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Comments of the Week

last update: Thu Sep 20 16:12:27 2007

  • 584. niraj (on Thu Apr 12 23:38:45 2007)
    I can actually attest to Danny's poor luck. Last tournie we played together I took him out when he had 15 outs and 2 cards to come ;-). Danny, I went through a similar run of bad luck that went on for about 8 months. The key is to persevere...things even out in the long run ;-) (but stop going all in on draws you donkey!)

  • 583. danny (on Thu Apr 12 18:13:31 2007)
    Guess who has Cheechoo in his playoff pool.....Thats right Mr Injury himself That me!! Jesus this can't go on....I havn't hit a river in 2 months with about 25 outs to win a hand

  • 582. niraj (on Thu Apr 12 16:47:48 2007)
    Hey Danny, Thanks for the nice comments. I hope to see your return to the upper echelon of the UFHL rankings next year bud. As for me, I believe my streak of top 3 finishes is in grave danger next year and will most likely be rebuilding. btw, I forgot about the poker tournament yesterday...I'm going to have to play my ass off to finish in the top 3. Niraj.

  • 581. danny (on Wed Apr 11 06:31:46 2007)
    Niraj is our UFHL Champ!!! Just like a told you when he made that super trade with Djilly last year...Congratulation on your great managerial strategies Your the best man THIS year bud!!! Doc.

  • 580. yannick (on Mon Apr 9 23:29:00 2007)
    Felicitations au nouveau Champion: Niraj! felicitations aussi a JF qui a fini deuxieme et a Etienne qui a termine au troisieme rang. Voici les prix en argents remis aux gagnants: (selon notre constitution presente, les champions de division recoivent $25 et le premier 62.5%, le deuxieme 25% et le troisieme 12.5% du restant du magot) premiere position - Niraj: 218.75 (62.5%) + 25 = $243.75 deuxieme position - JF: 87.50 (25%) + 25 = $112.50 troisieme position - Etienne: $43.75 (12.5%)

  • 579. niraj (on Mon Apr 9 09:21:36 2007)
    Hey guys, Thanks for the good wishes guys. JF, you had me worried big time for quite some time. I had a good team, but I was also pretty lucky to have your key guys go down/ slow down when they did. Moreover, I don't know if anyone knows this, but JF's team was never ranked below #2 for the entire season...that's pretty incredible. As for me, this is pretty sweet. It's just nice to win again. As for the Habs, Huet was certainly the right goalie to put in nets. Halak would have been finished in the first 8 minutes. Without Huet, we're not even in the game past the 10 min mark of the 1st period. Personally, I don't think there's anyone to blame on the Habs team. I truly believe that there is was a conspiracy to get the "Habs out of"/"Leafs into" the playoffs. Just look at how Toronto won some of their games coming down the stretch...2 PPGW in overtime. The one in FLA was ridiculous and was a clear dive (they then give Belfour a 2 min misconduct for his antics). Seriously, comme toujours la ligue est contre nos Canadiens. Ceci est exactement pourquoi les fans de Canadiens demande de son equipe de dominer la LNH. Man, what I would pay to have a Lafleur/Richard/Belleveau/Robinson on the habs of 2008... Niraj.

  • 578. raymond (on Sun Apr 8 23:46:15 2007)
    Congrats to the Top 3 / Felicitation au top 3

  • 577. etienne (on Sun Apr 8 19:49:01 2007)
    En passant, félicitations Niraj! Ben, le coup de bâton de Bégin à la fin de la 2e alors que la période était finie c'était pas fort...

  • 576. danny (on Sun Apr 8 18:52:15 2007)
    Rouillé...Faut le dire vite!!! Car apres 8 minutes de jeu yavait 16 tirs contre lui...Le Canadien était encore dans game à cause de Huet après la première période. Dans mon livre cé vraiment mais vraiment pas le gardien qui était en cause dans cette partie! C'est une belle défaite d'équipe celle là! On peut pas pointé un joueur en particulier car ils ont tous fait des gaffes un après l'autre. Une belle Gang de poche!

  • 575. etienne (on Sun Apr 8 17:46:57 2007)
    Est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'expliquer comment Carbo a pu faire jouer Huet? C'est Halak qui les a mené jusque là et puis il avait perdu sa dernière game contre Toronto. C'est certain qu'il aurait voulu une chance que montrer qu'il peut gagner. Pis même si il fait commencer Huet, pourquoi il n'a pas mis Halak quand c'était apparant que Huet était rouillé? Toronto l'a fait et puis ils ont gagné...

  • 574. jf (on Sun Apr 8 17:30:57 2007)
    Félicitation Niraj! JF annonce que si la tendance se maintien Niraj sera le grand gagnant 2007. Et ce de façon majoritaire et sans équivoque. JF

  • 573. niraj (on Sun Apr 8 14:57:43 2007)
    Etienne, T'as oublier une autre: - Gainey: dehors. Niraj.

  • 572. etienne (on Sun Apr 8 08:09:14 2007)
    Bravo Huet Bravo! Et Bégin, quelle bonne idée de prendre un 4 minutes à la fin de la 2e période! Décevant Maintenant - Kovalev: dehors - Samsonov: dehors - Bonk: dehors

  • 571. danny (on Fri Apr 6 13:05:21 2007)
    Finalement je dépasse les Gr81s....Objectif atteinte!! Quelle saison de merde pour les Seals

  • 570. raymond (on Wed Apr 4 02:28:41 2007)
    Resume de l'annonce ici-bas: Sergei Fedorov est eligible comme Defenseur a partir d'aujourd'hui. Yan a prove que Fedorov a joue comme D regulier pendant 10 parties consecutives. Fedorov peux aussi etre garder comme keeper a la defense pour l'annee prochaine. Ceci est constant avec les pools en ligne.

  • 569. raymond (on Wed Apr 4 02:24:31 2007)
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Sergei Fedorov is now eligible as a Defenceman. Recently, Yannick made a request to have Sergei Fedorov eligible as a Defenceman. Suject to the rule from section 4.3 (last paragraph), Yan had to prove that Fedorov played 10 consecutive games as a D. Using the NHL shift charts from March 14 to April 1, Yan proved that Fedorov was indeed a regular D for 10 consecutive games. Therefore, effective immediately, Fedorov can be inserted into the starting lineup as a D. It is also important to note that Fedorov is eligible as a defenceman for next season following standard fantasy sports rules. This is consistent with online fantasy sites.

  • 568. yannick (on Tue Apr 3 18:35:53 2007)
    n'oubliez pas que vous avez jusqu'a demain pour engager des joueurs, ensuite votre equipe est gele jusq'en septembre. don;t forget that you have until tomorow to hire players. The teams will be frozen after that until september.

  • 567. yannick (on Tue Apr 3 16:34:45 2007)
    by the way I just made a new rule, the admistration fee (paid out to me) are $380, which means that the winner will only get $20. Feel free to split it whichever way you want ;)

  • 566. jf (on Tue Apr 3 16:32:13 2007)
    At least I can say I tried! ;) Etienne finalement je vais prendre la chance de rester 2ièm ou monter premier moi aussi et garder tout le magot pour moi.

  • 565. niraj (on Tue Apr 3 15:28:55 2007)
    JF, If you were closer in the rankings, I would agree. But, given that you're 5 points off and I have one hand on the championship, I just think it would be a bad decision on my part to agree. I may look like a total prick, but no, I've worked far too hard to split the payoff...if I lose, I lose, but if I win, I want to make sure I enjoy it. Speaking of which, some people still owe me money for the pool: Raymond, Patrick & Yannick, you still haven't paid me for the pool. Please pay me asap or I will ask the commissioner to administer a stiff loss of keeper penalty on your stacked keeper teams ;-). Niraj.

  • 564. raymond (on Tue Apr 3 11:56:32 2007)
    Hey Yan, I think we should split our prize money too! ; )

  • 563. jf (on Tue Apr 3 10:50:16 2007)
    Ok Etienne, je vais attendre la réponse de Niraj et je vais voir après. C'est quand même intéressant comme proposition.

  • 562. etienne (on Mon Apr 2 17:15:45 2007)
    Jf, moi aussi j'embarquerais là-dedans! À moins que je finisse premier par un miracle incroyable, et là, je garderais tout l'argent!!!

  • 561. jf (on Mon Apr 2 14:43:58 2007)
    Do you want to make a deal? We Split our prizes in 2, whoevever finish where?

  • 560. niraj (on Mon Apr 2 13:16:17 2007)
    JF, Last year, Yannick and I lost our baseball pool on the last day (we co-manage the same team). We had the #1 ranking for more than 50% of the season and had it for the last 7 weeks of the season, right up until the last day (this is eerily sounding similar to my UFHL team now that I think of it). On the last day the stars aligned for the 2nd place manager and he beat us by 1 point. So believe me, I don't think I have the championship wrapped up. What I do know, is that you've wrapped up rookie manager of the year :-). Congrats! Niraj.

  • 559. jf (on Mon Apr 2 12:46:32 2007)
    Je n'abandonne pas encore, dernier blitz cette semaine. Mes chances sont minces, mais elles sont encore là. Quelques buts, 2-3 GW et quelques + et c'est possible. Niraj, don't sleep for too long! ;)

  • 558. niraj (on Fri Mar 30 10:59:26 2007)
    LOL...that's pretty insane.. niraj.

  • 557. yannick (on Fri Mar 30 10:28:22 2007)
    bravo a jacques lemaire! il a retirer backstrom apres 80 secondes et apres avoir accorder 2 buts, ce qui donne une fabuleuse moyenne de 90.00 GAA. ca va etre superbe pour mes statistiques!

  • 556. yannick (on Thu Mar 29 11:49:14 2007)
    apparemment, Bob Gainey a tout fait pour avoir Shanahan mais le hazard a mal fait les choses pour le candien... http://www.rds.ca/hockey/chroniques/226221.html

  • 555. etienne (on Wed Mar 28 20:45:44 2007)
    des jokes d'informaticien.... pitoyable! Merci pour le changment

  • 554. yannick (on Wed Mar 28 17:39:45 2007)
    etienne, j'ai fait le changement pour toi et je n'ai pas eu de problemes. es-tu sur que le probleme n'est pas entre le clavier et la chaise? ;) (c'est une joke)

  • 553. niraj (on Wed Mar 28 17:35:04 2007)
    Yan, I still think your record is much more meaningful than mine in the wins category. I mean 76 wins without shootouts!!!??? That's insane. But I'm glad I'm making it into the record books. Now if i can only hold JF at bay for 2 more weeks... Niraj.

  • 552. etienne (on Wed Mar 28 17:02:44 2007)
    Yan, j'ai de la difficulté avec mon line up. Le système me dit que j'ai 0 foward d'actif. En fait, je veux seulement bencher Havlat et mettre Gomez actif. Le seul autre changement c'est que je bench Timonen et je mets Mara a sa place. Thx e

  • 551. yannick (on Wed Mar 28 16:23:13 2007)
    Congratulations Niraj. You have beaten my 7 years old record of 76 Wins in the goalies categories. With the new shootout rule, it was only a question of time before that record got broken. It's an honor to have my record broken by the great Niraj! ;)

  • 550. jf (on Wed Mar 28 12:53:15 2007)
    C'est ce que je voullais dire. Tu aurais pu avoir 2 SO le même soir pour une 2ièm fois.

  • 549. niraj (on Wed Mar 28 12:34:11 2007)
    2 weeks in a row? I don't know what you're talking about? At least Turco got a shutout last night... Btw, this is the second time I "could" have had 2 SOs in one night in the same week...Yan, is that a record or something? Niraj.

  • 548. jf (on Wed Mar 28 08:48:21 2007)
    Same mistake 2 weeks in a Row Niraj nice! ;)

  • 547. raymond (on Mon Mar 26 20:47:29 2007)
    I reserve Jack Johnson D with LA

  • 546. niraj (on Fri Mar 23 14:05:29 2007)
    The only bigger idiot than me is D.Tipett, who starts M.Smith after Turco saves the day the last game...what a complete idiot!!!

  • 545. yannick (on Thu Mar 22 23:46:51 2007)
    ANNONCE IMPORTANTE: ================== DERNIER JOUR POUR ENGAGER DES JOUEURS: Mercredi 4 avril a 19h05 j'ai fait une erreur quand j'ai dit qu'on pouvait engager des joueurs jusqu'au dernier jour de la saison. Apres verification avec Ray, la derniere journee pour engager des joueurs sera le dernier mercredi de la saison, soit le mercredi 4 avril. Votre equipe devra respecter le maximum de 26 joueurs ce jour la et les joueurs engager devront etre actif dans votre alignment partant pour la derniere semaine d'activite. Les equipes seront geles apres cette date. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: ====================== LAST DAY TO HIRE PLAYERS: Wednesday April 4th 7h05pm the players you hire that day have to be active on your starting lineup for the last week of activity. You also have to respect the 26 players maximum. The teams will be frozen after that date.

  • 544. niraj (on Thu Mar 22 10:56:20 2007)
    I'm such a fucking idiot for not starting Luongo...JF, if this has an impact on the outcome I'm going to...

  • 543. nolan (on Sun Mar 18 01:43:05 2007)
    FRANCAIS lol

  • 542. yannick (on Fri Mar 16 10:56:46 2007)
    man, another $!%$# shutout lost in the final minutes of the game... story of my season, that's now 6 shutouts I lost like that this season... unbelievable!

  • 541. jf (on Wed Mar 14 15:07:45 2007)
    I can say the same thing! 2 SH by defense, if this is not luck I can't qualify it. And plus you get one by Milan Hejduk which I exchange for Souray!!!!! And he gave me something like 2 goal and 3 assist in 35 games. But he give you Shorthanded!!

  • 540. niraj (on Tue Mar 13 21:26:58 2007)
    Unfucking real how JF has matched every SHG I've had this week...unfucking real.

  • 539. jf (on Tue Mar 13 13:26:46 2007)
    Qui aurait cru que quelqu'un aurait engager Craig Rivet un jour. C'est la preuve qu'ailleur qu'à Montréal un joueur change du tout au tout!

  • 538. raymond (on Tue Mar 13 10:29:51 2007)
    Aha...here's a category that can replace Shorthanded goals! (or in my case Penalty Minutes lol) Est-ce que je gagne le trophe Omar Minaya?

  • 537. yannick (on Tue Mar 13 01:43:01 2007)
    as sam jackson would say: "here's some stats for your ass!": here are the managers who traded the most players this year: 1- Ray: 45 players traded 2- Yannick: 33 players 3- Niraj: 29 players 4- JF: 19 players 5- Bao-Martin: 17 players 5- Nolan: 17 players 7- Danny: 9 players 8- Etienne: 8 players 8- Hitesh: 8 players 10 -Patrick: 4 players

  • 536. niraj (on Mon Mar 12 11:18:16 2007)
    Etienne, Don't thank Bieska, thank Hitesh for his generosity in the deal you two made ;-).

  • 535. etienne (on Mon Mar 12 08:00:05 2007)
    Moi aussi j'ai pensé la même la chose! C'est un ratio d'environ 21PIM par minute de temps de glace! Aussi, j'ai vu que Havlat a une seule passe quand son équipe compte 8 buts! Peut-être qu'il a attrapé le "Sundin Syndrome" Merci Kevin Bieksa pour les 29 PIM!

  • 534. raymond (on Sun Mar 11 01:21:55 2007)
    Avez-vous vu ca? D.Koci de Chicago a joue 2:31 et a amasse 42 minutes de penalites!!!

  • 533. niraj (on Sun Mar 11 00:03:34 2007)
    Thank you Brian Raflaski...SHG, GW.

  • 532. jf (on Sat Mar 10 15:41:15 2007)
    Finalement un nouveau engagé qui paye!!!! Scottie Upshall Shorthanded goal, yes SIR!!

  • 531. etienne (on Sat Mar 10 11:43:56 2007)
    Tu avais une bonne équipe qui s'est écrasée en fin de saison. Un peu comme les Canadiens cette année, quoique à la différence près que les Canadiens n'est pas une bonne équipe! En passant, pour ceux qui ne savent pas, les vidéos de 110% sont disponibles sur le site de TQS. E

  • 530. yannick (on Sat Mar 10 11:15:56 2007)
    ah non! etienne rappelle-moi pas ca... j'etais en premiere position le 15 mars et j'avais 9 points d'avance sur toi. On connais la fin de l'histoire: tu as gagne et j'ai fini quatrieme... c'est pas fini tant que c'est pas fini...

  • 529. etienne (on Sat Mar 10 09:57:34 2007)
    En fait JF, ça me rappelle mon équipe de l'année passée avec des Handzus, Horcoff et autres no-names qui produisent! E

  • 528. jf (on Fri Mar 9 13:20:57 2007)
    Niraj je dois te dire que je ne sais pas comme ça se fait. Mais je commence à te chauffer les fesses pas mal! J'espère que tes gros cannons vont repartir parce que!!!!! Nice trade for Elias, I avoid a GW against me! ;)

  • 527. niraj (on Wed Mar 7 15:46:10 2007)
    ANYONE want S.Horcoff? He may be fired this week. Niraj.

  • 526. niraj (on Wed Mar 7 15:24:28 2007)
    lol...I see you've resorted to scare tactics JF. If you can't tell already I was already scared before your comments, hence my frenzy of moves ;-).

  • 525. jf (on Wed Mar 7 15:18:09 2007)
    Whitney, Ray had back Spasm today! good! Alfredsson, Daniel will be downgraded to 3rd line. Bertuzzi, Todd, was juge guilty and will go 3 months in prison. Not terrible trade Niraj, good move Ray!

  • 524. niraj (on Wed Mar 7 14:22:30 2007)
    Funny story: I get back in my car after lunch. I turn on Team 990 and am expecting to hear a trade report. That got me thinking...it would be cool to have some kind of analyst report for deadline deals...

  • 523. niraj (on Wed Mar 7 01:53:16 2007)
    Ray & Yan, Just a reminder that we each owe hitesh 12.5$ each that he paid for gas for the draft in Sherbrooke. Niraj.

  • 522. niraj (on Mon Mar 5 17:46:00 2007)
    I think Kovalev should get injured every second game. He plays better after being injured. Stupid La Presse...always trying to create scandal.

  • 521. etienne (on Mon Mar 5 07:17:20 2007)
    Est-ce que vous avez lu ou entendu les propos de Kovalev? Ouch! Mettons que c'est pas fort. Niraj, you're Russian, what do you make of this? e

  • 520. yannick (on Sun Mar 4 17:21:11 2007)
    allez lire ceci, c'est le journal (trades diary) de Brian Burke qui a mene a la date limite des echanges... vraiment interessant. C'est drole parce que c'est pas tellement different de nous quand on fait des echanges: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ducks/2007-03-01-burke-diary_x.htm (gainey a l'air d'un GM qui branle dans le manche...)

  • 519. danny (on Fri Mar 2 17:23:58 2007)
    Crime....je savais pas qu'il gardait son contrat. Too bad!!! Je vais le congédié et perdre mon agent libre....sans critiquer. Je reconnais mon erreur...! Danny

  • 518. yannick (on Thu Mar 1 22:25:41 2007)
    danny, pourquoi tu as engage huet? ce n'est pas un keeper... n'oublie pas que meme si un joueur est congedier, quand tu le rengage, tu reprends son contrat. Il etait a sa derniere annee, donc tu ne pourras pas le garder. pour voir les contrat des joueurs, tu peux soit regarder dans l'ancienne equipe a qui il appartenait, ou regarder dans "Players Salary List" dans UFHL Reports.

  • 517. yannick (on Thu Mar 1 14:52:33 2007)
    RAPPEL IMPORTANT ================ Date limite des transactions dans la UFHL est ce mercredi 7 mars a 19h05 (heure de la UFHL, pas l'heure de votre montre ou de votre ordinateur). AUCUNE EXCEPTIONS... comme par le passe, toutes echanges entrer apres 19h05 est automatiquement refuse. Un echange est officiel seulement si elle entrer sur le site web (au telephone ou par email ce n'est pas officiel). Donc prenez pas de risque et entrer vos echange avant 19h00. Pour ce qui est des agents libres, vous pouvez en engager ou congedier jusqu'au dernier jour de la saison reguliere (dimanche 8 avril). Vous devrez alors respectez la regle du maximum 26 joueurs. Les joueurs qui seront refuses passeront par le systeme de waivers.

  • 516. etienne (on Thu Mar 1 10:43:01 2007)
    shitsura crossedir! (classic RBO)

  • 515. jf (on Thu Mar 1 09:50:36 2007)
    Je promess la prochaine Time mon message will be in Francais.

  • 514. niraj (on Thu Mar 1 01:50:18 2007)
    Nolan, comme je t'avais dit. Tu ecrit en anglais et j'ecrit en francais. Si tu n'est pas pret a faire ca, je continue in english ;-). Niraj.

  • 513. etienne (on Wed Feb 28 11:41:56 2007)
    Il faudrait aussi écrire en français en minimisant les fautes, hein Nolan?

  • 512. yannick (on Wed Feb 28 11:12:13 2007)
    Nolan, oublie pas d'activer Halak. Martin Biron a Phillidalphie... il est disponible, faites vos offres!

  • 511. nolan (on Wed Feb 28 10:59:41 2007)
    ca sben vrai... parler FRANCAIS spa dure la, fais 15 fois on le repete merci

  • 510. etienne (on Wed Feb 28 10:57:54 2007)
    Gainey dort sur la switch

  • 509. jf (on Wed Feb 28 10:54:29 2007)
    So the trade for Guerin with him playing at S-J beside Thornton start to be not too bad! ;) Guerin had good year beside Joe at Boston.

  • 508. yannick (on Tue Feb 27 16:10:24 2007)
    ANNONCE ------- Halak a ete transfere dans l'equipe a Nolan. Danny, je t'ai redonner ton free agent

  • 507. etienne (on Tue Feb 27 11:28:41 2007)
    Abby was terrible!

  • 506. niraj (on Tue Feb 27 09:34:22 2007)
    what a game yesterday! Worth every penny of the 173$ I spent on two tix in the greys. Yan, you must have had an amazing game (the rich mother fucker got tix in the reds). Niraj.

  • 505. yannick (on Mon Feb 26 11:58:15 2007)
    nolan, laisse-nous savoir si tu veux toujours halak

  • 504. danny (on Sun Feb 25 17:37:27 2007)
    Nolan...je te laisse Halak si tu le veut ......Sorry buddy!!

  • 503. hitesh (on Sat Feb 24 22:31:02 2007)
    mes sinceres sympathies Nolan and no Sanctions against him either

  • 502. yannick (on Sat Feb 24 01:32:37 2007)
    Danny, on te forcera pas a laisser tomber Halak pour que Nolan puisse le prendre, on va laisser ca a ta discretion. Apres mon annonce, tu avais parfaitement le droit de le prendre. C'est a toi a decider. Si tu le laisse a Nolan, je te redonnerai le free agent utilise pour son embauche. Nolan, puisque tout le monde est d'accord, je te redonne ton free agent et tes deux gardiens sont actives pour cette semaine.

  • 501. jf (on Fri Feb 23 08:26:45 2007)
    Même point de vue, pour ces circonstance exceptionnel. Nolan - mes sinceres sympathies. JF

  • 500. niraj (on Fri Feb 23 00:28:43 2007)
    Hey guys, Je pense que cela merite une exception aussi. Nolan - mes sinceres sympathies. Niraj.

  • 499. nolan (on Thu Feb 22 18:54:13 2007)
    merci les gars cest gentil mais je suis daccord pour que j'aille la sanction quand meme, j'aurais pu le faire plus tot cette semaine. Merci quand meme No

  • 498. raymond (on Thu Feb 22 18:37:10 2007)
    Je pense que cela merite une exception. Nolan - mes sinceres sympathies.

  • 497. yannick (on Thu Feb 22 18:35:17 2007)
    mes sympathies Nolan. je me sens vraiment poche, je ne savais pas. dues a ces circonstances exceptionnelles, est-ce que vous voulez qu'on annule les sanctions annonces contre nolan? Yannick

  • 496. etienne (on Thu Feb 22 17:57:56 2007)
    Mes sincères sympthaties, Etienne

  • 495. nolan (on Thu Feb 22 17:07:11 2007)
    Désolé les gars, c'est ma faute, j'ai passé la soirée a l'hopitale, mon grand-pere est décédé hier sorry

  • 494. yannick (on Thu Feb 22 00:18:05 2007)
    ANNONCE IMPORTANTE ================== Sanctions contre NOLAN ---------------------- Nolan a reserver Halak dimanche le 18 fevrier. Halak est apparu dans la liste officielle des agents libres lundi le 19 fevrier. J'ai meme ecrit un message disant a Nolan d'engager officiellement Halak avant mercredi (voir commentaite #489). Le reglement est tres claire en ce qui concerne la punition si un gerant reserve un joueur et l'engage pas. Voir extrait de la section 4.3 de la constitution: "[...]Des que le joueur a participer a un match, il sera le lendemain dans la liste officielle des joueurs autonomes, et le gerant devra aller officiellement l'engager le plus rapidement possible. Un gerant qui reserve un joueur a jusqu'au premier mercredi a 19h05 de la semaine courante apres que le joueur soit disponible dans la liste officielle pour l'engager. Au sinon, le joueur redevient disponible pour tous les autres gerants et le gerant fautif sera puni de la facon suivante: un agent libre sera enlever de son compteur (celui qui etait prevu pour l'engager) et pendant la semaine d'activite qui suit, il devra enlever un joueur actif de la position du joueur qu'il avait reserve (ce qui veut dire que si le gerant avait reserver 1 defenseur, le gerant pourra seulement mettre 5 defenseurs actif la semaine qui suit). Il est aussi important de noter qu'une fois qu'un gerant a reserver un joueur, il ne peut pas changer d'idee, il doit absolument engager le joueur lorsqu'il devient disponible dans la liste officielle." En consequence, la punition decrite dans la constitution est applique a Nolan: 1- Halak est disponible a tous les gerants de la ligue 2- un agent libre est enlever de son compteur 3- un gardien est enlever de son alignement partant de cette semaine. (Nolan, tu as jusqu'a Jeudi 18h00 pour notifier quel gardien enlever de ton alignement partant. Si je n'ai pas de reponse, je vais enlever Holmqvist) A noter que ce reglement est la depuis qu'on accorde le droit de reserver des joueurs, et qu'il est repeter a chaque annee (voir commentaire #119, le 6 Octobre). Nolan je suis desole, mais c'est les reglements.

  • 493. niraj (on Mon Feb 19 22:03:50 2007)
    Hey guys, This is why the 3 stars is so BULLSHIT in the NHL. Look at today's PIT vs NYI game. Crosby: 4 pts. Recchi: 5 pts. Malone: Hat Trick. 3 Stars: 1) C.Simon (NYI, aka home team) 2) R.Robitaille (NYI) 3) M.Sillinger (NYI) What a joke. Niraj.

  • 492. danny (on Mon Feb 19 20:14:28 2007)
    Oufff....Pas facile cette fin de saison!!!

  • 491. yannick (on Mon Feb 19 19:58:47 2007)
    danny, bergeron n'est pas disponible. la journee apres un echange, le joueur apparait dans la list parce que l'equipe inscrite n'est pas la meme que dans la liste des joueurs. c'est un bug et je vais essayer de regler ca bientot. pour l'instant je vais t'enlever halak et bergeron et te redonner tes free agents et les joueurs que tu as congedier.

  • 490. danny (on Mon Feb 19 18:23:11 2007)
    Ouppppssssss.... Jai pas vu les posts à Nolan...pis jai engagé Halak.......Sorry!!!! Yan....Tu peux le remettre ds la liste pour Nolan...Je serai pas chien avec!!!!¸

  • 489. yannick (on Mon Feb 19 16:33:04 2007)
    nalan, halak est dans la liste maintenant, tu as jusqu'a mercredi pour l'engager

  • 488. yannick (on Mon Feb 19 15:36:26 2007)
    niraj, your team is on fire... you have this week's NHL 3 stars (zetterberg, selanne and sakic) no wonder you're first in this week's ranking

  • 487. nolan (on Sun Feb 18 20:45:36 2007)
    voila je réserve halak merci

  • 486. nolan (on Sun Feb 18 20:45:17 2007)

  • 485. yannick (on Sun Feb 18 15:39:47 2007)
    NOLAN, comme j'ai plusieurs fois repeter, tu dois faire de la place dans ton alignement pour reserver un joueur. tu as 26 joueurs dans ton equipe, tu dois congedier un joueur pour pouvoir reserver Halak. Jusqu'a temps que tu congedies un joueur, Halak est disponible a tous...

  • 484. nolan (on Sun Feb 18 12:59:59 2007)
    je réserve Halak pour cette semaine... pourquoi pas essayer

  • 483. bao (on Fri Feb 16 17:18:00 2007)
    Niraj, Just be happy Huet wasn't also involved in the Afino deal ;)

  • 482. niraj (on Fri Feb 16 00:34:40 2007)
    Bao, Man, a day after we make the deal Afino gets injured for 4-6 weeks...so for me that means I gave two players and got nothing in return for this year...man, what a bad break... Niraj.

  • 481. niraj (on Thu Feb 15 17:46:46 2007)
    Bao, Forget Hemsky, I'll offer you C.Kelly...look at his numbers from the past 2 games!!! NiRAJ.

  • 480. danny (on Thu Feb 15 12:35:46 2007)
    Bao.....I guess Hemsky sounds good now!!!!!!! Danny

  • 479. bao (on Thu Feb 15 11:26:29 2007)
    «J'ai étiré la jambe et j'ai senti comme un petit bruit, a dit Huet. Je ne crois pas que ce soit grave, je suis plutôt optimiste. Je vais subir des tests (aujourd'hui), et on verra.» Any offers ???

  • 478. niraj (on Sun Feb 11 13:48:58 2007)
    Danny, Let's ask those involved directly: Hitesh & Pat, is it a motivational issue that you two don't participcate as much as you could or is it related to the fact that you actually have real lives? Niraj.

  • 477. etienne (on Sat Feb 10 22:13:10 2007)
    Danny: http://www-inf.enst.fr/~vercken/netiquette/#intro

  • 476. danny (on Sat Feb 10 21:19:41 2007)
    Etienne ....tu es un beau rêveur dans ce monde de la UFHL..... Tout le monde est motivé......le ciel est bleu et les fleurs sentent bonnes..... Tu devrais te réveillé de ton ptit nuage.......je suis crisement échoeuré de te voir dans le top 3-4 à chaque année....pis mes joueurs sous-performer juste à cause qu'ils jouent pour moi cette année... Smell the coffee....Martin a lâché, Pat s'en fou, hitesch et Ray prient pendant que Nolan a pleuré toute les nuits depuis Novembre. Sans compter, tout les autres managers qui n'ont pas choisi de revenir après une saison avec nous. On exclu les raisons du non retour de Ghislain...car lui on sait qu'il a quitter carrément à cause de NIRAJ....;). Carrément ils manquaient de motivation eux! S'il aurait gagné une couple de semaine .....au moins ils y auraient pensées plus longtemps. Je m'attendait pas à ça de toi mon Etienne....Bizarre pour un gars qui voudrait changer le monde! Mr.Peace & Love!

  • 475. etienne (on Fri Feb 9 17:39:02 2007)
    Concernant les changements proposés pour rendre les managers plus motivés, je suis pas si certain que ce soit nécessaire. Il y a beaucoup d'échanges entre les équipes qui mènent cette saison et celle qui veulent s'améliorer pour l'année prochaine. Donc la motivation est là pour ceux qui ne sont pas dans le top 3. Pas besoin de trouver dix millions de moyens pour motiver ceux qui ne veulent pas être motivés En fait, les GM fantômes seront toujours fantômes. Et avant d'ajouter de nouveaux règlements pour le cash et tout ça, il faudrait attendre une autre saison le temps qu'un "cycle" de keepers reviennent sur le marché pendant le draft.

  • 474. hitesh (on Fri Feb 9 13:25:44 2007)
    $40.00 + my gas money

  • 473. niraj (on Fri Feb 9 08:21:36 2007)
    OK. Someone other than the delusional Danny please respond. Namely, Etienne, do you remember giving my 40 or 50. Again, I'm almost sure it's 40, but Yan is making me ask (I wrote 40 in my spreadsheet when I was collecting). Niraj.

  • 472. danny (on Thu Feb 8 22:11:15 2007)
    Niraj, I remember giving you 70$ this year....we all did!!! Where is our money Mr. Enron $$$$$?????????

  • 471. niraj (on Thu Feb 8 14:33:31 2007)
    Hey guys, I have 40$ written as the entrance fee for the UFHL on the spreadsheet. Yannick is thinking that it was 50$, but I'm pretty sure that it was $40. Can someone kindly confirm. Thanks, Niraj.

  • 470. niraj (on Thu Feb 8 09:34:38 2007)
    Man, this hockey pool is really starting to affect me...I sat Gionta this week and I had a dream that he scored 4 goals (with 3 on the PP) and that really upset me. I woke up this morning and had to convince myself it wasn't true...

  • 469. yannick (on Wed Feb 7 17:56:27 2007)
    l'equipe a danny est en feu: une autre semaine de gagner... je crois que danny part favori pour gagner l'annee prochaine avec tous les keepers incroyable qu'il a...

  • 468. yannick (on Tue Feb 6 11:33:02 2007)
    a titre informatif, il est impossible de voter pour l'option e ou a de la proposition numero 1 et ensuite voter pour l'option a de la proposition numero 2. Si on veut donner $10 a chaque semaine a partir du debut de la saison, nous devons augmenter les frais d'entrer de la ligue a $70 minimum. Si on veut garder les frais d'entrer de la ligue en bas de $70, nous ne pouvons pas donner $10 par semaine pour toute la saison (nous devons commencer plus tard comme par example le 1er janvier). Le but numero un de chaque gerant doit etre de gagner le championnat et de finir premier au classement general.

  • 467. niraj (on Tue Feb 6 11:18:23 2007)
    Nolan, Je fait un deal avec toi. T'ecrit en anglais (et tu me donne Thornton) et je vais ecrire en francais (et je tu donne C.Kelly). Niraj.

  • 466. niraj (on Tue Feb 6 11:15:56 2007)
    Oh yeah, mes reponses: D (100$) B (10$ / semaine a partir de Jan 1); A (pas de gagnant divisionel); C (pas de gagnant pour une section de saison) C (6 keepers max pour tout le monde, irrespective de leur classement finale).

  • 465. niraj (on Tue Feb 6 11:11:47 2007)
    Bao, I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you're not first, you're last. ;-). Seriously, I don't think that there's a big discrepency between 4th and last in a healthy league (def'n of healthy league: No idiot managers and all managers are trading for their own best interests). I think we'll have that next year. Personally, I think you'll be fine for next year. Niraj.

  • 464. jf (on Tue Feb 6 09:20:34 2007)
    Le but c'est de décourager les gars à finir dernier. Donc je ne metterais pas d'incitatif à la médiocrité. Par contre on devrait peut-être donné un coup de main au nouveau gérants. Souvent ils héritent des pires équipes ou n'ont pas compris toutes les subtilité de la ligue. On pourrait penser donner quelques $ d'extra lors de l'encan?

  • 463. bao (on Tue Feb 6 01:08:49 2007)
    Since I'm heading that way: Shouldn't the last team get an edge for the draft... dunno how we can do this for an auction style draft

  • 462. bao (on Tue Feb 6 01:06:31 2007)
    Sorry if I didnt reply for all the trade offers I got for Prucha :) I'm in Cali scouting Thorton and his magnificient turquoise buddies. Since I inherited a team that was going in the wrong direction. I'll have to vote accordingly for next season. e-a-a-c-c

  • 461. yannick (on Mon Feb 5 23:33:03 2007)
    A noter que la page de proposition de changements de reglements est un document dynamique que l'on va changer a mesure que de bonnes propositions seront faites. Vous aurez jusqu'au draft pour faire valoir vos arguments et nous voterons le jour du draft (sans debat, le debat se fera ici).

  • 460. niraj (on Mon Feb 5 23:25:45 2007)
    Nolan, Thornton pour C.Kelly Niraj.

  • 457. yannick (on Mon Feb 5 15:52:07 2007)
    ALL comments since last night were not displayed. sorry about that, there was a bug, but it is now fixed. TOUS les comments depuis hier soir n'ont pas ete inscrit sur la page. desole, le probleme est maintenant resolu. Yannick

  • 459. nolan (on Mon Feb 5 13:19:13 2007)
    Moi j'ai un peu la meme opinion que Étienne... j'aime ben avoir UN gagnant gagner une semaine pour moi ne veux rien dire... Tant qu'a augmenter un peu le prix d'entrée pour ma part ca ne me dérange pas, comme jf dis, ca incitera plus les manager a vérifié leur trade avant déchanger nimporte quoi pour Thornthon je sais que vous le voulez tous, mais il y a un prix a payer :P :P :P :P :P sur ce j'attend vos propositions (Niraj quand je disais de parler francais serais le fun ca implique aussi tes commentaires a toi, j'aime bien suivre les discussion aussi et cest plus facile lorsque cest en francais) merci big

  • 458. danny (on Mon Feb 5 10:28:05 2007)
    Great propositions Yan. This is going to be amazing! Can we start this now!!!:) Answers are: B-A-A-C-D Tx

  • 451. jf (on Sun Feb 4 14:04:00 2007)
    Désollé j'étais partie toute la fin de semaine. Je viens de tout lire ça. Moi je pense aussi que le format pourrait changer un peu. En montant les frais d'entrée c'est certain que ça fait réfléchir les gens. Donc faire un mauvais trade c'est voir plus d'argent s'envollé. Un incitatif à chaque semaine est une bonne solution, ça risque de garder l'interet des manager en position 4-5-6. Donc je suis bien d'accord avec cette règle.

  • 450. danny (on Sun Feb 4 12:43:04 2007)
    That's good for me too! Now we are on to something Doc

  • 449. niraj (on Sat Feb 3 16:39:08 2007)
    Yan, I like your idea about starting the weekly payouts as of January 1st. What do the rest of you think?

  • 448. yannick (on Sat Feb 3 15:48:34 2007)
    a noter qu'il y a un nouvel article sur la page principale.

  • 447. yannick (on Sat Feb 3 15:20:15 2007)
    a $60 et 10 gerants ca donnerais $600. Si on donne $10 par semaine gagner ($260), il reste $340 pour les gagnants. Si on veux reduire les couts de cette mesure, on pourrais commencer a donner $10 par semaine a partir de decembre ou janvier. voici comment, a date, chaque gerant aurait gagner avec $10 par semaine: bao/martin: $0 danny: $10 etienne: $50 hitesh: $10 jf: $30 niraj: $30 nolan: $0 pat: $0 ray: $30 yannick: $10 A noter, que le record pour le plus grand nombre de semaine gagne est de 7 semaines ($70) en une saison, un record detenu par votre humble serviteur: moi en 2003-2004!

  • 446. etienne (on Sat Feb 3 13:26:17 2007)
    Bordel, mes commentaires sont toujours hors-contexte! La motivation ultime c'est gagner! Faut-il resortir les vieux épisodes de Lance et Compte?

  • 445. danny (on Sat Feb 3 13:12:47 2007)
    »Yan...Cé vrai pour le champion des semaines juste 2 X par année. Cest logique que les meneurs vont l'avoir plus souvent. Il faut juste trouver un milieu je crois. A chaque semaine me semble beaucoup! mais ca pourrait ce faire...le gagnant aurait 5$. Cest pas gros mais juste assez pour avoir de l'espoir! Pis 100$ cé trop...50 ou 60$ Max!

  • 444. yannick (on Sat Feb 3 11:51:51 2007)
    niraj, you are right. there was a mistake for vokoun. The official list of salary is available in the "Player Salary List" page and there is a mistake in that page for vokoun. I think it's the only player with a problem, everybody else seems fine.

  • 443. yannick (on Sat Feb 3 11:49:23 2007)
    Niraj, I think $100 is too much. Ray, donc ce que tu proposes c'est d'avoir un classement du 1er octobre au 1er decembre et donner un montant d'argent au gagnant de cette tranche. Suivi d'une autre tranche du 1er decembre au 1er fevrier et donner un montant d'argent au gagnant de cette tranche. Il n'y aurais pas de tranche du 1er fevrier jusqu'a la fin de la saison, seulement le classement general depuis le debut de la saison ou le top 3 gagne un montant d'argent comme maintenant. Is that what you propose?

  • 442. niraj (on Sat Feb 3 11:09:50 2007)
    Yan, I was browsing through Etienne's team and I saw that Vokoun is listed as having another year on his contract (29-32). I then checked Pat's team page and Vokoun is listed as (29), and thus the last year of his contract. I know Vokoun is a non-keeper so something's wrong. There might be other cases like this, but I don't know... Niraj.

  • 441. niraj (on Sat Feb 3 11:02:46 2007)
    What do you guys think about raising the fee to $100 / team and having a 10$ / week prize for weekly rankings? Traduction Pour Nolan: Voulez-vous couchez avec moi? Je tu donneras 100$ et j'ai des coupons de 10$ chaque pour des pipes royales. Niraj.

  • 440. etienne (on Sat Feb 3 10:16:54 2007)
    tu vois, j'ai utilisé les traducteurs sur le web et mes supers commentaires pertinents sont en français, anglais, vietnamien, hindi, allemand! D'ailleurs, je pense faire un recueil avec mes commentaires sur ce forum. Le titre du livre: Pensées d'un champion: reflexions sur les pools de hockey. Un Nobel de littérature assurément! Nolan, je veux Thornton! E

  • 439. niraj (on Sat Feb 3 01:01:31 2007)
    Nolan, Speak Chinese if you want, just trade me Thornton ;-).

  • 438. nolan (on Fri Feb 2 21:18:15 2007)
    J'ai une demande a faire.... tout le monde parle francais alors pourquoi le forum deviendrais pas francophone... on est au québec non ?? merci de votre compréhension pour les idiots qui parle pas anglais super bien P.S. Je fais le message parce Jean-Francois vien me le demander a toutes les semaines,... moi personnellement ca me dérange pas.. :P joke j-f

  • 437. yannick (on Fri Feb 2 20:45:14 2007)
    danny, I don't think "Total weeks won" makes sense, probabilitywise, it will always be one of the top 3 who wins the most weeks. Giving even more money and motivation to the leaders, going against what we are trying to achieve in giving motivation to the bottom managers...

  • 436. niraj (on Fri Feb 2 18:30:00 2007)
    Danny, I forgot to mention that I wanted to raise the entrance fee to 100$. That way 10$ / week * 26 weeks = 260$. A lot would be left for the season winners Your idea also sounds good. I'm glad we're finally able to see eye to eye (now if I can only get you to trade me Simon Gagne for D.Langkow, I'd really like you ;-)). Niraj.

  • 435. danny (on Fri Feb 2 18:26:35 2007)
    Niraj, Your idea of a weekly champ is too much...I winner every week come on! Go buy yourself a " Winner for life " from loto quebec instead...You never know! But a Total Weeks Won "TWM" champ would keep the guys motivated that's true! We could have 2 winners ....one on january 1st and 1 at the end of the year. The % of $$$ won would both be the same and interesting. That i can live with!!! YOUR idea is good Niraj....smart man! Danny.

  • 434. niraj (on Fri Feb 2 11:43:05 2007)
    So, Danny's idea is to give the guys out of the race the most leverage come trade deadline. So here's why I think that doesn't make sense: 1) You need to have a championship caliber team by December, middle of January at the latest. Danny, you made a keeper deal back in November (although, for your team if was obvious you weren't going to finish top 3, so you made a smart move). If we hold off keeper trades until the trade deadline, the top 3 will have little motivation to trade they're best keepers, especially since goaltending categories are very difficult to improve in a short period of time. 2) I have an idea that may be a compromise: What if we give a small prize to the winner of the week? Like 10$. Anyone can do that, no one is going to hold onto non-keepers and it will keep people interested. I'd be willing to do that. Danny, Ray's idea would have been great for a non-keeper league and I think Yan and I should have considered it when we were a non-keeper league. But in a keeper league, it's only going to hurt everyone and essentially turn this back into a non-keeper league. Finally Danny, if your objective is to get paid, I have a really good idea. Why don't we take all the entrance fees and put them in an interest-yielding investment. Then, all the mangers get a monthly payoff. I hate paying everyone. TO be honest, Ricky Bobby's Dad said it best: "Your either first, or your last."

  • 433. danny (on Fri Feb 2 10:56:59 2007)
    AHAH!!! Here we go: Finalement des "threads" constructifs et drôle!!! ( Je parle de celui à Etienne...pas Niraj! ) To answer Ray's Q....Since Niraj doesn't like your idea, i have to go with Ray on this one. Seriously Ray, your idea is great. Having a prize for the first half manager on january 15th and then a prize for the second half manager. This would stop foolish ( rebuilding for next year trade in December ) trades. The keepers would then be exchanged only before the trade deadline. The trade deadline could be pushed up 2 or 3 more week, still leaving a hell for a push from the top managers to win the overall championship! Interest for the entire season would then take center stage from all managers!!! Cause right now, the only fun i'm having is trying to win the weekly ranking...(BTW I WON THIS WEEK!!!LOL). So to summarize, the philosophy of a keepers league is to improve for the following season. Niraj's argument is not relevant because we would only be postponing the " Fire sale of high priced amazing players" keeping this philosophy alive and at the same time, we would probably beat the record of trades in a week, when we near the deadline for trading. But that solution Ray is too hot and action packed for Niraj. Yan could be considering it a bit but we need support from the rest of the league....What does Bao, Pat, JF and the rest of the bunch think? Nolan is with us! Join our movement now everybody.....We will vote at the next draft! Of course, the registration cost for the year should be boosted to around 50$, in order to spread out between champs! Does that represent a problem....I don't think so if we are reasonable. Right now, i dont expect the 3 top managers to vote for this since ther're having fun right now, but for us reconstructing guys it's pretty boring watching the Heads up Poker match since November. Join the www.SaveTheLeague.org ( STL movement ) -After all it's just a game- Doc.

  • 432. etienne (on Fri Feb 2 09:17:33 2007)
    C'est vrai qu'on devrait empêcher les échanges Savard contre Forsberg. (En passant c'est une joke) (By the way it's a joke) (Nhân tiện nó là một lời nói đùa) (शब्दकोष - अंग्रेजी से हिन्दी में अनुवाद) (Nebenbei es ist ein Scherz) Je pense que j'ai fait mon effort pour les accomodements raisonnables!

  • 431. niraj (on Fri Feb 2 09:03:17 2007)
    Oh yeah, I don't think we should implement rules to avoid stupidity from other managers (eg. We set a date where managers can start making keeper trades). That's like putting some HP sauce on a badly burnt steak. The rule may help a little bit, but we'll still have a shit league if we have shitty managers, no matter how many rules we enforce. Btw the shitty managers in this league are: NOTE, NIRAJ'S LIST OF SHITTY MANAGERS HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE OWNER OF THIS SITE

  • 430. niraj (on Fri Feb 2 07:20:44 2007)
    Ray, your idea is counter-keeper league. If you did that, then no one would really want to trade for next year. Personally, I don't think anything is wrong. I would make some adjustments regarding how many keepers a team can keep (I would have it at 6 for everyone), but that's about it. Unless Yan fucks up his draft again (which is entirely possible), he's going to win next year. Anyways, I don't see anything wrong. It's a bit frustrating to watch certain non-keepers go for guys that will never be keepers, but I have to get used to the fact that some managers (Bao) just aren't as knowledgeable as I am ;-). Btw, Yan, is it me or is Leopold starting to look like he has some potential...

  • 429. raymond (on Fri Feb 2 02:19:46 2007)
    I go back to one of my old ideas: 3 prize pools I know Yan and Niraj shot this down but let's see if I can convince Danny. What I mean by 3 prize pools is having a prize for 1st half winners, 2nd half winners and the entire season. So if you get off to a really shitty start, you can plan for the second half of the season as opposed to next year. This should stop keeper trades from happening in November. The problem with this is deciding when the 2nd season begins. I think it's easiest to just come up with a date like Jan 15. The other question is that of prize money. Do we have enough for it to go around? Probably not but we can tackle that another day. I know it's also alot of work for Yan but maybe we can find a way to make it happen. Maybe we have just 1st half and 2nd half - this is just an idea, Niraj - don't get upset. Danny - what do you think?

  • 428. yannick (on Thu Feb 1 18:57:46 2007)
    another example of something we can do is have a minimum date for keeper trades, for example no keeper trade before february 1st. Just another example of things we could do.

  • 427. yannick (on Thu Feb 1 18:51:13 2007)
    Actually, all these trades have to do with the new keeper league system more than with a lack of structure in the league. Back in the day, we used to want to improve our team for the current year, so all trades had to make sense. With the new keeper league system, when a manager decides he has no chance to win, he builds for next year. That generally means doing a fire sale of amazing players for keepers for next year. Unfortunatly, this is teh reality of the keeper league system. But I know what mean danny and it does feel like the far west sometimes! Since this is our league, we can improves the current set of rules if we all find this situation to get out of hands. Pat and I discussed a bit lately about the fact that once you give up on the season, there is no point to try improve your team and still try to finish as high as possible in the ranking. Maybe we need incentives like giving extra free agents to the managers finishing 4th or 5th in the overall ranking. Now, this is just an example, I know some of you will get off track of teh discussion danny has started and discuss this example. This is just an example. All I am saying is we can re-think our whole reward system to keep interest of all managers for the whole year. We can have a system where managers will have to decide between rebuilding for next year and incentive for the current year or the next. But we have to remember that a keeper trade will always be one-sided because why would a manager trade a keeper at normal value when he can keep him for the next year. Reviewing every trade is not the solution, if a manager is happy with the keepers he got, who are we to argue? I paid a very high price, but I am very happy that I got Miller, McCabe and Chara for next year. We should settle this before the draft, cause this will be a very long discussion...

  • 426. danny (on Thu Feb 1 18:18:58 2007)
    We have to admit our league is a free for all concerning trades between managers. Its hard to fine a balance i guess, remember guys wheni used to be dean of discipline ( yes that was an official position in the UFHL ), now we lack structure...We need a solid board that can control these abuses...I guess i was too strick and wanted to keep these kind of trades voidable. On recolte ce qu'on semme!!! Everybody wants to be boss without the consequences, thats why Yan and Niraj threw me out of the discipline board. Today we dont even have a damn board, just poor Yan to decide and do the "Sondage Léger&Léger" technique to see if he should void a trade You guys think he has time to do all this without even saying he wanted this reponsability in the first place.....No! Who does what? In the military when everybody has the same power like 6 generals inthe same room, what happens? ---One gives an order, the other conter-orders, causing disorder and then panic....We all are generals in this league, meaning we are all at the point of PANIC. We must structure the league for next year!!! Doc

  • 425. danny (on Thu Feb 1 18:04:49 2007)
    Week 17 is mine!!!!! Finally win one!!!!

  • 424. jf (on Wed Jan 31 18:00:21 2007)
    Wow! I just read the threads! I guess I have the same point of view as Bao. Since I never gave up on Guerin, but I did gave up on Horton first. Mais j'imagine que c'est moi l'imbécile qui n'est pas capable d'être premier. But I still find it funny to read that, after all the weird transactions that occured this year in this league and I don't need to name one!! JF

  • 423. yannick (on Wed Jan 31 12:07:46 2007)
    what defines a keeper is really a matter of personal opinion. To me, neither horton, stoll, guerin or zherdev are keepers. Guerin has better numbers fantasy wise by the way than horton or stoll. We all thought Nolan was crazy for keeping brind'amour, kozlov and higgins, and they all turned out to be very good players...

  • 422. niraj (on Wed Jan 31 09:26:00 2007)
    oh yeah, and btw, Horton and Stoll have much better stats than Zherdev and Guerin...still, I'm dumbfounded...the only thing that makes sense is that you wanted to help your friend. Otherwise, I really don't get it.

  • 421. niraj (on Wed Jan 31 09:15:44 2007)
    Dude, at least N.Horton and J.Stoll are young NHL'ers that are potential keepers. I'd keep Horton if I could, but I can't. But Guerin and Zherdev??? Neither are keepers...it's just annoying since it seems the only person that benefited was JF and you got nothing in return (+ you gave a free agent)...it just makes no sense man.

  • 420. bao (on Wed Jan 31 09:08:30 2007)
    You can bitch and whine all you want... but Brind'Amour and Huet were publicly available. And I recall a certain Niraj offering only N.Horton or J.Stoll for them... Wait until the two bozos I got get traded to contenders. Anyhow Zherdev could be a keeper if he gets a haircut... --BLT

  • 419. niraj (on Wed Jan 31 00:25:23 2007)
    Bao, WHAT THE FUCK was that bullshit trade for Brind'amour??? I mean shop the guy around or something. I would have offered you something better for him and I know other managers were also interested. It's really frustrating to see a player like that (he's above average) to go for a 4th line Zherdev (who JF was willing to give away) and a washed up Guerin (who you'll NEVER keep). And why the fuck did you give him a free agent??? Seriously, that was a HORRIBLE deal...Yan, since Bao is a rookie, don't we have a no-trade thing with rookies or something...I didn't know impact players were being dealt freely in this league. :-( Niraj.

  • 418. jf (on Tue Jan 30 12:46:19 2007)
    Nikolai Zherdev est a donner presque Gratis pour les intéressé.

  • 417. niraj (on Fri Jan 26 15:29:03 2007)
    Yan, you have no life...

  • 416. yannick (on Fri Jan 26 11:25:10 2007)
    au match des etoiles, voici le classement des masses salariales. C'est sans grandes surprises que les equipes de tetes sont ceux avec la plus grande masse salariale. Etienne est notre George Steinbrener et mene le classement des equipes les plus riches. Mais vous etes tous tres loin de mon record ou j'ai deja depasser les $500 l'annee derniere! 1. etienne total: $378 2. niraj total: $364 3. jf total: $343 4. raymond total: $282 5. nolan total: $199 6. hitesh total: $161 7. danny total: $157 8. yannick total: $155 9. bao total: $151 10.patrick total: $136 a noter que ces chiffres sont disponible sur la page "Team Salary Mass"

  • 415. danny (on Thu Jan 25 18:42:56 2007)

  • 414. yannick (on Thu Jan 25 08:58:20 2007)
    danny, le email de bao est: bltrinh@hotmail.com et il est sur msn messenger avec cette addresse aussi.

  • 413. danny (on Thu Jan 25 08:49:53 2007)
    Anybody know how i can reach the BLT manager bao??? I have an offer for him. Yan i guess you have his number right?

  • 412. etienne (on Tue Jan 23 11:32:05 2007)
    Je pense que je vais y aller avec les Bears. Il faut bien qu'une équipe professionel gagne dans cette ville!

  • 411. danny (on Mon Jan 22 17:24:39 2007)
    What did i tell you!!!!!! Mr Football....Maybe we should do a fantasy draft for football!!! LOL I'm a genius!!! Just like Niraj

  • 410. danny (on Mon Jan 22 17:22:18 2007)
    I say Colts by 4 and the Bears by a blow out for sure.....put your money on that one I only charge 40% of your earning. Doc

  • 409. niraj (on Mon Jan 22 15:19:38 2007)
    Colt are favoured by 7. I think that's way too high... Niraj.

  • 408. etienne (on Mon Jan 22 13:36:41 2007)
    The question: Bears or Colts? Hey Niraj, what are the odds on the game?

  • 407. niraj (on Sun Jan 21 12:44:56 2007)
    Man, I'm sooo glad the all star break is here. My team is definitely pooped out and it shows in various categories. Niraj.

  • 406. niraj (on Sat Jan 20 15:12:47 2007)
    Hey Danny, I'm not worried...especially considering your latest hire ;-). Niraj.

  • 405. danny (on Sat Jan 20 13:53:56 2007)
    Who's your daddy in the Current Weekly ranking Niraj!!! For once i'm in front of you this year...The smoke is clearing!!! Danny.

  • 404. etienne (on Sat Jan 20 12:15:49 2007)
    Est-ce que tu as sacrifié un chèvre pour que tes voeux se réalisent?

  • 403. yannick (on Sat Jan 20 12:04:33 2007)
    I have no regrets trading my best players for rebuilding next season. The hockey gods shown me another clear sign that they wouldn't have let me win anyway. After losing 4 shutouts in the last minute throughout the season, they gave a shutout to Fernandez the very week I traded him. It was just not meant to be this year. Hockey gods, do not forget me next season...

  • 402. niraj (on Fri Jan 19 02:39:38 2007)
    Win, lose or draw for the championship, I'm a genius. Starting Mason over Turco was raw brilliance, raw brilliance indeed. Niraj.

  • 401. niraj (on Thu Jan 18 16:11:32 2007)
    Bobby Holik award could also be known as the Alexei Kovalev award ;-).

  • 400. etienne (on Thu Jan 18 13:50:45 2007)
    Ray should win the Bobby Holik award for the most money spent on a player who doesn't deserve it.

  • 399. yannick (on Thu Jan 18 11:54:12 2007)
    I did what I could to keep the $23 phenom of awfulness in the UFHL, but in the end, his level of suckyness was just too high. Armstrong, the best he can hope for, is to go in the free rounds at the end of the draft!

  • 398. raymond (on Thu Jan 18 10:53:58 2007)
    Guys, really important question that we have to address: Will we ever see Colby Armstrong in the UFHL again? Yesterday, Yan did the unthinkable by firing a $23 player. This violates the "You can't fire a player that went for more than $20" rule. As a result, the following penalty should be applied to Yan's team: One less forward in your starting lineup - as a sign of respect to Armstong. Yan - remove one forward from your starting lineup : )

  • 397. etienne (on Thu Jan 18 08:53:30 2007)
    Danny, Voukoun est à sa dernière année de contrat. Le deal c'est plutôt Toskala contre Crosby. E

  • 396. danny (on Thu Jan 18 08:39:46 2007)
    Keeper trade??? Ya i guess I also understand Crosby is worth a lot more than PM Bouchard, no? The goalies even up almost considering the 19$ edge for toskala. Hey, i'm just saying Etienne is a magicien. From now on, Etienne should be called The "Chris Angel" of hockey. For those who dont know Chris Angel call me up, i'll explain everything!

  • 395. niraj (on Wed Jan 17 16:31:06 2007)
    LMAO Ray...

  • 394. raymond (on Wed Jan 17 16:23:59 2007)
    I see that the Ericksson employees have been very productive today. Can't wait to see their Q1 results lol

  • 393. niraj (on Wed Jan 17 16:04:11 2007)
    Danny, It's called a keeper trade. Would you like the ARMs of the UFHL to write instructions for you??? NIraj.

  • 392. danny (on Wed Jan 17 15:03:32 2007)
    What the hell is the last trade about???? Is this a joke??? It better be!!!!!! Doc

  • 391. niraj (on Wed Jan 17 10:24:24 2007)
    RULE CHANGE DISCUSSION To the anonymous rule makers (ARMs) of the UFHL: I would like to submit 2 requests for rule changes that I believe will make this a better keeper league. Rule change request#1: Reduce the number of keepers for all managers from 10 to 6. My reasoning is that we initially chose 10 keepers because a baseball pool that one of the ARMs of the UFHL was a part of used 10 keepers as its keeper model. I really don't think this works well for us in Hockey. There are sooooo many more keepers in baseball due to the constant calling up of prospects from the minors that really make an immediate impact on a baseball team. I think 6 makes a lot more sense and keeps things competitive for everyone. Has anyone noticed what Yannick's team is going to look like next year with 10 keepers???? I just feel that everyone would have a much better chance at winning and the draft would be much more interesting if we limited our keepers to 6. We also would never have to use the 2 yr 50% rule because we would always have quality players in the draft. Rule change request #2: All managers should have unlimited free agents AND free agents should not have to start the week they are hired. This will allow managers to pick up prospects and evaluate whether they are keepers or not without hurting their club. I remember one ARM of the UFHL saying that picking up prosepects is a lot of fun...it is! What do you guys think???? Again, I'm sure I'll get flack for the reduced keeper thing because I'm in the top 3, but even if I was last I would suggest it (just maybe next year, after the draft ;-)). Niraj.

  • 390. niraj (on Wed Jan 17 10:16:01 2007)
    JF, you're crazy if you're thinking of giving up...come on man.

  • 389. jf (on Wed Jan 17 08:42:35 2007)
    I may have Kovalchuk + Jovanovsky + Ohlund to trade. I start thinking keeping 10 keepers. I seems that my other player don't have any value anyway. Do your offerd

  • 388. yannick (on Tue Jan 16 01:01:47 2007)
    for your information, the trade between hitesh and etienne will stand. there was no dishonesty, it was not a two part trade. It was simply a mistake by hitesh. This isn't ground to void a trade. We all made mistakes and we all wish we could cancel some of the trades we made. Etienne, you are so freaking lucky! Jf, Niraj, watch out, you guys haven't won anything yet, etienne is coming after you guys. You just can't buy that kind of luck...

  • 387. niraj (on Mon Jan 15 21:40:20 2007)
    Etienne, Comment 329 was certainly accurate. Good luck for the rest of the season. Your point about St-Louis is so right as well...that was the dumbest F*cking trade ever (even worse than A.Kovalev for J.Campbell). But, in Ray's defence, none of us really protested that hard because St.Louis was doing nothing at the time. Guess that shows us how much we all know about hockey. Niraj.

  • 386. etienne (on Mon Jan 15 19:55:23 2007)
    As for my thinking that I was out of the race, see comment 329!

  • 385. etienne (on Mon Jan 15 19:52:38 2007)
    Niraj, I don't know if I'll get better next year. I put everything to win this year. But next year, Hossa, Heatley, Gomez, Timonen, Schneider, Kipper, Kariya are all gone. I guess I've been reaping the rewards for a good draft last year, but remember that we didn't have the rule about the limit of keepers for we drafted back then. Also, it was never in my intention to do a second trade with Hitesh to compensate for this one. I'm not a big fan of "future considerations." As for frustration with a player, we could talk to Ray about getting St-Louis cheaper than anything found in a discount store :) Already ready to answer any questions, Etienne

  • 384. hitesh (on Mon Jan 15 19:28:07 2007)
    niraj waiting for your offer/s :)

  • 383. hitesh (on Mon Jan 15 19:27:40 2007)
    i spoke to Yan and he'll talk to ray about the havlat issue. on another note .... Shanahan , Spezza, both ANA goalies are available. send me your offer/s and i'll take the best offer...should have made havlat public also ... oops

  • 382. niraj (on Mon Jan 15 19:13:29 2007)
    Etienne, It's just frustrating to see that despite the keeper system we've employed you managed to not only get better for this year, but get better for next year as well. I'm sure Hitesh was frustrated with Havlat's injuries, but it still doesn't warrant trading him at THAT much of a discount. Anyhow, I really don't mind. I've adapted before and I'll adapt again. Just remember that this trade will be used as an example if another manager were to achieve what you managed to achieve (to reiterate: you improve this year AND you improve next year). However...as I continue to think about this, I'm wondering if we'll see a trade in the near future between you and Hitesh that sees you trading him a keeper for not very much, thus balancing things out. That's the only plausible scenario I see Hitesh making such a deal...if he were to get more later (once you were really convinced that you were out of the race, not that you are). Niraj.

  • 381. etienne (on Mon Jan 15 11:33:49 2007)
    Niraj complaining?!? Does that mean I've outnirajed Niraj?

  • 380. bao (on Mon Jan 15 10:28:10 2007)
    Not to mention that Bieksa is a lot more than just a throw in...

  • 379. niraj (on Mon Jan 15 10:01:47 2007)
    Hitesh, Sorry dude, but wtf kind of trade was that? Havlat is worth keeping even if he's injured half the time. Rolston will never go over a penny more than 10-15$...I don't get that one dude. If you thought Rolston was a keeper you should have been able to get him without trading Havlat. Do you think Juicy Jokinen or Morris are keepers? What were you thinking man...a healthy Havlat is a top 5 forward keeper in the entire league...

  • 378. yannick (on Mon Jan 15 01:08:34 2007)
    where does this rule comes from? I got word that a manager wanted to do that and I called Ray to put in words a rule before any trades like I described happens. Note that it was not in response to Etienne and Hitesh's trade. A case can be made that Rolston is a keeper... personally I wouldn't keep Rolston, I don't think a forward that is not a point-a-game is a keeper. Now if the whole league doesn't believe Rolston is a keeper, then we can ask Hitesh for explanations. There is a possibility that the demand for Hitesh's player was not high and that he prefered Rolston to nobody (which I would understand from a rebuilding point-of-view). The other question is: is Havlat a keeper? If he plays a complete season, he definitly is, but he seems to be the new Forsberg (always injured). Anyway, we all have to keep in mind that a keeper trade is a one-way trade for the guy giving the keeper, or else why would he trade the keeper! The idea is that the better the quality/price ratio is, the higher the price for that keeper should be (see what I gave to get Miller, I wasn't the only manager after him). Niraj, to answer your question, I don't think we should trade for cash just yet. I would wait another year before asking the question again. I think we have to settle down our keepers' rules before going into trading cash. Danny, I think we'll have many good players available for this draft (jagr, kipper, to name a few) thanks to the rule where we asked managers to slash the last year of contract of half the keepers before last draft. We will have to evaluate if need to re-apply this measure this year or if we'll have enough good players for the 2008 draft. Our goal is that every manager has a legitimate chance of winning the championship every year. That is why we introduced the rule that the top 3 can keep maximum 5 players last september.

  • 377. danny (on Sun Jan 14 18:14:16 2007)
    Yan, Question!!! Es-ce que tu passe ce nouveau règle suite a l'échange de poubelle que Etienne a fait pour recevoir des Top Star pour finir la saison??? Car, je trouve que cest exactement ce que tu décrit...NON? Dont you guys think that Hitesh gave top Players for Not too much? As for Niraj, im sorry dude for the late feedback on the keepers rule but i just read the post.....and basically we have to put an end to your carnage!!! With your stacked up team and all the wheeling and dealing you illegally you did last year ( this year too! ), we have to start over cleanly. We have to have some top players available for next year... and you have'em all...So i vote to keep 5 for the top 3 and that my point of view!!! Lets keep this league fun, competitive and fair for all! Lets continue to evolve in the right direction please. Thats my bottom line. Oh...and the last 3 can keep as many players they want... and they have 3 free picks in the next draft....and all managers must give these 3 managers one of there top PP scorers, or best D or 2nd goalie.... THIS WILL BE FAIR AND MAYBE...JUST MAYBE I'LL WIN !!!!! THATs FAIR!! Doc

  • 376. niraj (on Sun Jan 14 17:24:55 2007)
    To the Anonymous Rule Makers of the UFHL: Can we include draft cash in a trade? Niraj.

  • 375. niraj (on Sun Jan 14 17:22:19 2007)
    Who came up with the gay idea in the first place? Niraj.

  • 374. yannick (on Sun Jan 14 00:59:40 2007)
    ==> AMMENDEMENTS AUX REGLEMENTS DES ECHANGES <== ==> CHANGES TO RULES CONCERNING TRADES <== ------------------------------------------------ Puisque nous sommes dans une ligue de keepers qui en est a ses debuts, des changements de reglements sont necessaires a quelques occasions pour eviter le chaos dans la ligue et maintenir l'integrite de la ligue et le plaisir d'y participer. En consequent, apres avoir discuter avec Ray, notre cher commissaire, nous nous devons d'ajuster les reglements des echanges. Il est, a partir de maintenant, interdit de faire des echanges en deux parties (ou echanges differes). Ce qui veut dire qu'un gerant (appelons-le X) ne peut pas echanger des superstars contre des joueurs poubelles au gerant Y, et que le gerant Y donne un keeper plus tard au gerant X pour completer l'echange, et ce, meme si la deuxieme echange est annoncer a l'avance aux gerants. Ce type d'echange mettrait le chaos dans la ligue et il deviendrait impossible de gerer la ligue correctement. TOUT ECHANGE DE KEEPER(S), DOIT AU MOINS CONTENIR UN KEEPER, en d'autres mots, l'echange doit faire du sens. S'il y a un echange prevu d'avance entre deux gerants, l'echange doit faire du sens au moment qu'elle est entrer sur le site web. Pour ceux qui ne comprenne pas ce que je veux dire, voici un example. Je vais prendre l'echange que Niraj et moi avons fait et la modifier pour les fins de l'exemple. Si Yannick aurait donner Selanne (non-keeper) et Gionta (non-keeper) a Niraj pour Hartnell (non-keeper) et 1 FA, et qu'a la date limite des echanges je donne Fernandez (non-keeper) pour Miller (keeper), de sorte que Niraj beneficie de selanne et gionta pendant deux mois tout en beneficiant des prouesses de Miller sans l'avoir donner immediatement en echange, ce type d'echange en deux parties est formellement interdit. Il faut que chaque echange fasse du sens. (The english version will be shorter, if you don't understand don't hesitate to contact Ray or me). Basically it is forbidden to make a trade in two parts (differed trades). You cannot make one part of a trade today and make the other part of the trade two months later, so that one manager can benefit the addition of superstars without giving up anything for a good part of the season. Every keeper trade must include at least one keeper and every trade must make sense.

  • 373. jf (on Fri Jan 12 16:00:55 2007)
    Nice pick Hitesh, I look at him for 3 days now. Too much hesitation don`t pay!

  • 372. etienne (on Fri Jan 12 07:37:33 2007)
    The Finn connection had a strong night! I can use those two wins!

  • 371. niraj (on Fri Jan 12 00:04:57 2007)
    It's so fucking annoying that Luongo and Turco got blown out tonight...oh well, it's rare that these two goalies have two bad nights in a row, but still...FUCK!

  • 370. niraj (on Thu Jan 11 09:22:43 2007)
    yeah, I had lost 2 in the final minute with Miller when he was on my team as well. Well, you know that there's one other goalie that used to be the same way: M.Brodeur...he ALWAYS used to allow a goal in the final 2 minutes. So next year, Miller will probably be amazing... Niraj.

  • 369. yannick (on Wed Jan 10 23:22:12 2007)
    the story of my season, this is my 4th shutout lost in the final minute this season... unf#*&ing believable...

  • 368. niraj (on Wed Jan 10 22:42:18 2007)
    Yan, I was just about to write how much of an asshole you were for Miller getting a shutout. I can't believe he allowed a SHG with less than 1 minute to play. Insane!!! I was going to be sooo mad...maybe the Gods are smiling down upon me this year... Sorry btw :-(. Niraj.

  • 367. niraj (on Wed Jan 10 09:18:36 2007)
    If Bao is calling his team BLT, my team will change names to: "The Chicken McNuggets" ;-). Btw, does anyone want Chris Clark? Another 2 pts from him last night! Niraj.

  • 366. bao (on Tue Jan 9 22:21:39 2007)
    The BLT sandwich is like the perfect fantasy team. You need well-aged veterans, fresh rookies and players in their prime. Seems like my team has only rotten tomatoes and the bacon has gone bad. --Bao

  • 365. yannick (on Tue Jan 9 16:55:07 2007)
    BLT? Bacon Lettuce Tomatoes?

  • 364. etienne (on Tue Jan 9 16:29:37 2007)
    sounds like a McDonald's burger.... Welcome! Etienne

  • 363. niraj (on Tue Jan 9 15:23:48 2007)
    Bao, BLT...what kind of team name is that!? You need something vicious, ferocious, something like...Archangels...too bad, it's already taken ;-). What's your email address...I may be willing to acquire some of your non-keepers. Niraj.

  • 362. raymond (on Tue Jan 9 13:30:54 2007)
    Welcome Bao! I hope you enjoy the UFHL experience!

  • 361. bao (on Tue Jan 9 13:24:06 2007)
    Second order of business... This is the list of players that have shown no interest to continue with our organisation. We "BLT" are awaiting offers: Tkachuk, Keith Brind'amour, Rod Huet, Cristobal

  • 360. bao (on Tue Jan 9 13:19:24 2007)
    First order of business... relocate team to new arena with new name... My team shall be known as "BLT". This recognizes the initials of the team's owner. We would like to thank Sweetteam's management team for it's years (months) of service.

  • 359. niraj (on Tue Jan 9 11:28:13 2007)
    My asking price for C.Clark has now gone down. If anyone wants C.Clark for 1 f.a., he's yours (you can even enter the trade...I give automatic approval!) Niraj.

  • 358. bao (on Mon Jan 8 23:08:48 2007)
    Niraj, Being in the back of the pack, I can clearly see all yo asses... JF, Merci... I'll be going after some of your players soon... --Bao

  • 357. jf (on Mon Jan 8 19:27:45 2007)
    Salut Bao, bienvenue, je suis certain que tu vas aimer ce pool. Si t'as besoin de conseil ou d'opinion, ne te gêne pas, passe moi voir.

  • 356. niraj (on Mon Jan 8 17:39:12 2007)
    Bao, welcome to the league. Yan, has he gone through initiation yet (he has to tattoo the UFHL logo on his ass cheeks. UF on the left cheek and HL on the right)? Bao, if you don't believe me, ask Yannick if you can look at his ass. Niraj.

  • 355. yannick (on Mon Jan 8 16:05:04 2007)
    ANNONCE IMPORTANTE: <-- ================== Suite au depart de Martin, nous avons trouver un nouveau gerant pour prendre controle de la franchise laisser vacante par Martin. Joignez-vous a moi pour souhaiter la bienvenue a Bao-Long Trinh. Bao est un mordu de hockey et va prendre le restant de l'annee pour apprendre le fonctionnement de la ligue et essayer de rebatir la concession en vue de s'attaquer au championnat des la saison prochaine. Son nom d'usager est "bao". Please join me in welcoming Bao as the new manager in the UFHL. He is taking immediatly control of the franchise left by Martin.

  • 354. niraj (on Mon Jan 8 11:45:57 2007)
    JF, honestly dude, I know I made a strong move but you really should consider that anything can happen in the league. I've built super clubs in the past that have not come close to winning because I didn't have luck by my side (injuries, no-name free agents on other teams playing really well, etc.) Don't quit. You're not far.

  • 353. jf (on Sun Jan 7 19:32:45 2007)
    That's it, it's over for me. Congratulation Niraj, nice win. JF

  • 352. yannick (on Sat Jan 6 18:17:13 2007)
    in case someone's wondering what the hell I just did, I'm playing for next year and miller was the best keeper goalie available.

  • 351. yannick (on Fri Jan 5 18:06:36 2007)
    => ANNONCE IMPORTANTE / IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT <= ================================================= Martin a decider de prendre sa retraite de la UFHL. Ca faisait plus d'un mois qu'il n'avait pas toucher a son equipe et on se demandait s'il etait encore interesser a participer a la ligue. J'ai discuter avec lui aujourd'hui et il m'a indiquer qu'il n'avait tout simplement pas le temps de s'occuper son equipe et qu'il ne serait pas de retour avec nous l'annee prochaine. Puisque nous sommes dans une ligue de keeper, il est mieux qu'il abandonne son equipe des maintenant pour qu'un nouveau gerant puisse se familiariser avec la ligue et puisse rebatir pour l'annee prochaine. Nous remercions Martin pour son passage dans la ligue. Je vais envoyer un autre message bientot pour indiquer ce qui va se passer avec son equipe pour le restant de l'annee. Just to let you guys know that Martin has decided to leave the UFHL. He said that he simply didn't have enough time to take care of his team and indicated that he wouldn't be back next year. Since we're in a keepers' league, it was better for the league that he leaves now to give the chance to a new manager to familiarize himself with the league and build for next year. We thank Martin for his passage in the UFHL. Details of what will happen with his team will follow shortly.

  • 350. niraj (on Fri Jan 5 16:41:17 2007)
    Total domination by Team Canada...just how I like it! Niraj.

  • 349. jf (on Fri Jan 5 13:04:11 2007)
    Bon, je vais essayer de donner mon point de vue avec des arguements. Moi je pense que limiter le nombre de keepers pour le top 3 est une bonne façon d'aider aux équipes les plus basse au classement pour l'année suivante. Dans la LNH il y a le Cap et les choix au repêchage inversé qui aide les équipes les plus faibles. Dans la UFHL il n'y a pas de repêchage et le Cap est lors du repêchage. En gros on est jamais pris avec de gros salaire à payer. Ceci dit, je suis d'accord que naturellement les meneurs devraient basser leurs nombre de keepers, mais ça n'aide pas les équipe plus faible. Parce que de très bons joueurs, mais surpayé l'année d'avant seront disponibles. Donc si on enlève cette règle il faudrait peut-être penser à une autre solution, baisser l'argent disponible du top 3 lors du repêchage par example. JF

  • 348. niraj (on Fri Jan 5 12:31:30 2007)
    Guys, I would like to discuss the keeper rules for the top 3. Here are my arguments. What do you all think? The more I think about it, the more I think that having any limitations at all on the number of keepers the top 3 should keep. Here's why: 1) Shouldn't the number of keepers for the top 3 teams get reduced naturally anyways throughout the course of the season? I mean, I am most definitely going to trade some keepers for some quality non-keeper players so that I have my best shot to win. So naturally, I'm not going to keep 10. If it happens that i have an amazing draft and can win anyways, that's just luck which most likely won't repeat itself next year anyways (look at ALL the cheap busted keepers from last year: Staal, Gerber, Morrow, Hemsky, Zidlicky, Hamrlik, Demitra, Svatos, Redden, P.Mara, Prospal, Boyes, B.Seabrooke, Jovo, Ohlund, Gionta, Cheechoo, Gagne, and those were only the cheap ones!). 2) Forcing the top 3 teams to get their keeper limit down to 5 takes A LOT of the strategy out of play AND devalues the keepers that the top 3 have. Yan, don't you remember when we were in the race to win in baseball all the discussions we had about whether to trade a keeper or not to. And, if other managers know that I have to trade a keeper anyways, my offers for these players will be a lot lower. 3) The top 3 in the UFHL got to keep 10 keepers last year. I don't think it's fair that Etienne gets to keep 10 players and the top 3 only get to keep 5. This is actually really stupid and alters the balance of competition in the league. In the end, I think this actually hurts the league more than it helps it. On the surface, you think that this will help prevent a dynasty, but we always assume that performance this year = performance next year, which is hardly ever true. There are only a handful of cheap players that were keepers that are performing very well: V.Kozlov, Higgins, M.Savard, O.Jokinen, D.Boyle, T.Kaberle, V.Toskala, C.Huet, P.Marleau, Selanne, Kariya, Interesting...that works out to 1 per mananger, I think that's fine. I really think we should change this rule for this year and revert to what it was. No one in the top 3 has made trades for next year, so there's no harm in changing it now. And Yan, your point of changing the rule next year should be based on common sense. Had 1 mgr in the top 3 started to trade away a lot of keepers for this-year players, I would agree that we can't change the rule in season. Since that hasn't happened, I think we have an opportunity to right a wrong. I don't think it's fair that last year's top 3 got to keep 10, so I don't think it's fair that this year's top 3 get to only keep 5. Seriously, that's just retarded...I can't believe none of us saw this when we came up with the stupid rule.

  • 347. niraj (on Fri Jan 5 11:34:11 2007)
    Did you guys see that gaffe by P.Stefan last night??? Man, poor guy. If you missed it, it's on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDbEX666G3Y poor guy...it really wasn't his fault. Niraj.

  • 346. etienne (on Fri Jan 5 11:23:29 2007)
    What does Ovechkin knows about hockey pools anyway?

  • 345. raymond (on Fri Jan 5 08:52:13 2007)
    Actually, I did hear that interview: Ovechkin spoke alot about how Markov can defend against him... I hesitated a long time before making the deal but I felt that I had to make a move...

  • 344. niraj (on Thu Jan 4 19:44:52 2007)
    Actually, I didn't hear that interview Danny. But thanks for letting me know about it now. It makes me feel better about the deal ;-). Niraj.

  • 343. danny (on Thu Jan 4 18:06:41 2007)
    Just think you gave a lot Ray. Remember what Ovechkin said last week! " Andre Markov is one of the best D in the NHL...He does everything on the ice" I guess you didnt hear that interview....Niraj did i'm sure!

  • 342. jf (on Thu Jan 4 17:51:35 2007)
    Markov va se faire blessé par Oveshkin ce soir! ;) Nice move Ray!

  • 341. raymond (on Wed Jan 3 22:44:25 2007)
    Whitney (D) - 23 pts

  • 340. raymond (on Wed Jan 3 22:40:20 2007)
    Hey Danny, I'm really curious to know how you interpreted the trade. Basically I got Whitney and Keith for Markov. I had to make a move on my D...

  • 339. niraj (on Wed Jan 3 22:34:26 2007)
    btw, Markov has 25 pts.

  • 338. niraj (on Wed Jan 3 22:34:04 2007)
    Danny, you're alive! Good to hear from you. Anyways, the reason why Ray did the trade was because he needed free agents to hire D.Keith (D) from Chicago. I like Whitney a lot (22 pts) but I was willing to do it as Markov plays for the Habs and I wanted someone from the hometown team. Really though, the difference between Whitney and Markov is marginal...I gave Ray the free agent because I wanted Markov.

  • 337. danny (on Wed Jan 3 21:41:45 2007)
    I dont believe this is a fair trade.....Actually it smells like.... Another Niraj and friends trade. Whats a matter Niraj, still not convinced you'll win! Thank God i'm not in the race for first....Jf wake up and make a complaint I cant see a reasonable explanation for this trade...Just like last year. But hey, i dont know shit this year! Ya tu quelqu'un qui trouve l'échange de Ray avec Super Niraj logique Si Oui qui? et et pourquoi? Ya tu quelqu'un de d'accord avec moi? Cé pour ca que je gagnerai jamais dans cette ligue...L'intérêt de la ligue, lorsqu'elle est en question.....Ben Niraj a toujours raison. No hard feelings Niraj, i just dont think these kinds of trades should be accepted in our league.

  • 336. niraj (on Wed Jan 3 19:29:07 2007)
    Yannick, I was indeed. But it was either him, C.Clark (who is playing well with Ovechkin) or S.Hartnell (top 5 PPG man in the league!), so I had no choice. Anyone who picks him up at the right time will have a real steal on their hands. Niraj.

  • 335. raymond (on Wed Jan 3 18:32:43 2007)
    Yup, I hung on to the druken Bell for as long as I could...and yes Armstrong is next. Who wants the $23 strong man?

  • 334. yannick (on Wed Jan 3 18:23:27 2007)
    niraj, how do you go from: "J.Lupul (F) EDM (I may be a bit more reluctant to trade him)" to firing his ass 4 hours later? were you that reluctant?

  • 333. yannick (on Wed Jan 3 18:21:30 2007)
    I didn't think I'd see that in my lifetime, but Ray finally fired Mark Bell! It must have been difficult for you to do that ... $16 down the toilet! who's next, colby armstrong?

  • 332. niraj (on Wed Jan 3 11:31:16 2007)
    hi guys, OK, the following players are available for cheap prices: B.Seabrooke (D) Chicago P.Ranger (D) TB J.Lupul (F) EDM (I may be a bit more reluctant to trade him) C.Clark (F) Was (I may be a bit more reluctant to trade him) S.Hartnell (F) Nas (PP Machine) Niraj.

  • 331. niraj (on Wed Jan 3 11:18:41 2007)
    Hi guys, Does anyone want B.Seabrooke, a good young 'd' from Chicago for 1 f.a.? Lupul may also be available, but I still think the kid is going to be a keeper for someone. Niraj.

  • 330. niraj (on Sun Dec 31 15:53:56 2006)
    Happy new year everyone! All the best in 07 (yes, even you JF ;-)). niraj.

  • 329. etienne (on Thu Dec 28 12:36:49 2006)
    Yeah Niraj, you haven't won yet. Kipper is on a slide but when it's over, beware! e

  • 328. jf (on Wed Dec 27 20:27:25 2006)
    Merci père Noel pour m'avoir apporté mon cadeau de noel. Mais j'avais demandé ce cadeau pour le mois d'Avril (1ière Place ). Espèrons que ce cadeau est là pour durer! ;)

  • 327. niraj (on Wed Dec 27 18:38:50 2006)
    Yannick, you hypocrite. Before the game with Aebisher, we saw a game with Buffalo and Miller in nets and you did the same thing!!! The Aebisher thing was in retaliation for the Miller thing...we're even, square, egale, tied! We'll see what happens at the end of the year I guess... Niraj.

  • 326. yannick (on Wed Dec 27 18:20:34 2006)
    niraj, when we saw a game at the bell center earlier this year and aebischer was in net, he had a shutout going into the third period. You jinxed it by saying he had his shutout already. seriously, your team is amazing. today is just a bump in the road ...the road to the championship ;)

  • 325. niraj (on Wed Dec 27 18:17:10 2006)
    Dear managers who think I won the championship already, Please take a look at the rankings. Please stop saying I've won when I haven't won anything...seriously. Niraj.

  • 324. danny (on Wed Dec 27 09:56:04 2006)
    Sorry Niraj....I cant....But it's a great idea!!! How long is the drive down?

  • 323. niraj (on Tue Dec 26 19:08:47 2006)
    Hey guys, I was reading an article and I came up with this idea: Does anyone want to go down to Pittsburgh on Saturday, February 3, to watch the Pens vs. the Caps. I think it would be an awesome time, especially considering the team may very well leave Pittsburgh and this may be the last time we see Crosby as a Pen. Anybody interested? Niraj.

  • 322. jf (on Mon Dec 25 22:49:44 2006)
    joyeux noel et bonne annee a tous.

  • 321. raymond (on Mon Dec 25 15:39:38 2006)
    Dear Santa, For Christmas, I would like: 1) Colby Armstrong to justify his $23 purchase price - by getting at least 23 points 2) Mark Bell to stop taking down shooters and focus on shooting the puck into the net 3) A healthy groin for Marian Gaborik I know you're really busy today so I'd settle for # 3. Thanks Santa!

  • 320. etienne (on Mon Dec 25 13:44:50 2006)
    Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

  • 319. niraj (on Mon Dec 25 09:20:38 2006)
    Yannick is always trying to jinx me...it's so not in the spirit of Festivus! Remember, anything can happen in the last half of the season (remember the last 5 weeks last year!!!) Niraj.

  • 318. yannick (on Sun Dec 24 18:49:31 2006)
    Joyeux Noel a tous meme si je ne domine pas encore au classement... ce qui devrait arriver tot ou tard ...la saison prochaine... Joyeux championnat a Niraj (qui a pratquement deja gagne avec son equipe de fou!) For those who don't celebrate christmas "Happy Festivus" (those who know seinfeld will get this joke...)

  • 317. niraj (on Sun Dec 24 11:53:23 2006)
    Merry Xmas to you to Danny. All the best to you and Djilly in the new year. niraj.

  • 316. danny (on Fri Dec 22 16:23:33 2006)
    Merry X mas to all!!!! I wanted to be the first in something this year!! Serenity, wisdom and courage is the key to success but no in the UFHL Remember that Niraj. Yé...

  • 315. jf (on Fri Dec 22 11:06:29 2006)
    Wow! Il commence a y avoir de la congestion en haut du classement.

  • 314. jf (on Wed Dec 20 18:16:41 2006)
    Hahahaha! Yes I do Niraj, I want you to push up to protect my 2nd place! ;) I vote for option 2 also, bon compromis.

  • 313. niraj (on Wed Dec 20 18:13:05 2006)
    Blockbuster deal between The Archangels and The Untouchables...looks like JF is throwing in the towel... Niraj.

  • 312. jf (on Wed Dec 20 17:49:00 2006)
    Somoene want's one of those guys for a FA? Guerin Horton Vermette

  • 311. danny (on Tue Dec 19 18:20:37 2006)
    OK with option 2 yan!

  • 310. niraj (on Tue Dec 19 16:44:13 2006)
    Option 2 is fine. HP, where you been? Working on an hp? (get it...you're HP is for you and hp is little you!) Niraj.

  • 309. etienne (on Tue Dec 19 14:43:11 2006)
    I didn't know Hewlett-Packard was on the move ???

  • 308. yannick (on Tue Dec 19 14:29:59 2006)
    guys, we need to decide on the trade deadline this year. The reason why I ask is because this year the NHL trade dealine is much earlier than usual, it is february 27th. Note that the season ends on April 8th. So here are the choices for trade deadline: 1) wednesday february 28th (to be in line with the nhl) 2) wednesday march 7th (one month before the season ends) 3) wednesday march 14th (2 weeks after the NHL deadline) option 2 seems the most reasonable to me. Is it all ok with you guys?

  • 307. yannick (on Tue Dec 19 14:21:23 2006)
    glad to see you're still alive Hitesh! up to now you were in nomination for the "Casper the Ghost" award!

  • 306. hitesh (on Tue Dec 19 13:12:51 2006)
    champ your next !!!!

  • 305. hitesh (on Tue Dec 19 13:01:10 2006)
    watch out HP on the move

  • 304. niraj (on Mon Dec 18 16:37:10 2006)
    You know, the stupid Yahoo "Hot / Not" thing REALLY sucks. Phillipe Boucher is one of the hottest PLAYERS if not the hottest defenceman in the league right now (with Souray), but he's not even mentioned. What a shitty app!

  • 303. niraj (on Mon Dec 18 14:08:03 2006)
    Hey Danny, Man, I hate to say it, but I think you're cursed. Insane how he's underperformed once he entered your team. Keep your spirits up buddy...you're a MUCH better manager than your ranking shows (I probably hate negotiating with you the most).

  • 302. danny (on Mon Dec 18 11:21:19 2006)
    Hey Niraj, Still think my Norrena pick up was a good idea? 10 goales allowed in 2 games.....Amazing! Actually, i think that helped my average for this year. There all helpless loosers!

  • 301. nolan (on Thu Dec 14 11:52:51 2006)
    oui je sais ben men, mais bon ca fais aucune différence ... entk regarder ca.. mais je trouverais ca platte étant donné quil ny a aucune différence dans mes choix, les matchs était pas commancer... et cest pas comme si je bataillais pour la premiere place... la je dirais rien et oui cest ma compagnie No

  • 300. niraj (on Thu Dec 14 01:14:07 2006)
    Nolan, you know the rules buddy...sorry you feel asleep. Btw, noheroesclothing.com looks really awesome dude...is that your own company? Niraj.

  • 299. nolan (on Thu Dec 14 00:41:53 2006)
    ben ouiiii malkin -2 0 pts quand son équipe marque 8 buts... quand ca va ben ca va ben en passant jai fais mon line up a 7h22... je me suis endormi..est ce que ca cause un probleme ?? merci de dire non lol

  • 298. etienne (on Tue Dec 12 12:53:13 2006)
    Phil Kessel atteint d’un cancer Les collègues du Boston Globe dévoilaient ce matin que l’absence de Kessel et son hospitalisation étaient attribuables à un cancer d’un testicule et qu’il avait subi une intervention chirurgicale dès lundi. Aucun autre détail n’a pour le moment été dévoilé. crazy stuff....

  • 297. yannick (on Mon Dec 11 16:02:39 2006)
    in case anyone asks the question, it is illegal to trade for money for next year draft...

  • 296. etienne (on Mon Dec 11 15:33:55 2006)
    Does he come with a get out a jail free card?

  • 295. raymond (on Mon Dec 11 14:59:52 2006)
    Ding Ding Ding!!! Who wants Mark Bell? This power forward has been in a slump but SJ is trying to increase his offensive production by possibly playing him on the point during the PP. He started the season on the #1 line and hopefully will find himself back there soon. There are 3 options to acquire him, the asking price is one of: A)Your best goal scorer B)$16 at next year's draft C)1 FA I'll except any of those options, even option C : )

  • 294. hitesh (on Mon Dec 11 09:11:28 2006)
    I reserve bondra

  • 293. niraj (on Sun Dec 10 23:44:37 2006)
    Hey Danny, Nice pickup with Norrena. I would have sooner, but I have too many goalies ;-). Hope your luck turns around with him... Niraj.

  • 292. yannick (on Sun Dec 10 21:21:17 2006)
    hitesh, as stated many times, you have to free up a spot in your team when you reserve a player on this board. Until you free a spot on your team, bondra is available to any others.

  • 291. hitesh (on Sun Dec 10 17:29:00 2006)
    i reserve bondra

  • 290. niraj (on Sun Dec 10 12:20:36 2006)
    Danny, you're so unlucky with the UFHL your keyboard's space bar never seems to work whenever you post a comment here. I feel for you man...

  • 289. danny (on Sun Dec 10 11:38:04 2006)
    Your.guys.are.so.unlucky..... Ive.got.37pts.this.week...my.name.is.Niraj....I.cry.all.the.time..I'm.so unlucky...I.have.nothing.but.bad.luck!!! Try.having.my.team.for.a.week.and.you'll.know.what.BAD.Luck.is!!! It's.drivin.me.nuts.to.listen.to.this.crap

  • 288. niraj (on Fri Dec 8 12:20:30 2006)
    They're just teasing me ;-). Niraj.

  • 287. etienne (on Fri Dec 8 11:46:36 2006)
    Well, the Gods made you reach first place...

  • 286. niraj (on Thu Dec 7 22:43:31 2006)
    No Etienne...you own the Gods...Lecavelier, 3G 2A. I have nothing but bad luck :-(. Niraj.

  • 285. etienne (on Thu Dec 7 10:22:11 2006)
    The UFHL Gods are in Niraj's team this year. Hope I didn't jinx anyone ;) e

  • 284. niraj (on Wed Dec 6 11:58:27 2006)
    forgot to mention Ozo is playing 4 games this week. So, if anyone wants S.Ozolinsh for 1 f.a., just make the deal, I accept automatically. Niraj.

  • 283. niraj (on Wed Dec 6 11:57:14 2006)
    hey guys, Anyone want S.Ozolinsh for 1 f.a.? I'm firing him and if someone wants him, just make the deal, I accept automatically (S.Ozolinsh for 1 f.a.) Niraj.

  • 282. niraj (on Tue Dec 5 19:08:58 2006)
    Yeah...why not...maybe he could be good...I guess we'll see... Niraj.

  • 281. etienne (on Mon Dec 4 11:16:33 2006)
    So Niraj, you're taking a chance on Kozlov?

  • 280. etienne (on Fri Dec 1 08:11:42 2006)
    Marian Hossa, ça me dit aussi quelque chose.... ah oui! il était actif!

  • 279. jf (on Fri Dec 1 07:49:10 2006)
    Game winner ( Arnasson - Getzlav ) Arnasson 2b -1p Hejduk 1b -1p Cammaleri 1b -1p Guerin 2b Me semble que ces noms là me dise quelque chose? Ha oui ils sont tous dans mon équipe ou était, mais ne sont pas activé! Chriss de mauvaise soirée!

  • 278. niraj (on Thu Nov 30 21:43:53 2006)
    Ray, You started M.Smith over Emery / Gerber??? wtf??? Is there something you know about M.Smith that I don't? Niraj.

  • 277. niraj (on Wed Nov 29 01:54:34 2006)
    hey ray, Want Mason for Colby? I'm not sure I would do it but... P.S. (add Alfredsson and I would really consider it)

  • 276. raymond (on Tue Nov 28 23:34:50 2006)
    Colby! Colby!

  • 275. jf (on Tue Nov 28 11:41:41 2006)
    Shut up, I don't want to know about this. Imagine if I havn't touch my defense + Souray + Schneider!!

  • 274. etienne (on Mon Nov 27 22:30:48 2006)
    Schneider has given me the rarest thing in the world, the defense shorthanded game winning goal!

  • 273. etienne (on Sun Nov 26 17:44:49 2006)
    I rehire Ryan Suter Etienne

  • 272. raymond (on Sun Nov 26 16:39:32 2006)
    *************** sanctions against etienne ************** Following the hiring of Ryan Suter and the return of Khabibulin from the IR, the total number of players in Etienne's team went up to 27 the limit being 26). The following penality is imposed to Etienne: 1) Ryan Suter is being removed from Etienne's team and is back in the pool of available players 2) the total of free agents remains the same as after hiring Ryan Suter 3) Etienne will have only 5 defensemen active for the current week of activity. Note that it's the same penality applied in such circumstances since the beginning of the UFHL.

  • 271. martin (on Sun Nov 26 14:14:55 2006)

  • 270. etienne (on Sat Nov 25 12:31:11 2006)
    Thanks for the feedback! And if you hadn't missed the Montreal-Ottawa game last year, it would probably be in your top 3! E

  • 269. niraj (on Sat Nov 25 12:12:34 2006)
    Hey guys, Just writing in from LA. My cousin and I went to the Ducks vs. Devils game yesterday afternoon. I was SOOOO impressed by the stadium and the fans. I've been to a few buildings in the NHL, and I have to say that this one is one of the loudest (potentially louder than Montreal even!) The arena (Honda Centre) is unbelievable. The game, was probably the best game I have ever seen. Sooo many scoring chances and that goal by Gionta was probably one of the top 3 goals I have ever seen live. We're going to try and catch a few more Ducks games before I leave (Tuesday morning), but seriously, if any of you have a chance to watch a game in Anaheim, I strongly recommend it. Niraj.

  • 268. danny (on Fri Nov 24 01:42:16 2006)
    Sounds like a job for Nolan!!!!

  • 267. yannick (on Thu Nov 23 17:17:52 2006)
    ray a cunt, niraj an asshole, all we're missing is a dick!

  • 266. raymond (on Thu Nov 23 17:04:10 2006)
    Yan's the comish (I think) Niraj you asshole, why you calling me a cunt? As for Forsberg, he's been injured since last season. It's up to him, the coach and the Philly doctors to decide if can play or not. But these are the same Philly doctors that handled the Lindros concussions...

  • 265. martin (on Thu Nov 23 16:07:34 2006)

  • 264. danny (on Thu Nov 23 15:46:43 2006)
    Nolan, pas de ma faute si Forsberg a décider de pas jouer LA game d'hier èa la dernièere minute Il avait des raideurs au dos... Malheureurement, je ne suis pas un voyant et prédire ses spasmes. Je te mets au défi de trouver un journal ou article qui dit que Forsberg était blessé avec la game d'hier. Impossible pour moi de savoir ca!!! De toute facon, il va surment jouer la prochaine game...Yé meme pas sur le injury list du club. Sorry le gros!!! Danny

  • 263. niraj (on Thu Nov 23 12:59:05 2006)
    Who's the commissioner? Ray, you're a cunt. You will suffer greatly. Niraj.

  • 262. etienne (on Thu Nov 23 09:29:23 2006)
    Nolan, la décision de Forsberg de ne pas jouer n'était pas certaine avant 19:00. Selon le journal de Philadelphie: His status for Wednesday's game against the Senators is uncertain. (Philadelphia Inquirer) Et il avait joué toute la game lundi. donc, difficile à dire. Yannick you handle this hot potato!

  • 261. nolan (on Thu Nov 23 09:16:33 2006)
    Je demande qu'on remettre Savard dans mon équipe a partir d'hier, j'ai clairement demandé avant l'échange à Danny si Forsberg était blessé et s'il jouais ce soir et danny m'as dis que oui. l'échange doit etre annulé et les points que Savard a fait hier doivent compté dans mon pool a moi... entk cest logique merci Nolan

  • 260. etienne (on Thu Nov 23 08:00:26 2006)
    Geez Ray, don't you have enough goalies?

  • 259. etienne (on Wed Nov 22 12:46:17 2006)
    Ouan, mais j'espérais plus de PIMs. Mais il en aura quand même proche de 200 à la fin de la saison.

  • 258. nolan (on Wed Nov 22 11:03:47 2006)
    Eh bien oui je prend le risque avec Guillaume Latendresse.... Tant qu'à mettre prospal qui joue avec 2 mains dans le cul j'aime aussi bien mettre Latendresse...Il va remplacer mon petit gars blessé ( Higgins ) en passant nice pik avec Chris Neil Étienne... il a fais la job pour la semaine ;)

  • 257. jf (on Sun Nov 19 20:45:20 2006)
    On va arrêter de se demander, ça va être plus simple comme ça. Nice deal Nolan.

  • 256. danny (on Sun Nov 19 16:16:25 2006)
    Ok...lala.....cest assez la WOW!!!!!....Cé qui...Attend cé quoi? NONnon qui a dit! "!Nice deal!"??? Sparce lala.. Check this out guys: http://www.tetesaclaques.tv/video.php?vid=18

  • 255. raymond (on Sun Nov 19 14:58:52 2006)
    Etienne, didn't I tell you to hire Suter a few weeks ago? : ) Although, I probably should have hired him at that time... Is anyone going to hire Latendresse?

  • 254. etienne (on Sun Nov 19 13:41:43 2006)
    mais tu sais que ces joueurs ne seront pas dans ton équipe avant mercredi? ponctuation is a terrible thing to waste... and JF is such a loser for the nice deal comment! :)

  • 253. martin (on Sun Nov 19 10:52:36 2006)
    ouin scuse moi jf niraj debord ok jme sens completement bien avec mon deal dpuis mon deal brindamour 5pointtucker 1point affinoganof3point nash 0point et thorton 1 beau point etk on va voir cest trop tot

  • 252. niraj (on Sun Nov 19 09:07:59 2006)
    yeah J-F! You're such a loser for saying nice deal!

  • 251. etienne (on Sun Nov 19 08:32:59 2006)
    Ah ce bon vieux Glen, toute une soirée: 1G 2A 3PTS +1 4PIM 1PPG 1GWG Les vieux c'est l'avenir!

  • 250. yannick (on Sat Nov 18 19:06:52 2006)
    en passant martin c'est niraj qui a fait le commentaire "nice deal" pas jf

  • 249. martin (on Sat Nov 18 18:10:27 2006)
    pkoi nice deal jf tu va voir mon gars que je suis gagnan en masse dans ce trade la chec benm ca mon homme en masse jai meme pas peur honnetement nash est a chier cette saison et je crois que ca va continuer moi je comprend pas que tu puisse dire nice deal tu sais meme pas ques qui va arriver avec les joueur hahahahah etk je suis gagnant a pelletter < je suis sur de mon coup les gars laisser moi 3-4 semaine et je prend la pole position on sen reparle jf

  • 248. nolan (on Sat Nov 18 14:37:14 2006)
    criss mon échange d'hier avec martin me fais demander si jai bien fais : brindamour : 2buts 2passes et afinogenov 1 but 1 passe ... :S

  • 247. etienne (on Fri Nov 17 17:10:13 2006)
    I can't believe this, a six goal night for Nashville and nothing for Kariya!

  • 246. niraj (on Fri Nov 17 15:30:46 2006)
    Nolan, Nice deal... J-F, Etienne and I are coming for you!

  • 245. jf (on Fri Nov 17 10:52:50 2006)
    Please someone do an Offer for Ryan Smith. I don't want this guy to stick in Niray team anymore! He was suppose to be out with a knee ingury and he scored 2 goals!

  • 244. danny (on Thu Nov 16 15:21:27 2006)
    Je suis premier dans le weekly ranking......Yesssssssssssss!!!! Une soirée dominante!!!

  • 243. martin (on Thu Nov 16 13:12:43 2006)
    ok guys je met sur le marche thorton et nash faite vos offre pi envoyer pas des offre ridiculle svp ok ray et niraj merci davance hahahaha

  • 242. martin (on Thu Nov 16 11:37:31 2006)
    desoler guys

  • 241. yannick (on Wed Nov 15 23:09:18 2006)
    martin, tu as bel et bien entrer ton lineup a 23:36 mardi soir.

  • 240. martin (on Wed Nov 15 22:41:20 2006)
    man cest quoi ca jai faite mon line up mardi parce que mercredi je pouvais pas pi la man pi la cest mon line up up de la semaine passe man ca fait chier en crimme ca serieux

  • 239. etienne (on Wed Nov 15 13:57:20 2006)
    Oui, j'ai engagé Chris Neil et oui, j'ai été influencé par 110%

  • 238. jf (on Tue Nov 14 16:13:11 2006)
    S'il y a des intéressé à Zubrus il est disponible. Il n'arrête pas de faire des points avec Oveshkin. Mais comme je le déteste, je suis incapable de l'activer. Le prix demandé sera fort raisonable, ne vous en faites pas. Mais ne vous attendez pas à ce que je le congédie, ça n'arrivera pas.

  • 237. etienne (on Mon Nov 13 15:05:08 2006)
    il est correct, il a pratiqué hier

  • 236. danny (on Mon Nov 13 14:48:29 2006)
    C'est une vraie joke ce pool.....Maintenant que jai Nabokov... il se blesse au cou!!! TABARNAK!!!!!! Sorry....mais ca fait du bien de sacré un peu!!! Doc.

  • 235. etienne (on Sat Nov 11 13:14:02 2006)
    ouan, mais on repassera pour Kariya et Schneider. Phaneuf a eu 7 PIM hier, je l'ai aurais bien pris... Mais un SO, c'est bien aussi...

  • 234. danny (on Sat Nov 11 11:37:45 2006)
    C'est le temps de profiter de mes joueurs COLD.... J'ai échanger Kipper et première game pour Etienne...Shutout... Je le savais bien qu'il se reprendrait mais come on ...pas à la premiere chance qu'il a.....C'est vraiment incroyable cette année Pire que jamais!!! Mais j'aime ca pareil.....Masochiste un peu les Seals!!!

  • 233. nolan (on Fri Nov 10 12:45:00 2006)
    Incroyable... Turco un blanchissage hier a sa premiere semaine qu'il n'est plus dans mon équipe... good job Niraj... je me console avec Staal 1 but 1 passe hier ... :P

  • 232. danny (on Fri Nov 10 10:31:58 2006)
    Etienne mérite Kipper Yan..... Il n'a fait une offre raisonnable en partant...Que ce soit une leçon pour tous les gérants qui commence avec les offres de bidons...comme ....Ah...Je nommerai pas de noms... C'est mieux comme ca ...en mon Nolan,Yan pis Niraj surtout!!! Je sais que jai donné une bonne chance a Etienne mais ya rien qui marche ici...Forsberg et Gagné sont aussi a vendre pas chère.

  • 231. etienne (on Thu Nov 9 12:01:05 2006)
    ouch! I've of email breakups but through a phone test it's just brutal! Britney has sunk to a new low... My illusions are shattered. Etienne

  • 230. niraj (on Thu Nov 9 09:59:43 2006)
    More news on the Britney & K-Fed breakup: "It was widely reported that Federline had no idea about the divorce plans until after Spears had filed the court papers. One report said the singer had broken the news to her husband via a mobile phone text message." LMAO. Niraj.

  • 229. etienne (on Wed Nov 8 20:53:26 2006)
    who's the democrat and the republican in that couple? Could this have happen for any other reasons than the mid-term elections?

  • 228. niraj (on Wed Nov 8 20:22:01 2006)
    Britney & K-Fed file for divorce!

  • 227. etienne (on Wed Nov 8 20:04:17 2006)
    Rumsfeld resigned!

  • 226. yannick (on Wed Nov 8 19:01:13 2006)
    Danny, je peux pas croire que tu as abandonner aussi vite et que tu commence a faire des echanges pour l'annee prochaine... on est encore en novembre! je comprends pas pourquoi tu magazine pas un joueur comme kipper, envoi un petit mail ou quelque chose.

  • 225. etienne (on Wed Nov 8 11:16:25 2006)
    on se croirait à la chasse! Est-ce qu'il faut avoir une carabine pour les atteindre? Etienne

  • 224. yannick (on Wed Nov 8 10:52:39 2006)
    ok tout le monde, je cherche un goaler pour seconder luongo. les intouchables sont marleau, jokinen, lidstrom et luongo. It's open season for the rest!

  • 223. martin (on Mon Nov 6 19:16:22 2006)
    ok ok qui veut bertuzzi hahaha ray jte lechnage lol

  • 222. martin (on Sun Nov 5 16:13:32 2006)

  • 221. danny (on Sat Nov 4 15:24:41 2006)
    Extra ....Extra....Read all about it !!!! Danny's bad luck continues Schneider injured after playing 2 or 3 games for Navy Seals.... Knuble cracks a finger..... Some NHL players are calling my house at night ...changing there voices telling me in a deep electronic voice..." Trade X or you will suffer the consequences I know its you Forsberg or Gagné...You pieces of crap.. So stop playing around ...this is getting serious Its not a game anymore!!! GET GOING NOW!!!

  • 220. nolan (on Sat Nov 4 14:52:50 2006)
    Hey J'ai tu hate qu'un de mes goaler fasse un blanchissage : 14 victoires 2.32 but alloué o.916 mais pas un criss de blanchissage... ca va devenir un peu plus sérieu quand je vais en avoir un, je vais prendre 6 positions...

  • 219. niraj (on Fri Nov 3 10:17:45 2006)
    Etienne: Please send reasonable offers that merit a response. :-p. Niraj.

  • 218. etienne (on Fri Nov 3 07:54:57 2006)
    Aux managers: svp, répondez aux emails que vous recevez même si vous n'êtes pas intéressé aux offres. C'est un moyen de savoir que le mail s'est rendu et n'est pas aller directement dans le junk mail avec le reste du spam. Merci Is an English version needed?

  • 217. niraj (on Wed Nov 1 23:36:05 2006)
    Shhh...I think this silence in commentary and player movement is the calm before the storm. By middle of next month, we'll know how the buyers and sellers are...stay tuned UFHLers. Shhhh...

  • 216. etienne (on Mon Oct 30 15:05:25 2006)
    Or like you who's been feasting on Ray for years! :) Or Yan feasting on me seasons after seasons... but that's another story. :) Could we have the closest UFHL season in years? e

  • 215. niraj (on Mon Oct 30 14:49:24 2006)
    Hi guys, I'll elaborate more on this when I have a bit of time, but what do you all think of a "mentoring" group that will help mentor rookies when they come into the league. For those that have been in the league long enough, I think we can sometimes take for granted the small complexities of trading, hiring and firing for new rookies. Instead of vets like Ray feasting on innocent rookies, if the rookies were mentored they would have suitable knowledge to realize when they've been had. Btw, Martin, don't worry about it. Danny once traded A.Kovalev for J.Campbell, so it's not uncommon for people to give up easily on players. Your C.Ward deal is an excellent deal. If you have questions on trades and offers, look me up on MSN and I'll be happy to give you an opinion (my wife doesn't listen to my opinions anymore, so I need an audience...thank God for this page!) Niraj.

  • 214. martin (on Mon Oct 30 12:59:27 2006)
    bon on passe a dautre chose je suis sur que je vais apprendre de cette erreur mais etk je ne peut rien faire de plus faque on passe a autre chose pa de rancune ray

  • 213. yannick (on Mon Oct 30 00:41:27 2006)
    The trade was under review because I was questionning why a player that was part of the transaction was hired 20 seconds before the trade was entered. In the end the trade was accepted because of 3 things. First, both managers had different version of what happened so I couldn't decide based on what they were saying. Second, we have no rules against trading a player that is not on your team (to allow for 3-way trades and hire a player for a manager that does not have free agents anymore). Third, Martin has already made two trades prior to this one that have turned out not bad for his team so far. If you think we should add new rules, don't be afraid to speak up.

  • 212. danny (on Sun Oct 29 20:18:22 2006)
    will be educated!

  • 211. danny (on Sun Oct 29 11:42:50 2006)
    Yan, Can you tell why it was reviewed and why it was accepted??? This way we

  • 210. yannick (on Sun Oct 29 01:39:46 2006)
    upon further review, the trade between raymond and martin is accepted.

  • 209. yannick (on Thu Oct 26 16:09:21 2006)
    The trade between martin and raymond (the st-louis trade) is under review.

  • 208. nolan (on Thu Oct 26 13:09:40 2006)
    demande a Hitesh ou Ray, on dirais qu'ils chient des goalers ces esti la :P

  • 207. jf (on Thu Oct 26 11:41:05 2006)
    I can solve your problem, give me Miller and Roloson. I'll give you Danius Zubrus and Dipietro to help you?

  • 206. niraj (on Thu Oct 26 10:37:00 2006)
    I think I have a goaltending crisis. Fuck. It'll turn around though...

  • 205. etienne (on Thu Oct 26 08:02:44 2006)
    ouan, mais le vieux Denis Mercure en a encore dedans!

  • 204. yannick (on Wed Oct 25 23:06:37 2006)
    je pense a engager Guy Lambert... y'a le talent de son pere Pierre Lambert. il a eu 2 buts, 1 passe contre les senateurs au colisee. leur trio a ete meilleur que celui de wilson!

  • 203. danny (on Tue Oct 24 15:56:22 2006)

  • 202. danny (on Tue Oct 24 15:54:33 2006)
    Jai.un.probleme.de.stats.mon.Yan!!!! Briere,Sullivan,Forsberg,Gagne...ect...manque.de.stats.UFHL... NHl.cest.corret.mais.il.ne.compte.ufhl....Bizarre? Jai.jamais.desactiver.ces.gars-la.depuis.le.debut.cest.sur Peut-tu...Checkerca....(excuse.mon.laptop.a.un.probleme.de.spacebar)

  • 201. etienne (on Tue Oct 24 09:51:32 2006)
    la seule façon d'avoir des SO avec mes gardiens, c'est d'avoir les deux de San Jose actif!

  • 200. yannick (on Mon Oct 23 11:20:41 2006)
    The Flyers will bounce back and re-become a member of the elite of the NHL. Now is the time to grab from me Niitymaki and Esche, soon they will rule the NHL...

  • 199. jf (on Mon Oct 23 10:06:53 2006)
    Ha oui, j'oubliais! J'imagine que certain se mordent les doighs pour Souray? 2ppg 2passes Il est encore disponible, mais je l'aime mieux sur mon banc que dans vos line-up!

  • 198. jf (on Mon Oct 23 09:22:07 2006)
    For my point of view this was a bad move for the Flyers. They fired Hitchcok which was a good coach, but Clarke quit. They should have fired Clarke, he was responsable of this week Defense team. But this will help the Flyers, no doubt about that. Martin, mes plus sincères condoleance pour Théo. Je crois que sa carrière est terminé après cet affront de samedi. Comment se relevé d'une claque en plein visage pareille!

  • 197. etienne (on Mon Oct 23 09:11:17 2006)
    It's Newton's Laws of Physics. Sorry Isaac!

  • 196. etienne (on Mon Oct 23 09:10:21 2006)
    Wow, the Flyers are really cleaning house. Although I wasn't surprised, I don't know if they can turn things around this year. Sometimes I'm amazed that problems so obvious to Fantasy GMs seem invisible to real GM in the NHL. Hey Flyers: you needed a real #1 goalie all these years! The goalie situation in Philly year after year gave way to the Flyers Laws of Goalies (as reliable as Newton's Laws of Philly): invariably the backup goalie, all things equal, will become #1 by the end of the season. What's your take on this event? goalie a

  • 195. danny (on Sun Oct 22 14:48:32 2006)
    Radulov= 7 min. de temps de glace!!!!!!! Quel coach de BS a Nashville...il ne connais vraiment pas ses propres joueurs et leur potentiel. En tout cas, Poti va regler mes problemes.....tx nolan ....LOL

  • 194. nolan (on Fri Oct 20 17:52:03 2006)
    enfin une bonne nouvelle pour danny, Radulov revien dans l'alignement de nashville... jespere que ca va te donner un coup de pousse pour le reste de la saison mon dan

  • 193. danny (on Thu Oct 19 23:28:59 2006)
    Keep'em coming......Forsberg spained wrist.....LOL!!!!! Just the way i like em....Dead meat!

  • 192. etienne (on Thu Oct 19 11:06:35 2006)
    d'accord avec toi, c'est un échange bizarre...

  • 191. jf (on Wed Oct 18 19:59:09 2006)
    Wow juste un trade cette semaine, mais tout un et un significatif à part de ça. Modin Congédié et l'autre sur le banc de punition!

  • 190. nolan (on Wed Oct 18 17:34:05 2006)
    Étienne a raison, ca donne un peu de suspence d'attendre un peu pour le overall... si on disais : Dimanche, mercredi et vendredi ?

  • 189. yannick (on Wed Oct 18 16:48:00 2006)
    in fact it was me who gave you jones (in 1998). the trade was: I gave you: Jones, Keith@PHI,F - Demitra, Pavol@STL,F - Kidd, Trevor@CAR,G for niraj: Kovalev, Alexei@NYR,F - Alfredsson, Daniel@OTT,F - Skudra, Peter@PIT,G ...as usual you killed me on that trade, demitra had a career year... (but for the record, I was the champion that year...)

  • 188. etienne (on Wed Oct 18 16:37:51 2006)
    Vladimir Konstantinov.

  • 187. hitesh (on Wed Oct 18 16:21:03 2006)
    something something K.....ov

  • 186. hitesh (on Wed Oct 18 16:20:27 2006)
    the guy that crashed his car also

  • 185. hitesh (on Wed Oct 18 16:19:16 2006)
    Got 4/5 I think Fetisov, Kozlov, Larinov, Fedorov

  • 184. etienne (on Wed Oct 18 15:56:25 2006)
    okay, who remembers the name of the 5 russian players (3f and 2 def) who were called the Red Army with Detroit in 1990s?

  • 183. niraj (on Wed Oct 18 15:43:25 2006)
    That one's really easy: Keith Jones. I actually remember trading someone Jones for Demitra...was it you Yannick??? Niraj.

  • 182. yannick (on Wed Oct 18 15:38:57 2006)
    etienne, to continue your trivia: when renberg was traded to Tampa, who replaced him on the line? hint: the line was call the "LL Cool J" line

  • 181. etienne (on Wed Oct 18 15:35:28 2006)
    Niraj, I support your proposition. But an additional ranking on Friday could be good to see where you stand before the weekend games. Answer: John Leclair, Eric Lindros and Michal Renberg

  • 180. nolan (on Wed Oct 18 11:59:28 2006)
    jf, je t'ai ajouté a mon msn il y a quelques jours et j'ai toujours pas de réponse. Ajoute moi toi : noheroes_@hotmail.com

  • 179. jf (on Wed Oct 18 08:04:03 2006)
    Salut, s'il y a des intéressé à Sheldon Souray faites vite. Moi je ne m'en sert pas vraiment, ma défensive est efficace sans lui. Et je suis pas mal certain que ça pourrait être bon pour certaines équpes

  • 178. danny (on Wed Oct 18 02:27:00 2006)
    WOW!!!! I'M on fire Buffalo 9-1.. Forsberg,Gagné,Knuble....-6 Brière 2 ass....and a minus 1 Pominville o pts and a minus 1. What the hell...How do you do that Danny??? Je suis vraiment le meilleur des pire gérant de la UFHL!!!

  • 177. niraj (on Tue Oct 17 22:51:57 2006)
    I can't believe Hitchcock left him in for the whole game. Did he walk over to the president of the Flyers and state it was his last game??? Worst case for Yannick, he's going to start Afino next week and he'll have 1 assist with a -5 rating...lol. Niraj.

  • 176. jf (on Tue Oct 17 22:14:11 2006)
    C'est de valeur que tu n'ais pas eu Eches. Ça aurait fait une belle paire avec Joseph! ;)

  • 175. yannick (on Tue Oct 17 21:42:30 2006)
    The BAD news for me: Afinogenov was not active The GOOD news for me: Esche was not active either!

  • 174. nolan (on Tue Oct 17 12:53:06 2006)
    Niraj, you're an idiot

  • 173. niraj (on Tue Oct 17 11:36:38 2006)
    Hey guys, I'm sure I'm the only one, but I really liked the rankings the old way. It was unique and it made Monday's and Wednesday's that much better (or worse, lol). I would like to suggest that we go back to the old way. I welcome "Niraj, you're an idiot" comments and the like. Niraj.

  • 172. raymond (on Mon Oct 16 22:53:52 2006)
    Hey Yan, Thanks for the consistent ranking updates!!! Quick question: are we still going to have the team stats updated on Mondays and Wednesdays?

  • 171. etienne (on Mon Oct 16 21:00:29 2006)
    Sur le site http://statshockey.homestead.com/famouslines.html, il y a les lignes qui ont marqué l'histoire de la LNH. La dernière est la legion of doom des années 1990s (qui peut nommer les joueurs?). C'est quand même bizarre qu'il n'y a rien eu depuis ce temps. Certainement que la ligne tchèque des Rangers mériterais un nom. Quoique l'année passée, j'aurais pu avoir la Triple H line avec Heatley, Hossa et Horcoff.

  • 170. danny (on Sun Oct 15 16:46:57 2006)
    Je dois faire un move........Qui veut S.Gagné???? Je veux un bon Defenseur et un avant moyen ou bien un super defenseur et un ptit avant. Jai deja 2 offres sur la table......donc niaiser moi pas! Danny. 1-819-562-1845

  • 169. danny (on Sun Oct 15 16:38:32 2006)
    Niraj, you should say that you're less fucked than me!!! Rien ne marche!!! Incroyable! Defensivement je comprends...mais là meme Kipper joue pas bien et à part Brière ....ya personne qui fou rien en offensive...Ca cé pas normale...Pas avec mon lineup offensif...Je l'accepte pas!!! Cé toujours comme ca à chaque année...Pourquoi je m'obstine à faire ce pool maléfique!!!!!! HELP!!!SOMEBODY!!!

  • 168. niraj (on Sun Oct 15 15:26:36 2006)
    I have to say, my goalie categories are really fucked up. I'm tied for 1st in wins, but last in GAA and SV%! Wow. Please hockey Gods, awake Lundqvist of old! Niraj. P.S. Is it me, or is the Eastern conference the new Western conference in terms of scoring and fast skating???

  • 167. yannick (on Sun Oct 15 12:06:58 2006)
    this year we had two managers who drafted 24 players with $260 and drafted only 2 free players. This was due to trades and the fact that the rules are not clear enough are are left to interpretation. the spirit of the rule was that a manager pays for 23 players and then draft 3 free players. Currently it's hard to keep track of what's happening during the draft, especially at the end of the draft where everything happens so quickly. I will write a more detailed rule that I will propose to all of you and we'll discuss it then.

  • 166. niraj (on Sun Oct 15 03:09:09 2006)
    Yannick, Thanks for the updated rule changes. Just to clariy, can a manager make a 2-1 trade at the draft, enforcing him to "draft" an extra player or does he just draft one less player? Arguments can be made for both cases, but I think the over-riding rule is that each team HAS to leave with 26 players on their roster. Any thoughts/clarifications? Niraj.

  • 165. yannick (on Sun Oct 15 00:07:20 2006)
    ANNONCE IMPORTANT CONCERNANT LES NOUVEAUX REGLEMENTS: ---------------------------------------------------- (voici les nouveaux reglements tel que decider au draft) 1- Le nombre minimum de keeper a garder pour l'annee suivante a ete enlever. Donc un gerant peut proteger entre 0 et 10 joueurs pour la nouvelle saison. 2- Il sera impossible de proteger plus que de deux (2) gardiens de buts pour la nouvelle saison. 3- Les gerants qui finissent dans les trois premieres positions au classement general (top 3), ne pourront proteger plus que 5 joueurs pour la nouvelle saison. 4- Le nombre d'agents libres passe de 13 a 15. 5- CLARIFICATION: j'ai fait une erreur pendant le repechage en permettant a Danny de congedier un joueur pendant le repechage. Pour les prochains repechages, il sera dorenavant impossible de congedier ou de remettre un joueur dans le pool de joueurs disponibles. Quand un joueur est repecher, il doit rester dans l'equipe jusqu'a la fin du repechage. Apres le repechage, le systeme d'agent libres commence. La seule raison qu'un joueur peu retourner dans le pool d'agents libres est seulement si le budget du gerant n'est pas respecter (le dernier joueur repecher retourne dans le pool de joueurs disponibles et le gerant recupere la moitie de l'argent depense pour ce joueurs arrondi a la baisse).

  • 164. jf (on Sat Oct 14 21:41:33 2006)
    Nooooonnnnnnn! Toronto devait avoir de la misere contre Calgery! A place c'est 3 but, 1 gagnant, 1 shothanded pour Sundin que j'ai mis sur le banc cette semaine!!!!

  • 163. martin (on Fri Oct 13 16:47:28 2006)
    felication nolan tes premier dans overall ranking ah non scuse moi mon laptop etais tomber a terre yetais a lenvers tes dernier ben ouiiiiiiiii

  • 162. martin (on Fri Oct 13 13:53:18 2006)
    ok meszaros oooooooooopoint moin 5 lindros 5point plus 5 fais le calcul tes perdant sur ce trade la je sais qun def fais moin de point mais crisse ya moin 5 leg ros il part de loin cette saison cets ca cheville ben ouiiiiiiiii hahahahah

  • 161. nolan (on Fri Oct 13 13:39:03 2006)
    Martin Tom Poti vs Rick Nash + 2 F.A. ???

  • 160. martin (on Fri Oct 13 13:36:07 2006)
    bon chec les man il se prend pour un grand parce quil est premier hier arrette ta ete dans les dernier a date fait pas ton smat le grosssssssssss(mesaros 0point moin 5 man ) lindros 5point plus 4 faque fait pas ton smath pi pour belfour du va comprendre tu va voir tes pas dans la cour des grand

  • 159. nolan (on Fri Oct 13 13:31:35 2006)
    MERCI ..........................................................` - À Niraj pour : Kim Johnsson (2 PPG hier) - À Yannick pour : les updates - À Martin de faire des moves d'innocents comme d'aller chercher belfour - À Tout le reste pour me laisser la premiere position cette semaine

  • 158. danny (on Fri Oct 13 10:50:41 2006)
    En parlant de updates, NOLAN mets le site de roller à jour avec la photo de notre équipe ...sinon je dis a Yan de mettre les updates de la UFHL au mois! Là tu vas combien cé quoi de la patience!!! Dan

  • 157. niraj (on Fri Oct 13 01:27:29 2006)
    Nolan, Yannick est seulement comme ca avec toi...je sais pas pourquoi...je peut suggerer "couples counselling" pour vous 2. Peut etre Ghyslain peut vous aider a resoudre vos problemes personelles... lol. On a more serious note, Gionta, Cheechoo and Smyth all with natural hat tricks in the same game!!! That has to be the first time 3 guys score natural hat tricks on the same night in the history of the NHL. I'm so glad I had one of them on my team. Later, Niraj.

  • 156. nolan (on Thu Oct 12 17:21:41 2006)
    cool, ca va etre mieu de meme mais je comprends que cest de la job et que tu fais ca bénévolement. Presse toi pas, je le mentionnais juste parce que je suis toujours impatient d'aller voir qui mene a chaque jours Je suis sure que vous etes tous comme ca aussi hehe

  • 155. yannick (on Thu Oct 12 16:22:47 2006)
    Nolan, c'est des blagues. prend pas ca personnel. J'ai penser a un moyen de pouvoir faire un overall ranking a tous les jours. Je vais implementer ca bientot. merci de l'avoir souligne.

  • 154. nolan (on Thu Oct 12 16:13:17 2006)
    Annonce officiel ................................................. En ce 12 octobre 2006, Je déclare la guerre à Yannick dans la UFHL. Pour se faire, je vais tout faire ce qui est en mon pouvoir pour terminer premier dans les 10 prochaines années pour ainsi humilier le plus possible Yannick HA HA HA :P

  • 153. yannick (on Thu Oct 12 15:59:40 2006)
    j'ai bien peur qu'il va falloir s'y habituer ;)

  • 152. nolan (on Thu Oct 12 15:50:14 2006)
    Je demande ca comme ca, je sais pas si cest bcp plus de travail ou si une fois cest fait, cest un automatisme. Si tu ne peux pas, tant pis ca va aiguiser ma patience. C'a tes tu déja arriver Yan de pas répondre a un message de facon sarcastique ou cest toujours comme ca et il faut s'habituer... ?

  • 151. yannick (on Thu Oct 12 15:46:48 2006)
    Nolan, je vais prendre ta demande en consideration. J'te revient sur ca d'ici la fin de l'annee. Sans joke, il y des raisons pourquoi on ne fait pas de overall ranking apres le deadline hebdomadaire. Je vais voir ce qui est possible de faire. Puisque tout mon travail est fait benevolement, si tu veux me donner un salaire, ca me ferais plaisir d'apporter plusieurs ameliorations au site!

  • 150. yannick (on Thu Oct 12 15:42:53 2006)
    ...because Yahoo decided to change Auld's first name from Alexander to Alex today... Couldn't they have decided that before the season started? I just hope they won't start changing players name like that everyday or this will become a nightmare for me.

  • 149. hitesh (on Thu Oct 12 15:27:57 2006)
    *how come no win for AULD ???

  • 148. hitesh (on Thu Oct 12 15:26:57 2006)
    come no win for AULD ?

  • 147. nolan (on Thu Oct 12 15:17:25 2006)
    Demande officiel au nom de tout les gérants .......................................... Est-il possible que le overall ranking se fasse 3 fois par semaine au lieu de 2 fois. On pourrais mettre le vendredi, Dimanche et Mercredi. Pourquoi : parce que comme c'est la, on doit attendre 5 jours pour le premier update et ensuite 2 update en 3 jours.... Au pire mettre 2 updates : dimanche et Mercredi. Merci Nolan

  • 146. danny (on Thu Oct 12 13:09:50 2006)
    NiceTradeYan! Damn.......

  • 145. danny (on Thu Oct 12 13:09:08 2006)

  • 144. jf (on Thu Oct 12 12:45:22 2006)
    Here is an update on the Sleepers pick! ;) The St. Louis Blues have dropped Petr Cajanek to the fourth line. He will line up with Radek Dvorak and D.J. King. It actually isn't a bad fourth line, certainly better than one would expect from a team that should end up near or at the bottom of the standings. Still, Cajanek should not be in your lineup at this point.

  • 143. etienne (on Thu Oct 12 06:39:32 2006)
    Actually, I really laughed at the comment. Ewok... this is one for the books! Can you imagine the guy from ESPN asking Wolski if he's an ewok? Classic stuff Etienne

  • 142. niraj (on Wed Oct 11 19:38:12 2006)
    Etienne, I said you were good and lucky. Don't be so defensive...I'd rather be good and lucky than just good any day of my life. Niraj.

  • 141. etienne (on Wed Oct 11 18:55:42 2006)
    Jagr, schmager. I don't want him, I've an ewok on my team! And Niraj, you don't win because you think I'm lucky. These two are calculated risks... e

  • 140. niraj (on Wed Oct 11 16:48:50 2006)
    My team is AMAZING...on paper. Fucking Kopitar and Wolski (is he ewok?) Etienne, you always pull this shit. Seriously, you should be a scout or something for a team. Because you're good and because you're lucky. So...Jagr for these two...we have a deal (email me first and we'll talk) Niraj. P.S. If you think I'm serious, you're out of your mind.

  • 139. yannick (on Wed Oct 11 15:07:53 2006)
    Congrats to Hitesh on finishing first this week. The team in last position last year is first after one week. (keeper's league is working...) Hitesh, did you check out the records, you broke a few records of mediocrity last year. It looks like it's gonna be the other way around this year.

  • 138. etienne (on Wed Oct 11 07:52:17 2006)
    Est-ce que Anze Kopitar et Wojtek Wolski seront les Ovechkin et Crosby de cette année? J'espère que oui pour moi.... e

  • 137. niraj (on Mon Oct 9 23:35:10 2006)
    Nolan, On avait de raison...les 2 rankings etait differents. Mais, c'etait toujours comme ca. Le current weekly ranking est fait chaque jour et remis a '0' chaque mercredi. Le overall ranking et fait seulement les lundis et mercredis. Bonne chance avec D.Westcott btw! NIraj.

  • 136. nolan (on Mon Oct 9 20:27:00 2006)
    bah, jquand meme pas fou, dans le overall javais 2but 3 passe et dans le weekly javais 5 but 7 passes... meme Niraj mas dis quil y avais un probleme

  • 135. yannick (on Mon Oct 9 18:46:37 2006)
    les rankings sont correct maintenant. (ils etaient correct avant en passant... mauvaise interpretation des lecteurs...)

  • 134. nolan (on Mon Oct 9 15:54:01 2006)
    Je sais pas si cest parreil pour vous mais j'ai plus de pts dans mon wekly ranking que dans mon overall ranking... je crois qu'il y a un probleme mais bon peut etre cest différent que lan passé...peut etre juste mexpliquer

  • 133. niraj (on Mon Oct 9 13:12:28 2006)
    Hey Yan, My team page says I have 4 wins, but the ranking only has 3...what's up with that? Thanks, Niraj.

  • 132. yannick (on Mon Oct 9 00:36:53 2006)
    martin, on etait serieux, tu devrais attendre un peu avant de faire des echanges.

  • 131. yannick (on Mon Oct 9 00:35:09 2006)
    niraj niraj niraj, leave the rookies alone... at least for one month!

  • 130. martin (on Sun Oct 8 23:04:26 2006)
    hey niraj envois moi sur mon email loffre que tu veut pour roloson mais jte dit fais pas une offre poue un gros joueur la cest peine perdu

  • 129. danny (on Sun Oct 8 14:56:10 2006)
    Le Update inclu pas les stats d'hier soir ...... Ouffffffff une chance...je me trouvait encore plus poche!!!

  • 128. yannick (on Sun Oct 8 03:23:23 2006)

  • 127. martin (on Sat Oct 7 16:09:55 2006)
    yannick le premier classement ye quand q

  • 126. yannick (on Sat Oct 7 03:04:34 2006)
    The UFHL Overall Records and UFHL Weekly Records have been updated with last year's season statistics. (available in the "UFHL REPORTS" menu in the "UFHL Hall of Champions" section). Several Offense records were broken and records of mediocrity were also broken. Go take a look...

  • 125. jf (on Fri Oct 6 09:04:31 2006)
    Ouain! on lui a fait une belle équipe aux Beyonders! Wellwood -> 4p Handzus -> 1b, 1p

  • 124. jf (on Fri Oct 6 08:59:53 2006)
    Hahahahaha! Me semble que ca serait le bon moment pour te faire une echange Danny, tu sembles dans le mood! ;) C'est plate que je me soit jure d'attendre quelques semaines!

  • 123. danny (on Fri Oct 6 02:02:16 2006)
    Man..........Fleury shutout ......Not active!!!! I wanted to wait and see....Qui aurait pensé que Fleury ferait un blanc contre Fylies Go figure....Je me gratte la tete en ostie là... Pis Kariya qui joue malgré une blessure à l'aine...Y va trainé ca toute l'année Pis Martin qui a S. McCarthy....Y peut ben le garder... Je suis -8 avec Forsberg Gagné Meyer et Knuble Bourdon joue pas parce que le coach trouve quil aurait trop de pression pour un jeune Checké ben Cloutier se faire battre 9-1 demain...Pis la ma semaine va etre PARFAITE!!

  • 122. martin (on Fri Oct 6 01:35:40 2006)
    sil jouais tout le temps comme ca surement que tu laurais pri avant non a date jai faite une couple derreur mais on va voir dans deux ou trois semaine si jai bien fait mais date je suis un peu fustre hahahhah

  • 121. yannick (on Fri Oct 6 01:00:53 2006)
    en passant martin, merci d'avoir congedier Reinprecht... 5 points ce soir!

  • 120. yannick (on Fri Oct 6 00:45:17 2006)
    As per the rule stated down here, I am reserving P. Nummelin (D, Minnesota) and I fire A. Kotalik to make space for him. Yan reserves P. Nummelin Yan fires A. Kotalik

  • 119. yannick (on Fri Oct 6 00:10:37 2006)
    Rappel du reglement si vous voulez reservez un joueur: (Sectioin 4.3 de la constitution) Si un joueur n'est pas disponible dans la liste des agents libres parce qu'il n'a pas encore dispute un match dans la presente saison, un gerant a le droit de le reserver ("call a player") en l'ecrivant sur le board "Comments of the Week". Cependant, pour reserver un joueur, l'equipe du gerant doit absolument avoir une place de libre dans son equipe (moins que 26 joueurs). Si un gerant n'a pas une place de libre dans son equipe, il doit immediatement congedier un joueur pour liberer une place. Cette place libre dans l'equipe doit rester libre jusqu'a ce que le joueur soit officiellement engager dans l'equipe (ceci veut dire que si vous reservez un joueur le 1er novembre, mais qu'il dispute sa premiere partie le 1er decembre, vous devez garder une place de libre dans votre equipe pendant un mois complet). Des que le joueur a participer a un match, il sera le lendemain dans la liste officielle des joueurs autonomes, et le gerant devra aller officiellement l'engager le plus rapidement possible. Un gerant qui reserve un joueur a jusqu'au premier mercredi a 19h05 de la semaine courante apres que le joueur soit disponible dans la liste officielle pour l'engager. Au sinon, le joueur redevient disponible pour tous les autres gerants et le gerant fautif sera puni de la facon suivante: un agent libre sera enlever de son compteur (celui qui etait prevu pour l'engager) et pendant la semaine d'activite qui suit, il devra enlever un joueur actif de la position du joueur qu'il avait reserve (ce qui veut dire que si le gerant avait reserver 1 defenseur, le gerant pourra seulement mettre 5 defenseurs actif la semaine qui suit). Il est aussi important de noter qu'une fois qu'un gerant a reserver un joueur, il ne peut pas changer d'idee, il doit absolument engager le joueur lorsqu'il devient disponible dans la liste officielle. Il est aussi important de noter que si le joueur reserve ne joue pas une seule partie dans la ligue nationale, le gerant devra garder une place de libre dans son alignement pendant toute la saison (25 joueurs a la place de 26) et le joueur reserver ne pourra etre considerer comme keeper puisqu'il n'aura jamais fait parti officiellement de l'equipe puisque qu'il n'aura jamais ete engager de maniere officiel par la liste de joueur autonome. Le fait de reserver un joueur est un privilege accorde aux gerants, mais les risques ont ete expliques ci-haut, alors le choix de reserver un joueur doit etre fait judicieusement.

  • 118. raymond (on Thu Oct 5 22:25:54 2006)
    Hey Danny, McCarthy is on Martin's team

  • 117. danny (on Thu Oct 5 19:52:30 2006)
    Yan, I want to hire S. Mccarthy the D from Atlanta....I did a player search and he's not listed anywhere....I guess you can call that a long shot!!! Can you reserve him 4 me? Doc

  • 116. yannick (on Thu Oct 5 15:48:42 2006)
    Your teams are updated will yesterday's informations (lineup, trades, hired players and fired players). The weekly stats and ranking will start this week-end and the first official overall ranking will be on monday 4pm.

  • 115. martin (on Thu Oct 5 13:40:51 2006)
    bon jai faite ma premiere erreur avant hier (telvquist)quelle erreur javaisoublie quil fallais que je le mette la semaine dapres pit en plus je le mettais 2 gardien il est 3 mais je pense toujour quil va se faire echanger etk je vais apprendre les gars tranquillement pas vite

  • 114. danny (on Thu Oct 5 08:15:16 2006)
    Patrick Eaves scoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooores!!!!!!!!!!! What a call to activate him Doc. You're such a great manager!! Quelle bon call de l'activer .... Té tout un manager mon Doc

  • 113. nolan (on Wed Oct 4 16:34:42 2006)
    Ouan mais check mon team cet année gros, cest ce qu'on apelle Keepers, J'ai consacrer ma fin de saison l'an passé pour avoir des bons keepers cette année tu va comprendre a la fin de l'année mek tu sois 10e... Gros... Je sais que t'es frustrer a cause de Lindros, mais cest pas grave tu va apprendre comme tout le monde

  • 112. martin (on Wed Oct 4 16:30:03 2006)
    tse nolan jai regarder la saison passer pi si je vire le classement a lenver tu fini premier cest quand meme bon ca ben ouiiiiiiiii hahahahah

  • 111. nolan (on Wed Oct 4 15:59:26 2006)
    Souhaite officiellement une bonne saison 2006-2007 à tous dans la UFHL... À part Étienne... t'as assez gagner... laisse la chance aux autres :P

  • 110. martin (on Wed Oct 4 15:05:50 2006)
    hahahahahahaha je dit pas ca en etant fru la jai juste hate hahahahahah

  • 109. martin (on Wed Oct 4 13:30:20 2006)
    ecoute yann je voullais lindros jai confiance cette anne ye vriment en shape il va jouer avec ribeiro pi oui jai faite mes devoir comment tu peut dire que cest pas bon si lindros a une bonne saison je vais gagnant en masse chec ben ca mon homme

  • 108. nolan (on Wed Oct 4 11:15:07 2006)
    ok Niraj, merci de tes réponses toujours bien complète. c'est très apprécié

  • 107. niraj (on Wed Oct 4 10:04:09 2006)
    Nolan: Ton reponse pour Malkin: In an interesting decision, Evgeni Malkin is not going to be placed on the IR for the time being, even though he is injured. This move is all about cash, but strangely it is the Penguins trying to spend more, and not save every dollar as we have seen in the past. If Malkin was placed on the IR he would only get payed a prorated portion of his minor league salary of $70,300 since he is a rookie and worked outside of North America last year. However the Penguins are doing this as a sign of good faith, as he will instead be payed a portion of his $850,000 NHL base salary. As for a timetable for Malkin's return, general manager Ray Shero hopes to have one later in the week.

  • 106. danny (on Wed Oct 4 09:08:57 2006)
    Ca recommence.....Kariya est blessé!!!

  • 105. danny (on Wed Oct 4 09:04:58 2006)
    WOW!!!! Nolan a vraiment pas perdu de temps!!! Consulte avant le gros!!!(Martin)....Tu vas comprendre bientôt!

  • 104. nolan (on Wed Oct 4 01:34:32 2006)
    est ce que cest parce qu'il nest pas encore sur la liste officiel des blessé de la lnh ?

  • 103. yannick (on Wed Oct 4 00:11:42 2006)
    martin, pourquoi as-tu fait ce trade? ca pas vraiment de sens pour ton equipe... tu as besoin de defenseurs, pas d'attaquants. tu t'ai fais avoir... on t'avais prevenu de ne pas faire d'echange au debut le temps de comprendre comment la ligue marche. voici pourquoi... nolan, au sujet de malkin sur IRL, j'ai deja expliquer plusieurs fois l'annee derniere. regarde les "comments of the week" de l'annee derniere.

  • 102. nolan (on Wed Oct 4 00:00:15 2006)
    pkoi malkin est pas IRL ?

  • 101. martin (on Tue Oct 3 23:59:07 2006)
    ok guys je vien de mamuser avec le sit cest vraiment hot nice job yannick je commence a comprendre un peut les reglemnet et tout le reste

  • 100. yannick (on Tue Oct 3 23:13:47 2006)
    trades are working now. les echanges fonctionnent maintenant. You can now do everything just like last year using the Managers Corner menu. Vous pouvez maintenant faire toutes les actions comme l'annee derniere en utilisant le menu Managers Corner. STOP WRITING YOUR LINEUP HERE AND START READING MY COMMENTS!

  • 99. yannick (on Tue Oct 3 18:17:51 2006)
    martin, lis mes comments ici-bas. tu peux le faire toi-meme. va dans le menu ci-haut et choisi "Starting Lineup" dans le menu "Managers Corner".

  • 98. martin (on Tue Oct 3 18:12:43 2006)
    ok yannick je vais etre oubliger de changer kabele contre dennis wideman

  • 97. niraj (on Tue Oct 3 18:10:21 2006)
    Yannick, Raymond, we owe Hitesh money for the gas on Sunday. Please don't forget (that's why I'm posting it here) Niraj.

  • 96. yannick (on Tue Oct 3 15:16:02 2006)
    I forgot to mention yesterday that the Injured Reserve List is active. so if a player is on the injured reserve, you are allowed to put him on it. La liste des blesses est active.

  • 95. yannick (on Tue Oct 3 10:38:31 2006)
    Hitesh, please read the comments that I am writing. Enter your lineup yourself the same way you were doing last year.

  • 94. hitesh (on Tue Oct 3 09:12:51 2006)
    Shanahan, Brendan Demitra, Pavol Spezza, Jason Sedin, Henrik Mcdonald, Andy Svatos, Marek Havlat, Martin Michalek, Milan Langenbrunner, Jamie Redden, Wade Gonchar, Sergei Modry, Jaroslav Salo, Sami Aucoin, Adrian Zhitnik, Alexei Giguere, Jean-sebastien Auld, Alexander

  • 93. yannick (on Tue Oct 3 00:47:57 2006)
    IMPORTANT: --------- - you can now hire players, fire players and make your starting lineup using the site now in the "Managers Corner" menu - vous pouvez maintenant engager des joueurs, congedier des joueurs, et faire votre alignement partant avec le site web dans le menu "Managers Corner" - the trades are not working yet, so post your trades on this board, but all the rest should be done using the site. - les echanges ne fonctionne pas encore, alors il faut les ecrires ici sur ce board. Tout le reste ce fait en utilisant le menu. nolan, tu peux faire ton alignement comme l'annee derniere.

  • 92. yannick (on Tue Oct 3 00:12:09 2006)
    TEAM NAME CHANGES: patrick: The Beyonders martin: Sweetteam jf: The Untouchables yannick: The Highlanders OTHER TEAM: danny: Navy Seals niraj: Archangels hitesh: Gr81 raymond: Prodigies nolan: NoHeroes Team etienne: Havana United jf has decided to keep djilly's team name. Pat decided to have a fresh start with his new franchise with a new team name and new logo. As for me, after seeing the amazing team Niraj has built, I thought I would need all the help I could get, so I decided to take my old team name. It's with the Highlanders that I won 3 championship in a row. A record that I thought would be unbeatable, but that Etienne is threatening now. Not even the self-proclaimed most successful manager in history, niraj, has made this incredible achievement. The Highlanders were once a dynasty and they are coming back to stop the current dynasty and start a new one.

  • 91. yannick (on Mon Oct 2 22:27:43 2006)
    very good suggestion JF. I'll let Pat decide what he prefers.

  • 90. martin (on Mon Oct 2 22:14:04 2006)
    desole yannick change robert lang pour (mike ribeiro)

  • 89. martin (on Mon Oct 2 22:09:29 2006)
    voici mon lineup pour la semaine teemu selanne (f) erick cole (f) joe thorton(f) rick nash(f) todd bertuzzi(f) keith tkachuk (f) alexei yashin(f) martin st-louis (f) robert lang (f) chris pronger (d) andrej meszaros (d) eric brewer (d) paul martin (d) steve mccarthy (d) frantisek kaberle (d) jose theodore (g) cristobal huet (g)

  • 88. niraj (on Mon Oct 2 20:56:59 2006)
    Hey Guys, Welcome back Pat. Also, I agree with JF, he should have an unlimited number of free agents between now and Wednesday so he has a bit of control regarding the selection of his team. Yan, any objections? Niraj. P.S. Nolan, mettre le lineup sur le comments of the week est temporaire. Apres Mercredi tu fait comme tu as fait l'année passé.

  • 87. martin (on Mon Oct 2 20:19:40 2006)
    salut yannick pense tu pouvoir changer mon nom d'equipe pour (sweeteam) merci

  • 86. martin (on Mon Oct 2 20:18:39 2006)

  • 85. raymond (on Mon Oct 2 17:55:53 2006)
    Welcome back Pat!

  • 84. patrick (on Mon Oct 2 17:41:58 2006)

  • 83. nolan (on Mon Oct 2 15:48:10 2006)
    pas d'objection pour moi. J'ai parlé a Étienne et il m'as dis qu'il fallais laisser notre starting line up sur la page : comments of the week ?? Est ce bien ca ou c'est temporaire et d'ici mercredi on va pouvoir y aller direct par la page : starting line up

  • 82. jf (on Mon Oct 2 15:22:24 2006)
    Me semble que je lui donnerais aussi un nombre de Fired et Hired infini D'ici a Mercredi pour qu'il puisse faire l'equipe qu'il veut? Mais si 1 personne peut finir plus bas que moi je ne dis pas non! ;)

  • 81. yannick (on Mon Oct 2 14:27:00 2006)
    ANNONCE IMPORTANTE: ------------------ Patrick Fortier prend officiellement controle de l'ancienne concession a Ghislain. Patrick amene de l'experience et de l'enthousiame et nous sommes tres heureux de son retour dans la ligue. Puisque Patrick n'a pas pu faire le club a son gout et qu'on a rempli son equipe de joueurs qui restait a la fin, je propose qu'on lui donne 5 agents libres de plus. Si quelqu'un a des objections, SVP nous laisser savoir avant mercredi soir. Son premier move comme gerant est de congedier R. Fedotenko et d'engager J. Niinima. Pat fires Fedotenko Pat hires J. Niinima

  • 80. etienne (on Mon Oct 2 07:59:20 2006)
    En passant, j'ai oublié de te donner ma feuille. Mes trois derniers picks étaient, Andrew Ladd Anze Kopitar Steve Rucchin

  • 79. yannick (on Mon Oct 2 01:26:59 2006)
    Teams are updated on the site. The draft is also available in the "UFHL Reports" under "Draft 2006". Actions are not yet available, they will soon. Before hiring a player, please use the "Player Search" in the "Managers Corner" menu to see if the player is already owned by someone else. Until all the actions are available, to hire a player you have to do it on this forum and you have to fire someone at the same time cause it would be too hard to follow. If you wish to submit your starting lineup, please write your complete lineup on this forum. You have until wednesday 7pm to submit your lineup. I'll let you know when the actions are available, which should be soon. I'll try to finish that before wednesday. Note that a team has been made with Ghislain's former team. You can check out that team if you want and we will find a manager to run that team soon.

  • 78. etienne (on Sat Sep 30 12:35:38 2006)
    "Can E.Lindros stay healthy and regain some of the gusto that made him league MVP in a pressure-free hockey environment?" no

  • 77. niraj (on Sat Sep 30 08:59:02 2006)
    sleeper of the day for Saturday: B.Stuart (D) Boston. Stuart was the center-piece of the deal that sent J.Thornton to SJ. He'll be an excellent partner for Z.Chara, has fantastic offesive vision and plays well in his own end. A lock to score 35 points and 45 is not out of the question. Niraj.

  • 76. niraj (on Sat Sep 30 08:54:30 2006)
    sleeper of the day for Friday: E.Lindros (C) Dallas Stars. I credit Raymond for this one. Can E.Lindros stay healthy and regain some of the gusto that made him league MVP in a pressure-free hockey environment. Certainly he will be playing with linemates that are more suitable for him such as B.Morrow and J.Lehtinen, but one has to wonder if he can reach the 60 pt plateau. Might be a good pick up for 1-2$ late in the draft, but remember his history of injuries. Niraj.

  • 75. yannick (on Fri Sep 29 15:11:50 2006)

  • 74. niraj (on Fri Sep 29 09:12:44 2006)
    JF, my rookie friend, Your astute observation that a keeper is $10 is well noted, but was considered when I proposed this diamond in the rough. Remember, the players I am suggesting in the sleeper pick of the day are players that will go late in the draft and most likely for not much. Hence I consider Sanford as a sleeper, a 1-2$ goalie that could be well worth 10 before the season ends. And don't forget, last year he was 13-13 with a 2.66 GAA and a .908 save percentage in 34 games for the Blues. Pretty amazing considering he was playing on such a shitty team. But I'm glad to hear your opinion...that's what makes this comments page fun...I mean I would never have kept Crosby for $55 (I know he's not on your team, but using him as an example), but then again, what do I know? I'm only the most successful UFHL manager of all time :-p. Niraj.

  • 73. jf (on Fri Sep 29 08:10:57 2006)
    C.Sanford G, St-Louis Blues ?? Yes it's a keepers league, but the minimum price to pay is 10$. And you can have them under contract for 3 years maximum. How long again before he became a #1? I'll leave you this one. P.S. Start the day with this name, it would be nice! ;)

  • 72. niraj (on Fri Sep 29 03:29:43 2006)
    Today's sleeper of the day: C.Sanford G, St-Louis Blues. Now, you're going to say: "But he's not even a #1 goalie!". Well my friends, Sanford was the lone brightspot on a dismal St-Louis team last year and played extrememly well. Since this is a keeper league, one would be wise to stash this young diamond in the rough deep in their bench until he takes over the #1 spot. Over & Out. N.

  • 71. niraj (on Wed Sep 27 16:31:39 2006)
    Hello Everyone, I apologize for the cheap imitation "sleeper of the day" provided by the evil and malicious Yannick. Clearly note his evil intentions and remember them during trade discussions. What a sad, sad man. Now onto my legitimate sleeper pick of the day: Today's pick: Matthew Lombardi F, CGY. Has a real shot towards centering the top line in CGY with Iginla and Tanguay on the wings. Emerged as a brilliant playmaker, but lacked the physical aspect Sutter loves. Should be good for a big season if he makes the top line, but worst case he's a 50pt guy on the second line. Hope that helps. Niraj.

  • 70. yannick (on Wed Sep 27 13:57:29 2006)
    Today sleeper pick: Jeremy Roenick Yes, this one still plays and don't forget that he played for for Gretzky-owned team in Quebec Junior League in 87'-88'. If the UFHL introduces a new category called "Concussions", J.R. automatically becomes a $50 player. Get him cheap while you can!

  • 69. etienne (on Tue Sep 26 18:32:27 2006)
    Also, Cajanek was part of the 2003-2004 Havana United that won the championship. He's got talent and experience! e

  • 68. danny (on Tue Sep 26 17:01:12 2006)
    I didn't think you were actually serious about the sleeper article posts! But i must admit Cajanek was in my agenda! But now everybody knows.., Hell!!!

  • 67. niraj (on Tue Sep 26 16:23:50 2006)
    Danny, I am here to help my law-protecting amigo. Today's sleeper pick of the day is: Petr Cajanek, F. St-Louis Blues. Cajanek should be centering either Guerin or Tkachuk on St-Louis's top line this year. Cajanek is a talented playmaker who reached career highs last year and really did well following the departure of D.Weight. Weight, now in the twilight of his career, will be a second line center and will help establish Cajanek as a solid #1 NHL centerman. Look for him to flourish now with a better and more experienced supporting cast. He'll be a great pickup late in the draft.

  • 66. danny (on Tue Sep 26 16:14:29 2006)
    Is Carson a sleeper??? Should i draft him??? Man so many choice and so little cash$$$$..........Niraj, where are u when i need you!!!

  • 65. etienne (on Tue Sep 26 14:15:23 2006)
    Jimmy Carson

  • 64. raymond (on Tue Sep 26 11:51:59 2006)
    Shawn McEachern?

  • 63. raymond (on Tue Sep 26 11:51:49 2006)
    Kevin Stevens?

  • 62. etienne (on Tue Sep 26 11:09:52 2006)
    What was the name of the guy who used to play for Pittsburg with Mario and was traded to L.A. and totally fizzled out. It's not John Cullen but sound like Carson...

  • 61. danny (on Tue Sep 26 09:44:32 2006)
    Niraj, Where is your sleeper pick today??? I'm waiting for your advice cause i really havn't checked out the teams this year... Is Bobby Holik in shape this year? Think i should draft him instead of getting him through a trade???

  • 60. niraj (on Mon Sep 25 19:10:22 2006)
    Everyone: A.Iafrate has been retired for 7 years! Don't listen to Yannick. He's trying to corrupt all of you. What a sad, sad man. Stay tuned for my sleeper pick of the day tomorrow! Niraj.

  • 59. danny (on Mon Sep 25 18:36:22 2006)
    Wireless G and outlets r us!!!!!

  • 58. yannick (on Mon Sep 25 16:17:09 2006)
    Good initiative Niraj! let me help me you as well: sleeper pick of the day: Al Iafrate! Although retired for more than 8 years, Iafrate posses a killer slapshot that once could reach 100mph at the time he could skate. If he can make his comeback with the Washington Capitals, Iafrate could reach a 2 points season and could even break a record for the worst plus/minus in history. So don't hesitate to bid for him, $20 for Iafrate could win you the championship!

  • 57. hitesh (on Mon Sep 25 14:44:10 2006)
    At this location is there going to be a wireless connection ... right? About the power outlet someone can bring a power bar.

  • 56. raymond (on Mon Sep 25 14:40:04 2006)
    Something to consider about the location of the draft: Danny - there is going to be alot of laptops at the draft which means we'll need several power outlets. Can you accomodate?

  • 55. raymond (on Mon Sep 25 14:38:03 2006)
    Ok, another thing to consider about Bulis. Niraj is extremely proud to be the Manager that discovered Bulis 10 yrs ago. Back in college, we had to draft 1 rookie on our team. When it was Niraj's turn, he said: "Jan Bulis" to which everyone else said "who?" That year, Bulis was great for the first 10 games and shit for the rest of the season. The moral of this story is that Niraj is bias for Bulis and has always kept him close to his heart : )

  • 54. niraj (on Mon Sep 25 12:30:55 2006)
    Since I am the most successful manager in UFHL history, I thought I would help other managers this year with some super sleeper picks. I will provide 1 everyday leading to the draft, so don't forget to visit the site: Sleeper pick of the day: Jan Bulis (F) Van. Now, before you start laughing understand that Bulis was touted as an offensive prospect when he was drafted with Washington. He is slated for second line duty in Vancouver, which means he will see time with M.Naslund or the Sedin twins. Look for him to score 55+ points this upcoming season! Niraj.

  • 53. martin (on Fri Sep 22 12:45:32 2006)
    je vais proteger cole pour lanne prochaine pi jaimerais que tappelle mon club (sweetteam)

  • 52. yannick (on Thu Sep 21 16:27:01 2006)
    some keepers stats: 77 players were protected Over 260 players total to be drafted, that means that 30% of the players have been drafted. They also represent bids that would take a long time, so we will save a lot of time this year... Out of the 77 protected players, 40 will come back in the pool of available players next year.

  • 51. yannick (on Thu Sep 21 16:17:40 2006)
    Martin, tu dois aussi decider 2 joueurs parmi les 3 que tu proteges, lesquels que tu annules leur 3ieme annee de contrat. Ou en d'autres mots, parmi les 3 joueurs, choisi-en un que tu vas pouvoir proteger l'annee prochaine. Tu vas voir on a un paquet de reglements...!

  • 50. martin (on Thu Sep 21 16:08:36 2006)
    desole jetaos pas dans le bon spot hahahaha bon lestrois autre cest bon

  • 49. yannick (on Thu Sep 21 15:48:47 2006)
    martin, svatos n'est pas dans ton equipe.

  • 48. martin (on Thu Sep 21 15:47:54 2006)
    bon je garde selanne cole huet svatos

  • 47. martin (on Thu Sep 21 15:39:36 2006)

  • 46. yannick (on Thu Sep 21 13:45:11 2006)
    The draft is confirmed for Sunday October 1st. For now, we will do it in Danny's basement at 9h30 (meaning everybody should be there before 9h30)

  • 45. nolan (on Thu Sep 21 12:43:40 2006)
    son nom c'est Martin, et il veux avoir un mot de passe pour écrire ces trucs...

  • 44. nolan (on Thu Sep 21 12:10:31 2006)
    Oui il va venir, je lui explique comment ca fonctionne pour qu'il comprenne bien comment ca fonctionne et il va vous envoyé la liste de protection dans pas long

  • 43. raymond (on Thu Sep 21 11:46:06 2006)
    Hey Nolan, est-ce que ton gars joindra? C'est quoi son nom?

  • 42. nolan (on Wed Sep 20 22:51:39 2006)
    pas de probleme pour moi

  • 41. yannick (on Tue Sep 19 15:55:10 2006)
    IMPORTANT NOTICE ----------------- Danny cannot do the draft on Saturday september 30th. Is it ok with everyone to do it on the Sunday October 1st? If you can't let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that we can find a date that is good for everybody. If you can't please indicate your availability.

  • 40. raymond (on Mon Sep 18 14:58:54 2006)
    Salut Nolan, Si c'est un gars intelligent et il connait son hockey, nous lui offrons une invitation à joindre au UFHL!

  • 39. nolan (on Mon Sep 18 13:47:23 2006)
    J'ai un gars ( danny le connais ), c'est un bon gars fack si ca vous interesse dites moi le tout suite, il m'as comfirmé quil pourrait etre la Nolan

  • 38. yannick (on Mon Sep 18 13:29:25 2006)
    Teams have been updated on the site with the players that have been kept. You can check out your team to make sure everything is in order. You can also check other teams to prepare for the draft. If there is a problem, please tell me as soon as possible. Niraj, Ray, Danny, where are we in finding another manager to take on the Dark Knights frnachise? It would be good if we could find another manager by the end of this week so that he can take a lok at his team and decide who he wants to keep. There are only 3 keepers in this team anyway (Selanne, Cole and Huet). We could protect the 3 players and give the team to the new managers when we find one. In the near future, I would like to bring the number of managers to 12. Hopefully, the 10 we have this year will stay and we will have an expansion in the next two years.

  • 37. niraj (on Fri Sep 15 23:59:01 2006)
    Keepers (for now) Forwards J.Jagr ($40) - last year of contract H.Zetterberg ($11) E.Staal ($10) Defencemen T.Kaberle ($10) - last year of contract S.Zubov ($17)- last year of contract B.Rafalski ($10) - last year of contract Goalies H.Lundqvist ($10) R.Miller ($10)

  • 36. yannick (on Fri Sep 15 23:54:32 2006)
    voici ma liste: Marleau $10 Alfredsson $29 (last year of contract) Liles $10 (last year of contract) Lidstrom $25 Luongo $39 (last year of contract)

  • 35. jf (on Fri Sep 15 23:23:27 2006)
    Ok ok, last one I promess! ;) Je pense que je vais jouer la trape cette année. Kovalchuk, Ilya 43$ ( Last Year ) Schneider, Mathieu 11$ ( Last Year ) Jovanovski, Ed 17$ Mccabe, Bryan 23$ -------------------------- Total 94$

  • 34. etienne (on Fri Sep 15 20:20:53 2006)
    Salut! Voici ma liste de keepers. Marian Hossa $40 (dernière année) Dany Heatley $48 (dernière année) Scott Gomez $10 (dernière année) Dion Phaneuf $10 Kimmo Timonen $10 (dernière année) Hannu Toivonen $10 Vesa Toskala $10 -------------------- Total $138

  • 33. etienne (on Fri Sep 15 20:20:11 2006)
    Salut! Voici ma liste de keepers. Marian Hossa $40 (dernière année) Dany Heatley $48 Scott Gomez $10 (dernière année) Dion Phaneuf $10 Kimmo Timonen $10 (dernière année) Hannu Toivonen $10 Vesa Toskala $10 -------------------- Total $138

  • 32. raymond (on Fri Sep 15 16:51:40 2006)
    2 more years: Gaborik ($10) Visnovsky ($10) Chara ($13) Gerber ($10) Ward ($10) 1 year: Kariya ($10) Markov ($10) Fernandez ($10) Roloson ($12) R.Whitney ($10)

  • 31. hitesh (on Fri Sep 15 14:15:21 2006)
    sedin (last)

  • 30. hitesh (on Fri Sep 15 14:14:41 2006)
    Spezza (last) Shanahan (last) Demitra Svatos Sedin Redden Mcdonald Giguere (last) Bryzgalov(last)

  • 29. etienne (on Fri Sep 15 09:17:24 2006)
    Salut! Voici ma liste de keepers. Marian Hossa $40 (dernière année) Scott Gomez $10 (dernière année) Dion Phaneuf $10 Kimmo Timonen $10 (dernière année) Hannu Toivonen $10 Vesa Toskala $10 -------------------- Total $90

  • 28. danny (on Fri Sep 15 08:24:55 2006)
    Je recupère aussi 14$ car je n'avais pas pris l bonne colonne de prix!!! Total est : 168$ plutot que 182$

  • 27. danny (on Fri Sep 15 08:15:08 2006)
    Comme envoyer par email... Kipprusoff, ohlund, zidlicky, hamrlick et hemsky = Dernière année. Doc

  • 26. niraj (on Fri Sep 15 01:54:35 2006)
    Keepers (for now) Forwards J.Jagr ($40) - last year of contract H.Zetterberg ($11) E.Staal ($10) Defencemen T.Kaberle ($10) - last year of contract S.Zubov ($17)- last year of contract B.Rafalski ($10) - last year of contract A.Meszaros ($10) - last year of contract Goalies H.Lundqvist ($10) R.Miller ($10)

  • 25. jf (on Thu Sep 14 17:15:58 2006)
    Bon, après plus d'analyze de ma part et une approche différente. Voici une nouvelle liste, qui DEVRAIT tenir jusqu'à demain! ;) Kovalchuk, Ilya 43$( Last year of contract ) Schneider, Mathieu 11$ ( Last year of contract ) Rolston, Brian 10$ Mccabe, Bryan 23$ -------------------------- Total 87$

  • 24. zubial (on Thu Sep 14 15:28:51 2006)
    Crosby, Sidney $54 (dernière année de contrat) Vokoun, Tomas: $29 (dernière année de contrat) Ovechkin, Alexander $23 Lehtonen, Kari $21 Pitkanen, Joni $10 Cheechoo, Jonathan $10 Gionta, Brian: $10 (dernière année de contrat) Vanek, Thomas: $10 Mara, Paul $10 (dernière année de contrat) Morrow, Brenden $10 (dernière année de contrat) ----------------------- $187

  • 23. nolan (on Thu Sep 14 14:28:06 2006)
    Keepers List : Elias, Patrik $10 Savard, Marc $10 Jokinen, Olli $10 Prospal, Vaclav $10 Boyle, Dan $10 Kozlov, Slava $10 (Last year of contract) Brind'amour, Rod $10 (Last year of contract) Higgins, Christopher $10 (Last year of contract) Boyes, Brad $10 (Last year of contract) Seabrook, Brent $10 (Last year of contract) ---------------------------- $100

  • 22. yannick (on Thu Sep 14 14:14:49 2006)
    je comprends pas ta question. quand tu echange un joueur, tu echange son contrat aussi. un joueur qui en est a sa derniere annee de contrat est remis dans le pool de joueur disponible pour le prochain repechage.

  • 21. nolan (on Thu Sep 14 14:11:53 2006)
    Qu'es qui arrive si pendant l'année le joueur est échangé ?? est ce que si le joueur cétait sa derniere année de contrat il doit sen débarasser a la fin de l'année ou sinon le conpteur retombe a 0 ??

  • 20. yannick (on Thu Sep 14 14:01:48 2006)
    IMPORTANT: danny, ghislain and nolan have submitted their protection list forgetting to submit which players will have their 3rd year of their contract removed. Please do so as soon as possible. Managers who will not comply with this rule will see the UFHL administrator (aka me) do it for them, starting with the biggest contracts. IMPORTANT: Les gerants qui ne repecteront pas la regle annoncer dans le comment #1 (les gerants doivent indiquer quel joueurs se verront leur troisieme annee de contrat enleve) verront l'administrateur de la UFHL (moi) le faire pour eux en commencant avec les contrats les plus dispendieux. si c'est pas clair, contactez-moi.

  • 19. danny (on Thu Sep 14 09:27:19 2006)
    Pas de trouble pour la table!!! J'en prendrai 2 longues du poste de police (table standard a pattes pliante) Pour les chaises, elles sont neuves et confo... Ray pourra dormir dessus pas de trouble!!! Danny

  • 18. yannick (on Tue Sep 12 22:16:20 2006)
    "Le plus drôle dans toute cette histoire, c’est que – et on doit se fier ici aux collègues de New York – Charles Wang a imposé un ultimatum à DiPietro dans cette négociations : s’il n’acceptait pas ce contrat d’ici vendredi, il était suspendu pour la saison." This is beyond ridiculous!

  • 17. yannick (on Tue Sep 12 18:59:12 2006)
    guys, have you seen the contract the Isles gave Dipietro? This has got to be the stupidest contract since Yashin!

  • 16. nolan (on Tue Sep 12 16:32:47 2006)
    Je veux pas me meller de ce qui me regarde pas, mais la table de poker as un tapis de poker dessus donc ca sera pas facile décrire.. et en plus tout le contour, il y a un appuie-coude... donc... je sais pas si cest vraiment lidéale. mais au pire ya surement moyen de patenter dequoi...

  • 15. yannick (on Tue Sep 12 15:40:14 2006)
    new article on main page. Danny, est-ce que la table a poker est une bonne table pour faire le draft? Niraj semblait pas sure, alors je veux juste m'assurer avec toi.

  • 14. niraj (on Tue Sep 12 11:17:29 2006)
    Danny, For the draft, do you have a big enough table to seat all of us? I'm just asking because I really liked the Vermont site last year...it was very "executive". Niraj.

  • 13. jf (on Tue Sep 12 10:57:38 2006)
    Bonjour, voici mon premier post et ma premiere decision en tant que DG. Esperont que ce sera une bonne decision! ;) Keepers List : Sundin, Mats 25 ( Last year of contract ) Schneider, Mathieu 11 ( Last year of contract ) Rolston, Brian 10 -------------------------- Total 46$

  • 12. yannick (on Tue Sep 12 09:46:37 2006)
    ceux qui ont soumi leur liste de protection ont oublier d'indiquer a qui il enlevait la derniere annee de contrat (voir comment #1). voici ma liste: Marleau $10 Alfredsson $29 (last year of contract) Liles $10 Lidstrom $25 (last year of contract) Luongo $39 (last year of contract)

  • 11. nolan (on Mon Sep 11 21:47:51 2006)
    je vais changer ma liste d'ici le 15, étant donné les récentes nouvelles concernant Kaberle merci

  • 10. nolan (on Mon Sep 11 16:17:21 2006)
    Keepers list Elias, Patrik $10 Savard, Marc $10 Jokinen, Olli $10 Prospal, Vaclav $10 Kozlov, Slava $10 Brind'amour, Rod $10 Higgins, Christopher $10 Boyle, Dan $10 Kaberle, Frantisek $10 Seabrook, Brent $10 ---------------------------- $100

  • 9. zubial (on Mon Sep 11 14:21:53 2006)
    Keepers list Crosby, Sidney $54 Vokoun, Tomas: $29 Ovechkin, Alexander $23 Lehtonen, Kari $21 Pitkanen, Joni $10 Cheechoo, Jonathan $10 Gionta, Brian: $10 Vanek, Thomas: $10 Mara, Paul $10 Morrow, Brenden $10 ----------------------- $187 Have a good season ALL

  • 8. raymond (on Mon Sep 11 11:45:04 2006)
    For the max keepers at each position, I think we should allow 2 goalie keepers but at least 1 must be at 2 years. For the other positions, it's ok.

  • 7. yannick (on Mon Sep 11 00:24:50 2006)
    The only manager we are missing confirmation is Ghislain. Among new rules, we will limitate the number of keepers at each position starting next year. So for the 2007 draft, you will not be able to keep more than one goalie, no more than 3 defensemen and no more than 7 forwards. This rule will be to avoid someone having a monopoly of goalies for exemple. Good keepers give a manager an advantage for the following season, but every manager should still have a chance every year.

  • 6. nolan (on Sun Sep 10 23:14:17 2006)
    Salut gang, oui je vais etre la cette année... j'envoie ma liste de protection dans pas long Merci No

  • 5. danny (on Sun Sep 10 09:34:10 2006)
    Nolan m'a confirmer sa présence!!! Meme si il semble avoir oublier son mot de passe

  • 4. danny (on Fri Sep 8 15:32:38 2006)
    Bergeron P., Hemsky, Gagné, Sullivan, Brière Ohlund, Zidlicky, Hamrlick Kipprusoff, Fleury Total: 182$- 10 players protected for the Navy Seals

  • 3. yannick (on Fri Sep 8 13:45:08 2006)
    NEW OWNER! The UFHL is proud to welcome Jean-Francois Bolduc as a new owner of a UFHL franchise. He will take over the "Untouchables" franchise previously owned by Djilly. Good Luck!

  • 2. etienne (on Fri Sep 8 10:56:36 2006)
    Pour le draft, les deux journées sont corrects pour moi. Et puis pour le lieu, l'année passée nous sommes allé aux USA et c'est bien plus loin que chez Danny... e

  • 1. yannick (on Tue Sep 5 14:40:44 2006)
    You have until September 15th (inclusively) to submit your list of protection. remember minimum players to keep: 3, maximum: 10. please write your list of protection here on the "comments of the week" (and if you make modifications, please write the whole list again). New rule for this year: in order to assure quality players will re-enter the pool of players next year (we created a gap by giving 3 years contract last year), among the players that a managers keep, 50% (rounded-up) will have their last year removed. The managers decide themselves who gets the third year removed. What this means is that if you keep 10 players, 5 players will be on their last year of their contract. If you keep 5 players, then 3 players will have their last year on their contract removed. When you submit your list of protection, you must write also who you have selected to remove the last year of their contract. The draft will be held on the last week-end of September on saturday the 30th or sunday october 1st. Please let me know which day is better for you. For now, we'll go for saturday september the 30th. The location of the draft might be in Danny's basement, but since it looks like we will be more managers from montreal, we might find a place in montreal. Please confirm asap your participation.

  • 0. yannick (on Mon Sep 4 21:21:12 2006)

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