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last update: Tue May 5 19:57:38 2020

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  • 685. danny (on Tue May 5 19:57:38 2020)
    We want a season 2021 UFHL....just like the good old days

  • 684. niraj (on Fri Sep 13 20:54:14 2019)
    Just gonna say, I kind of miss this league. Hope everyone is well.

  • 683. danny (on Mon Mar 19 17:39:03 2018)
    Ray....Can you send me my money$$$$$

  • 682. bao (on Thu May 5 19:22:39 2016)
    @Niraj: youngest GM record is gone... time to aim for younger president ! @Ray: With Ericsson's re-org I might need my last year winnings to pay for my lunches...

  • 681. niraj (on Wed Jan 6 21:08:06 2016)
    Johansen for Seth Jones is ALMOST a UFHL trade!

  • 680. yannick (on Fri Oct 16 20:50:52 2015)
    FINAL MONEY EARNING FOR THE 2014-2015 SEASON -------------------------------------------- Total amount with entry fees: $900 Total amount for $20 weekly winners: $260 Total amount for top 3: $640 1st position gets 62.5% of 640: $400 2nd position gets 25% of 640: $160 3rd position gets 12.5% of 640: $80 since we had a tie for 2nd, $240 will be split in two So Final Results are: 1- Raymond: $420 (400+20) 2- Bao: $180 (120+60) 3- Phuc: $140 (120+20) 4- Danny: $60 5- Ralph: $40 6- Dominic: $20 6- Marc: $20 6- Yannick: $20 9- Alexandre: $0

  • 679. yannick (on Tue Oct 13 13:56:36 2015)
    automatic jobs are back on. so automatic rankings on a daily basis are back on.

  • 678. yannick (on Tue Oct 13 08:37:40 2015)
    j'ai eu une panne d'internet. il devrait y avoir un ranking aujourd'hui

  • 677. phuc (on Sun Oct 11 18:43:14 2015)
    When are the rankings coming out?

  • 676. danny (on Wed Oct 7 10:08:21 2015)
    Ok...I understand!

  • 675. yannick (on Tue Oct 6 00:06:01 2015)
    You can now submit your lineups for the first week. lineups have to be entered before wednesday 7pm. first game of the season is the Habs versus the Leafs on Wednesday.

  • 674. yannick (on Tue Oct 6 00:02:07 2015)
    The way I was seeing it is the following: since there is no entry fee, I thought I would keep as simple as possible to start with. here is the list of players that were on their last year of their contract last season (we are talking 8 players here...) markov (ray) getzlaf (bao) kopitar (phuc) subban (phuc) simmonds (danny) crawford (dominic) duchene (marc) niemi (marc) every team affected can replace the players with players already on their team, and it also helps the teams in the bottom on the ranking which do not start with the same quality of players as the top teams. I would therefore remove these players from their teams. As for farm players and players that were on the IR at the end of last year, when you make a lineup, you adjust your team by firing players as you normally would. That will take care of itself. as to doing a mini-draft or hiring some free agents to make adjustments to teams before the season starts, my point of view is this: there is no entry fee and I don't want to spend time for something if we are only 3 or 4 to participate. So I say, let's wait 2 months to see of there is still interest, if we are at least 70% of the league making a weekly lineup, and then let's organize around Christmas an event (online or in-person) to adjust our teams (normal draft or auction) that we decide together. The 8 players above will be available along with mcdavid and eichel and other players we will drop, so it will be very very interesting and quicker than a beginning of the year draft!

  • 673. danny (on Wed Sep 30 16:31:29 2015)
    Yan, Why can't we do like a 5 free agent email conner Mcdavid and all the other players. Wouldn't managers be able to answer an email before october 18th of something.

  • 672. yannick (on Tue Sep 29 16:38:53 2015)
    please read even if you have indicated that you will not participate this year, because you will still keep your team. So, with only 4 managers and no replacements, the draft is cancelled for this year. But we all keep our current team as is. Let me explain what we will do for this year: - no draft - no trades - no free agents - no entry fee - we keep last year's teams - no floater (unless we decide otherwise) - weekly lineup (9f, 6d, 2g) on wednesday - rankings as usual we love the team we built and our players, so we will make a line-up every week on Wednesday as usual. We will have a ranking as usual. This way we can continue to follow our players for this season. The players will use one contract year. If next year we are all in town and want to continue, then we have a solid base and a team to start with to restart the UFHL. We will also have time to make changes if we feel necessary. If someone wants to definitely abandon their team, then we can give that team to someone else who will slowly learn the league throughout the season. I realize that the first place teams start with an advantage, but that's why we have no entry fee. And it will be interesting if a last place team like mine, can do better with young guns. So that is it. I am not ready to kill the UFHL just yet, and I find this to be a good "interim" solution to give us an extra year to come up with a permanent solution or end the league's activities completely. comments/thoughts/suggestions... I'm open Yannick "Save the UFHL!"

  • 671. danny (on Sat Sep 26 14:01:01 2015)
    Come on guys....Bring back the passion. New and improved format guaranteed. I suggest no more keepers, only 5 FA for the year, 2 goalies, 6 def, 9 forwards. keep it simple and fun. The league must survive.

  • 670. danny (on Sat Sep 26 14:01:01 2015)
    Come on guys....Bring back the passion. New and improved format guaranteed. I suggest no more keepers, only 5 FA for the year, 2 goalies, 6 def, 9 forwards. keep it simple and fun. The league must survive.

  • 669. bao (on Tue Jun 9 09:34:26 2015)
    Keith and Hedman are available !!! :)

  • 668. raymond (on Wed Apr 15 18:24:03 2015)
    Bao / Phuc: Congrats for finishing 2nd! You both made me nervous at different times in the 2nd half of the season. Bao when Dubnyk learned how to stop pucks on a regular basis and Phuc when your D decided to score every game. Congrats to all the weekly winners. In addition to the money won, you all get...a Hamburglar! Alex: good job finishing outside the top 3. We all know how much you wanted to keep Price lol I'm predicting at least 1 weekly win for you next year : )

  • 667. yannick (on Tue Apr 14 18:07:02 2015)
    WEEKLY $20 ---------- NOTE: The NHL has modified a goal scored by Tampa Bay on Saturday and awarded the goal to Nikita Kucherov. That goal gave an extra point to Ralph for the weekly ranking which is breaking the tie between Raymond and Ralph. So congratulations to Ralph for winning his second and final $20 of the season! Big short week for Kucherov and Jack Johnson. So this also means that Alex is the only manager to not have won a week this season. 2015 Summary (13 weeks, 8 different winners...) Bao: 60 Danny: 60 Ralph: 40 Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20 Dominic: 20 Marc: 20 Raymond: 20 Final Results and money will be posted tomorrow.

  • 666. yannick (on Mon Apr 13 11:04:12 2015)
    Congratulations Ray for your third UFHL Championship! The 17th UFHL Championship since its creation. Great draft, great trades, great pickups! Another superb season by the Combiners! Final ranking will be tomorow as the NHL might change the stats of the week-end games. A change could impact 2nd position as bao and phuc are tied. And also for the weekly $20 as Ray and Ralph are tied. List of past champions is available under UFHL Reports -> UFHL Hall of Champions -> UFHL Champions NUMBER of UFHL CHAMPIONSHIPS: ---------------------------- Yannick: 4 Niraj: 3 Raymond: 3 Etienne: 2 Alexandre: 1 Bao: 1 Yanick C.: 1 Nolan: 1 Guillaume: 1

  • 665. niraj (on Mon Apr 13 10:42:29 2015)
    Congrats Ray! This win puts you with elite company... Niraj.

  • 664. phuc (on Sun Apr 12 14:28:40 2015)
    So.. Bao, we tie for 2nd? We both get 2nd monies? :-D

  • 663. bao (on Sun Apr 12 08:25:55 2015)
    Benching Edler .... Costly mistake ! Congrats Ray and Alex... Biggest winner and loser...

  • 662. yannick (on Fri Apr 10 10:48:55 2015)
    alex took the lead for the final week... there is hope for his first $20... I finally left the last position... let's go highlanders!

  • 661. danny (on Thu Apr 9 08:11:38 2015)
    Thank you to all the "Hamburglar" fans. He changed my season to a respectful one.

  • 660. yannick (on Wed Apr 8 14:56:14 2015)
    WEEKLY $20 ---------- Congratulations to Danny for his third $20 of the season! WOW! what a comeback for the Walkers! now sitting in 4th position... unbelievable! Great job Danny! Another phenomal week by Hammond, Quick and Jamie Benn... Now the pressure is on Alex, the only manager to not have won a week this season. 2015 Summary (12 weeks, 8 different winners...) Bao: 60 Danny: 60 Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20 Ralph: 20 Dominic: 20 Marc: 20 Raymond: 20

  • 659. yannick (on Wed Apr 8 10:25:02 2015)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ---------------------- Today marks the last lineup you will enter for this season. It is also the last opportunity to hire a player for this season. After 7h05pm tonight, the teams will be locked until september. Ray's victory seems like a formality, but I will keep my congratulations for the final ranking of this season to be published on Monday April 13th. Habs playoffs ticket are officially onsale since 10am this morning in case you didn't know. (I have tickets for game 7 if there is a game 7 of course...) Alex, week #27 will be your last opportunity to win a $20. Make sure you put a winning lineup! Good luck to all for the reminder of the season.

  • 658. yannick (on Wed Apr 8 10:18:33 2015)
    I was away last week and came back on monday, so I didnit post an update for the weekly $20. my apologies. so for the week #25 (march 25th to march 31st), the $20 weekly winner was The Combiners. It was Ray's first $20 of the season. So now only Alex didn't win a week so far. 2015 Summary (11 weeks, 8 different winners...) Bao: 60 Danny: 40 Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20 Ralph: 20 Dominic: 20 Marc: 20 Raymond: 20 winner of week #26 to be announced this afternoon

  • 657. yannick (on Tue Mar 31 22:04:25 2015)
    defensemen stats were broken today. it will be okay tomorrow, don't worry.

  • 656. yannick (on Thu Mar 26 10:57:28 2015)
    WEEKLY $20 ---------- Congratulations to Bao for his third $20 of the season! Wow, already $60 for Bao who's looking very solid in 2nd position. 2015 Summary (10 weeks, 7 different winners... only ray and alex haven't won a week) Bao: 60 Danny: 40 Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20 Ralph: 20 Dominic: 20 Marc: 20

  • 655. danny (on Tue Mar 24 23:02:10 2015)
    Congrats Niraj...AGAIN!!!for another fantastic Habs fan in the making. Let's do the draft in August guys please....Pretty please! So Niraj won't have an excuse anymore....Or will he?

  • 654. niraj (on Tue Mar 24 14:53:57 2015)
    @Danny: Your request is like the Toronto Maple Leafs asking Mike Babcock to save their franchise, except without the pay! I would probably do it, except my wife is pregnant with our second kid and she's due end of September / early October. However, my phone line is open to you.

  • 653. danny (on Wed Mar 18 18:34:03 2015)
    I refuse to make any statements on Hammond right now.

  • 652. yannick (on Wed Mar 18 14:48:48 2015)
    WEEKLY $20 ---------- Congratulations to Danny for his second $20 of the season! The star of the Walkers is without a doubt Andrew Hammond with a 4 wins in 4 games insane record. Big week also from Wayne Simmonds. 2015 Summary (9 weeks, 7 different winners... only ray and alex haven't won a week) Bao: 40 Danny: 40 Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20 Ralph: 20 Dominic: 20 Marc: 20

  • 651. danny (on Tue Mar 17 13:47:06 2015)
    Sounds good Bao! Calling out Niraj for next year's draft. 2GM's for one team is allowed right?

  • 650. bao (on Tue Mar 17 11:38:17 2015)
    Walkers are the hottest team in UFHL... @Danny: you would win every second half of the season... let Niraj draft for you next year :)

  • 649. phuc (on Thu Mar 12 10:22:48 2015)
    haha, I'm not even looking at boxscores anymore... just need to know who won (freakin' Shoot-out though...) Yes, Bao, the Goalie Wins Gauntlet has begun.

  • 648. bao (on Wed Mar 11 19:34:22 2015)
    goalie wins is the wildcard stat... one win difference between first and second to last... I accept your challenge Phuc...

  • 647. yannick (on Wed Mar 11 19:01:35 2015)
    WEEKLY $20 ---------- Congratulations to Marc for his first $20 of the season! Big week from Pominville and Schwartz with 5 points each. Bishop and Niemi were both fantastic as well this week for marc. 2015 Summary (8 weeks, 7 different winners... only ray and alex haven't won a week) Bao: 40 Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20 Ralph: 20 Dominic: 20 Danny: 20 Marc: 20

  • 646. phuc (on Tue Mar 10 11:08:11 2015)
    Would-be Norris winner Giordano is up for grabs...

  • 645. yannick (on Tue Mar 10 10:37:37 2015)
    REMINDER: -------- UFHL TRADE DEADLINE TOMOROW 7h00pm (not 7h05). deadline to submit lineup 7h05pm Deadline to hire a player is April 8th.

  • 644. dominic (on Fri Mar 6 05:03:17 2015)
    That's a first... 15 blocked shots Russel in one game.. Doesn't a puck hurt?

  • 643. bao (on Thu Mar 5 16:42:36 2015)
    My new strategy: with my 20$ winnings this week I will buy a few lottery tickets. And with the millions I will win, I would buy out all of Ray's players contracts. First place guaranteed !!!

  • 642. yannick (on Thu Mar 5 16:38:44 2015)
    WEEKLY $20 ---------- Congratulations to Bao for his second $20 of the season! Bao looks good to grab 2nd position... Ray might be untouchable, but we never know. Reminder that UFHL trade deadline is this Wednesday March 11th 2015 Summary (7 weeks, 6 different winners) Bao: 40 Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20 Ralph: 20 Dominic: 20 Danny: 20

  • 641. phuc (on Tue Mar 3 03:42:15 2015)
    !@#$% After Seguin, now Giordano is done for the year?! I give up.

  • 640. bao (on Thu Feb 26 20:29:57 2015)
    Jagr's motivation was girls gone wild video during spring break down south. His timing is perfect...

  • 639. yannick (on Thu Feb 26 17:35:02 2015)
    jagr to florida? didn't see that one coming

  • 638. danny (on Wed Feb 25 20:38:00 2015)
    Who's your daddy?

  • 637. yannick (on Wed Feb 25 19:22:45 2015)
    WEEKLY $20 ---------- Congratulations to Danny his first $20 of the season! Big week for Jamie Benn and newly acquired Parise. But the star of the Walkers this week was Jonathan Quick! 2015 Summary (6 weeks, 6 different winners... interesting) Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20 Bao: 20 Ralph: 20 Dominic: 20 Danny: 20

  • 636. danny (on Wed Feb 25 18:54:41 2015)
    Extra extra....Read all about it! "Last place team put the nail in the coffin to rest of UFHLer's" Yes folks...It's the only highlight i got this year so bear with me. I got bragging rights all week long.

  • 635. phuc (on Wed Feb 25 18:27:55 2015)
    I apparently forgot to include an FA to Dominic in the trade - Yannick, can you rectify?

  • 634. yannick (on Tue Feb 24 15:21:40 2015)
    good trade by Bergevin. I like it! Sekac didn't look like a playoff player anyway

  • 633. danny (on Tue Feb 24 14:08:18 2015)
    I just fired most of my super under achievers...if anybody wants to claim any....I doubt it!

  • 632. dominic (on Mon Feb 23 12:34:26 2015)
    Looking for Keepers, Inbox

  • 631. bao (on Sun Feb 22 12:35:15 2015)
    @niraj im ready to pay with my team name ...this way you can bring back the archangels...

  • 630. niraj (on Fri Feb 20 23:28:12 2015)
    @bao: what do you pay???

  • 629. bao (on Thu Feb 19 12:47:01 2015)
    @Niraj I'm looking to hire a GM to manage my trades. I would continue week-to-week lineups but you would have "carte blanche" for any trades.

  • 628. niraj (on Thu Feb 19 01:49:10 2015)
    But if you're talking with Ray, then you exchange 15 emails on the throw-in "bencher" or FA... Nice pickup Phuc. Danny, at least you tried.

  • 627. raymond (on Wed Feb 18 14:43:44 2015)
    @Danny: I'm just surprised that you didn't get one of his d-men but then again, I don't know the conversations you've had. Maybe you tried and he said no... To answer your question, I would've said no Burns : ) As for time, it does take time to complete a trade but I find that for keeper deals, you get a sense of who's available very quickly. It's like "I'm trading Crosby and I want either Buff or Gio, any chance of that working?" They say no and you move on.

  • 626. yannick (on Wed Feb 18 14:28:45 2015)
    WEEKLY $20 ---------- Congratulations to Dominic his first $20 of the season! Newly acquired player Ovechkin has been sensational with 8 points in 4 games! Big week also for Joe Thornton and Erik Karlsson with 6 points each... 2015 Summary Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20 Bao: 20 Ralph: 20 Dominic: 20

  • 625. danny (on Wed Feb 18 12:19:55 2015)
    Well...Can't say i didn't try to get better with a general post that Crosby has to go about 2 months ago. I don't have the time anymore to call everybody personally so sorry Ray. Would you have given me Burns? Now that the trade is done you can say "Yes" 3 offers that i won't even bother to talk about. So ya Parise is a very good player-keeper that can still help me win a week this year too instead of finishing 2nd twice(like this week). Crosby is the reason i didn't win the week as well....So boom he's out.

  • 624. raymond (on Wed Feb 18 11:58:46 2015)
    Wow...with a talented pool of d-men, the choice is Parise?

  • 623. phuc (on Tue Feb 17 11:44:24 2015)
    @Alex, with all my injuries, you might have no choice to give him up.

  • 622. alexandre (on Mon Feb 16 22:30:42 2015)
    Will he reach the next draft? ;)

  • 621. yannick (on Mon Feb 16 22:08:06 2015)
    Will Carey price reach $50 at the next draft?

  • 620. yannick (on Mon Feb 16 15:48:51 2015)
    **** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT **** --------------------------------- The UFHL trade deadline this year will be Wednesday March 11th at 7pm. Just like the previous 2 years, the trade deadline is at 7h00pm sharp and the lineups have to be entered before 7h05pm sharp. The NHL trade deadline is monday march 2th, and following our tradition to make the UFHL trade deadline one week after the nhl one but one month before the end of the season, March 11th is the perfect date. NHL regular season ends on April 11th.

  • 619. yannick (on Thu Feb 12 00:41:18 2015)
    @dominic et marc: j'ai verifier les logs et dominic a bel-et-bien entrer un lineup en meme temps que marc. alors ce lineup est valide. a noter que bien que les changements sont officielement fait 19h05, les equipes updater apparaissent 15 minutes plus tard sur le site, soit vers 19h20. Par contre, tu avais un joueur de trop dans ton club, alors tu perds un free agent.

  • 618. marc (on Wed Feb 11 19:16:55 2015)
    @Yan : est ce que on pourrait avoir un ajustement du lineup a Dom vu que le systeme ne voulait juste pas faire l'ajustement? On etait au telephone pendant la transaction jusqua temps ai lineup. Moi jai eu le temps et lui sa ne voulait juste pas prendre les changements en consideration... Totalement pas de sa faute

  • 617. dominic (on Wed Feb 11 19:09:56 2015)
    Perron bishop sont encore dans ma team aprs l echange et puis il est 7h 09

  • 616. dominic (on Wed Feb 11 19:07:36 2015)
    yan mon line up marche pas après l echange ...

  • 615. yannick (on Wed Feb 11 18:36:37 2015)
    Phuc won the very first week, it's just that I forgot to post a comment when you won last week.... sorry. so congratulations Bao for winning the week before. better late than never! 2015 Summary Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20 Bao: 20 Ralph: 20

  • 614. bao (on Wed Feb 11 18:33:35 2015)
    yannick... are you sure I didn't win a week? Phuc and I don't really look that alike... ☺

  • 613. yannick (on Wed Feb 11 15:17:53 2015)
    WEEKLY $20 ---------- Congratulations to Ralph for his first ever $20 in the UFHL! Big week for Kucherov, Spezza and especially Fleury with 2 shutouts! 2015 Summary Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20 Ralph: 20

  • 612. marc (on Wed Feb 11 15:01:44 2015)
    Ovy, Crawford and Patches can be had in a keeper deal... Email me if youre interested

  • 611. raymond (on Sun Feb 8 22:37:45 2015)
    Yeah Bao, you really suck at choosing goalies lol Why couldn't you start Hiller this week! Pretty sure that 2 double shutouts in the same season is a record.

  • 610. bao (on Thu Feb 5 11:13:48 2015)
    I suck at this fantasy hockey stuff... I keep on benching the hot goalies... Last week Dubnyk and Hiller this week...

  • 609. marc (on Wed Feb 4 16:59:10 2015)
    I mean... nobody looking to make a push? Im trying to message people to trade cause im giving up on my season.

  • 608. yannick (on Mon Feb 2 16:20:36 2015)
    FREE AGENTS ADJUSTMENT ---------------------- as you know when you fire a player and he his hired on the same week, you get an extra free agent. the free agent counter was not being adjusted since the beginning of the year. So I proceeded with an adjustment of the free agents to take in account those fired players who were hired on the same week. here is the summary: bao: +1 (Voynov hired by yannick) alexandre: +1 (Zidlicky hired by marc) phuc: +1 (Smith hired by bao) yannick: +1 (Brodin hired by marc) ralph: +2 (Bieksa hired by alexandre, Campbell hired by phuc) dominic: +2 (Koivu hired by alexandre, O'reilly hired by phuc)

  • 607. yannick (on Mon Feb 2 13:54:53 2015)
    Alex Steen is on fire! by the way, those who needs help in defense I have Karlsson and Subban available...

  • 606. yannick (on Wed Jan 28 17:30:22 2015)
    Reminder of the Keeper rules: ---------------------------- 1) We are linking the # of keepers to the # of GMs. The ratio is 2/3, so 2 keepers for every 3 GMs 2) Top 3 can only keeper (2, 3 and 5 keepers respectively) with a max budget of $55 3) Everyone outside the top 3 can keep 6 keepers with a max budget of $80 4) Everybody can keep an extra keeper if that player is a farmer and fits within the budget 5) There is still a max of 2 goalies that can be kept per team (no more than one farm goalie)

  • 605. yannick (on Wed Jan 28 14:18:13 2015)
    ...all that while having 6 players on the IR! I guess that's why we called it the "lottery" week!

  • 604. yannick (on Wed Jan 28 14:11:15 2015)
    WEEKLY $20 ---------- Well well well, look who won this lottery week! I certainly did not expect that! Congratulations to myself for winning my first $20 on this lottery week. I would like to thank my all-star captain Nick Foligno with his 2 points contribution. I'd like to thank also my defense who contributed for more 50% of my total points. Johnny Boychuk is establiching himself as a star defense and a solid keeper. A special note also to Landerskog who contributed with a fight and 5 PIM. This might the start of the rise of the Highlanders! $20 2015 Summary Phuc: 20 Yannick: 20

  • 603. raymond (on Wed Jan 28 11:04:22 2015)
    As I was looking at the scores last night, I was thinking that Ralph had a good chance this week. But then Danny got a shutout! So who's got it now?

  • 602. yannick (on Tue Jan 27 10:13:06 2015)
    fini les niaiseries de la game des etoiles, place au choses serieuses ce soir!

  • 601. yannick (on Thu Jan 22 18:21:05 2015)
    Bao took a serious option for the lottery week, but 22 teams are playing Tuesday night, so whoever wins that night will probably win the week!

  • 600. raymond (on Thu Jan 22 12:11:38 2015)
    @Bao: Would this be the Miller light strategy? @Yan: The bigger question for Danny is how did Hemsky survive all the cuts! @Phuc: I made a trade just for you lol

  • 599. bao (on Thu Jan 22 09:35:43 2015)
    Let's see if my one goalie strategy will work on this short week !

  • 598. yannick (on Wed Jan 21 17:08:24 2015)
    @danny: why are you firing so many players? you don't need to, you are down to 22 players in your team. are you in a tight player budget?

  • 597. yannick (on Wed Jan 21 15:11:29 2015) up: the lottery week: the week in which Danny, Ralph and I have a chance to win!

  • 596. yannick (on Wed Jan 21 15:09:59 2015)
    WEEKLY $20 ---------- Congratulations to Phuc for winning the first $20 of the season. Phuc is in a tight battle for 1st place with Ray and this win will certainly help his chances. Phuc can thank Okposo with incredible 7 points in 3 games and Plekanec with 6 points in 4 games. $20 2015 Summary Phuc: 20

  • 595. phuc (on Wed Jan 21 15:05:52 2015)
    No, I think the first $20 goes to me! The 2nd $20 is the lottery week.

  • 594. dominic (on Wed Jan 21 15:00:33 2015)
    so the first 20$ is based on only two days wednesday and next tuesday right yan?

  • 593. yannick (on Wed Jan 21 10:23:49 2015)
    @bao: lottery is the week starting tonight (all-star game week). The winner of the current week (ranking at 2pm this afternoon) will earn the first $20 of the season.

  • 592. bao (on Wed Jan 21 09:31:05 2015)
    I suck I remembering comments... Is this the "lottery week" ?

  • 591. yannick (on Sun Jan 18 17:59:42 2015)
    bao's ranking is like the weather these days...

  • 590. phuc (on Sun Jan 18 10:55:21 2015)
    @Bao - you have crazy ~15pts swings in the rankings...

  • 589. phuc (on Sun Jan 18 10:53:37 2015)
    Everyone is looking for the same thing and ranking is tight... No one is selling yet and in any case, I think Ray has all the bargaining chips with his boatload of breakout players / keepers. I blame low trading on Ray ;-) @Everyone, I suggest we make a change for the floater rule just for Bao, so he can start his 6 G starters - especially for Mike Smith. And I disagree with the low value of D with the categories in play and I think the lineups will change quite a bit in the following weeks.

  • 588. bao (on Sat Jan 17 10:02:40 2015)
    @ray I'll only speak out when I take over a top 3 spot next week. trading is low since everyone is still in it. last week I was contemplating rebuilding. look at my team now... I foresaw the drop in value for defense... see Weber trade... and foresee a rise for goalies... I'm stockpiling 6 starters... if only I was as good oracle with the stock market

  • 587. raymond (on Sat Jan 17 02:22:19 2015)
    @Bao: No reaction from u this week? Cold weather must be affecting you! @Danny: There are more FAs but I don't think it has had an affect on trading. In fact, alot of GMs still have quite a few FAs. A better measure would be to see who has made the least amount of offers / trades and figure out why that is. @All: Interesting lineup combinations this week. I believe only 2 GMs went with the standard lineup. Would you say that D men lose value now that most only start 5 of them?

  • 586. dominic (on Fri Jan 16 14:20:54 2015)
    anybody looking to move let me know , looking for goals

  • 585. danny (on Thu Jan 15 12:22:15 2015)
    Is it just me or is trading at all time low? I'm counting 13 real trades since the draft. Maybe we could add another 15 free agents to make sure nobody talk to each other. Obviously, i'm pissed off at the world right now too since my team is completely dead. Time to rise from the grave guys...Wake up.

  • 584. marc (on Wed Jan 14 17:14:22 2015)
    @Yan : I'm a total idiot. I thought we would be able to add a position. My fault. Thank you

  • 583. yannick (on Wed Jan 14 14:47:08 2015)
    @marc: an active lineup is 17 players with or without floater... if you have 18 players active, then you get a red screen and an error (not a warning) and your lineup is not registered. An active lineup is 17 players or less, not more. Floater means you remove a player from one position to add to another position. IT IS NOT ADDING ONE PLAYER TO ANY POSITION. MAXIMUM 17 PLAYERS. Please make a lineup of 17 active players. please see comment #580 on the possible combinations.

  • 582. marc (on Wed Jan 14 14:30:32 2015)
    When I submit my lineup it gives me a warning message telling me I have 18 players. Should I ignore it since we are enforcing the floater now?

  • 581. yannick (on Wed Jan 14 14:10:45 2015)
    mike yeo is not fired yet?

  • 580. yannick (on Thu Jan 8 11:02:27 2015)
    following my last announcement, the floater rule is now in effect (for the week starting January 14th). this mean that you can move one position in your active lineup. Possible combination: 9 F, 6 D, 2 G 10 F, 5 D, 2 G 10 F, 6 D, 1 G 8 F, 7 D, 2 G 9 F, 7 D, 1 G 8 F, 6 D, 3 G 9 F, 5 D, 3 G

  • 579. yannick (on Mon Jan 5 11:14:45 2015)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ---------------------- The floater rule (floating position) and the $20 a week will start on the week of January 14th to January 20th. So what this mean is that for the week of activity start Jan 14th, you will be allowed to use the floater rule. And the first $20 will given on January 21st for the preceeding week.

  • 578. raymond (on Sun Jan 4 02:12:45 2015)
    Wow scoring galore tonight...not for me tho... Rask what do I do with you?

  • 577. bao (on Fri Jan 2 16:59:32 2015)
    Pens got screwed... 1st rounder for Perron and then some !!! They should have brought back Kovalev instead since he already got the mumps from KHL or was it Hep A ? :)

  • 576. alexandre (on Fri Jan 2 15:23:32 2015)
    damn you Dominic! good pickup

  • 575. marc (on Wed Dec 31 10:17:09 2014)
    @all : looking for a D, doesn't have to be a superstar but could work also

  • 574. raymond (on Tue Dec 30 00:47:23 2014)
    @Dom: Good news! They changed one of Vermette's goals to an assist so no hat trick!

  • 573. dominic (on Mon Dec 29 23:43:03 2014)
    2 players on my bench with a hat trick.... Been there done that

  • 572. phuc (on Mon Dec 29 06:58:46 2014)
    @Yannick, Can you move Byfuglien to D now? He's played 10 consecutive games from Dec. 5th (|WPG|home) to Dec 27th - averaging more than 26min per game on the back end. Both ESPN and Roto has him listed as D and with all the injuries to WPG's defense, I don't think he'll be RW anytime soon.

  • 571. yannick (on Sun Dec 28 12:43:06 2014)
    IMPORTANT REMINDER ---------------------- This Wednesday December 31st, the first game starts at 5pm. So exceptionally for this week, free agents, trades, fired players and active lineups will have to be entered before 5pm.

  • 570. yannick (on Tue Dec 23 11:16:19 2014)
    Olli Maatta from Pitsburgh and Morgan Rielly from Toronto are available for $2 contract for next year. I must make space on my farm for Derrick Pouliot. If you are interested in one of them to keep at $2 for next year, make me an offer before tomorrow for a player I can activate.

  • 569. yannick (on Sat Dec 20 13:00:24 2014)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ---------------------- Wednesday December 31st, the first game starts at 5pm. So exceptionally for that week, free agents, trades, fired players and active lineups will have to be entered before 5pm. This Wednesday December 24th, there are no games scheduled, so the 7pm deadline holds.

  • 568. bao (on Sat Dec 20 12:52:38 2014)
    When there is a three-way tie for last place, there is no real loser :) Shea Weber is up for grabs... make your offer!

  • 567. dominic (on Thu Dec 18 09:25:03 2014)
    @yannick: When Seguin and Benn start playing defense, team looks pretty solid. Gotta tell you one thing, goodjob on keeping Turris. Would have been good timing for me haha.

  • 566. yannick (on Thu Dec 18 08:47:58 2014)
    dominic: good call on activating lethonen!

  • 565. yannick (on Wed Dec 17 18:24:01 2014)
    we are 5 teams tied in 3rd position in the goals category... crazy!

  • 564. phuc (on Wed Dec 17 16:57:51 2014)
    If one looks at the points in each category, I think it's pretty damn close still for everyone.

  • 563. dominic (on Wed Dec 17 16:48:32 2014)
    @Yannick It was a good day yesterday for me also, but I would have liked that W with 0-0 game loll fuckin howard sucks in SO

  • 562. yannick (on Wed Dec 17 14:08:46 2014)
    aye caramba! I gained 12 points in one night! This late in the season, I've never seen that! I went from last place to 6th in the overall ranking! The Highlanders are rising from the ashes!

  • 561. danny (on Wed Dec 17 11:00:26 2014)
    Xmas wishes to all the UFHLers(families included) and ex-ufhlers like Niraj who didn't have time for our league but has a golf pool...with side bets. Sounds intense! On the other hand, I do admit i'm pretty bored with this season too. Maybe i'll join a Warcraft league next year with side bets. I miss you bro for the spice you gave to our league and all those useful insights and debats we had.

  • 560. niraj (on Wed Dec 17 09:48:29 2014)
    Hey guys, Not going to bore you with a UFHL Xmas poem this year. I have a suggestion for you to make things more interesting. In my golf pool, we have side bets. So I'll bet each of the other managers 'x$' that I will finish higher than them. I win, I get 'x', I lose, I pay out 'x'. That way, even if you're 8th, you still want to improve to try to win some side bets. Just a thought, it does have a conflict with the keeper system... Happy Holidays!

  • 559. bao (on Wed Dec 17 08:52:38 2014)
    watch out Phuc... Yannick's team is red hot.

  • 558. phuc (on Wed Dec 17 07:28:39 2014)
    Byfuglien's consecutive games at D: 6!

  • 557. danny (on Tue Dec 16 11:05:30 2014)
    Call me ....9-1-1

  • 556. raymond (on Mon Dec 15 14:21:31 2014)
    Notes from the Voynov trial: Officer says Voynov's wife said he struck her in the face with his fist Officer: Voynov pushed wife to ground multiple times, kicked her repeatedly while on ground, chocked her three times. Officer: Voynov pushed her into flat-screen TV where she cut her face. Officer: "There's bruising, red marks, scratches on the victim's neck." At Voynov's home, the officer noted blood all over bedroom, including covering comforter and a bloody handprint on floor. Hey Danny, if you're free, got a job for you...

  • 555. danny (on Sun Dec 14 16:16:52 2014)
    Mine too Yan...The bottom boyz are back! Plus, i'm doing this with Crosby active...Go figure???

  • 554. yannick (on Sun Dec 14 08:21:03 2014)
    Finally my team is performing! Is it the start of the greatest comeback in history?

  • 553. raymond (on Sun Dec 14 04:13:20 2014)
    Anyone interested in Klingberg?

  • 552. danny (on Wed Dec 10 12:09:07 2014)
    Good idea Phuc... I vote to vote for the "lottery week" name too.

  • 551. phuc (on Wed Dec 10 12:04:54 2014)
    Motion to adopt the "lottery week" name

  • 550. marc (on Tue Dec 9 19:54:37 2014)
    I vote with whoever Bao agrees with!

  • 549. danny (on Tue Dec 9 19:44:33 2014)
    I vote for someone to offer me a real trade offer for Crosby

  • 548. bao (on Tue Dec 9 19:14:33 2014)
    i vote whatever danny said

  • 547. danny (on Tue Dec 9 10:13:44 2014)
    I vote for option 1 ....AKA "lottery" week.

  • 546. raymond (on Mon Dec 8 22:45:59 2014)
    Option 1 is the only option that makes sense

  • 545. yannick (on Mon Dec 8 15:52:40 2014)
    excellent questio Marc. it depends what we do with the all-star week. During the week January 21st to 27th (the week with the all-star game), 6 teams are playing 2 games, 22 teams are playing 1 game and 2 teams are not playing any games. we need to decide between these two options: option 1: we keep the week of January 21st as is and have the week being decided on a little amount of games, but that anybody can win or option 2: we combine that week with the following week to have a week of activity that will last for 2 weeks. (note that if we combine the 2 weeks, 1 team will play 6 games, 11 teams will play 5 games, 15 teams will play 4 games and 3 teams will play 3 games) We need a quick vote on that. I personnally vote for option 1. Once we have a result, I will annonce when we start the floater position rule and the $20 a week.

  • 544. marc (on Sat Dec 6 09:10:18 2014)
    @All : do any of you remember what date we decided on for the floater position?

  • 543. raymond (on Fri Dec 5 12:10:22 2014)
    @Phuc: He has to play 10 consecutive games at D and you have to submit the proof to Yan. The key word is consecutive @Phuc: If Buff moves to goalie, I'm interested!

  • 542. phuc (on Fri Dec 5 11:42:41 2014)
    Byfuglien is moving back to D! (how does this work again?)

  • 541. raymond (on Fri Dec 5 02:51:40 2014)
    @Bao: I was hoping to answer yes after tonight's game but that's not happening. I just can't catch a break when it comes to goaltending. My goal next week is to have a starting duo of Cam Talbot and Martin Jones...

  • 540. bao (on Wed Dec 3 22:05:44 2014)
    @Ray and Marc: Nice Trade ! @Ray : Was picking up Ramo worth not dressing Kuemper ?!?

  • 539. bao (on Wed Dec 3 17:30:07 2014)
    Jack Johnson, Dan Girardi and Vlasic are all available. Looking for startable forward. (i.e better than Skinner ;)

  • 538. alexandre (on Wed Dec 3 12:25:30 2014)
    Hello, I may be willing to trade a guy like Streit for a balanced 30 goal scorer (meaning not 30 goals and 10 passes...) if you have offers...

  • 537. raymond (on Wed Dec 3 02:21:58 2014)
    Hey Guys, I'm looking to acquire a player on IR. If you have a decent player on IR that you're willing to move, please e-mail me.

  • 536. yannick (on Tue Dec 2 10:26:34 2014)
    what the hell is going on with Lundqvist??? He leads the NHL in shutouts, but allows 5 goals a game... What a frustrating year! (P.S. Lundqvist is still a stud... leads the league in shutouts and will have amazing stats for the rest of the year... I can feel it!)

  • 535. bao (on Tue Dec 2 08:58:37 2014)
    It all went to hell after Pronger did not want to re-sign with EDM...

  • 534. phuc (on Tue Dec 2 07:30:26 2014)
    Bring back Gretzky to coach them! (and also move the team to the Eastern Conference)

  • 533. dominic (on Tue Dec 2 04:22:16 2014)
    I would tank one more time, this time it's worth it.. I would move eberle or nugent Hopkins at the draft and the and take out MCidiot and his puppet Eakins.. it makes no sense this team sucks so bad.

  • 532. marc (on Tue Dec 2 00:52:54 2014)
    @Ray : I think the whole upper management including the owner has to go. To have that many first overall picks and still not be able to build a good foundation... Theres a problem. The coach can't always be the sacrificial lamb...

  • 531. raymond (on Tue Dec 2 00:42:11 2014)
    Geez how bad is Edm? Is it the coach, the players, the GM? They gotta fire the coach. There must be a coach out there that can make them a bit better There's a rumor that Edm has offered Yakupov to teams in the east but nobody is offering anything significant

  • 530. bao (on Sat Nov 29 21:37:09 2014)
    blt is having a black friday sale. getting a few injured guys back. need to do a two for one trade. if you are looking for a big trade... you know where to go

  • 529. alexandre (on Wed Nov 26 18:26:49 2014)
    zidlicky just dropped if someone wants him, didn't want to, but had no choice...

  • 528. danny (on Wed Nov 26 13:58:22 2014)
    Yan...Trade me Klingberg please!

  • 527. yannick (on Tue Nov 25 23:55:42 2014)
    René bourque has one point tonight so far... Jump on him while he's still available!

  • 526. yannick (on Mon Nov 17 22:00:25 2014)
    watch out for Klingberg, the next one-week superstar!

  • 525. dominic (on Sun Nov 16 12:46:28 2014)
    @marc ... Best 3 rd pair defensemen of the league gonchar and gilbert !! nice mark lolll

  • 524. dominic (on Fri Nov 14 11:13:56 2014)
    @all ... Who's next??? FINALLY my boy Lehtonen waking up ..

  • 523. alexandre (on Wed Nov 12 09:08:18 2014)
    @Ray: Seriously, it would have been as beautiful as watching Phuc's female parental unit waking up in the morning.

  • 522. raymond (on Wed Nov 12 01:48:01 2014)
    @Alex: I was convinced that you were going to get the double shutout tonight, guess you can blame Ennis

  • 521. phuc (on Sun Nov 9 11:45:12 2014)
    @Yannick, Can you fix the rankings for today?

  • 520. marc (on Fri Nov 7 14:15:38 2014)
    @Dom : you asked for Ryan and I delivered ;)

  • 519. dominic (on Fri Nov 7 14:11:37 2014)
    @Raymond ... and I got bobby ryan loll

  • 518. raymond (on Fri Nov 7 09:54:51 2014)
    Makes sense too. Ralph needed D and G and Marc needed some O. And here I was about to write them both off ; )

  • 517. yannick (on Fri Nov 7 00:29:33 2014)
    Wow, what a blockbuster trade! It's rare a big deal like that on a Thursday

  • 516. bao (on Wed Nov 5 13:16:29 2014)
    @Phuc: I saw the Miller's road trip to the West and decided to bench him... I'll preserve the Miller/Hiller show for another week.

  • 515. phuc (on Wed Nov 5 12:38:48 2014)
    @Bao, Miller's wheels just need to start falling off and you are DONE!

  • 514. raymond (on Wed Nov 5 12:12:40 2014)
    @Phuc: I wasn't expecting a big return for Oshie, a FA would definitely do @All: This week feels like free agent frenzy! Lots of hires and fires

  • 513. bao (on Wed Nov 5 09:13:21 2014)
    Hedman, McDonagh and now Sharp... injury bug anyone ???

  • 512. dominic (on Tue Nov 4 18:23:55 2014)

  • 511. dominic (on Tue Nov 4 18:23:40 2014)
    @Blt.. we had the same toughts I just got rapped. lol

  • 510. phuc (on Tue Nov 4 14:50:37 2014)
    @Ray, there are so many garbage players being dropped right now... I don't know if Oshie has any value aside from a FA?! Reminder to all: when picking up a player that's been dropped the same week - you don't have to start him! (vs a normal pickup)

  • 509. bao (on Tue Nov 4 12:02:10 2014)
    @Yan: How does that Tarasenko trade feel right now ? :)

  • 508. yannick (on Mon Nov 3 16:22:40 2014)
    Micheal McCarron has 17 points in 9 games with the London Knights. looks like he's finally adapting!

  • 507. raymond (on Mon Nov 3 14:22:52 2014)
    To all the Oshie fans out there, let's get him on your team! Give me a shout.

  • 506. yannick (on Fri Oct 31 16:38:53 2014)
    by the way, what the hell is going on with Gaborik???

  • 505. yannick (on Fri Oct 31 14:22:16 2014)
    I am still holding on my record of 4 championships (the only glory I still have these days...) that and my unbelivable +/- record of +227 that will NEVER be broken!

  • 504. bao (on Fri Oct 31 14:05:01 2014)
    @Yannick: the only thing in common is that we are all past UFHL champions... but that can not be it since the Higlanders are LAST

  • 503. alexandre (on Fri Oct 31 11:32:00 2014)
    Apart from the fact that we've all gone out with Taylor Swift, it's an Asian invasion! (my mom's filipino...) ;P

  • 502. yannick (on Fri Oct 31 11:17:46 2014)
    what's in common with the first four position in the overall ranking today? 1-BLT (82) 2-Phuc ME Puck U! (79) 3-Rotten Tomatoes (75) 4-Combiners (74)

  • 501. dominic (on Sun Oct 26 14:42:47 2014)
    Back in it , started from the bottom!!!

  • 500. raymond (on Fri Oct 24 02:12:31 2014)
    Yan is demonstrating the golden touch when it comes to hiring players...

  • 499. alexandre (on Fri Oct 24 01:22:35 2014)
    Chara: Asti. Now I too have to join this week's public announcement trading movement. I have O to offer.

  • 498. niraj (on Thu Oct 23 19:49:55 2014)
    Yannick, something is wrong with the ranking. Danny is first. Love you Danny. Hope the rest of you guys are doing well. Gl this season!

  • 497. phuc (on Thu Oct 23 18:07:30 2014)
    @marc, don't we all...

  • 496. marc (on Thu Oct 23 17:19:18 2014)
    @everyone : any of my goalies are available. I need goal scorers & Offensive defensemen

  • 495. marc (on Thu Oct 23 17:16:31 2014)

  • 494. dominic (on Thu Oct 23 12:08:52 2014)
    looking to move fleury or lehtonen .. Need a starting goalie + GOOD D or top 30 forward

  • 493. danny (on Thu Oct 23 10:19:50 2014)
    OK....Taking offers for Crosby! I need a Top Scoring D and an average forward.

  • 492. yannick (on Wed Oct 22 16:51:54 2014)
    @dominic and all: just to remind you all that if you see "FROZEN, must be put in farm team" beside a player when you hire a player, it means that this player was fired while being frozen and that if hired, he must be put on the manager's farm no matter what.

  • 491. yannick (on Wed Oct 22 15:41:01 2014)
    a weekly win! (unfortunatly without the $20) finally hope for the Highlanders!

  • 490. yannick (on Tue Oct 21 10:16:10 2014)
    @dominic: when you hire a player straight to farm, he must stay in your farm team for 4 weeks before you can bring him up in your active lineup.

  • 489. dominic (on Tue Oct 21 00:09:35 2014)
    @yannick .. what is a frozen player I wanted to start PEARSON.

  • 488. bao (on Mon Oct 20 11:32:59 2014)
    @Yannick: We have status: "active, bench, farm, IR" I need a new status "wife beater" for Voynov !

  • 487. raymond (on Sun Oct 19 23:21:33 2014)
    Hey Lundqvist, can you show that Boston goalie how it's done? Not Svedberg, the other one lol

  • 486. alexandre (on Sun Oct 19 19:45:39 2014)
    @Yannick: I think Lundqvist heard you, there is your shutout!

  • 485. yannick (on Sun Oct 19 00:52:44 2014)
    ah, the joy of having PK Subban on your team... 2 goals (including a Game winner) keep it up buddy!

  • 484. danny (on Fri Oct 17 10:09:11 2014)
    After a century of hard work ....finally on top...for a day i know ...but i'll remember this day! Thank you very much to Quick last night!

  • 483. phuc (on Thu Oct 16 14:37:13 2014)
    @Yannick, Anderson, with a shoutout, for Lundqvist, ca te dit? ;-) good FA with Boedker btw...

  • 482. yannick (on Thu Oct 16 10:32:58 2014)
    if lundqvist can get a shutout, that would make me even more happy!

  • 481. bao (on Thu Oct 16 09:13:53 2014)
    If Beleskey gets a hat trick too, Yannick invented time travel !

  • 480. dominic (on Thu Oct 16 08:41:54 2014)
    Yeaa honestly man crazy!!

  • 479. alexandre (on Thu Oct 16 01:53:32 2014)
    @Yannick: Perfect timing with the Boedker pick up sir!

  • 478. yannick (on Mon Oct 13 09:52:41 2014)
    Thank you Lundquist, I am now last solely because of you

  • 477. yannick (on Sun Oct 12 22:52:35 2014)
    @marc and danny: it should be ok next update tomorrow morning. Enstrom changed his first name from Tobias to Toby. And now that Parenteau plays for a french team has changed his name for PA to Pierre-Alexandre

  • 476. danny (on Sun Oct 12 19:38:54 2014)
    PA PARENTEAU's stats show zeros everywhere...Apart from that everything is back to normal....back at the bottom!

  • 475. alexandre (on Sun Oct 12 12:59:28 2014)
    "Tomas and Phuc sitting in a tree..."

  • 474. marc (on Sun Oct 12 10:49:19 2014)
    @Yannick : there seems to be an error with my ranking. Before yesterday's game I was at I think 4-5 points. Tobias enstroms stats have vanished. I am supposed to be at 8 total defense points + Enstrom's blocked shots.

  • 473. yannick (on Sat Oct 11 18:53:45 2014)
    first ranking is out!!! guess who's first... looks like last year rankings... take a look at your team, let me know if something's wrong

  • 472. yannick (on Fri Oct 10 09:55:30 2014)
    geez... a shorthanded goal on my bench... by the way, the first ranking will be out soon, I tradionally wait for all teams to have played one game so that it doesn't spit too many errors of players not found.

  • 471. raymond (on Fri Oct 10 03:21:39 2014)
    @Marc: You have to keep your team name. If you can't get Marian on your team, there's always Marcel. Fyi....Marcel Hossa, 1st round pick (16th overall) by the Habs in 2000 @Ralph: Like the creativity in your team name but was never a huge fan of the rap group At least you didn't go with Wu Tanguay Clan lol And yes I will answer my own quiz question. How do you know when your team is desperate for offence? A: When you hire Cammalleri

  • 470. dominic (on Wed Oct 8 20:36:55 2014)
    @Yannick ... CALL ME MIGHTY BOZAK Lolll

  • 469. marc (on Wed Oct 8 18:41:32 2014)
    @all : Good luck to everyone!

  • 468. yannick (on Wed Oct 8 17:06:43 2014)
    @marc: done! @all: anyone else wants their name changed? just send me an email with the new name and logo.

  • 467. marc (on Wed Oct 8 16:47:11 2014)
    @Yan : don't mean to bust chops, but will my name also change at 7pm or is it something you have to put through automatically?

  • 466. yannick (on Wed Oct 8 14:53:52 2014)
    lineup deadline for first week is tonight 7pm... don't forget

  • 465. yannick (on Mon Oct 6 15:59:59 2014)
    @dominic: you wrote your question on the wrong page. To answer your question, yes you must do a 9-6-2 lineup until the new year when the $20 a week kicks in.

  • 464. yannick (on Sun Oct 5 23:57:33 2014)
    Free agents counters have been updated.

  • 463. alexandre (on Sun Oct 5 12:01:41 2014)
    @Phuc: ah ok oops, thx. Sorry Yannick, was just a reply to your message to check if all was ok with our teams.

  • 462. phuc (on Sun Oct 5 11:39:35 2014)
    @alex: I think the number of FAs on the list is still relative to 15... No one has 18 as of right now, so I think it's just a matter of adding +3 to your current number of FAs.

  • 461. danny (on Sun Oct 5 11:22:24 2014)
    I hope its ok if i started hiring FAs. Dumba is a beast! Taking offers :)

  • 460. alexandre (on Sun Oct 5 10:49:30 2014)
    @Yannick: I had traded away 2 FAs, but then traded to get them back, so I should be back at 18 I think.

  • 459. yannick (on Sat Oct 4 18:03:09 2014)
    please check your team to make sure everything is ok. and enter a lineup now in case you forget on wednesday. the site still allows you to use a floater, so please don't use it until I remove the feature.

  • 458. danny (on Sat Oct 4 10:25:02 2014)
    for trades :

  • 457. yannick (on Sat Oct 4 10:13:12 2014)
    floater to be used the last 13 weeks of the season the same as the $20 a week. regular lineup until then

  • 456. yannick (on Sat Oct 4 10:08:04 2014)
    FA passes from 15 to 18

  • 455. danny (on Sat Oct 4 01:51:47 2014)
    I was against going up to 15 free agents back in the days...I guess I'm still against it. Believe me, 15 is enough.

  • 454. yannick (on Fri Oct 3 00:14:30 2014)
    @dominic: the draft will happen at the same place as last year which is at ericsson. if you don't remember and would like directions, I will send you an email with the details. I believe the time was set to 9h15am.

  • 453. dominic (on Fri Oct 3 00:05:36 2014)
    What is the time and place of the meeting on Saturday. @yannick

  • 452. raymond (on Thu Oct 2 23:58:58 2014)
    Hi All, as for changes this season, I'd like to recommend increasing the # of FAs. Before you start yelling and screaming, please keep reading. Back in the day, there was no IR in the UFHL. If a player was injured, you benched him until he returned. If you had alot of injuries, too bad, there was no relief. When IR was added to the UFHL, we increased the # of FAs from 10 to 15 since we could hire players to replace injured players. Since then, we have added a farm team. Although there shouldn't be too many changes in the farm over the season, sometimes we hire specifically to improve our farm team. So to help us, why not increase the FAs from 15 to 18 or 20? Some will argue that more FAs will lead to less trades. That might happen but I don't think it has that big of an impact. I seem to recall most of us having very few FAs by x-mas, meaning we,'ll still use them and make trades as well. It'll also mean 15 FAs to improve your team and 3-5 to improve your farm. Thoughts?

  • 451. alexandre (on Thu Oct 2 14:03:02 2014)
    @yannick: ok thx:)

  • 450. yannick (on Thu Oct 2 13:47:26 2014)
    @alexandre: it doesn't matter, if the player was written $2, that's what you pay for him for this season. you will select your farm team players after the draft when you submit your lineup for the first week.

  • 449. alexandre (on Thu Oct 2 13:45:35 2014)
    @Yannick: I see that Phuc has Galchenyuk in his farm. Can I put Granlund there and activate him later? I thought we had to put our farm keepers as "active".

  • 448. yannick (on Thu Oct 2 13:38:30 2014)
    actually, here is the list of keepers. please verify to make sure everything is ok. Manager: alexandre ------------------ Granlund, Mikael (MIN) Elliott, Brian (STL) Price, Carey (MON) Manager: bao ------------ Mcdonagh, Ryan (NYR) Weber, Shea (NAS) Hamilton, Dougie (BOS) Miller, Ryan (STL) Manager: danny -------------- Shaw, Andrew -FARM- (CHI) Nugent-hopkins, Ryan (EDM) Dubinsky, Brandon (COB) Simmonds, Wayne (PHI) Carter, Jeff (LOS) Pietrangelo, Alex (STL) Andersen, Frederik (ANA) Manager: dominic ---------------- Bozak, Tyler (TOR) Steen, Alexander (STL) Getzlaf, Ryan (ANA) Keith, Duncan (CHI) Barrie, Tyson (COL) Bishop, Ben (TAM) Manager: marc ------------- Yakupov, Nail (EDM) Backes, David (STL) Markov, Andrei (MON) Shattenkirk, Kevin (STL) Crawford, Corey (CHI) Manager: phuc ------------- Galchenyuk, Alex -FARM- (MON) Okposo, Kyle (NYI) Kopitar, Anze (LOS) Wheeler, Blake (WPG) Yandle, Keith (PHO) Varlamov, Semyon (COL) Manager: raymond ---------------- Duchene, Matt (COL) Burns, Brent (SAN) Ekman-larsson, Oliver (PHO) Kronwall, Niklas (DET) Seabrook, Brent (CHI) Gibson, John (ANA) Niemi, Antti (SAN) Manager: yannick ---------------- Karlsson, Erik (OTT) Suter, Ryan (MIN) Subban, P.k. (MON)

  • 447. yannick (on Thu Oct 2 11:41:40 2014)
    list of keepers is available by looking at the "this week's action" page under "Managers Corner"

  • 446. marc (on Wed Oct 1 18:47:41 2014)
    Incase some weird stuff happen and the system doesn't recognized who I kept. I'm keeping : Backes, Markov, Shattenkirk and Crawford

  • 445. bao (on Wed Oct 1 18:03:46 2014)
    Goligoski is also available Dallas will have an incredible power play

  • 444. bao (on Wed Oct 1 17:24:50 2014)
    Steve Mason is available ! and for cheap ! Make an offer

  • 443. ralph (on Wed Oct 1 16:07:30 2014)

  • 442. dominic (on Wed Oct 1 14:58:51 2014)
    My Keepers are: -Barrie 10$ -Bozak 10$ -Steen 10$ -Getzlaf 23$ -Keith 17$ -Bishop 10$ ---------------- 80$ *** ANY OTHER PLAYERS CAN BE MOVED FOR THE RIGHT PRICE, MAKE MAN AN OFFER FOR ANY WILL REPLY FAST**

  • 441. bao (on Wed Oct 1 14:00:37 2014)
    Weber is the highest rated player in EA NHL15 ... that must mean a crazy season !

  • 440. bao (on Wed Oct 1 13:59:32 2014)
    Shea Weber is on the block for $$ p.s. I put two "$" expecting close to double-digits :)

  • 439. dominic (on Wed Oct 1 13:33:35 2014)
    Selling Schneider for 7$, Serious inquiries only. If you want him instead of overpaying on draft

  • 438. yannick (on Wed Oct 1 13:29:55 2014)
    frozen players unfrozen... sorry about that

  • 437. yannick (on Wed Oct 1 13:20:47 2014)
    ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: ----------------------------------- Brent Burns is a defenseman Dustin Byfuglien is a forward

  • 436. alexandre (on Wed Oct 1 12:23:28 2014)
    hey guys, changed my keepers to Elliot, Price and Granlund. Anyone want Keith he's now available and willing to listen for others.

  • 435. raymond (on Wed Oct 1 11:52:05 2014)
    Hey Yan, frozen players (in the farm) don't have the option of being activated. I'm keeping my "frozen" player.

  • 434. yannick (on Wed Oct 1 11:29:13 2014)
    The deadline is tonight at 9pm. @alexandre: you can change your keepers however much you want until 9pm tonight. @all: my note about the champlain bridge was for this week-end since we are making the draft this saturday at ericsson.

  • 433. alexandre (on Wed Oct 1 00:35:16 2014)
    I'm back from the forest! It's late so I'll be in touch with those of you who had offers in the morning. p.s. Is it ok for me to modify my keepers? Especially if I do a trade...

  • 432. yannick (on Tue Sep 30 23:50:45 2014)
    Note for the guys coming from the south shore: the champlain bridge will be closed in the direction going to montreal.

  • 431. yannick (on Mon Sep 29 13:00:27 2014)
    @marc: just put him active. the price you will pay is the price you see (ie, yakupov is $2). Before the season start, you will make an official lineup with your new players from the draft and you will select who goes on your farm. If you put yakupov on your farm on that day, then yakupov stays at $2 until you put him on your ufhl lineup (active, non-active or irl)

  • 430. marc (on Mon Sep 29 12:42:41 2014)
    @yan & Ray.... If I wanna keep someone on my farm, do I start them or select farm when doing my lineup for keepers

  • 429. yannick (on Sun Sep 28 22:31:56 2014)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: ---------------------- The web site has been updated. you can now enter your keepers and enter trades via the weekly actions page. the salary of the players on your team page is now updated and reflects this season. all players that can't be kept, have been removed from your team. If you notice any problem, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can fix the problems. sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience. and by the way, everyone on my team is available except for pk subban.

  • 428. danny (on Sat Sep 27 21:09:09 2014)
    About time I get a break!

  • 427. dominic (on Fri Sep 26 23:18:06 2014)
    I would move anything for the right price except FOR BISHOP AND STEEN. Who wants the season on a good note, listening to offers! A++

  • 426. alexandre (on Fri Sep 26 21:38:47 2014)
    keeping Price 33$, Granlund 2$ and Keith 17$ I'll be out of internet reach for the next few days, but am willing to listen to offers of cash for some of my dudes.

  • 425. bao (on Fri Sep 26 17:03:07 2014)
    BLT is keeping Mason 10$, Weber 26$ and Goligoski 11$ The rest of my team is for sale...

  • 424. raymond (on Fri Sep 26 16:43:16 2014)
    Sekera and D.Boyle are for sale

  • 423. raymond (on Fri Sep 26 16:39:15 2014)
    @Danny: not sure anybody pays even half that much for E.Kane ; )

  • 422. yannick (on Fri Sep 26 13:42:07 2014)
    @danny: anderson is $2. @all: if a player has a * besides his salary, it means he can be kept at $2.

  • 421. danny (on Fri Sep 26 13:09:52 2014)
    Should be keeping: 1. Simmons 11$, Carter12$, Nugent-Hopkins10$,Dubinsky10$,Pietrangelo22$,F.Anderson10$(farm)TOTAL:74$ Anybody want Evander Kane 17$keeper ?

  • 420. yannick (on Thu Sep 25 10:45:19 2014)
    re-post of the keeper rules changes: ----------------------------------- Ok keeper changes has been finalized: 1) We are linking the # of keepers to the # of GMs. The ratio is 2/3, so 2 keepers for every 3 GMs 2) Top 3 can only keeper (2, 3 and 5 keepers respectively) with a max budget of $55 3) Everyone outside the top 3 can keep 6 keepers with a max budget of $80 4) Everybody can keep an extra keeper if that player is a farmer and fits within the budget 5) There is still a max of 2 goalies that can be kept per team

  • 419. yannick (on Thu Sep 25 10:39:42 2014)
    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ---------------------- Deadline to submit keepers and make trades is Wednesday October 1st at 9pm (21h).

  • 418. yannick (on Wed Sep 24 11:35:09 2014)
    bad news is cancelled, I was able to restore all the lost comments using google cache. man, google is amazing!

  • 417. yannick (on Tue Sep 23 17:57:45 2014)
    hi guys good news, the ranking and stats are back to normal to how the season ended. in retrieving the backup, I overwrote all the latest comments.... really sorry about that...

  • 416. dominic (on Thu Sep 18 19:25:49 2014)

  • 415. marc (on Sun Sep 7 23:11:37 2014)
    Hello gentlemen, hope you all had a good summer! Hockey is in about a month and hope you all ready for the draft. I was wondering when and where we were holding it this year and do we need any extra gms? @johnny_cool_13

  • 414. alexandre (on Tue May 27 10:05:52 2014)
    Kings are just too powerful...

  • 413. alexandre (on Wed Apr 30 13:03:53 2014)

  • 412. alexandre (on Wed Apr 30 13:03:35 2014)
    hey Yannick, yes I remember that, would definitely make the farm more interesting to me! Still trying to come up with other suggestions on my end...

  • 411. yannick (on Mon Apr 21 10:33:19 2014)
    @all: concerning the wacky ranking, I forgot to turn off the stats, so when the playoffs started, a bunch a players restarted at 1 games played which screwed up the whole thing. I will put back rankings and managers file as they were on the last day when I have time. Sorry for that. @alexandre: you seem to like a proposition I made earlier in the season (when we were talking about reduncing number of keepers) which was the following: "One thing we could do, is for each year a farm player is kept at $2, he gets an extra year. for example, I kept nugent-hopkins at $2, so when I called him up he would be getting an extra year 2-10-11-12. If you keep a farmer for 2 years at $2, then he gets 2 extra years, so 2-10-11-12-13. So loyalty to a farmer pays back. but a player that is put on the farm, but is called up a month later does not get extra years because there was no dedication from his manager." is that something that could be interesting?

  • 410. raymond (on Thu Apr 17 11:56:19 2014)
    @All: I also like to promote more trades. The reason behind wanting more FAs is that this year, there were so many players that could have been hired. Maybe that's because of the # of GMs... I also don't want to flood the league with FAs. My original idea was something like 5 extra FAs for $10, 1 time only, to be used after the all-star break. It just sucks when you have no FAs left and want to improve your team. Trading is great but let's be honest, some are more open to trading than others.

  • 409. raymond (on Thu Apr 17 11:51:52 2014)
    Final ranking has come out and I'm 2nd! Woohoo! What a come back ; )

  • 408. alexandre (on Wed Apr 16 17:44:44 2014)
    I concurr with what Bao said about less FAs prompting more trades. I dunno that we really need that much more. Seems kinda crappy that people that wanna spend more money can keep buying some. Yannick's idea seems interesting though to give some with certain achievements. Also, well if we're now talking about rules changes, does anyone want to talk about changing the CG category to something we can have more control over, like hits for example? Also I still feel we should tweak the functioning of the farm team a bit too, but I'll try to come up with something we haven't already said, but if anyone has any ideas...

  • 407. bao (on Wed Apr 16 13:29:00 2014)
    @ALL: In my other league... there was not enough free agents and that prompted more trading. I am always favorable to more trades... especially when I am on the winning side of them ;)

  • 406. yannick (on Wed Apr 16 13:16:37 2014)
    @ray: for free agents, I am not sure about paying more money to get free agents. We have to be careful to not have too many so that they dont have trade value anymore, but not too few so that we can properly manage our teams. Maybe when reaching special achievements, a manager would get an extra free agent (like winning 2 weeks in a row, etc).

  • 405. raymond (on Wed Apr 16 11:37:31 2014)
    @Marc: If you have someone, we definitely have room. I also have someone who looks promising. Is there any interest in getting more free agents next year?

  • 404. yannick (on Tue Apr 15 17:24:32 2014)
    FINAL MONEY EARNING ------------------- Total amount with entry fees: $900 Total amount for $20 weekly winners: $260 Total amount for top 3: $640 1st position gets 62.5% of 640: $400 2nd position gets 25% of 640: $160 3rd position gets 12.5% of 640: $80 So Final Results are: 1- Alexandre: $470 (400+70) 2- Bao: $210 (160+50) 3- Marc: $100 (80+20) 4- Yannick: $40 5- Danny: $20 Dominic: $20 Alex D.: $20 Raymond: $20 9- Phuc: $0

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