great timing on trading him! @phuc: man, I feel your pain... on the other hand, it's gaborik, he kinda have a history... nonetheless, I don't wish that to anybody. is anyone gona take a chance on MacArthur, the league's goal scorer leader?

  • 205. danny (on Fri Oct 15 22:26:48 2010)
    Juste un ptit mot de félicitation à Etienne pour sa belle victoire ce soir avec mon ancien goaler Carey Price...Bravo! Peut etre qu'il va finalement être à la hauteur cette année! J'ai attendu tellement longtemps pour ce genre de performance que je pleure presque!

  • 204. danny (on Fri Oct 15 22:26:44 2010)
    Juste un ptit mot de félicitation à Etienne pour sa belle victoire ce soir avec mon ancien goaler Carey Price...Bravo! Peut etre qu'il va finalement être à la hauteur cette année! J'ai attendu tellement longtemps pour ce genre de performance que je pleure presque!

  • 203. rudy (on Fri Oct 15 08:26:20 2010)
    @ray: Which Fleury do you want me to make a wish for? :-) Leclaire now out of the way, it's still hard for me to pick two goalies, with Lehtonen and the Stars doing well... a good problem...

  • 202. raymond (on Thu Oct 14 22:50:50 2010)
    Hey Rudy, your wish came true! Now could u make a wish for Fleury on my behalf please? A good wish would be preferred.

  • 201. yan_c (on Thu Oct 14 21:30:16 2010)
    Leclaire hurt in first period. What a shocker!

  • 200. yan_c (on Thu Oct 14 16:17:48 2010)
    @rudy.... Danny must have put some guys away who could help one of your boys to "go down" lol

  • 199. rudy (on Thu Oct 14 12:12:46 2010)
    I simply can't understand why Clouston is so hot on Leclaire... Anyway, both Sens goalies will warm my bench until one of them goes down.

  • 198. yan_c (on Thu Oct 14 11:31:49 2010)
    tweet from Bruce Garrioch... SunGarrioch Bruce Garrioch by DarrenDreger Leclaire will start. "He's been our best player." said Clouston. Leclaire looks like he should be running at Blue Bonnets and not play goal... As I type this he just sprained his finger logging onto facebook...

  • 197. yan_c (on Thu Oct 14 11:29:00 2010)
    @phuc...good point....By far the best UFHL non goalie on the ice last night was St-Louis... Though he does love to do the cherry-picker thing...

  • 196. phuc (on Thu Oct 14 11:26:30 2010)
    At least it was hard to knock Forsberg off the puck... If Gagne doesn't produce, I blame Lecavalier. There's almost no implication on his part and he has become a perimeter shooter. Bao, how about Jason Blake for Lecavalier?

  • 195. yan_c (on Thu Oct 14 09:33:06 2010)
    Gagne is 30 but his body is 43...he's like a Canadian Forsberg lol....will have flashes of brilliance with lots of metamucil moments...

  • 194. bao (on Thu Oct 14 09:26:53 2010)
    @phuc: following Bilodeau's comment, I'll give you P.O'Sullivan who is a symbolic FA for Simon Gagne

  • 193. yannick (on Thu Oct 14 08:41:38 2010)
    @phuc: following yan_c's comment, I'll give you a FA for Simon Gagne! (you should jump on it before I change my mind!)

  • 192. yannick (on Thu Oct 14 08:39:53 2010)
    if you fire a player and a manager picks him up during the same week, please let me know so that I give you your free agent back. For now, this is not done automatically. Thank you for your cooperation

  • 191. yan_c (on Thu Oct 14 08:33:21 2010)
    I was at the game last night and kept an eye specifically on all our UFHL players and unless Simon Gagne is injured I think his career is winding down. Wow,was he slow and ineffective...

  • 190. raymond (on Thu Oct 14 00:10:01 2010)
    Why is Theoren Fleury playing nets for the Pens?

  • 189. danny (on Wed Oct 13 17:38:54 2010)
    Ok....Where's my trophy!

  • 188. yannick (on Wed Oct 13 16:43:39 2010)
    I have added the newly hired player to the player search. so now if you enter "leo", it will show that leopold was hired. I should have thought about that before, but at least now it's there!

  • 187. yannick (on Wed Oct 13 16:14:50 2010)
    @phuc: Leopold has been removed from your team, you can make a new lineup. when rudy hired him, it was on last year's list on which he was in PIT. That's why in appeared because the free agents now uses this year's list. I'll put that on my to do list to have the internal lookup on the name only... sorry for this confusion...

  • 186. phuc (on Wed Oct 13 15:41:17 2010)
    @Rudy, Yes he was still on the list... And player search yielded nothing.

  • 185. niraj (on Wed Oct 13 15:40:25 2010)
    That's weird...usually the guy stays in the list but there's an error message when you try to hire him that says "Sorry, this player has already been hired by another manager". Heartbreak ensues.

  • 184. rudy (on Wed Oct 13 15:21:52 2010)
    @phuc: Was Leopold still in the list of free agents? Maybe it's because when I picked him Monday he was still associated to the Penguins... If you want to discuss a trade for him drop me an e-mail before 5:30pm today.

  • 183. phuc (on Wed Oct 13 15:12:03 2010)
    Made a mistake - didn't notice that Jordan Leopold was hired already. Yannick, Can you fix this? my apologies...

  • 182. yan_c (on Wed Oct 13 14:54:27 2010)
    In some cultures, having the Hitmen in first place is the first sign of impending apocalypse...

  • 181. yannick (on Wed Oct 13 14:52:25 2010)
    Danny won the first week! Hitmen are the number one team (for now). I think there is a little ovechkin that has something to do with that... The season is on!

  • 180. rudy (on Wed Oct 13 14:33:31 2010)
    @phuc: I never considered starting Leclaire last week, but I hesitated between Elliott and Lehtonen and finally went with Elliott based in part on my perception that he had won the #1 job in Ottawa... I hate it when I'm off by a mile like that...

  • 179. phuc (on Wed Oct 13 13:08:54 2010)
    - Freakin' Ovechkin, I'm paying $80 next year, unless Danny decides to keep him. (Did you really want Leclaire's stats (0 wins, 3+ GAA, .900 SA)? - I think it was a positive move for you...)

  • 178. rudy (on Wed Oct 13 11:41:07 2010)
    Well, I expected a small week from my squad with TampaBay only playing 1 game, but what I got is truly an ugly false start: - The 3 forwards on my bench produced more than the 9 others - I picked Elliott to start in goal for the Sens and Leclaire got the 3 starts, while Lehtonen had 2 wins - Zetterberg at 43$ is probably the most overpaid keeper in UFHL history (he's now too responsible defensively - And as if it was not enough, I must learn to hate it when Ovechkin scores... Did I hear keeper trades?

  • 177. niraj (on Wed Oct 13 08:05:51 2010)
    I just had a hunch on Lindback...

  • 176. niraj (on Tue Oct 12 15:11:55 2010)
    Jeff Shultz is available for 2 f.a. before I fire him tomorrow.

  • 175. danny (on Mon Oct 11 10:10:04 2010)
    Yan, ya de quoi de bizarre...Chu surment pas supposé être 1er dans les buts et les points!!! WOW...Incroyable! Pis Cammalleri était même pas actif!!!lol

  • 174. yannick (on Mon Oct 11 02:20:28 2010)
    j'ai fait un premier ranking. s'il y a des stats qui font pas de sens, svp me laisser savoir. la liste des free agents devrait etre correcte aussi. des stats se sont rajoute tel que Hits et Blocked Shots ce qui a melange mes stats. tout devrait etre correct. si quelque chose semble etre bizzare, svp me laissez savoir

  • 173. yannick (on Mon Oct 11 00:06:27 2010)
    @tout le monde: je suis en train de debugger mes programmes et plein de joueurs qui sont deja dans des equipes sont dans la liste. SVP faire une recherche dans "Player Search" avant d'engager un joueur jusqu'a nouvel ordre. @jf: corvo est a moi que j'ai obtenu au draft. la raison est expliquer ci-haut!

  • 172. niraj (on Sun Oct 10 23:25:15 2010)
    That's just cruel...

  • 171. etienne (on Sun Oct 10 23:25:15 2010)
    Rudy, are you implying that the UFHL IS the Heritage Classic (in web classic). Or perhaps Yan likes his codes just like his hockey: vintage!

  • 170. rudy (on Sun Oct 10 20:40:24 2010)
    @yannick: Maybe it's the hockey gods way to say "IT'S TIME TO USE A 21st CENTURY WEB TECHNOLOGY" ? :-)

  • 169. yannick (on Sun Oct 10 18:42:35 2010)
    when my family is gonna give a little bit of time I will make an update (stats, ranking). Actually, I had a big scare as none of the download programs was working anymore. I found a solution, so I will be able to make an update very soon.

  • 168. bao (on Sun Oct 10 10:49:16 2010)
    I call Matt Taormina

  • 167. yannick (on Sun Oct 10 01:25:57 2010)
    I'm also calling Cam Fowler from ANA. I have two spots open as I have made a lineup with 2 players on IR.

  • 166. yannick (on Sat Oct 9 23:21:24 2010)
    I'm calling Derek Stepan from NYR

  • 165. nolan (on Fri Oct 8 14:10:41 2010)
    Les stats ne sont pas cumulé au jour le jour comme dans le passé ?

  • 164. etienne (on Fri Oct 8 10:48:28 2010)
    Question about the hockey gods. Do they accept sacrifice of goats? Or burning of Peter Zezel's rookie card? I could sure use their blessings this year. Niraj, you're the expert, what's your take on this.

  • 163. rudy (on Fri Oct 8 10:35:40 2010)
    Calgary wins all their pre-season games and get blanked by Khabibulin and the Oilers on opening night... Another brutal proof that pre-season means close to nothing. Bao, the hockey gods seem to smile on you again... for now... :-)

  • 162. yan_c (on Fri Oct 8 09:53:34 2010)
    I reserve Jeff Skinner forward with Carolina...I don't seem to find him on the site?

  • 161. danny (on Fri Oct 8 09:45:47 2010)
    Crime...Bon choix Ray!

  • 160. etienne (on Thu Oct 7 21:06:04 2010)
    Price on pace for 0 wins... (2nd intermission)

  • 159. yannick (on Thu Oct 7 20:46:04 2010)
    @danny: ray a drafter brobovky au draft

  • 158. danny (on Thu Oct 7 20:13:04 2010)
    il nest pas ds liste!

  • 157. danny (on Thu Oct 7 20:12:43 2010)
    je réserve Bobrovski...PHI Goalie!!!

  • 156. yan_c (on Thu Oct 7 15:07:01 2010)
    Tenderness on pace for 82 goals!

  • 155. raymond (on Wed Oct 6 21:52:34 2010)
    Hey Yan, Can you please put back the FA that I used to hire Hamhuis? Thanks, Ray

  • 154. yannick (on Wed Oct 6 20:10:29 2010)
    yes, it will cost a FA and the manager has to start him

  • 153. niraj (on Wed Oct 6 20:09:02 2010)
    Yan, for those interested in Gustavvson, is someone takes him off of waivers, does he have to start him that week?

  • 152. yannick (on Wed Oct 6 20:02:27 2010)
    I am getting a bit confused for IR. Apparently teams had to submit their 23 players roster by 3pm today to the league (information not confirmed). So teams needing a replacement, put some players on the IR today. Nonetheless, the list won't get updated until tomorow anyway. So in our case it doesn't change anything...

  • 151. yannick (on Wed Oct 6 19:39:14 2010)
    vous devez vous demandez que c'est qui se passe! ray engage hamhuis et ensuite niraj echange hamhuis a ray! rapidement, ce qui c'est passer est que Niraj a obtenu Hamhuis au draft, mais le joueur ne s'est pas retrouver dans son equipe pour raison inconnu. Ray a engager Hamhuis pensant qu'il etait disponible, mais en realite, il ne l'etait pas. Donc hamhuis a ete rajouter a l'equipe de niraj et ils ont par la suite proceder a un echange car Ray voulait vraiment hamhuis. Bon cela a pour consequence que Niraj perd Gustavsson qui etait le dernier joueur acheter par NIraj. Ironie du sort, Gustavsson avait ete aussi l'objet d'une erreur au draft ou il s'etait retrouver dans l'equipe a Ray. Ca l'air que c'etait ben difficile d'entrer vos joueurs vous-memes et que ca creer des erreurs... C'est moi qui entrait tous les joueurs les annees dernieres, j'espere que vous realiser maintenant que c'etait beaucoup de travail! Bon, pour Jonas Gustavsson, il va passer a travers les waivers. Vous avez jusqu'a lundi pour le reclamer sur cette page. L'ordre des waivers est l'ordre inverse du classement de l'annee derniere puisque c'est le seul classement que nous avons au moment de cet evenement. A noter que suivant les reglements des waivers, le gerant qui obtiendra Gustavsson en le reclamant ira directement a la derniere position de l'ordre des waivers la prochaine fois qu'un joueur ira sur les waivers. A noter aussi que si personne ne reclame Gustavsson (ce qui est fort probable...), Gustavsson sera disponible comme free agent ordinaire.

  • 150. yannick (on Wed Oct 6 18:35:21 2010)
    this is a reminder that you have until 23h59 tonight to submit your lineup for the first week of activity. Starting next week, it will go back to the usual 7pm deadline. I am giving you an extra 5 hours because there are no games tonight. Games are starting sometime in the morning tomorow (the games in europe that is, they count as regular season games).

  • 149. yannick (on Wed Oct 6 11:27:56 2010)
    Niraj has given the proof that Byfuglien has players 10 consecutive games as a D between March 14 and April 2nd. So Byfuglien is officially a D now.

  • 148. yannick (on Wed Oct 6 11:07:48 2010)
    I did a little investiguating concerning the injured reserve. conclusion: there is no injured reserve until the season starts. All we have are teams that have announced that certain players will go on teh injured reserve on Thursday, but the fact is that the NHL injured reserve actually starts on the first day of play. Also, teams have the option to put a player on the injured reserve retroactively, so they can take up to 7 days to put their players on the injured reserve list... The basic reason is that players are not paid during pre-season, and the roster rules take effect on the first day of the regular season. Putting a player on the IR allows a team to call up a player from the minors, which they do when the regular season starts. So, what this all means is that the IR will get populated slowly during the first week of activity. Some sites like CBS are jumping the gun and putting players on the IR even if the team hasn't announced it yet. We can't control that.

  • 147. phuc (on Wed Oct 6 10:33:42 2010)
    I hope the injury list gets updated soon, need to do my pickups as well... Est-ce qu'il est trop tard pour changer de nom d'equipe?

  • 146. niraj (on Mon Oct 4 10:12:32 2010)
    I'm most likely firing Holmstrom, but will wait for Wednesday to do that...anyone want him? Gustavsson is also available, but for more...

  • 145. niraj (on Mon Oct 4 10:08:29 2010)
    Naturally, I'm the first to hire a player. Ray, I finally chose one of my Sleepers!

  • 144. yannick (on Sun Oct 3 14:19:55 2010)
    @phuc, honnetement je sais pas. hopefully by wednesday. I'll let you guys know.

  • 143. phuc (on Sun Oct 3 13:10:18 2010)
    Quand est-ce que la liste des joueurs blesses sera mise a jour?

  • 142. phuc (on Sun Oct 3 13:10:18 2010)
    Quand est-ce que la liste des joueurs blesses sera mise a jour?

  • 141. yannick (on Sun Oct 3 09:42:06 2010)
    Les equipes respectives des joueurs vont s'ajuster automatiquement apres leur premier match.

  • 140. rudy (on Sun Oct 3 07:55:32 2010)
    Deux détails Yannick dans mon équipe: - Pavel Kubina joue pour Tampa Bay et non Atlanta - Cody Hodgson joue pour Vancouver Thanks!

  • 139. yannick (on Sun Oct 3 01:10:58 2010)
    vos equipes ont ete updater avec des corrections sur l'orthgraphe de certains joueurs. les free agents de chaque equipe apres les echange ont ete updater. la pages des trades a aussi ete updater avec tous les echanges du draft. vous alles aussi remarque qu'un premier ranking a ete fait, et je suis premier! (ainsi que tous les autres!)

  • 138. yan_c (on Sat Oct 2 20:05:29 2010)
    @ ray or @ yannick.... Did you entter the 1$ trade for a FA yesterday? I seem to still have 15 FA's. merci!

  • 137. rudy (on Sat Oct 2 08:58:57 2010)
    I don't know why you complain Ray, you got Chris Mason...!

  • 136. raymond (on Sat Oct 2 02:26:46 2010)
    No not interested in Theo

  • 135. raymond (on Sat Oct 2 02:24:05 2010)
    Who's got a bottle of JD?

  • 134. raymond (on Sat Oct 2 02:19:31 2010)
    How soon can we start making keeper trades?

  • 133. yannick (on Sat Oct 2 01:13:00 2010)
    you can now hire and fire players and make your starting lineup. some names are wrong spelling, I'll try to get to it soon. for this week, I give you until wednesday 23h59 to enter your starting lineup for the first week as there are no games schedule on wednesday. There are games in europe Thursday, so games are starting early our time. After this week, it will be back to the regular 7pm deadline.

  • 132. yannick (on Fri Oct 1 16:04:29 2010)
    pour la bouffe, voici ce qu'on va faire: la cafeteria d'ericsson ferme a 6pm, ceux qui voudront manger avant le draft, iront chercher quelque chose a la caf en arrivant. nous commanderons de la pizza vers 8h00, pour la manger a 8h30.

  • 131. yannick (on Fri Oct 1 11:54:15 2010)
    modification a la table des prix: Yanick C. a $5 Total de l'argent a tous les gerant y compris les $10 par semaine: 1- Raymond: $380 (330 + 50) 2- Bao: $135 (135 + 0) 3- Etienne: $75 (65 + 10) 4- Rudy: $25 5- Danny: $20 6- Phuc: $10 6- JF: $10 8- Yanick C.: $5 9- Niraj: $0 9- Nolan: $0 9- Yannick B.: $0

  • 130. yannick (on Fri Oct 1 11:50:45 2010)
    Voici l'argent gagne par les top 3 du classement final: pot initial: $660 13 semaines a $10 par semaine: $130 montant restant pour les prix: $530 1iere place: Combiners (Raymond): 62.5% = $330 2ieme place: BLT (Bao): 25% = $135 3ieme place: Havana United (Etienne): 12.5% = $65 Total de l'argent a tous les gerant y compris les $10 par semaine: 1- Raymond: $380 (330 + 50) 2- Bao: $135 (135 + 0) 3- Etienne: $75 (65 + 10) 4- Rudy: $25 5- Danny: $20 6- Phuc: $10 6- JF: $10 8- Niraj: $0 8- Nolan: $0 8- Yanick C.: $0 8- Yannick B.: $0

  • 129. yannick (on Fri Oct 1 11:02:11 2010)
    @nolan: ca depends si tu veux participer au vote des nouveaux reglements. si oui entre 5h45 et 6pm. si non, vers 6h30pm.

  • 128. nolan (on Fri Oct 1 09:43:26 2010)
    @Yan : Je dirais que ca m'aurais bien adonné que vous mangiez plus tard. Moi plus vite le draft commencera et mieux ce sera. vers 8h je devrai quitter alors ca met pas trop tard pour votre break. @Dan : J'espère tu vas me payer une bière moi aussi en revenant de la bas!!! :P Pour la conférence je dois attendre votre appel pour quel heure environ !? voici encore une fois mon numéro : 819-446-4913.

  • 127. danny (on Fri Oct 1 08:03:03 2010)
    "D-day is here!"

  • 126. yannick (on Thu Sep 30 17:54:34 2010)
    guys, you can bring your laptops, you will have internet access. The reception will give you a code that you will need to access the internet along with the usual guess pass with your photos. Your photos already being in the system, hopefully it will be faster to get the pass.

  • 125. rudy (on Thu Sep 30 16:38:37 2010)
    That's the spirit Danny! La réponse de Yan_C au nom du groupe m'avait presque refroidi et je commençais à me minder pour être complètement sobre et politically correct...! :-) Je vais donc quitter Québec vers midi pour vous rejoindre au Baton Rouge vers 3pm (si tout va bien sur la 40). My cell number: 418 717 7422 See you tommorrow!

  • 124. danny (on Thu Sep 30 16:31:14 2010)
    L'invitation est bonne pour tout le monde qui arrive avant...15h-16h au bar du baton rouge à coté de Ericson. Je vous paye toute une bière pour le vote de Streit...C'est la façon des Hitmen de dire Tx!

  • 123. danny (on Thu Sep 30 16:28:44 2010)
    Rudy, on peut se rencontrer au 4 à 7 du Baton Rouge ...juste à côté et prendre une ptite bière ou 2 avant le draft...Moi, je monte avec E vers 13h30 ...Ce qui veut dire je serai au bar vers 15h00 tout va bien sur le pont champlain...Si tu viens nous rejoindre vers cet heure on pourra se "capper la face!!!" Peut etre je vais avoir un de mes meilleurs draft à vie...Pas dur à battre mais bon!

  • 122. yan_c (on Thu Sep 30 14:16:06 2010)
    Merci Yannick...pas de probleme pour la biere On apprecie BCP l'utilisation de la salle et votre organisation de la soiree... a demain YC

  • 121. yannick (on Thu Sep 30 14:12:56 2010)
    Here is the official answer: Ericsson employees or their guests should not drink alcoholic or have in their possession alcoholic beverages of any kind while on Company premises or in Company vehicles. Premises include all buildings, grounds and parking lots. [...] confirmed consumption of alcohol and/or prohibited chemical substance on the Company premises may result in suspension or termination of employment. So please nobody bring any beer. Thank you.

  • 120. yannick (on Thu Sep 30 13:45:18 2010)
    vous avez pas peur de vous endormir au volant pour retourner a sherbrooke si vous prenez de la biere pendant la soiree? pour l'alcool, vous ne pouvez pas en amener (invite). je vais voir si je peux en amener. Il faut comprendre que nous fesons le repechage a cote de la cafeteria et le gars de securite passe souvent devant notre salle dans sa ronde. Alors si c'est interdit ca pourrait me mettre en gros trouble. je pensais commander la pizza pour 5h30pm. ceux qui voudront manger a 9pm, iront rechauffer leur pizza dans les micro-ondes situe dans la cafeteria. Est-ce un bon compromis? est-ce que 3 larges est assez?

  • 119. rudy (on Thu Sep 30 13:36:29 2010)
    Guys, je m'excuse de revenir là-dessus encore mais je pense que s'il n'y a pas de bière et de pizza vendredi soir on va passer à côté d'un aspect essentiel pour ce draft... J'aimerais donc avoir certaines confirmations à ce sujet pour avoir l'esprit en paix. Je suis par ailleurs d'accord pour manger lors du break (about 9pm) et non en arrivant (who eats supper at 5:30pm except my grandmother anyway?).

  • 118. danny (on Thu Sep 30 09:11:30 2010)
    Le décompte est partie pour le moment le plus important de l'année...Le draft de la UFHL: ***32h15m25sec.***

  • 117. yannick (on Thu Sep 30 01:33:04 2010)
    you can now see in the UFHL Reports menu under Salaries, the list and salaries of all protected players as well as all of the unprotected players.

  • 116. niraj (on Wed Sep 29 23:57:36 2010)
    C'est quoi la CFL? ;)

  • 115. yannick (on Wed Sep 29 23:46:38 2010)
    donc c'est officiel, Danny ne garde pas Streit. le repechage de la CFL se fait en conference telephonique... on est pas mal plus hot que la CFL!

  • 114. raymond (on Wed Sep 29 17:38:55 2010)
    Nolan, si t'es dans ta zone locale, il n'aura pas d'inter-urbain pour un appel entrant. Si tu veux maximiser la batterie, on pourra t'appeler après les changements de règles. L'option est a toi.

  • 113. rudy (on Wed Sep 29 16:44:50 2010)
    Je suis contre tout ce qui est inutilement désagréable dans un pool de hockey entre chums. Empêcher Danny de se débarrasser de Streit comme keeper serait essentiellement désagréable. Donc je suis pour lui permettre de le faire.

  • 112. bao (on Wed Sep 29 15:29:38 2010)
    ok pour dropper Streit...

  • 111. nolan (on Wed Sep 29 15:22:03 2010)
    Oui pour l'histoire de Danny. Pour la conférence ca serait parfait. Moi je prend la bus vers 5h je crois, alors je peux attendre votre appel et je serais disponible jusqu'à 8h30 à peu près. Je ne sais pas si mon téléphone va toffer pendant 3h non-stop mais ca vaut le coup d'essayer. Voici mon numéro 819-446-4913. Savez-vous si ca va me charger le longue distance même si c'est un appel entrant ?

  • 110. raymond (on Wed Sep 29 15:17:52 2010)
    2 commentaires en 2 secondes? Un record?

  • 109. etienne (on Wed Sep 29 15:16:32 2010)

  • 108. raymond (on Wed Sep 29 15:16:31 2010)
    Danny, l`option de garder/tomber Zubov n`etait pas un option offert en 2008 (plus de Coors pour toi!) Moi, je suis ok pour laisser tomber Streit. (Surtout apres le don que Danny m`a fait lol)

  • 107. danny (on Wed Sep 29 15:03:18 2010)
    Je vais faire la demande en francais pour Nolan et les autres...Yannick attend votre approbation pour ma saga de Streit.. Jusqu'à maintenant y'a 5 gérant qui dise que je peux le laisser tomber mais on attend après votre jugement...Je vous laisse votre opinion. Comme vous avez pu constater je ne tente pas de persuader personne car je pense pas que c'est un si gros morceau de ma saison mais il est certain qu'on a déjà un cas dans le passé avec Etienne et Zubov...Nous lui avons offert le choix de le garder ou pas et sa blessure était pas si grave que celle de Streit mais bon... À vous de trancher... Il est clair que le règlement n'est pas clair donc pourquoi pas se servir de moi "encore" pour établir les standards.

  • 106. yannick (on Wed Sep 29 14:52:58 2010)
    ca serait plus simple si ca serais nous qui appelle Nolan. Il devrait y avoir un system de conference dans la salle ou nous serons, donc tout le monde vont entendre nolan et nolan pourra entendre tout le monde puisqu'il y a plusieurs micros.

  • 105. niraj (on Wed Sep 29 14:48:46 2010)
    Nolan, tu devrait nous joindre par conference call jusqu'au 20 heures 30. Yannick, quel numéro de téléphone dois-lui composer pour atteindre la salle de conférence?

  • 104. yannick (on Wed Sep 29 14:45:32 2010)
    by the way, so far, we are far from a unanimous decision on streit. only yanick c, jf, niraj, phuc and yannick approved. we are missing a "yes" or "no" from bao, etienne, nolan, ray and rudy.

  • 103. nolan (on Wed Sep 29 14:18:37 2010)
    ma game est à 9h... je pourrai pas faire le draft au complet mais je vais participer au principal

  • 102. jf (on Wed Sep 29 14:16:47 2010)
    lol tu vas faire du SMS entre chaque Shift ou chaque période de ta game de hockey? :D

  • 101. nolan (on Wed Sep 29 13:36:10 2010)
    OYÉ OYÉ... petit message pour avertir que c'est Rudy qui va repêcher pour moi. Je lui ai demandé de communiqué avec moi par SMS durant le repêchage afin de me tenir au courant du déroulement. Désolé encore de ne pas pouvoir être là N

  • 100. yan_c (on Wed Sep 29 13:33:16 2010)
    Or Niraj's favorite combo... Hookers, Blow and Grecian Formula 2 mins for looking so go Rocket! (That's for the older guys)

  • 99. danny (on Wed Sep 29 13:30:24 2010)
    Personnellement, j'aime mieux le sujet de bière et pizza!!! Coors light et Domino's toujours gagnant comme mix. Etienne, je t'en payerai une...

  • 98. phuc (on Wed Sep 29 13:26:29 2010)
    Rudy asked the best-est and most pertinent question. My auctioning skills can only be augmented with beer. Just in case, I'll fill some coke cans with box-wine (It's always sunny in Philly reference) :P Just to be an ass about this Streit thing: what if the loss of a player greatly impacts other players on the team? Say someone kept a Brandon Bochenski or Petr Sykora or Satan in the hopes of riding the coattails of Heatley, Crosby, Malkin... and the latter get injured. Would you be allowed to drop the moocher as well? By the same token, say if Chris Mason is out for the season - can I go back and keep Pavelec? Just food for thought. I'm indifferent about this - if it's not too much work for Yannick, then I'd be ok for the drop. Can't wait for today's sleeper! How many Leafs?

  • 97. etienne (on Wed Sep 29 12:41:01 2010)
    Tes chances seraient meilleures avec de l'Aquavit

  • 96. jf (on Wed Sep 29 12:32:52 2010)
    Yan moi je ne suis pas au bureau et je ne suis pas certain que ma carte est active ( Paternité). Je devrais pouvoir être à l'heure et je téléphone toi ou Bao si ça ne fonctionne pas. À Vendredi

  • 95. yannick (on Wed Sep 29 11:38:08 2010)
    rudy, je vais verifier mais ca serait mieux que ca ne soir pas un inviter qui amene de la biere.

  • 94. rudy (on Wed Sep 29 11:34:43 2010)
    Désolé de changer de sujet mais est-ce qu'on peut amener de la bière au repêchage ou le risque de se faire screener par l'agent de sécurité est trop élevé? C'est dur un vendredi soir pas de bière...

  • 93. yannick (on Wed Sep 29 11:12:06 2010)
    etienne, le fait que danny est obtenu Streit dans un echange a absolument rien a voir avec la situation presente. Et on ne parle pas ici d'annuler l'echange, on parle de permettre a un gerant de ne pas garder un joueur qui s'est blesser gravement entre la date limite de soumission de la liste des keepers et le draft. La raison pourquoi il y a une semaine entre la date limite de soumission des keepers et le draft c'est pour me permettre a moi de preparer mes outils pour le repechage et aux gerants de preparer leur repechage en analysant les joueurs qui reste. Idealement, je voudrais qu'il n'y ait aucun mouvement de joueurs entre ces deux dates, mais s'il y des situations exceptionnelles alors c'est dans la limite de l'acceptable. Je m'objecterais bien sure a tout nouveaux reglements qui va me faire travailler plus ou qui sont techniquement impossible.

  • 92. bao (on Wed Sep 29 10:42:41 2010)
    I hade a UFHL dream... Niraj over bid me for J. Neal (he paid 6$)

  • 91. etienne (on Wed Sep 29 09:22:50 2010)
    En fait, sans rien vouloir reprocher à Danny, je me demandais pourquoi on devrait traiter la période d'échange de pré-saison différemment de celle de la saison mis à part son impact sur le draft. Si une tel chose se passe pendant la saison, il n'y a pas de recours sauf si la blessure est cachée par le GM. Dans la NHL, les Islanders devront faire avec un Streit blessé. Est-ce que la UFHL doit suivre la même logique? Streit reste un bon joueur et Danny a la chance de l'avoir pour une partie de la saison. Deuxième point contre l'idée dropper un joueur: le caractère arbitraire de la définition d'une blessure grave. Donc, à combien de temps fixe-t-on la limite à 7 semaines c'est pas une grave blessure, mais à 8 c'est grave? Et si le joueur revient après 5 semaines, on fait quoi? Et puis il faut que le Commissaire suive le dossier de près. Donc pour des fins de simplicité et pour ne pas à avoir à définir des zones grises, ça serait peut-être préférable de ne pas s'embarque dans ce processus. Ou bien on revient comme avant et pas d'échange avant le draft... Ce n'est pas que je suis contre l'idée d'empêcher de dropper un joueur, mais il faut aussi penser aux arguments contre avant de décider.

  • 90. raymond (on Tue Sep 28 22:08:49 2010)
    I believe Carey Price has just moved to the top of Bao's draft list ; )

  • 89. danny (on Tue Sep 28 19:27:27 2010)
    On doit établir ...Cest quoi un "severe injury" pour permettre de laisser tomber un joueur. Pauvre Bao...Je crois que 3 semaines à 1 mois ne se qualifie pas pour ça! Malgré que ça me dérangerais pas dans le cas de Leighton car il sera repêché pareil. Pour Streit et une blessure qui nécessite une opération et une absence de min. 6 mois ...Ben cé pas la même situation je crois!

  • 88. raymond (on Tue Sep 28 18:27:22 2010)
    J'aimerai proposer de manger pendant la pause. Donc si tout le monde mange avant de venir, nous pouvons avoir une pause de 30-45 minutes vers 21:00 (peut-etre 20:30). Si on mange a 17:30 et le draft termine vers minuit, il va avoir des estomacs grondant. A moins que nous commandons 2 fois, un peu de pizza pour y commencer et du poulet comme plat principal.

  • 87. yannick (on Tue Sep 28 17:08:01 2010)
    1. pour le draft, je vais essayer de vous avoir des access a l'internet (l'annee derniere ca n'avait pas fonctionner). Je ne promet rien encore, alors assumer que vous n'aurez pas acces pour l'instant. 2. Pour dropper des joueurs de la liste des keepers apres avoir soumis la liste, nous allons voter une nouvelle regle proposer par Ray. D'ici la nous allons proceder par vote unanime des gerants pour les joueurs qui ont subis des blessures apres la liste a ete soumis. 3. Bao, es-tu vraiment sure que tu veux dropper le premier goaler de philly pour seulement une couple de semaines? si oui, fais une demande officiel sur cette page. 4. Ca me derange pas non plus que Danny drop Streit. Il a deja donner $4 pour lui qu'il ne retrouvera pas... 5. le repechage est a 5h30pm. essayer d'etre a l'heure ou meme en avance, ca prend un peu de temps a faire vos badge a l'entree. 6. On va passer en revue les propositions de changement de reglements, alors svp allez lire cette page avant le draft pour faire votre opinion avant le draft. on veut reduire le temps passer a discuter des reglements. Nous allons d'ailleurs discuter des reglements en mangeant, en esperant commencer le repechage apres avoir fini de manger. 7. Domino Pizza ou poulet st-hubert? (niraj avait une preference pour de la pizza). 8. cette annee je vais me preparer, pas question de finir dernier encore une fois!

  • 86. niraj (on Tue Sep 28 16:13:12 2010)
    Phuc, Definitely think Mason wins that #1 spot. Mason has found ways to put up solid numbers on bad teams and ATL, despite their lack of a true superstar, is a decently balanced team with an underrated defense.

  • 85. phuc (on Tue Sep 28 15:42:34 2010)
    Niraj, So you're projecting Chris Mason winning #1 position over Pavelec early? Otherwise, 30+ wins sounds like a lot for a non-starting goalie on a bubble team like ATL... Love that you put yourself out there though, with the sleepers and all.

  • 84. niraj (on Tue Sep 28 15:16:14 2010)
    If you want to drop the #1 goalie in Philly because he's injured for 3 weeks, I'd stand behind it.

  • 83. raymond (on Tue Sep 28 15:09:54 2010)
    Rudy, ca commence a 17:30 avec les changements de règlements. Le premier joueur devrait partir entre 18:15 et 18:30.

  • 82. bao (on Tue Sep 28 14:45:23 2010)
    If Streit can be about Leighton ??? I love opening can of worms...

  • 81. rudy (on Tue Sep 28 14:06:23 2010)
    Yannick, as-tu vu passer ma question sur l'heure de début du repêchage? Je vais planifier ma journée de vendredi en conséquence. Merci!

  • 80. niraj (on Tue Sep 28 12:41:33 2010)
    Nolan, SVP n'oublier pas de donner ton frais d'inscription de $60 a Danny ou Etienne. Merci!

  • 79. niraj (on Tue Sep 28 12:25:40 2010)
    I love you too Danny :). Commish and Yannick, is everyone OK to let Danny drop Streit?

  • 78. danny (on Tue Sep 28 11:58:14 2010)
    Seriously, he probably won't play all year according to what i'm reading on Yahoo! So if somebody wants to pay 10$ for a risk...go ahead...At 2$ i might consider it....max

  • 77. jf (on Tue Sep 28 11:32:37 2010)
    Moi je donne le Go à Danny pour enlever Streit. Mais je Danny je ne suis pas certain que c'est la chose à faire. Il aura une bonne valeur en fin de saison pour celui qui court après le championat.

  • 76. nolan (on Tue Sep 28 09:24:48 2010)
    Je ne demande pas de changer la date du draft. C'est mon erreur. Je suis désolé, j'ai une partie de hockey et je ne peux pas la manquer. Je crois que je vais devoir demander à Quelqu'un de faire à ma place. Je vous tiens au courant Merci

  • 75. yannick (on Tue Sep 28 09:19:40 2010)
    nolan, tes options sont de faire le draft par telephone ou de demander a un autre personne de faire ton draft. Je l'ai annoncer au mois d'aout qu'on fera le draft le 1er octobre et tout le monde etait d'accord. on ne pas changer ca a 3 jours d'avis. desole

  • 74. nolan (on Tue Sep 28 08:29:55 2010)
    Le Draft est vendredi ???? Je ne peux pas etre la vendredi ... Je suis désolé d'avertir si tard mais je croyais que c'etait Dimanche :S ... C'est quoi mes options ?

  • 73. rudy (on Tue Sep 28 00:34:54 2010)
    Je travaille à Québec vendredi... so I guess I'm on my own Danny... Je vais m'arranger pour disparaître tôt de chez mon client et être à Montréal pour le draft. À quelle heure se fait le premier choix?

  • 72. danny (on Tue Sep 28 00:15:27 2010) Rudy ...Moi et Etienne semble penser que monter vers 13h30 de chez nous serait bon! Faites-moi signe!

  • 71. danny (on Tue Sep 28 00:13:24 2010)
    Niraj, your past life must have been a carreer in journalism... The text is simply amazing !!! Your script and build up is so well structured my mom would even think it's credible!

  • 70. niraj (on Mon Sep 27 20:15:40 2010)
    Double-Trouble Sleeper of the Day: Sorry for not chiming in yesterday fellow UFHLers, but have no fear, today you get TWO Sleepers of the day!!!! Sleeper #1: Tyler Bozak. This kid from college developed some real chemistry with Phil Kessel. He's a smooth skater who plays with an edge and Toronto needs any edge it can get. Expect 55-65 pts and he'll go for no more than $3 at the draft because of his age and who he plays for. Sleeper #2: Chris Mason. Historically one of the most under-valued goalies in UFHL history. Often available on the waiver wire, he will be fighting with an unproven O.Pavelac for the #1 spot in Atlanta and should come out on top. A standup goalie who plays his angles well with an unmatched intensity and focus. Not the most talented goalie out there, but gives his 100% night in night out. Projection: 27-34 wins, 4SOs, 2.5 GAA, 0.91SV%. Shouldn't go for more than $3 at the draft.

  • 69. niraj (on Mon Sep 27 20:02:35 2010)
    I remember that Etienne was forced to keep him and couldn't drop him. Etienne, what do you remember? For this case, as in the last, I think it's really stupid that a manager HAS to keep a player if he gets severely injured. Streit is likely out for 6 months. Moreover, I don't think Danny would want to drop Streit if he was just out for 4-6 weeks. So I think we should let Danny decide.

  • 68. danny (on Mon Sep 27 19:41:53 2010)
    It just came back to me too...for Zubov...We gave Etienne the option to keep him or drop him... He choosed to keep him.

  • 67. danny (on Mon Sep 27 19:39:45 2010)
    Yes Yan is right, we did approve something to that effect so we wouldn't penalize a manager in case of a severe injury...I just dont remember the exact conditions....I hope my situation applies!! Does it? What do we do guys?

  • 66. raymond (on Mon Sep 27 17:42:53 2010)
    Just to clear things up: we've never allowed anyone to drop a keeper after the keeper submission date. With Etienne, Zuvov was on his keeper list, and then we found out that he would be out for the first 2-3 months (before the season begun). Zubov missed the first 3 months of the season, came back for 10 games and then was injured for the rest of the year.

  • 65. etienne (on Mon Sep 27 17:29:16 2010)
    I remember having Zubov, but I think I just didn't keep him. I had all season long on my rooster if my memory serves me right. But archives will help us...

  • 64. yan_c (on Mon Sep 27 17:29:03 2010)
    if there's a vote I'm fine with that...that's fair

  • 63. yannick (on Mon Sep 27 17:28:04 2010)
    I don;t think we have documented what we did in that particular case, but if memory serves me right, I think we got a unanimous approval from all the managers to allow a manager to drop a player from his keeper's list due to severe injury that happened between list submission and draft day.

  • 62. danny (on Mon Sep 27 17:04:57 2010)
    Oui...Cé vrai Niraj et Etienne a pu laissé tombé son joueur je crois...Je vais lui demandé et si c'est le cas et qu'on a jamais rien voté, j'espère que vous aller me permettre ce même luxe! Car avec un torn labrum...ce qui est mon accident de hockey qui m'a tenu à l'écart du travail pour 6 mois personnellement...Je ne crois plus qu'il sera pas utile avant les séries. Quelle merde!

  • 61. rudy (on Mon Sep 27 16:35:58 2010)
    Mark Streit n'est pas encore "out for the season" Dany, garde espoir...

  • 60. jf (on Mon Sep 27 16:12:44 2010)
    Désollé Dany, Celle là j'avoue que ça te fait mal.

  • 59. yannick (on Mon Sep 27 11:26:04 2010)
    unfortunatly, we never had a vote on that last year. You can see in the addendum of the constitution what we have voted on last year. I'd have to go through the archive to see what we did in the past in that situation.

  • 58. niraj (on Mon Sep 27 11:00:36 2010)
    Didn't we vote last year that if a keeper was injured you were allowed to drop him at any time before the draft? I remember Etienne being screwed the same way by Zubov 1 or 2 years ago...

  • 57. danny (on Sun Sep 26 20:13:05 2010)
    On doit rire de ma malchance...Halak pour Résultat ...Dieu dit " Ça va trop aider Danny blesse Streit le tour est jouer! Je sais pas pourquoi c'est toujours moi mais j'ai surment un destin spécial qui m'attend! Je rêve tu jour ou la chance va me sourire!

  • 56. yannick (on Sun Sep 26 01:53:15 2010)
    Your team page has been updated with your keepers. Please take a look at your team to make sure everything is ok.

  • 55. yan_c (on Sat Sep 25 14:23:20 2010)
    Oops...I misunderstood the meaning of the Niraj Sleeper pick of the day. When I had trouble falling asleep I read his posts and voila! zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • 54. raymond (on Sat Sep 25 14:19:08 2010)
    If you're experiencing deja-vu, do not panic! Let's go back in time to Sat Sep 26, 2009 at 09:30am when this was posted: Niraj's Sleeper of the Day: D.Stafford Stafford has been steadily increasing his production with the Sabres since he broke through to the NHL. By the end of last year he was seeing significant minutes on the top 2 lines and on the PP. The stars seemed to be poised for him to have a breakout season: At 24 and in his 4th NHL season, look for him to crack the 25G and 60 point mark. Pay no more than $5. Let's also remember that Niraj had a chance to get Stafford at last year's draft for $2 and didn't do it... Lars Eller would have been better!!!

  • 53. yannick (on Sat Sep 25 09:52:24 2010)
    Keepers submission ended last night at midnight. Anything submitted after will be ignored. I will update the site accordingly and let you know.

  • 52. niraj (on Sat Sep 25 08:55:30 2010)
    We are OFFICIALLY 6 days away from the draft. You know what that means...NIRAJ'S SLEEPER OF THE DAY! Today's Sleeper of the Day: Lars Eller...just kidding. Today's REAL Sleeper of the Day Drew Stafford. Stafford is slated to play the top line in Buffalo alongside Vanek and Roy. He was drafted to put up points for the Sabres. While he has yet to breakout, he has shown that he can score points in bunches. Projection: 60 pts, 25G and 8 PPG Projected Auction Price: $1-3.

  • 51. niraj (on Fri Sep 24 10:41:05 2010)
    Reminder that the auction ends today at 12 p.m. I have 2 bids on Varlamov and 1 bid on Gaborik so far.

  • 50. raymond (on Thu Sep 23 18:15:25 2010)
    Voici mes keepers / here are my keepers: D.Sedin J.Carter S.Gonchar A.Edler

  • 49. danny (on Wed Sep 22 13:39:18 2010)
    Niraj, if you give me 10$ ...i'll take Super hero Gaborik!!!!

  • 48. niraj (on Tue Sep 21 15:42:15 2010)
    Hey guys, (Francais en bas) I'm thinking of selling some of my players for cash. Below is the list of players I am willing to see and their starting prices. Please email me directly with your bid along with the name of the player. You can also post your bid on the comments site of this page. The auction ends on September 24th at 12:30 p.m. Also, I reserve the right not to sell any of my players if I choose to, irrespective of whether or not someone wins an auction. ----- Je pense à auctioner certains de mes joueurs pour de l'argent. Ci-dessous est la liste des joueurs à leur prix de départ. S'il vous plaît écrivez-moi directement avec votre bid ainsi que le nom du joueur. Vous pouvez également publier votre offre sur le site. La vente se termine le 24 Septembre à 12h30. Noter que je me réserve le droit de ne pas vendre aucun de mes joueurs meme si vous avez mis un bid S.Varlamov: $10 M.Gaborik: $5 T.Vokoun: $5 J.Franzen: $2 P.Kessel: $1 T.Selanne: $1 B.McCabe: $2 R.Suter: $1 J.Bernier: $2 D.Penner: $1 J.Langenbrunner: $1. Best of luck. Bonnes chances.

  • 47. yannick (on Mon Sep 20 17:45:25 2010)
    IMPORTANT: in addition to entering your trades via teh regular web page, please enter your keeper list by entering a lineup. To submit keeper list: - select Starting Lineup in the weekly actions - make a lineup with the players you want to keep - ignore any warnings after submitting your keeper list through the starting lineup. PS. dont forget to enter all new trades as you usually would through the weekly actions, see comment below

  • 46. yannick (on Mon Sep 20 17:08:21 2010)
    From now on, please enter trades through the regular trade page. I have added a field to add draft money. When entering draft money, make sure you enter a "check" in the checkbox besides "Draft Money", or else it will not take the money in the trade. When you get the confirmation page, you'll know if you put the money or not.

  • 45. phuc (on Mon Sep 20 17:03:51 2010)
    Updated list: Rinne Lundqvist White Whitney MDZ JJ Tavares Horton

  • 44. yannick (on Fri Sep 17 00:58:04 2010)
    I have added Ray's championship banner to the UFHL Hall of Champions. I have also updated the overall and weekly records. Go check out by yourself which records has been broken or tied last season...

  • 43. phuc (on Wed Sep 15 17:20:25 2010)
    3eme echange pour JF: J'echange $3 pour Lundqvist. Je vais reviser ma liste sous peu.

  • 42. rudy (on Wed Sep 15 14:16:40 2010)
    Updated list of Doodies' keepers: 1 Craig Anderson 2 Brian Elliott 3 Henrik Zetterberg 4 Shane Doan 5 Mason Raymond 6 Pavel Kubina 7 Joni Pitkanen 8 Cam Barker 9 Zach Bogosian 10 (surprise keeper)

  • 41. danny (on Tue Sep 14 19:18:54 2010)
    Brent Seabrook CHICAGO (11$) pour 5$ UFHL aussi disponible!

  • 40. danny (on Tue Sep 14 19:12:39 2010)
    Contrat à vendre pour 4$: Bourque, Rene CGY F act nhl 73 27 31 58 7 88 6 4 5 (10-11) ufhl 58 20 18 38 5 76 4 3 4 Contrat à vendre pour 2$: Campbell, Brian CHI D non nhl 68 7 31 38 18 18 3 0 2 (36-40) ufhl 52 6 23 29 16 12 2 0 1 Contacter moi par courriel :

  • 39. bao (on Tue Sep 14 16:50:09 2010)
    These players are all available for cash (cheap): Brodeur, Pronger, Boyle, Jovanovski, Bouwmeester, Heatley, Briere

  • 38. jf (on Tue Sep 14 16:34:54 2010)
    2ièm échange pour moi, cette fois avec Rudy (les doodies). Cam Barker contre 2$ Ça ne chage pas ma liste.

  • 37. phuc (on Tue Sep 14 13:17:37 2010)
    All players available as well - here's my preliminary list: 1 Rinne 2 White 3 Whitney 4 Del Zotto 5 JJ 6 Tavares 7 Horton 8 Roy Might add to this list: Burns Havlat Savard Krejci Ribeiro

  • 36. jf (on Mon Sep 13 21:11:00 2010)
    Moi aussi j'ai des tonnes de keepers à donner, à faible prix pour les intéressé. Huselius - Prospal - Hedman - Barker -......

  • 35. niraj (on Mon Sep 13 18:57:38 2010)
    Danny, I do have a PS3, but it's collecting dust. No time for it...wish I did though. I've heard NHL is amazing. Boys, j'ai toujours Franzen, Kessel, Penner, McCabe et Selanne qui je ne garde pas pour l'instant. Tout mes joueurs son disponibles pour le bon prix.

  • 34. rudy (on Mon Sep 13 16:46:07 2010)
    My turn to submit a preliminary list of keepers: Craig Anderson Brian Elliott Henrik Zetterberg Shane Doan Milan Hejduk Scott Gomez Pavel Kubina Joni Pitkanen Kyle Quincey ... and yes, maybe Alex Ovechkin. Just for the fun of it. :-) I remind you that Marc-Andre Fleury (44$ hit) is available if you're looking for a goalie. I'm interested to get a forward in exchange and willing to give cash.

  • 33. raymond (on Mon Sep 13 15:40:29 2010)
    Danny - Niraj has a PS3. I`m sure that if you buy him the game, he`ll play : ) For everyone else: I have a few extra keepers. If you`re interested in M.St Louis, A.Edler or K.Foster, please let me know. I`m open to 2 for 1 or 3 for 1.

  • 32. nolan (on Mon Sep 13 15:00:27 2010)
    Voici une liste très très préliminaire.... (11) Semin (29) Hossa (10) Duchesne (10) Zajac (10) Gionta (36) Chara (14) Johnson (22) Kaberle (10) Brizgalov (10) Rask

  • 31. danny (on Mon Sep 13 14:17:09 2010)
    Sti ...personne a un PS3??? Moi qui voulait donner une volée à Niraj!!! Je pense je vais t'en acheté un pareil....mmmmmmmm

  • 30. raymond (on Mon Sep 13 14:16:20 2010)
    JF, pour toi et Danny c`est facile - justement tu gagne $4 et lui il perd $4. L`example de Yannick c`est pour les echanges d`un joueur contre de l`argent seulement. En bref si j`echange $2 contre Parise, je ne perd pas juste $2 (ca sera ridicule). Je perd le $2 pour acquerir Parise et comme keeper il me coute $22. Donc au lieu d`avoir $260 au draft, j`aurai $236 ($260-$2-$22). Est-ce que c`est plus clair?

  • 29. jf (on Mon Sep 13 13:43:51 2010)
    One more Updated List : Plekanec, Tomas (0-10-11) Stamkos, Steven (12-13-14) Kopitar, Anze (18-20-22) Laich, Brooks (0-10-11) Weber, Shea (12-13) Halak, Jaroslav (1-10-11) Je suis pas sur de comprendre l'hisoire du 5$ vs 15$. Comme dans notre cas c'est 1 joueur contre l'autre c'est la liste des keepers qui change et un 4$ additionnel pour moi et en moins pour Dany au Draft.

  • 28. yannick (on Mon Sep 13 12:40:09 2010)
    si vous regardez vos equipes dans "overall stats", vous allez voir que toutes les equipes ont ete updater. Tous les joueurs qui en etaient a leur derniere annee de contrat la saison derniere ont ete enleves. Aussi, j'ai updater les salaires, ce qui veut dire le premier chiffre que vous voyez pour le salaire est pour cette saison (2010-2011). Pour voir les equipes comme elles etaient a la fin de l'annee derniere, allez dans "Archives" et selectionner "Season 2009-2010". Je suis en train d'updater le site ces jours-ci alors il va y avoir des changements ici et la. Je vais vous garder au courant des changements sur ce board.

  • 27. bao (on Mon Sep 13 10:30:55 2010)
    Voici ma liste de keepers: -Luongo -Leighton -Goligoski -Martin -Greene

  • 26. danny (on Mon Sep 13 08:42:50 2010)
    Aller acheter NHL2011 les boyz...Avec le nouveau mode des cartes de tous les joueurs du monde autant junior que Russe et un système de "EA Pucks(monnaie courante)" vous permettent d'acheter les joueurs et construire votre franchise. C'est vraiment arrochant! En plus on pourrait jouer VS Online....Alors monter votre club! Mon User est plutot: las_vegas_fwf Qui a un PS3???

  • 25. yannick (on Sun Sep 12 22:19:05 2010)
    juste pour etre sure que c'est claire avec tout le monde, si vous achetez un joueur a un autre gerant, vous achetez son contrat que vous devez honorer. Ca veut dire que vous perdez l'argent inclus dans l'echange et en plus vous devez payer son contrat pour le garder. Example: si je vends Tim Connoly a Raymond pour $5, Ray perd le $5 et le $10 pour le garder, donc il aura couter $15 a Ray.

  • 24. danny (on Sat Sep 11 19:17:09 2010)
    1st trade of the off season between me and JF...I GIVE Halak and 4$ to JF for M. Streit. I was gonna loose him anyway! Its a good trade for both i think!

  • 23. danny (on Sat Sep 11 19:01:28 2010)
    Mon User est: las_vegas

  • 22. danny (on Sat Sep 11 15:44:29 2010)
    Pour ceux qui on NHL2011 sur le PS3, dites-moi votre user name PS3 pour qu'on s'invite à jouer!

  • 21. yannick (on Thu Sep 9 23:10:51 2010)
    voici ma liste preliminaire de keepers: Stastny Parise Elias Myers Yandle Hiller Mason

  • 20. yannick (on Thu Sep 9 01:07:00 2010)
    sorry for not sending this out earlier, but here are the rules and time line for trading and submitting keeper list: - trade period this year is between September 1st and September 24th at 23h59 - keepers must be submitted by September 24th at 23h59 - according to the new rule voted at last draft, you can now trade draft dollars along with players during the pre-draft trading period. (no money can be traded during the regular season) Free agents cannot be traded during pre-draft trading period as free agents are given when the draft begins. - between September 25th and draft day October 1st, only submitted keepers can be traded. - maximum number of keepers is as the following: 1st place: 4 keepers max (raymond) 2nd place: 5 keepers max (bao) 3rd place: 6 keepers max (etienne) all others: 10 keepers max - any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. - I am currently updating the site for the new season, so if you see anything weird, please don't be alarmed, but please let me know as I might have forgotten stuff as I am updating the site. - draft will be held at Ericsson in Montreal on friday october 1st at 5h30pm (is this too early?)

  • 19. jf (on Wed Sep 8 13:03:40 2010)
    Updated List : Plekanec, Tomas (0-10-11) Stamkos, Steven (12-13-14) Kopitar, Anze (18-20-22) Laich, Brooks (0-10-11) Weber, Shea (12-13) Streit, Mark (10-11)

  • 18. danny (on Wed Sep 1 19:41:19 2010)
    Holy crap...Niemi to SanJose!!! JF ton rêve qui joue ds KHL semble viré au cauchemar!!! Peut tu imaginer le record de Shutout il va avoir à SanJose!!! Halak se rapproche du draft les boyz... Voici le sondage du jour: Qui préféré vous entre Halak ou Niemi pour être disponible au draft? Je prend toujours les offres!

  • 17. danny (on Sun Aug 29 15:23:59 2010)
    Bon ben je garderai Halak d'abord...À moins d'avis contraire...Sti...Ca commence bien!!!! Comment je réussi à me trouver des joueurs à problème comme ça me dépasse!!! C'est pu assez de gagner la Coupe Stanley!!! Y devait savoir que je l'avais dans le pool! Au moins j'ai pu profiter des conseil de JoJo Savard pour Turco sinon je capoterais!!!

  • 16. etienne (on Sat Aug 28 10:17:37 2010)
    Jf, tu m'enlèves les mots de la bouche! À quand le pool KHL?

  • 15. jf (on Fri Aug 27 23:04:58 2010)
    Niemi c'est le gars qui va jouer en KHL ça? Le gagnant de la coupe c'est ça? :D

  • 14. danny (on Fri Aug 27 16:20:54 2010)
    Friday Oct 1st sounds good. Etienne et Nolan on s'appel pour monter! Jai 3 gardiens keeper...Halak et Niemi sont touchable pour un Def keeper AVANT le draft. Faites vos offres...Je peux juste en garder 2

  • 13. niraj (on Fri Aug 27 09:42:09 2010)
    Can't believe the NHLPA isn't standing up for Kovie...the league would look SO STUPID if they let him walk. Great move by his agent though, especially considering Medvedev confirmed the 3 year 42 mill offer is still on the table.

  • 12. niraj (on Wed Aug 25 01:19:12 2010)
    You get dealt some great hands (like the keeper list we stupidly allowed you to pick from) and some bad hands (although managers have been penalized for this in the past, but glad the rule is changed). Now we'll get to find out if you were just lucky to have such good keepers or a knowledgeable manager. Glad to have you back, someone call RDS and get this on the wire...

  • 11. rudy (on Tue Aug 24 23:56:39 2010)
    Guys, I wanted to take a moment of your time to confirm that I'm still a UFHL GM. I won't come back on the events that put me out of the championship race last season and almost made me resign from the UFHL. Suffice to say that I had all the necessary discussions with both Yannick and Ray to make sure it was the last time a GM had to be confronted to the kind of disappointment I had to deal with, especially as a new GM. For those of you that are still open to barter before the draft, I have Marc-André Fleury at 44$ available for trade for a potential keeper at the forward or defense position. That's about the price he should go for in the draft, so if you want to have him for next season do not hesitate to make me an offer. See you on October 1st, Rudy

  • 10. niraj (on Mon Aug 23 13:02:45 2010)
    Weird...I'll try again: Current Keeper List: Gaborik Kovie Marleau Doughty VIsnovsky Howard Varmalov Other keepers: Selanne Kessel Penner McCabe Bernier All players are available for trades.

  • 9. niraj (on Mon Aug 23 13:01:10 2010)
    All my players are available for trades including the following eligible keepers: Selanne Kessel Stewart Penner McCabe Bernier

  • 8. etienne (on Thu Aug 12 20:57:19 2010)
    Voici mes keepers Crosby Kesler Karlsson Miller

  • 7. jf (on Thu Aug 12 16:21:38 2010)
    Si tout va comme prévue c'est bon pour moi aussi. Ma blonde est dû pour accoucher le 22 Septembre et ça devrait pas trop retardé selon le médecin.

  • 6. yan_c (on Wed Aug 11 11:16:51 2010)
    le 1er ca marche pour moi... merci Y

  • 5. yannick (on Tue Aug 10 11:35:00 2010)
    REPECHAGE! le saison regulioere commence le juedi 7 octobre. Bao est schedule pour un business trip le 4 octobre. Alrs la date logique pour le repechage semble etre le vendredi 1er octobre en soiree comme les dernieres annees. est-ce que ca va pour tout le monde?

  • 4. yan_c (on Tue Aug 10 09:02:25 2010)
    J'aimerais changer le nom de mon club au Stockholm Syndrome svp... Keepers: Forwards Ryan 22 Richards 10 Weiss 10 Koivu 10 Ericksson 12 Defence Erhoff 11 Kronwall 13 Enstrom 10 Goalies Quick 10 Ward 19 Total je crois est: 127$ Merci et bon reste de l'ete

  • 3. jf (on Tue Aug 10 08:49:35 2010)
    Voilà pour moi juste au cas ou j'oublie - KEEPERS LIST - Plekanec, Tomas MON F act nhl 82 25 45 70 5 50 3 1 4 (0-10-11) ufhl 76 24 39 63 1 50 3 1 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stamkos, Steven TAM F act nhl 82 51 44 95 -2 38 24 1 5 (12-13-14) ufhl 64 38 36 74 -7 28 18 0 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kopitar, Anze LOS F act nhl 82 34 47 81 6 16 14 1 2 (18-20-22) ufhl 46 18 25 43 2 8 9 1 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laich, Brooks WAS F act nhl 78 25 34 59 16 34 12 1 4 (0-10-11) ufhl 16 5 8 13 6 4 4 0 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================================================================================== DEFENSEMEN ================================================================================== Weber, Shea NAS D act nhl 78 16 27 43 0 36 7 0 3 (12-13) ufhl 61 11 21 32 -2 32 4 0 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Streit, Mark NYI D act nhl 82 11 38 49 0 48 9 0 2 (10-11) ufhl 26 4 16 20 -2 12 4 0 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barker, Cam MIN D non nhl 70 5 16 21 5 68 4 0 1 (10-11) ufhl 37 1 7 8 7 48 1 0 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hedman, Victor TAM D non nhl 74 4 16 20 -3 79 0 0 0 (7-10-11) ufhl 43 2 11 13 -10 48 0 0 0 ==================================================================================

  • 2. yannick (on Wed Aug 4 13:37:12 2010)
    Danny, il y a un maximum de 2 gardiens que l'on peut garder...

  • 1. danny (on Wed Aug 4 13:22:23 2010)
    2010-2011 Danny's keepers: 1. Nash 2. Cammalleri 3. Sharp 4. Burrows 5. Subban 6. Timonen 7. Seabrook 8. Turco 9. Halak 10.Niemi _____________ Total :260$ - 132$ = 128$ left for draft

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