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last update: Wed Sep 1 19:41:19 2010

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  • 1236. danny (on Wed Sep 1 19:41:19 2010)
    Holy crap...Niemi to SanJose!!! JF ton rêve qui joue ds KHL semble viré au cauchemar!!! Peut tu imaginer le record de Shutout il va avoir à SanJose!!! Halak se rapproche du draft les boyz... Voici le sondage du jour: Qui préféré vous entre Halak ou Niemi pour être disponible au draft? Je prend toujours les offres!

  • 1235. danny (on Sun Aug 29 15:23:59 2010)
    Bon ben je garderai Halak d'abord...À moins d'avis contraire...Sti...Ca commence bien!!!! Comment je réussi à me trouver des joueurs à problème comme ça me dépasse!!! C'est pu assez de gagner la Coupe Stanley!!! Y devait savoir que je l'avais dans le pool! Au moins j'ai pu profiter des conseil de JoJo Savard pour Turco sinon je capoterais!!!

  • 1234. etienne (on Sat Aug 28 10:17:37 2010)
    Jf, tu m'enlèves les mots de la bouche! À quand le pool KHL?

  • 1233. jf (on Fri Aug 27 23:04:58 2010)
    Niemi c'est le gars qui va jouer en KHL ça? Le gagnant de la coupe c'est ça? :D

  • 1232. danny (on Fri Aug 27 16:20:54 2010)
    Friday Oct 1st sounds good. Etienne et Nolan on s'appel pour monter! Jai 3 gardiens keeper...Halak et Niemi sont touchable pour un Def keeper AVANT le draft. Faites vos offres...Je peux juste en garder 2

  • 1231. niraj (on Fri Aug 27 09:42:09 2010)
    Can't believe the NHLPA isn't standing up for Kovie...the league would look SO STUPID if they let him walk. Great move by his agent though, especially considering Medvedev confirmed the 3 year 42 mill offer is still on the table.

  • 1230. niraj (on Wed Aug 25 01:19:12 2010)
    You get dealt some great hands (like the keeper list we stupidly allowed you to pick from) and some bad hands (although managers have been penalized for this in the past, but glad the rule is changed). Now we'll get to find out if you were just lucky to have such good keepers or a knowledgeable manager. Glad to have you back, someone call RDS and get this on the wire...

  • 1229. rudy (on Tue Aug 24 23:56:39 2010)
    Guys, I wanted to take a moment of your time to confirm that I'm still a UFHL GM. I won't come back on the events that put me out of the championship race last season and almost made me resign from the UFHL. Suffice to say that I had all the necessary discussions with both Yannick and Ray to make sure it was the last time a GM had to be confronted to the kind of disappointment I had to deal with, especially as a new GM. For those of you that are still open to barter before the draft, I have Marc-André Fleury at 44$ available for trade for a potential keeper at the forward or defense position. That's about the price he should go for in the draft, so if you want to have him for next season do not hesitate to make me an offer. See you on October 1st, Rudy

  • 1228. niraj (on Mon Aug 23 13:02:45 2010)
    Weird...I'll try again: Current Keeper List: Gaborik Kovie Marleau Doughty VIsnovsky Howard Varmalov Other keepers: Selanne Kessel Penner McCabe Bernier All players are available for trades.

  • 1227. niraj (on Mon Aug 23 13:01:10 2010)
    All my players are available for trades including the following eligible keepers: Selanne Kessel Stewart Penner McCabe Bernier

  • 1226. etienne (on Thu Aug 12 20:57:19 2010)
    Voici mes keepers Crosby Kesler Karlsson Miller

  • 1225. jf (on Thu Aug 12 16:21:38 2010)
    Si tout va comme prévue c'est bon pour moi aussi. Ma blonde est dû pour accoucher le 22 Septembre et ça devrait pas trop retardé selon le médecin.

  • 1224. yan_c (on Wed Aug 11 11:16:51 2010)
    le 1er ca marche pour moi... merci Y

  • 1223. yannick (on Tue Aug 10 11:35:00 2010)
    REPECHAGE! le saison regulioere commence le juedi 7 octobre. Bao est schedule pour un business trip le 4 octobre. Alrs la date logique pour le repechage semble etre le vendredi 1er octobre en soiree comme les dernieres annees. est-ce que ca va pour tout le monde?

  • 1222. yan_c (on Tue Aug 10 09:02:25 2010)
    J'aimerais changer le nom de mon club au Stockholm Syndrome svp... Keepers: Forwards Ryan 22 Richards 10 Weiss 10 Koivu 10 Ericksson 12 Defence Erhoff 11 Kronwall 13 Enstrom 10 Goalies Quick 10 Ward 19 Total je crois est: 127$ Merci et bon reste de l'ete

  • 1221. jf (on Tue Aug 10 08:49:35 2010)
    Voilà pour moi juste au cas ou j'oublie - KEEPERS LIST - Plekanec, Tomas MON F act nhl 82 25 45 70 5 50 3 1 4 (0-10-11) ufhl 76 24 39 63 1 50 3 1 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stamkos, Steven TAM F act nhl 82 51 44 95 -2 38 24 1 5 (12-13-14) ufhl 64 38 36 74 -7 28 18 0 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kopitar, Anze LOS F act nhl 82 34 47 81 6 16 14 1 2 (18-20-22) ufhl 46 18 25 43 2 8 9 1 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laich, Brooks WAS F act nhl 78 25 34 59 16 34 12 1 4 (0-10-11) ufhl 16 5 8 13 6 4 4 0 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================================================================================== DEFENSEMEN ================================================================================== Weber, Shea NAS D act nhl 78 16 27 43 0 36 7 0 3 (12-13) ufhl 61 11 21 32 -2 32 4 0 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Streit, Mark NYI D act nhl 82 11 38 49 0 48 9 0 2 (10-11) ufhl 26 4 16 20 -2 12 4 0 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barker, Cam MIN D non nhl 70 5 16 21 5 68 4 0 1 (10-11) ufhl 37 1 7 8 7 48 1 0 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hedman, Victor TAM D non nhl 74 4 16 20 -3 79 0 0 0 (7-10-11) ufhl 43 2 11 13 -10 48 0 0 0 ==================================================================================

  • 1220. yannick (on Wed Aug 4 13:37:12 2010)
    Danny, il y a un maximum de 2 gardiens que l'on peut garder...

  • 1219. danny (on Wed Aug 4 13:22:23 2010)
    2010-2011 Danny's keepers: 1. Nash 2. Cammalleri 3. Sharp 4. Burrows 5. Subban 6. Timonen 7. Seabrook 8. Turco 9. Halak 10.Niemi _____________ Total :260$ - 132$ = 128$ left for draft

  • 1218. bao (on Fri Jun 25 14:01:50 2010)
    I love Getzlaf!!!

  • 1217. niraj (on Fri Jun 18 12:16:07 2010)
    Commentaires sur l'echange? I think we could have gotten more from Philly, but I'm happy to know that people are high on Eller. Let's hope this works out...

  • 1216. niraj (on Thu May 20 11:15:53 2010)
    This is hilarious:

  • 1215. danny (on Fri May 14 22:39:43 2010)
    Do you think PK is a good pick up now for 10$???

  • 1214. phuc (on Fri May 14 09:41:24 2010)
    Can't we just use our players for the playoff draft? It would make for even more of a clusterf*ck for trades?

  • 1213. danny (on Fri May 14 08:05:45 2010)
    Thanks Yan...I put my money on the habs just because of you and i won 480$ What now? I need your 3rd round prediction please! btw, we need a playoff draft next year...we could all do it via email or even conference call

  • 1212. jf (on Thu May 13 13:54:00 2010)
    Nous voici en 3ièm ronde Incroyable.

  • 1211. jf (on Wed May 12 22:46:45 2010)
    WOW Le canadien en 3ièm ronde, qui l'aurait cru!!!!!

  • 1210. niraj (on Wed May 12 07:51:04 2010)
    Wow. Lehtonen signed a 3-year deal for 10.65M? Halak's price just went up to 4M / season.

  • 1209. danny (on Sat May 8 18:39:58 2010)
    Man...right now you are dead on!!!

  • 1208. yannick (on Fri May 7 10:16:53 2010)
    my prediction that Montreal would win in 6 is still alive! man, the playoffs this year are so exciting!

  • 1207. yannick (on Fri Apr 30 13:27:54 2010)
    Danny, when you get rich becuse of me, don't forget about me! ok, it's gonna be another close serie, but this time it will not last 7 games. Our beloved Montreal Canadiens will win and close the serie in front of their own fans in Montreal on game 6! Halak and Gionta (nicknamed the penguin killer) will be the stars of the serie. so there you go: Montreal in 6

  • 1206. danny (on Fri Apr 30 13:21:26 2010)
    Since Yan can predict miracles...I need to know Yan... Is Mtl winning this series too? Please tell me...I will bet on the Vegas odds on your prediction

  • 1205. etienne (on Thu Apr 29 12:03:33 2010)
    Can you believe that I missed the Moore goal because of a blackout! And missed almost 5 minutes at end of the 3rd because the videotron machine takes a while before loading!

  • 1204. yan_c (on Thu Apr 29 10:51:32 2010)
    You also said that a 2nd rounder for Moore was bad so..... :)

  • 1203. yannick (on Thu Apr 29 10:48:05 2010)
    who's the only one on the planet who called montreal in 7??? That's right: me! who's your daddy now?!!! GO HABS GO!

  • 1202. yannick (on Wed Apr 28 13:28:48 2010)
    go see comment 1194... I am the only one who still has a chance that his prediction comes true!

  • 1201. bao (on Wed Apr 28 13:27:12 2010)
    HALAK, Toi qui es dans les buts, Que ton plastron soit sanctifié, Que tes pads règnent, Que ta vue ne soit jamais obstruée, À cinq contre cinq ou en désavantage, Donne-nous aujourd'hui notre victoire en série. Pardonne-nous nos huées, Comme nous pardonnons aussi à Melançon qui nous a offensés, Et ne nous soumets pas à la défaite, Mais délivre nous d'Ovechkin. Amen! -Benedict Hebert

  • 1200. yannick (on Mon Apr 26 11:51:17 2010)
    I have tickets for sale for game 6 tonight!!!! contact me if interested

  • 1199. phuc (on Sun Apr 25 08:26:06 2010)
    What idiot signed in as Maxim Afinogenov?

  • 1198. etienne (on Thu Apr 22 07:59:36 2010)
    Yes! Got the last word of the season!

  • 1197. danny (on Fri Apr 16 13:15:34 2010)
    Bryz, Doughty and Ovi too!!! I was about to make a prediction on the Habs series but i shouldn't!

  • 1196. niraj (on Fri Apr 16 10:07:58 2010)
    Anyone sign up to the CBC playoff pool? It's a nice format. If Spacek plays like he did yesterday, Montreal has a shot to take the series in 6. But Ovie will wake up for next game. Washington in 5. Goalie: Bryz. Defence: Doughty Forwards: Ovie.

  • 1195. jf (on Fri Apr 16 08:39:50 2010)
    Wash - 6, mais j'ai espoir tout de même. Goalie : Bryzgalov Defense : Doughty Forwards : Crosby

  • 1194. yannick (on Wed Apr 14 23:45:25 2010)
    Montreal en 7!

  • 1193. raymond (on Wed Apr 14 23:23:59 2010)
    It's also time to decide on the UFHL fantasy players of the year. Here are the candidates by position: Goalies: Bryz vs Brodeur vs Miller D-man: Green vs Doughty vs Keith Forwards: Crosby vs Ovechkin vs Stamkos Put up your thoughts on this board

  • 1192. raymond (on Wed Apr 14 23:21:40 2010)
    Alright guys, what are your predictions for the Mtl-Wash series? Quick win for Jose Three-or-more? or Inspiring performance by Jaromir Plekanec?

  • 1191. yannick (on Tue Apr 13 17:31:52 2010)
    Hi everyone first off, a big congratulations to our new UFHL Champion: Raymond! what a great race we've had with Ray, bao, Etienne, Rudy and Niraj, but there can be only one champion! Ray, Bao and Etienne will earn money (final amounts will be announced a little bit later). here is the final standing for the overall ranking: 1-Combiners (109) 2-BLT (103) 3-Havana United (100) 4-Archangels (89) 4-Doodies (89) 6-Pooh Team (87) 7-Rough Bears (85) 8-LemonParty (59) 9-Hitmen (58) 10-Guns N Roses (57) 11-Highlanders (39) Our first ever head-2-head champion is Niraj after great playoffs, congratulations to you! I am glad to see that the top 3 teams for the head-2-head are different than the regular overall ranking. Our first head-2-head grand loser is Yanick Cole who lost the loser final! (you know this loser thing is only for fun, nothing to be taken personal!) Here is the final standing of the Head-2-Head matchups after the Playoffs: 1-Archangels 2-Pooh Team 3-Highlanders 4-Havana United 5-Rough Bears 6-Combiners 7-Hitmen 8-LemonParty 9-BLT 10-Doodies 11-Guns N Roses Raymond has also won the final week, earning him a fifth $10 this season. (we might want to revisit this formula and give some money to the head-2-head, to be discussed at the next draft). Resultat final des $10 pour la saison 2009-2010: Ray: $50 Rudy: $25 Danny: $20 Phuc: $10 JF: $10 Etienne: $10 This comment board has been busy like never before in the past. A good sign that managers care! As usual we've had some controversies, but overall I though it was an excellent year for the league. The quality of managers that we have is amazing! On my part it has been my worst result ever, but I can only go up next year! We should start soon thinking about rule modifications so that we have clear propositions to vote on at the drafts. I think the head-2-head has been a good thing as this is the first year that every manager adjusted their lineup almost every week. In the past, we always had one or two managers that wouldn't adjust their linup for many many weeks. So that is a big positive change. So to every one of you, I say thank you for your participation and dedication to the league. Even though I finished last, I still had lost of fun just being part of the UFHL. Congrats again to our champs Ray and Niraj!

  • 1190. bao (on Tue Apr 13 09:25:24 2010)
    Can I still fire players ? I would like to send Iginla a message by firing his ass !!!

  • 1189. etienne (on Tue Apr 13 06:59:19 2010)
    @Niraj: if I remember correctly, Handzus was nearly PPG during those 42 games. But finished the season with 54 pts. @Ray: don't you mean foster home?

  • 1188. raymond (on Mon Apr 12 22:42:01 2010)
    Merci a tous! Quand j'ai rentre dans l'UFHL, jamais j'ai pense que ça prendra aussi longtemps pour gagner un championnat! Danny - thanks for letting Price sit on my bench : ) Bao- a few week ago, I really didn't think that anyone could beat you. Thanks for pushing me to my limits - please don't do that again : ) Niraj -finally the championship has found the way home!

  • 1187. bao (on Mon Apr 12 21:59:57 2010)
    Please refrain from talking about Stamkos in my presence...:) Congrats Ray... I can fell your tears of joy... I would like to thank Getzlaf for his 3 years of service. P.s. It's a relief not to have to check boxscores anymore

  • 1186. niraj (on Mon Apr 12 21:07:33 2010)
    Merci Nolan!

  • 1185. niraj (on Mon Apr 12 21:06:25 2010)
    That manager in the baseball league was lucky. When you win with Michael Handzus playing 42 games on your active roster, come on dude. Anyways, I'd take being lucky than good any day of the week. Besides, just cause I called you lucky doesn't mean I think you suck (like Danny ;)). Look at BLT this year...he was very unlucky not to win. Luck has a lot to do with who wins championships and you seem to have it more than others...

  • 1184. etienne (on Mon Apr 12 19:19:16 2010)
    Tsk Tsk Niraj, don't you remember what happened you criticized an opponent in a (baseball) pool saying that he was lucky? Just because you can't draft doesn't mean I can't ;) Bravo Danny pour ton 20$, c'est plus de semaine que moi! Aussi, bravo à JF pour maintenant avoir Stamkos. What a steal!

  • 1183. danny (on Mon Apr 12 18:10:02 2010)
    Pardon the interuption Niraj...I didn't walk away empty handed. I WON 2 weelky championships and you didn't win shit...So who's your daddy now Angel? Its all about the money baby! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 20 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • 1182. nolan (on Mon Apr 12 17:56:25 2010)
    Félicitation Ray et niraj

  • 1181. niraj (on Mon Apr 12 14:08:32 2010)
    Congrats Ray? How about Congrats Niraj for beating all your asses in the head to head matchups? I'm the real champion here. ;) Congrats Ray! You finally broke through buddy. Thanks for firing Howard :). Bao, sorry it didn't work out. You really looked unbeatable. You'll have your championship soon. Etienne, usually your team wins because of an extraordinary set of circumstances (i.e. luck), but your team looked amazing from the 2nd half in. Also worth noting is that Danny walked away from the season empty handed. Business as usual for the Hitmen ;). Was really a fun race to watch. Looking forward to next year already.

  • 1180. etienne (on Mon Apr 12 13:02:13 2010)
    Bravo Ray, finalement tu l'as ton Championnat de la UFHL. Je ne pensais pas que Bao était battable, mais tu as réussi! Félicitation. Je suis quand même content d'être le troisième perdant (according to Yan C's ranking system!) compte tenu que partais très négligé en raison de mes deux keepers (Markov et Streit). Markov blessé presque toute la saison et en plus Vanek qui compte 4 buts... Bravo aussi Bao pour une belle saison!

  • 1179. danny (on Mon Apr 12 12:58:32 2010)
    Congrats to Ray...You deserve it!!! Bergeron gave you the Cup!!! Rembember me next year!

  • 1178. danny (on Mon Apr 12 12:23:44 2010)
    Good...need at least 6 more people!!!

  • 1177. niraj (on Mon Apr 12 09:38:54 2010)
    I'm in.

  • 1176. danny (on Mon Apr 12 08:54:24 2010)
    How about a playoff pool boyz??? Anybody??? We could start the draft right here tomorrow night at 7pm ...9 Forwards, 3 defense, 1 goalie and 1 team. I would post it up on Draft order would be UFHL standings! Only total points count for F and D's and a 2 pts bonus for game winners! 2 pts for a win by goalie and 5 pts for a shutout. 2 pts for a team win. 12$ each. payable at next UFHL season! Who's in? Please confirm before tonight April 12th

  • 1175. niraj (on Sun Apr 11 19:50:07 2010)
    Can't believe Torts didn't play Gaborik in the shootout...unless he was injured, how insane is that???

  • 1174. yannick (on Sun Apr 11 10:52:29 2010)
    one last day to decide it all!

  • 1173. etienne (on Sun Apr 11 07:41:06 2010)
    $%&$"$""! vanek

  • 1172. niraj (on Sat Apr 10 15:21:24 2010)
    Wow, the Bruins scored 3 SHGs in the same 2 min penalty kill! That has to be a record...

  • 1171. yannick (on Fri Apr 9 14:54:28 2010)
    en passant les stats de goalers de gavg et savg pour le head-2-head n'est pas valide. je vais les ajuster lundi quand la saison va etre terminer.

  • 1170. etienne (on Wed Apr 7 17:53:45 2010)
    lol Last week will determine everything!

  • 1169. bao (on Wed Apr 7 15:44:21 2010)
    At this point I'll be lucky to finish third... I think it all went to Hell when I fired Satan !!!

  • 1168. yannick (on Wed Apr 7 15:09:42 2010)
    Felicitations a Ray pour avoir gagner la semaine! c'est son quatrieme $10 cette saison! La semaine de reve de Ray lui a permis de prendre la tete du classement general et se trouve maintenant en excellente posture pour remporter son premier championnat! La debandade de Bao se poursuit et son equipe devra se resaisir au plus vite. Rattraper 10 points en 5 jours ne sera pas chose facile! Sommaire des $10 pour la presente saison: Ray: $40 Rudy: $25 Danny: $20 Phuc: $10 JF: $10 Etienne: $10 Yanick C: $5

  • 1167. danny (on Tue Apr 6 10:17:00 2010)
    Forget that stupid race for 1st place....What's important is that i beat up the Archangels! Tonight is THE night for revenge...Who's your daddy Niraj? Will the Hitmen finally get the respect they deserve with a 3rd "weekly win" or will they choke under pressure... Tune in tomorrow to see who prevails!

  • 1166. bao (on Mon Apr 5 11:37:06 2010)
    I don't like Ray's sudden silence.... I think there's some cheating going on :)

  • 1165. yannick (on Mon Apr 5 10:47:31 2010)
    7 days of hockey left... season ends on sunday... The championship looked like it was locked a couple of weeks back, but now Team "Canada" BLT is in deep deep trouble... The Combiners look very very strong... And let's not forget Havana United in the mix, they don't have two championships for nothing. It's gonna be a race until the very last day! It's definitly a reminder to everyone (especially myself) to never give up, that there is always a chance to win... Good Luck to everyone! Note 1: this wednesday 7pm is the deadline to hire players. Note 2: you can only keep players that are part of your team. This means that a "called" player is not part of your team and you cannot keep him for next year. If you call a player, he must be hired officially by wednesday (meaning he has to play monday or tuesday night)

  • 1164. bao (on Fri Apr 2 21:39:35 2010)
    back in MTL and I see that my team is crumbling under the pressure... I should have never brought in a choker like J.T... :) @Danny was a Happy April fool's day...

  • 1163. etienne (on Fri Apr 2 18:20:56 2010)
    Thanks Bao to refer to me as champ, as my draft record has been pretty good except last year. @Niraj: good one on comment 1160 Ray's gonna be tough to beat. The planets would have to be aligned for me to take over 1st place. Great race until the end, like it should be!

  • 1162. danny (on Fri Apr 2 16:26:33 2010)
    Bao ...That was a suprising low blow on your part. Surprising you say that! Are you Niraj's Ho or what? Plus, my trades where pretty good this year ...except me giving away Price to Ray at the end! That's why he's 1st boys!

  • 1161. yan_c (on Fri Apr 2 10:37:26 2010)
    @Niraj... I would not mess with Danny too much.... Being in Swat, if ever he aimed the little red dot of his laser sights at your forehead, we'd never know it before it's too late! :)

  • 1160. niraj (on Thu Apr 1 15:45:56 2010)

  • 1159. bao (on Thu Apr 1 10:58:20 2010)
    OK I'm booking the next flight back to MTL... I guess my team isn't self-manageable... I regret so much trading away Stamkos... I draft like a champ but trade like a "Danny"

  • 1158. niraj (on Thu Apr 1 10:35:49 2010)

  • 1157. niraj (on Thu Apr 1 10:35:22 2010)
    @Danny: I beat you like a government mule. Draft better next year and you might lose to me by a little less. @Etienne: In the west I like Detroit, Nashville and Phoenix. In the east, I like Washington and Buffalo. Anyone want to do a playoff pool?

  • 1156. etienne (on Thu Apr 1 06:43:06 2010)
    Since the Matt Cooke incident, the Penguins have been the same. Just a slump or is there something wrong in the Kingdom of Mario (yes, Shakespearian reference this morning!)? IMHO, the Penguins are no longer cup contenders... The road is open for Washington this year, although Ottawa could be a surprise this year in the East. So, what's everyone feeling on the eve of this year's playoffs? Cup in the East or in the West? Who are the favourites or which team could surprise us (yes Yan, you can say the Habs!). Random thoughts at 6:42AM... I love my love my kids!

  • 1155. danny (on Wed Mar 31 17:24:56 2010)
    At least i gave you a scare there bud!!! If Niemi wouldn't have duplicated Howard's performance I could have made it even closer...

  • 1154. etienne (on Wed Mar 31 16:03:24 2010)
    Les bons deuxièmes ne se pognent pas la capitaine des cheerleaders!

  • 1153. nolan (on Wed Mar 31 15:39:17 2010)
    Je suis en train de battre un record de #2.... En 6 semaines, j'ai terminé 4 fois 2e Il n'y a pas d'argent pour les bons 2e ??? :)

  • 1152. yannick (on Wed Mar 31 14:46:12 2010)
    resultats de la 3ieme ronde (les demi finales) du Head-2-Head: Pooh Team def Highlanders 10 - 0 (Demi-final winner side) BLT def Doodies 7 - 2 (Demi-final loser side) Havana United def Combiners 7 - 3 (Qualification matchup for 4th positon) Archangels def Hitmen 8 - 5 (War of the Big Mouths!) LemonParty def Guns N Roses 12 - 0 (exhibition) Une soiree incroyable hier de Pooh Team a permis a Nolan de detruire les Highlanders pour aller en grande finale contre les Archangels. Du cote des losers, la defaite des Doodies les propulsent en finale des losers versus les Guns N Roses. C'est finalement Niraj qui a gagner la Guerre des Grandes Gueules contre Danny! (...I think we all knew who had the biggest mouth anyway!) La victoire des Havana United contre les Combiners leur donne un matchup contre les Rough Bears pour la 4ieme position. matchup pour la Ronde finale qui va durer le restant de la saison (jusqu'au 11 avril): Archangels vs Pooh Team (Grande Finale!) Doodies vs Guns N Roses (Finale des losers) Rough Bears vs Havana United (matchup for 4th position) Hitmen vs LemonParty (matchup for 7th position) BLT vs Combiners (exhibition of no 1 team vs no 2 team from the General Ranking) A noter que Highlanders prend la 3ieme position finale, les Combiners la 6ieme position et les BLT la 9ieme position. Les autres positions seront decider dans la ronde finale de cette semaine.

  • 1151. phuc (on Wed Mar 31 14:37:48 2010)
    Wow, mon equipe de no-name a gagne qqch?! All luck! Lemon Party for everybody!

  • 1150. yannick (on Wed Mar 31 14:25:26 2010)
    Felicitations a Phuc pour avoir gagner la semaine! c'est son premier $10 cette saison. Sommaire des $10 pour la presente saison: Ray: $30 Rudy: $25 Danny: $20 Phuc: $10 JF: $10 Etienne: $10 Yanick C: $5

  • 1149. etienne (on Wed Mar 31 13:15:53 2010)
    My long-term development for Karlsson is finally coming to fruition in the last weeks of the season.

  • 1148. niraj (on Tue Mar 30 21:56:55 2010)
    @Danny: Holy shit, your prayers are being answered. Detroit was up 4-0! That's what I get for fucking with a Gypsy.

  • 1147. yannick (on Tue Mar 30 18:05:37 2010)
    @niraj: go get a guy from your sleeper picks at the beginnig of the season... I believe Chris Higgins is still available!

  • 1146. niraj (on Tue Mar 30 17:36:34 2010)
    Who should I hire????

  • 1145. bao (on Tue Mar 30 17:24:42 2010)
    Which injured guy do I dress Big Joe, Gino or Getz ? +/- will decide championship...

  • 1144. danny (on Tue Mar 30 16:29:59 2010)
    Hitmen's wish list for tonight to knock off Anchangels: 1. Crappy performance by Howard (2pts possible for Hitmen) 2. A Shutout by Niemi (1pt possible for Hitmen) 3. 5 assists more than Archangels (1 pts for Hitmen) 4. 1 Shorthanded -------------- This would allow me to comeback like last week against Doodies!!! Asking for 6 PPGs more would be nice too but unrealistic...The rest is doable if Chicago starts Niemi!

  • 1143. etienne (on Tue Mar 30 16:05:28 2010)
    The last games of the season can really tip who will win the championship despite BLT seemingly commanding lead. Couple of categories where Bao only has a small lead and be overtaken, and the +/- situation is not certain for a few teams and this could impact the overall ranking. Or the race will be a complete bust and nothing will change except who's in third position (and maybe the second in the best case). I hope it's the former scenario which will prevail in the end... Now if Crosby can score the goals he needs for 50, Kesler and Datsyuk going for 30 and Pominville continues his hot streak in time for the playoff, anything is possible... Not too bad for a team with only a few keepers at the beginning of the season!

  • 1142. raymond (on Mon Mar 29 23:13:55 2010)
    Need some help here, should I hire Brind'Amour and Recchi? Ironically, both are from the 88 draft.

  • 1141. niraj (on Mon Mar 29 19:17:51 2010)
    Slim pickings Bao: Modano or Gelinas. Hmmm....

  • 1140. yannick (on Mon Mar 29 17:07:56 2010)
    fyi... the deadline to hire players is April 7. pvi... la date limite pour engager des joueurs est le 7 avril.

  • 1139. bao (on Mon Mar 29 17:00:14 2010)
    Don't worry Etienne ..that's why I have two FA left... Maybe I should pickup a geezer that was drafted in 1988...

  • 1138. niraj (on Mon Mar 29 16:34:48 2010)
    Hey Yan, I didn't get Yan_C's free agent when he hired JVR... My young team is doing quite well lately.

  • 1137. etienne (on Mon Mar 29 16:26:25 2010)
    Ray, you just might have a chance with Thornton out and Getzlaf out as well.

  • 1136. raymond (on Mon Mar 29 15:34:01 2010)
    Yeah but then Danny will challenge Niraj to a beer-crushing competition. Don't think Niraj's forehead can withstand that kind of impact. Ever since Bao declared war on me, my team has decided to run and hide. I've put out an APB to find them. Bao, your team is invited to a Club Med retreat followed by a cruise : )

  • 1135. yan_c (on Mon Mar 29 11:21:48 2010)
    @ Danny.... Watch it!....This is where Niraj will challenge you to jello wrestling in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle plastic pool to decide a "winner".... C'est pas gay c'est tranquille!!!

  • 1134. niraj (on Sun Mar 28 20:22:51 2010)
    Danny, it's not even a contest. You're only beating me in 1 category. Told you I wouldn't need 7...

  • 1133. danny (on Sun Mar 28 12:30:37 2010)
    Niraj, I guess i'll give you this weeks round....But next week will be different. I Demand a rematch Yan! Its good for the PayPerView ratings..No?

  • 1132. yan_c (on Sun Mar 28 10:42:25 2010)
    Don't mind Niraj guys.... He's been in a bad mood since he found out that the latest Canadiens acquisition (Aaron Palushaj) is in fact not Indian....

  • 1131. niraj (on Sun Mar 28 10:39:16 2010)
    who the hell is the etc in the first round? Curtis Leschyschyn and Tie Domie? The rest of that entire 1st round didn't play in the NHL! In 1999, you had 17 players in the first round play (and continue to play) in the NHL. In 88, there were only 7 that made it!

  • 1130. etienne (on Sun Mar 28 08:30:30 2010)
    @Niraj 1988 is pretty good: Modano, Selanne, Gelinas, Roenick, Linden, etc. in the first round! And Blake, Amonte, Recchi, Mogilny, Hedican and Lapointe in later rounds,

  • 1129. danny (on Sat Mar 27 18:11:22 2010)
    Man...Niraj, Hope you don't work like you write...I'd fire your ass right away!

  • 1128. niraj (on Sat Mar 27 17:58:33 2010)
    @Etienne: Dude, at least many of the picks in the 1st round played in the NHL...can't say that for the 1988 draft.

  • 1127. niraj (on Sat Mar 27 17:55:47 2010)
    My bad Yan_C. 1988 draft is what I meant...figured that out Danny O'c?

  • 1126. etienne (on Sat Mar 27 09:46:36 2010)
    1999 is worst imo

  • 1125. yan_c (on Sat Mar 27 09:26:03 2010)
    @Niraj ....Would it kill you to put the right year? Danny's all mixed up now

  • 1124. niraj (on Sat Mar 27 09:23:09 2010)
    Wow, the 1998 entry draft has to be one of the worst draft classes of all time...check this out:

  • 1123. danny (on Fri Mar 26 08:33:23 2010)
    Hey...Wait just a minute...My team wasn't ready for this! Can someone tell them they can start to score! Last week they were full throttle and need some rest...They need to stretch first. These are F1 players they brake down easy...Look at Booth last night! "I will still brake you Niraj" (with a russian accent) You can take that to the bank of Nikoly

  • 1122. bao (on Thu Mar 25 21:01:07 2010)
    I have decided to leave MTL and stop following the NHL.... To be honest as soon as I checked-in my hotel I had to login and check the boxscores. Just like a junkie stumbling with his elastic cord for the next hit :) @Ray: I declare WAR !!!

  • 1121. niraj (on Thu Mar 25 17:38:14 2010)
    I think a more appropriate billing would be "The winners vs the losers". I hope the Hitmen believe in heaven cause I won't need seven...

  • 1120. yannick (on Thu Mar 25 17:15:52 2010)
    following the war of words between Niraj and Danny, I have decided to modify the head-2-head matchups for the non-playoffs matchups for our entertainment purpose. The matchup for 7th position is delayed to next week. So, in what we can call the "War of the Big Mouths!", Archangels are facing the Hitmen! And as an exhibition Guns N Roses vs LemonParty. I don`t think there will be objections since there are no impacts to the playoffs.

  • 1119. phuc (on Thu Mar 25 11:38:42 2010)
    Bao, I think Niraj is referring to me... I'm climbing up!

  • 1118. niraj (on Thu Mar 25 10:05:49 2010)'re championship is in jeopardy...

  • 1117. niraj (on Thu Mar 25 09:53:53 2010)
    @Danny: Any time, any place. @Yan_C: Hey, I've got to let you win somewhere in life...

  • 1116. danny (on Thu Mar 25 08:48:00 2010)
    Of course, Niraj gets another bye!!! Unreal...Its confirmed...This is fixed to have Niraj win at least something. He can't go a year without being able to be the center of attention. I demand that i face Niraj this week....I've got the briefcase from the money in the bank matchup (I took out Doodies)and THAT must be worth a revival chance. ...No? Come on Niraj I'm calling you out. I WANT A TITLE MATCH...PUSSY!!! WOOSS!!! NO GUTS!!! AFRAID are YOU? You cant really loose against the Hitman. CAN YOU?

  • 1115. yan_c (on Wed Mar 24 15:59:05 2010)
    Si c'est comme au squash ou au golf ca devrait etre une victoire ecrasante des Fusils & Roses...

  • 1114. yannick (on Wed Mar 24 15:56:06 2010)
    je rajoute un matchup d'exhibition pour que les Archangels et Guns N Roses aient une bonne pratique pour leur finale repective Archangels vs Guns N Roses

  • 1113. yannick (on Wed Mar 24 15:50:25 2010)
    resultats de la deuxieme ronde des playoffs dans le head-2-head: Highlanders def Rough Bears 6 - 5 Pooh Team def Havana United 7 - 4 Archangels def Combiners 6 - 5 LemonParty def BLT 7 - 4 Hitmen def Doodies 10 - 3 Nolan tirait de l'arriere hier, mais avec une soiree incroyable, a vaincu Etienne et passe en demi-finale. Les quatres premieres equipes au classement general regulier (BLT, Combiners, Doodies et Havana United) ont tous subit la defaite cette semaine! Suivant le format decrit dans le comment #640, voici les matchup de la 3ieme ronde des playoffs: Demi-final (winner side): Pooh Team vs Highlanders Note that due to the number of teams we have this year and the format, Archangels go straight to the finals. (be assured that format will be reajusted next year) Demi-final (loser side): Doodies vs BLT Note that due to the number of teams we have this year and the format, Guns N Roses go straight to the loser finals. (be assured that format will be reajusted next year) Qualification matchup for 4th positon matchup vs Rough Bears next week: Havana United vs Combiners matchup for 7th position: Hitmen vs LemonParty Bonne Chance a tous!

  • 1112. yan_c (on Wed Mar 24 15:50:24 2010)
    @Danny...In your case, the result of lots and lots of cousins that got together? ;)

  • 1111. danny (on Wed Mar 24 15:48:16 2010)
    Who's your daddy?

  • 1110. yannick (on Wed Mar 24 15:33:53 2010)
    Felicitations a Danny pour avoir gagner la semaine! c'est son deuxieme $10 cette saison. Danny etait 7ieme hier et a connu une incroyable soiree pour finir premier! Bravo! Sommaire des $10 pour la presente saison: Ray: $30 Rudy: $25 Danny: $20 JF: $10 Etienne: $10 Yanick C: $5

  • 1109. danny (on Tue Mar 23 18:27:22 2010)
    I really didn't think this was going to be the high point of my 2010 UFHL Season. Oh does get me motivated to crush the competition.

  • 1108. danny (on Tue Mar 23 18:25:35 2010)
    Hanging on to dear life in the looser bracket...Will Doodies Go down with BLT? I'm leading 6-5 in total scoring edge. Tonight is basically: MY Team: Booth, Burrow,Nash,Sharp, Ladd vs Doodies: Doan, Peverley,Versteeg,Brouwer Niraj...Wantta bet? Who do you think has the edge? The looser goes to the looser final against BLT??? Plus, i have Niemi in goal...and Doodies doesn't have one...Which could go against me unless Chicago wins a damn game!

  • 1107. phuc (on Mon Mar 22 18:49:43 2010)
    Rinne will destroy you Bao (in h2h)! But he's also helping you win the championship by keeping Ray at bay in the Goalie's cats... It's funny how some deals work out sometimes.

  • 1106. yannick (on Mon Mar 22 10:56:47 2010)
    BLT is trailing LemonParty in the head-2-head loser bracket. It would be funny that the overall winner would also be the grand head-2-head loser! ...but I know, there is a lot of hockey left. Bao hasn't won the overall yet, and hasn't lost the head-2-head yet.

  • 1105. raymond (on Mon Mar 22 09:15:31 2010)
    In retrospect, I should have hired McBain just so that he can deliver the following motivational speach: "Up and At-om!" Those who watched the early Simpsons will get that.

  • 1104. raymond (on Sun Mar 21 00:50:20 2010)
    Oh Rinne, why couldn't you do this while you were on my team?

  • 1103. niraj (on Fri Mar 19 15:57:17 2010)
    @Danny: Even I have to say, that's pretty terrible luck. lol.

  • 1102. danny (on Fri Mar 19 15:49:06 2010)
    See Wisnewski's suspension. I just got him in the last trade of the UFHL with Ray! First game active, he almost kills my other player Seabrook. Damn this year sucks! and the past 3 for that matter. Loser tournament is mine for sure!

  • 1101. niraj (on Fri Mar 19 11:12:20 2010)
    A losers tournament...finally something Danny can excel at. ;).

  • 1100. yannick (on Fri Mar 19 10:46:37 2010)
    @bao: at the beginning of the season, I didn't know we would do the head-2-head, so the divisions were just a cosmetic thing for historical reasons. If we continue with the head-2-head, we will probably have to modify the divisions.

  • 1099. bao (on Fri Mar 19 07:10:34 2010)
    Best solution = only two conference ! Why do we have 3 divisions anyways ? I hope my dressing less goalies strategy won't backfire...

  • 1098. yannick (on Thu Mar 18 22:18:13 2010)
    Niraj you gave me an idea! We will decide the head-2-head ultimate winner by the process described in comment 640. But since the head-2-head doesn't count this year and is an experiment, at the same time that we decide the winner, we will follow playoffs for the losers and decide the head-2-head ultimate loser by doing the exact same opposite for the losers! This means that the losers of last week will meet each other (same division) and the losers of those matchup continue until an all-loser final! The team that will lose the loser final, will be crown the ultimate head-2-head loser! If next year we give money to the the head-2-head winner, we could also give a penality to the grand loser (something like having to pay an extra $5 in the entry fee) to make sure to add motivation to always put the best lineup every week. I have already announced the round 2 for the winners, so here is round 2 for the losers: Victiora Division Loser Final: 2 BLT vs 4 LemonParty Howard Division Loser Final: 1 Doodies vs 3 Hitmen Bishop Division Loser Final: 3 Guns N Roses gets a bye because only 3 teams in Bishop division

  • 1097. danny (on Thu Mar 18 16:30:05 2010)
    No problem...Who's my next opponent?

  • 1096. niraj (on Wed Mar 17 18:51:25 2010)
    Is there going to be another bye in the semi finals? I suggest having LemonParty and Hitmen face off as the 4th quarter final in the "lucky losers" draw, since they had the most points against their respective opponents.

  • 1095. yannick (on Wed Mar 17 16:31:38 2010)
    Voici les resultats de la premiere ronde des playoffs pour le head-2-head: Rough Bears def LemonParty 5 - 5 Highlanders def BLT 6 - 3 Pooh Team def Doodies 8 - 3 Havana United def Hitmen 7 - 4 Combiners def Guns N Roses 9 - 3 La deuxieme ronde des playoffs, qui commence aujourd'hui, est les finales de divisions! matchup this week: Victiora Division Final: 1 Rough Bears vs 3 Highlanders Howard Division Final: 2 Havana United vs 4 Pooh Team Bishop Division Final: 1 Archangels vs 2 Combiners

  • 1094. yannick (on Wed Mar 17 16:27:46 2010)
    Felicitations a Ray pour avoir gagner la semaine! Felicitations a Etienne pour avoir gagne la semaine derniere! Sommaire des $10 pour la presente saison: Ray: $30 Rudy: $25 Danny: $10 JF: $10 Etienne: $10 Yanick C: $5

  • 1093. bao (on Wed Mar 17 15:20:31 2010)
    Losing the head-to-head was necessary for my team to focus on the championship... @Ray: Maybe you should dress Price this week

  • 1092. danny (on Tue Mar 16 18:22:01 2010)
    Man...Who's the GM that has Brian Campbell...Poor guys!!! Oh its me.....again! Snif Snif!!!

  • 1091. yannick (on Tue Mar 16 13:50:32 2010)
    oups, I didn't noticed that Pooh Team is also leading Doodies, another possible upset for the first round.

  • 1090. yannick (on Tue Mar 16 13:49:38 2010)
    so far this week for the round 1 of teh playoffs, all the favorites are leading except for BLT, but with bao's powerhouse team, he has teh power to destroy my team in one night! Rough Bears lead LemonParty 8 - 4 Highlanders lead BLT 9 - 2 Pooh Team lead Doodies 6 - 4 Havana United lead Hitmen 8 - 3 Combiners lead Guns N Roses 9 - 3

  • 1089. yannick (on Tue Mar 16 13:46:48 2010)
    @danny: for the head-2-head playoffs, it's the head-2-head ranking that counts, not the regular overall ranking. The head-2-head ranking and score is available by selecting "Head-2-Head Scores and Schedule" in the "Rankings" menu (or by clicking here)

  • 1088. danny (on Tue Mar 16 12:37:53 2010)
    Maybe its me but Niraj...your in second place in the division ... so why do you get the bye nice your second? T. Gilbert mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1087. yan_c (on Mon Mar 15 14:43:33 2010)
    Nice to see the home lets Danny use the computer a little... Do they make green jello in honor of O'Connor St-Patrick's day?

  • 1086. niraj (on Mon Mar 15 14:36:29 2010)
    @Danny: I know this is hard for you to relate to, but the team in 1st place gets a bye when there is an uneven number of teams in the division. @Raymond: You too can sign up to the "Recycle-a-player" program by picking up the highly talented but underperforming T.Gilbert. A potential keeper!

  • 1085. raymond (on Mon Mar 15 12:59:00 2010)
    Yanick - Are you part of the Niraj "Recycle-a-player" Program?

  • 1084. danny (on Mon Mar 15 12:43:48 2010)
    Why the hell does Niraj have the bye...This is fixed....Again!

  • 1083. yannick (on Sun Mar 14 23:47:37 2010)
    hi guys sorry this week I was not able to pay attention to the league because I was taken by a personal matter. March 10th was the start of the head-2-head playoffs. This week is the 1st round: Divisional semi-finals These are the matchups: Victiora Division: 1 Rough Bears vs 4 LemonParty 2 BLT vs 3 Highlanders Howard Division: 1 Doodies vs 4 Pooh Team 2 Havana United vs 3 Hitmen Bishop Division: 2 Combiners vs 3 Guns N Roses Note that the Archangels get a bye because there are only 3 teams in the Bishop division.

  • 1082. niraj (on Sat Mar 13 10:05:03 2010)
    Insane race for the championship...

  • 1081. niraj (on Sat Mar 13 09:34:22 2010)
    Just to make it super legal, I call J.Bernier

  • 1080. niraj (on Fri Mar 12 22:05:28 2010)
    I call J.Bernier goalie for la kings

  • 1079. jf (on Fri Mar 12 16:41:59 2010)
    Je pense que ces Comments of the Week sont maintenant hors control. Il va falloir y mettre un modérateur.

  • 1078. bao (on Fri Mar 12 09:37:39 2010)
    Brind'Amour ugly !!!

  • 1077. etienne (on Fri Mar 12 09:36:01 2010)
    So, big tits, ugly face?

  • 1076. yan_c (on Fri Mar 12 08:49:47 2010)
    @Bao...and I thought Danny needed the way, Dallas GM is Joe Nieuwendyk...and I bet 10$ you giggle cuz of the dyke part of his name lol

  • 1075. bao (on Fri Mar 12 08:46:57 2010)
    Guys I have to reduce my time for UFHL... I'm starting to dream about fantasy hockey... I'll try to describe my dream: I'm at a KHL hockey stadium in Russia where the Dallas Stars GM (who look like Tim Roth cause I have no idea what he looks like in real life) announces that he's happy to be the first NHL team to trade with a KHL franchise. The trade was F.Brunnstrom and L.Eriksson for the whole first line of this team. I tried to memorize the three russian names to call them in UFHL... At the same time I was thinking that it was a good thing I traded Eriksson to Yan.C... Another note: the russian women at the game where all porn worthy ;)

  • 1074. etienne (on Fri Mar 12 08:36:44 2010)
    So, Bao, what you're saying is that I'm Letang's rebound!

  • 1073. niraj (on Thu Mar 11 23:46:58 2010)
    @Yan_C: That's SO much more accurate... Was just looking at the 2003 draft. Wow, did Montreal fuck that one up...

  • 1072. yan_c (on Thu Mar 11 16:28:16 2010)
    @ Niraj....More like Al Davis than Mike Milbury

  • 1071. bao (on Thu Mar 11 16:26:43 2010)
    Goligoski is just a fling.... I cheated on Letang with Goligoski

  • 1070. niraj (on Thu Mar 11 16:26:20 2010)
    Can someone explain to me why looks like a traffic jam? Whoever their web designer is needs to find another profession. Akin to how the Hitmen need to find a new GM. Danny's like the Mike Milbury of the UFHL.

  • 1069. niraj (on Thu Mar 11 16:18:35 2010)
    Miro Satan has nothing on Alex Goligoski...

  • 1068. bao (on Thu Mar 11 14:27:35 2010)
    False... I still love Miro Satan

  • 1067. raymond (on Thu Mar 11 13:41:08 2010)
    Sorry, the man-crush detox program has been cut from the budget The only cure is time. Generally speaking, it takes 3-4 years for a man-crush to go away. For example, J.Cheechoo had to be crap for 3-4 years before everyone forgot about his Rocket-Richard trophy. If we look at Phuc and his man crush on Radulov, Radulov has been away for 2 years so if he stays in the KHL for another year or 2, Phuc will forget about him (and find a new man-crush!)

  • 1066. yan_c (on Thu Mar 11 12:24:45 2010)
    @phuc Leave Danny be... He tried new strategies... I'm sure on paper having more goalies than defencemen made sense. I thought of it also... then I remembered that I wasn't retarded... But he has to do something about his man-crush on Brent Seabrook. @Ray Does the UFHL have a man-crush detox program for it's members?

  • 1065. phuc (on Thu Mar 11 12:10:09 2010)
    Sometimes the best move is to make no move at all... With all the changes before the season, I wanted to give my guys a chance to build some chemistry. Give them some time... Swapping out a bunch of guys at the deadline just shows your lack of confidence in the players you brought in and in your own team building ability in general. You know? I'm talking about my super GM skills in fighting for last place here. It's between you and me, Yannick! I also think Ray robbed Danny (like he did with me).

  • 1064. niraj (on Thu Mar 11 09:52:58 2010)
    Trade deadline winners: Ray, Bao, Me (of course). Trade deadline losers: Danny (what else is new?), Yan_C (for not being able to unload 5 players and 3 fas for 1 player), Etienne (for not upgrading his team for another magical run to the title). Thoughts?

  • 1063. raymond (on Wed Mar 10 15:27:17 2010)
    Breaking news: Price has been traded Guys, it's official, Halak stays and Price gets traded Can you believe it?

  • 1062. yan_c (on Wed Mar 10 14:54:53 2010)
    @Danny.... Is the french translation of Danny O'connor, Matt Millen?

  • 1061. danny (on Wed Mar 10 14:48:18 2010)
    I guess this is your last chance to get Price....!!!LOL

  • 1060. raymond (on Wed Mar 10 14:37:51 2010)
    Bao - only glitch with your team is that Russian guy named Malkin. I'll enter a Malkin for Morrow deal and then your team will be complete!

  • 1059. raymond (on Wed Mar 10 14:35:31 2010)
    ********Rappel******** Date limite des transactions est aujourd'hui. Il faut compléter les échanges et faire votre alignement avant 19h ********Reminder******** Trade deadline is today. Trades must completed by 7pm and your lineup must be done by 7pm too.

  • 1058. bao (on Wed Mar 10 13:01:42 2010)
    My star studed team can now by called team Canada

  • 1057. niraj (on Wed Mar 10 11:29:36 2010)
    Big moves on deadline day...

  • 1056. etienne (on Tue Mar 9 08:15:20 2010)
    To everyone: Kesler is available

  • 1055. yan_c (on Mon Mar 8 13:55:07 2010)
    I'm offering Bobby Ryan, Claude Giroux, Maxim afinogenov, Filip Kuba, Chris Kunitz and 3 FA's for one Blue Chip Keeper. Yes that's right, 5 players and 3 Fa's for 1 bona fide Keeper. Ball is in your court gents if ever you're interested.

  • 1054. yan_c (on Mon Mar 8 09:58:29 2010)
    @ Danny.... I believe Niraj came OUT a while back... I think you were in Sweden scouting Borje Salming for the 2010-2011 Hitmen :)

  • 1053. phuc (on Mon Mar 8 08:51:13 2010)
    Another FYI. Been trying ESPN site for another fantasy league and it's the same: players traded and/or picked up are NOT automatically activated. Learned that the hard way... Actually not sure if I learned it yet, I keep on forgetting.

  • 1052. niraj (on Mon Mar 8 01:23:24 2010)
    Bao's leading the race for the title, there's a huge controversy with Rudy and everyone still keeps talking about me. I love it. Just an FYI for the league, not even Yahoo commissioner "replaces" players you traded with players you acquired in a trade. You can't expect a software to do that for obvious reasons.

  • 1051. danny (on Sun Mar 7 17:01:54 2010)
    Je seconde l'AFFAIRE NIRAJ! PEUT T ON VOTER "OUT" UN Gérant? LOL!!!! _______________________________ Quand on fait un échange, parfois le joueur est blessé ou bien on l'active pas pour "x" raison. Donc l'inverse aussi peut devenir problématique si le programme prend des décision pour nous. Le gérant est responsable de géré son club!

  • 1050. jf (on Sun Mar 7 10:21:53 2010)
    Oui pour Niraj, on peut passer au vote :) hihihi!

  • 1049. yan_c (on Sun Mar 7 09:06:00 2010)
    Je suis bien d'accord avec des commentaires plus tout. Je pense que Rudy est un excellent gerant et ca me ferait de la peine qu'il quitte... Niraj par contre, c'est une autre affaire. ;)

  • 1048. jf (on Sat Mar 6 22:04:19 2010)
    Le point de Rudy est bon par contre. Ce serait très bien que les joueurs lors d'une échange soit actif par défaut. C'est le fonctionnement des autre site en général. Mais c'est un peu de travail pour rien par contre, comme c'est un cas d'exception.

  • 1047. yannick (on Sat Mar 6 19:05:33 2010)
    Bonjour a tous, Rudy aimerait que j'apporte des precisions sur le commentaire portant sur les sanctions a son endroit. Il n'a pas oublier de faire son lineup, il aurait bien voulu le faire et il y a penser, mais il etait en meeting a Quebec toute la journee et il lui etait impossible de le faire. Il a entrer un lineup mercredi a 22:27:48 quand ca lui a ete possible. De mon point de vue je lui ai fait remarquer qu'il avait eu toute la semaine pour enregistrer un lineup et qu'il aurait du enregistrer un lineup tout-de-suite apres avoir engager Holmstrom. Il est aussi en desaccord avec le point numero 4 qui etait le suivant: 4- Son alignement reste comme il est. Rudy semble sous-entendre que mon programme aurait du automatiquement activer les nouveaux joueurs obtenu dans l'echange avec niraj et qu'il aurait du avoir 9 attaquants d'actifs plutot que 6 comme c'est la. Le dernier alignement partant enregistrer par Rudy datait du 10 fevrier lorsque mon programme a lu le fichier "This Week's Action" mercredi a 19h05. A ce moment, Kovalchuk, Franzen et Neal etait actif. Je lui ai expliquer que mon programme ne fait que lire le fichier et ne remplace pas des joueurs echanger par les joueurs obtenu dans un echange dans l'alignement partant. Je crois que le malentendu est la. Donc le point numero 4 aurait du se lire comme suit: 4- Son alignement reste comme il etait enregistrer en date du mercredi 3 mars a 19h05. L'alignement enregistrer a 22h27 ce meme mercredi a depasser l'heure limite et ne peut etre valide retroactivement. Comme d'habitude, si un ou des gerants ne sont pas satisfait des regles en place, il est fortement encourager de proposer des nouvelles regles. Le cas Filatov de l'annee derniere est un excellent exemple ou Danny a recu des sanctions qu'il n'etait pas d'accord et nous avons voter des changement aux reglements au dernier repechange en consequence. Rudy, plusieurs gerants m'ont fais mention qu'ils trouvaient que tu etais un excellent gerant et qu'ils souhaitaiemt tous ton retour l'annee prochaine. Je partage fortement cet opinion et espere ton retour aussi. J'espere que cet incident ne diminura pas ton entousiasme envers la ligue. Nous avons tous ete (y compris moi) ete frustrer des regles a un moment ou un autre. Nous avons ajuster ce que nous croyions qui devait etre modifier et avons garder des regles qui nous croyons necessaire. La UFHL est une ligue en constant evolution et les propositions de changements y sont bienvenus.

  • 1046. niraj (on Sat Mar 6 09:51:15 2010)
    Is Yannick the new commissioner? Dude, you're like Vince McMahon. You bring in these washed up gms, but when it's time to make some real decisions you take over :)

  • 1045. yannick (on Sat Mar 6 01:13:16 2010)
    ***************Sanctions contre Rudy****************** Rudy avait engage T. Holmstrom, et a oublie de le mettre actif cette semaine. Le nombre maximal de joueur, qui est de 26, a aussi ete depasser (27). Nous devons alors applique la penalite suivante: 1- T. Holmstrom est de retour sur le marche des agents libres 2- Perte du free agent utilise pour engager T. Holmstrom (ne retournent pas dans l'alignement de Rudy) 3- Perte d'un free agent supplementaire parce T. Holmstrom n'etait pas actif cette semaine et que le nombre total de joueur a depasser la limite. 4- Son alignement reste comme il est. Les reglent ont ete appliques comme il se doit en respectant les decisions prisent par le passe. C'est un oubli et ca peut arriver a tout le monde, mais c'est vrai que ca n'arrive pas au meilleur des moments. Nous conseillons de toujours faire un alignement partant tout-de-suite apres avoir engager un joueur ou apres avoir fait un echange juste au cas ou vous ne soyez pas disponible le mercredi pour modifier votre alignement. Rudy, c'est rien de personel, et c'est exactement la meme sanction qui aurait ete appliquer a tous les autres gerants de la ligue. Comme Niraj le fait remarque, tu conserves d'excellentes chances de l'emporter. Raymond et Yannick

  • 1044. niraj (on Fri Mar 5 22:58:26 2010)
    Rudy, The other thing you have going for you is that I have a strong team and Bao and I are pretty close in a lot of categories. If I perform well and you perform well, you should easily beat Bao... Sorry Bao...

  • 1043. danny (on Fri Mar 5 16:26:11 2010)
    Wow!! 3 days off the comments page and i miss this!!! Rudy tu vas finir 1er ou 2e ...lâche-pas comme ça. Je sais que tu dois être en maudit ...Jai déjà fait cette erreur y'en a plein d'autres aussi qui on fait ça! Boude pas...Ça fait bébé un peu! Mais j'ai déjà réagi pareil à toi...Faudrait je retrouve mes comments d'y ya 2 ans! LOL...Je sais même pas si ce que Niraj dit est la bonne cause mais si cest ça...t'as 8 joueurs actif à l'avant, tu perd Holmstrom (je doute que personne le réclamme), tu perd un FA...C'est ça la punition habituelle. Je crois pareil en tes chances de gagner le pool!!! Lache pas!

  • 1042. jf (on Fri Mar 5 14:18:43 2010)
    And me I don't think 1 week make a big difference. We could at the end to see, but I would bet 2$ that it has no impact.

  • 1041. niraj (on Fri Mar 5 10:56:34 2010)
    I don't know're only 4 pts back...would be pretty silly to give up at this point.

  • 1040. niraj (on Fri Mar 5 08:24:06 2010)
    Ouch, I see what happened. Rudy hired T.Holmstrom, didn't start him and didn't fire a player from his roster. Those penalties are usually pretty bad...

  • 1039. niraj (on Fri Mar 5 08:15:30 2010)
    What the hell? Rudy/Yannick what's going on?

  • 1038. phuc (on Fri Mar 5 00:14:46 2010)
    What's going on?! I thought I was the only on meds here?

  • 1037. rudy (on Fri Mar 5 00:00:09 2010)
    Niraj, guys, I'll let Yannick explain what happened and how he made his decision. The only thing I can say is that my UFHL season is over. Now I'll take some time off and then decide if I'll be back or not next year. So I won't post another comment for a while. Thank you all for the fun and good luck for the end of the season.

  • 1036. niraj (on Thu Mar 4 21:18:35 2010)
    YanB: What do u mean "don't worry we're on top of things"? Is he violating a rule or something? What I don't get is why he didn't start doan or pevs after trading franzen. Even moreso, why didn't he start fleury over elliot? I give him props for trying to manage his way to victory though...

  • 1035. yan_c (on Thu Mar 4 11:48:07 2010)
    A for sure-for sure keeper...on your team (for me) that would be stastny, parise, myers, hiller...maybe backstrom I would even add RYAN, WEISS or KOIVU to the mix of players and FAs before for a real gem

  • 1034. yannick (on Thu Mar 4 11:43:56 2010)
    @yan_c: what do you mean by a "niraj keeper"?

  • 1033. yan_c (on Thu Mar 4 11:42:29 2010)
    Available... Giroux, Afinogenov, Kuba and Kuntiz and 6FA's I'm looking for 1 niraj keeper....that's all

  • 1032. yannick (on Thu Mar 4 11:41:45 2010)
    Yes Niraj, Ray and I noticed aready and we are discussing about it. Don't worry niraj, we are on top of things...

  • 1031. yan_c (on Thu Mar 4 11:40:52 2010)
    he's preparing a big trade and does not want to risk injury

  • 1030. niraj (on Thu Mar 4 11:39:09 2010)
    Anyone else notice Rudy's lineup this week?

  • 1029. yannick (on Thu Mar 4 10:29:41 2010)
    I have tears in my eyes... I never thought it would happen... I am not in last place anymore!!!

  • 1028. niraj (on Thu Mar 4 09:14:55 2010)
    Someone hire A.Delmore and trade him to Ray.

  • 1027. raymond (on Thu Mar 4 00:57:39 2010)
    Ok guys, if the NHL can make 20+ minor deals, so can we!!! I'll start: I'll trade S.Koivu for a player that once had "name value" who can sit on my bench. Just to clarify, I don't want a player that might start for me one day, he has to be a bencher. I accept 2nd round picks but not Canadian Tire $$$

  • 1026. yan_c (on Wed Mar 3 16:13:25 2010)
    amazing... Leafs traded 2 first rounders (steen and le beau carlo) for Stempniak in nov 2008. today, stempniak traded for a 4 and a 7.... A(tres longues pause)Yoye

  • 1025. yannick (on Wed Mar 3 15:21:49 2010)
    Felicitations a JF pour avoir gagner la semaine! Il se merite son premier $10 de la saison. Sommaire des $10 pour la presente saison: Rudy: $25 Ray: $20 Danny: $10 JF: $10 Yanick C: $5

  • 1024. yan_c (on Wed Mar 3 15:20:03 2010)
    The UFHL has been traded to Yahoo sports for a 2nd round pick

  • 1023. phuc (on Wed Mar 3 14:46:11 2010)
    Not that I was following him much, but I had no idea Scott Walker's value was that low...

  • 1022. yannick (on Wed Mar 3 11:26:00 2010)
    Rory Boylen from The Hockey News agree with you yan_c aout second round picks:

  • 1021. jf (on Wed Mar 3 10:37:37 2010)
    I'm willing to give my 10$ win this week to Phuc foundation. I'll wait to know the exact psych disease?

  • 1020. raymond (on Wed Mar 3 10:34:59 2010)
    Anybody have medical knowlegde here? We'll have to give Phuc a psych evaluation before next year's draft : )

  • 1019. phuc (on Wed Mar 3 09:59:56 2010)
    Confirming that I lost it? I kinda liked D'Agostini.

  • 1018. etienne (on Wed Mar 3 07:27:02 2010)
    Canadian Tire Money

  • 1017. rudy (on Wed Mar 3 07:05:51 2010)
    Nobody picked Aaron Palushaj yet? Another great 2nd rounder!

  • 1016. raymond (on Tue Mar 2 22:51:35 2010)
    Phuc - just got a text from Balsillie, he says "Phuc get in line! I can execute your plan without point # 1 and add point # 9: move team to Oshawa."

  • 1015. niraj (on Tue Mar 2 22:05:52 2010)
    It's confirmed: Phuc has lost it.

  • 1014. phuc (on Tue Mar 2 19:04:34 2010)
    That's how you sell hockey to the Americans. yan_c, you have Bettman's number? I have a pitch for him :)

  • 1013. phuc (on Tue Mar 2 19:01:38 2010)
    shiiit. So there's no rule against it I guess? Hmmm, here's my plan: 1) win lottery 2) buy the Nashville Preds 3) fire all the players, except for Radulov (also hire j. jokinen for SO) 4) hire a bunch of fatties at the local buffet (it's Nashville...) 5) stack 3 or 4 fatties between the goal posts, with that OT pt, guaranteed .500 team 6) Radulov is happy to get all the ice time he wants and dekes out the 5 opposing players, scores once every 2 games? 40-goal scorer 7) Find a homeless guy every game to get the beating of a lifetime - the opposing team will want to vent out their frustration somehow... fans will love this 8) Paint a target on the fatties, for every slap shot that hits the bullseye, fans get a chicken wing or an Elvis-shaped chicken nugget? fans will love this Can't be more boring than playing the 'trap'. fights, food, a superstar = crowd crowd + low payroll = profit Woah! I impress myself... (I have long days at work)

  • 1012. rudy (on Tue Mar 2 17:50:23 2010)
    What I like of trade deadlines is that ton of minor league player trades. @phuc: Stop sniffing coke when you are alone in front of your computer.

  • 1011. yan_c (on Tue Mar 2 16:35:51 2010)
    @ niraj.... I'm not sure, but I gather Ray let the dogs out in case you were wondering

  • 1010. niraj (on Tue Mar 2 16:33:50 2010)
    Phuc, Funny, I've always had the same question. If your team is up by 1 and you're down to the last minute, why not just pad a few guys into the net? Must be something similar to the 3-second rule you described. On a related note, how do they get the caramel into the caramilk bar?

  • 1009. yan_c (on Tue Mar 2 16:06:08 2010)
    it's 405pm Phuc... I think you need to watch Dr. Phil

  • 1008. phuc (on Tue Mar 2 16:03:07 2010)
    The Leafs, few years back, used to use a similar strategy: ' - OMG, Potvin/CuJo/Belfour just gave this huge rebound, where's the puck?? - Doesn't matter, collapse! collapse! Guys, jump in! - I don't want to be bottom! - He kneed my cup last time! etc. ' Then you'd just see TO players jumping on top of each other in front of the net... Am I just talking crazy or do any of you remember that?

  • 1007. phuc (on Tue Mar 2 15:31:28 2010)
    It's gonna be pretty hard to score on Ott.. you have to shoot through Volchenkov, Sutton, and whoever is replacing oft-injured Leclaire nowadays. I've always wondered, aside from good sportsmanship, what's stopping a team from just stacking fat guys in gear to completely cover the net, say after scoring the first goal? Is there a 3-second like rule for your own players in the goalie perimeter?

  • 1006. yan_c (on Tue Mar 2 14:06:32 2010)
    Now that Atlanta picked up his rights, Las Vegas has 2 to 1 odds that The Hitmen will pick up Chris Chelios to help their defense.

  • 1005. yan_c (on Tue Mar 2 14:04:32 2010)
    ottawa viennent de donner un 2eme choix a NYI pour le grand Andy Sutton who is the only skater in the league that Hal Gill can almost catch.

  • 1004. yan_c (on Tue Mar 2 13:22:30 2010)
    Merci Etienne! J'appuie ton commentaire avec preuves pour les gens qui pensent que le CH s'est fait vole. Notes: 2005, le Sidney Crosby draft fut reconnu comme une des meilleures cuvees de l'histoire de la NHL j'ai mis un ? pour des joueurs pas vraiment reguliers a ce que je sache. 2010 est estime comme la pire cuvee depuis 2001 I may have forgotten a couple, so please rectify if u see a mistake merci, Y 2nd round draft picks in the NHL 2009 33 Oreilly Col 2008 None (unless I'm mistaken) 2007 32 Mclean PHO 43 Subban? 61 Simmonds LA 2006 34 neuvirth was 47 matthias det (?) 49 Maxwell MTL (?) 50 Lucic Bos 54 ansimov NYR (?) 2005 31 mikkelson ana 33 Neal Dal 35 Vlasic SJ 41 pavelec atl 44 stastny COL (AYOYE a cause du prochain pick) 45 Tenderness 51 raymond (Van) 2004 32 bolland chi 50 lisin (pho) ? 53 booth FLA 60 dubinsky 61 gogliosi pit 63 Krejci

  • 1003. niraj (on Tue Mar 2 13:04:35 2010)
    Funny Etienne, the way the Habs draft, you would think they feel that their 1st round picks are like Canadian Tire money.

  • 1002. etienne (on Tue Mar 2 12:32:31 2010)
    Second round picks are like Canadian Tire Money.

  • 1001. yan_c (on Tue Mar 2 10:57:23 2010)
    I agree with in last place gets first pick at waivers and so on until the team in 1st. But I hear that next year is a bad draft year...that's why 2nd rounders are flying around

  • 1000. yannick (on Tue Mar 2 10:55:27 2010)
    I didn't know that, but to think that PK Subban was a second round draft pick, I still think that a 2nd rounder was too much. I know I know, he's the exception, but still...

  • 999. yan_c (on Tue Mar 2 10:52:47 2010)
    true...but 14 teams would have had a crack at him through waivers before Canadiens you fail to mention

  • 998. yannick (on Tue Mar 2 10:49:26 2010)
    so far the trades shows that gauthier greatly overpaid for moore... according to francois gagnon, moore would have been available the next day through waivers had the canadiens be patient...

  • 997. yannick (on Tue Mar 2 10:38:08 2010)
    reminder that the ufhl trade deadline is next week march 10th.

  • 996. rudy (on Tue Mar 2 10:01:53 2010)
    Scott Gomez is available. Going to the highest bidder. @yannick: Il y a un problème avec les stats de Sekera pour la semaine en cours. Merci de jeter un oeil quand tu auras le temps.

  • 995. jf (on Tue Mar 2 08:19:55 2010)
    Last chances to get right on players like : Plekanek - Antropov - Blake - Lunqkvist

  • 994. niraj (on Mon Mar 1 00:10:13 2010)
    I'm going with the Brian Burke strategy. ANOTHER blockbuster with Ray now. VERY interesting deal...

  • 993. phuc (on Sun Feb 28 23:51:19 2010)
    I read Niraj's comment and went straight to to see what trade went down... Just realized he was talking about UFHL. That Cam Ward is getting around more than 's wife! Niraj, you're picking up your own trash! Lots of elements to analyze in that trade, I think it's pretty good for both - with Franzen being the category wild card?

  • 992. niraj (on Sun Feb 28 22:34:46 2010)
    a blockbuster trade just went down since the olympic break is over...

  • 991. raymond (on Sun Feb 28 19:46:47 2010)
    That was a "Niraj sleeper pick of the day" after all!" Greatest move of the Olympics was taking Nash off the Crosby line, glad I was able to convince the coach : )

  • 990. danny (on Sun Feb 28 18:47:59 2010)
    Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 989. etienne (on Sun Feb 28 18:21:36 2010)
    So, that Crosby goal should be worth 4 or 5 gwg in the UFHL

  • 988. danny (on Sun Feb 28 11:41:45 2010)
    Niraj you always need a 3 to 1 advantage just like your trades in the UFHL

  • 987. yan_c (on Sun Feb 28 08:09:00 2010)
    Luongo has yet to show me that he can lose a game for us. when he was in nets, Canada scored 8 goals (germany), 8 goals (norway) 7 goals (russia) and dominated soundly slovaks and scored 3 DUH, I hope so!

  • 986. yan_c (on Sun Feb 28 08:03:27 2010)
    @ niraj... ok, I hear ya...But if he does not let that first one (we'll never know) the rest of the game would have been like the first 50 mins. of course the second was not his fault. but admit it...after the first goal, you started to smell something cooking. I would have bet my house a second goal was on it's way. Can't give 3 to 1 since Vegas does not even have it at that. But I understand your reasoning

  • 985. niraj (on Sun Feb 28 07:58:45 2010)
    Yan_C: Not all goals are created equal. It's not the end of the world when a goalie lets in a soft goal with the team is up by 3 with 10 mins to go. The difference between a great goalie and an average one is that they have another gear when the game is on the line. I don't think you can fault him for that 2nd goal. Handzus was all alone and Luongo had no support. But dude, the second I saw the setup to Demitra and all that empty net, I thought "that's a goal" and freaked out when it didn't go in (I initially thought Demitra missed the net). If that first goal was actually the goal that tied up the game for the Slovaks, you'd hear another tune from everyone. Luongo has yet to show me that he can lose a game for us. Brodeur clearly showed that he can lose a game by himself. Who knows, maybe he's eying his wife's BFF again :). As for betting, anyone ready to lay 3-1 odds for me? So if USA wins, you pay out 3 times our wager. Not $100 though...I want the bet to be small enough that I can still root for Canada :). I'm in for $50 if anyone wants to lay 3-1. Niraj.

  • 984. yan_c (on Sat Feb 27 18:10:49 2010)
    Voici le headline de Rue Frontenac: "En finale grace a Luongo" Voici le headline de l'article de Marc de Foy : "Luongo sauve les meubles" Extrait de l'article: Le défenseur Lubomir Visnovsky a d’abord marqué en y allant d’une belle montée au filet pour déjouer Roberto Luongo durant une pénalité à retardement aux Canadiens. Enfin, avec quelques secondes à faire, Luongo a réalisé l’arrêt du match, pour ne pas dire de tout le tournoi à ce jour, en volant son coéquipier des Canucks, Pavol Demitra. J'ai revu le video des fait saillants du match 5 fois... comment un journaliste peut ecrire un article si biase... amazing

  • 983. danny (on Sat Feb 27 15:54:52 2010)
    See how different i saw it ....A defensive collapse!!! Not a Luongo oriented super save or bogus first goal! The defense has to be stronger in front of the net...specially against a USA team!

  • 982. yan_c (on Sat Feb 27 15:23:53 2010)
    @ phuc...bad explanation by apologies How about... If I were to write only one thing about Luongo's performance yesterday like Niraj did, it would not be the great save. I would have written that he should never had to make the great save in the first place? it's his fault that the Slovak's even had a chance to get close. So that is how differently I see the game(s) Better?

  • 981. jf (on Sat Feb 27 14:36:35 2010)
    Pourquoi on parle toujours de Luongo et Brodeur? Le meilleurs goaler Canadien c'est Fleury, ça fait 3 ans qu'il le prouve. 1 Fianle de la coupe, 1 coupe et une bonne saison. Les deux autres on quoi en comparison? En plus le gars joue pour une équipe avec 0 défensive. Le meilleur est Gonchar et on a vue ce que le Canada a fait avec lui en défensive.

  • 980. raymond (on Sat Feb 27 14:32:03 2010)
    Guys, let's just agree that we don't want to see Brodeur in nets tomorrow cuz that would mean that Luongo is getting blown out. Instead, we should try to get Miller out cuz Thomas in nets = Gold for Canada.

  • 979. phuc (on Sat Feb 27 14:25:29 2010)
    Give me 6-1 or even 2-1 odds and I'll bet on Miller-time too... @yan_c, I don't see anywhere anyone of us mentioned or even implied anything about Luongo's general skill or stopping ability. I don't think anyone can deny that switching to Luongo after Brodeur's flopping around like a fish out of water was the right call. So I don't see how you see hockey so differently than all of us... I don't get it. No one here said Luongo was the savior. I just expect for him to not lose games for Canada. Maybe he gave up a bad goal just to be in a position to make a clutch save later and feel important, you know? I'm just kidding.

  • 978. yan_c (on Sat Feb 27 12:38:17 2010)
    @ Danny...of course it's Luongo.... Lemaire encourage/back son cheval for the home stretch of the season. @ Niraj... Since I believe I was in the minority who said from the beginning that this Canadian Team was the best...I'll bet what you want on canada....100$?

  • 977. danny (on Sat Feb 27 12:16:08 2010)
    Oh and Niraj...Wantta bet on the USA! Put your money where your mouth is... I bet you a 100$ Canada wins...Wantta go?

  • 976. danny (on Sat Feb 27 12:14:27 2010)
    I just got a text from Einstein...It will NEVER happen!

  • 975. yan_c (on Sat Feb 27 10:51:52 2010)
    I understand why luongos never won anything. He's a nice goalie, just not elite. Kinda like pierre turgeon. Great but not next level. I got a text from Richard labbee. Lemaire is pushing for Brodeur demain

  • 974. yan_c (on Sat Feb 27 10:33:03 2010)
    Funny, I can't believe the first goal he let in that made the Slovaks even sniff they had a chance at winning. I must really see hockey differently than ya'all. I don't get it

  • 973. niraj (on Sat Feb 27 10:18:13 2010)
    I actually bet on the Slovaks last night. They were 6-1 underdogs (meaning that the bookies thought that the Slovaks only had a 14.5% chance to win. Insane!!!!). Couldn't believe the save Luongo made on Demitra at the end of the 3rd. I thought that was a goal for sure. Americans for gold and I'm hoping the bookies continue to underestimate the strength of the other teams. So does Montreal ride Halak or trade him now, when his value is highest?

  • 972. raymond (on Sat Feb 27 00:00:10 2010)
    Holy crap, was that a late collapse or Slovakia just being really good? For a while, it looked like short-track speed skating where 1 Canadian players would take out a Slovak and Canadian player. You know, when Niraj made his Olympic prediction, I thought it was in the same category as the "Niraj sleeper pick of the day" but this one actually holds some weight. Ok redemption time for Canada, let's see if the pride is there.

  • 971. danny (on Thu Feb 25 18:23:53 2010)
    Thank God i'm Jack Bauer (24)!!! Everybody dies in a nuclear explosion and i come out coughing through the smoke! Who planted that bomb ?

  • 970. yan_c (on Thu Feb 25 16:43:30 2010)
    JF is like Larry from 3's company...he pops up and no one is quite sure what he does. but he gets the chicks! yanick_b is the hospital administrator that people suspect is a serial killer, but in fact he volunteers at the SPCA. The actor who plays Rudy got too greedy in his contract negotiations so the producers had Phuc kill him off.

  • 969. jf (on Thu Feb 25 16:27:14 2010)
    How come you say coming to MTL, he is! I saw him last night at "Chez Paré".

  • 968. yan_c (on Thu Feb 25 16:10:48 2010)
    If this is General Hospital then Niraj is the slightly retarded orderly who pops in for comic relief. And I'm pretty sure Ray is in fact Jay. Jay killed his twin Ray and took over his identity. Still can't figure out why though. :) Danny's the guy who runs the newsstand/flower shop who keeps thinking Lecavalier is coming to MTL.

  • 967. danny (on Thu Feb 25 11:54:35 2010) spilled too! This is better than General Hospital (the soap opera)

  • 966. niraj (on Thu Feb 25 11:30:05 2010)
    Yan_C & Rudy: Why can't both of you be right? Lundqviste played terrible and Halak played well. I didn't see the game, but I doubt one of you is "more" right than the other. My qualifications include getting thrown out of the Ericsson hockey league and recently acquiring the skill to stick handle with my head up.

  • 965. etienne (on Thu Feb 25 09:39:48 2010)
    Tu seras considérer sérieusement quand tu auras un championnat de la UFHL! Ou quand tu seras victime d'une tentative de meurtre de Mike Danton. Bonne journée PS: La Suède, je le sens pas...

  • 964. yan_c (on Thu Feb 25 09:03:46 2010)
    OMG tu m'as fait rire... Je sais que c'est pas un sujet "drole" mais mon cafe a officiellement revole sur mon ecran... Good one... :) Au fait, Don la cerise va manger avec Rejean Tremblay quand il vient a montreal... C'est tout un show mes amis... Comme la lutte

  • 963. rudy (on Thu Feb 25 09:01:12 2010)
    Manquerait plus que tu te soies fait sodomiser par Graham James et que tu aies battu Don Cherry au tir au poignet pour avoir le full house.

  • 962. yan_c (on Thu Feb 25 08:47:00 2010)
    Sans oublier qu'Ian Turnbull et Mike Palmateer (des leafs) m'on casse 2 jointures en pratique. Je me suis battu avec Shayne Corson chez Swann... resultat previsible et je couchais avec la blonde de Matthieu Schneider... Et ca c'etait avant qu'il couche avec la femme a Patriqueroy. au fait, pourquoi les gens aux quebec disent toujours patriqueroy et non Patrick (autre mot) Roy

  • 961. yan_c (on Thu Feb 25 08:33:16 2010)
    screw that... le hockey est un de mes champs de competence... J'ai pas a m'excuser... J'ai vu plus de 500 parties de la NHL (proche de 600) en personne et je suis en affaires avec la NHL depuis quasiment 10 ans. Je joue 1 annee sur 2 dans le tournoi de golf de la nhl et aussi celui de la nhlpa (mon pere alterne avec moi) Le vice president finance du CH est le partenaire de golf a mon pere les samedi (Niraj peut confirmer) J'ai le # de cell a Brian Burke ici a cote de moi aussi. Alors desfois ce que j'ecris vient d'une vraie non parce que Tony Marinaro ou un ptit morveux de 14 avec pleins de boutons a ecrit sur son blogue de hockey.

  • 960. yan_c (on Thu Feb 25 08:23:46 2010)
    pas invente...Mais vos commentaires sont plus interessants et educatifs pour moi lorsque vous y allez avec la tete et non le coeur. Si Halak etait le 2eme goaler a Columbus on aurait meme pas cette conversation. Mais bon, tu as raison...Je n'ai pas ecoute la 3eme, je l'admet. Mais en etant honnete, va parler a 100 vrais experts (non comme moi) et demande leur le headline de la partie et... 75% vont dire...Swedish goalie weak et tu le sais ca...

  • 959. rudy (on Thu Feb 25 08:19:25 2010)
    Exact, 29-14 les tirs pour la Suède. Mais Halak a fait la différence en 3e et a volé le match. Lundqvist pas très fort en regardant les stats du match, mais c'est surtout les 2 buts en powerplay des Slovaques qui ont eu une incidence sur le résultat. Anyway, je vais fermer ma gueule d'ici la fin des Olympiques, c'est plate discuter avec des gars qui pensent avoir inventé le hockey et qui évaluent les matchs seulement en lisant les box scores.

  • 958. yan_c (on Thu Feb 25 08:01:46 2010)
    Encore avec l'extrapolation. Il a pas fait des miracles, Lundqvist a laisse 4 buts sur 15 tirs... that's it, that's all... d'ailleurs les suedois n'ont pas eu 30 tirs (mais je suis pas 100% sur)

  • 957. rudy (on Thu Feb 25 07:59:09 2010)
    Je suis forcé d'admettre que ça sent le match revanche Canada-USA en finale... Je serais surpris qu'Halak sorte la Suède et le Canada coup sur coup. Y a des limites à faire des miracles...

  • 956. etienne (on Thu Feb 25 07:38:09 2010)
    Halak va être super!

  • 955. raymond (on Wed Feb 24 23:10:03 2010)
    Yan C - lol. Mogilny et Makarov? J'imagine qu'un joueur de 40 ans (S.Federov) n'est pas assez. N'oublie pas les defenseurs A.Zhitnik et le grand V.Malakhov! J'espere que Canada realise que Russie n'etait pas le meilleur equipe dans le tournoie, le prochain match sera plus difficile.

  • 954. yan_c (on Wed Feb 24 21:41:34 2010)
    LOL!!! Avec eux, on sait jamais avec eux... Ils parlent aussi d'un Andrei "lumiere rouge" Racicotov comme gardien

  • 953. etienne (on Wed Feb 24 21:37:32 2010)
    Pavel ou Valeri?

  • 952. yan_c (on Wed Feb 24 21:30:15 2010)
    Les gerants de la Russian-UFHL se plaignent depuis tantot que Kovalev, Makarov, Bure et Mogilny aurait du etre selectionnes!

  • 951. etienne (on Wed Feb 24 21:24:27 2010)
    moi j'aime bien les tournois sans lendemain. Il faut performer là. Il n'y a pas de deuxième chance, car chaque match est une 7e partie. Ça fait partie des Olympiques et c'est ce qui donne du "drama"!

  • 950. etienne (on Wed Feb 24 21:22:39 2010)
    bah, c'est fini

  • 949. yan_c (on Wed Feb 24 21:12:19 2010)
    Si Canada perd ca en 3eme ca a pas rapport sur l' sera la faute du gardien Comme contre les americains. Comme je repete depuis le debut. C'est une grande equipe, soso goaltending Mais sans un tournoi olymnpique de 2 semaines, the best team does not always win.

  • 948. rudy (on Wed Feb 24 21:07:14 2010)
    Euh... C'est parce qu'il reste 20 minutes à jouer les boys... Et Luongo est fragile...

  • 947. yan_c (on Wed Feb 24 20:47:29 2010)
    thank you guys. When someone tells me I need to be more emotional and less rational, I'll remember 95% of your posts. lol Canada sure put together a bad team... Talking hockey with you is like talking politics avec un "separatiste". They have some good points, but mess it up when get over emotional and mess up their judgement :) btw Gino Luongo has let in 3 goals on 15 shots or so. Which one of you is going to call for Team Canada to call up Price? ;p;

  • 946. etienne (on Wed Feb 24 19:58:08 2010)
    Btw Nash just scored

  • 945. etienne (on Wed Feb 24 19:57:44 2010)
    @rudy aren't you tired of being wrong?

  • 944. phuc (on Wed Feb 24 19:00:35 2010)
    My man-crush on Radulov won't prevent me from calling a 5-3 win for Canada, unless Russia goes with Bryz instead of Nabokov...

  • 943. yannick (on Wed Feb 24 16:11:54 2010)
    Hiller is making me look less like a fool for my doughty for hiller trade back at the draft...

  • 942. rudy (on Wed Feb 24 16:11:30 2010)
    @yan_c: Not if USA wins in the end. :-)

  • 941. yan_c (on Wed Feb 24 16:09:10 2010)
    22-5 in shots... I'm a little surprised one of you analytical geniuses did not critisize the US's game plan or player selection yet...

  • 940. rudy (on Wed Feb 24 16:02:31 2010)
    Jonas Hiller is again brewing an upset this afternoon, this time against USA. 22-5 the shots in favor of USA, still 0-0 at the start of the 2nd.

  • 939. yannick (on Wed Feb 24 15:17:22 2010)
    j'espere de tout coeur une victoire du canada, et je crois que c'est possible. l'equipe et l'entraineur se sont ajuster en matchs preparatoire tel que le temps de glace reduit a Pronger, et comme ont dis les liberaux provinciaux en 2003: "Nous sommes prets!" Victoire 5-4 du Canada en prolongation sur un but de Sydney Crosby!

  • 938. jf (on Wed Feb 24 14:41:56 2010)
    Je pense pas mal comme Rudy, un match de fou remporté par la Russie. 6-4

  • 937. rudy (on Wed Feb 24 12:57:16 2010)
    I stand by what I predicted earlier in the tournament. I said Russia in the medals and Canada out of the top 4. Russia will win 7-5. Luongo out after 2 periods.

  • 936. yan_c (on Wed Feb 24 12:54:26 2010)
    Probably wrong but I sense a mini-blowout for either team. Genre Canada 5-1 or Russia 6-2

  • 935. phuc (on Wed Feb 24 12:50:41 2010)
    So who's betting on Canada tonight? Russia?

  • 934. jf (on Tue Feb 23 13:30:42 2010)
    St-Louis would had done really great with Crosby. At at least this guy bring energy.

  • 933. raymond (on Tue Feb 23 12:18:51 2010)
    Nash is off the Crosby line, let's hope that translate into success

  • 932. yan_c (on Mon Feb 22 20:58:27 2010)
    Brian Burke talking about Grabovski's bar fight: "Il est stupide mais pas blessé." lol

  • 931. niraj (on Mon Feb 22 14:16:13 2010)

  • 930. yan_c (on Mon Feb 22 13:50:09 2010)
    Funny Line from Richard Labbee (La Presse) on his Twitter feed Friday night: Halak en feu hier soir. Mais il est mieux de pas perdre la prochaine, sinon, le coach slovaque va revenir avec Price.

  • 929. danny (on Mon Feb 22 11:27:09 2010)
    My turn.... Yan C you are right all the way! We played a hell of a game last night. Nash gave his all even if he didn't score. He created a lot of scoring chances. I told every one around here that Brodeur seems out of sink for the past month. So now we can move forward and correct our biggest mistake last night and that's Brodeur. Green is sorely missed on the PP but that's Yzerman's mistake and we can't change that. Basically, there is not way we can't win it all just because of this. Ignila is playing injured too...that doesn't help. We still have a good team. We just need to stop running in to a hot goalie. Let's get Luongo going. He can shutout Russia and USA in the same day, i'm pretty sure.

  • 928. yannick (on Mon Feb 22 11:23:10 2010)
    To see the official Olympic Hockey playoffs tree go there:

  • 927. phuc (on Mon Feb 22 11:18:49 2010) just might be as representative... I've read somewhere that USA's path to the finals is Swiss/Belarus and Finland/Czech? CAN needs to go through Russia in the 1/4.

  • 926. rudy (on Mon Feb 22 10:45:49 2010)
    I keep seeing Kesler outskating Perry for the puck in the final minute to score in the empty net... Isn't that a perfect picture of that game? @Yan_C: Sevigny was a lot worse! (but I see what you mean)

  • 925. yan_c (on Mon Feb 22 10:08:14 2010)
    I'm not sure how old most of you guys are...But... Watching Brodeur yesterday reminded me of Richard Sevigny when he used to go out of his net... Often with dubious results... Niraj, you can google translate "dubious" if ever :)

  • 924. raymond (on Mon Feb 22 09:59:51 2010)
    Yan C - yes we know that deep down and yes we over analyze - hence is the norm of a Canadian hockey fan : ) I'm starting to dislike the SJ line as the #1 PP unit. So Canada is on the PP and nobody covers J.Thornton. Us has 4 skaters and nobody even makes an effort to get close to Thornton. Why? Cuz they know that Thornton is going to pass and they don't believe in in shot. Guess this falls into the meat and potatoes category.

  • 923. niraj (on Mon Feb 22 09:05:21 2010)
    I sort of agree with you Yan_C. My numbers are a bit different. With this current style, I think Canada wins 65-70% of the time against the US. However I do believe that with a tighter defensive scheme, we'd win closer to 85% of the games. That 98 team failed flat on its head cause those guys you mentioned couldn't skate. I'm talking about solid 2-way skilled players. Guys like M.Fisher, P.Sharp, J.Staal. Guys that can really skate and keep up with the other team's top guys. If Richards wasn't so good with Crosby, I'd say a line with Richards, Fisher and Sharp/Staal would be awfully tough to play against. I'd certainly prefer Fisher to Morrow and Bergeron. The US will win because they play meat and potatoes hockey and have amazing goaltending. Reminds me an awful lot of that 98 Czech team...

  • 922. yan_c (on Mon Feb 22 08:37:47 2010)
    Funny how no one mentions that the Swiss needed overtime to beat Norway 5-4....A team Canada beat 8-0 One game is just one game....

  • 921. yan_c (on Mon Feb 22 08:33:55 2010)
    @ Niraj... Guess you forgot how Team Canada made their "disastrous" team in 1998...Rob Zamuner, Shayne Corson, Trevor Linden etc... Exactly how you suggested. Not a great result and their Defence was way better than now (bourque, blake, Stevens, Pronger, Maccinis, Foote and Desjardins) I truly think you guys WAY over analyze things. It's a short one is as good or as bad as they make look. Replay yesterday's game 100 times and Canada wins 80 of them. They doubled the amount of US shots and time of possession was 65% for Canada. You put in that Gino Luongo in nets and for all we know he has an easy 22 stop shutout and Canada wins 4-0. One game is just one game...The worst thing is I'm sure you know this deep down.

  • 920. jf (on Mon Feb 22 08:22:26 2010)
    Tout à fait d'accord avec Niraj, c'est rare mais à 100%. Le hockey c'est pas juste les mains et être capable de faire de beaux buts. Un but c'est un but, peu importe comment tu le marques. On a vue hier que le patin est très important aussi.

  • 919. niraj (on Mon Feb 22 08:05:37 2010)
    Remember what I said boys (I even bet on the States yesterday afternoon. I mean they were 2-1 underdogs, which is totally insane!) I liked Richards with Crosby. Also thought Miller was amazing. Brodeur was really crap. Very tough decision for Babcock cause whatever he does with the goaltending situation, he's going to get crucified if it doesn't work. I've long felt that Canada doesn't play to its real strength: Goaltending and Defence. There is nobody in the world that is as deep in these two positions as we are. I don't understand why we don't have "shutdown" lines and "scoring" lines. It's like we're always trying to prove to the world that we can beat anyone 10-0. I'd prefer a dominating 2-0 performance cause a 'w' is a 'w'. If I were GM, I'd have 2 scoring lines, 1 shutdown line and 1 "hybrid" line that could either play as a scoring line or a shutdown line. Canada has to come to grips with the fact that it is no longer the best scoring threat in the world. Until those who select our teams do that, we'll continue to struggle against lesser teams. Niraj

  • 918. rudy (on Mon Feb 22 08:04:21 2010)
    Sorry to insist on that guys, but with defensemen actually trying to open shooting lines on the powerplay instead of shooting on the pads of opponents right in front of them, Canada might actually have win that game even if Brodeur made fumbles and Nash is spoiling scoring chances by the dozen.

  • 917. raymond (on Sun Feb 21 22:28:43 2010)
    Definitely time for Luongo Phuc, ur right, Nash is the Canadian version of Higgins. Who else would shoot into a goalie that is totally out of position instead of shooting the puck into the open net? Wait a minute, that would be Higgins... Get Nash off the the Crosby line Suggestion for the next Olympics - have a real GM pick the team. Watching US play, you can see Burke's plan, I mean Drury and Callahan actually made a difference - who would have known.

  • 916. yannick (on Sun Feb 21 21:54:16 2010)
    it's time for Luongo...

  • 915. danny (on Sat Feb 20 18:02:04 2010)
    Canada won't win cause they don't have PK Subban on the PP!

  • 914. yan_c (on Sat Feb 20 16:41:51 2010)
    My dream though would be to have this type of tourney. Team Ontario Team Quebec + Maritimes Team Western Team USA Team Central Europe + Scandinavia Team Eastern Europe You'd be surprised how even all 6 teams would be.

  • 913. rudy (on Sat Feb 20 16:39:03 2010)
    Gold: Sweden Silver: Russia Bronze: Finland 4th: USA

  • 912. yan_c (on Sat Feb 20 16:34:23 2010)
    I think too many of you guys are over analyzing. Canada has the best team, wins pretty easily. I'm not being patriotic cuz if I had to pay, I'd watch the Russians in a heatbeat over anyone.

  • 911. etienne (on Sat Feb 20 16:30:29 2010)
    So, who wins what then?

  • 910. rudy (on Sat Feb 20 16:26:28 2010)
    My prediction: Canada win no medal and everybody ends up wondering why Mike Green wasn't there to quarterback the powerplay with Dan Boyle instead of defensemen too slow for international hockey like Chris Pronger and Brent Seabrook.

  • 909. etienne (on Sat Feb 20 15:55:58 2010)
    My predictions for the Olympics 3- Russia 2- Canada 1- Finland

  • 908. danny (on Sat Feb 20 10:26:46 2010)
    BTW, the russians had a shootout practice with the players prior to the first game and guess who won....not Radulov, not Semin...Ovechkin did! Maybe the odds are catching up to him!

  • 907. niraj (on Fri Feb 19 18:22:39 2010)
    I don't know guys, Nash looked pretty good. Toews, Bergeron and Richards were hardly noticeable. I'm actually surprised that no one is complaining about Crosby's play against the Swiss. While he created chances, he certainly missed a few key scoring opportunities by getting too cute with the puck. The PP needs to get simpler as well way too much cute play. In his defense though, that shootout goal was brilliant psychology. Finally, Weber should have learned by now how to keep his shot down, change stick flexes or do something else to get it low. Hitting Heatley in the bicep? WTF. I'm going to call it right here right now: US will win GOLD. Hate to say it, but that's what I think.

  • 906. phuc (on Fri Feb 19 11:31:30 2010)
    I'm gonna agree with Niraj's comment way back: trade Price, keep Halak. And totally agree with Rudy: Nash reminds me of Higgins or V. Bure; he gets chances, sometimes creates his own, generally looks good but can't finish... and he's a sniper. I find him frustrating. Ray - My last FA this year will be Radulov, I swear. Russian coach doesn't know the error of his ways! Specially since Ovi is not known to be a great SO scorer...

  • 905. raymond (on Fri Feb 19 11:08:04 2010)
    Rudy - Totally agree with you that chemistry is a problem, these guys looked like they've never played with each other before (which is kinda true). Let's hope "practice" can change that. I also agree that Bergeron and Morrow have no business being on Team Canada but we have to remember that Yzerman wanted to build a "real" team which includes a 4th line. So Morrow's role is to be like Steve Begin and Bergeron's role is to be like Brind'Amour (win the faceoff and get off the ice asap). Although I would still like to see what Stamkos and St.Louis could do, along with M.Green. These 3 would have made a difference yesterday. Etienne - Burrows? lol. He should get his Sweedish citizenship before the next Olympics! He'd be a better fit than M.Weinhandl One nice thing about watching Olympic hockey is hearing all those former players that once generated UFHL interest. Remember Stumpel and Palffy? Remember when he couldn't wait for Montreal to bring up Marcel Hossa? And of course former mega-stars like Jagr, Forsberg and Federov. Phuc - looks like Radulov might want to come back to the NHL. Apparently, he was super upset that he wasn't used in the shootout. He kept looking at the Russian coach but the coach kept looking at Ovi.

  • 904. yan_c (on Fri Feb 19 09:38:42 2010)
    Same as weeks1-2-3 of nfl season. Much easier to get good D early in season Or in this case tourney. And the swiss have one advantage. RICCOLA!!!

  • 903. etienne (on Fri Feb 19 09:17:10 2010)
    btw: the Swiss team played a 2-1-2 system that's not being used in the NHL so that might explain part of Canada's bad performance. But seriously, who here thought that the Olympic tournament would have a been a cake walk?

  • 902. etienne (on Fri Feb 19 09:15:25 2010)
    "bloody warm"?!? We're talking about polo here! Hiller was amazing and you will championships because of goal tending. Montreal did it in 1993, as did the Ducks when Giguere won MVP. Russia lost to Slovakia for crying out loud and Halak played really well! The team will get better as the tournament progresses: the coaching staff will get the lines right, the players will get accustomed to each other and now they realized that it's for real. Competitors like Crosby and Iginla will rise up to the challenge but I agree about Morrow and Bergeron: it should have been Borrows and St-Louis instead...

  • 901. rudy (on Fri Feb 19 09:13:34 2010)
    You're absolutely right Yan, but it's not Hiller that makes Canadian players look slow in the neutral zone... And it's obvious Canada has no team chemistry, while a team like Switzerland looks like they've been playing together for years and is mastering a system perfectly.

  • 900. yan_c (on Fri Feb 19 09:08:50 2010)
    i forgot to add that most of my TV colleagues are at the games and I got 3 texts this week saying how bad the ice is cuz it's so bloody warm... that also helps the goalies...

  • 899. yan_c (on Fri Feb 19 09:06:21 2010)
    it means that it's easy to look good when your goalie is imitating Dominic Hasek. If the guy plays 8/10...Canada wins 5-2 and you'd be off reading the comics in the back of the newspaper. Brodeur almost dozed off in the 3rd period....I was expecting him to do a Ken Dryden and sleep on his Sher-Wood. Have you not been watching Le CH play all these years? Goalies in modern hockey account for 75% of a team... in real life, not fantasy. :)

  • 898. rudy (on Fri Feb 19 09:01:41 2010)
    I agree Nash and Bergeron put a good effort, but from my perspective they are too much inefficient. I mean, Nash spoils so many scoring chances just because of bad puckhandling or bad position, and he's supposed to be a top sniper. Bergeron generates absolutely nothing offensively, he dumps the puck as soon as he has the chance... fuck, it's the Olympics, and Switzerland looks great against us, what does it mean to you?

  • 897. yan_c (on Fri Feb 19 08:50:22 2010)
    @rudy funny thing about perceptions...I very very much agree about Pronger and Morrow but I think Nash was the best player for the team. Bergeron won all the big draws he had. On tv that seems very little, but I gather that it's huge when you get to that level. Ask Yanick perreault...probably doubled his career cuz of his faceoffs

  • 896. rudy (on Fri Feb 19 08:44:17 2010)
    Ray: Team Canada IS slow. Pronger and Morrow are awful, Nash and Bergeron look out of place. Team USA will beat them, no medal again this year. Nothing short of a disaster.

  • 895. raymond (on Fri Feb 19 01:45:12 2010)
    I only saw the 3rd period...Canada had their moments but for the most part, I thought they looked slow and disorganized. Either that or Suisse just plays Canada really well.

  • 894. niraj (on Thu Feb 18 23:40:17 2010)
    Swiss team played well. This ain't women's hockey you know...

  • 893. jf (on Thu Feb 18 09:12:52 2010)
    Voyons voir si les Canadiens ont un peu de fierté. S'il n'écrase pas les Suisse ce soir c'est pas bon signe. Avec la défaite de 2-0 d'il y a 4 ans, je m'attend à une victoire minimal de 5-0.

  • 892. yannick (on Tue Feb 16 14:57:04 2010)
    ANNONCE IMPORTANTE ================== Date limite des echanges de la UFHL: 10 mars 2010 UFHL trade deadline: March 10th 2010 This year the NHL deadline is Wednesday March 3rd 3pm. The NHL finishes the season on April 11th. historically we choose a date that is still one month before the end of the season and it is a week after the NHL deadline. So March 10th is the logical choice, unless everybody wants to have the trade deadline the same day as the NHL deadline. It also coincides with the start of the head-2-head playoffs, so this date is perfect!

  • 891. yannick (on Tue Feb 16 14:51:06 2010)
    Bonjour a tous, desole pour ne pas avoir ete tres present dans les dernieres semaines. J'en ai oublier de garder la trace des $10 par semaine. Felicitations a tous les gagnants de chaque semaine. En plus de Danny et Ray, bravo a Yanick C et Rudy (egalite), Ray (encore), et 2 fois bravo a Rudy qui a gagne les deux dernieres semaines! Sommaire des $10 pour la presente saison: Rudy: $25 Ray: $20 Danny: $10 Yanick C: $5

  • 890. phuc (on Tue Feb 16 00:30:03 2010)
    Ray, Kipper only works for me - I'll give you Biron - he's playing now! Anything can happen in a 1 game-series I think. I'd be worried w/ just about anyone... Hopefully CAN goalies can be consistent enough throughout. It'll be tough getting into a rhythm with 10 shots/game vs 10+10+10 shots from Ovechkin+Kovalchuk+Radulov ;) Russia's D is pretty suspect after the 1st pairing tho. Maybe the Czech will be able to handle them so that Can doesn't have to?

  • 889. raymond (on Mon Feb 15 22:39:47 2010)
    JF - t'es chanceux que mes gardiens ont regarde le film d'Andre Racicot "Arrêtez les rondelles avec les yeux fermes" au debut de la semaine. Carter sent home from the Olympics, I'm so upset : ) Serious question, anyone worried about Russia? They look dangerous, only thing that might slow them down is all those KHL players.

  • 888. jf (on Mon Feb 15 20:44:48 2010)
    Continuer de vous taper dessus et laissez-moi mon 10$. Je vais au moins sauver les apparences.

  • 887. rudy (on Mon Feb 15 19:16:33 2010)
    Niraj is right Ray. Remember how deep I was screwed when I traded away Marleau and Myers for average players in the first place? Well, maybe not. Let's make a push and Bao will finish third. It will be epic!

  • 886. niraj (on Mon Feb 15 18:50:59 2010)
    Ray relax. If I can be wrong about your Havlat deal, you can certainly be wrong about this one. Marleau has been pretty shit lately and Yan_C hasn't been losing a lot of deals last I checked. You never know, this could actually help your team more than you think...

  • 885. danny (on Mon Feb 15 16:30:54 2010)
    Basically, what you guys r saying is that Pk Subban is a keeper!!!! What a steal!!!!

  • 884. raymond (on Mon Feb 15 14:32:08 2010)
    Yan - let me expand on what I was expressing. I can see the allure in Ericksson and Enstrom, I do really. In my opinion, they won't be as successful next year as they were this year. Hey, if they are successful next year, then you can let me know about it and rub it in. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong and I'll gladly admit it next year. I agree that you trade Vis for Enstrom anyday of the week. And yes Marleau could sign with another team next year and be a big piece of crap. But again, I'm looking at it from this year's perspective. Do I think this deal makes Bao stronger? Yes. Am I happy that Bao is getting stronger? No. One day, you'll be in 3rd place and a guy above you will make a deal to improve his team. Will you happy about that? Probably not. Am I bitter today? You bet!!!

  • 883. yan_c (on Mon Feb 15 14:15:00 2010)
    Ray could have had Marleau for Carter and Gonchar ( ONLY AFTER the season...or another D man if he retired or left for KHL) Can you smell what The Bitter chef is cooking?

  • 882. yan_c (on Mon Feb 15 14:11:48 2010)
    I'll take back dishonest and say what you wrote was misleading. Fair enough? there are 20 games left. no reason Ericcson can't have the same amount of points as Marleau... (20 games) next year, after his contract, Marleau could go back to his loafing ways...I dunno. Enstrom may not produce as much with Ilya...but at 10$ cheaper he's a better bang for the buck than Edmontons Ludomir. Goalies for me (my opinion) are a wash...Vokoun is better but Atlanta have faith in pavelec so I dunno And I get 3 Fas....all the leaders may (or may not) need them I'll defend the deal any day of the week. Just don't make out Marleau to be some can't trade stud. I've had him for 6 games and I got 3 points. never know...

  • 881. raymond (on Mon Feb 15 14:06:45 2010)
    What dishonesty are you talking about? Everything I said was what I feel so unless I'm being dishonest about my feelings, not sure what you're referring to. If you don't believe in Marleau and Vokoun, all you have to do is say so. If you want more honesty, I'll say for sure that I don't like this deal cuz it definitely gives Bao the Championship. Need more honesty?

  • 880. yan_c (on Mon Feb 15 13:59:51 2010)
    3 keepers pour 3 keepers ET 3 FA's tu veux dire...certains des leaders vont en vouloir si il y a blessure. De mon cote... MArleau n'est pas un garantie a chaque d;ailleurs, il a ralenti pas mal cette annee. je prends une chance sur le jeune ericcsson que j'aurais 2 ans versus marleau last year Enstrom vs Visnovksy.... same type of player but I save 10$ next year (and edmonton can't trade visnovsky...too $$$) Pavelec vs Vokoun... not sure If I'd keep either....I'm thinking of going Quick and paying $$$ for a stud if available. and I get 3 fas that combined with some players could get me 1 more real keeper.

  • 879. jf (on Mon Feb 15 13:27:09 2010)
    On se calme ici, faut pas virer fou avec une autre de ces transactions. Marleau joura peut-être à Atlanta, ce sera bon pour Enstrom. ;) Mais je suis d'accord que 3 keepers pour 3 keepers c'est spécial.

  • 878. rudy (on Mon Feb 15 12:17:37 2010)
    What Yan_c just proved is that players like Marleau and Vokoun who are keepers for cheap are not automatically priceless. But I admit that trade put Bao in a very good position to keep up the pace ahead... I'll just need more luck, shorthanded goals and shutouts to beat him now.

  • 877. yan_c (on Mon Feb 15 11:50:27 2010)
    If u guys lose gms its because of blatant dishonestI comments like rays. ure talking about a guy who in the last 4 years posted 86-78-48-71 points and never injured! This is not gretzky for fuck sake. Shame on you. Nice example for a "commissioner " Broche a foin

  • 876. raymond (on Mon Feb 15 11:27:38 2010)
    I guess I underestimate Ericksson - I don't put him anywhere near Marleau status. Yanick - good luck with Enstrom. Who knows what his production will be like without Kovalchuk. Yanick - maybe its me but I feel that this is alot of different compared to what we talking about. I get that u want a fwd and D for Marleau...I just don't believe that Ericksson and Enstrom will produce at the same rate next year but I could be wrong. Bao - congrats on winning the championship

  • 875. jf (on Mon Feb 15 09:39:51 2010)
    Imagine what Canada had done with them, since they beat Slovakian 18-0. Wondering if Bulgarian played in shoes or in skate?

  • 874. niraj (on Mon Feb 15 06:16:38 2010)
    Guys, Interesting fact of the day: In pre-olympic qualifying, the Slovakian Women's hockey team beat the Bulgarian hockey team 82-0. That's Almost 1.5 goals / minute! That has to be some kind of record. The Bulgarians must have had Racicot's long lost Bulgarian cousin in nets...

  • 873. bao (on Sun Feb 14 22:02:21 2010)
    hummm... 4pts night ...guess who's going to Vancouver?

  • 872. yan_c (on Sun Feb 14 18:38:06 2010)
    oops...forgot marleau...15.....and I thought Richards would have been good 3rd line, but that's me

  • 871. yan_c (on Sun Feb 14 18:28:19 2010)
    thank got I traded a lot of them away....still have 14 though lol ryan, callahan, drury, quick bergeron, afi, tyutin, erat, juba, vokoun visnov, kronwall, koivu and erhoff

  • 870. niraj (on Sun Feb 14 18:09:32 2010)
    I've got 13 players in the olympics :(.

  • 869. raymond (on Sun Feb 14 17:46:13 2010)
    Bao - let me rephrase: Canada has the best chance of winning gold with Getzlaf in their lineup and Luongo in nets : ) Getzlaf and Perry are a dangerous duo and Luongo gets to play in his home arena which should be a great advantage. Crap, I've got 11 players headed to Vancouver, 12 if you count Carter.

  • 868. bao (on Sun Feb 14 10:27:04 2010)
    @Ray : Traitor !!! I would sacrifice the potential UFHL championship for my country ;) Who has the most players going to Vancouver ? I got 8 if we count MVP Getzlaf !

  • 867. raymond (on Sun Feb 14 00:51:30 2010)
    Bao - my Canadian players need time to rest so get Getzlaf back in action asap. I'm also hoping that Luongo plays most of the games so that Brodeur can sleep in.

  • 866. jf (on Fri Feb 12 17:00:21 2010)
    Nolan, c'est toujours pas officiel, voici la source :

  • 865. danny (on Fri Feb 12 12:19:57 2010)
    je réserve PK Subban!!!

  • 864. nolan (on Fri Feb 12 11:49:47 2010)
    Yannick, ou t'as entendu parler que Frolov as été échangé à Montréal !? Je ne vois aucun site qui en discute... Laisse moi savoir Merci

  • 863. yan_c (on Fri Feb 12 08:25:03 2010)
    At Yannick.... Si tu y penses, c'est pas si pire que ca. a 2nd rounder in 2011 (which is a bad year, check it out) will most probably play in the NHL in 2014 or 2015. he probably will be a 45th pick environ. I know a little about the front office and I can tell you that the Molson's (even though they are mega rich) need playoff revenue. RDS sold 8 games to advertisers (6 is the norm but they got greedy) and had to compensate everybody since the habs played 4. Pour resumer...if they think Moore helps now, the upside for them is bigger. And trust me, this is not my opinion...

  • 862. jf (on Fri Feb 12 08:22:07 2010)
    Moore is not a thirs line, even Lapierre at his worst is better then him. This is a guy that doesn't care about hockey, tons of talent, but only want to earns money.

  • 861. yannick (on Fri Feb 12 00:02:12 2010)
    moore is a third line center... could lapierre be on his way out?

  • 860. yannick (on Thu Feb 11 23:54:45 2010)
    apparently frolov has been traded to montreal, to be confirmed friday. man, gauthier isn't wasting time!

  • 859. yannick (on Thu Feb 11 22:27:04 2010)
    un 2ieme choix pour dominic moore? sacrement, ca commence bien l'ere de Pierre Gauthier! quoique on repeche tellement mal, pourquoi donner nos choix aux autres equipes. La seule equipe contre laquelle Moore a eu du succes c'est contre les Canadiens, c'est d'ailleurs la seule equipe qui en voulait... on est pas sorti du bois...

  • 858. jf (on Thu Feb 11 11:16:03 2010)
    Steve Mason start to be really good again. Oups! Yan didn't activate him this week. You need to believe in your acquisition Yan. :D Ho Ho! Seems like I did the same mistake with Laich. Cordonier mal chaussé on dirait bien. ;)

  • 857. rudy (on Wed Feb 10 10:36:04 2010)
    THE MULE IS BACK !!! And he's playing with Zetterberg and Datsyuk. PPG and GWG are coming!

  • 856. raymond (on Tue Feb 9 22:56:18 2010)
    Bao - looks like Getzlaf is going to play in the Olympics after all. I wouldn't worry about Gonchar being dirty, I'd worry about Ovechkin sticking out his knee on Getzlaf, and as Getzlaf is flipping over, his skate hits Malkin. Look on the bright side, if that happens, you can start Lombardi : )

  • 855. bao (on Tue Feb 9 16:09:38 2010)
    @Ray: Wouldn't it be ironic that Jeff Carter replaces Getzlaf for Canada but then get a season ending injury from Gonchar's dirty play.

  • 854. raymond (on Tue Feb 9 11:43:45 2010)
    Bao - Getzlaf still has to undergo an MRI to see how serious the injury is. I'll trade you S.Koivu for Getzlaf - take advantage while you can! I`m willing to entertain offers for my big guns Brodeur, Green, order to light a fire under my team. I`ll be looking for a hockey trade and not a ``Niraj`` type deal.

  • 853. bao (on Tue Feb 9 09:03:17 2010)
    X-rays on Getzlaf's ankle have come back negative, according to the Orange County Register. (Feb 8) He'll miss the Olympics (Good thing! :)

  • 852. bao (on Tue Feb 9 08:57:17 2010)
    @RUDY: Having a great night against EDM is not that rare... What concerns me is that Getzlaf got injured last night... You should be concern about injury (i.e Alex O) and your team crumbles...;)

  • 851. rudy (on Tue Feb 9 08:20:31 2010)
    @BAO: Lombardi had his career night on your bench, didn't he? I know how it feels... By the way, you noticed that I'm getting at you? If I get a couple of shutouts and shorthandeds (which means luck), I'm pretty sure I'll beat you to the line. So start worrying. :-)

  • 850. etienne (on Mon Feb 8 20:23:57 2010)
    So who's next after Gainey? Yan? Danny? Niraj?!?

  • 849. raymond (on Mon Feb 8 14:03:19 2010)
    *******************************Annonce Importante*********************************** En raison de la pause olympique, qui est du 15 au 28 février, la semaine d'activité à partir du 10 février aura une durée de 3 semaines et prendra fin le 2 mars. Pendant cet intervalle de trois semaines, il aura 7 jours de matchs LNH (mercredi à dimanche et lundi-mardi), donc ça sera une semaine vraiment longue. Si vous engagez un joueur pendant ce laps de trois semaines, vous devrez l’activer pour la semaine du 3-9 mars. Cette décision a été faite pour éliminer l'embauche d'un joueur (s) qui pourraient être activés sans avoir à jouer un match. Nous avons fait la même chose lors des derniers Jeux Olympiques. Si vous avez des questions concernant cela, s'il vous plaît envoyer vos questions sur ce forum. *******************************Important Announcement****************************** Due to the Olympic break, which is from Feb 15 to Feb 28, the week of activity starting February 10 will last for 3 weeks and will end on March 2. During that span of three weeks, there will be 7 days of NHL hockey games (Wed to Sun and Mon-Tues) so think of it as one really long week. If you hire a player during that span of three weeks, you will have to activate him for the week of March 3-9. This decision has been made to avoid managers hiring a player(s) that could be activated without having to play a game. We did the same thing during the last Olympics. If you have any question regarding this, please post your questions on this forum.

  • 848. bao (on Fri Feb 5 13:29:18 2010)
    Kovalchuk in NJ...who has more value? Enstrom or Greene ?

  • 847. rudy (on Fri Feb 5 01:29:36 2010)
    Kovalchuk is now available. Let's see if I can get some serious offers for this premium keeper.

  • 846. etienne (on Thu Feb 4 21:37:45 2010)
    Hmmm Kovalchuk in Jersey? Perhaps he will work his defensive play under Lemaire!

  • 845. yan_c (on Thu Feb 4 19:31:14 2010)
    Sorry Danny, mais je ne voulais pas specifier de DG (je t'ai pas nomme)....alors ca restait confidentiel de mon cote. Mais la, tu sors du "closet" :) Jean Perron a pleines de vielles strategies de loup aussi... Ca veut pas dire qu'en 2010 ca fonctionne ou meme sa merite d'etre entendu. je parle de Jean et non toi bien sur. On s'appelera la prochaine fois, tu as bien raison. Sans rancune Yanick

  • 844. danny (on Thu Feb 4 19:20:57 2010)
    WOW...T'aurais pu me dire que ta pas aimé ma phrase YanC plutot que de publié ça sur le site. Je me cache pas pour dire que j'ai écris à YanC hier " Tu ferais tu Seabrook-Bourque pour ...?" Je vois rien de mal la-dedans. Il faut établir les limites et on se parle pas au téléphone donc si tu répond " Oui...Je pourrais faire ça!" là je vois les possibilités d'un trade mais la balle revient dans mon camp pour dire "BON Parfait DEAL". C'est une vieille stratégie de loup mais c'est ça le "trade talk" sinon on aurait toujours des offres bidons ONE WAY. J'avoue que ma 2e offres était poche mais je compte revenir plus fort pour ma 3e tentative. J'ai toujours conclue (fini) un échange par téléphnone pour être sur que tout le monde est sur la même longueur d'onde et qu'on est sérieux! Si jamais on trade ensemble je payerai le longue distance!

  • 843. yan_c (on Thu Feb 4 18:49:35 2010)
    Je parle pour parler. Ca fait 3 fois (emails a l'appui si le cmmish veut) qu'un DG (que je nommerais pas) me fait une offre que j'accepte et ensuite dit non et change la transaction completement. Dans la vrai vie, je negotie entre des multinationales et des chaines de Tele et je peux vous garantir que quelqu'un quit fait ca a repetition, doit se trouver une job d'emballage pour IGA ca sera pas long. So sometimes if you see a trade that may not seem right, there could be something "behind" it. I sure would be tempted to make a trade with an open GM than another... And that could mean the difference between winning and losing. Cheers, Yanick p.s for you old school rock guys, don't miss GnR next time they come to MTL...Great 2h45mins show last week

  • 842. raymond (on Thu Feb 4 00:40:03 2010)
    Hope it works out for you JF. You definitely would have gotten my attention if you offered me Marleau in a Gonchar deal...he's not retiring, he's looking for big $$$ on a new contract!!!

  • 841. jf (on Wed Feb 3 21:35:08 2010)
    Ray I'm confused also to be honest. I have a good offense but not much on defense. Streit is one of the best 15 I think and half of the price. I should have proposed something for Gonchar, but too lazy and I'm afraid of retirement. I haven't done 1 bad trade this year, I want to be as everyone else. :D

  • 840. niraj (on Wed Feb 3 20:57:53 2010)
    Another great deal by Yanick Cole...

  • 839. raymond (on Wed Feb 3 16:29:17 2010)
    Uh...I'm confused JF, u traded Marleau for Streit and Fleischman? I hope you believe in Fleischman...

  • 838. yannick (on Wed Feb 3 15:26:41 2010)
    for those who wish to have a defense boost at the end of the season, Sheldon Sourray is available for 1 FA. When he'll be put on the IR, he will not take a roster spot on your team.

  • 837. rudy (on Wed Feb 3 10:29:41 2010)
    Guys, don't forget Brian Elliott is available before making your lineup. He's hot and is a keeper, if you dig that kind of shit. Don't be afraid to propose me anything, you all know that I give away keepers for cheap.

  • 836. bao (on Wed Feb 3 10:04:17 2010)
    Kaberle's jersey is now 50% off... I guess Burke has an offer on the table

  • 835. raymond (on Tue Feb 2 11:04:00 2010)
    Bao, from the list of players below, I can see that you don't spend alot of time picking your starting lineup : ) Trivia time: who can name 6 current forwards playing for Toronto? Yan B - are you happy with Giguere in Tor? or are you saying "DOH!"

  • 834. bao (on Mon Feb 1 13:43:51 2010)
    Ohh my mistake... Satan is my only keeper...he's off the list

  • 833. yan_c (on Mon Feb 1 13:41:40 2010)
    @ Bao I'll give you my vinyl collection of Motley Crue records for Satan

  • 832. bao (on Mon Feb 1 13:39:38 2010)
    Springtime cleaning: the following guys are negociable -Tanguay -Bertuzzi -Avery -Satan -Lombardi -Little -Lupul

  • 831. raymond (on Sun Jan 31 01:23:48 2010)
    Danny, I know you'll like this one: Let's replace the SHG category with Games Suspended!!! Green's 3 game suspension should put me near the top of that one. But really, if you're going to suspend the guy, at least give him a 5 min major and a misconduct

  • 830. rudy (on Sat Jan 30 20:38:31 2010)
    Brian Elliott is on the trading block. Looking for a forward known to be a passer and currently near a pace for a point a game or better. Please do not propose me players you're about to fire, chances are I don't want them either. My e-mail:

  • 829. rudy (on Sat Jan 30 10:02:58 2010)
    La division Howard domine cette semaine...! Ah zut, j'oubliais que les Hitmen sont dans la division Howard aussi... Qu'est-ce qui se passe avec notre money player???

  • 828. raymond (on Sat Jan 30 01:45:09 2010)
    Somebody please reply before 11 so that Etienne doesn't see this : )

  • 827. raymond (on Sat Jan 30 01:43:56 2010)
    What would happen if I hired Zubrus right now? He has played this season and is in the player list...I wonder if Etienne would give me 2 FAs?

  • 826. etienne (on Fri Jan 29 21:09:23 2010)
    I reserve Zubrus and fire Voracek

  • 825. niraj (on Fri Jan 29 08:32:41 2010)
    The US team made such a big mistake by not selecting Anderson...

  • 824. jf (on Thu Jan 28 16:38:36 2010)
    Yan, je pense que les Key dates en bas à droite de la première page est out of Date. Pas beaucoup, mais un peu. mdr ;)

  • 823. jf (on Thu Jan 28 10:52:20 2010)
    Ouf! Un peu plus Yan me battais pour la semaine, ça passé proche. :)

  • 822. rudy (on Thu Jan 28 08:43:32 2010)
    Hey guys, have you seen the work of my new goon Scott Gomez last night? 16 PIM...

  • 821. raymond (on Wed Jan 27 17:18:34 2010)
    Hmmm....a UFHL without Niraj - no more controversy? Can we live with 200 comments a year? Montreal is waiting to get Kovalev back so that he can be captain - all part of Gainey's plan

  • 820. niraj (on Wed Jan 27 17:05:21 2010)
    Very impressed with Markov. Still, Cammalleri seems to be the best candidate in my eyes. When are they going to resolve this captaincy thing? Don't know how management is letting this thing drag on. The Habs without a captain is like the UFHL without ME!

  • 819. yannick (on Wed Jan 27 16:32:50 2010)
    we all thought markov was quiet, but if he can do that, why can't he be captain?

  • 818. raymond (on Wed Jan 27 16:29:33 2010)
    Lost in the touching moment between Niraj and Rudy is Yan C's welcome home plan. First Richards and now Vlasic! And to think you turned down my offer to get Grebeshkov back! team crawls to the finish line this week. It's about time a veteran told Price to get in shape. Everyone seems to be "babying" him because he's supposed to be the goalie of the future. I doubt Patrick Roy became the goalie he was with everyone being careful around him. Hopefully, this is the wakeup call Price needs.

  • 817. niraj (on Wed Jan 27 16:07:40 2010)
    You guys here about this?

  • 816. jf (on Wed Jan 27 15:42:20 2010)
    @Rudy Tout le monde critique chacun de tes trades et tu es au 2ièm rangs. ;) Pourriez-vous SVP critiquer mes trades à moi aussi SVP. :D

  • 815. rudy (on Wed Jan 27 14:21:55 2010)
    Actually I think it was the first official gay moment in the comments of the week not involving Phuc. :-)

  • 814. niraj (on Wed Jan 27 14:12:59 2010)
    Dude, sorry to hear about the shitty events you're dealing with. I'm going through the same actually. I think that just qualified as me and Rudy having "a moment". How gay...

  • 813. rudy (on Wed Jan 27 14:11:19 2010)
    You didn't hurt my feelings Niraj. I was pissed off by something happening in my life even before I read your first comments about my trade. I'm in a really bad mood these days man! And terrible comeback in the comments or not, I do think it's time you start worrying about your own team instead of mine. And there's not much to add about the Anderson trade. Anderson and Myers have been more useful to me even if Kane and Elias have good seasons, no question about that. By the way, 1 of the 5 shutouts Anderson has this season happened when he was on your bench.

  • 812. niraj (on Wed Jan 27 13:35:48 2010)
    2 big "BOO"s for you Rudy: 1) Terrible comeback. Ray could do better. 2) I knew I hurt your feelings when I said I didn't like what you did! Now you're complaining about me commenting on the comments of the week. In all this, I'm surprised the topic of Anderson hasn't come up. Not too sure if I should be regretting that deal given his amazing play. Those 5 SOs would sure look good on my team right now...

  • 811. rudy (on Wed Jan 27 13:01:55 2010)
    Wow Niraj, what a pitiful display of your sense of humor. Maybe you should take care of your own team instead of trying to play the expert analyst and sound funny. Oh, that's right, I forgot you gave up for this year's championship.

  • 810. niraj (on Wed Jan 27 12:26:25 2010)
    Gheez Rudy, I didn't know writing a comment saying what you want for B.Richards took you that long. I think I hurt your feelings given your overreaction. Try typing with more than 1 finger maybe?

  • 809. etienne (on Wed Jan 27 09:31:52 2010)
    Rudy, the Sabers are not slumping, they're simply in the West!

  • 808. rudy (on Wed Jan 27 09:27:18 2010)
    Tyler Myers and the Sabres are slumping, and I still think I wouldn't have keep him next year based on the fact I'll keep 2 goalies and Kovalchuk at the least. Getting Brad Richards sounded nice for the assists but he choked on me and I was ready to pull the gun quickly on him, and the offer Yan_C made to me gave me depth in goal with Ward, Gomez for the assists and Quincey as a 5-6th defenseman. But I admit I didn't try hard to get the most out of my trades recently, something possibly difficult to understand for a guy like you. There's other things in life a tiny bit more important than hockey pools that I need to put time in these days, so sorry if I disappointed you.

  • 807. niraj (on Wed Jan 27 08:52:38 2010)
    Rudy, What happened to what you said in comment 800? I thought that was the point of trading Myers? Sure, forget about next year. You trading Myers actually hurt your team a lot more than you think...

  • 806. rudy (on Wed Jan 27 08:19:32 2010)
    Well, Niraj, the only thing you have to understand is that I'm just trying to shake things up. And I repeat: I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT KEEPER THING YOU VALUE SO MUCH. One can build a great team from the draft, it's been proven and you know it. And I want to win this year. To beat Bao I have to put solid numbers in the goalie categories until the end, and that's what I'm trying to build for these days. The rest will come no matter what player I have on my team.

  • 805. niraj (on Wed Jan 27 01:40:53 2010)
    Yanick, no matter what great trade. Rudy, I'm not so sure how I feel about what you got. All the guys you got are avg at best. In the end, you traded a very solid keeper 'd' for 3 mediocre players. Weird and indecisive...proof that you'd be nowhere if it weren't for the gift keepers we gave you to start the year ;).

  • 804. bao (on Mon Jan 25 11:34:04 2010)
    Thank you Yan for picking up Jussi...he's on fire !!! I was hoping Rudy and Ray wouldn't get him....

  • 803. niraj (on Mon Jan 25 10:26:04 2010)
    I can confidently say that I wouldn't give you 1 FA for all 4 of these players...

  • 802. yannick (on Mon Jan 25 00:06:24 2010)
    I am looking to acquire some Free Agents. All these fine players are available for free agents: Slava Kozlov, Matt Hunwick, Chris Campoli and Brett Clark. If interested, let me know.

  • 801. yan_c (on Thu Jan 21 08:45:44 2010)
    Disponibles... One of my defenceman and one of my forwards for a "better" forward... Pick from: Defence Tyutin (10-11) - Quincey (2-10-11) - Kuba (4-10-11) Forwards: Laich (0-10-11) - Drury (3-10-11) - Simmonds (0-10-11) - Erat (1-10-11) Also...Cam Ward est peut etre dispo pour un deal

  • 800. rudy (on Wed Jan 20 20:36:52 2010)
    For those of you wondering why I traded away Tyler Myers, it's simply because I realized he may not be one of my keepers if I finish in the top 3, which is very likely. I mean, I just have to keep the pace in offensive categories and get better results from my goaltenders and it's done. With Brad Richards along to make a strong push in the assists category, I feel comfortable to gain a couple of ranks there and I decided I'll live and die with Tim Thomas and Craig Anderson every week until the end (won't miss another shutout, no siree!), so Backstrom the goalie was expandable too. So it may look I gave a lot to get Brad Richards, but I really don't care that much for next year. I just want to win this year and make Niraj ask that a * should appear beside my name because I took advantage of a generous expansion rule. :-)

  • 799. niraj (on Wed Jan 20 20:12:07 2010)
    This is the Yannick that I know...great moves today. You making a run for first?

  • 798. phuc (on Wed Jan 20 18:08:19 2010)
    I see what you did there...

  • 797. niraj (on Wed Jan 20 17:23:09 2010)
    Great trade Yannick...

  • 796. etienne (on Wed Jan 20 13:56:08 2010)
    Je voudrais plus un chips au ketchup...

  • 795. yannick (on Wed Jan 20 11:48:24 2010)
    gilbert brule ainsi qu'un restant de sac de chips sel et vinaigre sont aussi disponible!

  • 794. etienne (on Wed Jan 20 11:44:38 2010)
    Perron and Voracek are available

  • 793. phuc (on Tue Jan 19 18:08:24 2010)
    Yannick - Biron to Pittsburgh anytime now... so we can start talking about our Parise for DiPietro trade.

  • 792. raymond (on Tue Jan 19 17:43:38 2010)
    Yan B. - no need to eliminate 3rd place. All we're saying is that if you are rebuilding and have more than 6 good keepers, you don't want to finish 3rd and be forced to drop a few players. Phuc - that's a very good impersonation!

  • 791. yannick (on Tue Jan 19 17:28:08 2010)
    I'm looking for a decent goalie that starts regularly to help me get by and not be so crap...

  • 790. yan_c (on Tue Jan 19 14:42:48 2010)
    petit bemol.... Je vuex dire que finir 2eme dans une ligue de 12 m'importe peu... Finir 2eme dans quelque chose de grandiose genre olympiques ou evenement comportant des centaines est tres louable... ex: tu gagnes la coupe grey ou t'es pas content vu la petite taille de la ligue versus terminer 2eme au marathon de boston ou meme un tournoi de hockey regional etc...

  • 789. yan_c (on Tue Jan 19 13:55:22 2010)
    I truly understand....I do Personally, finishing 2nd or 13th is the same for me. Winning is everything since this is not a race to get to the playoffs like in the NHL. Mais je comprends l'astuce generale. Etre fier de finir deuxieme pour moi est un peu mentalite defaitiste...mon humble opinion que je sais n'est pas partagee universellemnt...

  • 788. yannick (on Tue Jan 19 13:46:52 2010)
    @yan_c: we have already voted a change in the amount of keepers at the last draft. This is what we have voted and is effecive this season: 2. change the maximum number of keepers for the top 3. 1st place: 4 keepers 2nd place: 5 keepers 3rd place: 6 keepers of course that doesn't mean we cannot make other changes for next year. The motivation to finish 3rd is to get some money, so the thought was the positions that get money can keep less keepers for the following year. Personally, for pride and money , I prefer finishing 3rd than 4th. If the league doesn't care about being 3rd, we could remove the money to the 3rd position, but it could mean more teams throwing the towel early, which I don't like. Also, I don't like the idea of teh further down you finish in the standings, the more keepers you can keep, because then we create a race for the last position which is not healthy and interferes with the real championship as managers will not put their best active starting lineup possible.

  • 787. jf (on Tue Jan 19 11:03:12 2010)
    Faites ces suggestions dans le lien du commentaire 774 SVP.

  • 786. yan_c (on Tue Jan 19 09:31:06 2010)
    Maybe a fairer? system for keepers would be something reverse position. 1st..3 keepers 2nd.. 4 keepers 3rd...5 keepers 4th...6 5th...7 6th 8 7th..9 8+....10 or whatever I'm just typing out loud...I have no clue lol

  • 785. niraj (on Tue Jan 19 02:13:26 2010)
    I'd like to add that M.Giordano is the Flames #1 defenceman. How Phaneuf has fallen...apparently, him and Kipr are coke adicts...

  • 784. phuc (on Tue Jan 19 01:40:02 2010)
    I wouldn't go as far as calling DiPietro a Steve Mason ... more like a Patrick Roy in the making. Did you guys see how he humiliated Brodeur? He's gonna be so awesome for the next few years, now that he got his lifetime injuries out of the way. ;) How'd I do compared to Niraj?

  • 783. raymond (on Tue Jan 19 01:31:43 2010)
    Niraj, you only specialize in screw jobs where you over-value all your players. The words "Niraj" and "Fair" have never met each other. It's funny but I'm also thinking of throwing in the towel. When your star goalies allow 10 goals in 2 periods, that must be a sign to trade them for Dipietro. Good thing Dipietro is on Phuc's team. If he were still on Niraj's team, he would be hailing him as the next S.Mason (last year)

  • 782. niraj (on Tue Jan 19 01:13:43 2010)
    Forgot some players. So the list would be: Fleury, Nabokov, Niedermayer, Thornton, Kane, Zetterberg, Staal. I don't think any one team has what I would consider fair value. I won't make any deals for the sake of making a deal, so please no "Ray" offers...

  • 781. niraj (on Tue Jan 19 01:11:43 2010)
    Just not my year this year...when you trade R.Dipietro and he has a 0.95 GAA for the week (to date), you know it's just not your week. I'm not certain that I'm giving up, but I'll entertain offers for Fleury, Nabokov, Niedermayer, Thornton and any other non-keepers.

  • 780. raymond (on Tue Jan 19 00:09:43 2010)
    Yan C - you're absolutely right, if you're trying to rebuild, you definitely don't want to finish 3rd and lose those keeper spots. Although Bao won't admit it, that's what happened to him last year : ) We should teach him how to throw games this year! Is it me or does it seem that when there's a shutout, there's 3 or 4 in a night? Question of the day: will Montreal be smart and resign M-A Bergeron?

  • 779. rudy (on Mon Jan 18 23:36:15 2010)
    Great idea to bench Craig Anderson this week because Colorado was only playing 2 games... And I thought I had learn my lesson...

  • 778. yan_c (on Mon Jan 18 15:55:54 2010)
    @ ray... Guns n Roses will be battling for the top 3 by mid feb! :) Speaking of that... Isn't it way better to finish 4th instead of 2nd or 3rd if you know you're not going to win? At #4 you can keep up to 10 players instead of up to 5. I might be wrong, but that could be tricky throwing games wise? thanks,

  • 777. phuc (on Mon Jan 18 15:54:57 2010)
    My talent IS (was) luck. If someone finds it (ahem, Bao...), please let me know?

  • 776. bao (on Mon Jan 18 15:44:37 2010)
    No Ray... It was all skillz... never confuse my talent with luck !

  • 775. raymond (on Mon Jan 18 14:05:39 2010)
    Is it me or does it feel like we're in a panic mood with respect to the UFHL? I definitely agree that changes are needed to make the league better. However, before we go crazy with rule changes, let's take a step back and look at things from a global perspective. 1) What is the point of having a keeper league? The whole idea is to build a team for next year that will give you a strong chance to finish in the top 3. 2) Does that idea work? Let's take a look at last year (we'll have to look at prior years too) where the bottom 3 were Etienne, Yan C and Ray. This year, Etienne and Ray are battling for a spot in the top 3 while Yan C's team is much better this year. The top 3 teams last year (the tie for 3rd messes things up) were Nolan, Phuc, Niraj, Bao, Yan B. This year, Nolan, Phuc and Yan B are out of contention. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Bao got top 3 by accident last year, meaning he was trying to rebuild but somehow finished 3rd. As for Niraj, let's just say that his team would be different if S.Mason was still around. Anyway, all that to say that the format seems to satisfy the idea behind the keeper league format. The bottom teams one year are much better next year and the top teams last year should struggle more the following year. 3) How do we avoid these "controversial" trades? Well let's be honest, we can't. We're already said that we won't know the results of a trade until next year and see how that GM does next year. Reaction to Yan's propositions: Sorry Yan - I am totaly against the new contract structure and the money for the head-to-head. I know you've put in alot of time developing the head-to-head format but I think we can do without it. The playoff format looks fun but will be based more on luck and not skill. As we've seen from the weekly rankings, any team can have a great week or a really shitty week (such as my team this week). So the luckiest team will win the head-to-head and I don't wan to award $150 for that. Last year, I won 2 consecutive weekly rankings with one of the worst teams possible, imagine if that happened during the head-to-head playoff! Also you said that it would encourage GMs not to scrap their team. However, they should absolutely scrap their team in order to build a better team next year. Remember, that is the idea behind the keeper league. As for the new contracts, 5 years is way too long. Another problem that we haven't addressed is that there are less and less quality players at the draft. The most exciting day of the year is supposed to be the UFHL draft! But it's hard to get excited when there are 5 elite forwards and 3 elite D left to draft. We should try to get more players back into the draft. If everyone came in with the maximum number of players, the draft would be finished early (positive) but it becomes increasingly difficult to build a team through the draft. Also, we've all experienced a situation where we wish we could have drafted a certain player but for whatever reason dont. Imagine if you had to wait 5 years just to get a chance to draft that player again!!! 3 years is punishment enough, let's not make it worse. Before looking at drastic chances, somethings that answer is a simple. I'm not saying that this will solve the problem but it should help. Let's go with the Jan.1 keeper date idea + a 1 week GM rebuilding announcement. The idea here is that the GM must post a comment saying "Ovechkin is available, I'm looking for keepers in return." The GM cannot trade Ovechkin for 1 week. This would avoid a GM waking up one day and deciding to trade his entire team that day (a la Yan B.). This also allows the GM to collect offers for 1 week and then accepting the best offer made. Assuming all GMs are intelligent, they should accept the best possible offer. With this, the bottom GMs still gets to build a team of super keepers, the top GMs are forced to make better offers(which should equal less controversy) and the top GMs can only blame themselves for not getting a star player (because they're offer wasn't good enough. Wow...that was long...

  • 774. yannick (on Mon Jan 18 01:04:39 2010)
    CHANGES FOR NEXT YEAR --------------------- For next season, I have prepared a page where we can put our suggestions of rule changes much like I did the previous seasons. The page can be accessed through the "Rule Change Proposition" link in the "UFHL Reports" menu or by clicking here. I would prefer that the debates over propositions be done here on the comments page and keep the new rule change page to put only rule propositions to be keep things clean. I have put on that page 3 rules changes propositions that I think will change the dynamics of trading for the better. I encourage you to go read them. One specifically (new contract structure) must be decided before the draft has it implies coding changes for me. My 3 suggestions can be summarized as follows: 1- New contract structure: I propose to have a completely new contract structure in which players have longer contracts, different floor prices and different increases every year. We can be creative here and have different contract structure depending on the positions. I believe longuer contract will give managers more options and will be less tempted to trade a player just because he can't keep him next year. Higher floor prices and higher yearly increases will make sure prices stay reasonable and that a player is not a bargain for 5 years. I have put examples of what the new contracts could look like, go take a look. 2- Minimum date for keeper trades: I propose that for the first year of this rule that we set the first week of January as a minimum time where keeper trades are allowed. Knowing that keeper trades are forbiden before that will avoid having "one-sided" trades too soon in the season. I believe one should not build his team with rental players from keeper trades, one should only improve, much like in the NHL. 3- Give a good amount of money to the head-2-head champion: I propose to stop giving the $10 weekly winner and transfer that money to the winner of the head-2-head. We haven't went through the head-2-head playoffs yet, so it's a bit harder to imagine, but basically every team as an equal chance to win the head-2-head when the playoffs start in March. So the goal is too have a good team in March when the playoffs begin. It is therefore less tempting to scrap your team knowing that there is good money to be won there. The winner would get $150 (or maybe more if we have an extra manager). That is a good motivating amount compared to the $10. The main championship would remain the classic one in which the winner gets around $300, but this side amount is substantial enough to want to win it and not destroy your team in the name of keepers. I believe the combination of these three new rules will considerably reduce the amount of "fire sales", have keeper trades that are less one-sided, give more options to managers and an extra opportunity to win extra money.

  • 773. yannick (on Sun Jan 17 13:34:20 2010)
    well the teams have the option of putting a player on the IR retriactively, which kind of screws us! Also there is a difference for the teams if a player is on the regular IR or if he's on the long term IR. I believe that the salary saved during the injury does not count in the cap only if the player is on the long term IR. I think there are certain condition for a player to go on long term IR and that the teams must demonstrate to the NHL, but I am not sure. Andre K will go on the IR but retroactively to the next day after his injury. It sucks, but that's the way it is!

  • 772. yan_c (on Sun Jan 17 12:37:57 2010)
    Hi...Does anyone know the reasoning why the CH do not put Andrei K on IR? Sergei is on and he's coming back sooner than his bro. J'avais compris que tu recevais du cap relief cumulatif lorsque tu mettais un joueur su IR. Ex: 4 million dollar player on IR for 42 games his salary towards the cap is then 2 million and insurance pays the other 2... MErci!

  • 771. phuc (on Fri Jan 15 16:10:49 2010)
    @Yannick, It'd be funny if the players would change their names to their numbers, like OCHOCINCO.

  • 770. niraj (on Fri Jan 15 14:44:28 2010)
    The 1GA games continue for the Archangels... Shutouts are coming though...when they do, watch out...

  • 769. rudy (on Fri Jan 15 13:35:49 2010)
    New goaltender for the Doodies Tim Thomas did very well in his first start last night, but I'll need shutouts soon enough to beat the BLT. Hurt to see Chris Mason got one for the least Pascal Leclaire wasn't the goalie to get the shutout for the Sens last night... By the way, did Toskala really had a shutout against the Flyers? @ray: Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond (et non Pierre-François) a déjà retiré le Letourneau de son nom dans le dos, et dans le même ordre d'idée Jean-François Drouin-Deslauriers se fait maintenant appeller Jeff Deslauriers.

  • 768. raymond (on Fri Jan 15 12:31:08 2010)
    Yan, just wait until they ask Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond to shorten his name. Does that even fit on the back of his jersey? And if you think that's bad, check out this name from Wikipedia: Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso In the NHL, he would just be Pablo Picasso

  • 767. yannick (on Fri Jan 15 11:44:16 2010)
    Note: Vaclav Prospal changed his name to Vinny Prospal. Change have been made and stats are ok. (this is like the 10th player to change his name this year, it's pretty clear that the NHL wants its players to have easier name and more friendly names for american fans... only european and french canadian names have been modified... why don't they all call them Bob while they're at it!)

  • 766. phuc (on Thu Jan 14 11:21:45 2010)
    Change of strat: Seemingly, I'm collecting goalies now! Once Ray realizes that he won't be catching up, maybe he'll send me back Henrik for the peg leg so I can maybe win a week or two... In other news, Doodies makes a strong play and *seriously* upgrades his Goalie stats for this year (and the next!) for pennies-on-the-dollar and nobody says anything? I'll go first: OMG, I feel like there's a race for my bottom place! Everyone is out to get me!

  • 765. yan_c (on Thu Jan 14 11:13:53 2010)
    I was wondering if we ever considered adding SO goals as a category? I know the NHL don't officially keep those stats but I gather they are used for contract negotiations. Je demande la question juste comme ca.

  • 764. yan_c (on Thu Jan 14 10:50:13 2010)
    @Phuc How could you? lol I asked if you wanted a goalie and you said no, then traded a D-man for DiPietro. I was offering Vokoun... And I know we all have our own opinion, but I think he's a ton better than peg leg Ricky boy... Weird...

  • 763. danny (on Thu Jan 14 02:25:11 2010)
    Wait a minute Bao...J'ai eu mon moment de gloire annuelle la semaine passer... J'ai mené toute la semaine...J'avoue tu as monté proche de moi mais j'ai complètement dominer la semaine passé...Avoue!!! C'est probablement mon seul moment de gloire de l'année. Je vais surment en reparler bientôt!

  • 762. niraj (on Wed Jan 13 23:02:17 2010)
    Sensitive bunch...

  • 761. jf (on Wed Jan 13 22:32:31 2010)
    Chacun son point de vue Etienne, je considère pas avoir fait une vente de feu. Mon but était de garder une équipe capable de gagner une semaine et compétionner. Je pense que j'y suis arrivé tout en ayant plus de profondeur chez les keepers.

  • 760. bao (on Wed Jan 13 17:23:24 2010)
    Ca fait deux semaines de suite que je perds le weekly a la derniere soiree...

  • 759. yannick (on Wed Jan 13 16:44:43 2010)
    @jf: wow jf tu avais raison, tu as fait une remontee epoustouflante en une seule soiree pour battre Bao avec les points du weekly au head-2-head. de 10-0 a 6-6, c'est du grand art! Felicitations a Ray qui se merite $10 pour avoir gagner la semaine! Ray: $10 Danny: $10

  • 758. etienne (on Wed Jan 13 16:19:51 2010)
    @jf: tu dois être le seul GM au monde qui fait une vente de feu qui se trouve à égalité avec un Gm qui pousse pour entrer dans le top 3...

  • 757. jf (on Wed Jan 13 10:09:13 2010)
    Regardez bien le Head To Head, vous allez assiter à une remonter légendaire. De 10-0 à ?? une victoire peut-être? :)

  • 756. niraj (on Wed Jan 13 10:04:37 2010)
    For those who play POKER: Ray and I are playing in a tournament on Jan 30th in Mercier. It's $150 total, with $20 going to the house. Good deep stack structure and the organizers run their games professionally. If anyone is interested, send me an email and I'll forward you the organizer's contact information.

  • 755. rudy (on Wed Jan 13 09:52:09 2010)
    Don't complain Niraj, at least you get great SAVE and GOAL AVERAGES stats. I can't say that much with my Pascal Leclaire experiment gone bad... the Sens really suck!

  • 754. niraj (on Wed Jan 13 09:48:15 2010)
    Is it so fucking much to ask for Nabokov to get a shutout? He has SO many 1 GA games, it's insane...

  • 753. yan_c (on Tue Jan 12 19:21:28 2010)
    Merci! sorry for the confusion

  • 752. yannick (on Tue Jan 12 19:19:12 2010)
    @yan_c: the report you see is teh report of last time you entreded a lineup which was Tuesday January5th. Enter your new lineup and if there is something wrong, you will get a warning screen (after clicking the "Submit" button)

  • 751. yan_c (on Tue Jan 12 19:15:29 2010)
    thanks for the response. I have bergeron, kunitz and kronwall on IR it says i have 27 players and must get rid of one before tomorrow. up top it also says I have 1 on IR but in the columns, all 3 are clearly marked with IR I have 27 but 3 on IR so is that not "24"? thanks

  • 750. yannick (on Tue Jan 12 19:12:16 2010)
    @yan_c: which one of your players you think are officially on the IR but do not show on the IR? remember that there is one day of delay between the time a team puts a player on the IR and the time he appears on the IR here.

  • 749. yan_c (on Tue Jan 12 18:43:02 2010)
    quick question. I have 3 players on IR but the system only recognizes 1 and says I need to drop one player before 7pm tomorrow. How do I fix this please? don't know why Canadiens don't put Andrei on IR, he's gone for 6 weeks! argh

  • 748. phuc (on Tue Jan 12 18:35:22 2010)
    NYI's coach (who is it?) is in trouble... Roloson is giving you a chance to win and make the playoffs every time he's on the ice, but you have to play a rusty goalie who's paid gazillions and was never really that good when healthy anyways. Jury is still out on DiPietro, is all I'm sayin. Niraj, I'll give you Biron and a FA - and I'm doing you a favor here...

  • 747. niraj (on Tue Jan 12 18:11:02 2010)
    The real G keeper is Dipietro. I won't ask for much...

  • 746. phuc (on Tue Jan 12 17:39:15 2010)
    I'm just messin' with ya. Yannick, with Garon being sooo amazing, if you need a *real* keeper goalie, we can talk. I can only keep 2 anyway! Leighton and Howard are really killing my Biron pickup (and Halak's value?). Biron is an awesome bench-warmer - I don't think he has moved from his spot for weeks now.

  • 745. niraj (on Tue Jan 12 17:30:46 2010)
    Hey, Back then a lot of us thought that he would turn it around. Truth be told, I wanted to ask Yannick to hold off for 2 weeks because I believed that Mason was going to turn around and totally burn me. Ask him!

  • 744. phuc (on Tue Jan 12 17:24:17 2010)
    Shit... so he's not worth $5 in your eyes, but you got Nabokov for him? I think we should cancel another trade ;) I'm j/k of course.

  • 743. niraj (on Tue Jan 12 17:06:08 2010)
    Mason of course...

  • 742. phuc (on Tue Jan 12 16:49:08 2010)
    Niraj, who are you talking about? Mason, Havlat, Tenderness?

  • 741. etienne (on Tue Jan 12 14:29:00 2010)
    Such foresight: see comment 411

  • 740. niraj (on Tue Jan 12 13:41:07 2010)
    As Yannick pointed out, it's not this season that counts, it's next season. Still, one has to wonder if anyone will pay more than $5 for him in the draft given his performance. I'll say that if Phaneuf can go for $40+ this year after his stinker last year, someone would. Phaneuf's price next year will be really interesting. He's at best a 3rd defenceman on a solid UFHL team...

  • 739. phuc (on Tue Jan 12 12:20:25 2010)
    Niraj a en beurre epais pour avoir plus de poids avec ses arguments... Je ne pense pas avoir fait grand'chose dans la ligue pour meriter de tels compliments de sa part. Ce que Rudy dit est pleinement merite, mais on fait tous notre part pour demontrer combien les joueurs qu'on a sont tellement plus plus meilleurs qu'ils le sont vs quand on ne les a pas ;) Danny, I'll trade you Garon back - he's a super keeper for next year as evidently, the starting job is now his. Mason just pulled a Theo/Carrey last season. Garon >>>> Mason. I expect better than Nabokov for him, but, since it's you, I'll settle for Niemi and Huet. Ray, Hats off to you! You are mooching off Havlat!

  • 738. rudy (on Tue Jan 12 08:29:31 2010)
    So Ray, you couldn't resist the urge for tenderness? I guess he would have been picked up a lot earlier if he would have played like that for the Habs...

  • 737. danny (on Mon Jan 11 04:34:01 2010)
    Phuc, can you give me Garon back please!

  • 736. nolan (on Mon Jan 11 00:00:27 2010)
    Oui 2 SHG ... Je les attendais depuis longtemps . Ça m'as donné un beau 7 Pts au classement général.. C'est très apprécié !!

  • 735. niraj (on Sun Jan 10 23:04:58 2010)
    @JF: If 28 games through Howard's 2.14 GAA doesn't impress, I don't know whatever will...

  • 734. raymond (on Sun Jan 10 15:39:27 2010)
    Crime Nolan, 2 SHG en meme soiree c'est pas mal... En passant, il faudra qu'on parle plus de Bao parce qu'il est en train de fuir avec le championnat. C'est incroyable que chaque FA qu'il engage joue comme un all-star: A.Greene, Bertuzzi, Leighton. En plus, il a complété le plus d'échanges keepers cette année. Pour les joueurs sur l'équipe de Bao: prenez une p'tite vacance!

  • 733. jf (on Sun Jan 10 14:13:09 2010)
    Wow 6ièm dans le weekely ranking et pas 1 seul point dans le head to head. Bao, je veux bien perdre, mais idéalement la tête haute SVP. :D

  • 732. niraj (on Sun Jan 10 13:22:38 2010)
    @Rudy: Mats Sundin was the perenniel 1 pt / gm player. It didn't matter if the leafs would score 7 goals, he'd only have 1/2 pts. Hence the expression...

  • 731. rudy (on Sun Jan 10 11:29:16 2010)
    @etienne: which means...?

  • 730. etienne (on Sun Jan 10 09:32:15 2010)
    Ovechkin did a Mats Sundin!

  • 729. jf (on Sun Jan 10 09:05:10 2010)

  • 728. yannick (on Sun Jan 10 01:07:49 2010)
    why this havlat bashing? did you guys know that in the past 3 seasons (not including this season), havlat has had 161 points in 172 games, an average of .93 points per game. How is that garbage? in comparison, henrik sedin had 239 points in 246 games for a ratio of 0.97 point per game. during the same span, havlat scored 64 goals (0.37 goal per game) while sedin scored only 47 goals (0.19 goal per game average). And we are a league that values more goal scorers. Havlat has been having a disastrous begining of the season, but so did a bunch of other players that didn't see their value destroyed that much... everyone here knows that havlat has talent. at the time of the mason trade, I had no intention of keeping elias. Things have changed since then, and I am now considering it. Things change... Havlat for Henrik Sedin is very debatable and I surely would not have voted to cancel the deal. I just want to warn you how dangerous it could be to have people cancelling your trades juste because they don't share your opinions...

  • 727. raymond (on Sat Jan 9 17:44:31 2010)
    Where's the S.Mason guarantee? Wasn't he the main player in that deal? I call R.Dipietro. What he's taken? Damn...

  • 726. niraj (on Sat Jan 9 17:01:40 2010)
    I guess we can move on then. Still interesting that there's no Havlat guarantee...And Yan_C, you offered me Fleury in an email last year, there was no wearing you down :). Sucks that AK got injured...he was just starting to play up to his potential...

  • 725. raymond (on Sat Jan 9 16:12:12 2010)
    Real UFHL Update: The NJ- TB game last night was postponed due to electrical problems at the arena. At the time, the score was 3-0 TB. The game will be continued at a later date to be announced by the NHL. In the meantime, that stats from that game do not count. The stats will count as soon as the game is completed.

  • 724. raymond (on Sat Jan 9 16:04:50 2010)
    Niraj - I'm really concerned that you may have suffered a concussion no joke. I will drive you to the hospital myself. Step back and look at things holistically, you will find that the answer you seek were in front of you the whole time. Now a part of you is going to say "there are no answers because it doesn't make sense!" Do your best to put that thought aside and try to look at the situation objectively. Now you're to say "I am being objective!" Again, put that thought aside. If things go smoothly, you should get an epiphany. If needed, next time we talk/see each other, I will guide you to those answers.

  • 723. danny (on Sat Jan 9 15:56:13 2010)
    Yan C...I did say "End of Saga" on thread 690! I want to move on too..."but they keep pulling me back in"- Al Pacino

  • 722. danny (on Sat Jan 9 15:50:20 2010)
    See how we all have different views Niraj! I was sure you hated the Kipper aspect of the trade. According to me that was the biggest steal in the trade. But after reading Ray's tread i realized he won't impove in goals that much but he can't get worst. In my book, Havlat has potential to be a top 9 forward all time so Phuc got a starter for next year instead of simply loosing Sedin(who is over achieving in my book)But, I don't have the greatest IQ in the league, so who am i to talk! Avec les arguments à Ray et les justifications de Phuc et après analyse du dossier, le comité de discipline de 2002 aurait permis l'échange pareil Niraj. Il n'a pas de mauvaise fois de personne et la situation ACTUEL de Ray vs. Kipper n'influence pas le classement de façon déraisonnable. Sedin donne l'avantage à Ray pour ses nombreux points mais c'est un argument secondaire pour cancellé un échange, toujours selon le COMITÉ 2002. Sorry mais même avec un comité tu aurais perdu Niraj! Delà l'analyse cas par cas. Si Ray aurait été 7e partout dans les catégories de gardien, je crois que la décision aurait été pour toi mon Niraj! Là Ray fait juste solidifié sa position déjà bien mérité!

  • 721. yan_c (on Sat Jan 9 15:48:39 2010)
    With all excuses to Danny, I'm in favor of free speech also but... Enough already... If you're scared of losing managers it won't be for the lack of fun game play... It will be for excessive whining... It's a bad trade but if you check my "genius" moves, the one Niraj wore me down last year for Fleury was worse. I think Havlat at those salaries for 3 years is not that inferior to career year Sedin signed only for the next few months. there is roughly 40 games left in the season, and barring injury I don't see Sedin getting more than18 points over Havlat. And there may be weeks in there that Vancouver only plays 2 games in our WED to TU so the difference could be less. Assez vous supplie! Move on!

  • 720. rudy (on Sat Jan 9 15:27:39 2010)
    You're right Niraj, Phuc has one of the highest hockey IQ's in the league. It's tempting though to remind everyone that Phuc told me in this forum that Tyler Myers was a nobody and that in NO WAY a rookie defenseman could be a keeper, except of course Michael del Zotto (1 pt in last 12 games). But every top gun GM can make a mistake... or two... :-) I love you too Phuc.

  • 719. niraj (on Sat Jan 9 13:09:46 2010)
    Holy shit, I go snowboarding for a day and you guys write up a fucking storm. A few things of interest: 1) Ray, why no guarantee for Havlat? Why not make the same offer for returning Sedin if Havlat has less than 7 pts in 10 games? 2) Maybe the league has regressed? If Phuc, who has one of the highest hockey IQ's in the league can fuck up, any of us can. The thing that shocked me about this deal was Havlat for Sedin. The rest is open to subjective opinion. But I think we'll all agree that there's no logic in Havlat for Sedin. Ray points out my deal, but Yannick believed in Mason. Phuc DOESN'T EVEN BELIEVE IN HAVLAT. How can we approve this deal. Are we saying that if a manager makes a huge mistake there's no recourse? Personally, I think this proves that the league needs some sort of competition committee / dean of discipline that investigates this. 3) I think the entire keeper thing needs to be revised. By formula, by how we make our ranking points, anything. Finally, at the very least, the Havlat for Sedin aspect of this deal should be cancelled. It's such a huge mistake, it's not even funny. I don't care if Ray keeps both players on his bench, there is no justification for Havlat for Sedin...

  • 718. danny (on Sat Jan 9 09:22:59 2010)
    Finalement on s'entendra pas pour un comité Yan...Si je comprend bien, tu fais pas confiance à personne! Pat aurait JUGÉ les échanges...Pourquoi t'as peur de ça le mot "JUGE"! Dans la vie et dans tout les sports y'a un comité, des abritres, des polices ou des juges pour controler le tout. Oui, un juge s'achete mais C'est la vie...On espère pour le meilleur! Pis ça rajoute du piquant Faut maintenir l'ordre et on y arrivera pas sans comité ou préfet de discipline

  • 717. yannick (on Fri Jan 8 23:48:56 2010)
    c'etait une joke a propos de pat, jamais en cent est-ce qu'il voudrait faire ca! en plus ca resterait quelqu'un qui juge de l'opinion des joueurs d'un autre. j'avais deja penser a une formule assez complexe pour determiner la valeur d'un joueur, mais ca aussi ca ne ferait pas l'unanimite. Une formule base sur l'apport d'un joueur dans chaque categorie pour la saison courrante et les trois dernieres saisons (de sorte que s'il a deja connu une bonne saison recemment, il garderait une valeur interessante) et qui prendrait en consideration la longueur du contrat et son prix paye. Les echanges qui ne rentrerait pas une difference de point pre-determiner serait alors flagger et devrait passer par un comite. C'est evident qu'il y aurait des exceptions (par example une joueur qui n'as pas encore jouer dans la LNH), mais le systeme n'empecherait pas l'echange, seulement le flagger pour etre evaluer. Et aussi l'echange pourrait etre evaluer avant de l'entrer officiellement. Ca fait pas partie de mes propositions, je viens juste de me rappeler a ce que j'avais deja penser avant. je sais pas si ca merite qu'on s'y attarde plus, ou si je devrais juste oublier ca.

  • 716. yannick (on Fri Jan 8 22:57:30 2010)
    @rudy: niraj called Rick Dipietro on November 25th and believe it or not, he kept his team at 25 players the whole time. When Dipietro appears on the list tomorow, niraj will has to hire him and he will then be available via trade with niraj. @danny: pat serait le gars parfait... il connait bien la ligue et a toujours eu une opinion impartial. Il prend aussi toujours le temps de connaitre les deux cotes de la medaille avant d'emettre un opinion. D'un autre cote, je sais pas s'il a le gout de nous entendre chialer!

  • 715. danny (on Fri Jan 8 21:35:27 2010)
    D'accord avec toi Yan...Très bon post! WOW ...le meilleur de l'année...Disons , le plus constructif! Sauf que je crois qu'on doit tenir compte des stats actuel du joueur et de sa valeur marchande au moment de l'échange. Si tu acheterais la franchise des Coyotes de Phoenix pour 990 millions pcque tu penses que l'an prochain ils vont de ramener la coupe, ton banquier va questionné ton investissement en maudit et il va te dire que c'est impossible de faire de l'argent avec cette équipe. C'est juste de respecter une logique vs. la vision que tu as. L'équilibre entre les 2 n'est pas facile et delà un comité. Comme un grief, ça prend un arbitre pour entendre les 2 parties. La question est de trouver un gars fiable et sans partie pris. C'est moi ça!!! LOL...Non, Ca prend un gars qui n'est pas un gérant UFHL, connait son hockey, comprend comment notre ligue marche et fera ça gratuit!!! Résumé...Impossible à trouver! Retour à la case départ...Shit!

  • 714. rudy (on Fri Jan 8 21:13:29 2010)
    Hey, let's change the subject >>> Rick DiPietro is in net tonight! Nobody to call him yet?

  • 713. yannick (on Fri Jan 8 17:23:49 2010)
    je suis en train d'ecrire differentes propositions que je vais vous soumettre tres bientot. en tk, c'est long en maudit de lire tous ces commentaires! en passant oublier le cap salarial, on en reparle a chaque annee et c'est toujours la meme conclusion: ca marchera pas. j'aime pas l'idee non plus d'avoir d'autres gerants avec qui je suis en competition de juger de mon opinion des joueurs que j'obtient. Le fait demeure qu'un keeper trade peut seulement etre juger l'annee suivante. C'est plate, mais c'est comme ca. Si je pense que Nashville va etre une des meilleures equipes l'annee prochaine et que je veux avoir leur gardien, c'est mon affaire. La majorite des echanges sur lesquels nous avons chialer par le passer ont eventuellement eu des resultats differents qu'anticiper. Le comite de discipline ne jugait pas si les joueurs etaient assez bons et ne modifiait pas d'echanges, le comite verifiait si les regles etaient respecter, si l'echange etait fait de bonne foi et verifiait la motivation des getants a faire l'echange pour contrer la collusion entre gerants. Nous avions des problemes differents dans les 5 premieres annees de la UFHL: des gerants qui adandonnaient et qui fesaient n'importe quel echange, nous avons eu le fameux tandem shawi-vandal, on avait des echanges ou un gerant ne se souvenait meme pas de son echange la soiree meme! La ligue a un niveau different de maturite maintenant et les problemes ne sont pas les memes. Un comite devrait seulement verifier que les echanges se sont fait dans les regles. Les propositions que je vais soumettre vont etre sur le mode fonctionnement de la ligue pour inciter les gerants a ne pas faire certains echanges plutot que de juger des joueurs impliquer dans un echange. a bientot

  • 712. raymond (on Fri Jan 8 17:01:57 2010)
    Ok Phuc, if Havlat has 1 win, a 4.10 GAA and .860 save % after 9 games, I'll give u back Henrik : )

  • 711. phuc (on Fri Jan 8 16:32:14 2010)
    I prefer the limited trade dates idea, or salary floor/ceiling. A review committee will only cause more bitching IMHO. @Ray, would prefer your offer to apply to Havlat vs Sedin. That's where it hurts. The most. What was I smoking that day. I think it's his turn to mimic his brother this season (or Havlat in the past)...

  • 710. raymond (on Fri Jan 8 15:45:49 2010)
    Etienne - yes I remember Niraj's tactics that led to me trading Elias (when he was a superstar) for a group of players that included C.Gratton. Where was the trade committee?

  • 709. raymond (on Fri Jan 8 15:41:35 2010)
    Oh yeah - forgot to add that more than a few GMs knew that the S.Mason - Nabokov deal was crap when it happened. Guy nobody cares about S.Mason's long-term prospects, we don't care if he wins a Vezina in 2015 or a Jennings in 2016. Mason has 1 yr left on his UFHL contract. He sucked at the time of the deal. Will we have a better season next year? Sure but then again, he has no choice or he'll be in the AHL. Here, I'll do something that you'll never do Niraj. If after 9 games, if Rinne has 1 win, a GAA over 4.10 and a save % under .860, I will give back Kipper to Phuc for his choice of Rinne/Havlat and allow him to trade Kipper to another contender.

  • 708. etienne (on Fri Jan 8 15:35:56 2010)
    @Ray it's all about potential baby! I don't if any you recall the old show Peewee's Playhouse and the word of the day. Well the word of the season is potential (baby!) @Ray again: most of the crazy trades Niraj did were with you. Hence the joke that Niraj had a farm team and his players didn't need to go through waivers. @Me: don't you remember that you were once Yan's farm team in the beginning of the UFHL... Shame on me

  • 707. raymond (on Fri Jan 8 15:22:27 2010)
    Yan C - let me buy you a cup of coffee in the morning Yan - yes I'll even do Starbucks if you prefer. I'm obviously not going to like any deal that improves the team of a contender. All the other contenders would feel the same way. I actually like your B.Ryan, Streit, Quick deal alot, I think you got 3 really good players. Perry is one of the best fantasy players in the UFHL so obviously I don't like that Etienne has him. The Thornton deal is upsetting to me, more so because Niraj gave up nothing. Kronwall out for 3 months, Giroux and Ward whom he would have never started. Getting Kronwall was a good move. Enjoy your coffee! Niraj - role up your sleeves my friend because we're about to have another series of comments - parental discretion is advised. If we were to list the top 10 worst trades of all time in the UFHL, whose name would pop up the most? Let me give you a clue, it starts with N and ends with iraj. You want a committee to review trades, do you realize that this would lead to 50% of your trades being cancelled? Then what happens? You cry on the comments of the week about how the league doesn't treat you fairly and that every GM should have the ability to control their own franchise. You don't care how I use Kipper? You are the one that always preaches UFHL impact while referencing the standings. Now you turn around and say that it doesn't matter? If you got Marleau for JVR, you would argue the same point - that it doesn't have a great impact on the standings. Niraj, what you want is for all your trades to be accepted while being able to cancel everyone else's deals, you want 1 standard for you and 1 standard for everyone else. Guess what? You can't have both. Etienne - at least tell everyone when that offer was made. I made that offer 1 month ago when Burrows had 23 pts and was in a major slump. Had I made that offer yesterday, then you can certify me as crazy.

  • 706. nolan (on Fri Jan 8 14:32:34 2010)
    J'aime bien l'idée de JF qui est d'élire un comité de 5 DG qui prendrais les décisions. (Yannick - Niraj - Ray - Étienne - Rudy) me semble être un bon choix Est-ce que l'idée d'avoir un cap salarial de 260$ toute l'année serait également une bonne décision ? Je crois que ca pourrait restreindre les possibilités d'échange de keepers pour des non-keeper et ca à longueur d'année. Ce qui n'est pas mauvais. Pour en revenir aux échanges, personnellement je trouve que des fois les commentaires par rapport à des échanges sont exagéré car certain d'entres-vous ne tiennes pas compte d'informations que d'autre DG peuvent avoir sur des joueurs ou même un feeling que quelqu'un peux avoir sur un joueur... Si ca ne serait que de moi, il en faudrait beaucoup pour qu'un échange ne passe pas. Je crois que le fait de permettre aux GMS qui sont en première place de garder moins de joueurs aide à la cause. Ca permet à ceux-ci d'avoir plus de keepers à échanger et donc de permettre des échanges exagérés. Si ca ne serait que de moi, tous les GM garderait le même nombre de keeper à la fin: soit entre 5 et 10 (moyenne: 7) les bons keepers seraient donc bcp plus important à garder pour avoir une bonne équipe les années suivantes. Ca éviterais, encore une fois, ce genre d'échange ambigüe.

  • 705. etienne (on Fri Jan 8 12:41:14 2010)
    Par exemple, on ne peut pas échanger de joueurs avec des salaires de moins de $20 avant le 1 février. Mais si on augmente le salaires minimum (fini les les joueurs à $10 maintenant le plus bas c'est $15) cela changerais la donne qui résulterait peut-être avec moins d'échanges...

  • 704. jf (on Fri Jan 8 12:40:14 2010)
    Propositions pour gérer les échanges : 1- Un comité de 5 DG pour approuver une décision, ça prend une majorité. Si un des DG est impliqué son vote ne compte pas. 2- Un Cap salarial ( Plafond et planché ), qui bouge durant la saison. Plus la saison avance plus le plafond monte et le planché descend. P.S. C'est moi qui est parti le bal pour les échanges de keepers, Meaculpa. Je croyais que c'était la meilleure décision possible pour mon équipe.

  • 703. danny (on Fri Jan 8 12:25:31 2010)
    Etienne, j'ai pas toute compris ton post! Ca semble compliquer. La solution simple: Les keeper trades ( Qui ressemble à un abandon!) ne peuvent pas être faite avant le 1er Mars.

  • 702. etienne (on Fri Jan 8 12:12:28 2010)
    j'aime bien l'idée de Yannick de restreindre les échanges à des périodes spécifiques. Peut-être qu'on pourrait mettre un cap sur les salaires échangeables ou bien comme Yan_C le soumettait, d'avoir un cap salariale jusqu'en janvier ou février et après on peut le dépasser. En fait, je crois que les échanges et les salaires sont reliés. Au draft, on avait discuté de la questions du salaire minimum et de la possibilité de l'augmenter. En faisant ça, c'est certain que ça change l'équilibre sur qui est ou n'est pas un keeper et par conséquent toute la question des échanges de keepers est touchée. Donc est-ce qu'en montant les salaires minimums on réduit les échanges controversés de keepers? Est-ce qu'on réduit le nombre d'échange, etc. Donc en réfléchissant à la question du salaire, peut-être on va régler la question des échanges. La deuxième chose qui me vient à l'idée c'est que les échanges de keepers ont commencé très tôt. Ceci indique soit que les GMs abandonne trop vite ou bien que les GMs en bas du classement sont assez lucides pour comprendre qu'après le mois de novembre c'est impossible de remonter dans le classement. Et que sans doute l'incitatif du gagnant de la semaine n'est pas assez grand.

  • 701. danny (on Fri Jan 8 11:50:01 2010)
    Juste quand je voulais finir le débat, ya 6-7 post de plus ce matin ...WOW Un record!!! Niraj, pour te reprendre; "I remember a time!" C'est pas une tune de Michael Jackson ça? Je te rappel que c'est toi qui a fait avorter le comité de discipline suite à une décision de cancellé un trade qui fesait pas ton affaire. Là tu aimerais en avoir un. Je savais qu'un jour ça te peterais dans face. J'étais trop sévère et partisant selon ce que je me rappel. J'avais trop de pouvoir cé sûr mais on aurait pu trouver un milieu "Dans le temps". L'an prochain on trouvera bien plus de règles. Là tu approuve Yan C de contrôler même ce qu'on dit dans les comments. Vous savez les gars que la Charte des droits prévoir le "freedom of speech". On doit agir dans le respect de tous mais l'on a droit à notre opinion et les comments est une belle place pour s'exprimer et se piquer indirectement. Sauf que après la journée fini, j'irais prendre un bière avec vous pour en rire n'importe quand. L'on doit pas prend les "comments" personnel. Ça j'ai appris avec le temps. Ma carapasse est très endurci.

  • 700. etienne (on Fri Jan 8 10:56:24 2010)
    Enfin, peut-être même Turco.

  • 699. jf (on Fri Jan 8 10:46:55 2010)
    Moi ma question c'est qui aurait fait une meilleure offre pour Kipper + Sedin? Moi aucune offre meilleur que ce que Phuc a eu. Niraj has nothing ( Howard is not an option to me ) Rudy had Anderson ( Already imply in a big scandale ! ) :D Etienne, I agree that Phuc should had though about Théo. :) Je pense que Ray avait le gros bout du bâton un point c'est tout.

  • 698. niraj (on Fri Jan 8 09:57:36 2010)
    Finally, some closure on that Nedved for Kariya offer. You're off the black list Etienne. Let the emails begin...

  • 697. etienne (on Fri Jan 8 09:52:20 2010)
    However, for the sake of intellectual integrity I should mention that once offered Peter Nedved for Paul Kariya to Niraj... Funny how he doesn't contact me for trades even though it's been 4 years...

  • 696. etienne (on Fri Jan 8 09:38:01 2010)
    As for Ray's low balling techniques: try Burrows for Aucoin!

  • 695. niraj (on Fri Jan 8 09:25:59 2010)
    I agree with Yan_c...there should be a process that managers can use to have trades justified and after that it's done, no more complaining.

  • 694. etienne (on Fri Jan 8 09:21:06 2010)
    Thanks for rubbing it in! Should have kept Quick... Well, can't win all trade.

  • 693. yan_c (on Fri Jan 8 09:12:04 2010)
    @ray you specifically mention 2 deals I made as ones you did not like. I traded Thornton (amazing stats), Tom Gilbert(big dropoff in points) and Chris Osgood (lost job to howard) for Giroux (who I believe will get 70+ points soon), Kronwall (when healthy top 5 in def points) and Cam ward (my goalies sucked!) I have no problem defending that deal you also mentionned: Cory perry, Zidlicky and Turco deal for ryan, streit and Quick. I traded 2 guys in the last year of deals (perry, zid) and a flip-a-coin goalie for Ryan (signed for 3), Streit (for 2) and Quick (signed for 3) who will start a ton of games. I love the trade AND (though it may change) so far I've gotten more points and wins then Etienne got. There should be a rule about questioning out loud peoples trades...Reading the comments of the week now is becoming a chore

  • 692. niraj (on Fri Jan 8 08:57:29 2010)
    Guys, you do understand that Phuc's comment pretty much implies that he was wore down and just accepted the deal. I remember a time when that was grounds for canceling a trade. I don't know, I think I'm in favour of a trade committee that reviews deals to protect the league. It's one thing if the only keepers left were Rinne and Havlat, it's entirely another that Ray had Varmalov and Carter available. Yannick and I have been in a keeper baseball league and non-contenders never threw their big players in the garbage. Quite the contrary...they would get at least 1 big keeper in return if not several. You guys argue that my Mason deal is the same deal as this Rinne deal. It's not for one very simple reason: If I still had Mason and proposed that deal to Yannick today, he would flat out refuse it. The trade I made was made possible due to the timing of when I made it. A keepers value is based on potential and the current season is an indicator for future potential. I don't think anyone argues Mason's long term prospects, but a keepers value rises and falls with his current season's production. That said, Rinne and Havlat, as keepers, are average at best and they went for two mega-stars. I don't care how Ray intends to use Kipr, the deal is disgusting. Something needs to be done to protect the league from this kind of crap.

  • 691. raymond (on Thu Jan 7 23:14:54 2010)
    Danny - a couple of times, you referred to the balance of power shifting. I really hope you're right about that but let's take a look at the UFHL impact, specifically in the rankings. At the time of the trade, I was 2nd in all goalie categories. How did I get there? Mostly due to Brodeur and Varlamov. Realistically, I'm not going to catch Nolan in GAA and Save %. So my potential there is 2 points. In my master plan, my goalie tandem is Brodeur and Varlamov and that master plan hasn't changed as of today. I believe that with Brodeur and Varlamov, I would finish first in wins. Obviously, if Kipper is great I'm going to start him but if Varlamov produces like he did before his injury, don't be surprised to see Kipper on my bench. All that to say that getting Kipper was a defensive move - to prevent other GMs from getting him. So really the upgrade is in getting H.Sedin. Does Henrik alone help me catch Bao? I would like the answer to be yes but I have to be honest... So Danny, I hope you're right about the shift..I really do...Before all of this, my goal was to improve my offense, especially getting more goals. I was hoping to get H.Sedin and Malkin. Instead I get a goalie and a forward known more for passing than for goals. Rudy - I know how you feel. I've been at both ends: getting great players in keeper deals and also giving 2 or 3 players just to get 1 keeper. When you're giving great players to a contender, yes you may be deciding the championship but that won't be the only trade. Every rebuilding GM is going to trade with a contending GM so no 1 trade decides the championship, especially if all the contending GMs upgrade their team. Look at this year, I sat and watched as Niraj got Thornton and Nabokov, as Bao got Heatley, Pronger, Malkin, as Etienne got Perry and Zidlicky, as you got Backstrom. Did I like any of those deals? No. But I know they're going to happen. Now is there a way to make positive changes to this system - probably, we just need to put our heads together. Phuc - we'll probably argue about this point forever but you're the one that wore me down. In the past, Niraj has worn me down in many many deals. After being victimized several times by Niraj's "wear down" techniques, I made it my goal to not inflict that kind of punishment on other human beings.

  • 690. danny (on Thu Jan 7 18:51:41 2010)
    There....Thanks Phuc! End of saga! Now, let's talk about what we can do to stop this for next year!

  • 689. phuc (on Thu Jan 7 18:46:25 2010)
    Hey ho, Sorry for the lateness. I don't think anyone is as disgusted about the trade as much as I am. On the spot, I admit, I just got fed up and pulled the trigger. It was a bit more emotional than thought-out, but I credit Ray for his 2-3hrs persistent low-balling that made me cave. It's the human side of the whole thing and also part of the game (I think?). I actually thought I would be able to play that aspect better when I showed ray/niraj that I was willing to pull the trigger rapidly and wasn't bullshitting about negotiating with others (the Malkin-thing). That kinda backfired. The Kipper for Rinne, I don't mind so much. I do value Rinne. Where it gets iffy is the Sedin part of the trade - Havlat is a question mark for me at this point, but I do think Whitney will arguably be better than Suter, at least for next year. Putting myself in other Gm's shoes, I don't think the trade would be objectionable if it was done close to the trade deadline. The fact that we're only half-way into the season is however. But then again, top 5 vs bottom 5 traded for keepers so early, there weren't many buyers left... Rudy, nothing against you, but you had sold everything already. And you do sound a bit paranoid. I don't intend to give up for next year. I'm still on a 1yr 1/2 plan. It's not going great, but then again, the year is not over yet. If there's a lesson to be learned here for: - Other GMs: if you are persistent enough, I'll eventually give up. - Me: don't give up - and Ray can be a pain to trade with ;P So there you have it. Talking with Ray, he insists that I got the better end. So I wouldn't mind taking it back if I could, but I do think it was a 'fair' trade in the sense that I did agree to it at some (low) point. So I'll own up to this mistake. I can assure you, this probably won't happen again, unless we're talking trade and my (fictitious) kid just got ran over by a bus. Bitching and victimization may resume.

  • 688. danny (on Thu Jan 7 18:12:15 2010)
    Where is Phuc in all of this?

  • 687. rudy (on Thu Jan 7 16:50:12 2010)
    @niraj: Let me put this clear, I don't think people are conspiring against me to make sure I don't win. I'm not that paranoiac. I just feel that there's a legacy of low-place GMs in the UFHL that are willing to help a contender to win, and I'm just not in that business of sucking low-place GMs so I feel I'm at a disadvantage somehow. But I'm learning.

  • 686. niraj (on Thu Jan 7 14:20:19 2010)
    1) it's not about the players, it's about the intentions. 2) JF, you don't think Varmalov is a better option?

  • 685. jf (on Thu Jan 7 13:32:52 2010)
    "Besides Ray's Rinne, I don't see any better options as a keeper goalie... Aye un peu de erspect pour mon équipe : I have Jeff Deslaurier, the real deal for next year. He's available for Brodeur + Oveshkin, I can throw in a FA.

  • 684. danny (on Thu Jan 7 13:12:41 2010)
    lol..What i tried to say is We have to hear from Phuc to get the bottom line! Nothing is clear until he speaks out! Nirah is only assuming he's abandonning next year too! If that's the case, well we can't permit the trade. But if Phuc has an argument...Well..End of story!

  • 683. danny (on Thu Jan 7 13:09:27 2010)
    We have hear from Phuc to know if he is reallyabandonning next year too. Niraj is assuming to nothing is clear until he speaks. That's the bottom line. I do tend to wonder why he isn't posting a reply?

  • 682. bao (on Thu Jan 7 11:56:23 2010)
    My two cents: (puisque J-F me mentionne) I did try to get Kipper and Sedin, however asking price was a keeper goalie and I had none. Besides Ray's Rinne, I don't see any better options as a keeper goalie... I'm OK with the keeper trade concept...What I don't get is why R.Suter was part of the deal? Keepers(or potentially keepers) should go one way in a keeper's trade!!!

  • 681. jf (on Thu Jan 7 11:44:00 2010)
    Personellement je pense que si Phuc quittait la ligue il aurait pas fait cet échange avec Ray. Il aurrait essayé d'aider un ami comme Bao. À ce moment j'aurais eu de gros gros doute.

  • 680. niraj (on Thu Jan 7 11:11:51 2010)
    Guys, When a manager says that he just gave up and doesn't even defend his trade and admits that he's unlikely to keep Havlat for next year, that's more than enough evidence that he indeed gave up for this year AND next year. That's unfair to his team and to the league. Like I said, it's because it's me. As for you Rudy, as much as it would suck for you to win because we essentially let you cherry pick the best players from each team, no one is conspiring against you. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see you win, but doing shitty trades that aren't as good as what you're offering is not anything any manager in this league would do. Don't take it personally, we made the mistake and anyone would have picked the team you picked given the circumstances.

  • 679. yannick (on Thu Jan 7 10:56:24 2010)
    I will post my comment regarding this situation later today or tomorow. I have to finish some stuff at work first.

  • 678. danny (on Thu Jan 7 10:50:11 2010)
    Je savais que tu sortirais cette phrase qui menace de quitter la ligue indirectement. I've been there kid, i know the feeling. J'ai dis la meme chose dans le passé. Je te blame pas d'être frustré JF, merci pour tes stats. Ça veut tout dire pour les gardiens! Phuc semble pas avoir beaucoup dans l'échange pareil mais il a eu des keepers. Pour règlé la question de l'abandon de Phuc par Niraj. J'en doute pas. Je l'ai meme dit à Nolan dans les conversations qu'on a eu...Il voulait gros et son offre était tentante pour un gérant qui abandonne... CETTE ANNÉE...Pas l'an prochain. J'ai dis "Nolan, j'ai pas encore abandonné! Donc je peux pas faire l'échange ma production serait trop affecté. Peut etre dans 2-3 semaines". Si Phuc abandonne, ça veut pas dire qu'il abandonne pour toujours. Il a juste eu une bulle au cerveau de pas magaziné plus...Comme tu dis "la Fatigue!" "L'usure". Comme tu fesais si bien en appelant 46 fois le meme gérant pour qu'il finisse pas dire OUI à ton offre! Phuc recoit des joueurs potable dans sa tête de GM. Il fait un erreur en magasinant pas plus que ça mais on peut rien pour ça! Pour finir, s'il veut venir sur le forum et dire "Fuck the UFHL I don't give a crap forever!" Là on pourra dire qui est "senile!" comme tu me traite. Sinon l'échange ne peut pas être annulé car elle est pareil à tout ceux de 2008 et 2009. Faut garder la constance pour tous les gérants. Don't get me wrong Niraj, I'm on your side for once. The trade is crazy and would have been cancelled or modified or ugraded by the comittee back in the days. The balance is just too much shifted to Ray. This will force a new rule for next that Yan and i talked about last night. Keeper trades should only be accepted in the last trimester of the season. In the old comittee, this trade would have been accepted in early March, since the outcome is less overwellming. We analyzed trade by trade situations. But for now, it's still a Free for all with a hint of logic.

  • 677. yan_c (on Thu Jan 7 10:43:38 2010)
    Maybe if there was some way of respecting (some type of) a salary cap the whole year (not just at draft day), that would limit some stuff?

  • 676. rudy (on Thu Jan 7 10:40:06 2010)
    As a rookie in this league, I don't know how I should feel about all this. Quite frankly, I'm not sure that having a dean of discipline sounds that well, but some trades do look pretty smelly this year, and I can't judge for past years. I think the worse in all this is the disgusting feeling I get when I realize that some of you guys are maybe willingly tipping the scale to make someone else win. Makes me wonder what I'm doing here, trying to do my best with the team I have to win against all odds.

  • 675. jf (on Thu Jan 7 09:58:40 2010)
    Par contre le mielleur pointeur de la LNH a été échangé contre Havlat. J'avoue c'est un long shot pas mal celle là, mais bon.

  • 674. niraj (on Thu Jan 7 09:41:00 2010)
    Guys, Phuc clearly stated that he "gave up" and that he doesn't think he'll even keep Havlat. I don't understand, that's a clear violation of the rules. Yannick, it's in your hands. I have the chat transcript. Danny, retirement hasn't been good for've gone from silly to senile. The issue isn't about the players because, like you stated, a manager is entitled to his own opinion about players in the future. The issue is that Phuc gave up and just made a deal to make a deal. He doesn't think he'll keep Havlat and I have the transcript to prove it! If someone else brings this up it would be treated more seriously. Sometimes I wonder if the league is better off without me. It's seriously disappointing.

  • 673. jf (on Thu Jan 7 09:37:30 2010)
    Moi j'aime mieux les chiffres que les mots : Nabokov, Evgeni SAN G tra nhl 37 23 2193 86 02.35 1108 1022 0.922 2 Kiprusoff, Miikka CGY G tra nhl 37 22 2176 77 02.12 1084 1007 0.929 3 Mason, Steve COB G non nhl 33 11 1829 101 03.31 920 819 0.890 2 Rinne, Pekka NAS G act nhl 28 16 1532 70 02.74 746 676 0.906 2 Je trouve que ça semble être 2 échanges qui se ressemble pas mal non? Bizare comme les perceptions change quand on est de l'autre côté de la table.

  • 672. etienne (on Thu Jan 7 09:23:29 2010)
    The more I think about the state of the UFHL, the more it reminds me of the American Financial industry. Some GMs pushed for greater deregulation (a la Greenspan), some went under with the Gr81 in the role of Lehman Brothers, others are trying to make the best of it and finally there are those looking to re-establish greater rules in this. Lets just hope 2010 is not 1929 (or 2009 for that matter) all over. Perhaps its time for a New Deal

  • 671. danny (on Wed Jan 6 23:08:49 2010)
    Suddenly, the dean of discipline is back from the dead. So here we go. 1) L'échange a-t-elle une logique pour les 2 gérants ? NON Phuc annonce clairement qu'il abandonne la possibilité de gagner les semaines à 10$ en donnant Kipper pour un petit gardien pas chère! 2) Niraj a-t-il une chance de gagner la saison suite à une échange comme celle là? NON 3) Niraj ment-t-il lorsqu'il dit avoir des transcripts que Phuc abandonne? NON 4) Phuc pense-t-il améliorer son club pour l'an prochain? OUI SURMENT car il obtient des keepers. Peu importe si il a l'intention des garder d'ici la fin. On peut pas prévenir le futur. Sauf celle que Niraj voit tout ses efforts et ses heures investis détruitent en quelques secondes dans l'échange de Phuc. 5) L'intérêt de préserver l'intégrité de la ligue est t elle atteinte ....OUI 6) As t on un comité de discipline qui peut ajuster l'échange entre les 2 gérants ou simplement annuler l'échange....NON RÉSULTATS: AUCUNES RÈGLES + AUCUNE STRUCTURE DISCIPILINAIRES = Désordre et Panique. Bienvenue dans le monde de la UFHL Niraj. Tu dois maintenant avaler ta propre pillule de cianure. J'avoue que la seule différence avec tous les échanges de fou qu'il a eu depuis 3 ans, celle-çi décide le championnat Mais c'est pas à cause de l'impact que l'on doit agir. On doit être constant dans nos permissions et jusqu'ici la seule règle qu'on applique est ...FREE FOR ALL! Le gérant obtient des croit améliorer son club et selon moi OUI pour l'an prochain il part avec des bons ptits joueurs pas chère. Donc, trade logique dans le merveilleux monde de la UFHL présentement. Dans mon temps, mon verdict, en compagnie de 2 autres gérants qui guide ma décision, aurait été de revoir et discuté d'un compromis pour Kipper. J'aurais surment refuser l'échange à cause de l'impact sur la course au championnat avec le gardien ds le deal. Ceci aurait jouer trop dans l'intégité d'avoir une ligue crédible. Sans dire du peu de retour pour Phuc en RINNE. Les avants auraient été permis car Phuc obtient 2 bons joueurs pour une perte assuré en fin de saison de Sedin Mais ça c'est dans le passé! Chose certaine moi je veux avoir de comité de discipline pour l'an prochain!!! Sorry We can't do nothing to help. Call 911 maybe they can do something to calm you down. I know how you feel. I've been there bro!

  • 670. niraj (on Wed Jan 6 18:45:04 2010)
    Guys, I hate to be the one to call the kettle black, but I am putting a motion forward to cancel the trade between Phuc and Ray on the grounds that Phuc "gave up" as he had set a deadline for today. I have the MSN transcript to prove it. Phuc even believes that he won't keep Havlat, which makes no sense whatsoever. Because the commissioner is involved in this scandal, Yannick, this defers to you. Danny, get off your ass, dust off the Dean of Discipline badge and look into this. I don't think Phuc or Ray had any mal-intentions, I think this is just a question of fatigue on Phuc's part...

  • 669. raymond (on Wed Jan 6 15:15:29 2010)
    Bao - unfortunately, I've had very little success with "calling" players this year (see Y.Weber and C.Schneider) so I'll try to avoid any more "calls" this year. Since Danny wants more comments, I think we should speculate on where Halak will go. I say Edmonton since there's talk of Khabi being out for the year and Edmonton needs help. Any other ideas?

  • 668. danny (on Wed Jan 6 15:08:31 2010)
    Show me the money!!!!

  • 667. yannick (on Wed Jan 6 14:05:27 2010)
    Felicitations a Danny qui se merite le premier $10 de la saison! Danny est maintenant aussi a egalite au premier rang dans le head-2-head. C'est toute une remontee qui danny fait!

  • 666. danny (on Wed Jan 6 10:57:39 2010)
    D'amigo is the real deal !

  • 665. bao (on Wed Jan 6 10:24:44 2010)
    Raymond you should pick Eberle now....

  • 664. danny (on Mon Jan 4 15:35:38 2010)
    Extra Extra...******Bottom dweller Hitmen make Archangels look like chump change!!!******* - What is going on with the Archangels. Will they make a super comeback in the last 2 days of the weekly ranking or will the Hitmen ascention continue? One thing for sure folks is that the comments have gone silent for the past few days. Does this mean the top teams are getting worried? Looking at the hitmen roster, i would. The players are finally finding their groove. One team One Mission! Destroy all weekly foes!

  • 663. danny (on Sun Jan 3 17:09:08 2010)
    Up 2 more ranks....Feeling the heat Bao? Niraj? Ray?

  • 662. bao (on Sat Jan 2 21:02:00 2010)
    I swear I tried to resist...but I can't help myself... I call Miro Satan I made room by dropping Kotalik

  • 661. danny (on Fri Jan 1 09:45:31 2010)
    Happy New Year everybody!!! Pouliot got a GW ....YESSSSSS!!!!! The come back is on for 2010!!!LOL!!! HEY HO CANADA GO!

  • 660. raymond (on Thu Dec 31 13:01:58 2009)
    Happy New Year to All!!!

  • 659. yannick (on Thu Dec 31 12:10:08 2009)
    ANNONCE --> $10 par semaine commence cette semaine ================================================== comme par les annees dernieres, le gagnant de la semaine pour les 13 dernieres semaines de la saison gagne $10 ($130 du pot allouer au weekly winner). Donc le gagnant de cette semaine va se meriter $10, et ce pour le reste de la saison. Suite au sondage que j'avais fait au mois de novembre dernier, ou nous avions choisi le compromis de raymond, s'il y a deux gerants a egalite, ils se meriteront $5 chaque, mais s'il y a 3 gerants ou plus a egalite, le montant de $10 est transferer a la semaine suivante et le magot de la semaine suivante sera de $20 au lieu de $10.

  • 658. yannick (on Thu Dec 31 10:53:10 2009)
    did you guys read comment 640 about how the head-2-head champion will be decided? the comment got lost with the team canada announcement, I just want to make sure everybody is aware of it so that there i no surprise in March when the playoffs will begin. Je profites aussi de l'occasion pour vous souhaiter a vous et vos famille, une excellente annee 2010. Sante, prosperite et bonheur!

  • 657. danny (on Thu Dec 31 10:52:26 2009)
    Good management Bao ...On that Leighton pick up!!! Who knows, he'll probably end up giving the championship

  • 656. danny (on Wed Dec 30 19:18:00 2009)
    Seabrook is owned by the hitmen Niraj...I've got contacts on the inside!

  • 655. rudy (on Wed Dec 30 16:47:45 2009)
    Using Boyle as the PP quarterback means he will play between 20-24 minutes, a lot at that level of competition. And I think Green has a far better shot. Seabrook is a great all-around d-man, never out of position and with a solid first pass. It's a safe choice, but a guy like Jay-Bo could have taken his spot.

  • 654. niraj (on Wed Dec 30 16:29:23 2009)
    They have D.Boyle to run the PP. Remember, this is on North American sized ice, so there's a smaller premium on offensive defenceman. If this was in European ice, I think Green would have been selected. Can someone explain to me what's so great about B.Seabrooke?

  • 653. rudy (on Wed Dec 30 16:21:48 2009)
    Morrow, Bergeron and Doughty are very surprising/bad(?) choices. Biggest mistake in my opinion is not having Mike Green as a powerplay specialist. He was by far the better choice as 7th defenseman.

  • 652. etienne (on Wed Dec 30 14:53:46 2009)
    Cry and take anti-depressant

  • 651. raymond (on Wed Dec 30 14:40:20 2009)
    Bobby Ryan is American I agree with Bao, I prefer my players rest during the Olympics What will a pissed off M.Green do?

  • 650. bao (on Wed Dec 30 14:29:56 2009)
    Danny, Making the national team doesn't increase his UFHL value... More chance of injury (hint: Gaborik) I'm happy my combo of Phaneuf and Bouwmeester didn't make the team... they can rest and bring me home my first UFHL championship. That beeing said... gimme Lecavalier already...

  • 649. etienne (on Wed Dec 30 14:29:52 2009)
    You know Danny, points during the Olympics don't count in the UFHL ;)

  • 648. danny (on Wed Dec 30 14:26:21 2009)
    Who wants Toews...I guess his market price just went up!

  • 647. niraj (on Wed Dec 30 14:22:30 2009)
    That's why he didn't make the team! ;).

  • 646. etienne (on Wed Dec 30 14:16:32 2009)
    Kessler is American

  • 645. niraj (on Wed Dec 30 14:13:40 2009)
    Let's see what team we can make from those NOT selected: Goalies: JS.Giguere C.Price S.Mason Defence: Reghyr, Phaneuf, M.Green, E.Jovonovski, B.Campbell, S.Robidas, Blake/Phillips/Foote Forwards: V.Lecavelier, M.St-Louis, M.Savard, B.Richards, R.Smyth, S.Stamkos, N.Horton, S.Weiss, B.Ryan, J.Neal, M.Fisher, D.Penner, J.Carter. Wow. Still missing Tavares, Kesler, Ribeiro, Camalleri... I really think we could field two teams. Too bad that's not allowed :).

  • 644. etienne (on Wed Dec 30 14:05:26 2009)
    I agree that Bergeron is the biggest surprise and I don't think that Morrow should be on the team. St-Louis really belongs there, just like Pat Burns said this morning. Imagine a line with Getzlaf, Nash and St-Louis, it would have been the best of the Canadian team. As for the San Jose line, it's made of known chokers...

  • 643. phuc (on Wed Dec 30 14:04:12 2009)
    Gone for a few days (ok, weeks), so much has changed... I am sorry for not getting back to anyone. I agree - don't really understand the Toews over St-Louis move.

  • 642. niraj (on Wed Dec 30 13:42:00 2009)
    Bergeron on the olympic team over St-Louis? That's insane. Morrow over Smyth is also a mistake. Surprisingly, I think this group lacks veteran presence up front. I would have liked the chemistry better with Smyth and St-Louis in the mix and I would have taken Bergeron and Staal/Toews out.

  • 641. etienne (on Wed Dec 30 12:58:02 2009)
    One word: Islanders! Comment ça Bouillon n'est pas sur l'équipe canadienne?!?

  • 640. yannick (on Wed Dec 30 11:24:10 2009)
    ANNONCE - HEAD-2-HEAD CHAMPION ============================== Cette annee il n'y a pas d'argent donner au Champion des Head-2-Head matchups, alors on peu y aller d'experience et tenter quelque chose de nouveau. Voici comment le champion du head-2-head sera decider cette annee: il va y avoir des playoffs!!! Les divisions vont devenir importante et nous allons faires des eliminatoires comme dans le bon vieux temps des divisions Adams, Norris, etc. La saison reguliere du head-2-head va se terminer le 9 mars 2010 et la premiere ronde des playoffs commencera le 10 mars 2010. Premiere ronde (du 10 au 16 mars): l'equipe en premiere position de chaque division va affronter l'equipe de quatrieme position de la meme division et l'equipe en deuxieme position va rencontrer l'equipe de troisieme position de la meme division. 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3. Deuxieme ronde (du 17 au 23 mars): les deux equipes gagnante de chaque division s'affronte (finales de division) pour determiner le champion de section. Troisieme ronde (du 24 au 30 mars): des trois equipes restantes, l'equipe avec la meilleure (demi-finale) fiche en saison reguliere passe directement en finale. les deux autres equipes vont s'affronter en demi-finale pour determiner l'autre equipe qui passera en finale. Quatrieme ronde (du 31 mars au 11 avril): les deux dernieres equipes en lice s'affrontent (finale) dans la ronde ultime pour determiner le champion absolue des confrontations Head-2-Head! Bris d'egalite pour deux premieres rondes: (Avantage de la position au classement) vous vous demamder surement c'est quoi l'avantage de finir en haut du classement puisque nous n'avons pas de notion d'equipe visiteuse ou qui recoit, et bien voici: s'il y a egalite au pointage head-2-head, l'equipe avec la meilleur fiche passe au tour suivant. Ca veut dire qu'au lieu de determiner le gagnant avec le score du weekly ranking pour briser l'egaliter, l'equipe avec la meilleur fiche au classement passera au tour suivant (excepter pour les rondes finales). Ca veut dire qu'une equipe qui a fini dans les bas fond du classement devra battre l'autre equipe au pointage! S'il y eu egalite au classement et qu'un gagnant ne peut etre determiner de cette facon, le gagnant sera decider de la meme maniere que pour les deux dernieres rondes (description ci-apres). Bris d'egalite pour les deux dernieres rondes (demi-finale et finale): Pour les deux dernieres rondes, s'il y a egalite, le gagnant sera determiner avec le pointage du weekly ranking (tout comme en saison reguliere). Si un gagnant ne peut etre determiner de cette facon, le gagnant sera decider en regardant les matchups entre les deux equipes pendant l'annee, celui qui a gagne le plus de matchups versus l'autre equipe durant l'annee sera le gagnant. S'il y a encore egalite, la position au classement general de la saison reguliere des head-2-head matchups determinera le gagnant. S'il y a encore egalite, la position au classement general de la ligue reguliere determinera le gagnant et s'il y a encore egalite le commissaire et l'administrateur de la ligue se reuniront pour trouver un bris d'egalite convenable. J'espere que vous allez aimer ce concept d'avoir des playoffs, je crois que ca cadre bien dans la philosophie des head-2-head matchups et que c'est le meilleur moyen de determiner le champion head-2-head. Ca va aussi forcer les equipes de fond de classement de mettre la meilleur equipe possible active au mois de mars pour essayer de gagner les playoffs. J'ai le feeling que le champion head-2-head sera different du champion ufhl regulier. L'annee prochaine on pourra donner de l'argent au champion head-2-head si nous aimons le concept.

  • 639. rudy (on Tue Dec 29 22:28:10 2009)
    Why is there none of you goalie chasers taking a chance with "Rollie The Goalie" Roloson instead of going for backup after backup, I just don't dig it...

  • 638. etienne (on Tue Dec 29 20:17:53 2009)
    It's a one week rental: a disposable asset! But then no one thought that Varlamov would be the number 1 goalie for the Caps at this point in the season last year...

  • 637. rudy (on Tue Dec 29 18:08:16 2009)
    Neuvirth has been with the Caps for almost 3 weeks now and beside the 3 recent wins he got and the fact that Theo is his usual self (shaky and on coke), Michal's numbers are below average and I don't see the steal in that pick, especially when you know that Varlamov will be back next week. So again, I say too much enthousiasm for a free agent pick. By the way, Dan Sexton has 1 point and is minus 5 in its last five games. Probably the next Chris Kontos (at best).

  • 636. bao (on Tue Dec 29 16:30:17 2009)
    Nice pickup Etienne... You beat me to it... Maybe I'll have to give Toskala another chance...

  • 635. yannick (on Sat Dec 26 16:36:31 2009)
    I am watching the spengler cup and guess who is playing for the canadian national team: Alexandre Daigle and Mark Bell!

  • 634. niraj (on Thu Dec 24 11:51:30 2009)
    Couldn't believe u were 1st today. Had a shg, thought that would have put me even higher. Keep that seat warm, u shouldn't be in it for very long ;)

  • 633. rudy (on Thu Dec 24 10:40:34 2009)
    Price is overrated but like you said Niraj, the Habs would get a lot more for him because he's an early first-rounder and the hype around him is that he's a franchise goaltender (Gainey still probably believe that really hard, so he'll trade Halak for a marginal top-6 forward instead). Hey, I'm back in 1st position just in time for XMas... sorry Niraj, it seems Jesus Christ is on my side... :-)

  • 632. niraj (on Thu Dec 24 09:55:42 2009)
    What would you guys do if you were Gainey? Trade Halak or Price? I was a skeptic of Halak's, but his play has been unreal this season. We're in a great spot, we should move one of them now. Which one would you guys move? I think I would move Price...Halak seems hungrier and I think we could get more for Price. Niraj.

  • 631. yannick (on Wed Dec 23 23:35:23 2009)
    A tous mes tres cher gerants, je vous souhaite une tres joyeux noel a vous et vos familles. Sante, bonheur et properite en cette nouvelle annee 2010. J'ai deja jouer au pere noel cette annee un certain 2 decembre infame et je n'ai plus de cadeau a offrir! Je me souhaite que cette saison de misere ou j'ai connu mon pire repechage et quelques unes de mes pires transactions en carriere se termine bientot! Je nous souhaite une fin de saison enlevante et un championat qui se decidera dans la derniere semaine. Je vous souhaite du succes dans la ufhl (...mais pas trop!) Je me souhaite de ne pas finir dernier, mais me console en me disant qu'un ancien champion a deja terminer dernier par le passe dans la ufhl. Je me souhaite de bien paraitre dans les head-2-head matchups (dans le nouveau format que je vais proposer bientot...) et je me souhaite un bon draft pour la prochaine saison. Soyez assure qu'une saison de misere n'arrive qu'une seule fois a chaque 100 ans pour les Highlanders. C'est votre seule et unique chance de rire de moi! Joyeux Noel!

  • 630. niraj (on Wed Dec 23 22:50:43 2009)
    so sorry to see leclaire get killed...

  • 629. rudy (on Wed Dec 23 21:09:09 2009)
    I thought it would be a good idea to put Pascal Leclaire active this week now that his injury has healed... but he's getting shelled by Bill Guerin tonight, another of my player... mixed feelings...

  • 628. danny (on Wed Dec 23 17:19:12 2009) te rappel que tu parle au champion de divison Howard en 2002-2003 et que j'ai fini 2e dans le pool par quelques pts ...l'année que Niraj a fait une croose pour gagner de justesse! LOL!

  • 627. niraj (on Wed Dec 23 17:18:01 2009)
    Pauvre Yannick. Il peut terminer dernier. Quelle horreur...

  • 626. rudy (on Wed Dec 23 16:32:34 2009)
    Well Niraj, I'm happy your all-star Archangels country club is finally living up to his hype. In my case my team's been awful in November and December but I'm still in the race to win, so I guess the competition is not as strong as it appears... ;-) Joyeux Noël tout le monde et bonne chance avec votre pool en 2010. N'oubliez pas de réveiller Yannick avant le repêchage de l'an prochain.

  • 625. niraj (on Wed Dec 23 16:24:01 2009)
    What the fuck was that translation. Wanted to say meilleurs voeux...oh well. Btw, it's about time I'm #1. To think I could have had another SHG and a SO this week...guess u guys got off easy.

  • 624. niraj (on Wed Dec 23 15:10:26 2009)
    A Nolan et les autres gerants: Merci voeux a vous et votre famille. Thank God for google translation.

  • 623. bao (on Wed Dec 23 13:58:02 2009)
    I'm still waiting for the Hitmen boxing-day sale ;) Joyeuses fetes a tous !

  • 622. raymond (on Wed Dec 23 13:26:01 2009)
    Nolan - c'est bien de voir que l'outil de traduction Google marche bien : ) Joyeuse fete a tous les DG et votre famille.

  • 621. nolan (on Wed Dec 23 12:32:44 2009)
    J'avoue Dan que ca doit être très frustrant pour Djilly de te laisser investir autant de temps dans la UFHL sans aucun résultat depuis des années !!! Je plaisante... Joyeuse fête Dan à toi et ta famille et également à tous les autres MANAGERS et juste pour vous: en anglais: "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone"

  • 620. danny (on Wed Dec 23 09:31:21 2009)
    Yours truly is now officially "NOT LAST" Merci Yan pour mon cadeau de noël!!! Les Hitmen en profite pour souhaiter "Joyeuses Fêtes" à tous les managers de la UFHL et vos familles! La famille est importante dans nos vies. C'est eu qui nous permettre d'investir autant d'heures dans la meilleur ligue au monde, sans trop nous chialer après. Merci de votre patience.

  • 619. bao (on Tue Dec 22 19:13:11 2009)
    Boucher out Leighton in Statistically-wise the Flyers must win a few...

  • 618. raymond (on Tue Dec 22 15:16:20 2009)
    A.Aucoin est disponible...le prix n'est pas tres cher...

  • 617. etienne (on Tue Dec 22 09:20:53 2009)
    Well, my team is already on vocation!

  • 616. danny (on Mon Dec 21 12:37:04 2009)
    OH!!! À 2 points de quitter le fond de la cave...Watch out Niraj...

  • 615. yannick (on Sun Dec 20 22:27:14 2009)
    @etienne: Tkachuk a rendu de fier services aux Highlanders dans les 10 dernieres annees, mais le temps etait venu pour Keith d'arreter de rechauffer le banc. Les Highlanders lui ont offert un poste de depisteur, il est en periode de reflection.

  • 614. raymond (on Sun Dec 20 01:32:45 2009)
    Allo Markov, bye-bye Halak?

  • 613. etienne (on Sat Dec 19 12:53:56 2009)
    @Keith Tkachuk Welcome to Dumpsville! Population: You. @yan: t'es vraiment sans coeur!

  • 612. yannick (on Fri Dec 18 17:56:47 2009)
    wow, big blockbuster deal! with the return of Markov, double-champion Havana United is a team that have their eyes on the championship this year!

  • 611. etienne (on Fri Dec 18 14:48:08 2009)
    welcome back Andrei

  • 610. yan_c (on Fri Dec 18 13:16:05 2009)
    Bad Karma? the restaurant on St-Jean? :)

  • 609. niraj (on Fri Dec 18 10:46:45 2009)
    Don't poke too much fun at my misfortune Rudy. You've already missed 2 SHGs with Neal and Bogosian, I would "hate" to see you miss more thanks due to bad Karma.

  • 608. rudy (on Fri Dec 18 08:11:16 2009)
    @niraj: It warms my heart yo see you too can get screwed by that deep bench we have to manage. I guess that picking Chris Stewart bumped Peverley out of an active slot or something like that...

  • 607. niraj (on Fri Dec 18 01:26:12 2009)
    Although I had an amazing offensive night. I would trade it all for howards so and pevs shg...

  • 606. niraj (on Thu Dec 17 10:08:52 2009)
    @Yan_C: Some would argue that you have more similarities to Marinaro than I. Only the good ones, of course.

  • 605. raymond (on Thu Dec 17 02:02:33 2009)
    Danny - your prayers have been answered! You won't be shutout in the shutout category.

  • 604. yan_c (on Wed Dec 16 23:18:29 2009)
    Niraj is the ufhl version of Tony Marinaro...

  • 603. danny (on Wed Dec 16 14:12:13 2009)
    Smoked you Yan in the head's up!!! Finally get something worth celebrating! The rivalry will never die! Who's your daddy?

  • 602. yan_c (on Wed Dec 16 09:57:58 2009)
    thank god...When I read digressing (thank god for online dictionaries) I thought you were going to complain about day 14 of the Pakistan / India cricket clash.

  • 601. niraj (on Wed Dec 16 09:52:03 2009)
    I'm digressing a bit here, but is it me or are the Blue Jays being run by Rejean Houle? Halladay for 3 average prospects? Wtf? I think the prospects the Phillies got in return for Lee are as good if not better than the ones they gave away...

  • 600. niraj (on Wed Dec 16 08:48:43 2009)
    He is indeed, however understand that I could use Anderson's 3 shutouts in a very bad way...

  • 599. danny (on Wed Dec 16 04:15:54 2009)
    Patrick Kane is looking pretty good now...Wouldn't you agree Niraj?

  • 598. niraj (on Tue Dec 15 23:22:47 2009)
    @yan_c: lmao

  • 597. yan_c (on Tue Dec 15 21:36:16 2009) Alex Tanguay in the press box.... Et on dit que Gainey etait con de ne pas le signer et que le CH aime pas les Francos.... Le CH aime pas les Francos cancers dans la chambre... Ce matin a CKAC, on s'est plaint que 56 des 59 chansons jouees au Centre Bell Jeudi dernier etaient en anglais.... I'm not making this up.... On peut ajouter une categorie chanson pour le UFHL l'annee prochaine? Je reserve Vertigo de U2 et J'entends frapper de Pag

  • 596. rudy (on Tue Dec 15 21:21:27 2009)
    Ok, Mike Smith a été échangé des Guns'n'Roses aux Archangels, les Archangels l'ont congédié et les Combiners l'ont réclamé en tant que free agent. Pas mal plus excitant que Derek Meech, mon JF...

  • 595. jf (on Tue Dec 15 20:07:37 2009)
    Ça été dure, mais j'ai trouvé un nobody à engager pour vous faire parler! :D Allez-y.

  • 594. yan_c (on Tue Dec 15 18:35:07 2009)
    Wnder how long it takes someone to pick up Jesse Winchester! (i know...who???)

  • 593. yan_c (on Tue Dec 15 15:38:36 2009)
    SPEZZA out for min 8 weeks

  • 592. yannick (on Tue Dec 15 14:25:02 2009)
    WOW, triple egalite en tete! ca s'annonce une saison serrer!

  • 591. etienne (on Tue Dec 15 11:13:54 2009)
    Best hockey pool ever! (Why no one hired Clusterfuck... I mean Clutterbuck is beyond my understanding!)

  • 590. rudy (on Tue Dec 15 11:10:38 2009)
    Sorry Phuc, I'm just getting a little bit aggressive with all of you thinking it's soooooo hot to pick the next Joe Blow or to get that damn precious keeper to hope for something next year. How is that for a losing attitude? I way much prefer coming short in April than folding like a pussy in November. At least I'll get the fun of being in the race for the title all year.

  • 589. phuc (on Tue Dec 15 10:46:24 2009)
    @Rudy, wow so personal, so fast... What did I ever do to you? Why the hate on Dan Sexton? How can you hate a guy with SEX in his name? You know why no one commented on your trade? 'Coz it's of no consequence. No one cares. You'll still come up short. You're going for it, that's great - I will enjoy it that much more see you be 1st loser by a hair.

  • 588. rudy (on Tue Dec 15 09:23:05 2009)
    @niraj: Aaah, that's more like it. Funny how long it took for someone commenting my trade with the Bears. I decided that all that keeper thing was bulls**t and went for this year's title. In case you didn't notice, the 60-pt players I got along with Backstrom (WAS) are PP and PK unit specialists, so people can pick all the Dan Sextons of the NHL if they want, that won't make them winners. Especially Phuc, in that matter.

  • 587. niraj (on Tue Dec 15 09:12:28 2009)
    @Rudy: Sorry, I was in the States for the weekend and the water there seems to have an effect on me. What I meant to say was: U should use the free agent list instead of trading your keepers to get 60 pt players

  • 586. rudy (on Tue Dec 15 08:21:28 2009)
    @niraj: The only FA I gave in a trade was in our famous trade. So I really don't know what you're talking about...

  • 585. niraj (on Mon Dec 14 23:41:12 2009)
    @yan_c: huh? @Rudy: U should use the free agent list instead of trading them to get 60 pt players

  • 584. bao (on Mon Dec 14 21:14:26 2009)
    Catch of the week: Patrick Kaleta... two consecutive games with short-handed goals... Someone please pick him up...

  • 583. yan_c (on Mon Dec 14 20:54:04 2009)
    Niraj made a mistake. He thought this was the comment section of his cricket pool...

  • 582. rudy (on Mon Dec 14 20:32:28 2009)
    Geez... what do you mean by "finally" Niraj? A smallish undrafted player scores even-strength goals in 3 consecutive games after being recalled from the AHL and we should all want him on our team?

  • 581. niraj (on Mon Dec 14 20:14:38 2009)
    finally, someone hired d.sexton. I so wanted to...thanks Phuc for preventing me from acquiring another free agent.

  • 580. yannick (on Mon Dec 14 16:50:27 2009)
    that was an homer quote, for those who don't know, look at this:

  • 579. yannick (on Mon Dec 14 16:39:42 2009)
    you are so smart, S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-R-T!

  • 578. raymond (on Mon Dec 14 16:29:58 2009)
    Homer Simpson, what do you think about having 3 Leafs? DOH!!!!!

  • 577. raymond (on Mon Dec 14 16:26:58 2009)
    Cher DG du UFHL, Pour gagner le championat, essayez de NE PAS avoir 3 joueurs des Leafs dans ton equipe. Merci. Cette annonce n'est pas supporte par les Leafs Ni par Gary Bettman

  • 576. raymond (on Mon Dec 14 14:50:08 2009)
    D.Wideman est sur le marche Il est evident que son production n'est pas extraordinaire mais on parle d'un D qui a cherche 50 pts l'anne passe avec un +32 et avais meme une tres bonne saison l'annee avant ca.

  • 575. yannick (on Sun Dec 13 23:59:37 2009)
    RANKING now available for teh head-2-heda matchup. Just check out the head-2-head page in the "Rankings" menu. More news and informations about head-2-head coming up shortly...

  • 574. rudy (on Sun Dec 13 23:02:52 2009)
    Another shutout for Antti Niemi on the Hitmen's bench tonight, his third of the season... So Anderson has the lone active win tonight, going up slowly but surely in that category...!

  • 573. yan_c (on Sun Dec 13 11:12:09 2009)
    Autre exemple des maudits medias de Montreal.... Latendresse.... 0 points a ses 6 derniers matchs avec plein de temps de glace et surtout du PP!!! Mais les mechants colonisateurs du CH ne lui ont "pas donne de vraie chance!!!" lol foutaise...

  • 572. raymond (on Sun Dec 13 02:17:14 2009)
    Yan B. - can't believe you started Kovalev but good move! Yan C. - did you really trade Kopitar? thought you'd be keeping him for next year

  • 571. yannick (on Sat Dec 12 23:18:51 2009)
    @yan_c: l'echange a ete efface, vous pouvez la re-entrer

  • 570. yan_c (on Sat Dec 12 16:11:38 2009)
    Any way to undu my mistake please? thanks

  • 569. yan_c (on Sat Dec 12 16:02:48 2009)
    oops. made a mistake entering trade!

  • 568. rudy (on Sat Dec 12 09:13:44 2009)
    I'm not sure but I think it's the first time I got two low-scoring wins on the same night. Feels good. Nice comeback from Anderson with his sore neck, a good thing nobody took his chance with Budaj.

  • 567. danny (on Sat Dec 12 01:45:57 2009)
    Avec mon échange ...vous pouvez officiellement appeler mon club les Hitmen de Chicago! Go l'offensive! J'ai besoin de buts! pts, de +_, de PMin.,de Shutouts, etc... En tout cas, Sharp peut pas nuire!

  • 566. jf (on Wed Dec 9 19:57:20 2009)
    Une chance Yan que t'as des matamore dans ton équipe. Sinon t'aurais fait 0 point contre Nolan. :D Lol

  • 565. niraj (on Wed Dec 9 19:30:31 2009)
    That Yannick Bilodeau...he's such a schemer.

  • 564. bao (on Wed Dec 9 16:40:12 2009)
    Toskala est comme le sceau que tu pognes pour le toit qui coule... Toskala will get 3 starts better than Budaj on the bench... I would have started Pavelec but I changed my mind after seeing ATL's schedule. I like the ambulance chaser move Yan B. pulled by picking up Boucher...hope he gets pierced this week...

  • 563. yannick (on Wed Dec 9 16:14:51 2009)
    aucoin has already 15 pts and is on pace for 40 points. he is on the 1st PP. Anyone interested in a 40 pts defenceman?

  • 562. yan_c (on Wed Dec 9 16:01:51 2009)
    Mara and Spacek out...I'd like to reserve Niraj Khanna as I believe he's next on the Canadiens depth chart right after Corky from Life goes on...

  • 561. yan_c (on Wed Dec 9 15:53:36 2009)
    Vesa Toskala? that's almost as bad as my Pouliot brain cramp 2 weeks ago.. Who's next? Mike Palmateer?

  • 560. jf (on Wed Dec 9 15:18:58 2009)
    One more step to win next year. No way I'll miss the first 2 hours of the draft!

  • 559. yannick (on Wed Dec 9 12:12:04 2009)
    rudy, tu as raison, je dois etre tomber sur la tete. c'est votre chance ou jamais!

  • 558. rudy (on Wed Dec 9 12:05:02 2009)
    @yannick: Tu vas quand même pas te débarrasser de Cody Franson, le futur Mike Green? À moins qu'il soit devenu le futur Marek Malik entre temps?

  • 557. danny (on Wed Dec 9 12:03:29 2009)
    Pauvre Yan...Je pensais être pris avec des "picouilles" vois qu'en a d'autres pire que moi

  • 556. yannick (on Wed Dec 9 11:46:10 2009)
    je dois faire de la place dans mon club aujourd'hui (2 joueurs de trop). je suis ouvert a faire du 2 pour 1 ou 3 pour 1 pour faire de la place ou a echanger des joueurs pour des free agents. est-ce qu'il y a des joueurs qui vous interessent dans la liste suivante? Brule, Koivu, Tkachuk, Comrie, Hunwick, Franson, Campoli, Clark

  • 555. raymond (on Wed Dec 9 02:15:49 2009)
    Yan - have you been drinking tonight? Your words are well written but they sound like a drunk man on a rampage. How can you complain about that deal after the deals you made last week? I guess there's a 1 month delay before you react : ) I went through the same thing last year so I know you feel, stay positive This just in - Budaj's agent has released the following statement to the press: "Please hire my client, please!" This just in - Toskala's agent after Bao hired him: "Wow, even I didn't see that one coming"

  • 554. yannick (on Wed Dec 9 00:34:47 2009)
    edler is amazing... ray you really screwed me on that deal... I knew I should have held on to edler... everything I touch this year turns to shit... every move I make is the wrong one... every player I hire sucks... this is my worst ufhl year ever...

  • 553. niraj (on Wed Dec 9 00:24:07 2009)
    Bao: Toskala? Seriously? Budaj would have been better, even though Anderson is set to return soon.

  • 552. danny (on Tue Dec 8 10:47:23 2009)
    I'm starting to wonder if i'll be the first with no Shutouts in a year. I've lost 4 SO in last 4-5 minutes of game so far!!! Maybe i'm destined for another record.

  • 551. etienne (on Tue Dec 8 09:12:41 2009)
    @Ray, I had the defense point, short-handed game winner by Kuba when he was in TB. So, I can retire from hockey pooling a happy man.

  • 550. etienne (on Tue Dec 8 09:11:32 2009)
    One is Mason. The other is Quick.

  • 549. niraj (on Tue Dec 8 08:47:48 2009)
    Hey Rudy, I'm actually surprised you haven't picked him up. He's been stellar since Anderson went down. I still like Dipietro, if not for this year then the next.

  • 548. rudy (on Tue Dec 8 08:33:32 2009)
    @niraj: To get more shutouts you should definitely consider Peter Budaj. He got one yesterday and is sure getting hot while Anderson is injured. Get it quick though, because I heard some GM's are already having an eye on him. Of course I'm not serious, but the funny part of this comment is that picking Budaj could probably be a better move now than calling Rick "14-year of injuries" DiPietro or recruiting Martin Biron...

  • 547. niraj (on Tue Dec 8 08:02:08 2009)
    @Etienne: who is that? @Yan_C: About Stewart...seriously. It's about my team's affirmative action program. Black people CAN skate people... @Ray: Congrats. Wish I had one. @Phuc: You're such a homo.

  • 546. etienne (on Tue Dec 8 07:52:22 2009)
    Here's the statistical version of Guess WHo? 17 9 0 3 3 77 2.66 781 704 .901 0 vs 9 8 0 5 0 75 3.44 660 585 .886 0

  • 545. raymond (on Mon Dec 7 22:20:50 2009)
    Woohoo!!! Double shutout!!! There are UFHL moments that you dream of for a long time...

  • 544. yan_c (on Mon Dec 7 21:29:29 2009)
    @niraj. Too bad stewart not dressed lol; )

  • 543. rudy (on Mon Dec 7 21:25:58 2009)
    I decided not to dress Ovechkin this week because the prospect of him playing zero game was pretty high, and the most games he could play was one. Of course, he's playing tonight and is lighting the lamp (2 goals in 2 periods). I hope this time my lesson is learned. And by the way, most of my players on the bench are having a superb week while the active ones are icy cold. It's the most frustrating part with this league I think, too much players on the bench...

  • 542. yan_c (on Mon Dec 7 19:28:20 2009)
    eh...I thought The F and H in UFHL stood for Fantasy and hockey...Guess not :)

  • 541. phuc (on Mon Dec 7 19:25:54 2009)
    Either way would work, as long as one of you guys is lying down and the other is squatting, no? We ARE talking about ass-cheeks... right?

  • 540. niraj (on Mon Dec 7 18:38:57 2009)
    Yanick, how the hell would that work? Ray would need to get onto a ladder to even reach em. Far too expensive, complicated and unrealistic. On the flip side, Ray's face barely comes up to my cheek. I think it's far more realistic for it to work the other way around.

  • 539. yan_c (on Mon Dec 7 18:21:59 2009)
    @Niraj... your tongue, Ray's cheek?

  • 538. niraj (on Mon Dec 7 17:23:22 2009)
    @phuc: You're so sweet. Ray's coming over to watch the game tonight. It's totally tongue and cheek. @Yannick_B: Dude, great new scoring system. The records would be nice, especially considering I'm 5-0-0 BABY (thanks for pointing that out Phuc, I totally forgot).

  • 537. yan_c (on Mon Dec 7 16:47:25 2009)
    I'm offering up Jordan Staal and Blake Wheeler for a good D.... or Jordan Staal and Devin SETOGUCHI for a top notch D...

  • 536. phuc (on Mon Dec 7 16:37:48 2009)
    A small suggestion: unless I missed it somewhere, it would be nice to have the current team record in h2h, like (2-3-0) next to the team's name? It'd be easier for Niraj to gloat about his (5-0-0)...

  • 535. phuc (on Mon Dec 7 16:32:41 2009)
    It's always hard to tell on the net, but I hope the little spat between Ray and Niraj is meant to be tongue-in-cheek... Yannick, Thanks a lot for your efforts in the head-2-head. I think it's great; I much prefer your new scoring system.

  • 534. raymond (on Sun Dec 6 22:53:04 2009)
    I'm the one who can't admit their wrong? Wow. This coming from the guy who can't honestly assess his own players, As for being sharp - I'm sharpest enough to realize your bs. And you must be an idiot if you think it took 3 guys to explain why a losing team would want to shed salary. For your intelligence, the conversation was why TB would want Koivu's contract. You seem to have a talent for twisting things around so you can add that to your list. If someone else wants to pick up this up, go ahead, I've wasted enough time on this.

  • 533. yannick (on Sun Dec 6 22:30:32 2009)
    CHANGEMENT POUR LE HEAD-2-HEAD ------------------------------ J'ai changer le scoring system pour le head-2-head. Au lieu d'etre les points du classement de la semaine (points comparer avec tous les autres gerants), les points sont maintenant compter en comparaison avec son adversaire de la semaine. Si vous avez plus de buts que votre adversaire, vous avez un point. Si votre adversaire a plus de passes que vous, il a un point, et ainsi de suite pour les 13 categories. Ce qui donne des scores beaucoup plus bas et realiste dans un head-2-head allant de 13-0 a 7-6. Si les deux equipes ont le meme nombre de buts, aucune des deux equipes obtient un point pour cette categorie. Si le pointage final est egale (par example 6-6), le bris d'egalite est le nombre de points au classement de la semaine. C'est pour ca que vous pouvez voir une equipe qui a vaincu une autre equipe avec un pointage egale (le chiffre entre parentheses dans la colonne final score est le pointage du classement de la semaine). Les gagnants et les meneurs dans chaque categories sont en bold (caractere gras). Il est techniquement possible d'avoir moins de points que votre adversaire au classement de la semaine et de gagner le head-2-head matchup tout simplement parce que vous avez ete meilleur que lui dans plus de categories et votre adversaire avait de plus grand ecart avec vous dans le classement de la semaine. Aller voir la nouvelle page des head-2-head matchups (dans le menu "Rankings") et vous allez tout comprendre, c'est pas tres compliquer. Si vous avec des questions ou inquietudes, n'hesitez surtout a m'en faire part. Ce systeme de pointage est beaucoup plus logique pour un head-2-head. Le classement pour le head-2-head s'en vient, suivi de la maniere pour determiner le champion de la saison du head-2-head et des propositions pour rendre chaque matchup encore plus excitant. C'est un format que j'aime bien, et une fois tout le systeme mis en place, vous allez aimer ca aussi!

  • 532. niraj (on Sun Dec 6 20:06:23 2009)
    Yan_C: Don't get pulled into this. Ray's not the smartest tool in the shed, so explaining things logically doesn't work. A recent example: It took 3 guys and 10 mins to explain to Ray why a team losing money would want to trade their star player with the huge contract for lower quality and cheaper players. Ray: Your Osgood argument suggests that people can't change their minds regarding keepers. At the draft, I clearly thought he was well worth $20. At last year's draft, I thought Gerber was worth keeping. 3 weeks into both seasons, I realized I was wrong and changed my opinion. I'm the only one that uses the term "Potential Keeper" in the UFHL. Really? Can the managers of the UFHL submit feedback on this point please. Again, Elias was not why Yannick made the deal. It was extra. I don't see anywhere that I promoted Elias as a "Guaranteed Keeper" (a term you seem to have coined). At this time, given the numbers he's put up in this season and the last, he's certainly a keeper on Yannick's team given that he really doesn't have many keeper options. On Rudy's team he might not be. A "Guaranteed Keeper" is someone that would be kept on ANY team (think M.Gaborik). Anyways, I'm done with this argument. I'm fairly certain I'm right and I understand that you can't admit that you're wrong. It sucks that I'm short $20, but I'm sure I'll make that up someway or another. Good luck the rest of the way.

  • 531. yan_c (on Sun Dec 6 13:31:45 2009)
    Hey, that's saying I'm a moron for listening to him. I got 2 goalies ( I had none, and truly believed they were starters) and 2 Fa's for a guy who only gets assists.

  • 530. raymond (on Sun Dec 6 13:27:30 2009)
    Niraj you must be the only GM in the UFHL to have your own definition of a keeper. You have a keeper and a potential keeper. Promoting a player as a keeper means that that player is expected to be kept because he would go for alot more at the draft. So when you're promoting Elias, you're either saying that he's a keeper or a potential keeper, which one is it? Obviously, you've decided to create a new category for yourself called guaranteed keeper so that you can continue to screw other GMs in deals "he's a keeper, he's a keeper..." when in your head you're really saying "he's definitely not guaranteed keeper..." I wonder if that's how you traded Osgood after calling him out at $20 "he's a keeper, he's a keeper..." Tell you what, you admit to your devious screwing tactics and promise to stop ruining the integrity of the league, and i'll forget about the $20 that you owe me.

  • 529. niraj (on Sun Dec 6 01:03:35 2009)
    Ray: I never said guaranteed keeper and that was the argument. I like how you side-stepped answering that point. Like I said in my comment, Elias is a keeper to me, but might not be to others due to his age. Mason is a guaranteed keeper, but apparently not to you (this coming from the guy that spent $22 on Colby Armstrong). Please point out where I said Elias is a guaranteed keeper, or give me my $20.

  • 528. danny (on Sat Dec 5 23:47:35 2009)
    For a change Niraj, i'll have to side with Ray on this one. You obviously mislead the other GM!

  • 527. raymond (on Sat Dec 5 23:01:21 2009)
    So when you say a guy is a keeper, you don't really mean it? Is that how you negotiate all your deals? When you told Yan that he was getting 2 keepers, what exactly did you mean?

  • 526. niraj (on Sat Dec 5 21:50:19 2009)
    The bet was that I specifically said Elias was a guaranteed keeper. In no way did I ever state that. And please, no coins.

  • 525. raymond (on Sat Dec 5 18:44:08 2009)
    and before you counter, note that by saying "some argue he's a potential keeper" your 1st statement obviously says that he's a keeper

  • 524. raymond (on Sat Dec 5 18:42:13 2009)
    $20 is correct but it's on my side: "bagged him 2 keepers (some will argue that Elias is a potential keeper and that's fine)" I accept cash or cheque

  • 523. niraj (on Sat Dec 5 18:24:07 2009)
    Ray you owe me $20. Do a search for Elias...

  • 522. niraj (on Fri Dec 4 09:10:53 2009)
    Yanick, cool idea but what about time commitment? Seems heavy?

  • 521. yan_c (on Fri Dec 4 08:42:42 2009)
    Hockey Sim Question... Hi boys...I played for a long time a great Hockey sim game called NHL Eastside 2007... Same makers a the huge soccer sim series and cricket one (for Niraj)... Has anyone played ? Or any suggestions? I like playing hockey video games but sometimes I like the real deep in depth sims... By the way, if you like football, Football Mogul is great... Thanks Yanick

  • 520. etienne (on Fri Dec 4 07:34:07 2009)
    The Canadiens don't need Molsons on the 7th floor. The need a Moulson on the ice! (Pardon the pun, it's early) Good day, y'all. Cause it's good day to have a Crosby

  • 519. danny (on Fri Dec 4 07:17:08 2009)
    You sure Ray...I just got one question for you... Who's your Daddy?!

  • 518. raymond (on Fri Dec 4 02:33:28 2009)
    More proof that Yan B isn't himself: he hires a player on a Thursday, when has that happened? In light of this, I think his Wednesday trades should be reviewed by the Dean of Discipline.

  • 517. rudy (on Thu Dec 3 20:07:19 2009)
    Craig Anderson is not dressed tonight and is day-to-day with a mild concussion. Another untimely injury for me, but it's been like that for a month now...

  • 516. niraj (on Thu Dec 3 19:57:56 2009)
    PERCEIVED dubious trades Rudy. Any news on Anderson?

  • 515. rudy (on Thu Dec 3 19:44:17 2009)
    Well, I'm happy to be a catalyst for some more action on the forum. I give a lot of credit to my choice of picking Ovechkin in the expansion draft, my trade for Anderson and a pretty good start for the season. Dubious trades seem to help getting more comments posted too, though...

  • 514. niraj (on Thu Dec 3 18:54:35 2009)
    @Danny: I thought you knew about that. For a mere $20 / month, you can sign up for my daily newsletter. It has all the injuries, updates and advice you could ever need! You can email me your credit card and SIN and I'll sign you right up!

  • 513. yannick (on Thu Dec 3 17:44:53 2009)
    wow, we had 568 comments for all of last year, and we already are at 513 this year and we are just beginning december! The only difference with last year is the addition of Rudy. The difference one manager can make!

  • 512. danny (on Thu Dec 3 17:03:48 2009)
    Man, hired D.Jones last week ...what happens next ... Torn ACL out 4 to 6 months...Plus, i missed that news so he's still active this week. Niraj, I don't understand why you didn't warn me to deactivate him. Don't you have a shred of emotion in that cold heart of yours. Oh...I recuited Ballard too...what happens next... He almost kill's his own goalie. I think i'll stay home all winter the way things are going!

  • 511. yan_c (on Thu Dec 3 17:00:37 2009)
    Are there really GM's who've been in this league for 12 years who have yet to win? I thought it was like the CFL where just being around, odds are you win every 10 years or so given the totla # of teams..... even if you're Hamilton or Toronto (sans Flutie)... :)

  • 510. yan_c (on Thu Dec 3 15:32:47 2009)
    bet you he wears an expos tuque in the winter and a labatt 50 scarf... Je l'entends desfois aux amateurs de pepsi a CKAC aussi... Quand je suis deprime, 15 mins de radio AM sont assez pour me rappeler que life ain't so bad lol

  • 509. niraj (on Thu Dec 3 15:29:43 2009)
    That guy rocks. We should recruit him for the UFHL.

  • 508. yan_c (on Thu Dec 3 14:34:13 2009)
    Merci Yannick... FYI.... I think Niraj is the indian version of Louis from Ville Mercier :)

  • 507. yannick (on Thu Dec 3 14:25:44 2009)
    @yan_c: at the very end of this page, you 'll see a box with this title: "Do you want to be notified when a new comment is entered here?" just put your email address and voila!

  • 506. yan_c (on Thu Dec 3 14:18:12 2009)
    Any way to get comments forwaded to emails by any chance? This way more interesting than reading any writer in MTL except for Richard Labbe....and he specializes in Football

  • 505. raymond (on Thu Dec 3 12:57:48 2009)
    Ah...finally we have Niraj defending his trade (point # 3 on things that always happen when Niraj makes a trade) Of course, he leaves out some rather convenient points about Mason. Sometimes a player is simply great, put him on any team with any system and he'll perform (Patrick Roy, D.Hasek, etc...) Sometimes a player has skill but benefits greatly from the system employed by the team. So last year, Mason comes up to the NHL because he has skill. He joins a super defensive team like Columbus and gets 10 shutouts. Now how much of that is due to skill and how much is due to the system? Well, at one point Mason was sick and they called up their AHL goalie. What does this AHL goalie do? He gets 2 shutouts. Where is this AHL goalie today? Somewhere in the minors. This year, for some unknown reason, Columbus is not as defensive (I think) and Mason's numbers aren't the same. So is Mason just like Carey Price (they have eerily similar careers before coming to the NHL) or are we seeing the real S.Mason (potentially a very good goalie but not the goalie that Niraj makes him out to be?) The only way to get an answer to this question is for Columbus to bring back that AHL goalie from last year, give him 2 weeks in nets and compare his results to that of Mason. And please stop promoting Elias as a guaranteed keeper. How many GMs right now are ready to say that they would easily keep Elias for next year. Also, if the tables were reversed, i.e. you had Nabokov and some GM offered you Mason and Elias, no way you agree to that deal.

  • 504. niraj (on Thu Dec 3 11:48:37 2009)
    @bao: Doughty, Gaborik, Kessel, JVR, Penner, Peverly, Carle are all keepers. I still have lots of ammo if need be. Moreover, there isn't one specific trade I can make now that is going to help my team improve sigficantly. Only marginal improvement can be had. Remember, I still have Staal who is showing signs of coming out of his slump on my bench. @Any goalie that ever played for the Florida Panthers: Watch out for Keith Ballard! He's a panther killer! First Vokoun, now Anderson!

  • 503. bao (on Thu Dec 3 11:33:22 2009)
    @Everyone: Nabokov will give Niraj his 5th championship... Funny thing is he could not dress him because of Howard... @Rudy: Try to find a top 10 forward that is cheaper for next year than Parise... @Niraj: I still have many keepers in my back have one ;) @Danny: Goligoski has Hitmen written on his CV for next year

  • 502. niraj (on Thu Dec 3 10:35:44 2009)
    Danny, you're right and wrong. Theo was crap and at the time Kipr would have brought the championship home. If Mason pans out as he's supposed to, I got Nabokov and gave up Elias for no reason. If he doesn't, then you're right. It's like we're both taking a risk. In your deal, no one was taking a risk and whoever got Theo was getting nothing really.

  • 501. etienne (on Thu Dec 3 10:27:08 2009)
    I love this league.

  • 500. danny (on Thu Dec 3 10:16:34 2009)
    Trading later dont impact the season as much as your trade does....So, its even worst to me.

  • 499. niraj (on Thu Dec 3 10:09:24 2009)
    @Etienne: Miller's a keeper... @Rudy: You'd have to give your entire team to get him.

  • 498. niraj (on Thu Dec 3 10:08:24 2009)
    Danny, glaring difference between your trade and this trade: You did that trade on March 1st, basically with 75% of the season finished. My trade was on December 2nd. If Mason would perform like shit until March 1st, no way in hell would Yannick trade me Nabokov. Had you made that trade in November with Djil, no one would have rejected it because of Theo's potential...

  • 497. etienne (on Thu Dec 3 10:05:31 2009)
    Still, can't believe Yan traded Nabokov for Jim Carr... Steve Mason. As for the other deal with BLT, I offered Yan similar players but I should have thrown in that extra FA! @Niraj: I totally agree on Phaneuf! @Rudy: If I slip in the standing, you may just yet get Miller

  • 496. niraj (on Thu Dec 3 09:58:29 2009)
    Well, in Yannick's defence Phaneuf is really just a name. His production is not even close to his earlier years. I think he was smart to trade Phaneuf quickly. Ray did the same thing to me last year when he traded me Phaneuf and Giguere for Green. Phaneuf's numbers last year seem to be a more accurate reflection of his value than that of his previous years considering what he's done this season. I'm sure in his mind it was Richards and Iginla for Parize and Hemsky, which isn't bad at all...Parize is a fringe 100 pts player and that's worth a ton. The only thing I don't like is that Parize is $22 next year ...certainly a bargain but not a 10$ bargain. @Rudy: You're absolutely right that I made the deal to get a sureshot in Nabby. But my point is, what I gave away was easily worth what I received because goalies like Mason are extremely rare. Is Yan taking a risk, yes. But look at his potential reward. A top 7 goalie for 11$ next year. If Mason was performing properly, I would never have traded him, so it was his only opportunity to get him. I guess it depends on the person. Some people prefer the sureshot forward keeper like Marleau. Some people are willing to take a bigger risk to get a bigger reward. WHEN Mason pans out, Yan will be very very happy. The other thing is that I'm very close in GAA and SV%. I also just need 1 shut out to get some significant points. Mason is a shutout goalie. Believe it or not, a strong part of me regrets not waiting a little longer. Mason has been very solid his last 4 games. What pushed me over the edge is that I didn't want Nabby to go to you.

  • 495. danny (on Thu Dec 3 09:56:39 2009)
    Just to make you remember not so long ago in 2006 that Niraj and Yannick CANCELLED this trade: Kiprusoff c. Theodore - Jovanovski (35pts) and J. Williams (58pts) breakout season in Detroit. I was getting these 3 players for 1 solid goalie to give hope of winning to the UNTOUCHABLES. Since the trade was rejected by Yan and Niraj, Untouchables finished 4th. Today, Yan and Niraj trade Nabokov for Mason Very similar trade don't you think. But rejected in 2006.

  • 494. rudy (on Thu Dec 3 09:21:35 2009)
    That said, JF is right... The most outrageous trade made yesterday wasn't yours with Yannick but the one he made with Bao...

  • 493. rudy (on Thu Dec 3 09:17:59 2009)
    @niraj: I don't know if you're missing or intentionally avoiding the point, but getting Nabokov was the key for you to get the shot at the championship, being very weak in 3 of the 4 goalie categories. With the stellar set of forwards and good defense corps you have, we don't need you to justify the trade with Yannick being fair or not, it's crystal clear you just couldn't take the chance for Steve Mason not getting back to his last year form and you went for the homerun with Nabokov. And don't tell me Elias is a keeper after you treated him like balancing material in our Anderson-Kane trade. But the worst part is that Yannick knew he was tipping the scale in your favor by giving you Nabokov. And I don't think I need to tell you how I know that...

  • 492. jf (on Thu Dec 3 08:57:39 2009)
    Qui l'aurait cru! je vais prendre la défense de Niraj ce matin. :D Je pense que c'est un trade de keepers qui est valable moi. Et Danny souvient toi du prix que tu demandais pour Leclaire après sa saison miraculeuse. C'est la même équipe des stats similaire et un gardien plus jeune encore. Et détrompez vous, je n'aurais pas payé ce prix pour Masson, je n'y crois pas. Mais avec les chiffres, c'est un échange de keepers pas si mal. Shame on me, c'est moi qui est partie le bal! :D Mais Bao bravo, voller Yan comme ça tu y arriveras pas souvent.

  • 491. niraj (on Thu Dec 3 08:21:35 2009)
    Danny, this is why Yan and I win consistently and why you don't. You can't simply judge a player like Mason on 3 weeks of bad play. I think we can all agree that the ceiling on Mason is very high. Higher than Rinne and higher than Varmalov or any other goalie keeper out there, given he was the 2nd best goalie in the league last year (10 SOs in 61 games is sick). Rinne would have cost Yan Nabokov + another one of his stars. Mason, because of his recent poor performance, bagged him 2 keepers (some will argue that Elias is a potential keeper and that's fine) and all he had to give up was McCabe who is a 35-40 pt defenceman and by himself would have gotten Yannick nothing. You guys always rag on my deals, but they NEVER end up being as bad as you perceive them and often turn into win-win deals. You guys rag on me for picking up C.Ward for Malone and Krejci. Look at Malone (and I got a player that I used for 3 games on my team). Now you guys rag on me for picking up Thornton for Kronwall, Giroux + Ward (2 guaranteed keepers and a young gun for one 3 category guy). You guys are going to look at this deal in 2 months and say "Wow, Yannick got a great deal". I'm already calling for Mason to get a shutout this week. P.S. Something tells me Danny and Yanick Cole are about to become really close pen pals.

  • 490. rudy (on Thu Dec 3 08:09:09 2009)
    @yannick: Aside from Parise, all you got are draft-day pickable players and a high risk goalie in Steve Mason. All that for three blue chip players, McCabe and the #1 goalie of the best team in the NHL. But I'm just a rookie, so maybe I don't understand that keeper thing. Good luck for your championship next year.

  • 489. yannick (on Thu Dec 3 00:44:20 2009)
    seems like the only way to redeem myself is to win the championship next year! ce fut une journee rock'n'roll, ce deadline de mercredi que nous avons est a la fois excitant et a la fois traitre. J'avais le feeling que les equipes de dernieres places essayaient d'avoir des keepers aujourd'hui et j'avais le feeling que je devais bouger. Est-ce que j'aurais pu attendre? oui certainement, mais peut-etre qu'aujourd'hui etait la journee... Est-ce que j'ai pris les meilleurs decisions? peut-etre, peut-etre pas. Comme je dis a chaque fois qu'il y a des echanges controverses, l'opinion que l'on a des joueurs differe enormement d'un gerant a l'autre. Rappelez-vous l'echange pour anderson, j'ai bitcher un peu, mais il a rendu de fier services a Rudy. Malheureusement pour tout le monde ici, le seul moment ou nous pourrons tous juger des echanges qui se sont produits aujourd'hui est l'annee prochaine. Et par ce moment, personnes ne se souviendra des echanges d'aujourd'hui. Croyez le ou non, mais je travaillais aujourd'hui! je n'ai pas eu le temps de parler a tout le monde, mais je croyais sincerement que je faisais un bon move en fesant les trades que j'ai fait. J'assume l'entiere responsabilite de mes echanges et je crois que je vais gagner le championnat l'annee prochaine. J'ai un plan. The wheels are in motion! Ray, it's really funny the copy and paste of what I wrote earlier in the year! I just want everybody to know that I thought I was doing the right thing when I did the trades that I did. I do have some remorse tonight, but I always do every time I do a trade. Only time tell if I was right. Here is my promise: I will do everything to win the championship next year! I will even win some $10 this year! I will propose my plan for the head-2-head matchups soon that will spice things up even more! Avouez quand meme que la liberte que nous avons dans la UFHL est quand meme speciale, et le l'option de changer les reglements et d'avoir un singe comme moi qui code ces changements dans le site a mesure rend cette ligue annee apres annee, le meilleur pool de hockey qui soit... A la prochaie tempete!

  • 488. raymond (on Thu Dec 3 00:23:56 2009)
    What sucks about this the most is that it's all subjective. Danny - I wish we could reverse trades but if 1 GM believes player x is a keeper, there isn't much we can do even if all the other GMs knows that player x can be had at the draft. It's the price we paid for having a keeper league. Danny - I have a better idea. You keep your team and I'll trade my team to Rudy. That should piss everyone off and keep the comment board going for weeks

  • 487. raymond (on Thu Dec 3 00:19:00 2009)
    Here's comment #223 modified: ah une bonne echange controverse de la ufhl comme dans le bon vieux temps! tous les elements d'un classique sont la: 1) un echange impliquant Niraj 2) l'echange de joueurs qui representent un gros risque (mais qui pourrait payer) contre une une star 3) aussitot l'echange entrer, Niraj qui justifie l'echange pour son adversaire comme s'il savait qu'il venait d'en passer une bonne a l'autre (still waiting on this one) 4) un gerant (danny) qui s'insurge contre l'echange et qui enguirlande l'autre GM 5) et finalement l'autre GM qui se sent oblige de s'expiquer au gerant qui est fache

  • 486. raymond (on Thu Dec 3 00:13:33 2009)
    I took a nap this afternoon and when I woke up, I saw these deals and thought I was still dreaming. Ok here's what's strange. Yan B. - you always take your time looking at which players to hire/fire, really look at players being offered to you and players that you are trading (judging their value). I remember you getting mad at me when I'd call you at 6:45pm on Wed to talk trade because I wasn't giving you enough time to look at all the angles. Then today, you suddenly decide that today is rebuilding day, which is fine (I made the same decision last year in Nov). What's strange is that you absolutely wanted to trade all your star players today and today only. I know that you've done alot of preliminary research but did everyone have to go today? That doesn't sound like Yan B. Next, why do we allow Niraj to make trades? In "This week's actions," there shouldn't be a "make a trade" option for Niraj. Why? Because it leads to confused GMs, angry GMs and a bunch of comments. However, Danny wanted more comments, Danny - you have your comments. The next comment should look very familiar...

  • 485. niraj (on Wed Dec 2 22:03:27 2009) bitches

  • 484. yan_c (on Wed Dec 2 21:28:21 2009)
    Je viens de recevoir un texte... Si quelqu'un a un probleme avec ce que je fais, tell me directly instead of whining. Pussies

  • 483. yan_c (on Wed Dec 2 20:52:51 2009)
    Oops.... les cri$$es de medias (majoritairement)francais et partisans caves (qui croivent tout ce qui leur est vendu) vont commencer encore... Latendresse a un autre but ce soir... p.s Weiss hat trick and game is not half over...yeay :)

  • 482. danny (on Wed Dec 2 20:52:51 2009)
    I'm sitting in my chair here tonight, thinking and reflecting on the good old days. I never won a championship like Niraj says to me always but we had fun then. To all rookies hear this: We were the poolers of passion. The Real hockey managers. We had stucture. We marched on the battlefield as a brotherhood of the UFHL. We defended the weak, prevented the crimes and rejected the unlawful. WE made a difference together. King Arthur had the best knights, We had the best GMs. The knights were strong and united as one. Bonded by a code of unity, honor and valor. Knights of the round table communicated together and always made the right decisions for the people. They voted on historical turning points to make them invincible. We had our time. We had our stucture and We made our decisions to protect the weak. But that was then and this is now, the collapse is unavoidable. My friends we only have ourselves to blame. - A broken dream

  • 481. yan_c (on Wed Dec 2 20:47:44 2009)
    Did I miss something while I was away? What is the bad blood about please? Merci et excusez moi mon ignorance dans le(s)dossier(s) litigieux...

  • 480. danny (on Wed Dec 2 20:34:12 2009)
    Remember boys the good old days when i was Dean of discipline and we had 2 other guys helping out to determine if these trades had any logic. Here is another proof that my system work cause our integrity for the league is taking another blow. But...come to think of it, its Niraj and Yan that kick me our of the Dean chair...and look at them go now!

  • 479. danny (on Wed Dec 2 20:28:22 2009)
    rudy me! I got a new approach on winning this year...How about a 50-50 deal. I'll give you my star players and give me some average joes that could become keepers in 2013. I'll just say they are keepers for sure! They'll buy it! You'll win but i get an assist

  • 478. etienne (on Wed Dec 2 20:17:37 2009)
    GMs can make stupid trades all season, I don't care. I can win this with the team I drafted. Markov is coming back and Crosby is just getting warm... What I don't like is being used. We should really rethink the 10$ per week thing. It doesn't work. Oh well.

  • 477. yan_c (on Wed Dec 2 20:12:09 2009)
    Are we in March yet? I seem to remember the Canadiens being something like 1-2 overall on New Years and they barely made the playoffs... Lots can change... Like the NHL, the UFHL lives and dies with injuries and depth players now... Bonne chance eten esperant que le hockey va s'amelieorer au Centre Bell.... C'est cher 7500$ pour une loge quand la partie est moins interessante que la crisse de partie de course sur le jumbotron quetaine!

  • 476. phuc (on Wed Dec 2 20:05:40 2009)
    What's up with the trades? I can't say I agree with a lot of them today. Rudy/Ray, I have Kipper, Malkin and Sedin up for keepers! For some reason, looks like 2 months into the season is the right time! For people who were wondering why Biron... It's for the 1% off-chance of Biron getting traded to Det when DiPietro comes back. Would be a super double shaft to whoever owns Howard/Osgood? Not that this person would really need them given the low-brow trades that happened today...

  • 475. rudy (on Wed Dec 2 19:34:41 2009)
    About the first time I agree with Danny. Looks like some people doesn't want a rookie to win a championship in this league... @niraj: Good lobbying on your part about that expansion draft scandal, seeing how the president has now given you or Bao the championship on a silver plate... You won't be surprised if I make stinky trades like that in the next weeks, do you?

  • 474. danny (on Wed Dec 2 17:41:17 2009)

  • 473. niraj (on Wed Dec 2 17:26:02 2009)
    @Rudy: What Phuc said. Nolan also gave his team to you, but at least he was forced to. Blockbuster trade day...

  • 472. phuc (on Wed Dec 2 14:58:08 2009)
    Didn't we establish that it was because Danny gave away half of his team to you?

  • 471. rudy (on Wed Dec 2 12:11:19 2009)
    I've been struggling for 4 weeks now and I still find myself in first place. Etienne has even been laughing at my team full of Mason Raymonds and Steven Reinprechts recently... How can I be that successful with such laughing stock? There must be something I don't understand...

  • 470. etienne (on Wed Dec 2 10:10:08 2009)
    With players like Matt Moulson and the injured Dave Bolland, my third place is secured! (It's irony, if you can't tell)

  • 469. niraj (on Wed Dec 2 06:53:38 2009)
    Another example of why Yannick is the "Mad Scientist" of the UFHL. The guy hires Forsberg because after this week, he won't be available for the rest of the year. Forsberg's been lighting it up in the Swedish Elite League and if he comes back next season would easily be worth $10. Nice move...

  • 468. raymond (on Wed Dec 2 01:05:54 2009)
    I'm sure alot of people are asking why is Jay Leach so popular? It's actually due to his salary cap hit. Montreal claimed Jay Leach off recall waivers from NJ so NJ pays half his salary. With SJ claiming Leach, now they pay half and NJ still pays the other half. This salary cap world is strange.

  • 467. yannick (on Tue Dec 1 23:28:07 2009)
    Jay Leach was claimed off waivers by the Sharks on Tuesday! that's pretty good for him... going from the train wreck that is the Canadiens to the best team in the NHL!

  • 466. phuc (on Tue Dec 1 22:43:03 2009)
    Grabovski needs to get a slapshot in the face, and Komisarek... and the rest of the Leafs' team.

  • 465. yannick (on Tue Dec 1 21:14:13 2009)
    allez lire ca... ca raconte une histoire de courage au hockey comme on en entends plus... un vrai de vrai... et ca c'est passer cette annee en plus... et c'est un quebecois... ca vaut la peine de le lire:

  • 464. niraj (on Tue Dec 1 12:02:55 2009)
    Man, with a memory like that you should totally change your name to "Angry Housewives"

  • 463. jf (on Tue Dec 1 11:38:33 2009)
    last hired player:Howard, Jimmy@DET,G by Archangels Mon Nov 30 21:54:08 Wasn't Osgood the real deal in October? ;)

  • 462. niraj (on Tue Dec 1 09:14:01 2009)
    So funny...he should definitely get suspended by the team to ensure that kind of stupidity doesn't spread.

  • 461. etienne (on Tue Dec 1 08:58:34 2009)
    Stupid Ballard.

  • 460. rudy (on Tue Dec 1 07:37:32 2009)
    How can Keith Ballard show his face in the Panthers' dressing room after what he did? Mixed feelings last night, a shutout from Anderson but Ovechkin hurt again... November has been a tough month, a lot of injuries to key players and a lot of points lost on the bench... Let's see what December has in stock for me now...

  • 459. raymond (on Tue Dec 1 01:58:49 2009)
    On top of that, another one of your former players gets hired in Clemmenson Je ne sais pas quoi faire: engager un joueur qui etait dans l'equipe de Yan B ou engager un joueur des Canadiens avant Yan C? (genre T.Moen ou G.Metropolit)

  • 458. yannick (on Tue Dec 1 00:31:33 2009)
    bravo keith ballard! t'es un bel osti d'epais... calicer un coup de baton sur la tete de ton propre goaler... Danny, quel message envois-tu a tes joueurs? ballard semble prendre a la lettre le nom de ton equipe, les hitmen. faudrait peut-etre lui dire de s'en prendre aux joueurs des autres equipes...

  • 457. yannick (on Tue Dec 1 00:13:35 2009)
    @yan_c, sergei is there in the list...

  • 456. yan_c (on Mon Nov 30 18:41:17 2009)
    does anyone have sergei kostitsyn? I can't find him...I'd like to hire him if he's a FA

  • 455. danny (on Sun Nov 29 17:35:25 2009)
    2 belles défaite de dernière minute avec mon super duo de gardien Price-Huet, hier soir!

  • 454. yannick (on Sat Nov 28 23:58:07 2009)
    qu'ou don danny, as-tu fini d'engager les joueurs que je congedies... ballard, rolston... c'est qui le prochain, erik cole? ;)

  • 453. niraj (on Fri Nov 27 14:40:59 2009)
    Speaking of head to head, I'd like to point out that I am undefeated after 6 weeks.

  • 452. danny (on Fri Nov 27 14:17:04 2009)
    JF, je crois qu'on a mis le nom le plus vérile en premier ...

  • 451. jf (on Fri Nov 27 11:29:27 2009)
    J'ai une plainte formelle à formuler à la ligue moi! Dans le Head to Head, je demande dédomagement. Highlanders tie Rough Bears 105 - 105 Pourquoi les highlanders sont mis devant moi alors que c'est égale? Parce que c'est le comisaire en chef? "DISCRIMINATION" Parce que son nom d'équipe est plus beau? "SALISAGE" Je veux une compensation, 1 shoutout et 1 short handed et je ne porte pas plainte.

  • 450. raymond (on Thu Nov 26 00:41:57 2009)
    Hard to recover from missing a shutout... Bao - you didn't need that anyway : ) Nobody wants to admit it but I'm sure a few GMs had their eye on Dipietro. Question is how many games will be play?

  • 449. raymond (on Thu Nov 26 00:35:22 2009)
    Just saw the SJ-Chi score after 2 periods and Chicago has 3 SHG??? Come on Nabby, stop those breakaways!!!

  • 448. niraj (on Wed Nov 25 23:48:01 2009)
    I call Rick Dipietro. I have room on my team, but I'll go ahead and fire Forsberg anyways...

  • 447. bao (on Wed Nov 25 23:40:32 2009)
    @Ray I share your pain of missing out on a shutout ...

  • 446. bao (on Wed Nov 25 10:57:29 2009)
    and wait until I start dressing Luongo...

  • 445. niraj (on Wed Nov 25 10:14:31 2009)
    The threads stopped cuz I was on vacation. Baos team is on fire!

  • 444. danny (on Wed Nov 25 06:31:09 2009)
    Funny how the threads have stop....Tout le monde retient son souffle et espère que l'équipe des Hitmen ne remonte pas? C'est encore loin mais ca fait du bien de gagner un peu!

  • 443. raymond (on Mon Nov 23 22:14:41 2009)
    Montreal has lost their tenderness

  • 442. raymond (on Sun Nov 22 14:55:38 2009)
    What's the prize if my bench out-performs my starting lineup this week?

  • 441. bao (on Sat Nov 21 09:06:52 2009)
    hat-trick as a welcome gift ?!?! Ahh Mr.Heatley you shouldn't have...

  • 440. danny (on Fri Nov 20 14:30:37 2009)
    Finally getting some results...I finished with 3rd best week!!!! I still lost to BLT!!! Hell!!!What gives?

  • 439. raymond (on Fri Nov 20 12:41:44 2009)
    It's amazing that when I trade a player, he has a great game. I.White only got 1 goal, +2 and 11 PIMs while almost getting the GW. Meanwhile, Wisniewski plays 5 mins, hurts his foot and leaves the game and his status in unknown. If anyone is looking for a boost, just trade for someone currently on my team...

  • 438. yannick (on Thu Nov 19 11:18:29 2009)
    guys, check this out... I am a star in Sweden! They seem to really be impressed with my 4 ufhl championships! (it's in swedish, but look at it anyway)

  • 437. yannick (on Wed Nov 18 23:34:37 2009)
    most of you will wonder who in the blu hell is Cody Franson? first, remember that I am the one who hired Mike Green before he started to be amazing as I spotted him to be an amazing talent. (I'm also the idiot who traded Mike Green for Kipprussoff thinking he would help win my fourth championship, which I did, but I didn't need to do that, but that's another story...) well let me tell you my friends, Cody Franson is the next Mike Green! You may laugh at me now, but one day you'll remember: "oh yeah yannick called it, what an amazing manager!"

  • 436. nolan (on Wed Nov 18 15:33:22 2009)
    @Rudy -- Je ne suis vraiment pas décu de mes choix de keepers. Datryuk Semin et Gagné sont DOMINANT comparé à Marleau - Kane... Regarde les chiffres de cette année... Ils parlent d'eux meme LOL

  • 435. yannick (on Wed Nov 18 15:28:22 2009)
    c'est plate que tu peux juste en mettre 3! ;)

  • 434. nolan (on Wed Nov 18 15:27:39 2009)
    Quand ca va ben, ca va ben... Hossa Gagné Semin Gionta Sur le IR cette semaine...

  • 433. jf (on Wed Nov 18 15:26:09 2009)
    Il est très tôt en saison messieurs, normalement les keepers trade se font en février. Donc il ne reste que 2-3 mois au joueur pour t'aider et n'a aucune utilité si tu es dans la cave. Je ne crois pas avoir vue de keepers trade à ce stade-ci avant.

  • 432. etienne (on Wed Nov 18 14:57:37 2009)
    You never heard of the Sherbrooke mafia? We're even in Ericsson! Bill, je ne suis pas certain de partager ton analyse. On dirait bien que le coût des keepers est à la baisse. Le temps où il fallait faire du 2 pour 1 pour obtenir un keeper est bien révolu.

  • 431. phuc (on Wed Nov 18 14:52:29 2009)
    I don't think anyone would blame me for not keeping Ovechkin at that price and Nolan couldn't keep more than 5 anyway. I'm deflecting the blame on Danny. Maybe this is all a front and there's some Sherbrooke collusion going on...

  • 430. rudy (on Wed Nov 18 14:36:45 2009)
    Guys, your time's up to stack some ranks and points to keep me out of 1st place. Ovechkin and Kovalchuk are now back healthy and active, and Chris Mason is getting in a nice shape to push me up in save % and average, so he'll replace Backstrom on my #2 goalie roster spot. Sorry if I win this year with that infamous expansion draft, but Phuc, Nolan and Danny could have hold on to Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Marleau, Kaberle, Kane and Keith but didn't. Not my fault. Remember I didn't have any prime time goalie to pick.

  • 429. yannick (on Wed Nov 18 14:03:56 2009)
    weber et stamkos sont des keepers assures. au contraire, je trouves que JF a pas eu en a donner tant que ca. bon trade pour les deux.

  • 428. nolan (on Wed Nov 18 13:17:37 2009)
    Keepers ?

  • 427. nolan (on Wed Nov 18 13:16:44 2009)
    je comprend pas JF a fais ça dans quel but ?

  • 426. etienne (on Wed Nov 18 12:46:29 2009)
    wow big trade...

  • 425. etienne (on Tue Nov 17 12:56:02 2009)
    @Niraj Fool you once, shame on me. Fool you twice, shame on you.

  • 424. niraj (on Mon Nov 16 15:25:14 2009)
    Obviously nothing personal Phuc. Shrewd move, one that I hadn't thought of. In fact, I think it was so shrewd we should name it after you. Whenever a manager pulls that on someone, we'll say that the firing manager got "Phuc-ed" (cheezy, but give me credit for waiting 3 years before unleashing the cheese. It's been tough).

  • 423. phuc (on Mon Nov 16 10:39:49 2009)
    @Niraj, It was nothing against you personally. I would've done the same to anyone regardless, but you are welcome to try and send me back Ward... I kid, I kid, I'm sure he'll turn out fine once everything is re-attached properly.

  • 422. raymond (on Mon Nov 16 00:49:27 2009)
    Phuc in case you're not sure what Niraj means: Next time Niraj makes a trade with you, instead of simply screwing you in the deal, he'll try to royally screw you!

  • 421. yannick (on Mon Nov 16 00:34:29 2009)
    I must have the "touch of death" as every player I touch turns to crap. I hire Koivu, he gets sick and doesn't play a game for me. Meanwhile, Stajan, Kozlov and Frolik are having a good week on my bench. Really, this is not my year... Danny, we are the two managers with the most UFHL experience and we are dead last. I think there is a manager in the league practicng voodoo and he has cursed us both! That is the only logical explanation I can find!

  • 420. niraj (on Mon Nov 16 00:07:18 2009)
    Phuc, on one hand I applaud u for the shrewd move. On the other, if u don't think that i'll remember that you went out of your way to "hurt" me, you're sorely mistaken

  • 419. phuc (on Sun Nov 15 00:35:24 2009)
    @Niraj: You're right, I didn't know when he'd be back, but the reason I didn't hire him last week was because I didn't want to give you another FA - no hard feelings ;-)

  • 418. niraj (on Sat Nov 14 18:54:44 2009)
    After talking with Ray and finding out you didn't keep Kovalchuk and Kaberle, I take what I said back. How could you not keep Kaberle and Kovalchuk. Rudy's team coming into the draft this year was the best keeper team of all time.

  • 417. niraj (on Sat Nov 14 18:46:24 2009)
    Seriously Danny, I have to say you have the worst luck in the UFHL...

  • 416. danny (on Sat Nov 14 18:08:22 2009)
    The Kaberle vs Mason trade is starting to look good....Ooups..I dont have Kaberle anymore! I guess that's why he's having a breakout season with the worst team...Weird how this logic goes! If Danny had em ...I should get him! Its garanteed excessive production !!!

  • 415. niraj (on Sat Nov 14 14:37:31 2009)
    @phuc: Dont bluff me. Only reason u didn't hire okposo when I fired him was cause u didn't know when he'd be back. If u did, u misses some nice production from him last night. @Etienne: The only purpose your Mason statement serves is that it continues to prove that your 2 championships w had more to do with luck than ability. If we use that logic Crosby's the next Joe Juneau.

  • 414. rudy (on Sat Nov 14 07:37:13 2009)
    Well, after 2 games, I got 3 goals (2 PP), 4 assists and +4 from Kovalchuk on my bench, all the result of poor information regarding his return from injury. And Ovechkin still hasn't played this week. I may just have lost the pool this week because of all this masquerade with injuries in the NHL.

  • 413. danny (on Fri Nov 13 13:26:10 2009)
    Finally an ok week but i had to run in to the BAo and his super team to prevent my first win. It's not over yet BAO...I'll get you tomorrow night!

  • 412. bao (on Fri Nov 13 00:10:43 2009)
    Don't worry Rudy...same thing with Briere...

  • 411. etienne (on Thu Nov 12 20:44:05 2009)
    Steve Mason is the reincarnation of Jim Carey. Perhaps Anderson is the new Andrew Raycroft.

  • 410. rudy (on Thu Nov 12 19:44:52 2009)
    It must be a joke, Ilya Kovalchuk is actually playing tonight... I can't believe it... @niraj: Is it me or Steve Mason really sucks? I mean, REALLY sucks?

  • 409. phuc (on Thu Nov 12 14:33:28 2009)
    @niraj, Thanks for the heads-up on Okposo!

  • 408. danny (on Thu Nov 12 01:19:56 2009)
    J'espère cé moi les trentes sous car... 4x30=1.20$ Winner winner chicken diner!

  • 407. rudy (on Wed Nov 11 20:58:41 2009)
    It's really getting tough doing a lineup with all the players injured. For this week, I had Alex Ovechkin, Ilya Kovalchuk, James Neal, Milan Hejduk and Joni Pitkanen all as probable or questionable for the next game. They might as well play the next game or miss the entire week. I went with Ovechkin, Hejduk and Pitkanen all active, it ends up none of them plays tonight. Drives me nut. Belle transaction entre les Hitmen et le Pooh Team. Reste à voir si ce sera "4 trente sous pour une piastre" ou si chacun vient de trouver une façon de s'améliorer...

  • 406. niraj (on Wed Nov 11 20:55:44 2009)
    That's cool. I'll think about it a rule prop, but I'm liable to forget in 5 mins. Just wish the ir would actually represent players that are injured as the nhls list doesn't. Surprising that someone doesn't develop, maintain and sell this list to all the sites u mentioned...someone should do that...

  • 405. yannick (on Wed Nov 11 17:34:40 2009)
    niraj, there is a reason why there is no site (yahoo, commisioner, espn, etc) that allows people to put whoever they want on their IR. If you didn't want to fire Okposo, you shouldn't have hired Fleishman (of whatever his name is). There are just too many grey areas in what you are proposing and we will spend countless hours arguing if it was legal to put a guy on the IR or not. I don't have that kind of time. And I don't think it's a penality to not have to activate a player for 2 weeks, that's actually a blessing when you have guys like Okposo that you could put on the IR. Listen my friend, nothing stops you to write a detailed rule propositon that takes care of all the countless possibilities in what you are proposing and who would be assigned to verify the legality of every single move on the IR (any volounteers?). That rule proposition will be 5 pages long and I am pretty sure people will vote against. As the web administrator and the one who has to spend hours and hours implementig those things, I think I have a say. The IR has its flaws, but it's the same for everybody, it's not subjective, and every manager regardless of the site they have their pool on, have the same stupid list. The other option is of course to completely remove the IR and go old school, but I think people prefer the IR to nothing. Listen, I do appreciate the fact that you want to improve the league by proposing alternate ways to do what we do. It's just that right now what you want is not possible in my opinion.

  • 404. niraj (on Wed Nov 11 15:56:40 2009)
    Yan, but what about the idea that once a player is put on ir by his manager, he can not start for at least 2 weeks. That would avoid people putting their players on ir. It wouldn't be that hard to administer, we all know who's injured and who isn't, we just need to setup the right rules and penalties.

  • 403. niraj (on Wed Nov 11 15:54:10 2009)
    Guys okposo's on the waiver this week. Great young player who plays top line and on #1 power play. Just no room for him cuz of stupid ir.

  • 402. yannick (on Wed Nov 11 14:03:51 2009)
    in an ideal world, it could be a good idea, but dude it would be so easy to put Okposo for example on your IR, and nobody would actually verify if he's really hurt. A manager could use as an excuse a player who missed a practice due to flu-like symptoms to put him on the IR. Makes no sense to me. Phuc is right, too difficult to manage, verify and implement.

  • 401. phuc (on Wed Nov 11 13:12:01 2009)
    I'd like that (Malkin), but it looks too complicated to manage and implement.

  • 400. niraj (on Wed Nov 11 13:08:03 2009)
    I'd like to submit a rule change request regarding injuries. Is there any way we can do the IR independent of the NHL? What if, like in the NHL, we could assign any player to one of the three IR spots, but if he gets assigned to IR, he is ineligible for 2 weeks. Also the player must be injured as reported from a locally know newspaper or trusted nationally syndicated publication, online or otherwise. Thoughts?

  • 399. yan_c (on Tue Nov 10 16:29:21 2009)
    A....I agree with ridiculous splitting to 3.33$ if ever

  • 398. bao (on Tue Nov 10 15:29:56 2009)
    I'm accepting offers for THE keeper of the year Steven Stamkos (12-13-14)... You can e-mail me offers to: Let the bidding begin!

  • 397. yannick (on Tue Nov 10 15:06:24 2009)
    ok ok ok, I get it... I actually thought it was a good idea... can we settle for C (Ray's proposition)? I just think it's ridiculous to give out $3.33 or $2.50...

  • 396. bao (on Tue Nov 10 15:02:17 2009)

  • 395. jf (on Tue Nov 10 12:45:49 2009)
    B) I like winning, don't care about the numbers. winning 2,50 ou 10$ is a Win, carry over is not a win.

  • 394. phuc (on Tue Nov 10 10:15:23 2009)
    A) (3-way tie sucks so C), if that's a an option)

  • 393. niraj (on Mon Nov 9 23:30:30 2009)
    @Yannick: B. I like Ray's idea as well... @Danny: 11. That's where you'll finish this season.

  • 392. yannick (on Mon Nov 9 21:41:20 2009)
    @rudy: we do the $10 a week for the last 13 weeks to keep interest of all managers, especially the ones at the bottom of the ranking, to produce teh best lineup possible every week. We prefer that managers don't abandon their team after new year, even if there is no hope of winning. So we keep $130 from the overall pot to do this. Should we want to do this for the whole year, we would have to raise entry fee. Usually, managers don't need extra incentive until christmas to participate in the league.

  • 391. rudy (on Mon Nov 9 19:41:34 2009)
    My answer is B) No. I don't like carry overs in hockey pools... Rudy's Doodies Rookie Question: Why not in October, November and December too?

  • 390. raymond (on Mon Nov 9 19:01:26 2009)
    I'll got with B but... C) If there's a tie, split it $5/$5 but if there's more than 2 winners for the week, bring the whole amount to next week. Basically eliminate the $3.33, $2.50, etc...

  • 389. danny (on Mon Nov 9 18:48:04 2009)
    C'est exactement ce que je pensais mon Yan....Quand j'ai vu tout de suite la premiere réponse qui respecte pas ta demande...chu partie à rire...pis ensuite je me suis rendu compte que cétais Niraj qui répondait à ton sondage ...Cé sur qui va chercher à mélanger encore plus ta question simple car il veut encore avoir l'avantage...LOL Thing will never change with Niraj! He probably just got off the phone with a trade offer to some other poor manager and was still in his CONFUSION mode when he answered you Q. I answer Yes let's gamble a bit! Sort of a Golf carry over Skins Game! I like it!

  • 388. yannick (on Mon Nov 9 18:37:17 2009)
    @niraj, so is it a A or B? if you prefer a different format, just answer B, and we can make another proposition when everybody has answered. Personnally, I think there is no point in giving a monthly prize as it will most likely be one of the top 3 who will win. A weekly prize gives the bottom of the ranking some glimpse of hopes...

  • 387. niraj (on Mon Nov 9 18:31:02 2009)
    I like the idea of changing it up, but it sucks for the two guys that tied. Maybe we could change the system so that instead of rewarding it once / week we reward it once/month for the guys that had the most ranking "points" for the month. That would be exciting!

  • 386. yannick (on Mon Nov 9 17:38:51 2009)
    Quick Survey / Sondage Rapide: ----------------------------- In January, when we will start giving $10 to the winner of the week, would you guys like that if there is a tie for 1st position, that we transfer the $10 to the following week until we have only one winner. This would prevent having to give only $5 if there is a tie or $3.33 if there is a 3 way tie. Also if the weekly pot gets bigger, then the excitation of that week will grow bigger to! (This means that if we have a tie for two consecutive weeks, then the pot is $30 for the following week). please answer with the following option: A) YES, let's do as described above and let's have a single weekly winner with the pot growing when there is a tie for first! B) NO, let's do like we did the previous years and give out smaller amounts when thee is a tie. En Janvier, lorsque nous allons donner $10 au gagnant de la semaine, est-ce vous aimeriez que si jamis il y a egalite en premiere place, que l'on transfer le $10 a la semaine qui suit jusqu'a ce qu'il y a un seul gagnant. Ceci previendrait de donner seulement $5 s'il y a egalite avec deux personnes ou $3.33 s'il y a triple egalite. Aussi, si le magot de la semaine grossi, l'excitation pour remporter cette semaine-la va grossir aussi! (Ca veut dire que s'il y a egalite pendant 2 semaines consecutives, le magot devient $30 pour la semaine qui suit). svp replondre avec une de ces options: A) OUI, fesons comme decrit ci-haut et donnont le magot de la semaine seulement s'il y a un seul gagnant en transferant le magot a la semaine suivante. B) NON, continuons a faire comme les annees dernieres

  • 385. niraj (on Mon Nov 9 17:31:01 2009)
    Rudy, I think we're both wrong. It's DEFINITELY the sound of Ovie's shoulder popping.

  • 384. rudy (on Mon Nov 9 09:42:08 2009)
    @niraj: Yeah, it sounds just like Marc-Andre Fleury's... except Anderson has no team in front of him.

  • 383. niraj (on Mon Nov 9 09:20:02 2009)
    Do you guys hear that? "Snap" "Crackle" "Pop" Is it Yannick's rice krispies? no. The sound of Y.Cole's back as he swings a golf club? no. Oh, I know. It's the sound of Craig Anderson's play deteriorating. Can you hear it Rudy?

  • 382. etienne (on Sun Nov 8 16:19:02 2009)
    oh, is that police brutality? The new mayor will not be happy to hear that the tax payers of his city are being threated in their hockey pool! Sorry about your injuries, is just that your players are not listed on the IR

  • 381. raymond (on Sun Nov 8 13:43:24 2009)
    Niraj, I think you should up your offer and get Price. C.Ward took a skate blade to the groin (OUCH!) last night and Price's confidence will be sky high with the addition of Jay Leach... That's right, not Jay Leno, not Brian Leetch but the difference-maker Jay Leach : ) Here's my prediction for Jay Leach this year: he plays a few games until O"Bryne returns, the Canadiens then attempt to send him to the minors and he gets reclaimed by NJ.

  • 380. danny (on Sun Nov 8 12:19:47 2009)
    Etienne basiclly, if you dont want a concussion too, i want a public apology

  • 379. danny (on Sun Nov 8 12:15:59 2009)
    OH...I only forgot Toews too...Out concussion Thats 6 starters out of 15

  • 378. danny (on Sun Nov 8 12:13:50 2009)
    Etienne ...without injuries you say... Booth out concussion Spezza out last week ( and wasn't suppose to play this week) McDonald Out concussion Souray out concussion Colaiacovo out concussion or something like that ( he was a good 4th D ) So you better apologize right now! I can take a low blow but only so far...Dont make a false statement please!

  • 377. etienne (on Sun Nov 8 11:03:23 2009)
    The injury still hits my team: Crosby and Letang might be hurt... It's been a tough season for all the teams, but Danny's is doing badly without the injuries!

  • 376. yannick (on Sun Nov 8 10:13:06 2009)
    well well, look at that, the Highlanders are on the rise... there might be hope after all!

  • 375. niraj (on Sat Nov 7 14:38:23 2009)
    Wow, I offered Okposo to you? Man, I must have been off my rocker. I thought it was Pietrangelo...

  • 374. danny (on Sat Nov 7 11:34:28 2009)
    Dont make me print your last email

  • 373. niraj (on Sat Nov 7 01:01:47 2009)
    Ray, u can impersonate me anytime. That was excellently done! I think I could have landed kessel in that deal if I threw in metropolit ("he's a ppg Brian! Numbers don't lie!") Danny, couldn't have been me, I wouldn't even offer okposo for price...

  • 372. danny (on Fri Nov 6 17:07:28 2009)
    lol...Great one Ray!!! I got another simulation to run with a Niraj trade...Lets say he wanted Price and called me up ...He is what he'd say i sure! he's a goalie that plays on one of the worst teams in the league and splits time with Halak. What do you expect for him? Look what C.Ward went for recently...So I'll offer ...mmmmmmmmm max Okposo!! What do you say Danny...You cant say no to that!!! LOL..I can only imagine ...Na...Niraj wouldn't low ball me like that right? You figure it out guys!

  • 371. raymond (on Fri Nov 6 15:43:56 2009)
    Je peux juste imaginer Niraj comme DG des Canadiens au telephone avec Brian Burke: Niraj: Hey Brian, how about both Kostitsyn brothers and Latendresse for Kessel? Burke: Niraj, I'm sure Burke isn't French for stupid idiot who likes getting raped Niraj: The Kostitsyns together will be the next coming of the Sedin twins. Plus you get Latendresse who is just starting to realize his potential Burke: I want players with truculence, pugnacity and testosterone. You're offering me tenderness, laziness and immaturity. Niraj: It's important to surround your tough players with skilled players, the Kostitsyn's have loads of talent Burke: I just gave up 2 first rounders and a second rounder for Kessel. I wouldn't trade a 6th round pick for any of those players Niraj: Your goal is to make it to the playoffs, Kessel alone wont get you there. Your chances greatly increase with the addition of 2 top 6 forwards and 1 top 9 forward Burke: Niraj, I don't know what bullshit you used in the past to get the players you want, but I used to be a lawyer, I can smell bullshit a mile away Niraj: Brian, I'm the best UFHL GM in history Burke: The U what? <<>> Niraj: Brian? Hello? Where's that redial button?

  • 370. niraj (on Fri Nov 6 14:59:19 2009)
    Boys, le reponse est simple: Les canadiens devrait m'engager pour être le gerant. Une chose est certain on ferait beaucoup d'echanges et on finirait dans les top 3 de la ligue chaque annee

  • 369. raymond (on Fri Nov 6 14:40:12 2009)
    Il faudra envoyer Gainey au medecin pour voir s'il souffre d'un commotion cerebrale

  • 368. jf (on Fri Nov 6 14:37:57 2009)
    Mais oui je pense qu'on a un petit problème à la défense. Voici des stats qui font peur!! J'espère que le lien va fonctionner :

  • 367. jf (on Fri Nov 6 14:35:48 2009)
    Pfff! En plus moi j'ai trouvé que Mathieu Carle a joué une partie bien correct hier soir. Pas beaucoup d'erreur et faut pas s'attendre à 1 but 1 passe non plus!!

  • 366. yannick (on Fri Nov 6 13:34:44 2009)
    Jay Leach: un autre americain... Bob Gainey est vraiment bander sur les joueurs americains...

  • 365. nolan (on Fri Nov 6 13:27:22 2009)
    Voulez-vous ben me dire pourquoi Montréal va chercher des no names sur le ballotage au lieu d'intégrer tranquillement les jeunes bon défenseurs de Hamilton ? Jay Leach ???????????????

  • 364. danny (on Fri Nov 6 06:56:19 2009)
    Finally...The Rock has come back to Montreal! Although i lost a So in last seconds of game!

  • 363. niraj (on Fri Nov 6 00:44:55 2009)
    Good one Rudy. You kick him while he's down and Hiller gets a SO. Someone please shoot Kopitar. Wow.

  • 362. danny (on Thu Nov 5 12:11:58 2009)
    LOL!!! Thanks Rudy!!!Nice low blow! At least i'm having fun reading and posting!! These threads are damn good! BearBackMoutain is the best yet...right! I was cracking up with these name. Let's try it again. Can anyone do better?

  • 361. rudy (on Thu Nov 5 10:00:51 2009)
    Ce sera toujours moins pire 2 passes sur le banc que 2 blanchissages sur le banc, demande à Yannick ce qu'il en pense...

  • 360. etienne (on Thu Nov 5 09:33:55 2009)
    @ rudy Au moins ces deux points, il ne les a pas fait sur le banc...

  • 359. rudy (on Thu Nov 5 08:39:05 2009)
    @etienne: J'aimerais ça être aussi excité que toi de voir un joueur faire 2 passes dans un match... @yannick: Quand tu dis "bear in mind", parles-tu des Rough Bears? About the head-to-head matchups: To spice up the competition, we'll have to consider giving a bye to Danny each week... ;-)

  • 358. niraj (on Thu Nov 5 03:06:08 2009)
    The way your team is going it looks like you'll spend a lot of time on improving the league. I thank u for your dedication.

  • 357. yannick (on Wed Nov 4 22:33:57 2009)
    head-2-head scores and schedule is available here: bear in mind that this is a work in progress. The full year schedule will be there soon. We will soon exchange on ideas on how to make the head-2-head matchup more interesting. As I said earlier, we needed to start simple so that it's easier for me to add it to the site. Last week's results and this week matchups are on the page mentionned above.

  • 356. etienne (on Wed Nov 4 20:37:06 2009)
    Anton is the (Stral) man!

  • 355. niraj (on Wed Nov 4 18:01:25 2009)
    Actually, I said he was a "potential" keeper. When he was with the Blues I remember him being good (althoug you wouldn't know it from his stats). Kind of sounds like he's one of those to good for the AHL, but not good enough for the NHL. Perfect for the KHL :). Huet staying in Montreal would have been the best thing for Price. He could have slowly rised to being seems that our management really does a poor job of evaluating their players' mental toughness.

  • 354. raymond (on Wed Nov 4 15:21:52 2009)
    Careful Yan, Niraj once touted Sanford as a keeper (start laughing now) But I agree that Price needs to go to Hamilton (looks like Carboneau was right after all). Price is only up here because of Gainey's GM power. Phuc, I'm in but we'll need an attractive lady to lure Price away...

  • 353. phuc (on Wed Nov 4 14:32:21 2009)
    So... Price being on IR would be the best thing that could happen for the Habs? I'm buying it, who wants to take one for the team and assault him with a baseball bat? Go Habs Go!

  • 352. yannick (on Wed Nov 4 14:10:05 2009)
    guys, have you seen the stats of Curtis Sanford in the AHL? Player Team GP Mins Shots GA SO Avg. % Wins Losses SOL Curtis Sanford Hamilton Bulldogs 8 499 220 11 2 1.32 0.950 5 1 2 it might be time to bring him in... he did look amazing in the NHL at some point

  • 351. niraj (on Wed Nov 4 13:21:04 2009)
    Phuc, that's more luck than anything else. All I'm saying is that I was tied for 3rd overall, but last in all goalie positions. However, I can blame a lot of that on having Gerber as a goalie last year...that's a lack of skill. This year, Rudy and BLT look great. Hope I can keep up...

  • 350. rudy (on Wed Nov 4 12:49:56 2009)
    Benching blue chip players the week they play only 2 games suck. It's a strategy I tried in October (with Kaberle and Bogosian) and I lost 9 defense points, 3 PPG and 1 SHG in the process.

  • 349. phuc (on Wed Nov 4 11:56:49 2009)
    "If's" don't win championships, luck does. Ok, and maybe a little bit of skill :) I can do this too: Had I started Parise that week during the mid-season, when he was only playing 2 games and scored those PPGs - I would've at least equalized for the championship. That's where I lucked out. Ok, it was my lack of skill...

  • 348. jf (on Wed Nov 4 11:53:49 2009)
    Is the Price for Price is the same then Last year? ;)

  • 347. niraj (on Wed Nov 4 09:36:57 2009)
    Wow, I had 17 wins last year by Dec 31. Almost 2 full months earlier, I have surpassed that total. Had my goalies performed last year like they are this year, I would have won my championship...

  • 346. danny (on Tue Nov 3 22:19:41 2009)
    I got Price for sale!!! Rebate!!!

  • 345. rudy (on Tue Nov 3 11:45:03 2009)
    Mathias Ohlund (D, TB) is available for a forward known for his passing ability. Contact me at

  • 344. niraj (on Tue Nov 3 11:08:33 2009)
    I'm out bitches! I'm so good, I even took some video of how I escaped. Watch it here: (SFW)

  • 343. danny (on Tue Nov 3 10:30:03 2009)
    Niraj...You think in prison your safe from me... I've got contact on the inside...They're called the Rough Bear Crew!.."its a new street gang i put in jail" They owe me a few favours, if they want a get out soon, so You know the guy that keeps looking at your ass, he's coming for you! Don't even think of sleeping!

  • 342. raymond (on Mon Nov 2 22:33:20 2009)
    By the way, this is probably the part where Niraj offers to change E.Staal for D.Penner. In exchange, he'll ask for Kopitar and for you to drop the charges!

  • 341. raymond (on Mon Nov 2 22:28:24 2009)
    Yan - Niraj is a repeat offender, found guilty many many times. But he's like Lex Luther, he keeps finding ways out of prison. Niraj - use the pick axe hidden in the library book

  • 340. niraj (on Mon Nov 2 22:04:14 2009)
    Writing from Prison, part 2: "After all, Yanick did trade me Eric Staal for Osgood and Smith..."

  • 339. niraj (on Mon Nov 2 22:03:12 2009)
    Writing from prison: "Dear fellow UFHL managers, I really am innocent. If Yanick had known that Staal had 5 pts instead of 4 and that Okposo is a great young talent, maybe he would have received my offer a bit better. Someone please bail me out. There's a dude that keeps looking at my ass and another person of indistinguishable sex that keeps offering me favours for cash. Please help!"

  • 338. yan_c (on Mon Nov 2 19:35:43 2009)
    I just called 911.... Attempted robbery by Niraj... Serious offers, I'll keep private.... But this???? No chance lol an injured Staal ( and his 4 points with no linemates) and Okposo for Kopitar (18-20-22) Shame on you... :) YC

  • 337. danny (on Mon Nov 2 19:25:12 2009)
    Holy cow...Toews, Spezza,McDonald, Souray injured... I dont have enough forward to compensate their loss

  • 336. danny (on Mon Nov 2 13:35:12 2009)
    Golden Niraj! You are like a lucky charm dude.... I was thinking...Isn't that your face on the cereal box...Lucky Charms!! Yes it is! Lucky rabbit you!

  • 335. niraj (on Mon Nov 2 08:21:02 2009)
    Wow, Raycroft with a shutout...the hockey Gods are smiling down on me. For now anyways...

  • 334. etienne (on Mon Nov 2 06:29:31 2009)
    i don't know....

  • 333. raymond (on Mon Nov 2 00:36:50 2009)
    Niraj doesn't need a hug anymore after Raycroft's shutout. Plus Anderson lost so Niraj is doubly happy!

  • 332. rudy (on Sun Nov 1 23:32:49 2009)
    Guys, you can stop your prayers, Ovechkin has finally been injured. Just day-to-day though... @niraj: You definitely need a hug.

  • 331. niraj (on Sun Nov 1 19:29:59 2009)
    @Etienne: btw, why did you ever fire Laich? @Yannick: You were crazy not to hire him. @The entire league: Rudy's team is so unfair.

  • 330. niraj (on Sun Nov 1 19:28:26 2009)
    Flu, shmu, I didn't hire him for 1 week...

  • 329. etienne (on Sun Nov 1 14:31:04 2009)
    @Niraj, did you that Ericsson has the flu... Doesn't look good IMHO

  • 328. rudy (on Sun Nov 1 13:46:26 2009)
    Andrei K brings bad luck I tell you! Get rid of him! :-) Ryder's yours for 2 FA, I'll register the trade.

  • 327. phuc (on Sun Nov 1 13:13:24 2009)
    @rudy, proper 'karma' use to knock me would have been: Karma has nothing to do with your team sucking, starting AK46 might be a reason though... I'll take Ryder for 2 FA - thanks!

  • 326. rudy (on Sun Nov 1 11:14:13 2009)
    For those of you looking for goal scorers, Ryder and Ponikarovsky are available for 2 Free Agents each. Premier arrivé premier servi. Contact me at

  • 325. raymond (on Sun Nov 1 01:47:48 2009)
    Never said he wasn't valuable, just trying to get a more valuable player. Anyone who has tried to get a decent D knows that the price isn't cheap.

  • 324. etienne (on Sat Oct 31 22:09:02 2009)
    Dure soirée

  • 323. etienne (on Sat Oct 31 16:58:25 2009)
    When a player is on the bench doesn't mean he's not valuable.

  • 322. raymond (on Sat Oct 31 14:53:19 2009)
    Rudy - the Edler deal was done to get a reliable D that can help make up for the loss of Gonchar. At the time, Kunitz was on my bench and so was Clark so trading 2 benchers for a starting D seemed like a good idea. Edler had a really good mid-end of season last year and I didn't think a D on Van would stay at -8 all year. No other way to say it: It was a horrible trade. Notice how quiet Yan B. has been since the deal. Anybody got a forward to trade for a FA?

  • 321. rudy (on Sat Oct 31 12:33:59 2009)
    Having the likes of Andrei Kostsitsyn active doesn't do any good for karma either...

  • 320. phuc (on Sat Oct 31 12:09:50 2009)
    2 year-plan! Freakin' karma. I call for Ovie to get injured and Malkin gets sidelined...

  • 319. rudy (on Sat Oct 31 11:36:56 2009)
    Is it me or the Lemon Party seems to be over already? :-)

  • 318. nolan (on Sat Oct 31 10:46:00 2009)
    J'ai besoinnnn de poiiinnnttt ! Comment des gars comme datsyuk , semin , jokinen , lidstrom, Campbell peuvent-ils être si inconstant... Arghh allez hossa revient vite et en santé

  • 317. etienne (on Sat Oct 31 09:44:49 2009)
    Anderson, Schmanderson! Miller is guy. Can you say: It's Miller time!

  • 316. rudy (on Sat Oct 31 09:36:49 2009)
    I like the idea that everybody in the league closely follows the performance of Craig Anderson just because of that infamous trade I made with Niraj. Clearly the story of October. Now about Raycroft, I guess his stock is going down again... @ray: Even if Kunitz would not have been so hot in the last 2 games, I'd still not understand why you made that trade to get Edler... Is he a friend of yours or what?

  • 315. raymond (on Sat Oct 31 04:58:27 2009)
    Man, even in a loss Anderson is impressive. Need to get Pitts to face Col so that Kunitz can go back to scoring 1 goal every 39 games

  • 314. etienne (on Fri Oct 30 22:09:31 2009)
    Theodore lost but Streit scored the game winner.... Good thing Miller won!

  • 313. niraj (on Fri Oct 30 21:57:10 2009)
    Another premature hire, but ericsson reminded me of how kronwall took it to the next level. I guess time will tell...

  • 312. niraj (on Fri Oct 30 08:51:12 2009)
    Don't forget about Raycroft Ray. He seems like he's back to his 2002-2003 form when he had a 2.05 GAA and played in 50+ games. Bao, don't say I didn't warn you about his rising stock...

  • 311. raymond (on Fri Oct 30 01:09:17 2009)
    Can anyone say sell high on Dustin Penner? Wonder who's going to pay the price?

  • 310. niraj (on Fri Oct 30 01:05:03 2009)
    Anyone interested in Penner?

  • 309. yannick (on Fri Oct 30 00:12:45 2009)
    Holy crap! Penner might be the real deal... another amazing night! With Simon Gagner on the long term IR, the deal that Niraj made is starting to look like a steal. But as in every trade, we'll only know at the end of the season.

  • 308. rudy (on Thu Oct 29 15:13:30 2009)
    @niraj: The Sabres keep Myers on the team (and so am I). You'll have to find relief elsewhere...

  • 307. jf (on Thu Oct 29 13:14:22 2009)
    Snif snif, j'ai tellement de peine pour toi Niraj. Si je peux faire quelques chose, dit-le moi.

  • 306. niraj (on Thu Oct 29 09:09:21 2009)
    Rudi, Kane and Elias better explode soon. Anderson is driving me nuts. I could have traded you Mason and you would have paid more for him :). I hope Myers gets sent down just to even the deal out a bit :). Niraj.

  • 305. rudy (on Thu Oct 29 08:20:43 2009)
    Ça dort tellement bien après une victoire de Craig Anderson... par contre Nik Backstrom et le Wild commencent à me tomber sur les nerfs un peu... je pense que Chris Mason va redevenir actif bientôt...

  • 304. etienne (on Thu Oct 29 06:55:42 2009)
    rudy, il va te falloir des gardiens dans l'Est. Ça doit te fatiguer d'écouter les matchs de Colorado jusqu'à la fin!

  • 303. raymond (on Thu Oct 29 01:06:04 2009)
    Has anyone noticed that Team USA is going to have great goaltending at the Olympics? R.Miller and Anderson Should have offered Kunitz and Clark for Anderson...

  • 302. rudy (on Thu Oct 29 00:00:46 2009)
    Guess who did it again tonight? :-)

  • 301. etienne (on Wed Oct 28 22:58:11 2009)
    Trop fort le Crosby! Et très content de ne pas avoir échanger Perron à rabais!

  • 300. rudy (on Wed Oct 28 22:28:24 2009)
    I agree with Niraj... I didn't know Edler had so much value, especially when Mathieu Schneider is coming back in the Canucks lineup...

  • 299. raymond (on Wed Oct 28 22:27:52 2009)
    I officially protest the deal that Yan made earlier today

  • 298. niraj (on Wed Oct 28 21:55:17 2009)
    Yannick, you're a trading genius. I don't know why you never get the scrutiny I get when I make a deal. Well done.

  • 297. yannick (on Wed Oct 28 21:17:27 2009)
    Resultat du head-2-head matchup de la derniere semaine: BLT (1-0) def Highlanders (0-1) 129-76 Rough Bears (1-0) def LemonParty (0-1) 82-64 Doodies (1-0) def Havana United (0-1) 119-83 Pooh Team (1-0) def Hitmen (0-1) 78-74 Archangels (1-0) def Combiners (0-1) 96-95 Guns N Roses (0-0) (bye) head-2-head matchup this week: Archangels (1-0) vs Pooh Team (1-0) Combiners (0-1) vs LemonParty (0-1) BLT (1-0) vs Havana United (0-1) Guns N Roses (0-0)vs Hitmen (0-1) Highlanders (0-1) vs Doodies (1-0) Rough Bears (1-0) (bye)

  • 296. yannick (on Wed Oct 28 21:03:49 2009)
    pour ceux qui regarde la game a tele, il y a un beau decolte derriere Jacques Martin...

  • 295. niraj (on Wed Oct 28 20:57:38 2009)
    who am i playing head to head this week?

  • 294. rudy (on Wed Oct 28 18:40:46 2009)
    Redden, Vrbata... damn Niraj, is this garbage day or what? ;-)

  • 293. niraj (on Wed Oct 28 18:30:16 2009)
    Vrbata is also availble for hire. A great goal scroer he can definitely help your team!

  • 292. niraj (on Wed Oct 28 17:58:24 2009)
    Remember, that if you hire Redden you don't have to start him. This is a guy that was a consistent 50 pt scorer and just had 2 bad seasons...

  • 291. niraj (on Wed Oct 28 17:24:10 2009)
    Redden is available...he's easily worth 1 f.a.

  • 290. nolan (on Wed Oct 28 17:13:51 2009)
    t'as failli m'avoir Dan... hahah

  • 289. danny (on Wed Oct 28 17:11:07 2009)
    LOL!!!!Got you !C'est une blague No...Trade presque égale...Je niaise!

  • 288. danny (on Wed Oct 28 17:09:41 2009)
    what a Niraj trade again!!!!

  • 287. danny (on Wed Oct 28 17:06:12 2009)
    what the hell is this!!!!!!Nolan really!!!!

  • 286. niraj (on Wed Oct 28 17:02:20 2009)
    Another Raymond special. First it was with Howard, no Schneider: The injury was originally sustained during Saturday's win over the Maple Leafs, but Luongo was still able to start in Tuesday's loss to the Red Wings. Luongo appeared to have aggravate the injury after colliding with the Red Wings Todd Bertuzzi. He still managed to finish Tuesday's game, but allowed four goals during the third period. Luongo has already ruled himself out of the Canucks next two games, but the injury doesn't appear to be a long-term issue. Andrew Raycroft will take over between the pipes, with Cory Schneider expected to be recalled to take over as backup. LMAO

  • 285. raymond (on Wed Oct 28 15:33:04 2009)
    ok, let's pull a Niraj, I call C.Schneider

  • 284. raymond (on Wed Oct 28 14:26:37 2009)
    Damn...lost the heads up matchup by 1 pt. Congrats Niraj

  • 283. yannick (on Wed Oct 28 10:52:41 2009)
    for the head-2-head matchups, I have done a schedule for the year, but didn't had time to put it up on the site yet. The head-2-head season consists of 22 weeks, every team will have 20 matches and 2 byes. The division with 3 teams (bishop) will play 4 intra-division matchup versus each team of their own division (8 matchup), plus 12 inter-division matchups. The divisions with 4 teams (victoria and howard) will have 3 intra-division matchup versus each team of their own division (9 matchup), plus 11 inter-division match-ups. Every team plays the same number matches, but due to the fact that we have 11 teams (odd number), every week there will be one team that will not have a matchup. For the inter-division matchups, some teams will play twice versus each other and some teams only once. I thought it would be quick to do the schedule, but it actualy took quite a bit of time to make a balanced schedule. Note that the last matchup of the season will last a week and a half (it was impossible to make a schedule of 23 weeks). We started to have some ideas on how to make the head-2-head matchup more interesting, I'll let you know soon, now I have to get back to work!

  • 282. phuc (on Wed Oct 28 10:39:37 2009)
    Anderson = TOTAL WUSS. If ever I'd see him in a game, I'd still call him on it. He's a stupendous chicken for not showing what he could do for a shitty USA team. That hasn't changed. I'm glad to see he's serving you well however.

  • 281. danny (on Wed Oct 28 09:32:10 2009)
    What are the team match ups this week...Where do we see the results?

  • 280. rudy (on Wed Oct 28 08:26:45 2009)
    Thank you guys for such heartful comments about Craig Anderson. Still waiting for that "Anderson is a wuss" comment from Phuc. Even if he crashes and burns after Christmas, his job will have been done. Anyway I still have Chris Mason to back him up, who is well-known to be a strong finisher. But I'm still angry about that Kaberle's game Monday on my bench... I know it happens to everybody at some point but that really sucks, and that injury to Kovalchuk too... still got plenty of resources to keep the pace though.

  • 279. danny (on Wed Oct 28 08:11:03 2009)
    No problem...Who do you want me to predict?

  • 278. raymond (on Wed Oct 28 00:41:24 2009)
    Hey Danny, can you make predictions on goalies from other teams?

  • 277. raymond (on Wed Oct 28 00:21:46 2009)
    Anderson totally sucks...even Budaj's swine flu can't slow him down

  • 276. yannick (on Wed Oct 28 00:21:14 2009)
    anderson is goaling exactly like he did at this time of year last year with florida... I hope it continues for you rudy (for real), it really sucked for me last year when he crashed and burnt. I guess I'm still resentful towards him!

  • 275. niraj (on Wed Oct 28 00:03:47 2009)
    wow guys, anderson really sucks. rudy, you're a genius

  • 274. danny (on Tue Oct 27 14:10:19 2009)
    The BearBackMountain's....OH Ya...That's a good one!

  • 273. danny (on Tue Oct 27 14:05:45 2009)
    The BEARwithME 's!

  • 272. nolan (on Tue Oct 27 11:52:50 2009)
    Bryzgalov est sur le marché... 6 victoires en 9 parties 2 Blanchissages 0.917 % 1.97 GA/Match

  • 271. yannick (on Tue Oct 27 10:56:17 2009)
    juste pour que tout le monde soit au courant, j'ai commencer a magasiner Iginla. Avis aux interesses...

  • 270. niraj (on Tue Oct 27 09:16:54 2009)
    Or "The Bare Naked Ladies" Really, anything would be better than "Rough Bears"

  • 269. niraj (on Tue Oct 27 09:16:25 2009)
    For JF, there's also "The Barebacks"

  • 268. rudy (on Tue Oct 27 08:52:59 2009)
    Il semble que j'aie fait un Danny de moi-même hier soir... Tomas Kaberle 1 but 4 passes, il était sur mon banc... Toronto ne jouait que 2 matchs cette semaine et n'allait nulle part, ça semblait donc logique, mais... (Note à moi-même: ne jamais mettre sur le banc un top défenseur même s'il ne joue qu'un match dans la semaine.)

  • 267. etienne (on Tue Oct 27 08:33:34 2009)
    I propose the Bearbackers!

  • 266. danny (on Mon Oct 26 20:45:34 2009)
    I propose Bearcapades!!!

  • 265. niraj (on Mon Oct 26 20:16:38 2009)
    At the game with yan and Ray. After talking about jfs gay team name we'd like to propose a name change from roughbears (gay) to bears on ice (proudly gay)

  • 264. danny (on Mon Oct 26 15:22:39 2009)

  • 263. raymond (on Mon Oct 26 12:39:46 2009)
    Question is when will he play?

  • 262. danny (on Mon Oct 26 12:23:02 2009)
    Price shutout...coming up!

  • 261. niraj (on Sun Oct 25 16:53:46 2009)
    Like i said Rudy, it's a perception thing. I'm glad that Anderson is doing well for u. Wonder if u would have paid more after this week :)

  • 260. raymond (on Sun Oct 25 14:51:04 2009)
    Danny - put some money on Mise-Au-Jeu over/under! I don't think I've seen people eat their words so quickly : ) At least I was ok with half of the deal!

  • 259. rudy (on Sun Oct 25 11:24:09 2009)
    @danny: Man, il faut absolument que tu commences à faire exactement l'inverse de ce que ton instinct de pooler te dicte... @niraj: Fleury is the best NHL goalie right now, don't kid yourself. But I enjoy having Anderson a lot, especially after the crappy comments I got following the trade. Patrick who??? :-)

  • 258. danny (on Sun Oct 25 07:25:19 2009)
    Man!Anderson is the real deal!!!

  • 257. niraj (on Sun Oct 25 00:14:13 2009)
    Danny, with you're telepathic ability, it's a wonder how you've yet to win a championship. Nice call on Huet... On another note, I think I traded away my best goalie...

  • 256. danny (on Sat Oct 24 14:52:06 2009)
    Just wanted to predict a Huet shutout tonight since he's not active!!!! Price should have one too!!! My bad luck will continue...

  • 255. jf (on Fri Oct 23 14:22:14 2009)
    @moi Est-ce que tu pourrais activer les joueurs quand ils sont Hot! Arrêter de mettre les productifs sur le banc et ceux qui foutent rien actifs. Merci

  • 254. yannick (on Fri Oct 23 11:12:16 2009)
    @phuc, in your omment #230, you mention that people don;t hav to activate Toskala if they pick him up. That's not true, and I want to make sure that the new rule is clear with everyone. You don;t have to activate a player that was fired only if he was hire on the same UFHL activity week (ie wednesday to wednesday 7pm). You fired Toskala on Wednesday during the day, so people had until 7pm to hire him without having to activate him. Anytime after, any manager that hires Toskala must activate him.

  • 253. niraj (on Fri Oct 23 08:59:59 2009)
    Can anyone say sell high on Dustin Penner? Wonder who's going to pay the price. Then again, Nolan probably thinks he's a 120 pt player now...

  • 252. raymond (on Fri Oct 23 00:24:54 2009)
    Crazy offensive night - 5pts by a player seems to be the norm

  • 251. etienne (on Thu Oct 22 15:15:37 2009)

  • 250. nolan (on Thu Oct 22 14:54:06 2009)
    j'aime !!! Je l'ai publié sur Facebook tellement je l'aime ;)

  • 249. niraj (on Thu Oct 22 13:40:31 2009)
    Guys did you hear about the judge's ruling in Ontario about an abused kid? The kid was beaten by his parents, so the courts decided to give custody to his aunt. But the kid said that his aunt beat him even more than his parents, so they awarded custody to his grandparents. The kid then informed the courts that the grandparents were the most physically abusive of the bunch. After the courts realized that physical abusive was a problem within the family, in a Canadian first the judge asked the kid who should have custody of him. The kid asked for the Toronto Maple Leafs, cause they don't know how how to beat anyone! I heard that on team funny.

  • 248. jf (on Thu Oct 22 12:41:36 2009)
    A c'est vrai j'oubliais : Niraj it's funny how great are all the players you give and how bad are the players you get ;) Few exemples here : Osgood, Chris DET G act nhl 6 3 337 18 03.21 158 140 0.886 0 Smith, Mike TAM G non nhl 4 0 250 17 04.08 125 108 0.864 0 Hiller, Jonas ANA G act nhl 6 3 329 15 02.74 189 174 0.921 0 ( Not too bad) Doughty, Drew LOS D act nhl 9 2 4 6 1 8 1 0 1 Staal, Eric CAR F act nhl 8 3 1 4 -1 8 2 0 0( Will not stay like that) Et je ne metterai pas les stats à Higgins et Stafford ;)

  • 247. phuc (on Thu Oct 22 12:02:35 2009)
    @rudy: See, I look out for you! Kipper will come back to his old form. I have confidence in your 1st selection, less so in your $4-less backup plan.

  • 246. jf (on Thu Oct 22 11:56:17 2009)
    Wow! J'ai manqué une grosse journée hier moi! Dire que tout est de ma faute, j'avais juste à dire oui à l'offre de Rudy. Donc je confirme oui Rudy a magasiner et il était prêt à donner beaucoup pour un goaler. Et aucun de vous tous n'êtes prêt à en donner des goalers, demandé à Yan qui a payé 12 joueurs pour Ryan Miller il y a 2 ans. Et c'est pourquoi j'ai hésité moi, car me retrouver avec juste 2 goalers, les risques de blessures me fesait peur. La morale de l'histoire, c'est arrange toi donc pour avoir un goaler #1 après le repêchage. Et surtout, mais surtout, ne deal jamais avec Niraj.

  • 245. rudy (on Thu Oct 22 11:50:43 2009)
    @phuc: At least Anderson brings me good goal and save averages even when in lose, not like Kiprusoff that you overpaid in the draft because of me...

  • 244. yan_c (on Thu Oct 22 11:45:00 2009)
    @ niraj No one knew who mike green was 15 months ago either lol

  • 243. yan_c (on Thu Oct 22 11:43:05 2009)
    @ phuc good point... But Thornton won't score 14 either this year so it'll even out...devin will get less and Joe more... Pierre McGuire told me that Quincey is the most underrated Dman in the league and will only get better.... And you want to laugh? He said that NYR Staal is the best of ALL the brothers lol

  • 242. niraj (on Thu Oct 22 11:42:24 2009)
    How we let Rudy pick up keepers in the expansion draft is beyond me. I blame myself for trusting Yannick and Ray to make smart decisions. My bad guys. Anyone have any retroactive solutions that could right the situation, if only slightly? Phuc, you forgot to mention that Grebeshkov is the next M.Green. He really is. Yan_C knows these things. Btw, you're suggestion of forming a coalition against me only confirms my suspicion that you know that I'm the best manager in the league. You guys can't beat me individually, so why not gang up on me? I've faced these odds before. Another man that comes to mind who has overcome similar adversity and articulate it in a way that is beyond my command of the english language (inspiring and thought provoking, so not for you Ray):

  • 241. phuc (on Thu Oct 22 11:36:17 2009)
    @Rudy: Ovechkin was my rookie mistake to make. I enjoy bringing it up. But Kovalchuk... that's someone else's doing... For the record, I do think there seems to be a lot of ppl underestimating you and your 'rookie' status; you shouldn't be defensive about it, but play it to your advantage. Just let Anderson do the talking... on how he wussed out when the pressure was on and how he's gonna lose (6 times?) to another goalie in his division that you also own! Or does that mean, you'd be guaranteed 6 wins? hmmmmm

  • 240. nolan (on Thu Oct 22 11:26:36 2009)
    Les couteaux volent bas... J'aime ca

  • 239. rudy (on Thu Oct 22 11:05:42 2009)
    At least I don't live with the shame of not keeping Ovechkin or Kovalchuk at due price and seeing a stupid and incompetent rookie GM like me getting them in the expansion draft.

  • 238. phuc (on Thu Oct 22 10:58:52 2009)
    Yan_c, I agree no one is overachieving on GnR: Setoguchi is the 2nd coming of Ovechkin and will finish with 60 goals and Quincey is an 80pts D-man. ;) LemonParty for all!

  • 237. phuc (on Thu Oct 22 10:50:07 2009)
    - Anderson is a wuss - There's no way a rookie D is kept, unless his name is DEL ZOTTO, and especially if you only get 4 keepers... - Niraj bringing up the Turco for MAF as his best example of a trade where he got burned is pretty laughable. Ppl should call him on that. - Yan_c, didn't we all tell you that your goalies suck? And now Niraj exploited the 'rookie' already, so no one is gonna bail you out ;) - Danny, you should just give up now and trade for keepers already. Rebuilding with trades will piss off even more ppl... And just to spite Niraj, trade with everyone except him. I'm listening.

  • 236. niraj (on Thu Oct 22 10:39:27 2009)
    Phuc, you totally took all the wind out of this thread when you got serious on it. Now, the UFHL is boring again :(.

  • 235. yan_c (on Thu Oct 22 10:35:31 2009)
    Ayant dit serais pret a me departir d'une tonne de FA's et autre pour un top notch gardien #1 s'il y a qqchose d'interessant. merci

  • 234. yan_c (on Thu Oct 22 10:31:53 2009)
    It's all moot anyways since GnR are winning this year... I have no one playing over their heads and my goalies aren't even winning yet.... Only category I have no chance in is PIMs.... Bonne chance mes amis... :)

  • 233. danny (on Thu Oct 22 10:25:27 2009)
    WOW!!! Lot's reactions...That's what i basically wanted. The season was kindda getting boring since i'm already forgetting my suckout team I think i bring another dimension to the UFHL...Who cares about winning seasons anyway! The fun is in commenting on Niraj...That's why i've been in this league all this long! He's my motivation. I get pleasure in telling the truth about his trades. I do admit, he's one hell of a GM...He screwed me again last year with Mason...And it's all in good fun that he rubs it in every chance he gets. I guess Rudy ...Only time will tell...Lets talk about this trade in January! Poor Antti Niemi...I cursted him last night! I put him active on my roster...result= lost in last 5 minutes of game allowing 2 goals I'm really doomed! Can't buy a goal either! Its like every year the same...Want to know who is gonna be cold this year, look at Danny's team. Plus, Seabrook and Toews both got injured in that game. Next bad luck...Price will get a shutout on the week end, since i deactivated him!

  • 232. rudy (on Thu Oct 22 08:43:01 2009)
    @raymond: I agree I gave a lot in terms of absolute talent and proven potential, but you guys have to understand that I didn't need Elias on my team. I have enough firepower to be at the top or near the top in offensive categories without him, and my feeling is that Elias has become too brittle to be relied upon over the length of a season. About Tyler Myers now, did you have the chance to see him play? I think he's the real deal... Very mooth skating despite a huge frame and he plays an offensive-oriented game, paired with stay-at-home and reliable Henrik Tallinder. I wanted to get him as a free agent but Niraj was quicker. For me he's a sure keeper, maybe better than Zach Bogosian, so giving IR Elias for him wasn't too much in my mind. @phuc: You're right, Anderson wasn't the best overall solution to get wins, but short term Colorado is winning and it's urgent I get into the pack in the Wins category. Once the situation is stabilized, I'll be able to assert my needs in the long term without the same urgency. A way of managing Danny clearly does not understand... :-) That said, I know what you guys don't like is that Niraj gave me two players that cost him nothing in return for two proven players in the NHL. But for your information, he was the only GM out of 5 contacted that was willing to go on with 2 starter goalies after the trade (I wanted to keep Chris Mason and Nik Backstrom), all the while considering Patrick Kane a good value for a #1 goalie. So half of you guys had your chance...

  • 231. niraj (on Thu Oct 22 01:55:33 2009)
    Phuc, just some friendly jabbing at an old foe. Danny knows deep down that I love him. I poke fun at him for his 0-for-10 records and he pokes back by attacking every trade I make. It's really all in good fun. None of my banter should ever be taken so seriously...

  • 230. phuc (on Thu Oct 22 01:24:17 2009)
    Such animosity... I love it! I'd like to say that ranking position and number of championships or years in the league don't make an opinion any more or less valid. It may carry more weight to some, but that's really for each to judge. I find it pretty cheap to call upon that to make a point. Anyway, from my sophomore perspective, I do think that Niraj got the edge here, just in terms of respective team needs. I doubt Anderson will give Rudy more wins, probably a few positions in the other G peripherals. But what do I know? I really thought Toskala would bounce back. Talking about a player's character: I didn't like that Anderson flat-out refused to represent the US for the worlds during the summer, when he was a FA. Total wuss, but at least he can stop a beach ball - unlike Toskala (Boyz, Remember, if you hire him now, you don't have to start him...) Where's the beer? and is there a lemonparty after?

  • 229. niraj (on Thu Oct 22 01:17:44 2009)
    Myers tonight: 1G +2 Anderson: Loss, but .923 Sv% and 2.00 GAA. Through 10 games, he's been incredibly consistent. You guys watch, this kid is the real deal...

  • 228. raymond (on Thu Oct 22 01:05:02 2009)
    Yan, that list from comment 223 should be added to the constitution, it really happens over and over! Ok my turn to comment on the deal: Rudy: I believe that you gave too much in the deal for what you got back (but keep reading before you react) You're putting alot of faith in 2 guys with very little NHL experience. I'm actually ok with Anderson even though I believe he's playing above his head. I'm less convinced about Myers. If you got back an established NHL Def, then there wouldn't be as much to talk about. For example, M.Carle is also playing over his head but if you got him instead of Myers, I wouldn't be writing this comment. I see it as Kane for Anderson which is ok but Elias for Myers... I don't know and I'm not a huge Elias fan. Danny: I wasn't happy when I saw the trade either but then I remembered something from last year. You may or may not remember but I came very close to trading Alfredsson for a young goalie with little NHL experience. In the end I did not make the deal. Who was that goalie? Steve Mason. Had I agreed to that deal, everybody would have said that I was crazy for trading a proven fantasy player for a rookie with 10 NHL games under his belt, playing for a pretty crappy Columbus team. I'm not saying that Anderson is Mason (as Niraj might suggest), we just wont know until the end of the year.

  • 227. niraj (on Thu Oct 22 01:05:00 2009)
    Guys, @Rudy: This is typical whenever I'm involved in a trade. Last year, I traded Turco and J.Staal for M-A. Fleury. Danny, being so knowledgeable with his ZERO championships, complained that it was another "coupe" by Niraj. I got smoked on that deal. I don't make that trade and I win. I also traded B.Ryan for Frolov, again, got smoked, would have won without it. Traded M.Green for D.Phaneuf and Giguere, also got smoked. Everyone just like to complain against me. It's what I've come to expect from being the best manager in the league. Despite losing on a lot of deals, the perception of these other managers don't change. @Yannick: You know, there's another very well known goalie that started his "Dominating" years at the age of 28. His name was Dominik Hasek. Another incredible goalie that started his career at the age of 29 that's currently still playing: Kiprusoff. Look at Kipr's 2002 and 2003 seasons...they were SHIT. Then all of a sudden he became amazing. We all think we know. We don't. Anderson has had the pedigree of a #1 goalie for some time now. It's EXTREMELY rare that a goalie is a star #1 right from the get go. Just ask Danny about Price. @Danny: If I didn't have Mason (thanks again!) and Fleury, I would NEVER have traded Anderson. You guys should really look at things from a more global perspective. For Rudy, Kane and Elias were expendable considering his sick offense. For me, Anderson and Myers were expendable since they were coming from areas of strength on my team. Is Anderson a "sure shot" #1? We don't know. However, Kane and Elias is certainly not the price you pay for a sure shot, it's the price you pay for a potential sure shot that looks really, really good.

  • 226. yannick (on Wed Oct 21 23:45:51 2009)
    juste pour fermer la parenthese sur notre ami Anderson, ce que je faisais reference a est que Anderson a des bonnes stats quand il joue tres peu de match, mais des qu'il depasse les 20 matches dans a LNH, ses stats se deteriorent dangeureusement. A preuve l'annee derniere, au 3 decembre il menait la ligue avec un moyenne 1.99 et semblait imbattable (un peu comme maintenant). Apres le 1er janvier il s'est effondrer comme un jeu de carte et a termine l'annee avec une moyenne de 2.71. Ses superbes stats il les a eu quand il jouait moins de 20 matches. Je te souhaite que ca ne t'arrive pas, c'est simplement pour expliquer mon experience personnel avec Anderson et pourquoi je n'aurais pas fait l'echange. Meme si l'annee derniere il a gaspiller sa chance d'etre numero un avec la floride parce qu'il avait l'incroyable Vokoun qui jouait avec, cette annee il a une veritable chance de rester le numero un parce que Budaj est l'equivalent a la NHL de ce que Pete Best a ete pour les Beatles (reference pour faire plaisir a Etienne). De ma position au classement, je n'ai pas de lecon a donner a personne, c'etait juste mon explication scientifique sur Anderson. (je voulais ploguer a quelque part que j'ai gagner 4 championnats, mais je n'ai pas reussi, ca sera pour une prochaine fois!). (je crois que j'ai trouve!) Dans le fond, si tu gagnes cette annee Rudy, c'est bon pour moi, car ca garde mon record de 4 championnat en vie plus longtemps! did you mention beer? mmmmm.... beer!

  • 225. rudy (on Wed Oct 21 21:52:04 2009)
    @yannick: On s'en reparle à la fin de la saison pour Craig Anderson, si tu le connais si bien tu sais que depuis 2006 il a un pourcentage d'arrêt de .930 et qu'en 2001 il a été nommé le gardien de l'année dans la OHL... j'ai connu plus chokeux disons... le gars n'a jamais eu sa chance pour être #1 à Chicago ni en Floride, et il n'a que 28 ans... et lui au moins ne frappe pas les chauffeurs de taxi pour une poignée de change...

  • 224. rudy (on Wed Oct 21 21:25:17 2009)
    Une chose est sûre Danny, c'est que Patrick Kane tu le vois plus gros que les autres DG de la UFHL... Par soucis de confidentialité je ne mentionnerai aucun nom, mais tu serais surpris de savoir que certains DG n'avait aucun intérêt pour Kane contre un gardien. D'autres ne répondent pas à leurs e-mails, mais ça c'est une autre histoire...

  • 223. yannick (on Wed Oct 21 21:14:20 2009)
    ah une bonne echange controverse de la ufhl comme dans le bon vieux temps! tous les elements d'un classique sont la: 1) un echange impliquant Niraj et un rookie 2) l'echange d'un joueur qui overachieve et qui represente un gros risque (mais qui pourrait payer, on sait jamais!) contre une star 3) aussitot l'echange entrer, Niraj qui justifie l'echange pour son adversaire comme s'il savait qu'il venait d'en passer une bonne a l'autre 4) un gerant (danny) qui s'insurge contre l'echange et qui enguirlande la recrue 5) et finalement la recrue qui se sent oblige de s'expiquer au gerant qui est fache ca c'est vraiment le scenario auquel nous etions habitue il y a de ca quelques annees! vraiment comme dans le bon vieux temps! l'histoire nous a appris qu'un echange ne se juge qu'a la fin de l'annee et on reste souvent surpris de qui a le dessus. pour ma part je connais bien Anderson et je sais exactement ce qu'il va arrive avec lui... mais, rudy, je te laisse le soin de decouvrir par toi-meme ce qu'il va faire!

  • 222. rudy (on Wed Oct 21 18:59:52 2009)
    Danny... Premièrement, avec l'équipe que tu as entre les mains je ne comprends pas pourquoi tu te permets de mettre mon talent de DG dans un pool d'hockey en question. Deuxièmement, je savais très bien que Niraj était un bon négociateur mais je ne suis pas complètement cave non plus. J'ai eu ce que je voulais dans l'échange et j'ai donné ce que je voulais aussi. Troisièmement, je n'ai donné aucun super prospect. L'échange est Anderson+Myers vs. Kane+Elias. Je reçois un gardien #1 et un top rookie defenseman contre Kane qui ne pourra pas être un keeper à la fin de la saison et Elias qui est blessé et dont je n'ai pas besoin pour avoir du succès en attaque. Tu remarqueras que j'avais un besoin urgent pour un vrai gardien #1. Quatrièmement, j'ai contacté pas moins de 5 DG dans mes négociations pour obtenir un gardien #1. Évidemmment, je n'ai pas contacté ceux qui n'avait pas un gardien qui m'intéressait. Parmi ceux que j'ai contacté, certains m'ont fait savoir qu'un gardien #1 ça valait beaucoup plus que Kane, d'autres ne m'ont pas répondu ou n'ont pas donné suite à mes contre-offres, et avec d'autres je ne suis pas arrivé à une entente. Avec Niraj j'ai eu une négociation ardue mais au moins je ne me suis pas fait revirer de bord et il m'a répondu rapidement. Cinquièmement, je sais que je prends un risque avec Anderson puisqu'il goale pour Colorado, mais au moins c'est un #1 sûr et en plus je garde Chris Mason et Niklas Backstrom dans l'espoir de jours meilleurs pour leur équipe respective. On s'en reparle devant une bière si tu veux.

  • 221. danny (on Wed Oct 21 18:26:06 2009)
    so cool to see how Niraj tries to justify the trade prior to others reacting. Typical when you know you smoked him. I would have given Price and Rafalski or McDonald for just Kane dude....You gotta shop your players first. Maybe Price is not top trade prospect now i agree...but still is more established than Anderson. and if Price wasnt your man...surely we couldda worked something out. I guess i shouldda called you first ....Congrats Niraj on being the most consistant manager to screw others.

  • 220. danny (on Wed Oct 21 18:17:08 2009)
    ok....Rudy....duddie...What the hell is that trade??? Didnt we warn you about Niraj...You trade a top forward and super prospect for a 5 win all time goalie that plays for Colorado too....Man....Every year is the same! Yan...Don't we have a rookie trade evaluation set up in the constitution to stop these ridiculous trades? Or will NirAj GET AWAY WITH AN OTHER bocus trade... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- En francais, ca se resume à Crise de Calisse!

  • 219. niraj (on Wed Oct 21 18:10:32 2009)
    Looking at the deal, it's a real win-win. For Rudy, he trades 1 starter for 2 starters, for me, I traded 1 starter (Myers) and a goalie that would be tough to crack my Mason/Fleury duo for 2 sure (eventual) starters. Very cool how that worked out...

  • 218. rudy (on Wed Oct 21 18:06:17 2009)
    Let's hope that's true... I need those wins bad...

  • 217. niraj (on Wed Oct 21 17:50:43 2009)
    The first real UFHL trade. Craig Anderson definitely look like the next S.Mason...

  • 216. raymond (on Wed Oct 21 16:47:00 2009)
    By now, you've probably realized that it's not a blockbuster. However, I believe that this will open the gates to other trades.

  • 215. raymond (on Wed Oct 21 16:45:38 2009)
    The first trade of the season has been finalized and it's a blockbuster!!!

  • 214. yannick (on Wed Oct 21 15:18:46 2009)
    I would like to remind the Archangels' GM that similar traumatizing graphic images were submitted by the Archangels' GM in a Google video in comment #202. Both Niraj and Phuc are sick $%!& and have questionnable sexual fetiches. What you guys do behind closed doors is your business, but we are trying to run a classy fantasy pool with gentlemen. Please keep your images to hockey or hot chicks.

  • 213. niraj (on Wed Oct 21 14:48:18 2009)
    Announcement by the archangels: Following an I depth investigation by the team's legal advisors, we will be charging the lemonparty for copyright infringement. We will also be filing for punitive damages to the graphic images that were referred to the league by team owner Phuc (pronounced "fluke" with no 'l').

  • 212. phuc (on Wed Oct 21 12:03:15 2009)
    Boyz, Cory Murphy is an AWESOME PP QB who got injured often and never recovered. If AHL points counted, he could be a gold mine. No NHL team claimed him when he was waived by NJ, but I know UFHL managers are different. You guys have heart. Give him a home. He needs you. Remember, if you hire him now, you don't have to start him... If you look up lemonparty with google pic, you'll see that this team is already more 'hardcore' than any 'Rough Bears' party - bring it on! DISCLAIMER: cannot be unseen.

  • 211. niraj (on Wed Oct 21 09:16:23 2009)
    Boyz, Steve Downie could very well be the next S.Avery, but better. He played for Team Canada in the Junior World Championship and had an outstanding junior career. I really didn't want to fire him because I think he will be a 50 pt 100 PIM guy, but I had no choice. Remember, if you hire him now, you don't have to start him...

  • 210. niraj (on Wed Oct 21 09:11:24 2009)
    I'll consider changing my team name to that for that week alone...

  • 209. raymond (on Wed Oct 21 00:33:57 2009)
    Can't wait for the week when it's the Care Bears vs the Rough Bears

  • 208. jf (on Tue Oct 20 18:57:00 2009)
    Ben oui je l'ai déjà fait et j'aime bien. Je taquinais Yan. Mais c'est Bao qui n'aimera pas trop le principe je pense. Se faire démolir la première semaine!

  • 207. danny (on Tue Oct 20 15:10:17 2009)
    ben...oui...faut je me pogne contre le champion défendant....Alors que mon club est ...disons en manque de confiance!!!

  • 206. niraj (on Tue Oct 20 09:27:12 2009)
    J-F, you've never done a head-to-head pool? They are tons of fun... Ray, you're going down this week.

  • 205. jf (on Tue Oct 20 09:19:14 2009)
    "a quoi ca sert?" - "c'est ben niaiseux!"

  • 204. yannick (on Mon Oct 19 22:59:03 2009)
    NOUVEAU FEATURE -- NEW FEATURE -- ANNOUNCEMENT: HEAD-2-HEAD ------------------------------------------------=========== chaque semaine a partir de cette semaine chaque gerant va affronter un autre gerant dans un duel un-contre-un (head-to-head). Si vous obtenez plus de points que votre adversaire, vous obtener une victoire et nous allons garder un classment separer des victoires et defaites. notez ceci: - ceci n'affecte en rien le classement actuel - ceci n'affecte pas votre alignement partant - ceci n'affecte rien-rien-rien qui existe deja c'est juste pour ajouter un peu d'excitement a chaque semaine et de voir si on peu utiliser ca pour quelque chose eventuellement. Vous allez affronter les equipes de votre division plus souvent donc ca va donner une signification aux divisions. Bon avant de dire "a quoi ca sert?" ou "c'est ben niaiseux!", attendez quelques semaines pour evaluer ce feature. Etant donner qu'o est 11 equipes, a chaque semaine, une equipe va avoir un bye. On verra au cours de la saison comment on peu modifier le concept ou le systeme de pointage. On va commencer simplement avec les points du classement general de la semaine, mais on pourra changer ca plus tard. Voici la schedule de cette semaine: Highlanders vs BLT Rough Bears vs LemonParty Havana United vs Doodies Pooh Team vs Hitmen Combiners vs Archangels Guns N Roses (bye)

  • 203. phuc (on Mon Oct 19 16:56:54 2009)
    Let it be known that I've lead the overall ranking for 2 days in a row! It's all downhill from here. Niraj, Richie Rich is a nice pickup, but even if he was ppg, I wouldn't have space for him on my super awesome team, but I will take Staal off your hands if you are down on him...

  • 202. niraj (on Mon Oct 19 14:31:25 2009)
    In the on-going debate to determine whether this should be a french only or bi-lingual commment board, I think this 1 minute interview hits the nail right on the head. Ray, I really think you should pursue this chick... Dans le debat de si cette page de commentaires devraient etre uniquement francais, ou bilingue, je pense cette entrevue de 1 minute a une bon reponse. Ray, je pense tu devrais poursuivre cette fille la:

  • 201. niraj (on Mon Oct 19 13:53:52 2009)
    Did anyone know that Peverly has 42 pts in his last 45 games?

  • 200. raymond (on Mon Oct 19 12:54:47 2009)
    Hey Yan, the trading block is pretty useless and can be removed. As for team names, Niraj has just informed me that he would like his team to be known as the Care Bears : )

  • 199. jf (on Sun Oct 18 21:07:59 2009)
    Vous êtes tous jaloux :D

  • 198. danny (on Sun Oct 18 15:07:27 2009)

  • 197. niraj (on Sun Oct 18 04:21:49 2009)
    I never noticed the trading block. It's not a feature I would use cause I would expect to get low-balled for players on my trading block and I love all players that play for my team. @JF: Rough Bears sounds like the name of a gay bar. At least Black Bears is a bit more manly.

  • 196. yannick (on Sat Oct 17 19:23:21 2009)
    niraj, the "trading block" feature is working feature. I just think nobody is using it and I was even thinking of removing it. Should we keep it?

  • 195. danny (on Sat Oct 17 17:58:32 2009)
    Holy cow...Rough Bears...JF come on !!! What the hell is that name and the Picture sucks!!! I know why Yan was taking his time to change the name...LOL Just kidding JF...Only the picture sucks...I think"/$%?&*(

  • 194. niraj (on Sat Oct 17 17:32:55 2009)
    Yan, I see "On the trading block" on manager pages. Is this a test feature?

  • 193. yannick (on Sat Oct 17 16:09:47 2009)
    A noter le changement de nom de l'equipe a JF: le nom "Untouchables" est maintenant remplacer par le nom "Rough Bears" avec un nouveau logo. Je crois que JF voulais faire tourner la chance dans sa direction. Ca fait longtemps qu'il me l'avait demander, mais je n'avais pas eu vraiment le temps avant. J'ai aussi ajouter le nouveau logo des Doodies.

  • 192. niraj (on Sat Oct 17 10:54:46 2009)
    Heh heh heh. Je t'aime aussi mon Danny-boy...

  • 191. danny (on Sat Oct 17 05:41:51 2009)
    man...tu parle de pas actif...check celle là! René Bourque 4b 5p en 7 games pas actif...ce soir premiere game actif pour moi ...Calgary score 5 buts ...Ya rien Sweet F**k All! Clarkson NJ 5 pts en 5 games....ce soir premiere game active pis ya rien ...ah oui yé -2!!!sorry! Quand je vois Niraj qui touche à un joueur pis y devient "hot" pour la premiere fois de sa carrière Tu es un Dieu des pools Niraj! Je peux jamais rivaliser avec tes anticipations de merde. C'est comme ça à chaque saison!

  • 190. niraj (on Fri Oct 16 09:46:19 2009)

  • 189. jf (on Fri Oct 16 09:35:55 2009)
    Qui a parlé de Michalek, s'il passe proche de moi je lui arrache la tête! 2 Short handed - 1 PP - GW et chriss de tabarnak il est pas Actif!!!!!!!

  • 188. niraj (on Fri Oct 16 07:19:24 2009)
    The butchering of the french language that just occurred is why I typically write my comments in Anglais.

  • 187. niraj (on Fri Oct 16 07:18:11 2009)
    C.Anderson is ridiculously good. Il a fait des arrets incroyables hier soir. J'attends des offre, je veut une tres bonne attacquant et une 3ieme def pour lui si vous etes interesser (Rudy, I would take Ovechkin for him. Go ahead and stop the bleeding...)

  • 186. raymond (on Thu Oct 15 22:28:43 2009)
    Wow, anyone see what M.Michalek did tonight? 2 matchs de suite: Canadiens retire le gardien avec moins d'une minute a jouer et c'est Hal Gil sur la glace. New mentality: we really need a goal so let's put the least offensive D on the ice... no wonder Florida never made the playoffs under Martin. Montreal should hire the girls from Laraque's commercial as a reward for winning a game

  • 185. niraj (on Thu Oct 15 16:24:44 2009)
    Gl with Backstrom. He has an AHL team in front of him...

  • 184. rudy (on Thu Oct 15 16:20:38 2009)
    @niraj: Everybody hurts, sometimes... By the way, the season's 2 weeks old. Just in case someone didn't notice.

  • 183. niraj (on Thu Oct 15 16:10:39 2009)
    Doddies, I feel you pain. See comment #176.

  • 182. niraj (on Thu Oct 15 16:04:58 2009)
    Why can't we all speak in English?

  • 181. etienne (on Thu Oct 15 11:11:00 2009)
    je ne dirais pas nécessairement beau... mais, bon, le reste est assez vrai ;)

  • 180. yannick (on Thu Oct 15 10:54:44 2009)
    merci de me rappeler a quel point je suis un beau poisson...

  • 179. jf (on Thu Oct 15 09:05:39 2009)
    Je n'ai qu'un mot à dire, quel beau nom sorti lors du draft -> Carcillo, Daniel Une chance qu'il ne m'est pas resté. :D

  • 178. raymond (on Wed Oct 14 12:32:00 2009)
    I was going to offer you a FA for him anyway

  • 177. niraj (on Wed Oct 14 08:43:34 2009)
    Guys, Ryane Clowe is the perfect player to give up 1 Free Agent for so you can stash him on your bench. Last year, the kid had 12 PPG and was the prototypical power forward, throwing in 51 PIMs. Not worth starting right now, but definitely someone that you will start in the future. Niraj.

  • 176. niraj (on Wed Oct 14 00:19:10 2009)
    My goalies have 8 wins that count for the rankings. Last year, I got my 8th win on November 26th and stayed with my 8th win until December 10th. If I get to 11 wins this week, I will have surpassed my Dec 14th win total of last year. Crazy.

  • 175. etienne (on Tue Oct 13 20:46:58 2009)
    Stillman est disponible pour un FA

  • 174. etienne (on Tue Oct 13 19:53:22 2009)
    et pour le reste il y a Master Card

  • 173. yannick (on Tue Oct 13 14:33:40 2009)
    il y a des choses qui changent pas, comme Toskala qui est toujours aussi pourri!

  • 172. rudy (on Tue Oct 13 09:43:26 2009)
    Is that Yannick Weber that I saw in Hamilton last night? ;-)

  • 171. raymond (on Tue Oct 13 01:36:16 2009)
    Geez, a double shutout in the Sharks-Coyotes game... Can I get one of those please?

  • 170. yan_c (on Sat Oct 10 08:54:23 2009)
    Lucic est dispo de mon cote...Nous voulons gagner le Lady Bing lol

  • 169. yan_c (on Sat Oct 10 08:50:27 2009)
    Je pense qu'il te manque un zero apres 54 Danny... Maudit keyboard d'hotel! :)

  • 168. danny (on Fri Oct 9 22:59:32 2009)
    En direct de Las vegas ...Je surveille mes joueurs de cul...Ici dans la ville du parie, au moins les HITMEN vont payer beaucoup pour ceux qui gagent. The bookies have my team a 54 to 1 underdog...Its time to bet on me...It should pay big at the end!!!

  • 167. niraj (on Fri Oct 9 22:52:39 2009)
    That's what I said!

  • 166. phuc (on Fri Oct 9 22:36:21 2009)
    7 buts par la Caroline, 0 pt pour E. Staal - wow.

  • 165. yannick (on Fri Oct 9 22:23:27 2009)
    je voudrais officiellement me feliciter pour avoir activer Vokoun a la place de Hiller... wow, je suis vraiment un champion! Hiller a accorder un seul but hier et Vokoun s'est fait detruire ce soir... mes instincts sont bien aiguiser!

  • 164. etienne (on Fri Oct 9 19:33:18 2009)

  • 163. niraj (on Fri Oct 9 17:49:50 2009)
    Raymond would be so much better if he stopped hiring and firing the same player.

  • 162. raymond (on Thu Oct 8 22:55:06 2009)
    Montreal would be so much better if they played Weber on the PP instead of Hamrlik. It should be obvious to everyone that Hamrlik doesn't belong on the PP. It would also help Weber's confidence, and may lead to him being re-hired (possibly by me!)

  • 161. phuc (on Thu Oct 8 16:22:43 2009)
    I don't even know who they are playing tonight...

  • 160. phuc (on Thu Oct 8 16:21:14 2009)
    Semin gets in the way of an Ovechkin shot and deflects it with his pinkie resulting in a goal. Ovechkin celebrates by doing his butt-to-glass jump... into a hurting and unexpecting Semin. Both fall awkwardly: Semin is out with a wonky back while Ovie dislocates his shoulder. (Radulov on Arnott-style) Backstrom did graze the puck 3 min prior to the goal and gets that peripheral 2nd assist. All players end the game with 1 pt each. Green picks up all 4 other WAS goals, but WAS still end up losing 6-5, with super-comeback Theo in net. Rudy, I hate you for keeping Ovie.

  • 159. etienne (on Thu Oct 8 16:05:45 2009)
    Can a player be suspended from the UFHL if he uses steroids? Remember the story this summer about the guy who apparently sold steroids to Washington Capitals players? Suspicious performance by Ovechkin so far. Or should I say, steroid performance by Ovechkin so far.

  • 158. rudy (on Thu Oct 8 15:35:05 2009)
    Ok guys, here's a new pool for the season. It's called "How many points will make Ovechkin tonight?". Whenever you guess correctly, you win the right to trash-talk me about picking Ovie in the expansion draft. Special thanks goes to Phuc, because without him this pool wouldn't have been possible. :-)

  • 157. yannick (on Thu Oct 8 14:48:43 2009)
    you're right etienne, yesterdays's habs loss is entirely Ray's fault!

  • 156. etienne (on Thu Oct 8 14:47:34 2009)
    Ray, you are playing with Weber's head and hurting his confidence... Tough week for the sophomore.

  • 155. yannick (on Thu Oct 8 14:43:49 2009)
    ray, you also fired D. Stafford... One of Niraj's sleeper of the day... what's going on?

  • 154. rudy (on Thu Oct 8 14:36:10 2009)
    What's going on Ray? You don't like Yannick Weber anymore? Only a -3 last night, it could have been worse... :-)

  • 153. nolan (on Thu Oct 8 11:45:56 2009)
    Bryz is on fire!!! Quelqu'un le veut ??? lol

  • 152. jf (on Thu Oct 8 11:43:53 2009)
    Est-ce un reccord de la UFHL ça un joueur congédié 2 fois dans la même semaine? Et ce par le même DG, Mdr mdr mdr. :D

  • 151. jf (on Wed Oct 7 14:24:28 2009)
    Moi je n'étais pas présent au début, mais voici ce que je pense. Et j'aimerais savoir ce qui sera le résultat finale exactement. Je pense comme Niraj que le but de redonner un FA au DG qui congédie c'est d'éviter les message à chaque Mercredi de tous les joueurs congédier. Donc celui qui engage devrait avoir les même droit que pour un échange. Et j'aime bien cette idée.

  • 150. nolan (on Wed Oct 7 11:41:29 2009)
    je suis quand même pas débile

  • 149. yannick (on Wed Oct 7 11:39:58 2009)
    ok, c'est beau on n'a pas besoin d'activer (phuc, c'est le terme francais!) un joueur qu'on engage qui avait ete congedier durant la meme semaine. Il s'agissait de deux propositions separer et je ne l'avais pas ecrit dans mes papiers la journee du repechage. Etant donne que ca avait ete une longue journee, vous comprendrez mon blanc de memoire!

  • 148. phuc (on Wed Oct 7 11:34:29 2009)
    J'ai voté pour que le processus d'engager un joueur qui a été congédié durant la même semaine soit automatisé comme dans le cas d'un échange, donc: - Perte et gain d'un FA aux équipes concernées - Ne pas être obligé à le 'starter' (français?) Sinon, c'est juste à l'avantage au gérant qui congédie puisqu'il obtient un FA dans tous les cas. C'est ben difficile à écrire ça en français... Nolan, j'espère que tu apprécies.

  • 147. niraj (on Wed Oct 7 02:18:09 2009)
    Phuc, hopefully, you're more successful than Ray. As for Okposo, he could be good. Make me an offer before you can no longer afford him. @Everyone: Please chime in regarding hiring a player the same week he was fired by another manager issue. I vividly recall us all first arguing then agreeing that the hiring manager should not be forced to start the player.

  • 146. phuc (on Tue Oct 6 22:33:24 2009)
    This is way too friendly. More trash-talk please. I love Ovechkin, but I'm calling it right now: he'll sustain his first real injury this (olympic) year. Niraj, I wanted Okposo... I am pulling a 'Ray' this year and building for next year :)

  • 145. rudy (on Tue Oct 6 20:48:57 2009)
    Thanks Niraj, I'm sure enjoying Ovie being on fire, but I try not to be overconfident that early... Talking about players on fire, it looks like Matt Carle will be a total steal at 2$ for you my friend... 4 assists in one period tonight...

  • 144. niraj (on Tue Oct 6 20:29:02 2009)
    I know it's early, but Ovie sure looks good for 50G in less than 50 games. Great pickup Rudy.

  • 143. niraj (on Tue Oct 6 19:21:26 2009)
    Any comments on my hirings? It was a bit of a gamble, but the way people are picking players up, it seemed worth a shot. Niraj.

  • 142. niraj (on Tue Oct 6 19:20:36 2009)
    Yan, We totally voted for not having to start a player that was hired the same week he was fired from another manager. The whole idea of this was to avoid the "Anyone want Guerin for 1 free agent?" trade emails/IMs. Because otherwise, what's the point of the rule anyway?

  • 141. raymond (on Tue Oct 6 15:40:56 2009)
    oops, forget that, he's already drafted.

  • 140. raymond (on Tue Oct 6 15:40:09 2009)
    I call Marc-Andre Bergeron

  • 139. yannick (on Tue Oct 6 13:26:05 2009)
    ufhl ir list is updated 3 times a day, but I think yahoo updates it once a day in the morning. So if teh team announces today that the player is on the IR, the player should be the next day on the list.

  • 138. raymond (on Tue Oct 6 12:39:55 2009)
    Hey Yan, at what time does the IR list get updated? I may have to fire someone tomorrow

  • 137. raymond (on Tue Oct 6 12:37:40 2009)
    I think we did say that we didn't have to start that player. I remember saying "but you have to start him" and then after discussion saying "ok you don't have to start him..."

  • 136. yannick (on Tue Oct 6 02:27:48 2009)
    looking back at the rule proposition, it was niraj's proposition to not have to start the player that was hired, but I don't have in my record that we have voted for this. What we have voted for was to get the free agent back.

  • 135. yannick (on Tue Oct 6 02:24:19 2009)
    the new rule that we voted says that if manager A fires a player and manager B hire that very same player in the same week (before wednesday 7pm), then manager A gets a free agent back. I don't remember that we voted that manager B didn't have to start on his active lineup the newly hired player. Is it just me that don't remember correctly?

  • 134. niraj (on Tue Oct 6 02:18:23 2009)
    btw, Guerin joue 4 games cette semaine. Wheeler joue 3.

  • 133. niraj (on Tue Oct 6 02:08:21 2009)
    Les Boyz, Guerin joue sur le 1er trio a Pittsburgh avec Crosby. Wheeler est un bon jeune qui a marqué 21 buts l'annee passer avec un +36 (tres rare!). Get them each for 1 Free Agent and you're NOT forced to start either of them! nK

  • 132. phuc (on Mon Oct 5 23:24:07 2009)
    Actually, I was impressed by his play against Pittsburgh... then I looked at his PP time. I hope Torts keeps him there.

  • 131. raymond (on Mon Oct 5 21:50:02 2009)
    It's weird, I watched the game online and Del Zotto doesn't do anything impressive but he's on the PP and everybody is covering Gab

  • 130. niraj (on Mon Oct 5 20:46:18 2009)
    Fuck, was just about to hire Del Zotto...

  • 129. raymond (on Mon Oct 5 19:55:14 2009)
    Phuc, u must b psychic with Del Zotto....2 pts already

  • 128. yannick (on Mon Oct 5 18:59:48 2009)
    @phuc, le joueur doit avoir jouer au moins 10 parties consecutives la saison precedente pour etre eligible a cette position.

  • 127. phuc (on Mon Oct 5 16:24:49 2009)
    @Rudy, je ne voulais tellement pas Kipper... mais en regardant ton équipe, je ne crois pas qu'on pouvait te laisser ramasser un bon gardien pour moins que $50. J'espère que Minnesota va être une équipe à caractère offensif cette année. ;-)

  • 126. phuc (on Mon Oct 5 16:17:54 2009)
    C'est quoi déjà la politique pour des défenseurs qui jouent à l'avant? Tant qu'ils sont listés sur Yahoo en tant que défenseur, c'est correct?

  • 125. yannick (on Mon Oct 5 14:37:23 2009)
    ...also had we had 2 expension teams, teh talent would have been diluted between the to teams. It was the first time we were trying this, we learn and we'll make it better next time!

  • 124. rudy (on Mon Oct 5 14:32:42 2009)
    @niraj: I think you didn't mention it earlier simply because you didn't realize how good my team was before seeing me at the top of the standings... ;-) Plus sérieusement, je suis entièrement d'accord que le processus d'expansion doit être revu au complet. Je l'avais déjà mentionné à Etienne et Nolan, et j'en avais aussi glissé un mot à Yannick, mais je m'attendais vraiment à passer au travers d'une année difficile en n'ayant pas la possibilité d'aller chercher des joueurs étoiles pour former mon noyau. Comme tout le monde le sait, ce fut tout le contraire... Ma proposition serait carrément qu'une équipe d'expansion n'ait pas le droit de réclamer un joueur qui appartenait à un autre DG à la fin de la saison. Je pense aussi qu'il faudrait considérer qu'une équipe d'expansion ait moins d'argent pour le repêchage que les autres. That said, I realize I made the best of the situation for this year, so maybe I should stay out of that discussion. Just my 2 cents anyway...

  • 123. yannick (on Mon Oct 5 13:44:00 2009)
    good point niraj. usually an expension team should start a building process. we should consider this next time we have an expension team.

  • 122. niraj (on Mon Oct 5 12:07:12 2009)
    I don't know why I didn't mention this earlier, but I think that for future rookie GMs, players from the top 3 teams not be available in the expansion draft since the top 3 teams keep far fewer players than the rest of the league. Imagine what kind of a team Rudy would have had if Nolan could only keep 2 players. I think it's unfair for those managers rebuilding to allow a new GM to have a better team than their own with no effort. Niraj.

  • 121. niraj (on Sun Oct 4 09:28:47 2009)
    wtf no games today? That's retarded...fucking NFL

  • 120. niraj (on Sat Oct 3 18:47:35 2009)
    Too soon to tell, but Craig Anderson looks amazing...

  • 119. etienne (on Sat Oct 3 13:48:28 2009)
    Zubov l'année passée, Markov cette année... Difficile année en perspective. À moins que Hollywood Ron Hainsey me sauve!

  • 118. yannick (on Fri Oct 2 20:56:36 2009)
    ray, the firing and hiring has to happen in the same week for the manager to get a FA back. (just wanted to make sure you understand the rule...)

  • 117. rudy (on Fri Oct 2 19:42:29 2009)
    Is that my name at the top of the Ranking for Yesterday's Games? Well, yes it is...! Must be beginner's luck or maybe because I kept Ovechkin out of the draft... or both.. :-)

  • 116. phuc (on Fri Oct 2 18:44:33 2009)
    Shiiit, that would've been a nice loophole.

  • 115. raymond (on Fri Oct 2 18:04:29 2009)
    Actually Phuc, since Weber was fired last week and hired this week, the GM that fired him gets 1 FA back. Just kidding!!! The rule only applies if another GM had hired him.

  • 114. yannick (on Fri Oct 2 17:45:37 2009)
    --> Le ranking pour les matches d'hier est disponible (voir "Yesterday's Games Ranking") <--

  • 113. niraj (on Fri Oct 2 16:52:18 2009)
    Phuc, Arretter de dire à Ray des choses qui lui aide. He loves picking up young guns, irrespective of his team needs. A perfect strategy to finish somewhere between 4-7 :).

  • 112. phuc (on Fri Oct 2 15:38:32 2009)
    Qu'est-ce qui se passe?! Pourquoi est-ce que Ray est bandé sur Weber? Ray, t'as pas besoin de défenseurs. Je vais être généreux en ce début de saison et t'offrir 1FA pour Weber pour te racheter... ;-) --- Khabibulin won against Kipper that year. You can add Kiprusoff at the end of 09-10 to your list. He'll be amazing this year with Sutter as head coach. AMAZING!

  • 111. niraj (on Fri Oct 2 14:35:28 2009)
    Ray with 20 free agents. Shit. Better get who you want fast.

  • 110. niraj (on Fri Oct 2 14:34:45 2009)
    Arturs Irbe was weak minded...

  • 109. niraj (on Fri Oct 2 14:34:27 2009)
    Totally forgot about Hasek.

  • 108. yannick (on Fri Oct 2 14:32:43 2009)
    Artus Irbe almost did...

  • 107. niraj (on Fri Oct 2 14:29:29 2009)
    Etienne, Gerber wasn't the starting goalie that won the cup. I'm not looking at backups, I'm looking for starting goalies that took their team all the way to the cup. Gerber's not one of them...

  • 106. raymond (on Fri Oct 2 12:29:50 2009)
    They'll be fine with Yannick Weber (if Markov is out for 3-4 months and if Weber gets recalled). So let's recap my Weber moves: 1) I fire him cuz he's in the minors 2) I hire him based on unconfirmed info about Markov 3) I hire him assuming he will be recalled That's alot of uncertainty!

  • 105. yannick (on Fri Oct 2 11:53:39 2009)
    si markov est out pour 4 mois, there goes the playoffs...

  • 104. yannick (on Fri Oct 2 11:32:55 2009) que dire d'Andre Racicot

  • 103. yan_c (on Fri Oct 2 11:32:22 2009)
    bon point etienne... BTW, Markov out 3-4 months...Ouch

  • 102. etienne (on Fri Oct 2 10:59:42 2009)
    Martin Gerber a gagné une coupe avec Caroline

  • 101. yan_c (on Fri Oct 2 10:44:44 2009)
    Then again, Eastern Block players only started playing in the league for about 20 years or so.... Hasek won a cup, he's a non-north american...I think Turek won also, but as a backup

  • 100. niraj (on Fri Oct 2 10:28:08 2009)
    Anyone ever notice that Khabibulan is the only Russian / Non-North American goalie to EVER backstop his team to a Cup. Weak minded those Russians are...

  • 99. raymond (on Fri Oct 2 02:03:06 2009)
    Since when did Etienne hire players : )

  • 98. niraj (on Thu Oct 1 23:47:26 2009)
    May the hiring fest at the beginning of the season being. Yannick, not like you to hire players so early in the season! That's usually mine and Ray's department :). Niraj.

  • 97. etienne (on Thu Oct 1 13:43:03 2009)
    Tonight is the night

  • 96. yannick (on Thu Oct 1 10:52:46 2009)
    Deadline is tonight 7pm to submit your lineup. L'heure limite est ce soir a 19h pour soumettre votre alignement partant pour cette semaine.

  • 95. yannick (on Wed Sep 30 21:40:30 2009)
    Welcome home Keith!

  • 94. yannick (on Wed Sep 30 21:16:36 2009)
    La liste des blessers est maintenant disponible. Il se peut que tous les joueurs n'y soit pas parce que la saison n'a pas enore debute.

  • 93. yannick (on Wed Sep 30 21:12:32 2009)
    Changements de reglements voter au repechage 2009 ================================================= (cette liste est dans l'addendum A de la constitution) 1. When a player is hired, but the manager forgets to activate him, if the manager has the roster space for him, the manager gets a penality and must activate him the following week. If the manager forgets to activate him the following week, the managers gets another penality and loses the rights to that player. 2. change the maximum number of keepers for the top 3. 1st place: 4 keepers 2nd place: 5 keepers 3rd place: 6 keepers 3. If, at the end of the year, your goalies haven't played a minimum combined number of 50 games, The manager is automatically last in the SV% and GAA category. 4. assouplissement du reglement concernant les joueurs que l'on call sur la page des "comments of the week". Il est maintenant possible de canceller le "call" d'un joueur, mais le gerant qui cancelle un "call" aura un Agent Libre de moins et aura un joueur actif de moins dans son alignement partant a la meme position du joueur "calle" la semaine suivant la cancellation du call. 5. lorsqu'un gerant congedie un joueur et qu'un autre gerant engage ce joueur dans la meme semaine qu'il a ete congedier, le gerant qui a congedier le joueur obtient un agent libre en compensation. 6. Il est maintenant permis d'echanger de l'argent (du budget du repechage) pendant la periode d'echange du mois de septembre (avant la soumission de la liste des keepers). A noter que si un jour j'ai du temps, je vais updater la constitutin avec les reglemets qui ont changer dans les dernieres annees.

  • 92. jf (on Wed Sep 30 16:56:47 2009)
    Bonne fête! Et garde en tête qu'à ton âge les carrières dans la LNH sont presque terminé! Ça veut dire que la retraite approche.:D

  • 91. etienne (on Wed Sep 30 11:24:21 2009)
    Bonne fête!

  • 90. niraj (on Wed Sep 30 09:39:57 2009)
    Sorry. Could have sworn I saw him on both teams. Btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I forgot on Monday (and Tuesday)...

  • 89. yannick (on Tue Sep 29 21:23:12 2009)
    Niraj, Loui eriksson is not in Nolan's team...

  • 88. nolan (on Tue Sep 29 18:31:34 2009)
    POOH TEAM CHANGE DE NOM ........................ Dino Ciccarelli est largement reconnu comme étant l'un des meilleurs joueurs de l'histoire de la ligue nationale à n'avoir jamais remporté la Coupe Stanley. C'est pourquoi, en son honneur, dû au fait que je suis le champion en titre de la UFHL je me nommerai dorénavant... LES DINO CICCARELLI Fin de la discussion

  • 87. niraj (on Tue Sep 29 18:12:19 2009)
    Yan, Why do both Bao and Nolan have L. Eriksson from Dallas? Niraj.

  • 86. jf (on Tue Sep 29 13:59:21 2009)
    T'en fait pas Yannick, j'avais remarqué. T'as même pas parlé de tes 4 championat durant le draft. :0

  • 85. etienne (on Tue Sep 29 13:21:30 2009)
    Toi, jovial?

  • 84. yannick (on Tue Sep 29 11:35:43 2009)
    AVIS IMPORTANT ============== 1) Vous avez jusqu'a Jeudi 19h pour faire votre lineup pour la premiere semaine d'activite. 2) Il y a 80% de chance que la premiere semaine d'activite dure une semaine et se termine mardi prochain le 6 octobre (incluant le 6 octobre). Tout depend de comment rapide sont Yahoo a updater leurs stats. L'annee derniere la premiere semaine en avait ete une normale, donc les chances sont bonnes pour cette annee aussi. 3) Pour la liste des blesses: la liste des blesses de la LNH entre en vigueur au debut de la saison parce que c'est a ce moment que les joueurs commencent a se faire payer. Donc les assurances embarquent au debut de la saison. Donc durant la saison, la liste des blesses est a jour et ce n'est pas un probleme. Je crois que ce a quoi fait reference Niraj est pour la pre-saison. Je vais voir ce qui est techniquement possible et si les equipes de la LNH publie leur IR avant le debut de la saison. Je vous laisserai savoir ce qui est possible. 4) ca vraiment ete l'fun de vous revoir tous ce week-end et de voir pour la premiere fois Yanick et Rudy. Je m'excuse si je n'etais pas aussi jovial qu'a l'habitude, mais j'etais tres fatigue, congestionne et avait assiste aux funerailles de ma grand-mere la veille. La journee du draft reste une de mes journee prefere de l'annee! 5) je vais ameliorer mon application pour le draft de l'annee prochaine pour pouvoir plus facilement reparer les erreurs faites durant le draft. cette annee a ete particulierement eprouvante de ce cote. 6) J'ai des billets pour 15 games des Canadiens cette annee. Donc si vous avez besoin de billets pour le canadien, laissez-moi savoir. J'ai des billets pour des matches contre toronto, pittsburgh, washington, philadelphie, vancouver, etc. J'ai des billets pour des matches en apres-midi aussi (pour les sorties en famille...) 7) a tous et chacun, je vous souhaite une excellente saison. Avec les courses au championnat qui ont ete tres serrer les dernieres annees, je suis sure que cette annnee ne fera pas exception et qu'on aura une course palpitante. Yannick (Quadruple Champion de la UFHL)

  • 83. niraj (on Tue Sep 29 00:13:45 2009)
    Rule change proposition: Don't know if we can still vote on this, but: If a player is known to be out for a known time (e.g. M.Hossa) but is not on the official IR, he be placed on the IR by the UFHL. Example that qualifies: Hossa is known to be out until mid-November / early December. Example that doesn't qualify: M.Havlat is week-to-week. Thoughts? Is this even legal to propose?

  • 82. niraj (on Mon Sep 28 23:11:52 2009)
    Yan, Is this lineups for this week for 1 week or 2?

  • 81. niraj (on Mon Sep 28 22:15:54 2009)
    J-F: I'm still surprised I haven't hired anyone :).

  • 80. etienne (on Mon Sep 28 20:44:12 2009)
    Bill, il faudrait apporter une correction dans mon club: c'est Erik Karlsson (ave 2 s)

  • 79. nolan (on Mon Sep 28 10:42:10 2009)
    Je suis prêt a donné gros pour un gardien num. 1, envoyé moi un Email

  • 78. bao (on Mon Sep 28 10:06:44 2009)
    "Matraque et un rouleau a pate..." How do expect Niraj to get this ?

  • 77. jf (on Mon Sep 28 09:32:28 2009)
    Oui, bonne saison à tous, désollé d'être partie aussi vite. Mais une matraque et un rouleau à pâte m'attendaient à la maison. Niraj I still haven't receive a trade offer, you're sleeping or what? ;)

  • 76. yannick (on Sun Sep 27 22:20:09 2009)
    ah oui, vous pouvez engager, congedier et faire des echanges sur le site.

  • 75. yannick (on Sun Sep 27 22:19:12 2009)
    for guys in the wrong team, see niraj's comment. Rudy, tu peux faire ton lineup toi-meme dans le menu "Managers Corner". Pour verifier si ton lineup a ete entrer correct, regarde "This Week's Actions" dans le menu "Managers Corner". Tous les actions de tout le monde sont dans ce fichier, et c'est ce fichier qui et interprete pas mes scripts. Si tu as d'autres questions, n'hesite surtout pas.

  • 74. niraj (on Sun Sep 27 19:52:39 2009)
    Hey guys, Don't worry if you're players are on the wrong team. The reason it's like that is because the site hasn't started to download new rosters. When the season starts, everything will be where it should be. As always it was fun seeing all of you. Niraj.

  • 73. rudy (on Sun Sep 27 19:44:29 2009)
    To join me for trades or thrash talks: By phone (daytime only please): 514 466 3422 Anytime, by e-mail (I take them on my phone): MSN (please let me know by e-mail when you want to chat with me): Note à Yannick: Quelques uns de mes joueurs sont présentés comme étant dans leur équipe NHL de l'an passé. Aussi, me confirmer que tu as bien reçu mon line-up, je vois que le site ne se met pas à jour tout de suite (juste pour être certain vu que c'est la première fois). Enfin, je t'envoie le logo de mon équipe demain. Merci!

  • 72. yan_c (on Sun Sep 27 19:16:26 2009)
    Hey guys... Was really nice to meet you and I had a great time. Good luck to all...Quick Note: Saku is with ANA and C. Erhoff is with VAN...thanks!

  • 71. yannick (on Sun Sep 27 16:57:17 2009)
    you can now do your lineup on this site...

  • 70. danny (on Sun Sep 27 06:13:25 2009)
    The day belongs to those who get up early...THE WORLD IS MINE!!!!

  • 69. phuc (on Sun Sep 27 00:43:49 2009)
    Just noticed that Kovalchuk was kept at only $33? I think that's a steal. Rudy, you will pay dearly for keeping Ovechkin out of the auction this yr!! I was also tempted to keep him...

  • 68. niraj (on Sat Sep 26 09:30:17 2009)
    Niraj's Sleeper of the Day: D.Stafford Stafford has been steadily increasing his production with the Sabres since he broke through to the NHL. By the end of last year he was seeing significant minutes on the top 2 lines and on the PP. The stars seemed to be poised for him to have a breakout season: At 24 and in his 4th NHL season, look for him to crack the 25G and 60 point mark. Pay no more than $5.

  • 67. rudy (on Sat Sep 26 09:13:48 2009)
    Is the network connection at Ericsson's a wi-fi or we should bring our own Ethernet cable?

  • 66. yannick (on Fri Sep 25 17:57:10 2009)
    en passant, veuillez verifier vos equipes sur ce site avant le draft pour etre certain que tout est correct (joueurs, salaire). Si vous decouvrez des erreurs apres le draft, aucune compensation vous sera accorder puisque vous avez la responsabilite des maintenant de regarder vos equipes. veuillez aussi verifer les informations suivantes et m'avertir s'il y a une erreur: number money money players keepers spent left left to draft bao 5 112 148 18 danny 8 126 134 15 etienne 2 39 221 21 jf 10 200 60 13 niraj 5 85 175 18 nolan 5 106 154 18 phuc 5 72 188 18 raymond 8 85 175 15 rudy 10 189 71 13 yan_c 10 174 86 13 yannick 3 31 229 20

  • 65. yannick (on Fri Sep 25 16:41:04 2009)
    see you all sunday morning at 9am. There should be internet access for everybody, but it's something new at ericsson (internet for guests), so hopefully it works ok. note that we will not take more time during the auction of players to give you time to search on the net, you have to come prepared. Only 2 timeouts as usual...

  • 64. rudy (on Fri Sep 25 15:16:21 2009)
    Everybody knows that ex-Habs become all-star away from Montreal... but maybe not Higgins...

  • 63. raymond (on Fri Sep 25 14:37:21 2009)
    Niraj, I'll bet you $20 that Higgins doesn't get 30 goals this year... $4 is extremely generous for a $1 player

  • 62. jf (on Fri Sep 25 09:43:29 2009)
    Avis public, les bars à Manathan sont aussi intéressant qu'à Montréal. Et les filles sont moins belle, mais Higgins est reconnu pour ne pas avoir de gout. :)

  • 61. niraj (on Fri Sep 25 08:26:56 2009)
    It's that time of year again folks. I've been getting several emails from all of you asking (begging) for some pre-draft advice. So here we go: NIRAJ'S PRE-DRAFT SLEEPER OF THE DAY: Fedor Tyut...FUCK...he's taken!!! Let's try again: NIRAJ'S PRE-DRAFT SLEEPER OF THE DAY: Christopher Higgins Look for Higgins to finally hit the 30 goal mark this year. The speedy winger has always been an excellent North/South player and he'll be inspired this season in NY as he only signed a 1 year deal allowing him to be a UFA next season. He's currently slotted to play on the 2nd line, but should Prospal falter in any way, Torts won't hesitate to move Higgins up to the top line. Pay no more than $4 for him.

  • 60. rudy (on Thu Sep 24 08:13:51 2009)
    I must admit I considered picking Khabibulin AND Chris Mason, but after going through my list I finally opted to go with only one goalie before the draft. I chose Chris Mason over the "Bulin Wall" simply because the Blues upside is better than Edmonton's this year in my opinion, and also because Khabibulin is often injured. And there's the fact Chris Mason is a shutout-type goalie in the last year of his contract too... About not keeping a lot of money for the draft, I know I might regret it, but for my rookie year I felt having a strong core of players before going to the table was a better strategy. Next year I'll probably have only 5 keepers so... :-)

  • 59. niraj (on Wed Sep 23 22:20:46 2009)
    Hi Rudy, Nice to meet you. I like your mix of picks. Some obvious choices, some based on potential. Very surprised you didn't pick up Khabibulan for $10 and took Mason instead. It's too bad you only have $71 left for the's the best part of the season. See you in person Sunday. Niraj.

  • 58. etienne (on Wed Sep 23 14:53:50 2009)
    on a plus les clubs d'expansion qu'on avait

  • 57. nolan (on Wed Sep 23 14:30:32 2009)
    J'ai un 12e gérant qui attend depuis des années de se joindre au UFHL.... E st-ce possible de l'inviter pour cette année ?

  • 56. rudy (on Wed Sep 23 14:28:09 2009)
    Salut à tous! Voici la liste des joueurs que j'ai réclamés au repêchage d’expansion : Alex Ovechkin, LemonParty, 61$ Ilya Kovalchuk, Hitmen, 33$ Tomas Kaberle, Hitmen, 20$ Patrick Marleau, Pooh Team, 13$ Duncan Keith, Pooh Team, 11$ Patrick Kane, Pooh Team, 11$ Chris Mason, BLT, 10$ David Backes, Archangels, 10$ Zach Bogosian, Archangels, 10$ Johan Franzen, Combiners, 10$ Total : 189$ Disponible pour le draft : 71$ Ce fut une décision difficile, mais j'ai décidé de payer 61$ pour Ovechkin au lieu de risquer de ne pas l'avoir à l'encan. On verra cette saison si j'ai eu raison ou non de payer si cher.

  • 55. yannick (on Wed Sep 23 13:34:41 2009)
    ANNONCE IMPORTANTE: les gerants que ous convoitions pour etre le 12ieme gerant n'ont pas pu se joindre a la UFHL. Par consequent, nous seront 11 gerants cette annee et Rudy est notre seul nouveau gerant. Je crois quand meme que c'est peut-etre mieux comme ca puisque ca va ajouter seulement $260 au repechage au lieu de $520 qui aurait fait une plus grosse difference. Nous verrons l'annee prochaine pour ajouter un 12ieme gerant. Je vais laisser a Rudy l'honneur de vous presenter sa liste de joueurs qu'il a proteger parmi les joueurs non-proteger.

  • 54. yannick (on Mon Sep 21 18:35:16 2009)
    veuillez noter aussi qu'il y a un nouveau sous-menu "Salaries" dans le menu "UFHL Reprts". La liste des joueurs non-proteger, la liste des keepers, le salaire des joueurs, entre autres, s'y trouvent.

  • 53. yannick (on Mon Sep 21 18:32:53 2009)
    cette annee, 61 joueurs ont ete garder. ce qui represente environ %25 du repechage. voici le nombre de keepers au fil des annees 2006: 77 2007: 72 2008: 53 2009: 61 a noter que les deux premieres annees, tous les gerants (meme le top 3) pouvaient garder 10 joueurs et il y avait un minimum de 3 joueurs.

  • 52. jf (on Sat Sep 19 15:12:22 2009)
    C'est pas la tête qu'on rase et c'est pas de la bière le shotguns! ;-)

  • 51. rudy (on Sat Sep 19 09:01:07 2009)
    I'm ready for the head shaving and the beer shotguns...! :-)

  • 50. raymond (on Sat Sep 19 00:25:13 2009)
    Bienvenue au / Welcome to the UFHL Rudy. See you next Sunday, and be prepared for initiation!

  • 49. yannick (on Sat Sep 19 00:01:03 2009)
    keepers' list submission time has passed. now time to prepare the draft!

  • 48. raymond (on Fri Sep 18 21:32:46 2009)
    Updated keeper list: J.Carter B.Morrow S.Gonchar M.Green D.Wideman C.Barker J.Corvo P.Rinne

  • 47. raymond (on Fri Sep 18 21:31:38 2009)
    Do we have GM # 12?

  • 46. yannick (on Fri Sep 18 10:49:34 2009)
    deadline to submit keepers' list is tonight. mike richards is available, I am looking for top D and top G

  • 45. bao (on Fri Sep 18 10:12:39 2009)
    Update Keepers: Z.Parise 20 R.Getzlaf 13 S.Weber 12 J.Bo 17 R.Luongo 50

  • 44. nolan (on Fri Sep 18 10:03:44 2009)
    New keeper's list 1) Datsyuk, Pavel 33$ 2) Semin, Alexander 10$ 3) Gagné, Simon 20$ 4) Chara, Zdeno 33$ 5) Thomas, Tim 10$

  • 43. rudy (on Fri Sep 18 09:07:35 2009)
    Salut a tous les DG de la UFHL / Hello to all UFHL's GMs Je me presente, Rudy Landry de Sherbrooke, ami d'Etienne et de Nolan, un des nouveaux DG de l'expansion de cette annee. I've been in hockey pools for more than 20 years (I remember drafting Jari Kurri) and I eat hockey all year long. Pools are part of my life and I've been the manager of a couple of leagues with a format similar to the UFHL, so the learning curve shouldn't be too steep. Je suis tres heureux d'avoir obtenu une franchise dans votre ligue, c'est un honneur tres apprecie et vous pourrez compter sur moi pour etre un DG tres actif pendant toute la saison. Thank you all and don't work too hard on that keeper list... I'm still hoping for some good players for cheap to pick in the expansion draft... ;-) On se voit au repechage le 27! Rudy

  • 42. yan_c (on Fri Sep 18 08:53:11 2009)
    Keepers pour Guns and Roses Eric Staal 40 Devin Setoguchi 10 Joe Thornton 54 Jordon Staal 10 Patrick Sharp 10 Milan Lucic 10 Tom Gilbert 10 Vlasic 10 Christian Erhoff 10 Fedor Tyutin 10 Total 174

  • 41. rudy (on Thu Sep 17 22:45:31 2009)

  • 40. niraj (on Thu Sep 17 16:19:56 2009)
    Hey guys, Elias out, Boyle in. New list: Boyle ($41) Niedermayer ($12) Kronwall ($12) S.Mason ($10) J.Hiller ($10) Total: $85, $175 for the draft. Niraj.

  • 39. raymond (on Thu Sep 17 15:11:53 2009)
    Wow, JF t'auras juste $61 au draft!

  • 38. yan_c (on Thu Sep 17 09:37:09 2009)
    Bonjour, Je me suis pogne avec Vincent cet ete au club de golf alors je veux m'en departir... Taking offers for Vincent Lecavalier (55-61)...Cheers

  • 37. jf (on Thu Sep 17 09:01:57 2009)
    Oups! Keepers update : Heatlay - 46$ Backstrom - 11$ Perry - 11$ Boyes - 11$ Pronger - 35$ Zidlicky - 12$ Blake - 10$ Whitney - 10$ Leclaire - 10$ Lundqvist - 43$ -------------- Total : 199

  • 36. jf (on Thu Sep 17 09:00:58 2009)
    Keepers update : Heatlay - 46$ Backstrom - 11$ Perry - 11$ Boyes - 11$ Pronger - 35$ Zidlicky - 12$ Blake - 10$ Whitney - 10$ Leclaire - 10$ Lundqvist - 43$ -------------- Total : 189 Total : 105$

  • 35. raymond (on Wed Sep 16 17:49:47 2009)
    Preliminary keeper list: J.Carter J.Tavares S.Gonchar M.Green D.Wideman C.Barker J.Corvo P.Rinne

  • 34. phuc (on Wed Sep 16 17:46:11 2009)
    voici une premiere liste de keepers, juste au cas ou j'oublie vendredi. M. Savard H. Sedin K. Bieksa R. Suter C. Ward

  • 33. yannick (on Wed Sep 16 15:43:11 2009)
    non, il n'est pas possible d'echanger des joueurs pour de l'argent pour le draft. Peut-etre pour les annees prochaines, mais pas cette annee.

  • 32. nolan (on Wed Sep 16 15:39:13 2009)
    On peut tu trader des joueurs contre de l'argent pour le draft ?

  • 31. yannick (on Wed Sep 16 11:09:50 2009)
    voici une premiere liste de keepers, juste au cas ou j'oublie vendredi. M. Richards J. Spacek T. Vokoun

  • 30. niraj (on Tue Sep 15 19:59:52 2009)
    Holy cow, lots of activity on the comments. Just tuning in now. Jeez, almost missed the keeper deadline date. My keepers: - Elias - Niedermayer - Kronwall - S.Mason - J.Hiller

  • 29. raymond (on Mon Sep 14 13:43:52 2009)
    Non, il n'a plus de minimum. Yan avait garder juste 1 keeper l'annee passe.

  • 28. etienne (on Mon Sep 14 12:21:11 2009)
    Est-ce qu'il y a un minimum de keepers? Est-ce encore 3?

  • 27. nolan (on Mon Sep 14 10:29:03 2009)
    Bon, je vais faire un test numéro 1 pour mes keepers, i il se peut que je change d'idée durant la semaine: 1) Daniel Brière 2) Simon Gagné 3) Alexander Semin 4) Zdeno Chara 5) Tim Thomas vive l'association de l'Est

  • 26. jf (on Sun Sep 13 13:57:42 2009)
    Who wants Heatley, he'll play with Thornton now, I'm listening to your offers. :)

  • 25. raymond (on Sun Sep 13 04:24:47 2009)
    What a horrible trade by Ottawa plus they don't even save money as the salary cap hit is around 7.25 M. How did Murray go from "I don't want Chechoo, I don't want Cheecho, I don't want Cheecho" to "ok, Cheecho it is"?

  • 24. etienne (on Fri Sep 11 20:38:18 2009)
    Keepers: M. Streit A. Markov Total $39

  • 23. bao (on Fri Sep 11 19:29:35 2009)
    Keepers: Z.Parise 20 R.Getzlaf 13 S.Weber 12 J.Bo 17 K.Letang 11

  • 22. jf (on Fri Sep 11 11:02:19 2009)
    Keepers : Backstrom - 11$ Perry - 11$ Boyes - 11$ Zidlicky - 12$ Blake - 10$ Whitney - 10$ Khabibulin - 10$ Leclaire - 10$ Havlat - 10$ Kostitsyn - 10$ -------------- Total : 105$

  • 21. yannick (on Fri Sep 11 10:24:17 2009)
    salut tout le monde c'est confirme it's confirmed le draft va avoir lieu dimanche le 27 septembre a Ericsson a Montreal. the draft will be held on Sunday September 27th at Ericsson in Montreal. Note that guests are now allowed to go on the internet with their laptop, but a setup is needed. Noter que vous pouvez maintenant aller sur l'internet a Ericsson, vous aller devoir suivre des instructions rendu a ericsson. Est-ce que c'est correct avec tout le monde de se rencontrer a 9am dimanche matin? Ca nous donnerais un peu de temps pour vous aider a seter up vos ordi et a discuter de reglements. Is 9am ok? en passant, c'est une bonne idee de suivre l'exemple de Danny et de soumettre une liste de keepers a l'avance. Ca va vous proteger en cas que vous oublier de la soumettre vendredi prochain! Yannick

  • 20. danny (on Fri Sep 11 10:09:23 2009)
    We can draft on the sunday!

  • 19. danny (on Fri Sep 11 10:08:24 2009)
    Updated keepers : 1. Nash 2.Cammaleri 3.Toews 4.Rafalski 5.Seabrook 6.Souray 7.Price 8. Huet / Total value: 126$

  • 18. danny (on Wed Sep 9 09:14:42 2009)
    So when are we drafting?????????

  • 17. phuc (on Tue Sep 8 22:29:36 2009)
    Thanks for the reminder

  • 16. yannick (on Tue Sep 8 16:27:24 2009)
    NOTE CONCERNANT LES ECHANGES AVANT LE DRAFT ------------------------------------------- Prenez note que les memes conditions pour concernant les echanges avant la soumissions de la lise des keepers de l'annee derniere s'applique aussi a cette annee. La note etant: Chaque echange sera evaluer. Si un echange inclut des joueurs qui ne sont pas garder comme keeper, le gerant fautif est passible d'amende (soustraction d'argent dans le budget pour le draft), perte de free agents, ou l'echange pourrait etre annule. Every trade before submittig the keeper list will be evaluated. If a trade includes players that are not kept, the faulty manager is subject of a fine (money taken from the draft money), loss of free agents,or the trade could be cancelled. This is the same note as last year.

  • 15. yannick (on Tue Sep 8 14:00:35 2009)
    TRADE PERIOD HAS STARTED ------------------------ Trades are now allowed, just enter your trades as you normally would using the weekly actions. Trades are allowed along with the submission of the keeper list on Friday September 18th 23h59.

  • 14. phuc (on Thu Sep 3 12:16:03 2009)
    So it's confirmed that we'll be 12 teams? I think it will affect my keeper list. I do have a preference for Friday night - seems more appropriate for this type of activity...

  • 13. yannick (on Thu Sep 3 08:08:07 2009)
    actually ray, you are way off! it won;t happen saturday as yanick c and niraj can't make it. So it will be friday night or sunday. Etienne prefer sunday and danny prefer friday night. So we are at the negociation stage now. I assume that those who didn't answer are ok with all the possibilities.

  • 12. raymond (on Wed Sep 2 19:41:37 2009)
    I could be way off but I believe we're leaning towards Saturday. We'll wait for Yan to confirm but Danny - you might want to prepare just in case.

  • 11. phuc (on Wed Sep 2 12:44:33 2009)
    For now, I am open to all three proposed draft days.

  • 10. danny (on Wed Aug 26 09:39:00 2009)
    Ya rien de certain Kovalchuk est dans mes cas problématiques... Appel moi pour un échange!

  • 9. yannick (on Tue Aug 25 07:44:49 2009)
    Danny, tu ne gardes pas Huet?

  • 8. danny (on Tue Aug 25 01:36:32 2009)
    On an other note, here is my protection list: 1. R. Nash 2. M.Cammalleri 3. J. Toews 4. I. Kovalchuk 5. S. Stamkos 6. A. Kovalev 7. B. Rafalski 8. S. Souray 9. B. Seabrook 10. C. Price * All tradable for $$$$ at the draft * This list is unoffical for now.

  • 7. danny (on Tue Aug 25 01:36:20 2009)

  • 6. yannick (on Mon Aug 24 12:10:36 2009)
    this is what we have in terms of availability for the draft: friday evening: danny, yanick c., yannick b. saturday: etienne, yannick b. sunday: etienne, yanick c., yannick b.

  • 5. yannick (on Sat Aug 22 21:39:44 2009)
    Bonjour chers gerants de la UFHL, Greetings to all UFHL managers, Le moment est venu de penser au Hockey et surtout a la UFHL. Avec la nouvelle equipe que Bob Gainey a construit, la saison de la LNH risque d'etre tres excitante, mais pas aussi excitante que la saison de la UFHL. Depuis quelques annees nous avons des championnats qui se decide a la derniere fin-de-semaine! Nous avons meme eu une triple egalite au troisieme rang. Il semble que tout comme a l'image de la LNH, une parite s'installe dans la UFHL. Voici quelque sujet de discussions, pour certains d'entre eux je vais avoir besoin d'une reponse de vous (par exemple la date du repechage). Il serait preferable que vous repondiez sur la page des "Comments of the week" sur le site de la ufhl ( pour que ce soit plus facile de retracer les reponses et qu'elles soient disponibles a tout le monde. this message is in french, if there are things that are not clear, don't hesitate to ask me and I will clarify them in english. -------- DRAFT -------- La saison de la NHL commence Jeudi le 1er octobre. Donc le week-end du 25-26-27 septembre est la plus logique pour faire le draft. Les gars de sherbrooke ont exprime le desir de tenir le repechage pendant la journee au lieu de vendredi soir. Question 1: voici les 3 possibilites, svp indiquer vos disponibilites: a) vendredi 25 septembre de 18h a 1h b) samedi pendant la journee de 10am a 18h c) dimanche pendant la journee de 10am a 18h Question 2: est-ce que vous etes d'accord pour qu'on fasse le repechage a montreal a Ericsson comme l'annee derniere: a) oui b) non (si vous repondez non, vous devez obligatoirement proposer un endroit confortable avec de l'espace et assez de prises electriques pour les ordinateurs portatifs de tout le monde) --------------- EXPENSION -------------- Je crois que le nombre minimum de gerants pour la ligue est de 10 et le nombre maximum est de 12. Nous sommes 10 gerants presentement et si quelqu'un decide a la derniere minute de ne pas participer, ca nous laisse dans une facheuse position. Donc je propose d'additionner deux equipes a la UFHL pour porter le nombre de gerants a 12. Si une ou deux personnes laisse tomber juste avant le draft nous allons etre encore correct pour le nombre de participants. Le repechage d'expension est le meme que celui discuter dans les annees precedentes, c'est-a-dire qu'apres la date limite pour soumettre la liste des keepers pour les gerants ayant participer a la saison 2008-2009 de la UFHL, les nouveaux gerants pour selectionner jusqu'a 10 joueurs non proteger par les autres gentants. Un "joueur non proteger" est un joueur qui a encore un contrat valide pour la saison 2009-2010 mais qui ne fait pas parti d'une liste de keepers. Les nouveaux gerants auront 4 jours pour faire leurs choix. Plus de details sera communique plus tard concernant ce processus. Hitesh, you told Niraj that you would be interested to participate again with us this year. Please let us know as soon as possible if this is indeed the case. You are, of course, welcome to join back the best fantasy hockey league in the world: the UFHL. Etienne et Nolan connaissent un gars (je crois que vous etes dans le meme bureau) qui est pret a se joindre a la UFHL. Etienne laisse-moi savoir si c'est toujours le cas. L'expension consisterait a rajouter un gars de montreal et un de sherbrooke. -------------------------------------------------------- DATE LIMITE POUR SOUMMETTRE LA LISTE DE KEEPERS --------------------------------------------------------- tel que decider l'annee derniere, la date limite pour soumettre la liste de keepers est une semaine avant le repechage. Puisque le draft va se tenir la fin-de-semaine du 25-26-27 septembre, la date limite pour soumettre la liste est le vendredi 18 septembre a minuit. Les nouveaux gerants auront jusqu'au mardi 22 septembre 21h pour soumettre leur liste de keepers parmi les joueurs non-proteger. ---------------------- PERIODE D"ECHANGE --------------------- tel que discuter l'an dernier, la periode d'echange commence 3 semaines avant le repechage. Donc cette annee la periode d'echange sera du vendredi 4 septembre jusqu'a la date limite pour soumettre la liste de keepers qui est pour l'instant le vendredi 18 septembre. ------------------------ NOUVEAUX REGLEMENTS ------------------------ Si on pourrait se decider sur les nouveaux reglements avant le draft, ca economiserait beaucoup de temps. Au moins si on peu en debattre sur les "Comments of the week" ca serait deja ca de fait. La page des propositions de nouveaux reglements est un peu bordelique. Je vais la revamper avec des propositions de changements de reglements claire sur lesquels nous pourrons voter. La liste des propositions pour des nouveaux reglements sera envoyer dans un email separer. Nous devons, entre autres, votez avant le repechange sur la proposition de modifier la structures des contrats, car je dois l'implementer dans mes programmes avant le draft. Je vais vous envoyer ca dans un email separer. Tous les debats et votes sur les reglements devront se passer sur la page des "comments of the week" pour que ce soit accessible a tous le monde et pour que ce soit plus facilement retracable. ----------------------- UFHL CUP --------------------- je vais vous soumettre des idees de trophees dans un autre message plus tard et le cout que ca representera. Nous voterons alors sur le trophee que vous preferons et le cout sera rajouter au cout d'entree de la UFHL. ------------------- NOUVELLE SAISON ------------------- Bon, ca conclut ce que je voulais communiquer pour l'instant. J'ai peut-etre oublier des choses, mais on s'en parlera sur le page des "Comments-of-the-week". N'oubliez pas d'indiquer vos disponibilites pour le repechage. Le plus vite on se decide sur une date le mieux c'est! Yannick Bilodeau 1998-1999-2000-2008 UFHL Champion

  • 4. nolan (on Wed Aug 5 16:49:07 2009)
    Y'as t-il de la place pour de nouvelle concession en 2010. J'aurais facilement 2 ou 3 nouveaux gérant intéresse à prendre une équipe sérieusement Laissez moi savoir rapidement svp merci Champ

  • 3. jf (on Tue Apr 21 21:06:08 2009)
    Félicitation au 5 gagnants, mais attention à ma vengeance l'an prochain. J'ai congédier le DG de cette année, l'an prochain mon DG y mettra le temps et les efforts, alors attention.

  • 2. yannick (on Wed Apr 15 15:19:45 2009)
    dans la page des propositions de changement de reglements pour l'annee prochaine, j'ai mis une proposition pour changer la structure des contrats des joueurs dans la UFHL. Si la ligue est interesser, il va falloir en discuter et prendre une decision avant le prochain repechage, parce que ca a un gros impact sur mes programmes pour creer les equipes.

  • 1. yannick (on Wed Apr 15 15:00:09 2009)
    Voici l'argent gagne par les top 3 du classement final: pot initial: $600 13 semaines a $10 par semaine: $130 montant restant pour les prix: $470 1iere place: Pooh team (Nolan): 62.5% = $290 2ieme place: LemonParty (Phuc): 25% = $120 3ieme place: Highlanders, Archangels, BLT (Yannick B., Niraj, Bao): 12.5% = $60 (les 5 equipes ci-haut peuvent garder un maximum de 5 keepers pour la saison prochaine) Total de l'argent a tous les gerant y compris les $10 par semaine: 1- Nolan: $310 (290 + 20) 2- Phuc: $130 (120 + 10) 3- Yannick B.: $40 (60/3 + 20) 3- Niraj: $40 (60/3 + 20) 3- Bao: $40 (60/3 + 20) 6- Raymond: $20 7- Yanick C.: $10 7- JF: $10 9- Danny: $0 9- Etienne: $0

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